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Caroline Kennedy drops out

In one of the most bizzarre articles I have ever read at the NYTimes, comes news that Caroline Kennedy decides to not pursue Hillary’s seat because of her uncle’s health.  But, her anonymous friends exclaim, she could have had the job if she wanted it.  It’s just that, um, she didn’t want it.  Did she mention her uncle was sick?  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration for the vacant Senate seat in New York, according to a person told of her decision.

Ms. Kennedy on Wednesday called Gov. David A. Paterson, who will choose a successor to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, to inform him that she no longer wished to be considered.

The person told of her decision said that Ms. Kennedy’s concerns about the health of her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who suffers from brain cancer and was hospitalized after suffering a seizure Tuesday, prompted her to withdraw.

Ms. Kennedy believed that the job was hers if she would accept it, the person said, but aides to Mr. Paterson would not comment on whether that was true.

There have been conflicting signals about whether Mr. Paterson had settled on Ms. Kennedy for the job. Mr. Paterson said earlier this week that he had chosen someone, but some advisers, as recently as Wednesday, remained convinced that he not yet made up his mind on whom to pick.

One close friend of the governor’s said on Wednesday afternoon that “I would be totally shocked” if Mr. Paterson did not pick Ms. Kennedy.

“If he doesn’t go with her, how angry is the Democratic leadership going to be with him?” the friend said.

You know, I don’t think Harry Reid gives a flying fig whether the choice is Caroline or some other Democrat as long as the vote is there when he needs it and the person has a decent shot at retaining the seat. But it’s pretty clear that someone at the Times has it bad for Lady Caroline.  Anyway, the whole reason for dropping out is just silly.  Let’s me see if I can write better copy:

Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration for the vacant Senate seat in New York, according to a person told of her decision.  Ms. Kennedy was notified by Governor Paterson’s office shortly after Senator Clinton was confirmed as Secretary of State that the Governor had selected another candidate to fill the office.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that Senator Charles Schumer has been actively promoting Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) behind the scenes as the person who has the best combination of legislative and electoral experience to hold the seat for the Democrats.

Ms. Kennedy said that she will be spending the next several months with the elder statesman, Senator Edward Kennedy, her uncle, whose health has been in decline since the discovery last year of an agressive form of brain cancer.  Senator Kennedy suffered convulsions at the Inaugural luncheon at Statuary Hall yesterday.  Although he has recovered and has been released from the hospital, the convulsions are a clear indicator that the tumor has regained the mass that was removed in last year’s surgery.  Ms. Kennedy has expressed a desire to remain with her uncle and help him in any capacity.

Ok, see, that’s much more straightforward but a lot less entertaining than the NYT piece.  Still, I’m relieved.

Keep those cards and letters flowing.  Go Carolyn!

287 Responses

  1. Why not let Caroline replace Carolyn?

  2. They are now backtracking somewhat on this earlier statement. What that means I have no idea. Chances are she is out of the running but no one seems to be able to accurately pin this down.

    Another case of “wait and see” while the powers that be work the back room.

  3. I don’t think she ever wanted the job..I think Teddy put the “family guilt trip” on her. I think she got a feel for how rough thing were going to get leading up to ’10 election and said no thanks.

  4. Pat: Like I said, it was the most bizarre article I have read at the times, full of arrogant bluster and threats.
    Weird, seriously weird.

  5. Who is backtracking???

    Memeorandum ain’t got nothing.

  6. SHV: I get the distinct impression that this is a case of sour grapes and “you’ll-be-sorryism”. I don’t think she has a choice. Paterson is resisting.

  7. KARMA is certainly a bitch, ain’t it Caroline.

    Sorry, I feel NO PITY for Ms. Kennedy. I admire her works, but EXPERIENCE trumps CELEBRITY PHILANTHROPISTS.

    If Caroline Kennedy wants to be Senator, let her run for office & earn it like Hillary did.

    Not everybody can walk in the path of the Pantsuited one.

  8. I just had Anderson Cooper on CNN and they seemed confused by this as they cannot get anyone to give a complete statement regarding the earlier one. John King said that one of Paterson’s aides had admitted it earlier than retracted it so the confusion remains.

    I am sure she is gone from consideration but it looks as though someone may have jumped the gun in the announcement. Unless it was being used as a weapon to ensure she was “dethroned” on their own terms.

    Who knows? Nowadays you would be hard pressed to believe the pope.

  9. RD: GOOD FOR PATTERSON!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad he’s not giving into the celebrity-ism.

  10. Did someone mention that moving vans have pulled up to Kristen Gillibrand’s home? In the middle of the night? Even that is a stretch.

  11. You watch television news?


  12. You can’t blame Caroline for thinking she could be Senator. After all, her Messiah, although equally unqualifie, obtained the Presidency by pulling strings.

  13. I have to come out of hibernation once in awhile. How else to keep up with J Lo, Lindsay, and Amy.

  14. reposting from downstairs:

    I just read somewhere that because the term of GWB ended at noon on Jan 20, but BO didn’t take the oath until 12:04 (or thereabouts), and because neither the speaker of the house nor the speaker pro tempore of the senate resigned in order to take the office, that the next ranking officer was acting president for those 3 minutes, which was… wait for it….

    Condeleeza Rice

    So for 3 minutes, we had our first Black and first woman president!!!

  15. This article states flat-out that Paterson was not going to pick her and that’s why she withdrew:

    Caroline Kennedy tonight withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’t going to choose her, The Post has learned.

    Kennedy’s decision removes the highest-profile name in the ring to step into Clinton’s now-vacant seat, as she departs after getting confirmed today as President Obama’s Secretary of State.

    Sources said the reason Paterson had decided not to tap the daughter of John F. Kennedy was her poor performances in media interviews and in in private sessions with various officials.

    The Post is a New York paper. I trust them on this.

    Wooooohoooooo! Go Carolyn Maloney! Or Kirsten Gillibrand!!!

  16. Michelle & msm — please take note — see that dress CK is wearing in that picture? THAT is a “Jackie” dress.

  17. Wouldn’t Condi have to take the oath of office too?

  18. frenly – Wow! A truly historic moment!


  19. ANGIENC:

    Yessiree!!!!!! Caroline has got her momma’s style. No doubt about that.

  20. elderj,

    BO didn’t officially complete the oath until tonight, so we have now had a black woman President for one day!!!!!!!!

  21. angie – That’s what I was thinking! I was going to make a crack about her style, but then I realized she dresses a lot better than she speaks..you know?

  22. madamab — exactly. I’ve never faulted her style (she learned from the master) but just like with Obama — I know that style isn’t the important thing when picking leaders, you know? 🙂

  23. Caroline may have her mother’s style but she is sitting on her “charisma”.

  24. Caroline had two very stylish parents. Her only problem is that she doesn’t always have the best posture.

  25. PJ – And her brains!

    (I’m so going to hell. Good thing Jews don’t believe in it!)

  26. Pat J — LMAO!! Of course you summed it up perfectly!

    Caroline may have her mother’s style but she is sitting on her “charisma”.

  27. madamab — Jews don’t believe in hell? I might have to convert (’cause otherwise, I’m on the hell express!).

  28. madamab: No hell? Hold the phone, I am about to convert!

  29. Pat J — LOL! GMTA!

  30. Angie,

    At least you won’t end up in Limbo. The church cancelled it.

  31. bb — I know & I think that sucks — Limbo was my only hope! LOL.

  32. The biggest loss was Purgatory. At least there I felt that I still had a chance. But they wiped that on off the books too. Limbo was for little babies who died before being baptized. Purgatory was like a holding cell for those who died with sin but not mortal sin.

    You know, a place where you could still visit with a lawyer to make your case.

  33. RD, please don’t lower your standards to even think that the Times has anything on your reporting and writing. Sulzberger is losing his financial grip, Carlos the Slim has come to town. Just think, a Mexican national leaning on New York State for the Senate pick. It’s a new world.

  34. Pat J — that is what I meant! (you are such a better Catholic than I –I’ll say a rosary tonight for my poor soul) . It sucks that they canceled Purgatory — it was my only hope of not having to take the hell express.

  35. angie, what can I say. I have to keep my eyes and ears open as the years march on. All options are under consideration.

  36. Pat J — you are assuming though that any lawyers would stand a chance of making it to Purgatory. I wouldn’t bet on that one.

  37. Without a doubt – Charisma was both a JFK & Jackie O trait.

    John John (GOD BLESS HIS SOUL) had oodles and oodles of charisma. Shesus Cripes, he was GORGEOUS, WITTY, APPROACHABLE and ELEGANT in the most unpretentious way.

    Gotta go – see you guys tomorrow.

    MadamaB: Sign me up for conversion!

  38. Angie, you make me feel stupid with your acronyms. I need to go to school again.

    Purgatory is no longer. That’s where was hoping to put my chips.

  39. You know, a place where you could still visit with a lawyer to make your case.

    There won’t be any lawyers there.

  40. SM: Too funny! I hope wherever I end up some of you will be joining me to keep the laughs going.


    Purgatory is off the books???????

    Ratzinger had to screw it all up!

  42. I do not wish to spend eternity with the likes of those “things”.

  43. Purgatory has gone the way of the Pet Rock. No more. Two choice open. Up or Down.

  44. 3 Wickets — GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike. LOL = Laugh out Loud.

  45. HELL – Has Every Last Lawyer


    Pat Johnson, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:03 pm Said:

    Purgatory has gone the way of the Pet Rock. No more. Two choice open. Up or Down.

    How about sideways??? Diagonal? Haven’t any of these ass-jerks heard of M-theory? 11 dimensions?

  47. Thanks Angie. You’re also always betting on things. Were there casinos in NOLA.

  48. madamab, on January 21st, 2009 at 10:51 pm Said:

    PJ – And her brains!

    (I’m so going to hell. Good thing Jews don’t believe in it!)
    That is what I thought..she got Jackie’s brains….But Caroline was in the top 10% of her law school class and passed the NY bar exam on her first try. Her brother never able to pass, IIRC. Maybe she is intelligent but “sounds” stupid.

  49. Pat,

    You’re kidding me!! No Purgatory either? I loved Purgatory. What a nightmare. If they can change all that stuff they ought to be able to allow birth control, IMHO.

  50. 3 Wickets — yep — Harrah’s Casino plus a few “riverboat” casinos. There is also a horse track (good times there).

  51. I really need to bone up on my options as a Presbyterian. I don’t remember what they’re offering anymore.

  52. Maloney is the chief House sponsor of the ERA which only needs 3 more states to be ratified.

  53. I just saw a report on a local NYC news station. The Kennedy camp has totally screwed this up. If she DOES stay in for consideration, this is yet another example of highly unprofessional behavior from the Senator Wannabe. Her withdrawal was leaked by a “close family source.” Then, however, a “family member INSISTED” it was not true. Then…NOTHING. Their is confusion within the family, and CK is unavailable for comment as is Paterson, and family members. Her advisers have stopped returning calls. What kind of an amateurish group is this? It only confirms, again, that she is nowhere near ready for this.

  54. SHV — CK may be intelligent but she suffers from “never having had to live in the real world” i.e., abso-f*cking-lutely no clue how to tie her own shoes without the “help.”

  55. There not their–hate that mistake…

  56. I guess they must have felt that Purgatory was too much of an attraction for the likes of us. In other words, we kind of lost some of the momentum by opting out for the middle ground. So they took that off the table along with St. Christopher, eating meat on Fridays, and Limbo.

    Since I will never be holier than thou, and I do not beg for donations with my own 800 number promising a piece of the cross to all donors, I am on the fast track to the other place.

    At least I hope they have an open bar for special occasions, like Saddam’s birthday as an example.

  57. (OK, back for a couple of minutes:)

    When I was in Catholic School (can’t you tell?), it was just like pat said. Limbo were for unbaptized babies, purgatory was like a Law & Order episode (or like Beetlejuice), then if/when all was clear, you were a-ok.

    When you dedicate masses for a deceased loved one, chances are they MAY get extra points heading upwards, but not guaranteed.

    Ok, now really gotta go – see you all tomorrow!

  58. angie: I once heard a story by one of the more peripheral Kennedy cousins about the younger boyz in the family. Willie Smith (remember that charming fellow?) and a few of his 20-something cousins asked her about pouring his own cereal, because he had NEVER HAD TO DO IT BEFORE. Yup.

  59. Top 10% at Columbia Law, really. That’s actually not bad. Didn’t know.

    Why are the nuns given more power in the Catholic Church. Wonder if there’s at least a woman Cardinal.

  60. 3 Wickets — re the “betting” — I’m not usually a gambler but I blame it on the economy — when the economy goes down, “sin” goes up — drinking, gambling, etc.

  61. fif, I really think that 2 things indicate it’s truth. That there was no sign of her at the inauguration and that the story is still at the top of the NYTimes page.

    How could someone so connected to the campaign miss the show yesterday if she was planning to be a US Senator soon? I’m pretty shocked that she wasn’t there in any case.

  62. John Jr. did pass the bar, but it took him about 3 tries. It was all over the papers at the time.

  63. Woo-hoo! I have converted at least four PUMAs to Judaism. It’s a mitzvah!

    You guys are gonna love it. All the guilt, but none of the bad food (well, except on Passover). As many bagels, schmears, lox and rugelach as your heart desires! Plus, no hell, purgatory or Limbo. Just here and gone. No celibacy for the rabbis, no worries about birth control or abortion, totally gay-friendly and pro-woman. And no passing the plate at the end of services. You just pay one flat fee at High Holy Days. What a bargain!

    Okay, I am so exhausted I’m feeling punchy. Our firm got hit with a big fat virus today and I worked an extra hour and a half. It wouldn’t have been so bad except I haven’t slept for two days, what with the fascism and all.

    Good night my lovely PUMA friends. Hooray for no Caroline and for our gorgeous, brilliant new Secretary of State!

  64. ACK!!!!!!!!!

    ONE MORE….

    Three wickets: Catholics are like Democrats, women do all the dirty grudge work but never get recognized for it.

  65. Angie, and nothing makes sense or is a sure thing in a down economy. Gotta make bets, I get it.

  66. kb: The AP story said she was at the inauguration, but you’re right, if she was there she was very low profile.

    I think her lack of response tonight confirms it. If she wanted to have any chance at this point, she could not just refuse to comment after such a clusterf*ck today. It indicates serious incompetence.

  67. The only “power” the nuns held in the Church was their ability to smack you up side the head when the feeling overtook them. You had no recourse then as your parents basically abided by their judgment.

    Nuns hold no power as they are women. And women, as we all know, are not held in high esteem by a patriarchal society.

  68. Goodnight, MadamaB — sleep tight. And stay virus-free tomorrow!

  69. nite madamab

  70. No Purgatory??? God I feel old. To show how old I am, I went hunting for a photo of a touch tone phone and I found out they are antiques! I remember when we first got s *dial* phone. When I was a kid, you picked up the phone and the operation said “number please,” and you gave her the number. And everyone had party lines. I remember when phone numbers had letters in them, like Viking 45000. I am sooooo old!

  71. Madamab: as long as platanos are kosher – we are cool.

  72. Pat Johnson, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:10 pm Said:

    I guess they must have felt that Purgatory was too much of an attraction for the likes of us. In other words, we kind of lost some of the momentum by opting out for the middle ground.

    G. D. it! I KNEW those sob’s were on to me & did it just to f*ck me!!!!

  73. fif — Yeah, I remember that pr*ck Willie — the story doesn’t surprise me one bit. jeez louise — and they talk about knowing the “common man’s” concerns!

  74. The only “power” the nuns held in the Church was their ability to smack you up side the head when the feeling overtook them.

    Sister Mary Spamkiller is watching you like a hawk right now.

  75. I remember owning a Princess Phone and an extra long cord to be able to walk around the house and talk at the same time. It was the ultimate of “cool”.

  76. BTW, fif, William Kennedy Smith was invited ot the Inauguration.

  77. night madamab!!

  78. fif, I missed that. I really didn’t think she was there.

    I’m lurking through the comments to the Caroline story at the NYTimes. I’m not saying she doesn’t have support in NY but, the haters got all the prime spots.

  79. i am drunk and lonely. and in CT for once — austin!

  80. BB, Ah, but was Edwards?

  81. It just occurred to me that we could have saved ourselves millions of dollars and the time wasted on the “coronation” if Obama had just done the first time what he and Roberts did the second time.

    For a total of perhaps $100.00 and parking validation, Roberts could have sworn him in right there in the Oval and saved the taxpayers a ton of money.

  82. Madamab, I’m already down with the food, eat at Katz’s all the time, and I’ve got more guilt than I know what to do with, just not sure I want that guilt formalized, think it would be the end of me.

    John John was a great guy imo, but just not cut for the political track. A lot of his mom in him. He was classy.

  83. Hi Jadzia! You don’t have to be lonely here. 🙂 Drunk, I can’t do anything about.

  84. angienc2, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:10 pm Said:

    SHV — CK may be intelligent but she suffers from “never having had to live in the real world” i.e., abso-f*cking-lutely no clue how to tie her own shoes without the “help.”
    Sort of the flip side of her mother. Jackie wasn’t very bright but she was able to project herself in an amazingly positive way.

  85. Nobody’s buying the spin, everybody’s reporting that Princess “dropped out” because Patterson was going to pick Cuomo, making her look even more foolish. D’oh!

  86. No offense to the John John lovers, but I knew him–he was not “classy and elegant.” He was a sweet, exhibitionistic guy who was used to having people stare at him his whole life. He was also quite entitled. He was quite the notorious slob in college as well. I ate lunch with him one day, and was shocked by his filthy hands and how he shoveled food into his mouth like an animal. I distinctly remember thinking: THIS guy eats with Heads of State?! He was also gorgeous, as obvious to anyone, but he had a dorky quality, not elegant. He walked sort of funny, and could be quite loud and klutzy. No one is perfect, but the fantasy of him as some kind of Uber-man is unrealistic. Sorry to blow any illusions, but again, we need to stick to reality with these public figures. He was a nice guy though, and friendly. Not the brightest bulb. Of course, none of that would have mattered, because of his looks, money and connections. He would have been president someday if he’d run, and he was preparing to enter politics when he died.

  87. SHV — that is because Jackie’s family had a “name” but her father gambled away the family “money” Her mom remarried a rich guy, but that money wasn’t going to Jackie (or her sister Lee). They both knew they had to learn how to tcb (and they did).

  88. OMH — OT but — I just slummed it over to TL (I know, but I saw that TGW linked to the purple tunnel story over there). The 11 commentors take on the fiasco? “Heck, it is surprising this doesn’t happen more often.” ooh, my head! This is going to be a looong 4 years.

  89. fif — thanks for the reality check — I think you have rated John John fairly. When he died though, I admit, I was inordinately sad (considering I didn’t know him) but I felt so much like I knew him.

  90. fif: As you said. The voters would have gone wild over John John for office based on all those “qualities” projected by Obama. Handsome, personable, good backstory. His true nature would have gone uncovered and we would be talking another “celebrity” president again had he lived.

    The culture is prime for this stuff. We do not think beyond the “glitz”.

  91. fif, you went to Brown. Cool. You may be right. I was probably just star struck doing lines with a celebrity, back in the day.

  92. angienc2, on January 21st, 2009 at 11:29 pm Said:

    SHV — that is because Jackie’s family had a “name” but her father gambled away the family “money” Her mom remarried a rich guy, but that money wasn’t going to Jackie (or her sister Lee). They both knew they had to learn how to tcb (and they did).
    After she graduated from GW, she was a “roving” photo-journalist in Wash. DC. My sister told me a few months ago that she was interviewed by Jackie Bouvier, “roving reporter”. I asked my sister what she was like, “about what you would expect”.

  93. Paterson needs to get off his butt and make his choice now. This has been dragging on long enough and the people of NY deserve more than a game of political chess.

  94. For the record, I did not inhale, that would have been painful.

  95. elderj, I heard that the oath doesn’t matter for legl purposes (I mean, it has to be taken but it doesn’t matter exactly when) and the President Elect automatically becomes Prez at 12:00 + 1 second regardless of what’s going on–but if that’s the case, that’s completely awesome. 🙂 Somebody needs to find out exactly what Condi was doing at all times yesterday and write a book about it immediately.

  96. All those years that I had to pray for the souls in purgatory and now there will be no one to pray for me///////
    I am so screwed.

    Even if CK drops out I will still keep the tag I use because of her



  97. Somebody needs to find out exactly what Condi was doing at all times yesterday and write a book about it immediately.
    I must have missed something..What does Condi have to do with anything??

  98. Three Wickets: I did lines with him too! lol–that was another thing about him, he was quite the druggie. Not that I’d know anything about that…

    and ange: it was terribly sad. As I said he was a sweet guy, and no one deserves a premature end like that. However…the Kennedy hubris contributed to it. He had not been flying for very long and decided that he didn’t need his instrument license to fly a new plane at night because after all, he was a Kennedy and could not possible be restricted by the same laws of nature that the rest of us have to obey.

  99. Pat, I am starting to not care for Patterson too much. I love how he makes that big speech yesterday about women’s representation and then will probably turn around and pick Cuomo to get him out of his own primary. Nice words.

  100. helenk, I don’t feel like a BUBBA, I’d like to be a PUMA if that’s ok.

  101. Caroline is out — well good riddance!!! !!!! That’s the best news I’ve heard in quite a while. In no way, shape, or form could she have filled Hillary’s shoes.

  102. One more thing about Jews – (I’m Jewish but a very secular,
    non-religious one, with not much of a Jewish education, but
    I’ve picked things up along the way) – an old BF taught me
    this – it’s a Jewish man’s holy OBLIGATION to have sex with
    his wife on the sabbath,(Friday night), and to make sure
    he makes her very happy. No wham bam stuff. Woman
    centered sex.
    My old BF learned his lesson well. I guess that’s why
    all my non-Jewish friends preferred Jewish husbands.
    I think it’s even part of the Bar Mitvah teachings. Only
    they never talk about that part when they make their speech.

  103. Pat: ratings for American Idol last night were higher than the Inauguration specials. ‘Nuff said.

  104. SHV, elderj said that because the ceremony ran long and Obama didn’t take the oath immediately and neither Pelosi nor the President pro tem resigned from their offices, Condi was actually our first African American female President for 4 minutes there.

  105. speaktruth, that’s some seriously sensible stuff. It that also mentioned in Leviticus.

  106. Does anyone have a reference for the change in the status of purgatory?? It’s still in the latest edition of the CCC.

  107. No wham bam stuff

    They actually have to teach that?

  108. Yaay!

    And can’t the NYT even hire a few copy editors who know what they are doing? It’s not “a close friend of the governor’s”, it’s just “a close friend of the governor”. The former prompts the question, the governor’s what, exactly?

    The NYT’s manual of style used to be famous. But I guess spellcheck doesn’t catch correctly spelled grammar illiteracy.

    Not counting the cheating fraudulent campaign the Democrats ran this season, the increasingly abusive and promiscuous use of ‘s bothers me more than anything on earth!

    I’m just sayin’.

  109. Three Wickets
    Glad to have you with us whether you choose to be a Puma or a Bubba.
    During the primaries they obots were calling any man who did not fall over for backtrack and uneducated hick or bubba..
    We know better and felt that men should be proud to be called a Bubba. because they had enough sense to see through the bs.
    Backtrack made a comment about not talking to Those People meaning us. I am very proud to be one of Those people.

    I added with intelligence and experience when Ck tried to claim Senator Clinton’s



  110. SHV: Could not tell you exactly where to look but this is what I have been told. It was made redundant a few years back, even further perhaps. And it is no longer necessary to be Confirmed to get married in the Church. At one time you had to be Baptized, had your First Holy Communion, and be Confirmed before they would marry you. No longer.

    I may not go but I keep up.

  111. A little off topic…..but is it just me, or has anyone noticed that Timothy Geithner has no eyebrows? It creeps me out!!!

  112. Nah…no media bias here: Obama gets 35x the coverage that Bush got for his Inauguration.

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s inauguration generated an unprecedented 35,000 stories in the world’s major newspapers, television and radio broadcasts over the past day — about 35 times more than the last presidential swearing-in — a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

    The Texas-based Global Language Monitor said there had also been 6 million new Obama-related mentions on the Internet since December 31.

    “The Obama numbers are unprecedented and speak volumes to the global fascination with the new American president, his wife and young family,” Payack told Reuters. “Obama is the biggest story of the century so far.”


  113. myiq is up to his usual standards tonight.

  114. Note that last line: “biggest story of the century so far.”

    Dude–it’s only 2009!

  115. should read
    when Ck tried to claim Senator Clinton’s seat

  116. Valhalla, the apostrophe’s just right there next to the ‘enter’ key, so it’s just easy to get to, and the shift’s not even necessary.

  117. Valhalla: don’t you mean “sayin’s?”

  118. Valhalla:

    How about plural possessives?

    Like when they type “The Clinton’s finances” intstead of “The Clintons’ finances”

  119. apparently under Section 19(d)(1) of the presidential succession act, Condi became acting president without having to take the oath, for at least 1 – 3 minutes…. of course its all in fun since the term of the new president begins at 12 noon… but its nice to dream… 🙂

  120. I just read today that American Idol had more viewers then the inaugural balls.
    America does have a short attention span.



  121. fif — 35x more stories than Bush with 35x less substance! Oy vey! (I’m taking my conversion seriously).

  122. helenk, if he said ‘Those People’ like ‘the Chosen People’, I’m cool with that.

  123. Time for sleep.

    Ange–you’re such mensch.

    Maybe Caroline will change her mind a couple more times tomorrow to keep the drama going.


  124. As a new “convert” I am beginning to appreciate Jackie Mason’s humor.

  125. Night fif!! LOL

  126. a mensch

    oy vey (it does come in handy)

  127. Why not let Caroline replace Carolyn?

    Shhh. The public is not interested in what’s not insulting to Clinton/women.

  128. The AP is saying that Caroline still wants the Senate job, but neither she nor Paterson is commenting. Methinks, the powers that be told her to renege on the announcement while they work the governor over. He >b> may have to buy the Kennedy package. Oh ,and I thought we had one thing going our way.

  129. may

  130. Hey Pat — we forgot the best part — we can also start telling Jewish jokes now (remember that Seinfeld episode where the dentist converts for the “jokes”). 🙂

  131. (the other Sheri):
    FIF said: Nah…no media bias here: Obama gets 35x the coverage that Bush got for his Inauguration.

    It’s amazing how fantasies become reality anymore.

  132. fif, they’ve really got to get Barry started on those lessons for walking on water.

  133. fif — “Obama the biggest story of the century so far?” Effing MSM.

    This century is still young. And Pampers will be remembered in a very different way at the end of it than now.

  134. an old BF taught me
    this – it’s a Jewish man’s holy OBLIGATION to have sex with
    his wife on the sabbath,(Friday night), and to make sure
    “On Shabbat, to enjoy life is actually a mitzvah. You might’ve heard that sex is a “double mitzvah” on Shabbat. Well, it’s true; sex is a mitzvah on its own, and on Shabbat, since it’s enjoyable, it’s also a mitzvah of oneg shabbat, enjoying Shabbat. “

  135. angie: I do. And Jerry had to go the priest to hear his confession regarding Tim Whatley telling bad jokes. That will be them with us.

  136. Did jim demint from NC really say that along with gay people, single parents should not teach school?
    What a moron.



  137. One last comment, really!

    If neither Paterson or Kennedy have commented, how does the AP know she still wants the job??

  138. myiq said, they have to teach that?

    You’d be surprised.

    Also, lots of Jewish men prefer “shiksas” (non-Jewish
    women). They find Jewish women too bossy,
    high-maintenance. They have the idea that non-Jewish
    women will be kinder, gentler, more amenable, submissive.
    Of course, they go out and choose smart,
    classy sophisticated “shiksas” only to find they are as
    bossy and high-maintenance as we are.

  139. Has TC organized that diaper mailing to Vitter yet.

  140. So glad to hear Princess Caroline saw the light.

    BTW I am reading Rep Maloney’s book “Rumors of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” This woman is fantastic! She definitely should get that Senate seat. She’s been a hard worker for women’s rights, employee rights, and health care.

  141. My friend once went to confess something really personal he was really embarassed about, and teh priest says, “Well, Jim….” LOL Don’t forget to go across town for those embarassing confessions!

  142. Shiksappeal?

    I always figured it was basic common sense.

    If somebody orders a pizza and all they get is an empty box they will call someone else next time.

  143. This is ludicrous. At this point Paterson needs to get off his ass and make an announcement.

  144. Looks like we lost another one on the Obama factory tour:


    How can you not vote in numerous elections?
    And expect a senate seat using familial connections?
    Fill Hillary’s shoes, our little princess cannot
    while chanting “I love Obama” in Camelot

    Uh, Like, there will be no quid pro quo
    for Kennedy backstabbers, YA KNOW!!!


  145. She still wants the job? She looks like teh world’s biggest flake already, all Patterson has to do now is make some sympathetic noises about Teddy’s health.

    She can’t come back from this, can she?

  146. Oh brother!

  147. Boys use “high maintenance” and “low maintenance” too much when talking about women. Don’t encourage them. I think they used to teach the terms in shop class about the girls in home ec.

  148. 3W, myiq and fif — it’s a national shame! it’s an epidemic!

    When I win the lottery I’m going to start a foundation to stamp out the incorrect use of ‘s in all its forms. Well, after I start my foundation for critical thinking. I have lots of plans for foundations for when I win the lottery. Ok, now I’m thinking ‘s will be 3rd, after the PUMA foundation. You will all get high-paying sinecures on the Board.

    But not if you flagrantly misuse ‘s!

  149. afrocity: Love it!!

  150. I never saw that quote, SHV. Very cool.
    I love the idea that to enjoy life is a mitzvah.

  151. myiq, is that a slam on Italian women.

  152. Valhalla:

    Don’t forget it’s and its

    The apostrophe goes with the contraction, not the possessive.

  153. 3W:

    More like a slam on Italian men

  154. afrocity — another winner!!

  155. myiq, I am a bit more lenient on its vs it’s because it is understandably easy to confuse them. (plus I’m naturally soft-hearted…ha!) It’s the tendency to use ‘s as a straight up plural that started to send me right up the wall. It’s more work that way! Simple plurals are just adding an s! Why make things more difficult!

    Ok, I’ll tuck my ‘s obsession back in its box, at least until I win the lottery. But boy, it felt good to get that all out there.

  156. and d@mn right I’m “high maintenance” — why would I be with a man who can do LESS for me than I can do for myself?

  157. Afrocity and Angie, in all seriousness, I’d like to apologize to you both for calling you names and stuff last night. It was really the Merlot talking.

  158. speaktruth, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:09 am Said:

    I never saw that quote, SHV. Very cool.
    I love the idea that to enjoy life is a mitzvah.
    Much healthier than the christian idea that sex is a sin..The original sin?

  159. angienc2, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:17 am Said:

    and d@mn right I’m “high maintenance” — why would I be with a man who can do LESS for me than I can do for myself?
    Interesting idea..I’ll have to give that some thought.

  160. Original sin is not sex SHV — original sin is from the fall of man when Adam & Eve bite into the fruit of knowledge after God told them not to.

  161. Wickets,

    I never realized that you called me a name.

    You can call me what you want

    But mess with Angie and I will put some “whoop” on you.

  162. 3 Wickets — what names did you call us last night?

  163. I’m in moderation!

  164. Ooooouuuuh, myiq. Bad boy. Sounds sexist to me.

    Exactly, Three Wickets. A woman is high maintenance
    when she makes demands – like for power, equality,
    stuff like that. Or when she won’t put up with sh*t.

  165. Angie, because you d@mn women are capable of doing so much on your own for everyone, it scares us. Just set’s the bar really high. I’d prefer to say “she lives life to the fullest”. Then the boys will want to join in on the fun, see.

  166. afrocity took the words out of my mouth (but sub. “afrocity” for “Angie”)

  167. 3 Wickets — no deal — First, I don’t care for boys. Second, if a man doesn’t have the good sense to want to run with me then I’m better off without him. I don’t suffer fools lightly.

  168. 3 Wickets — and stop avoiding the question — what names did you call us?

  169. I’m in moderation again!

  170. 3 Wickets — stop avoiding the question — what n@mes did you c@ll us?

  171. No more imitations. I want the real Jackie O, MLK, Jesse Jackson, Sr, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton, etc. Be original.

  172. Thanks for the pass Afrocity, I owe you one. And I tread very carefully on all matters Angie.

    Is New York called the big apple, cause it’s such a sinful place, I wonder.

  173. afrocity> Another winner!!!

    Speaking of poems, anyone know what happened to johninca? I haven’t seen him around here in a while.

  174. By the way I HAVE HUGE CHICAGO GOSSIP!!!!!

  175. Yes, d*mn right, angie. I have no doubt you are the
    original high maintenance woman.
    And of course, proud of it. As you should be.
    Men who put down high maintenance women are just
    spoiled. And probably incompetent to keep up.
    So who needs them?

  176. Well, I was raised Quaker and Presbyterian. May explain why I am reserved. anyway….. As a child, I decided I did not believe in hell, but that if there was one, that is where all the fun people would be.

  177. I don’t remember. I was drunk remember. And there are men who can run with you. Look for the silent ones, not the blustery ones.

  178. SHV, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:19 am Said:

    angienc2, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:17 am Said:

    and d@mn right I’m “high maintenance” — why would I be with a man who can do LESS for me than I can do for myself?
    Interesting idea..I’ll have to give that some thought.
    Hmmmm…I gave it some thought…since I am the domestic support unit for the “GF”, I can be replaced by a maid/cook and a Jack Rabbit.
    I don’t think I will tell her.

  179. 3 Wickets — no, it is the big apple because it is the “big time” (i.e. lots of $, excitement — the “big leagues”) –it is (was) a horse racing term that got applied to NYC because it was, in fact, the”big time.”

  180. afrocity — SPILL!!!

  181. 3 Wickets — thanks for the tip, but I do pretty well in that department! 🙂

  182. SHV — you are on the wrong track — hint: it isn’t the cooking & cleaning — it is the having someone who cares about you enough to clean, cook, etc. that goes a long, long way.

  183. Fran — I don’t know if they will all be fun there, but I’m sure I will know more of them! LOL

  184. I knew this would happen:

    Kennedy’s back in

  185. Hello? am I on? where is everybody? afrocity — spill the beans!!

  186. Afrocity –
    What is the Chicago gossip? Please tell us.

  187. speakstruth — exactly — spoiled, lazy & stupid.

  188. Three Wickets, Caroline graduated at the top of her class from Columbia, Obama was on Harvard Law Review, and ANN COULTER was at the top of her class and on Michigan Law Review. So what? These people are obviously proof that you can graduate at the top of your class from a good school and still have no common sense, morals, or social skills.

  189. donna darko — I’m not buying the back in bs — the press messed up the story (because they were not supposed to report it) & are trying to cover their tracks by “erasing” it. Silly press — only Obama gets mulligans.

  190. Please share, afrocity

  191. So, I went shopping on Michigan Avenue and EVERYONE was talking about Michelle’s hideous clothes. My personal shoppers knew MO shops at Ikram a boutique that is considered “edgy”. We were all so shocked that they let her wear that crap. I mean everyone on buses etc, were talking about how embarrassing it is for us as Chicagoan. In Neiman’s we started closing outfits for her. We surmised that Armani is a good designer for her body type.


    Dear Michelle,

    The women of the city of Chicago have you on NOTICE.


    No empire waistlines
    No icky yellow and greens, no one shoulder
    You look huge and should consider your type before shopping
    Your hair needs help
    No more Ikram
    No J Crew
    No brocade in the daytime

  192. Success in an academic environment doesn’t automatically equate to morality or success in real life.

    Ask the Unabomber

  193. Men who don’t like high maintenance women are just lazy. Too much work for them.

  194. donnadarko, that is extremely selfish of Caroline. She is putting the Democrats at risk of losing the Senate seat in ’10. You either want it or you don’t. Does anyone here want to have a senator who “wavered” about whether she wanted the seat? Gawd, this is getting absolutely ridiculous.

  195. DV, they teach common law in law school, not common sense. Pretty sure DK would back me up on that.

    Angie, you and my wife could be BFFs.

  196. Jason Wu the guy who designed her ball gown
    Designs Barbie Doll clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. I’ve been looking for a low maintenance woman who wants a high maintenance man.

    I’ve been single for a while now.

  198. Dis – In their world, those things are not so important. It is all about being on top.

    Once, when I was a substitute teacher in Middle School (in an affluent suburb), the ‘smart’ kids were so nasty to the ‘average’ kids that I told them that being smarter does NOT make you better. I can’t believe I said that to them. I really enjoyed substitute teaching.

  199. There’s an update on that politico link. She’s out. Read the last paragraph.

  200. Men who don’t like high maintenance women are just lazy.

    You betcha!

  201. afrocity — I am so happy to hear that the people of chicago haven’t totally lost their minds. I agree completely with the assessment — Armani would work great on her.

    DV — CK being selfish? Say it isn’t so! /s

  202. myiq – You and a lot of other guys!

  203. fif, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:03 am Said:
    One last comment, really!

    If neither Paterson or Kennedy have commented, how does the AP know she still wants the job??


    Me guesses that the AP got it from “a family source” just like the original announcement. Dunno, saw it on Yahoo.

  204. Yeah….it was really bad. The gown looked like it was rigged up out of a chenille bedspread, and the brocade looked like it belonged to a 90 year old in 1962.

  205. GAgal — and please, let us remember that “too much work” means she expects you to know acknowledge her presence” and not just treat her like the cook/maid/whore {rolls eyes}

  206. Men go ga ga over supermodels then say they don’t want a high maintenance woman. I know women who spend thousands on carrot sesame spa treatments, clothes and acupuncture for their miniature poodles.

    BUT Some men are just cheap and consider a woman who flosses high maintenance.

  207. Thank you, afrocity. Now I’ll be able to sleep.

  208. afrocity — well, that dress would be great on Barbie.

  209. Caroline is officially out of the race!
    DonnaDarko, there is an update on the politico site you posted:


  210. sorry speak truth, but I am a fashion head. She represents black women and my city. She seems out of her depth. I am sure this will show in her role as first lady.

  211. Afrocity, I really believe the guys at HillBuzz and their boystown kin have an impact on local stylings. They are ruthless when it comes to fashion.

    Angie, I meant that as a compliment to you and the wife I love so dear. (treading carefully as i write)

  212. Woo Hoo! (from politico):

    UPDATE: It’s finally over — officially. Kennedy withdrew from the race after midnight Thursday, in a statement released by her spokesman.

    “I informed Governor Paterson today that for personal reasons I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate,” Kennedy said in a statement.

    And let this be in to the “IN-N-OUT” drama.

  213. Fran:

    I lowered my sights – I was hoping for a Cindy McCain type sugar-mama

    Beautiful, blonde, and owns a beer distributorship!

  214. 3 Wickets — don’t worry, I took it as a compliment! 🙂

  215. donnadarko, the spin is out of control at this point. They’re also saying that Caroline is heading to MA to take Teddy’s seat (good luck with that one, Yankees fan).

  216. angienc2, on January 22nd, 2009 at 12:31 am Said:

    SHV — you are on the wrong track — hint: it isn’t the cooking & cleaning — it is the having someone who cares about you enough to clean, cook, etc. that goes a long, long way.
    I love to cook and hate to clean. I also like the “role reversal”. Her alarm goes off at 4:30 AM and I get to turn over and go back to sleep.

  217. myiq — hey — careful with the blonde comments!

  218. by the way, I know Pat is a tr@ll.

  219. Pat, that question hurts my head.

  220. Somehow I don’t think Cindy is his type.

  221. The problem is that I’m not Cindy’s type.


  222. I sense a tr0ll at 12:46 — “Pat” (if that is your name) NO ONE is hoping that things go “bad” for this country so that “Obama will be unsuccessful.” If you haven’t noticed — things are already not going to well — have you seen the DOW today? Do you know what the DOW is? You are JUST LIKE THE BUSHIES — “if you don’t worship Bush/Obama you are unpatriotic” — now go f*ck off.

  223. Caroline won’t go for Ted’s seat. First, it’s not by appointment in Mass., it’s by special election. She would have to do icky campaigning and talk to people, you know. Second, half of Ted’s family who are in Mass. are also rumored to be interested (his sons, his wife, and Joe P. Kennedy, who was actually in the House for a decade).

    I think it’s just the fanboyz trying to make stuff up because they can’t acknowledge reality again.

  224. Pat @ 12:52 — if I didn’t make myself clear — YOUR GUY “WON” — GET OVER IT!

    Oh, and f*ck off.

  225. Cleanup at 12:46!

  226. For the Chicago gossip, I meant, afrocity.

    lol, myiq.

    Of course all Hillary supporter women are
    high-maintenance. Unlike the Obama girls who are
    sooooo sweeet(ie) and good and nice. Know how to
    take orders. From the boys but sometimes from the
    girls, too. And believe in hope and sharing and
    bipartisanship and whatever they are told. And sold.
    Although, now that I’ve written that, I thought of
    an Obama supporter who is a superb*tch. A tenant
    of mine who just wrote me an unbelievably obnoxious,
    rude, b*tchy letter today.
    Of course, she and her BF have huge Obama signs
    in their apartment.

  227. Afrocity, I’ve also had other women, wanting my BF,
    tell him that I’m high maintenance.

  228. I find “high maintenance” to be a sexist term.

  229. Do you think Markos Moulitas’ real parents might be Arianna and George Soros. There was some talk on another blog..

  230. Men of substance look for substance.

  231. speaktruth — because the Obot girls are nothing more then sex dolls — handing out bjs to Republicans because Obama won so that next time they will vote Dem — just ask Evan Handler over at huffpo (and yes, he wrote a column advising all Dem girls to do that after the election because Obama only won with 52% of the vote i& the other 48% needed to be converted)

  232. GAgal, on January 22nd, 2009 at 1:01 am Said:

    Men of substance look for substance.

    Perfectly put GAgal.

  233. I’m actually low maintenence – but I have a high “annoying” quotient.

  234. Thanks afrocity. See Angie, someone agrees with me. (treading ever that much more gently)

  235. afrocity — it is sexist — it equates women to “machines” or cars.

  236. 3 Wickets — before you break your arm patting yourself on your back, remember that even a broken clock is right twice a day. 🙂

  237. myiq — one woman’s annoyance is another woman’s pleasure. 😉

  238. Ok guys, I’m off to bed — for REAL.

    Good night my sweet afrocity!! Good night DYB, GAgal, 3 Wickets & everyone else.

    myiq — bon soir mon amour.

  239. Wuw, that’s such a harsh visual Angie, given some of the Obot women and GOP men I know. What abou the GOP women. Will Obot men do them.

  240. I keep all time keeping devices on me, at home, and at work in tip top shape, so I can be right more than twice a day.

  241. nite angie

  242. To clarify. I have embraced the term in that the cheap bastards that said it to me despised independent women. They hated women who dressed nicely or as ignorant guys say “she sho duz carries huh self well” or “keeps herself up”

    The hypocrisy lies in the fact that the men who say it are fearful of the woman taking $$$ from them to finance the green tea masks or Chanel suits but usually the men only make $25K before take home if they are lucky and couldn’t buy you a blistex without expecting you to kneel before them for the bank rolling your beauty habits..

  243. angie, it is ironic though, since remember how DELIGHTED the Obots were by the economic crisis, since it helped their guy? But hey, the disgusting dregs of this country (ie, its citizens) deserve to suffer for not being able to appreciate the hopey wonder of it all.

  244. I see that afrocity. But the term also goes beyond things and applies to women’s emotions, at least when I hear it being used in the bars and locker rooms.

  245. G’night guapa!

  246. “I’m actually low maintenence – but I have a high “annoying” quotient.”


  247. Well said, everyone. Nite all.

  248. After all that “in” and “out” (and not the good kind!) from CK, she should have had it put to her point blank: “If you cannot make up your own mind about whether you want a Senate seat how will you be able to make decisions in the Senate?”

    If she can’t control her own spokespeople to get the correct info out how would she work in the Senate?

    Nothing lost there for the state of New York.

  249. G’night afrocity, angie, myiq, seriously, speaktruth et al. Been great chatting.

  250. It’s not that Caroline is a bad person – she’s just unqualified.

    Experience matters.

  251. I guess these last few weeks has been, in a sense, Caroline’s audition for the Senate seat…. and she bombed. The Gov always said he was worried about her toughness. If the upstate NY swing fiasco and this keystone kop ” I’m out I’m in I’m out ” is any indication , we are being spared a great deal with her withdrawal.

    You have to at least be able to handle PR desently if nothing else.

  252. Wickets still did not say what he called me.

  253. You have to at least be able to handle PR desently if nothing else.

    That’s what I was getting at. If she were truly doing a flip-flop like that, she had no business sitting in the Senate.

  254. Fredster, on January 22nd, 2009 at 1:28 am Said:

    Exactly. You can do nothing, but it can’t look like that,
    Plus you have to at least help the farthing press help you.

  255. She’s also apparently not that bright. We need fewer elected officials who decide to cast their (first) vote based on their underage children’s preferences and then admit it in public.

    Fredster, there’s speculation that Patterson was the one who leaked the story to force her out. If so, good move and funny too. 🙂

  256. This is from Fox News on CK:

    The New York Times cited a source it didn’t identify as saying Kennedy withdrew out of concern for her uncle and his illness. But the Post cited an unidentified source as saying she dropped out because she learned Paterson had decided not to choose her.

    The AP initially reported Kennedy had withdrawn from the race but corrected the story about an hour later after the person who gave that information said it was an error. News reports changed through the night as people close to Kennedy either denied or softened their comments before Kennedy ended the uncertainty by issuing her statement.

    Paterson said that on Wednesday he would begin reviewing the candidates’ responses to the 28-page questionnaires he had asked applicants to complete. The forms asked about personal finances and other background issues, many of which Kennedy has long shielded from the public.

    Kennedy, an author, lawyer and fundraiser for New York City schools, has long guarded her privacy, and the questionnaires were expected to include some closely guarded Kennedy financial data. Paterson had said he thought the candidates’ responses would be confidential because it was his personal request that they fill them out.

    But the state’s open-government expert and good-government groups told the AP that once the forms were written and submitted to the governor at least some of the responses would be subject to public review under the state Freedom of Information Law.

  257. Okay I’m in moderation for a comment at 1:32 a.m.

    It had a blockquote in it.

  258. Apparently the blind can lead the blind.

  259. I love Fox news.

  260. Thank-ye, powers-that-be for the release from moderation!

  261. Seriously, that thing about Patterson would be priceless if true!

  262. afrocity, on January 22nd, 2009 at 1:34 am Said:

    Apparently the blind can lead the blind.

    I now have to clean the computer screen!!

  263. All I know is that after saying she wanted the job, it was a fiasco every time CK stuck her head out in public ….Thankfully its over

  264. Patterson is a smart guy and comes from a political family himself and has 20 experience . He’s no babe in the woods.

  265. angie, you’re right, thank goddess!

    so many posts, comments (and gossip) to catch up on! michelle, you’re on notice! gnite.

  266. paper doll, on January 22nd, 2009 at 1:38 am Said:

    All I know is that after saying she wanted the job, it was a fiasco every time CK stuck her head out in public ….Thankfully its over

    Nope, she wasn’t cut out for it. You have to at least be able to pretend to like the masses when you go out amongst them.

  267. And also saying that you won’t run unless it’s handed to you? Please. Like you’re doing the world a favor.

  268. The best political ad I ever saw was this guy talking about what a great education he has and “he could have gone anywhere. But he stayed!” LMAO You have go to be kidding me.

  269. I wonder what will happen to that questionnaire now? I suppose if she’s withdrawn she could get it back, instead of submitting it and not being chosen.

  270. Paterson said that6 NYS needs someone to help us out of our economic problems:
    From Carolyn Maloney’s site

    Washington, D. C. – Today Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) to chair the Joint Economic Committee (JEC). Congresswoman Maloney served as the Vice Chair of the JEC during the 110th Congress. Former Chair Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), is now the Vice Chairman. The JEC is a bicameral Congressional Committee established by the Employment Act of 1946, the same legislation that created the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.
    read more >
    WASHINGTON, DC—Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) issued this statement upon the confirmation of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State:

    “With Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, we will have a forceful voice for peace at the helm of the State Department. In implementing President Obama’s vision of a foreign policy that does not compromise between our safety and our ideals, Secretary Clinton will continue to rank among America’s best public servants,” Maloney concluded.

  271. Every article by Confessore seems to have come straight from Kennedy’s press office, and then little Nocholas puts his name on it, and puts it in the Pravda, oops NYTimes.

    This one is no different, and is full of shit. Politico had it better. Ben Smith guesses that the rumor was put in by Patterson to box her in. Much more reasonable that this crap:

    Her decision appeared to catch the governor off guard, throwing the Paterson administration into confusion and setting off conflicting news media reports.

    If Confessore is not drawing a salary from the Kennedy Camp, he is an idiot. Of course, he could be both.

  272. I give up. Who is Confessore?

  273. I’m just glad Caroline is gone. Good God. What a dunce.

  274. Fredster,

    Sorry, that’s the guy who wrote the NYTimes article cited by Riverdaughter at the top of the post.

    I’ve read other stuff by him and they have been equally annoying.

  275. ghost2, on January 22nd, 2009 at 2:16 am

    Oh LOL!!! I didn’t even read the by-line!!

  276. I felt the loss of Senator Clinton as the great and tireless and brilliant advocate for New York today but I’m equally filled with elation that Hillary is now formally our SOS. I feel I can sleep peacefully at night and during the day as well knowing Hillary is there for us and now the world and the worlds women and girls who are treated as less than human.

    And, Vitter “man in diapers for prostitutes” and DeMented from South Carolina can kiss my New York woman’s arse. My Senator is one of the most powerful and loved people of the world who will go down in history as one of the greats. Not hard to figure out what these two asshats legacies will be.

    Now to Princess Caroline. Please let this story hold true. She’s the last thing we need to represent us New Yorkers. We need someone forceful, hard working, dedicated to helping her constituents, willing to spend time to understand the inner workings of the Senate and the day to day needs of those in New York who don’t have a voice. Someone willing to relate to the unique issues of Upstaters by spending time with them getting to know them and genuinely wanting to help. In the best of times, Princess Caroline could not do any of those things because by all reports she doesn’t have the right stuff and is more concerned with herself and the Kennedy name than helping her fellow New Yorkers.

    I am doing a little jig right now with this very welcomed news. Like many of you, I am an advocate of Carolyn Maloney taking the Hillary’s baton. Although I would be fine with Kirsten Gillibrand even though I don’t know her as well and her work but I know people who are familiar with her and have nothing but high praise.

    BTW, I never thought Paterson would choose Caroline. He’s really marches to his own drummer from everything I’ve seen and read about him and he doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.

    All in all, this has been a very good day even if my day has been a hot mess of a work day. Knowing Hillary is now SOS and that the Princess is by all reliable accounts seems to be a lame duck before she was a duck, heh, has made my crappy day golden.

  277. I was over at Liberal Rapture and he posted this. It’s hysterical:

  278. This is too funny:

    Off-topic but…

  279. Sarah Palin is getting bashed again – this time for defending her family. According to an ABC news story, what the press did to Palin’s family wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. “It’s not unprecedented. The children and spouses of high-profile politicians always draw attention. . . Two weeks before President Obama’s inauguration, his daughters Sasha and Malia were escorted to their new schools past a line of waiting photographers.”

    Gee whiz, I guess those rumors about Palin’s baby actually being the result of an incestuous relationship between Bristol and her father were just “all in fun’. I mean those little rumors hardly compare to the trauma the Obama girls went through going past a line of photographers! And really, Bristol IS a big girl. Rumors like that couldn’t possibly affect her, right???

  280. I think in the end Princess Caroline decided to drop out because she wants to keep hiding her financial data. All this crap about thrown around about Hillary and Bill hiding their income taxes through the primaries, and now all this bullshit about the CF and CGI – and there’s Princess Caroline: refusing to release her financial information unless she’s appointed Senator? You don’t make up the rules, Princess! And now I think she just wants to keep all her money and income hidden. As someone said: there are the rules, and there are the Clinton rules.

    Is anybody surprised about Palin getting bashed? No doubt shock jock Keith O will call her the Worst Person in the World for defending her family! Hey, let’s start spreading stories about Obama molesting his little girls – and then say it’s not unprecedented!

  281. Everything I saw that actually quoted Paterson sounded negative about the media push for CK or about CK or both. All this talk about her being the probable choice was anon sources.

    I agree with SHV that there was probably family pressure on CK to carry on the family tradition because of TK’s illness — perhaps his last request. Then if after his collapse yesterday the doctors said he would die very soon, that may have changed the family plans. She might want to spend the last days with him.

    Things can get confusing around an elderly relative with brain damage. I wish that were just snark, rather than tragically true.

  282. Grrr….you know, I didn’t know the second one was a rewriting. I assumed since it had a link in it that it was real. Which is why I took the link and posted it as proof elsewhere. If you’re going to make a false copy like that, don’t advertise a link.

  283. Any way you look at this story, it looks bad for Caroline. Among the possibilities are: she and her people are confused and sending mixed signals, or she doesn’t want to serve if her uncle is sick, or she’s pulling out because of privacy concerns, or she’s pulling out because she’s not getting selected.

    If any of those are true, then it’s very clear she is not up for the job. And frankly this is very embarrassing and unprofessional. If you really want a massively important high level job like Senate, then you better be ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you can’t faint at the slightest hint of discomfort. What did she think she was getting in to anyway.

  284. Wow, what a Day !!
    I hope Carolyn Maloney’s still in!
    Although with Caroline “out” we can focus on the “Woman replacing a Woman” goal.
    “Qualified & Ready on Day One” of course.

  285. Watch for {rincess Caroline to now move to MA to “be there for Uncle Teddy” and establish residency for the inevitable – after all, it’ll likely be Deval Patrick calling that one. Sorry BostonBoomer, but you know no one else’s name would ever come up!

  286. Oops, that’s ‘Princess’ – BAD FINGERS!

  287. myiq, as the resident expert on tin foil hattedness, I need your sage interpretation of the following, which I found on a gawker dot com thread about why Caroline Kennedy dropped out. Is it gibberish, or is the commenter speaking in tongues? I’m fascinated by this:


    I’m not going beyond what I said earlier. Plenty online about the real reason, if you’ve got the right keywords.

    Well, here’s another clue for y’all:

    The Facebook page I referred to before, the one friended by Pranay Gupte and E.J. Epstein, also is friended by the dedicatee of a novel with a famous Chip Kidd jacket. The one where you can see the Twin Towers if you know where to look. (So Chip knows? What don’t he know?)

    And it’s friended by a former Allure editor too.

    And Blagojevich probably knows. To paraphrase the Coop, he’s got some friends – in his father’s land – and they read the papers – during the election in 2004. Theirs, not ours. That may be one reason why he could run Burris up the flagpole and know he’d be saluted.

    And there’s a Koko Taylor album in there too, kinda sorta. You know it all has to come back to Koko.

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