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Barack Obama, The Underachiever’s President

bart-bad1Beforehand, my apologies to scrubs57 for breaking my penance!   It’s been all family the past few days.  Grandma PUMA had outpatient surgery yesterday so I wasn’t bombarded all day with President Obama’s Inaugural Bacchanal.  While it is a cause for celebration,  I would have respected Obama 2.0 a lot more if a more austere, more organized (see MYIQ2XU’s Purple People Eater a.k.a. Tunnel of Doom post) event had taken place.  A missed opportunity of fiscal responsibility and conscientiousness towards millions of Americans suffering from the economic crisis would have fared much better public relations-wise,  IMHO.

But nooo, this is time for an all out PAAAARTAY!!!!!!!!   Not quite, thanks to a Boston-area sisterfriend who sent me this sobering piece written by Marc Lamont Hill (Fox News/Temple University):

Still, as we celebrate this watershed moment, it is important that we not become too self-satisfied, too pleased with our collective maturity. Indeed, it is one thing for a nation to finally accept that a black man can represent its interests.  It is another thing entirely to question the nature of those interests. The working poor will be no happier to know that a black man is undermining their prosperity. Gays and lesbians will see no moral victory in having their civil rights stripped away by fellow minority. Continental Africans will find no solace in the fact that one of their sons is aiding and abetting its exploitation. For America to truly mature, we must not only acknowledge its bright light, we must also come to terms with its dark underside. Militarism, violence, consumerism, homophobia, patriarchy, anti-intellectualism, and countless other hallmarks of the American empire must die in order for a new, more mature America to be born. Otherwise, we have done nothing more than put a slave in charge of the plantation.

Of course, the responsibility of seizing this moment does not start and end with President Obama. As Rev. Jesse Jackson aptly stated, the inauguration was merely the wedding; the marriage begins today. To keep this marriage healthy, we must commit ourselves to its continued growth and development. This means pushing Obama to become the leader that he can be by being the citizens that we must be. This requires being just as critical of our new president as we were with his predecessor. This demands that we not retreat to the political sidelines until the next presidential election. To do so would be to squander one of the greatest opportunities that our nation has ever had. While I am not optimistic, I remain a prisoner of hope. Not in President Obama. But in our collective ability to not only grow old, but grow up.

Marc is right on all points, except he missed MISOGYNY.   Marc is still hopeful that Obama will come through for us.  But we all know if he didn’t come through during the primaries, he sure as hell won’t now.   And no Marc, America didn’t vote for a slave to run the plantation, it chose Bart Simpson to rule the roost.

Who needs to study when you can bum off your smart sister’s homework, then blame her for you stealing the answers?  Why even bother playing by the rules  when you know they’ll be somebody to W.O.R.M. you out of it?  Why bother earning your stripes in the Senate when you can spend your first term running for President without any major achievements except for being really good at reading a teleprompter?

While I waited for Grandma PUMA at the hospital waiting room, I did catch a moment where President Obama and the First Lady got out of their car and walked a piece of the Inaurgral Parade. An older African-American woman (probably in her 50s) sitting next to me, who I’d chat with on & off during our collective wait, gleamed as she turned to me and said,   “Look at that, he’s so tough to be out there in that cold.”

I looked up from my book and just about lost my cool.  I turned to her and said, “Michelle is out there too and in a skirt with heels, don’t you think it’s harder for her? And that’s always done in every inauguration, there is a piece of secured path on the parade where the President and First Lady get out of the car then walk for a block then get back in the car.”

She said, “oh but it’s never been that cold, Only a black man can take that kind of cold.”  I snapped back to her, ” It’s always cold in January in DC!  It’s the least he can do for his country given his lack of experience – let him walk 10 miles, 20 miles because there have been a whole lotta people who deserve that presidential spot and have given a helluva lot more than him.”

She said, “But this is a BLACK man, just enjoy the moment that we finally got one!”

I said, “There are tons of more qualified Black people to take that spot, and you know it.”  She said “Yes, I know, but it doesn’t matter now. ”  I said, “It matters to me because we could’ve had a great woman who earned that spot and comes through with what she promises.  She said, “You mean Hillary?”  I nodded, then she said,  “Oh yes, I love Hillary, she is the best there is.”  I said, “So you actually think that Obama is going to be just as good as Hillary?”  She said, “It don’t matter, she’s going to be there to help him.”  I said, “Don’t you think that’s wrong though, to have a more experienced qualified woman be looked over for the inexperienced younger man?”  She said “James Brown said ‘it’s man’s world’, so we just gotta deal with it.”  I said, “Remind me never to tell my daughter what you just said.”

At that moment was a pregnant pause, then it was saved by a nurse who called the very nice, but quite Obamatized woman into the recovery area – her husband had just woken up from anesthesia and was doing fine.  We said our polite nice to meet you’s – but I was fuming inside.  Is this the kind of asswiping we are going to endure for 4 years?    I had 8 asswiping years from Republicans – now we’re all going to deal with asswiping O-pologisists cleaning up Obama’s skid marks.   And like Bush 2.0, Obama Porniacs will sober up soon like reluctant Republicans.

Well I have a message for the O-pologists:the-simpsons-lisa_sexismAlas, my dear Lisa, the answer to that is: BOTH.

PS:   S.O.S Hillary!!!!!!! Much better than VP.  True hope is not all lost.

200 Responses

  1. yup preety soon berrys going to take all of hillarys succses & make them his own . & anything that dosent work out will be everones but berrys ffault.

  2. sm77, I sincerely hope your exchange was pure (but brilliant) fiction. It’s just too close to the truth to bear.

  3. *fingers crossed* for Gillibrand.

    This whole election is one horrible mistake after another.

  4. Barack Obamboozle – the first slacker President (since George W. Bush)

  5. GXM: True story. It happened yesterday while I waited for Grandma PUMA to come out.

  6. SM: GrandPuma came out all right, I hope.

  7. LMAO — it is so f*cking good to have you back SM!!!

  8. gency – Grandma PUMA is ok, she’s getting on my nerves which means she’s back to normal. Thank you for asking!

    MYIQ: Yesirree! Slacker 2.0 with a natural tan.

  9. {{{SM77}}}

  10. Just saw that Obama retook the oath of office due to flubbing it. Wonder if this has ever happened before?

  11. Angie – so did you see the comment that I think Bush is a repressed Bi-guy….

    He wants to eat his cake and be able to swallow too!

  12. AngieNC: thank you! I broke my penance, but I’m doing the best I can given my circumstances here.


    Keep warm tonight in Gainsville, supposed to be in the 20s – which in FloridaSpeak it’s -40 below zero.

  14. CHATBLU: They set up a teleprompter this time.

  15. Fuzzy! LMAO!!

  16. fuzzybeargville, on January 21st, 2009 at 8:45 pm Said: Edit Comment

    Angie – so did you see the comment that I think Bush is a repressed Bi-guy….

    He wants to eat his cake and be able to swallow too!

    Why do you think “Dick” Cheney’s in a wheelchair?

  17. “she’ll be there to help him”. How reassuring is that?
    And I remember, 8 years ago an argument with someone overseas about W. I was angry and she was consoling me: “I know he doesn’t know much, but he’ll have experienced people to help”
    I guess training wheels are de rigueur now for POTUS

  18. sm77, I’m proud of you for telling it like it is to a stranger. You were right on.

    I didn’t see the oath. But wow, repeating it? What an auspicious beginning to the presidency! And touch tones! Who else could have thought of that…

    sorry for the sarcasm. oh, forget it. this is the one place I don’t have to apologize for my thoughts/feelings about this disgraceful election.

  19. EDGE: Isn’t it awful? Training wheels on a friggin president???? Sigh.

  20. Erica- If I can’t speak my mind in the USA then I might as well be shipped to Guantanamo, at least I speak the language there. Fidel & Raul won’t mind, as long as I’m not talking about them.

  21. yes I know here you are down to 33 tonight already drip you faucets….

  22. yeah, what’s with the repeating the oath? Does he get a mulligan on every decision he makes?

  23. So, do the executive orders from yesterday count?

  24. ok, we all know the media is b.s., but my mother just told me on ABC News tonight they reported that sources said Paterson has decided to choose a “well-known woman.”

    WHO SAYS PUMAS ARE IRRELEVANT?!! That jibes with the comment he made this week, quoting our stats re: 51%, and that with Hillary’s departure, we’re down to 16% in the Senate. He said that was a “valid consideration.”

    Well-known might mean Maloney, since Kirsten is relatively unknown, especially outside NY. Either way, I will be THRILLED!!!!

  25. Jon Stewart wakes up from the Obama trance. You have got to see this


  26. OT but if you want to send Hillary a message, here is her new blog


  27. sm77> That’s a great exchange!

    We might have gotten rid of Bush, but we got Cheney’s cousin instead. That’s not a good trade!

  28. sm77 – I would release you from your pennance based on this writing alone but I want you to come back and give us even more of such fine stuff!

    Tell it like it is, my dear. I love the way you get in their faces with your feelings. I do the same down here in Oz but there aren’t many true Obots here – most people start listening to reason within 2 sentences.

  29. EOF: Apparently.

    Did you hear people were saying he wrote a “not so good” speech “on purpose?”

    He should appoint a Secretary of Apology, or a Department of W.O.R.M.

  30. Regency – this is for you. Hillary in yellow


  31. sm77–good for you –speaking out. My generation of females was reared not to speak out– at least I got the message loud and clear. Don’t make waves, let the boys win, etc.

    When MLK was killed my husband and I vowed we would never again hear racist comments without challenging them. I vowed the same thing to myself after the primaries this year–only in this instance it’s sexism and sexist remarks I intend to challenge. It’s not easy, and I will be considered a bitter old hag, but I will try. Thanks for modeling for me how it’s done!

  32. SM77-you are an aribic/farsi/pasthum linguist?

  33. OK — off topic. I’m writing a paper and can’t think of a word (damn getting older!)

    There’s a word I’m looking for that means cognitively reassuring, acceptable, comfortable. i.e, a theory is more acceptable when it is ……..

  34. fif> It could also mean Fran Drescher!

    Or perhaps a well-known woman as a place-holder? (Someone not interested in keeping the seat long-term.) I wonder if either Gillibrand or Maloney qualify as “well known.”

  35. Great post SM. You’re braver than I to publicly criticize The One on inauguration day.

    OT: I went to the new White House website and was glad to see I didn’t have to give my email add. There’s a Women’s issues page. I also noticed on the women’s page there’s a mention of Social Security that says O will not consider privatization.

    Somebody (who knows how) please get some screen shots before we start to see things disappear into never-never land. We need a post to discuss and dissect his policy plans – which need alot more detail than what’s shown.


  36. I avoided shrub for 8 years, I can avoid this one too .
    I am not certain how well I will be doing avoiding people who cannot do other wise than see this administration thru race colored glasses . I am beyond patience with that already , while women are completely pushed aside and BACK forty years to being the “helpmeet of the male ” as our duty and main role in life . Thanks, mo, for re-enforcing that subjugated role for women .
    And there will be four years of ugly dresses too, makes me wonder if that isnt mos subconscious rebellion .

    I personally am still celebrating Hillary , and the fact that she will so much more highly visible as SOS than as a Senator .

  37. SOD:


  38. myiq — thanks colbert, but no… 😉

  39. SM: Brilliant! Just happy to hear that Caroline at least has withdrawn her name for consideration and hoping Cong. Maloney is picked for this spot.

    And you indeed tapped into the AA community mindset. Better to elect the black guy with no experience just based on the color of his skin. “We love Hillary, but…..”.

    Glad you Mom is doing better. This has been a terrible last 6 months for you. Glad to add my voice to those who are so happy to see you return. You have been missed.

  40. “fif”
    I agree that with either Maloney (my 1st choice) or Gillibrand (your 1st choice), we have won.
    HECK……”with Caroline OUT / all female choices are fine”.
    He’s now committed for a woman it sounds like.
    If he doesn’t disappoint, I say we all donate $20.10 to his campaign reelection committee.

  41. is there no lions share tonight?

  42. OT – breaking – I looked for this upthread but didn’t see it. Sorry if it’s a repeat:


  43. Oh, I see you have it! I’m so happy that pretender won’t be my senadore. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  44. Scrubs57: Ack! My Confessor is here! Please forgive for I have sinned!

    Good to see you & thank you for the kudos.

    If I don’t get in somebody’s face, I think I’d explode.

  45. swan: “race-colored glasses” lol–good one.

    I’m in tpt.

    Can someone explain the Fran Drescher talk to me? I have nothing against her, but I know nothing about her political work or what she would bring to the Senate–especially compared to Maloney or Gillibrand.

  46. SOD familiar

  47. Stateofdisbelief, on January 21st, 2009 at 9:00 pm Said:

    There’s a word I’m looking for that means cognitively reassuring, acceptable, comfortable. i.e, a theory is more acceptable when it is ……..

    SOD: copacetic?

  48. SOD: Measured? Serendipidy?

  49. FUZZY: No, but I speak fluent Cuban (lol!)

    PAT: I’m a triple minority, brown-skinned, Latina and female. Having Caribbean DNA helps that too, and YES, I defintely will not shut so help me God/Goddess.

    GOOD FOR CAROLINE WITHDRAWING! Despite her name, she has ZERO experience. Let her run a campaign from the ground up and campaign her ass off like Hillary did.

    It’s not everybody who can walk in that pantsuit.

  50. taggles withdrawl

  51. SM,

    I admire you so much! I wish I had your nerve. I hope that woman thinks about what you said. Wonderful post!!!

  52. SOD – rational, reasonable, sensible, logical, judicious?

  53. fif:

    Fran Drescher has been a huge political advocate/lobbyist for women and breast cancer research- DO NOT be fooled by the Queens, NY accent. She’s phenomenal.

  54. Ladyboomer: coherent?

  55. Karen Tumulty from Time had this to add about Caroline:

    In this election, however, there is only one voter: Governor Paterson, who has the sole power to appoint Clinton’s successor. Although Paterson initially seemed enthusiastic about her prospects, my colleague Mark Halperin reports that the Governor has been frustrated with her lack of political acumen — and failure to take his private advice about how she should conduct herself. Some of his associates believe he came to think that she wouldn’t be that good a person to share the ballot with in 2010.

  56. Chatblu,

    Previous Presidents have flubbed the oath. I heard a discussion about it on NPR last night. They have to redo it according to the Constitution. It has happened a few times in the past.

  57. For anyone who has the stomach to watch and report back, Pelosi is on Larry King. I can’t watch her either.

  58. My hypothesis is that BHO doesn’t even have a penis, the way he’s so missogynistic!

  59. fif: Like you, I had to walk away. Those fluttering false eyelashes and that measured tone drive me insane. Queen of the Phonies, that one.

  60. Oops. Maybe I got filtered?

  61. BB: No admiration please. I’m just a fed up to THERE voter.

    Like Pat said (hugs to Pat), I have had the worst six months. Bailout & stock market collapse, political deception from the party I loved, amongst other things, f__cked me royally without the KY gel in places that not even a surgeon can get to, so I’m not to be approached on how Obama brave is because he’s walking in 20-ish degree weather.

  62. WTH is going on???

    Now it’s been reported on MSNBO that Kennedy family member(s) said she didn’t withdraw her name!?

    What do wanna bet unky teddy is trying one last desperate attempt to push her in!

  63. My guess: BHO doesn’t even have a Johnson. That’s why he’s so missogynistic.

  64. When I called today; the operators asked me “A lot” of questions.
    I mentioned the usual script; but I also refer to how outraged I was to find out how “under represented” the “AA” community was/is in the Senate. Therefore, getting a “Yvette Clark” to cover the female & the AA would be fine with me. I don’t know how she stands on Hillary; but I did read she is an out spoken
    member of the “Black Caucus”. Generally not “dazzled” by Obama. That was enough for me.
    He might also”tap” Gerry Ferraro, if so “I’m Good”.
    Caroline’s OUT; it’s ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. sm: that’s great. I still don’t think she has earned a Senate seat. Let people get experience in the House first–or city/state government. I am SO over the celebrity culture. I’m glad she’s out there fighting the good fight though, and wish her well.

  66. Erica –as if having to repeat the oath isn’t enough of a a bad sign, the trained eagle (who was supposed to fly along the mall to the Washington Monument & back & who has done this before) refused to fly! Now, I know I’m superstitious BUT come on — that is a seriously bad omen. Plus, all the astrologers have been saying from the time the date & time were announced that the day & time was a terrible time for a swearing in & had advised to at least move the time to 12:30 or later.

  67. The technical rules for a good theory are coherent, testable (falsifiable), parsimonious, useful, productive.

  68. no…but thank you all…it’s on the tip of my tongue, but can’t come up with it.

  69. Ferraro? That would be amazing–except she’s been talkin’ Kool Aid lately, and that disappointed me. Maybe because she needed to be a “team player?” I do love her though, and was proud of her during the primaries.

  70. JaneMyer: Maybe he has a Lady Byrd Johnson instead?


  71. TPT/.NY:


    GERALDINE FERRARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. bb — the word I’m looking for is the word that describes a lay person’s acceptance of an idea because it makes the greatest sense to them.

  73. something related to intuitive

  74. Now it’s been reported on MSNBO that Kennedy family member(s) said she didn’t withdraw her name!?


  75. SOD,

    Hmmmm…. Let me think. The best bet for you is to relax and it will probably come to you.

  76. SOD — I suggest you walk into another room or jump outside for a minute. If you do something else, chances are it’ll come right to ya!

  77. BB — jinx! 🙂

  78. Todd,

    We don’t allow personal insults here. If you can restate your thoughts without the personal attacks, you can try again.

  79. FIF:

    Don’t get me wrong, Caroline Kennedy is a truly admirable woman. Her works and her philanthropy is very much recognized and duly noted – but she ain’t paid the DUES.

    Is Caroline Kennedy another Obama victim like Ayers, Rezko, Wright, O-bots, who he used and tossed to the side once Obama got what he wanted from them?


  80. SOD,

    Do you have any sense of what letter it starts with?

  81. Stateofdisbelief, on January 21st, 2009 at 9:00 pm Said:

    There’s a word I’m looking for that means cognitively reassuring, acceptable, comfortable. i.e, a theory is more acceptable when it is ……..

    accessible? practicable?

  82. BB: did you get rid of Todd before me reading the troll droppings?

    Aw, man!

  83. Geraldine would be the best antidote to that inadequate black man who stole the Presidency!!!!

  84. no…I think I’ll take the advice and set it aside. it will probably come to me while I’m sleeping! I’llhave to keep a notebook by the bed.

  85. SM,

    You can look in the moderation file. Sorry I didn’t let you clean it up, but he insulted Pat.

  86. How about putative?

  87. BB: OH HELL NO…he could insult me, but not my fellow Conflucians.

  88. FYI Pat…I just stopped by the spam filter and kicked Todd in the junk for you!

  89. Sister Mary Spamkiller grabbed Todd by the ear and marched him off to the principal’s office.

  90. BB a tr0ll named todd among us thank spammy he got caught

    I am basking in Hillary’s triumphant light so I am in no mood

  91. sm: no honey, I was talking about Fran. Caroline has really &*$()# me off.

    This from an AP article about Hillary’s confirmation today:

    The administration also planned to name former Senate Democratic leader George J. Mitchell as Clinton’s special envoy for the Middle East.

    That will be a good team. Mitchell defended her from the attacks re: her valuable contributions to the Irish peace process.

  92. Todd is sitting in troll detention whining “That’s not fair!”


  93. Any other news about the retraction by the Kennedy clan?

    I was so friggin’ relieved–now I’m tense again.

  94. todd should write 500 times on the spammy chalk board:

    I will not enter the confluence with an unarmed mind.

    I will not enter the confluence with an unarmed mind.

    I will not enter the confluence with an unarmed mind.

    and so on oh and his controll “C” must be taken away we wouldnt want him to cheat like pampers

  95. in modration myiq2xu please free me now!

  96. wow you are on it tonight moderator! huggs and kisses

  97. Yes, Drescher has been quite active politically. She has a horrific personal story, too, and we know how much the media loves those.

  98. fif that’s how I felt hearing that news too!
    And after today was turning out so good too. First with Hill in then hearing CK was out. I don’t want it to end this way. with this still up in the air!

  99. SOD, authentic? credible?

  100. someone check fuzzy for troll cooties…he spent a few seconds in the spam filter with Todd

    (so did you)

  101. uh oh…I said the “T” word. Myiq2xu/BB help!!

  102. BB & SOD & MYIQ: I read the Todd-ler’s comments.

    DO NOT FEED THE TROLLs. They are mad that Axelrod stopped cutting them checks for every Conflucian they engage.

  103. lol! I sprayed!

  104. Well, I wouldn’t put it past the Kennedys to try and turn this around even after she said she wanted out. But as this report came from MSNBC I wanna wait to hear if another source says it.

  105. wondr what blog that shall not be named did todd come from…

    I wish that chelsea would announce her engagement so I could here the pitter patter of little clinton feet.

    I hope she has more kids than Rose Kennedy will show those kennedy’s what a new millenium political dynasty looks like!

    Chealse Senate 2012!

  106. SM77 — I think Todd has purple ticket syndrome. They were piping extra strength kool-aid scent down the tunnel vents.

  107. Fuzzy, re swallowing cake. You are so very BAD. (And that’s why we love you.)

    SM, ouch. That hurts. Hillary’s supposed to be “there” to be Obama’s helpmate. How very 1st century. Is this as far as we’ve come in two thousand years? Carrying the load and getting none of the credit, only any blame. (sigh)

  108. I nodded, then she said, “Oh yes, I love Hillary, she is the best there is.”

    LOL sm: I hadn’t read the whole post. What a great conversation, and good for you for sticking to your guns. She was probably an older woman right? She sounds like she comes from my mom’s generation. “It’s a man’s world–just accept it and take what you can.”

    At least she loves Hillary and realizes she is the best of the best.

  109. I was off on another site when Todd visited. Like angie would say, he can f*ck off!

  110. just now catching on the news of the day. bit better than yesterday maybe. hillary is sos. caroline defers to common sense. hope gillibrand’s still in the running. Drove thru her district couple weeks back, from andirondacks to saratoga to bard college on anandale-on-hudon, namesake to steely dan’s classic song “my old school”, stopping just shy of woodstock the iconic farm itself of a generation. she seems like a good egg, has put in her time, cares for her constituents, represents a district that looks more like american than nyc.

  111. fuzzy: wouldn’t that be the ultimate revents? The Village will go absolutely MAD knowing that Chelsea is populating the world with Clintons for generations to come!!

  112. thanks kiki — but I’m just going to have to step away from it for a while.

    It’s something that follows intuitively..

    i.e., the idea is intuitively….

  113. ie: revenge

  114. oh for senate….not POTUS she would still be to young!

  115. Oh shit — I been to other sites.. They are spinning saying that Caroline might have withdrawn her name and might be heading to MA– to replace her uncle — SAY NO..

    Please no… It sucks.. Please say this isn’t so.

    Uncle or no Uncle…

  116. She probably wanted to pack up her carpet bag before Meeshill tried to wear it.

  117. Pat,

    Wear Todd’s displeasure as a badge of courage. I always feel sorry for people whose parents named them things like “Todd.” It can warp them for life.

  118. potus in 2024 I need chelsea to protect my social security checks for the Obama girls

  119. Ceit,

    Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Dear God, please no. It can’t be true.

  120. SOD: Which is pitiful considering that Purple People Obots sacrificed the most and got shoved under a tunnel for all their hard work.

    FIF: Yes, she was an older woman, I’m in my mid-30s, and brown-skinned, so she thought I was down with Obama Pr0n, but alas, I just couldn’t hold back. The exchange was polite, no doubt, but I had to bust that bubble she had going. I guess that is our job here on out – AGAIN. First with Bush, now with Obama.

    At least we have EXPERIENCE handling this issue!

  121. Poor BB! I’m getting rid of her in NY only to have her dumped on you in MA!

  122. I am not counting on Social Security anymore.. I know I will have to work until I die. I trust them with Social Security … or anything else.

  123. Hey I have a brother named todd…lay off now…

    insult the unarmed mind not the name attched to said mind

    well he is the 4th child in our family and they say every 4th child born is chinese….

  124. Yea sm, we’re the truthtellers. It’s a b*tch, but someone’s got to do it.

  125. Ceit,

    I know I’m going to have to work till I drop, but I need the social security to supplement the low wages I’m going to be getting.

  126. bostonboomer

    Tell me about it. There are qualified people in MA… Grrrrr… Like Tough as nails Teresa Murray —

    But people will see Kennedy and vote.. Grumbles.

  127. she’s not a mass resident, would think that would matter.

  128. SOD: CARPETBAG – WEAR IT …..(dead from LOLing!)

  129. Sister Mary Spamkiller is good!

    She just snatched up another one before he even had a chance to sit down.

  130. good night all tired and house hunters international is calling me

    Sweet dreams all and hugs to the whole world and please call me if Patterson chooses my favorite nanny.

    OR MS Mahoney or the Caroline with the brain and legislative creds!

  131. Ummm She owns part of the Kennedy Estate — Any of the Kennedy Clan can claim residency.

    But residency is a small issue *cough* Elizabeth Dole. *cough*

  132. Its a bitch sorting out our sordid lives….

  133. fuzzybeargville, sounds interesting but don’t know what that means, fourth child being chinese.

  134. ThreeWickets – They better not pull that “Hyannisport is her home” crap.

    Look, I LOVE TED KENNEDY – he was one of the reasons why I loved being born & raised in Mass, but fer realz, CK is awesome but has NOT paid the dues it takes to become a US Senator.

  135. Love Theresa Murray! She was there to introduce Hill when I saw her in Beantown. She is also the woman who led the confrontation with Kerry & Kennedy in support of Hillary.

    Yea, it doesn’t sound likely that they would give her a residency waiver–if that’s even possible. Didn’t someone just say it was spin from another site. Probably Obot frenzy, because the Princess has fallen, and they didn’t get their way! They’re such whiners, you know.

  136. FUZZY: bear hugs to you! Good night!

  137. Ohhh, SM, good point. There’s always the Kennedy compound.

  138. I read there might be as many as five envoys to the Middle East – one of them Colin Powell.

  139. I also just realized, she and John Jr. inherited Jackie’s place on the Cape–Martha’s Vineyard. I wonder if she still owns that…

  140. I’m guessing (it would be irresponsible not to speculate) that Paterson told the K clan that it was no go on CK so she “withdrew” rather than get rejected.

  141. hyannisport. Is that like nyc is everyone’s home too cause lady liberty say so. driver’s licenses don’t apply.

  142. There’s always the Kennedy compound

    Is that for warts?

  143. SM going to be down in tampa for gasparilla LGBT softball tourney lunch dinner? feb 13-15th…..

  144. FIF: Caroline visits Hyannisport a few times a year – and OK, she’s definitely a NY resident.

    But she needs more cred – Hillary spent 8 years getting to know the people of this great land – did her duty by running for office and WON thanks to the voters of NY. She wasn’t appointed nor awarded her senate seat. SHE EARNED IT.

    Why NOT give that seat to a great woman who has done the same?

  145. fif, though they were trying to pull out of the vineyard, too many bad memories with john john, mary joe, so on

  146. FUZZY – YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know.

  147. Teresa Murray is from Southie and graduated my high school. I am so proud of her for standing up for Hillary. She really is the only adult up there — and is the referee between Patrick and -Dimasi…

    Hey I worked for Joe Kennedy (when he was in Congress) and love is Citizen’s Energy Corp. — But he actually ran a campaign and gave impressive interviews and didn’t think he should get elected because he was a Kennedy. Very down to earth and reachable.

  148. myiq, that’s compound w, and it’s nowhere near kennebunkport

  149. SOD innate?

    ok, I’ll leave it alone. I love word games though 🙂

  150. If CK wants uncle Teddy’s Senate seat, she will have to win a special election. Mass is one of the few (only?) states that fill vacant senate seats with special election.
    This was done by the Mass legislature inorder to protect Kerry’s seat in the event that he won the election. romney woud have replaced him with a Repub.

  151. Ceit,

    I’d vote for Joe Kennedy. But I’d like a woman Senator–and not Teddy’s wife or niece please.

  152. To add to the mixed reports on Kennedy there’s this rumor:

    A perhaps related note: News vans were converging on Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand’s home, according to an aide.

  153. bb — I fell into spammy’s web. Help!!! Todd is poking me with his finger and I’m up against the wall with no where else to run!!

  154. shv, so duval is not in play in mass for ted’s successor, cause this governors’ appoints dating game was just starting to get fun. turn it into a tv gameshow, instant must see tv.

  155. Ceit — I hope CK does try & get her dying uncle Teddy’s seat (in a state where she “summers” not where she “lives”) — that will really expose her to the ridicule she deserves for being the opportunistic fraud that we know she is.

  156. bb — please delete my comment in the spam filter please!!!

  157. excuse the ignorance, but has there ever been a winning female political kennedy, besides arnold’s wife

  158. myiq — see mail

  159. Spammy is off tonight. His aunt is filling in for him.

    Sister Mary Spamkiller is a retired schoolteacher.

  160. I am in awe. Best comment EVER!!!


  161. bb — you’ve got mail!

  162. wonder if you can put bets down at saratoga on gillibrand, or that’s a no no since it’s in her district. bill says one of the last thing his mother wanted to do before she passed was bet of the horses at saratoga, and bill apparently made it happen

  163. Nothing yet, SOD. I hope it’s not going to be like that other time. I got one of your e-mails days after you sent it.

  164. never mind…you or myiq took care of it!

  165. THANK YOU, SM77!!!!!

    The cartoons are perfect descriptions of Obama and Clinton/PUMAs. They are keepers for me!

  166. FIF@9:47P
    Many older women have fought the good fight for feminism and do not believe we should take second place to a man.
    Many of us believe in standing beside and working together will men not doing the work and giving him the credit.
    Many of us have had to endure unequal pay and opportunities and made a vow that our daughters and granddaughters will not have to play second fiddle.
    Many older women will be with you to help make things better for all women.
    If we make it better for women, we make it better for the country and the world/



  167. madamab — {{{{ bowing }}}} thank you thank you…every squirrel finds a nut now and then. 🙂

  168. BTW – GREAT post, sister SM!!!

    Soooooo glad you’re back.


  169. madamab, just two words, thank you.

    again ignorance, don’t exactly know what a carpetbagger actually is, probably because i am one.

  170. I really think the princess is out. cnn said 3 of their reporters candy, john, and one other all heard from different sources she withdrew, but then later some close family friends said they hadn’t heard anything about it. and she was still in.

    cnn said it sounded like either caroline took herself out, or patterson leaked this story as a message to her. either way I think she’s done. they also said earlier he wants to appoint another woman, so it’s looking more and more like it won’t be cuomo either

  171. So many great posts and comments to read! I have catching up to do.

  172. angienc2, on January 21st, 2009 at 10:15 pm Said:

    Ceit — I hope CK does try & get her dying uncle Teddy’s seat (in a state where she “summers” not where she “lives”) — that will really expose her to the ridicule she deserves for being the opportunistic fraud that we know she is.
    There hasn’t been an open Senate seat in Mass for 25 years. A special election will be drawing people out of the wood-work to run. If CK can win in that environment (highly unlikely) she deserves it.

  173. amen to that fif, and helenk.

  174. Donna Darko – please use & spread forth to your heart’s content!!!

    At the Confluence, we’ve joked that we are the Lisa Simpsons of the world, always the voice of reason but no one pays attention to us until we are proven to be right – then we’re expected to fix it all.

    MadamaB: thank you always my sis!

    FIF: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. hey everybody!!! hows the first day of the BO administration going?

  176. SOD, if BB doesn’t get the message, you could try sending it to me and I could forward it to her (I promise not to look)

  177. it was always going to be a woman in ny, paterson said very very early on, woman, upstate, experience, just none of the rags in nyc wanted to report that. cuomo would be a better governor, and ironically paterson probably would make a better senator. 2010 is going to be out of control, with rudy chomping at the bits.

  178. Will MA have a election like Ca had a recall?
    We had some of the {most interesting people} running.
    A porn star, a porn editor ,
    It will be so much fun to see and hear all the nut jobs that run.



  179. SOD,

    I found it. It’s gone. That is our lovely little spammer from Wankette.

  180. sm77 thank you. my wife tivos every single simpson episode from every channel, and we fight when i erase some to make space, cause she knows when even just one is missing. i’d been thinking about an intervention, but i see other normal people have this thing too. i promise to be more respectful.

  181. I will also donate money to Gov Patterson if he puts one of our women in!

  182. I just read somewhere that because the term of GWB ended at noon on Jan 20, but BO didn’t take the oath until 12:04 (or thereabouts), and because neither the speaker of the house nor the speaker pro tempore of the senate resigned in order to take the office, that the next ranking officer was acting president for those 3 minutes, which was… wait for it….

    Condeleeza Rice

    So for 3 minutes, we had our first Black and first woman president!!!

  183. helenk, i ran across these story the other day about how people from malibu to the “valley” are leasing out their homes temporarily for p@rn shoots to make ends meet. it’s a very creative culture out there.

  184. paterson reminds me a bit of moynihan, takes sh@t from no one.

  185. I think they will hope that the Kennedy name will be a winner here, especially if Kerry backs her.

    I don’t think Joe Kennedy will ever run — He gave up his seat a long time ago, because he thought that he could do more good for the poor of this country if he headed Citizen’s Energy. So it would take a lot for him to go back into that life, that I don’t think he ever wanted in the first place.

    I will not vote for Caroline…

  186. Frenly-ElderJ

    TECHNICALLY for 3 minutes it was Condeleeza Rice??????????


  187. Three Wickets – you’re welcome – and yes, DO NOT MESS the that remote!

  188. if Condi had been thinking she could have signed about 100 executive orders

  189. Did something happen to Teddy? I thought he was doing better (ish)

  190. Angie, I had no idea! The Eagle has landed…permanently?

    re: the appointment, I am pulling for Maloney or Gillibrand. Definitely not CK, who hasn’t even come close to earning it. I mean really, only poorly prepared presidents can be tolerated around here.

  191. SOD – Resonant?

    I thought the same as you – Paterson told her she’s out
    and gave her a chance to save face. I cheered when I
    heard this. My BF shocked when he heard me scream
    from downstairs because I’ve been so mopey last few days.
    NY Times leaked this so I figure it’s a good sign, even
    if now denied, because Times is careful about their leaks.
    Maybe Paterson leaked it, to soften the blow.
    Also – I think Massachusetts is possible and makes
    sense. She must have residence there, and Patrick
    would be more amenable. That would be little better
    because she wouldn’t be stealing Hillary’s seat, but
    her uncle’s.
    Also, I’m from NY. Sorry, bb and Pat and other Mass
    people. Oh, cancel that, I just saw SHV comment. Well,
    even better.

  192. To show there is no shame in having to repeat everything twice, even a presidential oath i would like to say: “I I am am glad glad CK CK is is not not trying trying to to be be senator senator from from New New York York”.

  193. Holy history Batman! We already had our first female President?! And Barky is not the first black President?! I friggin’ love it!!!!

  194. elderj> Do you remember where you read this??

  195. In addition to Marc Lamont Hill, the Chicago Tribune (John Kass) and WSJ (Juan Williams) said to judge Obama by his actions not his words. Why didn’t they do that last year? Like Williams said, it’s racist and patronizing not to. Meanwhile, that’s what PUMAs did for a year. Judge a man by his character, not the color of his skin.

    We are Lisa SImpson!

  196. Thanks SM this was great, ranks up there with the encounter you had with the canvassing obot who came to your house. Love to read your stuff and glad Grandma PUMA is ok!

  197. SM, what a great rant. I wish I could tell off strangers in the polite way you did.

    The white man made the choice to have a Black man win the honor of POTUS before the white woman; not like we haven’t experienced this before! We are all going to need to buy some “race-colored glasses” to get through this, because obviously us PUMAs are not seeing this correctly 😉

    underachiever pres is right! and what did we teach our children? that in time of huge debt you should just have a huge party

    SOD, my word choice is “amenable”

  198. Stateofdisbelief, on January 21st, 2009 at 9:25 pm Said:
    something related to intuitive

    “digestible” would be appropriate.

  199. You are far more eloquent in your anger than I am, SM. Kudos!

  200. to Three Wickets- I believe one of Bobby’s daughters was the Governor of Delaware for a wile

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