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A Message To Our Trollish Visitors

From the Moderators

76 Responses

  1. I love that song.

  2. It’s sad, these poor trolls forced to work instead of watching Obama’s inaugural balls.

  3. Those 80s videos were even cheesy in the 80s.

  4. Jadzia,

    I’m in the mood for cheesy right now. It’s the new national mood. Cheesy and tacky.

  5. WTF… NPR kept repeating B0’s “we will destroy you” line???? WTF was THAT about?????
    Now who is HE gunning for???

  6. And full of sneer. I can’t remember the singer’s name, but she has a MOST excellent sneer.

  7. Patty Smythe

  8. Damn it. Missed again.

  9. I love that song!!

    repost from previous thread:

    I feel bad about what happened to those purple ticket holders/Obama volunteers but I’m not surprised — Obama never, ever cared about them. I saw it — too bad they didn’t. Hopefully they do now, but I doubt it — they will blame it on whomever Obama tells them to (probably Hillary).

    Jadzia — re: your 80s reference to Michelle’s daytime ensemble — It was totally something Boy George would have worn!

  10. I used to like the Cars because of the sneers and attitude.

  11. angie:

    He’s just not that into them.

  12. What are the purple ticket holders and what happened to them, Angie?

  13. If you’re gonna talk about sneers then there’s only one: Billy Idol

  14. Eyes without a fa-ace….

  15. I actually think it’s hilarious they’re making such a big deal out of it. Yeah, I’m mean, but for god’s sake–who volunteers to get a ticket to the ball? You volunteer because you believe in something. If their little house of cards can only be knocked down by not getting to go to the party–sheesh!

  16. bb — they got tickets(purple ones) to events today & when they flew to DC (on their own dime) they were turned away. Worse then that though, they were corralled into some underground parking garage where they were kept for hours (without bathrooms) before being turned away. Now they have something up on facebook complaining about it — DV did a post about it about 2/3 of the way down on the prior thread.

  17. Wow, I just read about what happened. Thousands of people who traveled from all over the country were smashed into a tunnel for 4 hours and didn’t see anything? I don’t know how much koolaid it will take to erase that bad taste in the mouth.

  18. I guess the visitors from Grumproast are tired of getting booted straight to Spamville.

  19. bb — oh, and they got them (the purple tickets) because they worked long hours volunteering for Obama. It was some kind of reward — turned out to be just the kind of reward I would have expected Obama to give the “little people.” Bet those Wall Street Fat Cats didn’t get turned away.

  20. It’s fortunate no one was trampled or had a heart attack. The story I read said there was zero crowd control, no water, bathrooms and no medics showed up when calls were put out for help.

  21. I mean, I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m a kid too and used to my whiny slacker brethren, but they’re trying to make hanging out in a tunnel with a bunch of other people for a few hours the equivalent of two tours in Iraq plus 5 years in the gulag. It’s okay, the trauma will wear off eventually…..;)

  22. The tunnel teabagging was prolly a clerical error by the Ostaff

  23. I guess our trolls didn’t even get those purple, blue, or silver tickets. They must be way down on the Obama appreciation list.

  24. myiq — then you’ve done your job — that’s why you are not only the funniest guy on TC, you’re the smartest one too (don’t tell elderj, but that is way, way better than “sexiest”)

  25. I’m back. When will we see Hillary’s dress? I read that it will be pink Oscar de la Renta. I guess she decided to wear something a bit daring. Here is what the dress is supposed to look like:

  26. bb — yep, they were basically treated worse than cattle.

  27. I’m sorry but Jill Biden has become the fashionista of this administration because she was looking great all day long – sexy, classy, modern. If Hillary can pull off that Oscar de la Renta gown, she’ll be the other fashionista. Michelle has a great figure: she’s tall and skinny, but her fashion sense is not that great.

  28. Seriously,

    LOL. But it wouldn’t be so funny if someone had died like that Walmart employee. The new era of responsiblity has begun. The little guy is responsible and feels all of the pain, while the rich feel none and go one with their luxurious lives. You asked for it Obots. You got it.

  29. btw — someone posted on the last thread that Michelle’s gown was only $1500 — no way — that gown was Jason Wu — his day dresses sell for that much; his gowns go for $3,000 to $6000

  30. My daughter says it’s better to be pretty than smart.

    She should know, she’s both.

  31. DV — I don’t think Michelle is that skinny anymore – she has obviously put on some weight (and hey, that is not a criticism, campaigning can do that to anyone) which is why I think she went with the sheath style dress this morning & open cape/jacket & that empire waist gown tonight — neither of which, btw were flattering on her. OR, she is pregnant.

  32. myiq — true for women — but nothing beats being both — pretty fades.

  33. Not my baby – she gets prettier every day.

  34. Sounds like these Obots were given bogus “Wonka bars”


    What happens when you vote for a misogynist FAKE?
    Who burned Hillary and Sarah at the stake.
    You cry when he does the same to you
    You deserve what get for eating Obama poo

    Your meaningless little purple passes
    got your nothing for kissing the Obama’s asses


  35. Somebody got teabagged in a tunnel?
    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  36. Good one, afrocity!

  37. Afrocity:

    I’m making a post outta that!

  38. angie, someone in the previous thread said the yellow day outfit was $1,500. I haven’t read anything about the yellow gown but the white gown she wore in the evening is estimated to be around $3,500. I’m assuming the yellow outfit is more than $1,500 which seemed to me a bit “low end” for a designer gown. It didn’t look that great but you could tell that the material and stitching make the gown quite expensive.

  39. DV, is that the dress? From the caption it sounds like that’s just an example of an Oscar dress.

  40. DV:

    I’ll bet they are starting to realize the money they are spending isn’t going over well and they are trying to downplay the cost of stuff.

  41. myiq2xu, on January 21st, 2009 at 2:17 am Said:

    Not my baby – she gets prettier every day.

    You sound just like my dad when he talks about me. Do you also refuse to acknowledge the presence of your daughter’s boyfriend/husband/so even when he’s sitting right next to you? LOL

  42. afrocity wins the thread

  43. Seriously– that is an example of an Oscar De La Renta from his most recent collection — he says the dress is pink with grey details — also he mentions he & Hillary always fight over the neckline (she likes high, he wants lower) — he might have talked her into something a little more revealing (for her) but no way do I see her going strapless like that dress. Plus, that dress is way too young for her.

  44. afrocity — OMFG!! I second it — you win the thread. Heck, you win the day!! LMAO!!

  45. I think Michelle’s best moment was the way she froze when she realized her husband was whiffing the oath.

  46. AW, myiq and angie

    I am drinking your cocoa now angie.

    BTW, apparently everyone thought Michelle was pregnant in August at the convention. They noted a “Baby bump”.
    Seeing how Bristol Palin has given birth to Trak, I think we can safely say that Michelle has not spawned.

    That is unless the gestation period for a baby jackass is longer than nine months.

  47. I think the simple cut of that dress would look good on anyone, really.

  48. DV — I got confused then — $1500 for a day dress (even though I think that yellow horror story was a cocktail dress) — I though they were talking about the white gown — $3500 sounds right for that designer.

  49. That is unless the gestation period for a baby jackass is longer than nine months.


  50. Seriously — which dress are you talking about? I’m getting confused.

  51. What dress? I actually thought Michelle’s was Oscar (the yellow one). That Cuban designer rag is hideous. That was something I would expect Farrakhan’s wife to wear. It is very South Side Chicago.

    I hate to admit this but MO and I shop at the boutique. With very different results.

  52. If you are talking about the sample Oscar de la Renta in the picture I think it is too young for Hillary because of the tulle on the bottom. That strikes me as too young — especially for Hillary’s taste. I also doubt she will go strapless like that — I’m betting on a portrait collar.

  53. I’ve said this ten times tonight & I’ll say it again — that Cuban rag looked like a cocktail outfit to me — the fabric & the rh*nestone collar. Not appropriate for the occasion or the weather.

  54. I got sent to spammy again! Why does it hate me so?

  55. Yeah I eman the one in the pic. The fabric on the bottom is too runway and would get mocked but the strapless would work on anybody imo/

  56. I bet they have a baby, that’s teh one foolproof way to keep the lunacy going when his admin crashes and burns. We can rejoice with them if it’s a boy and mourn if it’s just a girl….

  57. Angie, I agree. I expect something similar to the dress in the photo with sleeves. The dress in the photo would not look good on most women. But I think pink and gray looks great together and I trust Hillary knows what she’s doing. She always looks classy. I wouldn’t expect her to wear anything too revealing.

  58. afrocity — obviously with different results. I’ll tell you a secret: people with good taste shop at WalMart come out dressed better than people with bad taste (cough)Michelle(cough) who shop at the Rue St. Honoré

  59. Reposting from downstairs:

    All this stuff with the purple tickets – sorry, I’ve become an even bigger misanthrope now than I was a year ago. I can’t bring myself to worry about their hurt feelings. I’m too busy worrying about what tomorrow will bring, and the day after that, and the day after that. These people never gave a crap about that. They wanted to be part of a movement, they wanted an experience, they wanted “history.” Well, they got their movement. To paraphrase Henry Wilcox in my favorite novel Howards End: “Sad Oborgs are sad Oborgs, and one is sorry for them – but there it is.”

  60. Seriously — I agree about the dress in the picture minus the tulle on the bottom being good on most women. With the tulle bottom though I agree with DV — only young runway models can wear it.

  61. That white dress. Was it some Hawaiian influence. I would not wear white with a shape like that. Also the roman shoulder looks better on a woman with arms that are more feminine.

  62. DYB — perfect summation of my feelings as well!

    To paraphrase Henry Wilcox in my favorite novel Howards End: “Sad Oborgs are sad Oborgs, and one is sorry for them – but there it is.”

  63. Does anyone remember several months ago articles about backtrack screwing his campaign workers out of the money they were supposed to be paid. I think the purple ticket holders were given those tickets instead of being paid.
    Does backtrack ever do anything honest and not screw the people who worked for him?
    Like I said before a bus will not hold all the people he throws under. It will take a long long train.



  64. You know, some people consider the color purple to be a bad luck color. I remember when I worked at Tower at Lincoln Center Luciano Pavarotti did an in store appearance. Everybody on staff were forbidden to wear anything with the color purple on it. Pavarotti was very superstitious and was afraid of anything purple.

  65. Obama Wonkette and the Chocolate Factory

  66. The white dress was Jason Wu — I hated it on her — she doesn’t have the right posture for the one shoulder, I hated the fuzzy balls on it & the empire waist on her — that style is for a very slim figure (ala Audrey Hepburn) or, as you noted before, it ends up looking like a tent. Whoever is styling her needs to be arrested.

  67. myiq, It’s too late to downplay the spending. Anyway, I along with most Americans expect the First Lady to dress in expensive clothes for the Inauguration. There is nothing wrong with that IMO. Women in the public eye need to look good or they will be mocked by everyone. I wanted Michelle to pick something exquisite to wear and I wouldn’t have blamed her the way they blamed Palin for spending $150K on clothes. I was disappointed in her white dress and would’ve encouraged her to spend a few thousand more for a better one since it is going into the Smithsonian.

    However, the $150 million for everything else is ridiculous. Even after all that money, a hundred thousand of his volunteers still ended up stuck in a tunnel. There was no need to have that many balls, buffets, and fancy meals. Nice clothes, security, and toilets are all you really need for the Inauguration. I don’t know what else they spent money on but it was a waste.

  68. […] Afrocity responds: Sounds like these Obots were given bogus “Wonka bars” […]

  69. DYB — I’ve heard that before. Germans don’t usually care for purple either (according to Heidi Klum on Project Runway)

  70. New Post with afrocity’s song!!

  71. “Sad Oborgs are sad Oborgs, and one is sorry for them – but there it is.”

    LOL Yeah, by the time this is over we’re going to have much bigger things to worry about than who only go to watch on the Jumbotron.

  72. Afrocity@2:17a
    that was awesome////////
    You made the day.



  73. I can happily report that I am blissfully ignorant of what M.O. wore or he wore or what he said.

    There was an all day House marathon and then I watched 3 episodes of Boston Legal.

    DYB: How ya doin’?

  74. Fredster> I’m good! Just got home from work and am ready to crash.

  75. helen, Fredster, DYB — come upstairs — new post!

  76. Another one?! At this hour?!

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