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Tin Foil Hat Tuesday Open Thread

I saw it and it's this big!

I saw it and it's this big!

 I found this blog, but the newest entry is dated July 31, 2007.  I guess they found him and took him away.

What’s on your mind?

196 Responses

  1. Hillary looks like the aliens in V who ate humans and lizards. She would be perfect if her jacket was red 😀

  2. WTF is everyone???

  3. myiq2xu, on January 20th, 2009 at 7:16 pm Said:

    WTF is everyone???
    scattered over ~four open threads.

  4. I have to go fight a cell phone tower war now.
    Thanks everyone for the information.



  5. good luck helen.

    TFH theory: Kennedy and Byrd go down two hours after O is sworn in. That’s just ripe for TFHs. Let’s see, Kennedy wants UHC and Obama doesn’t. Byrd… I guess it’s because he is KKK!

  6. as far as i know i’m a jazzy playing, daughter-raising, economist with a very bad attitude. and u? wtf are you?

  7. go helen

    bwahahaha! love the graphic!

  8. oh, i forgot wine swigging dirty shanty irish

  9. Kennedy wants to make Paterson feel sorry for him so that he can give the senate seat to princess Caroline

  10. dak if you’re trying to be scary its workin pretty good 😉

  11. i knew we could count on downticket.

    now where is SOD
    surely she has something to say about all this-and what the hell, her karmic credit card has been taken away anyhow

  12. My TFH theory of the day: animatronic Kennedy.

    That is all.

  13. Anyone also think Biden blackmailed Obama to offer him the VP? Why choose Biden of all people?

  14. delurking, you folks break me up, and thus sanity returns! Thank you! Over and out.

  15. Yeah, this was Ted totally trying to emotionally blackmail Patterson into appointing Princess Caroline. How can Patterson say no to a dying man and a weeping nation?

  16. catarina: well, it IS tinfoil Tuesday , what can I say?

  17. Speaking of Biden, I don’t know if it was posted anywhere here today but Biden’s spokesperson said Jill is wrong and Joe was not offered SOS.


  18. downticket: biden can do things in the senate and congress being a long time member and such …

    this allows obambam to pontificate and decisionate while hillary is the foreign minister and biden is the minister of the home office

  19. I’m Here! I had to make a new batch of jiffyPop — help yourselves everyone!

  20. I love my TFH

  21. GAgal, on January 20th, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Why are they denying it? Why doesn’t he want the truth to be revealed unless we might start wondering why he was offered these two positions.

  22. Stay tuned. I’m sure there’s more to come.

  23. The Bidens didn’t deny it on Oprah, when Jill originally said it. Why are they denying it 24 hours later? Sort of how Axelrove started denying that Barky ever spoke to Blago, weeks after he originally said it. And how Rahmmy started denying that Barky ever worked on Blago’s campaign, months after he originally said it. This is about Barky telling Joe and the Missus that he was not pleased with them letting the cat out of the bag and they’re out to do damage control. And who’s going to call them on it?

  24. It would be weird if Obama was offering the sos position before he was even nominated. Given his ego, maybe not terribly surprising, but still weird. It looks bad for him to have been offering a job he had no business offering.

    Thanks, everyone, for the live blogging today of the inaugural. I am just catching up — couldn’t stand to watch it except when Bill and Hillary came out of the Capitol and were greeted with a huge cheer from the crowd!

  25. I guess the crowd at the coronation heard that Hillary was just honored by the MLK Center – so perhaps she’s not such a big racist after all!

  26. Oops, I used the R-word at 7:57 and am now stuck with ABG breathing on my fur!

  27. DT, huh? The article I linked to said Biden aides said that Biden was offered one, and only one position – VP. (Am I missing something? TFH?)

  28. hmm, is Obama now the “Decisionator” ? you decide, filmclip at 10

  29. dakinikat, on January 20th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    Thinking back to the months of june – august. Biden wasn’t much in the media then all of a sudden he was chosen as VP. Obama would have chosen one of his women supporters. Kaine was rumoured to be a potential VP. He chose Biden. Why not Clark or even Kerry. He didn’t just choose him. He gave him the option to choose which position he wanted. We know Obama and he was being too generous. why? I don’t think he had thought of giving Hillary the SOS position when he gave Biden that generous offer.

  30. whenever I think of Obama and Biden, I think of the guy coming out of side stage with the big old cloak for James Brown … or the guy that does all that same stuff for Morris Day of the Time … actually i think Morris day is a better reference.

  31. I didn’t see Oprah. Did Oprah ask or did Jill volunteer that remark? Most likely, Joe lied to his wife.

  32. GAgal – his wife said that he was given the opportunity to choose between SOS or VP

  33. oops, moderation time for kat … what did i say now?

  34. downticket: i always thought it was payment for when Biden’s son had Larry Sinclair arrested during that press conference too.

  35. The comment by Jill Biden was a passive-aggressive
    really nasty dis at Hillary.
    Basically, she was saying “my husband is better or
    smarter, more important and capable than Hillary, since
    Barack chose him twice over Hil – she got the leftovers,
    was second choice.”
    It infuriates me – the respect Biden is getting compared
    to Hil. Biden – they guy who got what, 2,000 votes about –
    compared to 18 million. But he has the penis – so his
    count. Uuuuuugggggghhh.
    Second theory. They all hate the Clintons because
    they are so incredibly jealous. Always were. Consider
    Bill a young upstart who came in and became president.
    And was so very good at it. And loved. So they hated it,
    jealous, and had to destroy him. Uuuuuugggh again.
    Because it’s about us, not those stupid ego driven
    politicos. So we were the ones who got f*cked.

  36. Is anyone listening to Sheri and New Hampster and madamab? I can’t get the show to play for more than a couple of mins.

  37. Not tin foily but I have to tell you this exchange with my mother while we were dissing MO’s ensemble today:

    Mom: “And were did she get those green gloves?”
    Me: “J.Crew — they’re making a big deal that she got them from J.Crew.”
    Mom: “They spend $150 million and I’m supposed to be impressed that she wore cheap golves?”

    Meanwhile, no one is talking about the fact that her Jimmy Choo shoes that start at $500. Yep, that’s right — $500 (at least) on shoes & I’m supposed to be impressed by the cheap gloves. LOL

  38. angienc2: she needs to invest in a good set of pearls and forget the puke green pumps.

  39. dakinikat – me too. It makes one wonder whether there is any truth to what Larry Sinclair was saying.

  40. I agree, SOD, they had something on Edwards. And
    TFH theory one –
    They worked with the Enquirer. Obama knew when Edwards
    dropped out. Remember, how sudden and surprising it was.
    How Elizabeth didn’t show up in Michigan when Edwards
    came out for Obama. That was a bad night for me because
    I loved Edwards. Still do, actually, even though he made
    big husbandly mistakes. But I liked his emphasis on the
    economy. And ending poverty.
    Real TFH theory – they poisoned Kennedy and Byrd.
    That one even I don’t believe. It could have been their
    guilt, though, over bringing us that fake instead of Hil.
    Good Catholic guilt, faced with the reality of their actions.

  41. I’m still shouting my tinfoil hat theory to anyone who will (or won’t) listen. Jeb Bush 2012! It’s coming. And the only thing in his way is Sarah Palin. My daughter has already seen a homemade “Palin 2012” bumpersticker. She’s got a helluva grassroots campaign building.

    I was truly heartbroken when my buddy at work responded to my theory by saying he’d rather have GW than Palin because she’s even “dumber” than Bush is. The misogyny and sexism run so deep that these folks can’t even see their own bias. Maybe women and like-minded men need to start a nonstop ideological onslaught addressing America’s dirty little secret.

  42. dakinikat — I would have dressed her in a beautiful winter white cashmere coat & pearls — the fact that she was out there without a coat in this weather to “show off” her dress is SOOOO Nouveau Riche.

  43. The comment by Jill Biden was a passive-aggressive
    really nasty dis at Hillary.

    That’s how I saw it — a woman whio can’t stand it that another woman is so respected and accomplished.

  44. What about this scenario. Obama and co. got Edwards to quit the race. Obama was certain he would win super tuesday because of the Kennedy and Kerry endorsements.

  45. LOLOL

  46. SOD — LOL — I believed Larry Sinclair then & I believe him now — but I’m worried about him — is he still alive?

  47. I am here for tin foil

  48. Okay wtf is Michelle wearing?

  49. I am so with ya SoD and Angie on the LS story. Just another gay-hatting gay man. How freakin’ Republican can you get!

  50. hating, not hatting. how’d that extra “t” get in there? it couldn’t be the wine, it must be a conspiracy!

  51. So true, plural! And so very, very sad.

  52. Oh, Afrocity, I don’t even want to know what fashion disaster Michelle is “pulling off” today.

  53. Michelle appears to be wearing a bedspread.

  54. She is wearing some white “tent” thing to the ball. Is there a stylist in the house?

  55. downticket: i was underwhelmed by larry sinclair until biden’s son ( who is now rumoured to be biden’s repalcement) showed up and arrested him then biden magically got the vp nod.

    then richardson and john andrews caving in so fast and that dirt with them …

    pay to play is the chicago way

  56. Afrocity,

    It looks like one of those white bedspreads with the little tufts sticking out them.

  57. afrocity: my guess is a swag with rhinestone pullbacks

  58. oh, lord for the ball! that has to be even worse than today!

  59. Sorry I am in shock over the wardrobe choices for MO.

    Jackie O called to say her legacy as the best dressed first lady is still intact.

  60. oprah needs to lend michelle her stylist

  61. i was reading about nerobama today … doesn’t it just say something when you spend THAT much money and the country’s nearly in a depression?

  62. afrocity — I would say maybe she’s pregnant but I think she has just gained weight. The choices are disasters & the “spin” about how well she dresses is just ridiculous

  63. BB,

    Totally it is like an antique applique bedspread

  64. Angie, I thought that she looks pregnant too. Could she be?

  65. Okay this is what I would have wore if It were me: To the swearing in ceremony.

    When in doubt–GO CHANEL


  66. Oh Lawd, I hope MO isn’t pregnant. Can you imagine the slobbering everyone will do over an expectant mother and then a new mommy and daddy?

  67. angie: you know it’s just unfortunate how women can’t go into the public eye without a stylist in tow. she has to have some one that is sharing that with her!!!

  68. afrocity — it is possible although unlikely — she just turned 45 on the 17th (besides I don’t think Obama is that into her)

  69. Are we going to get front page stories in the NY Times about the cost of MO’s clothes?

  70. dakinikat — a woman with an ounce of sense can go out without a stylist — the main problem with that dress this morning was that it is inappropriate — the rhinestone collar, no real coat because she wanted to “show off” her fancy dress — that is all because she is Nouveau riche — a stylist can’t fix that.

  71. Bill O’Reilly said he watched Obama’s face all day and he had that shocked – deer in the headlights look. Brit Hume said he thought he looked more confident than ANY president EVER taking the oath. O’Reilly says “Even Reagan?” Hume says- ummm well there WAS just something about Reagan. Click! That was my 30 seconds of TV tonite.

  72. afro, I wish MO had worn that Chanel outfit. And the headpiece with it.

  73. She should shoot that Cuban designer

  74. afrocity / angie — no way.

  75. angienc2, on January 20th, 2009 at 8:45 pm Said:

    afrocity — I would say maybe she’s pregnant but I think she has just gained weight. The choices are disasters & the “spin” about how well she dresses is just ridiculous
    She would do better shopping for the specials at Bluefly.com.

  76. JiffyPop anyone?

  77. GAGal,

    Sorry you can 86 the headpiece. I just think Chanel is very appropriate for her body type and classic. She looks really huge today and I don’t know why.

  78. She did do Sasha invitro. I could see her doing it to get a “boy”.

  79. O’Reilly says “Even Reagan?”


    Oopsie for Brit Hume — gotta remember St. Ronnie at all times.

    Lordie, GWB is going to write a book about his tough decisions.

  80. angie —there’s a book deal somewhere

  81. afrocity — maybe it’s those Klingon undergarments.

  82. I can’t find the coat I would have put Michelle in — but something like this BUT in winter-white cashmere (I have exactly what she should have worn in my closet):


  83. Wow the Obama “Youth Ball” is for 18-35.

    That is most of the DNC electorate

  84. I think Michelle should have worn red. Or black. That thing she has on tonight is ugly. Like the one this afternoon–they are both too busy. She would look better in something simple, but bright colored.

  85. Yes, Angie that would have been nice. I love the coat.

  86. I’m not sure that waistline would work for Michele, Angie.

  87. Ask Sarah Palin for some advice.

  88. I hate to sound sexist but to me this was BO’s day. Her outfit did not complement him at all.

    They are dancing and he keeps stepping on her dress.

  89. For this afternoon, she should have worn pants, IMHO. A tailored suit maybe.

  90. Go RD. Makes all the sense in the world. REVOLUTION. Attack from the outside. We need to build a battering ram. Who’s with me!

  91. What is this on stage now? Men in dresses jumping on ski-like pogo sticks? Help me understand this.

  92. No shit SOD. Sarah looked great all the time.

    These balls suck. i feel like I am watching some really bad closed circuit televised local homecoming dance.

  93. afrocity– is he really stepping on her dress? LMAO — must be the first time they danced with her wearing a long gown — the Nouveau Riche! Hours of entertainment! BWAHAHAHA

  94. SOD,

    That is the ugliest color I’ve ever seen! And Michelle’s legs aren’t her best feature.

  95. afrocity — and SHE did it on $150k not $150 million — that’s another thing my mother said about how stupid people are — they attack Palin for the $150k wardrobe (that she needed– give me a break — if she had worn her “normal” stuff they would have ridiculed her for not looking Presidential) but are impressed with CHEAP gloves from J.Crew while totally oblivious to the $150 million that was not needed.

  96. I would have wore this (minus the boots)


  97. BB — I know..isn’t it a hoot!

  98. Michelle is a big woman. And no amount of “camouflage” can hide that fact. (Not that it needs to be hidden.) I don’t know why anyone compares her to Jackie O. Their builds aren’t even remotely close. I’ve always said she is a good role model for big women. It’s the one nice thing I can think to say about her and actually mean it.

  99. bb> A tailored suit would have reminded everyone of Hillary. And Barky doesn’t want to do that!

  100. The black dress is always a good choice

  101. Okay I just realized that the link I am giving you is giving the wrong design.

    This is what I would wear:


  102. Tom Brokaw the other night said Michelle wears dresses, and that means women will all want to wear dresses. Then he said, We’re all used to seeing Hillary going around wearing pantsuits.

    I was unaware that Brokaw was a fashion expert.

  103. I have a dress hanging in my closet (Narciso Rodriguez btw) that I would have worn to the ball tonight — If I could post pictures from FaceBook here I would show y’all.

  104. Loved that afrocity — but I don’t think Dems usually wear “red” (ie repub. color) at events like this — I would have done it in a different color WITH A COAT ON TOP!!! It was freezing today –nothing is worse then not dressing appropriately for the weather because you want to “show off” what you are wearing.

  105. afrocity — that’s definitely you! gorgeous. I love red too.

  106. I have a Prada gown that she could borrow, if she wear a size 40 😉

  107. Love the boots Afrocity. I bet you’d look smashing in that outfit. Michelle, not so much.

  108. Aha!
    That Larry Sinclair connection would explain why Obama
    would offer Biden both positions. I do think Jill was
    telling the truth when she said that. (Very proud of it,
    too, she was.)
    So – why would Obama that except that he owed him
    bigtime. Maybe he had to tell more about the incident, too.
    Actually, I found LS story pretty farfetched (I never ruled
    it out, though) but now it’s starting to seem more likely.
    And would definitely explain offering Biden both jobs.
    And I bet naive wide-eyed Jill has no idea about the
    connection. She thinks it’s her husband’s brilliance and
    popularity. You know, those 2,000 votes.
    And of course, he is pretty popular with credit card
    companies and banks. More bailout money, anyone?

  109. Angie, you’re a knockout! Even more stunning than your avatar. And the dress is nice too.

  110. Angie, you picky liberals 🙂

    How about this then. That way it can match the coat you chose Angie.


  111. I would have had here wear boots, btw — It would have been good for the weather.

  112. I’ve noticed Republican women almost always wear dresses. I don’t remember seeing Palin wearing anything else.

  113. I don’t have a face book account, so I could not see you Angie.

  114. gxm — that is from the same night — last year at this charity ball I went to (that is the stupid pink bracelet on my list).

    afrocity, sod hurry up & take a look because I would like a moderater to erase that post (for security).

  115. Angie, It worked! Wow — THAT is the perfect dress! (and you look GREAT!)

    (PS, will you be my friend?)

  116. KB– could you erase that post please? I didn’t think (for security) I don’t mind sending it to you though — as long as my name isn’t on it. Ok?

  117. I love the red outfit that Afrocity posted. The boots are nice too. But the headdress is a bit much. It might have fallen on Barack as he was taking the oath.

    SOD, that dress is uuuugggglllllyyyy! You’re a meanie.

  118. saw it! Gorgeous! Erase it! 🙂

  119. Didn’t Obama have on a red tie today?

  120. Geraldine Ferraro said her granddaughter was with her.
    I am watching Fox and saying how it took her time to warm to Obama. But she did say that it was a phenomenal moment.

  121. thanks gxm & katie bird! I admit, I made an “effort” that night (although that dress was already in my closet from a Mardi Gras ball a few years before)

  122. I deleted it Angie but I also deleted the instructions do you need me to repost them?

  123. {{{{sniff}}}} bb thinks I’m mean. 😎

  124. thanks SOD!!

    Thanks Katie Bird for deleting the post.

    Afrocity, I will email the picture.

  125. I missed seeing Angie.

  126. The media is the moat outside the DC castle. Need to drain that first. NBC is already wobbling. Focus our resources and go after one big target at a time. People who will feel the pain. Matthews is useless, he’ll fold on his own. Attack someone like Rachel Maddow, who should know BETTER!!! Publicly call out people like Wolfe, Brown, even Couric who are in the public eye. Go guerilla if we have to. Agent provocateurs. Cool

    We can call it the REAWAKENING of the women’s movement. Uncertain economic times is the right time to attack. What male executive in the patriarchal business network in America looks good these days. No one. Not Buffet, not Immelt, not Chenault, certainly no bankers. And where there are women leaders who have become Obama apologists like Noori at Pepsi, attack and make her feel the pain too. Get others in business on our side into the fight. Fiorina, Wittman, other republicans are ok. Pressure them now. The system is most vulnerable now. New women leaders from all background need to start lining up while the iron is hot.

  127. SOD,

    That was a very ugly dress. How do you find these things?

  128. angie: I thought winter white cashmere too .. aline not with a waste, right below the knew .. either red or blue gloves and hat and pumps

  129. BB, we’re working on it.

    Angie, my email is katiebird@gmail.com

  130. katie bird –no, you SOD & gxm saw the picture — I have afrocity’s email address so I will email it to her (y’all were the only ones who I wanted to “see” it anyway — I don’t need it posted here! LOL)

  131. She had on horrible green gloves with that dress. But angie, the dress had a matching coat. She might not have been that cold.

  132. Angie, could I send BostonBoomer the link?

  133. It also had a little sweater thingy under the coat. You could see it at the luncheon. The sweater wasn’t very attractive though.

  134. Yes, please Angie. I won’t tell a soul.

  135. rd, katie, etc..

    sorry i made stupid comment this am that was a play on words, but came out wrong. in the early am, especially, i have am not too bright, and don’t realize that things can be taken seriously.

    i was referring to hot air.

    my apologies. (and i don’t know how to do that blushing face)

  136. i wanted to see the pretty pic of angie

  137. At least after today we won’t have to see any ceremonious crap

  138. Barack’s white tie is stupid on him. Looks like he’s
    wearing a white T-shirt.
    Remember, what they put Hillary through, when she
    was first lady.
    I liked her at the beginning – natural, hippieish.
    I thought wow – there’s finally one of us in the White
    House. Or two of us. And the music at their balls. Really cool.
    Lou Reed.
    But they mocked everything she wore. The handbands,
    of course. I didn’t like those either.
    But then the handlers kept making her look straighter
    and more corporate. And now she gets criticized for being
    too corporate.

  139. joaniebone!!!

  140. Hi Joniebone!

  141. Joanie, I don’t think I saw the comments that are making you blush. I was kind of rushed this morning and haven’t gone through all the comments.

    I’m sure whatever you said was fine though.


  142. KB & afrocity — I just sent you both the picture — afrocity — so you could see it & KB could you forward to bb’s email for me? Thanks.

  143. I didn’t see them either, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been that bad.

  144. I can’t possibly keep up with all these threads today, so I’m just jumping in here. Was’ up? I heard Hillary was seen giving Cornyn a piece of her mind under some statue. Any more info. about that?

  145. KB — I didn’t see your last message– yes, send bb the link — I don’t mind her seeing it AT ALL — I was worried about bots! LOL (Or forward the email I just sent to you)

  146. it wasn’t. it got deleted. i felt dumb about it all day.

    i had a bad day –all day. i feel weepy.

    hi sod, bb, angie, afrocity, katie.

    i’m glad i’m here now.

  147. hi joanie!!

  148. bb — that wasn’t a “real”coat –it was more like a cape — no way it kept her warm enough — as she was walking down the street she was struggling to keep it closed.

  149. brb — Have to go walk Pepa

  150. I am aware that the Merlot is getting to me a bit.

  151. Good ideas 3 Wickets. Send them to Heidi Li & PUMA PAC.

  152. i referred to the term “____ heat” about congress being able to take the heat of standing up for liberalism. I meant my anger —and of course nothing else.

  153. Angie you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Afrocity, you have fantastic taste! Definitely a sense of the occasion and what’s called for.

  155. angie, can Katie send me the picture too?

  156. angie looks like a movie star!

  157. hmmmm, (sigh) nobody likes my wardrobe picks.

  158. Angie is Audrey Hepburn and Afrocity is Cleopatra, and I assure you I am a man.

  159. Hi PIS (first smile all day) good to see you!

    where is your new blogname? how about “honest infectious tigress” (HOT)?

  160. Joaniebone,

    Don’t feel bad. We all do things we feel embarrassed about. Usually nobody else even notices.

    Angie is a gorgeous woman. Don’t blow it, myiq2xu.

  161. Joanie — of course she can — now I feel like a fool!

    afrocity — thank you! Do you like the dress though?

    SOD — thank you — but how do you like the dress?

    I’m going to walk Pepa — be right back

  162. SOD,

    The thing is, Michelle might like your choices. LOL! She like wearing couch covers and bedspreads.

  163. I love the dress…it’s perfect on you.

  164. Yeah, Joanie — BostonBoomer is right. Some of us lucky ones get to delete our own comments. The rest of you have to rely on us.

  165. I’m done and heading to bed. Goodnight all!

    Angie, I sent you a friend request and won’t be offended if you don’t confirm. My real name is Regina (but I go by Gina). Just put up a video of my current avatar and have been watching it over and over. He’s right upstairs, sleeping, but I can’t get enough of him. I’m hopelessly charmed by that beautiful little fella.

  166. {{BB}} Thanks. I just think I am overwhelmed with sadness and a dark feeling about what we’re in for. So sorry to be morose. I try to be light around here.

    a friend said that the icky preacher’s speech was truly frightening. Did we all manage to avoid most of it? I was furious this am, because I walked in to starbucks and they were blasting it on all speakers as if everyone was rejoicing.

    I practicially through my debit card at the barista. I was shocked at my inability to contain my snarl.

  167. Joanie — HOT, why of course! You know us writers, we just can’t stop re-writing and stop yet more ideas come up to do the sensible thing and just pick a nice practical blogname.

    So suggestions welcome still!

  168. What the hell is with this service at home bullshit?

  169. Yep. Angie is an 11. It’s ironic how attractive PUMAs are considering the bad cheeto rap we get.

  170. Angie I like the dress.

    Obama just made a mistake and said the wrong name for Secretary of State.

  171. BB & Joanie, check your mail…..

  172. Oh Joanie, you ventured into a Starbucks? That’s practically Obot Central Command here in Microsoft City. Brave, but foolish.

    I even had to put up with hearing it from my officemate’s computer until I made her use earplugs.

  173. New Post Up…

  174. Yay! A new pin-up!

  175. Afrocity, WTF did Obama do? What are you listening to?

  176. Or did everyone migrate to the new thread….?

  177. C’mon upstairs!

  178. waist! ack!

  179. back — what did I miss?

  180. Think everyone went upstairs angie..

  181. I don’t care much about the fashion. This is one of the saddest days of my life.

  182. CrossPatch, I hear you. And the thing is I don’t even really dislike this guy. The cheating during the primaries just really gets me. But the day will pass.

  183. Barkeep, I’ll have just one more for the road..

  184. I was furious this am, because I walked in to starbucks and they were blasting it on all speakers as if everyone was rejoicing.

    Joanie: me too. My favorite coffee spot had it on (and they never have the radio on), so I waited outside until my latte was ready. I also had to avoid my regular lunch spot, because they had a jumbo screen up. Why does everyone just assume the entire world is celebrating this–so much for diversity.

  185. I don’t forget that quickly, unfortunately. But thank god for the friendly folks here. I’m lost in a sea of Obots locally.

  186. This is how history gets made. Things either get swept under the rug or they don’t. In order to go forward, the past has to be held accountable. Hillary’s hands are tied. If people are afraid to look back at 2008 because of the current economy, because of racial sensitivity, because of party neglect on both sides, then we don’t have change. Wife and I have been batting this around for months. But we want our children and their children to live in a more enlightened society. That means parity for women and their rights at work and at home. If we can’t set an example here, what hope to so many less developed societies have. People overseas look to America for example, despite whatever rhetoric floats from their governments. This country needs a third generation women’s movement, and if I am capable of welcoming that, there are millions out there who would support it as well. The movement just needs visibility, leverage and leadership. And you guys here at Confluence or PumaPac or wherever are the only ones talking about it. In the end, it’s about Obama and it’s not about Obama. He stepped on Hillary, so some of us are unhappy. But we need him to succeed, now that he is President. That does not mean that the nation should rest and give up on the necessity to advance the cause for women to the next level. Maybe even give Obama another chance to show his regard for that cause. If he hesitates, then attack the hell out of him. Blame the misogynistic media on him. Look, when we men want something for our gender, we clump together. When African Americans wanted Barack, they clumped together. Women need to do more clumping behind a few new charismatic leaders is all.

  187. Complacemcy is the enemy, that’s for sure.

  188. Thanks, Three Wickets. I’m going for a walk to clear my head.

  189. Women of my generation who are rising in power these days, whether in business or politics (go Gillibrand, go Maloney), I know how hard they fought for it when they were younger, in college and after. My sister’s a great example too btww. They worked and fought like hell, with the same energy and poise of Hillary. They earned every feet of what they achieved. Just don’t see that right now with this Millenial generation, which means things could go back to the fifties when they are older, most with families. I dont think that’s good for women OR men, frandkly. I have worked and lived for years in countries abroad, especially in Asia, where the dynamic is not even the American fifties. And I know all levers mens are using to keep things from changing, no matter how much some women try. The ones that try, that sacrifice personally so much for that cause, always look to the US for guidance. If Hillary were not going to hold that lamp high for women in many of these countries as SoS, I honestly fear for some of my female friends in those places. The Puma name won’t be able to last much longer. Confluence is a great, amazing name and beginning to the reawakening. The answer is going to come from within you guys. I hope very much that you will begin clumping more, not against men, but for women, their partners and children. Truly.

  190. Is that cab here yet…god what time is it…asian markets seem to be holding up, that’s a good sign

  191. I’ll say this as a man and I can admit this, the main reason we are in this once in a half century economic pickle or meltdown (we”ll see) is because men screwed up. We screwed up starting in 82 when Reagan went supply side in full throttle testosterone gear, and we got addicted too it. We got addicted to the money, to the women, to the lifestyle, to the power. Then we started channeling all our money guys into the government, and to be honest Bill and probably Hill too were aware, but they decided to just hold on to the fiscal discipline in govt, let the private sector keep on going. Then the Bushies threw gasoline at this Skull and Bones macho nonsense with their wars, the dotcom and technology thing came out of nowhere and dumped whole lot more fuel into the fire. This excess has been looking for a REAL correction for 20 years, and now it’s here. We didn’t take care of it completely in 91 when we had a chance, we didn’t take care of it completely in 2001 when we had a chance. Damn middle east was the excuse both times. So yes, this is going to be severe. I know Americans can come out of this. We are strong when we are challenged to a fight. But please don’t only trust “the men” to lead us to a better place. We need to find an equilibrium for market behavior that relies on the instincts/wisdom of both women and men. Sheila Blair for instance would have made a better Treasury head imo. That said, it will take more than a few months to turn this eighteen wheeler around, and so there is some time (in the macro view) to get good people in the right places. America cannot afford to only have jocks running this economy, and that is what people like Bush and Paulson basically are. Hillary was the right person for the right job at the right time. But giving up now is not an option. Not for women, not for America.

    And that’s the end of that bottle. Nice surprise for the wife when she returns from her zen meditation group soon.

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