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For Madamab

(music starts around 1:00)

53 Responses

  1. YEE-haw!

  2. What’s this I hear about Bambi insulting Venezuela????

  3. I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for take-out (the damned drive thru speaker was broken) and a guy walks in and orders and he actually had a mullet haircut! Couldn’t believe it, but then I thought “Oh yes, Alabama.”

  4. Owen, on January 19th, 2009 at 4:46 am Said:
    What’s this I hear about Bambi insulting Venezuela????

    Owen,can we get a link or details?Hell he isn’t even sworn in yet and I am so damn sick of his face every where 24/7.It’s going to be a looong 4 years.

    By the way myiq2xu,I love Billy Ray and thought he had the best mullet next to Jon Bon Jovi. I had so much fun dancing to this song before the radio ran it in to the ground.lol

  5. I dare not watch this video.

    You know, I think mullets are still big down here in Oz. They haven’t all caught up with the times yet.

    Bambi insulting Venezuela doesn’t surprise me whatsoever.

  6. I heard something about this and googled and got this:

    US Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “narco state” to describe Afghanistan in a recent Senate …

    and also loved the irony of this one:

    King Center to honor Hillary Clinton:

    By Associated Press
    updated 3:17 p.m. CT, Sat., Jan. 17, 2009
    ATLANTA (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton will be honored by the King Center at the annual “Salute to Greatness” dinner in Atlanta Saturday night.

    The dinner comes just before Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday marking what would have been the slain civil right’s leader’s 80th birthday.

    Clinton, U.S. senator from New York, is President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee for secretary of state. The former first lady ran unsuccessfully against Obama for the Democratic nomination for president.

    Isaac Newton Farris Jr., president and chief executive officer of The King Center, praised Clinton for “working tirelessly throughout her career to advance racial justice, child welfare, health security for all Americans and human rights worldwide.“

    I don’t recall seeing this in the newz. Of course I haven’t watched any nat’l newz this weekend since I figured it would be full of the coronation inauguration of PEBO. (I”ll miss referring to him as PEBO after the elevation. What’ll we call him then?

  7. PBO?

  8. Scrubs: couldn’t find anything about Obie saying anything about Chavez and Venezuela.

    Mullets in OZ? 😯

    I can’t believe the little surfer dudes in OZ have mullets.
    (I realize not all the guys in OZ are cute lil’ surfer dudes, but one can wish!)

  9. Okay, I guess we can infer the “E” is there, but I loved PEBO for whatever reason.

    I know there are other terms we could use like thief, pretender, selected-one, but I just liked PEBO.

  10. Yeah, PEBO was pretty good. I don’t know why I liked it a lot either. We will have to add that to the analysis they do one day on PUMA brains.

  11. BTW…I saved the most God-awful pic of Meechelle walking down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with legs almost akimbo.

    Got this definition and it’s the closest I can come to describing her w/out saying bow-legged:

    set in a bent position

    There was nothing gracious about it and I go grrrrr when she’s compared to Jackie.

  12. I have no idea why that did that with blue type and underscored, except that I’ve had a few Seagrams and water!

  13. I had dinner with a guy tonight who met someone who knew Michelle and he said that she said only good things about Michelle. The way his eyes glowed, I wondered if he had gotten into the kool-aid but not only did he ask me why I didn’t care for PEBO but he actually listened to the answer.

    Aussies laugh at us regarding our whole election cycle.

  14. Hey, teach me how to do that blue thing, Fredster!

  15. Good post, EOF. And good point. Of course, we PUMAs know this – just wish more people would pay attention the way we do.

  16. Fredster
    Re: MLK: the essence of his dream was that we’d get to a pont where we’d be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Which is the opposite of what happened this year.

  17. Ma saw that King event with Hill. It did not look like a ton of fun or even much of an honor. The audience just sat there and stared, like they’d have given anything not to be there. Then, why give her the award? Whatevs, kudos to the lady of the hour.

  18. Well Scrubs, the pic…it looks like she just got f*cked and was sore and having to walk. It was not “style and grace” in motion.

    I don’t have any respect for her after:

    * gets 100% bump in salary after hubby gets the Senate job and earmarks for the hospital.

    *her comments about the stimulus check and “what can you do except maybe buy some earrings for $600.00

    *the comments about Hillary

  19. scrubs57, on January 19th, 2009 at 5:53 am Said:

    Hey, teach me how to do that blue thing, Fredster!

    I dunno how I do’od it! Must have been a finger slipping off a key after I pasted in the thing about akimbo!

    Edge did it with a hyperlink…

  20. Regency, on January 19th, 2009 at 6:01 am Said:

    Ma saw that King event with Hill. It did not look like a ton of fun or even much of an honor. The audience just sat there and stared, like they’d have given anything not to be there. Then, why give her the award? Whatevs, kudos to the lady of the hour.

    Regency, since it was held in Atlanta and during coronation inaugural weekend I’m guessing there were tons of PEBO parties to go to. To quote Myiq, it probably harshed their mellow, or their excitement.

  21. Fredster: God knows it’s harshing the hell out of my mellow.

  22. Okay, I’ve done like 3 comments w/out responses so I’ll call it a night/day.

  23. Sorry Fredster. I was putting the twins to bed. G’nite to ya anyway.

  24. Regency, from what I’ve observed, this has been an entire inaugural weekend and the leading to two other days of festivities. We’ve had the choo-choo train and such and then I don’t know what, if anything is planned for MLK day itself and then the grand orgy of Inauguration Day.

    And speaking of such…how stoopid is this:


    The docs/nurses can’t get to the hospitals? How frackin’ idiotic!

  25. Reg – my turn for Hillary, girl.

  26. Every single newspaper down here this past weekend had something about the friggin’ coronation. It was sickening, especially seeing the words written that America is finally fixing itself of it’s horrible history just because we elected a Black man. For crying out loud!

  27. A little find here:

    Against a coronation

    The BBC’s Katty Kay has misgivings about all the bunting draped around Washington:

    So this is why you booted us out a couple of centuries ago. You simply replaced the pomp and ceremony of hereditary monarchy and with the pomp and ceremony of elected monarchy. OK, you didn’t opt for the dynastic duo of Bush and Clinton, which really had us scratching our crowned European heads, but the fanfare with which Caroline Kennedy has entered the political picture suggests your infatuation with royal families is still not over.

    This week Washington feels like London in the run up to one of our own grand royal events. Hostesses twitter on the phone, or just Twitter, to woo A-list guests to pre- and post-inauguration parties. A-list guests measure their piles of invites in feet, not inches…

    Still, there is a more serious problem with treating Barack Obama as an elected monarch; one that affects us journalists, in particular. Put a man on a pedestal and suddenly it’s hard for the press to drag him through the political wringer. It happened in 2003 in the run up to the invasion of Iraq and risks happening again.

    Speaking of Caroline Kennedy, I googled the news and noticed that her team has put quite a PR offensive now that Governor Patterson’s decision is near. Note that she hasn’t given any more interviews after the ‘you knows’.

  28. Scrubs, that’s okay. These are the “dead” hours I hated when working mids. Just before the rest of the world comes awake and workers on the mid shift (at least in the I.T. world) are wrapping things up.

  29. Yeah, Fredster – seems like all my free time is during these “dead” hours – makes me feel like a zombie sometimes.

    Sometimes I just feel schizophrenic as I find myself talking to only me. You often keep me from falling into that delusion so I thank you.

  30. Riverdaughter,


  31. I was just smiling about that again, myself, ghost2. Like myiq said, not bad for a bunch of bitter knitters.

  32. Scrubs: But I need her to wash my back in the shower. i can’t reach! *sigh* All right then.

    Off to bed with me in the Gulf coast. I have to get up in a bit and pack.

    Good day all.

  33. You know…before we leave Alabama to go back to Louisiana, it’s crossed my mind to maybe buy, say, five or ten acres of land back in the boonies.Maybe spend the money to make sure there’s someplace I can sink a well and stuff. I already found a dealer for my Benelli shotgun so maybe I need to get a hunting rifle too.

    If nothing else, if we buy some land and prep it, we can always buy a used trailer and put on it and have that as an evacuation location for hurricanes.

  34. Night, Regency. Thanks for letting me have a turn – I missed her so badly that I had this amazing dream about her last night where we…….oh, never mind, I’ll save the details for the next zombie shift when Little Isis is around.

    Back to school?

  35. Fredster – trailers are tornado magnets. Build an underground shelter instead. Or an igloo. Or anything but putting a trailer there.

    But I understand your sentiment. It may, perhaps, get that bad at some point soon. PEBO is unlikely to get us out of this mess.

  36. Yup, back to school. And you just have to catch me when you catch Isis. We’re around ’bout the same time. Online anywy. I’m just normally on another site. Scrubs, you caught her on CSpan, right? What a jewel.

    Okay, good night for real.

  37. No, we don’t get cspan down here. My sister caught her and had good things to say.

    The jewel that coulda, shoulda, woulda.

    Best wishes this semester, Reg. You know we are here behind you, right?

  38. Scrubs: I know and I’m so glad. I’m gonna need you. Keep with me for the next 4 years.

    Okay, off for a long bath now.

  39. G’nite.

    I’m off, too.

    Take over day shift. Fuzzy?

  40. Scrubs: If I can buy a few acres or such I can put a tornado shelter on it. I’d just have the issue of getting the momster from the trailer into the shelter during a tornado warning; not easy!

    There’s land available in Walker or Blount county above Birmingham where you can buy some acreage. I would just want to make sure I have potable water, such as a well. I’ve never thought about these things before, but ya know…it can be scary.

    I’ve got a friend up here who’s a country boy who has hunted and his family planted vegetable gardens and stuff. Maybe we can pool some assets and buy the land we’d need.

  41. Okay..day shift take over and g’nite to the night shift.

  42. […] media kept this event little publicized – I found it in a comment at the Confluence ATLANTA, Jan. 18 (UPI) — Hillary Clinton is a champion of social and racial justice, say the […]

  43. That looks fun to dance to!!!!

    Fredster-a friend of mine had the bright idea of buying a bit of land on an island near here and leaving a trailer on it for family summers. A fire destroyed it the second year-because you have to be very careful about brush undergrowth.

    This morning on Italian tv, they had a 10 min special on what happened yesterday with inaugural events. There was a special envoy just smiling and drooling,
    then the main news anchor asked him what he thought about the “many voices” in Italy who were referring to Obama as “Bush III”. !!!!!!
    (he waffled on abnout Hope and Change…

  44. Of course it was RAI 3-the left wing channel.

  45. laurie, Said: the main news anchor asked him what he thought about the “many voices” in Italy who were referring to Obama as “Bush III”


    Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

  46. Wait, that r@cist Hillary got honored by the King Center?! Didn’t they get the memo last year? WTF?!

    None of the Oborgs see the downside of Barky spending $150,000,000 on this party. They think it’s swell. I don’t think hopium will ever wear off. They’re just going to go back to their regular lives happy and stop paying attention to the details of his Presidency. And in four years we’ll start this dance all over again.

  47. Hey, it’s MLK day and we’re throwing things over at IA!!

    Poor MLK, like Lincoln..,.USED (with a complicit family, too, except for that cousin or brother or whoever it was who didn’t come out during the primaries to genuflect to Obama)

    Throwing Things as We Think of Other Historic Events on January 20th We Don’t Plan to Celebrate (A Joint Post by IA-GRL, Chicago Correspondent Leslie, and Kenosha Marge)


    PS…we’re an “Obama-Free Safe Zone” tomorrow…with a variety of “activities” being put together…

  48. Drudge headline: Kennedy is CERTAIN pick.

    Democracy is officially dead.

  49. The final insult! Obama is won’t reverse Bush’s executive orders limiting the use of stem cells!


    What a wimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. purplefinn-yes I found it strange, also because he didn’t say something like “voci-voices”, or “certain voices”, he used the word “molti” which means many, and then clarified the use of the term “Bush III” to mean that people in Europe should not be considering Obama to be an exciting agent of change.

    But like I said -it’s the left wing channel. RAI 1 for example which is far more the government spokesman kind of channel, would never ever say anything against the status quo, ot the POTUS.

  51. I read the piece that Kathy Kay wrote and I agree completely. The only problem I have is that I’ve seen her as a panelist on many Sunday morning talk shows during the primary season and at the time she appeared to be just as much of an Obot as the American “journalists”. Doesn’t help that the BBC has become as big cheerleaders for The One as the msm.

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