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Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Deep in my heart

I remember Martin Luther King Jr.  He was one of my first TV memories, along with The Flintstones and Walter Cronkite.  Everytime he was on TV, you could be sure to find me and my mom watching him.  On one occasion, I can’t remember which, the crowd sang We Shall Overcome for what seemed like hours.

In my lifetime, the fight against racism preceded the fight against sexism.  I was aware of race before I was aware of gender.  Gender didn’t affect me much at all until middle school.  The year I was supposed to take Home Ec was the year they did away with that requirement for girls.  We had been able to wear pants to school for several years.  So, I was spared the conditioning that the generation before me was subjected to.  For me, the sky was the limit.  It was available to me because of the work of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and others.  I didn’t experience what it was like before certain areas of the school were off limits to girls.  There were still controversies over same sex schools that wouldn’t admit girls but I figured they would all succumb eventually. And they did.   And sure, in college, the guys in my classes got most of the attention but I always figured that eventually people would change when they saw how smart we were. That didn’t always happen and still doesn’t.  But I still keep trying.

But race was something different altogether.  When the legal barriers came down, the social and cultural barriers remained.  How would we ever overcome that?

Sometimes, evolution doesn’t occur gradually.  Sometimes, it is rapid.  Last year at this time, I never would have considered Barack Obama a Change!™ agent in the mold of Martin Luther King Jr.  After all, this was the man who skipped the Black State of the Union in New Orleans after he manipulated the emotions of black voters in South Carolina.  Once he introduced racism back into the election, he didn’t need to suck up to African Americans again.  But Hillary went.  Maybe that is one of the many reasons why the King Center honored her on Saturday.  Maybe it was a way of restoring her reputation and to praise her for “working tirelessly throughout her career to advance racial justice, child welfare, health security for all Americans and human rights worldwide.“

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that someday we will all be judged by “content of our character”.  That should be the only yardstick by which we are measured.  Not the color of our skin, the configuration of our bodies, the nature of our love or the source of our morality.  Martin’s dream has been fulfilled in part, but the dreamers were the American people, not Barack Obama.  We were ready after decades of work by people like Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young, Lyndon B. Johnson and, yes, Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Now it is time to wake the nation to see the rest of the dream realized.   It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but with vision and hard work, we too will find the awakening accelerated for the rest of us.  With the right preparation, creative use of technology and charismatic voices, the pace of change can be swift.  It is trite to say that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  That doesn’t require any effort.  It is a Hallmark greeting.  And whether Michele Obama believes it or not, the hard work that is required of us does not extend simply to the cult of Obama.  Change is going to come but it is not here yet.  But we can do this because it is in the best interests of all of us.  The country is in dire need of help and it can’t afford to be picky in the form of who can give it.  We will overcome.

Deep in my heart, I do believe.

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  1. Speaking of inspiration and taking the long view –

    May we please have a BIG PHOTO OF HILLARY AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE ALL DAY LONG to get us through tomorrow.

    just a thought. thx.

  2. sarahdavis: Tomorrow’s going to come no matter what. It’s time to come to grips with that. Hillary is not the president. Obama is. Them’s the breaks. You don’t have to watch the O-gasm if you don’t want to. It can be just another day if you want. There are plenty of other things to do than torment yourself with 24/7 Obama coverage.

  3. Great post, great song. Thanks for your words, RD.

  4. I was suggesting it because she is able to take the long view and move on.
    I am looking for the inspiration to do the same.

    I’m not having a wishful fantasy or clinging to some lost hope.

    I come here so that I don’t have to watch the spectacle…it’s everywhere else. Your response stings but I guess ‘them’s the breaks”.

  5. Martin Luther King was a true leader. He was an original, and he put his life on the line–literally. His perseverance, sacrifice, passion, and conviction resonated in every word. He did not borrow his words or speaking style from others–it came from his core–and you could feel it. I am saddened that I do not feel joy in seeing the first AA president inaugurated tomorrow, because I feel that this particular man used the suffering of others to his advantage in the most cynical way. As you said, “judging a man on the content of his character” is the antithesis of what we witnessed this year.

    Today, I heard an AA economist on the radio. He said it is ridiculous to think everything is suddenly changed and there will be no work to do. It is a long process, and BO is benefiting from the many courageous souls who came before him. Someday, we will celebrate the first AA woman president!

  6. Deep In my heart, I believe that equality is meant for women along with African Americans , I remember way back during the early days of Civil Rights ; that there were arguments among activists about whose cause to put forward and advance , as if they were different . I worked very hard for both , even tho I was still in high school . I got into trouble in my all girls Catholic High School for pointing out there were no black students there . I got into trouble in that same school for reading Lead Belly lyrics in Poetry class .
    I celebrate every advance , and I mourn that any advance has to be at the expense of another equally, if not more ; important cause..
    I would love to see a pic of Hillary tomorrow as well, even tho I will be at work delivering health care to people who need it at home .
    And I remain so deeply grateful for this blog 🙂 and everyone here

  7. sarah: What if there were no Hillary Clinton? What if there was nothing but BO? Does that mean you would be bereft of inspiration. You have to find the inspiration deep in your own heart. You have to believe in your *own* capacity to overcome and inspire.

  8. I love you, Riverdaughter.

  9. When I was about 4 or 5 years old we lived in Tampa Fla.
    My father was stationed at Drew Field and had not gone overseas yet.
    At that time if an AA walked on the sidewalk towards us, they had to step aside so we could pass.
    I remember my mother saying ” How Dumb, white people have black wet nurses for their children but still act like AA,s are second class citizens.”
    That was my first lesson about racism. I never forgot it.



  10. I remember visiting my mother’s family in Lousiana as a teenager and being stunned when I walked with my aunt’s maid (beloved maid who raised my aunt’s children, cooked and cleaned) to my grandmother’s house and she would not enter the front parlor of the house with me to view my uncle’s body – she went to the back door. At Christmas her youngest child (6) would not come into the living room to get her Christmas present – she stopped at the doorway and simply would not come in.

    It had to be explained to me “that’s the way it’s done in the south – it’s tradition.” So this is a celebration for change in attitudes and that’s a good thing and thanks for saying it, RD.

  11. fif: The big thrill for me was election day. All of this lead up to the inauguration is just one big nipple rub preceding a huge climax. But after the orgasm, someone’s got to sleep in the wet spot.
    That would be all of us. The world isn’t going to change overnight.
    We’re still fucked.

  12. Puma-SF: Love you too.

  13. RD,

    It was a simple request.

    Please don’t read into what I am made or not made of.

    Yes, I am able to find my own strength – that is how i’ve been able to hold onto my viewpoint on an island of Obamaism over the last 1.5 years and at this very moment.

    Hillary’s example has strengthened me to hear and defend my own voice more than I was able to before this experience.

    Not up for the tough love today.

  14. Here is a link to Chicago NPR’s “eight forty eight” and what Chicagoans and Dr Quentin Young think of whether this really is post-racial and whether Dr King’s dream had been fulfilled.
    Dr Young was a physician to MLK and had much to say today.

  15. I( don’t remember Martin Luther King Jr. That said, like all of the great men that came before his words ring as true as they did on the day he spoke them. The difference between him and Obama is that action matched deeds in the case of King.

  16. I couldn’t agree more with you, rd. In fact, my post pending has Jon Bon Jovi singing that song at Hillary’s Salute. Aaron Neville’s is hypnotizing.

    I know that some PUMAs can’t watch what’s going on right now. I think I’m hooked on the pomp and excitement, especially in Democratic years. Yeah, I know, but Dems just party better, I like a good party, and it’s cold out. But then again, I like big awards shows.

    Anyway, the fact remains that no matter how he got in, young people, and people of color, people of all ages and from different countries feel mobilized to help and that their day has come, that they are recognized as people. This kind of engagement could really save that generation from apathy and get a country that’s become superficial to their feet — um, even though the person who’s engaging them is of dubious character. It’s their Woodstock, liberation, reparations, ascension, and much more. Let him deal with it and lead. Let people get excited to be involved in government and helping out.

    This has nothing to do with expectations based on what we’ve seen already from Obama, but those of a generation who feel seen, and are ready to take action. Let’s hope that it turns out okay. I’m saying that Obots’ hope and change could be a self-fulfilling prophecy if people can also find their brains enough to uphold their principles. And who knows about that. I’m just saying, if a majority of the country is happy, expectant, and mobilized, there’s a better chance of solving problems. I just haven’t figured out the Big Brother part.

  17. sarah: She’s not going anywhere. Comfort yourself with this fact: She is going to do a MUCH better job in her position than Obama is going to do in his. There is only so much stagecraft can do for you when people lose their jobs, houses and health care.
    Her task will be difficult if not impossible but no less important than his. And she is much more likely to succeed because she knows the ropes.
    So, chin up, Sarah. This is not over by a long shot and I am really looking forward to what happens next.

  18. All of this lead up to the inauguration is just one big nipple rub preceding a huge climax. But after the orgasm, someone’s got to sleep in the wet spot.

    lol! Said as only RD can say it!

  19. Riverdaughter — Thank you for this article. I too would like to see a big picture of Hillary on this or other websites tomorrow, but really, most of all, I want to see the day when she is not trashed endlessly when she is covered in the news. The day some respect starts being shown, however minimally, will be the day change may start to accelerate for women a bit.

  20. Riverdaughter,
    I was one of the young women who appeared before the school board to protest having to take Home Ec while the boys took drafting. I was one of the girls who enlisted the help of a local female lawyer and an aging “flapper” Latin teacher to lift the ban on girls in pants in high school. I was one of the women to help break the gender barrier in engineering school and in the engineering workplace. I have been finding my own strength for over 50 years. If sarahfdavis needs a little support tomorrow to get through the day, I think it would be great to give it to her, and if I had my own blog, I’d do it for her in a heartbeat. We may still have to respect the Presidency even if we can’t respect the man, but some of us may need a little inspiration to do it. Images of Obama don’t do it for some us while images of Hillary remind us of the bigger picture.

  21. Sorry,…I’m just being honest.

  22. I’ve been reading all the threads today, and am particularly struck by MLK’s belief in and call for unconditional love.

    I can’t help but place this, as others here have today, next to Obama’s denying Bishop Robinson (who shares MLK’s belief and calling) any air-time, while tomorrow Rick Warren, who conditions his love based on whether you are heterosexual, male, and have never been a party to an abortion, the highest place of honor (next to the President’s) during the Inauguration.

    Barack Obama and his incoming administration turn my stomach. I can say it no more plainly than that. I can only assume thinking people on the Left who refuse to speak out about what happened today have ingested a kind of mental Pepto-Bismol. Their brains are coated. They can feel nothing. They see nothing but a sweet, pink fog. Which is just what anyone in power wants you to see.

    For those of us feeling badly today, and who will feel pretty uncomfortable tomorrow, take heart. That sour-gut feeling is good. That sour-gut feeling is true. No masking agents here at the Confluence. Thanks, RD and everyone.


  23. Hillary’s example has strengthened me to hear and defend my own voice more than I was able to before this experience.

    Me too. Her courage in the face of such hostility and adversity does exemplify true character and commitment in the spirit of MLK’s example. It’s not about worshiping an individual, but certain leaders do stand as symbols, beacons, for us to follow. When Hillary was challenged, her grace and bravery taught me a lot about core principles and fighting for them in the face of the majority voice. I do not respect the office of the presidency just because it is the office. I didn’t with Bush, and I won’t with Obama. He’s just a figurehead. The spirit of democracy is not located in a title.

  24. sarahfdavis – Believe I understand you’d like to have an alternate vision of something inspiration besides Obama to look at on a screen, who is now plastered everywhere, 24/7. Hillary would provide that alternative, and easier on the eyes.

    Besides, she will have her work cut out as SOS.

    Q. Did anyone see Jill Biden’s comment today on Oprah in D.C. (on the network, local news – I don’t watch the show): She let it slip thatJoe was offered both the Secretary of State job and the Vice-Presidency. The camera wasn’t on Joe Biden when she said it, and immediately, he tried to “shush” her, or was embarassed. Jill explained that they discussed it, and decided to go for the VP spot because it would give them more time with their family (compared with the SOS job).

    What does that say about the VP job, Biden, and how they perceive Hillary as Secretary of State? Of all the three – Obama, Biden and Clinton – which one is slated to do the real work?

    Perhaps the Bidens have heeded what George H. W. Bush said about the Vice-Presidency: “Inside work, and no heavy lifting”. (i.e., W’s dad – true!)

    Do you all have a take on that slip-up of the truth? (Now seems both Bidens have a talent for that…)

    Anyway, still waiting to hear from the NBC Today Show and Doris Kearns Goodwin Re: my Email letter on their mis-characterization of Obama’s event yesterday (i.e., they seemed to forget “America’s Reunion” on The Mall 16 years ago…how convenient).

  25. LadyBoomer — but how much of this excitement will actually convert into action?

  26. SOD: Sing it sister! 🙂

  27. I have to agree with SOD. I don’t see much good coming out of the next for years. Obama wants to pretend he’s a blend of Kennedy and FDR (and already has more than half the nation convinced of it) while in fact enacting the policies of Reagan. Anyone rolling up their sleeves for this? Not me.

  28. RD,
    Thanks for ending with me on a positive note. I do appreciate it and it helps with the isolation that comes over me like a wave at moments.

    Something I could never anticipate when I read your first response – tears just started pouring out of my eyes. The injustice that many feel so deeply and so personally after the last 2 years is ignored and mocked. We’re told to buck up and move on.

    It just fr*ckin hurts like hell. I have mourned and I will continue to do so.
    I’ll get to a point where I can hold two thoughts at once – remember the past and fight for the future. Ain’t there yet.

    And Samanthasmom, thank you so much for your empathy.

  29. Hillary remains an inspiration to me and to my daughter as well as other women across this globe, as she takes on her new role as Secretary of State.

    I will look forward to our standing in world returned to its former status under the great William Jefferson Clinton.

  30. SOD — I guess we’ll see if they can. 😉 People feel strongly that Obama’s election is vindication. It doesn’t mean they’re right or that he’s who they think he is. Record numbers of people were inspired to work for whatever they think he stands for and to get their butts to DC to witness history in the cold. Many people are just happy that it’s not a Republican. Meanwhile, we still have our work to do.

  31. Did I just hear that Sarah Palin was harassed by Obots today for doing a three-minute interview on Fox instead of “volunteering her time?”

    Wow. Where am I? Is this the United States? I didn’t know we had a Red Guard. Wow. I really need to keep up with the Party–excuse me, the Junta–excuse me, the times.

  32. As long as we don’t forget the record number of people that also believed in Hillary and her bid to make history.

  33. sarah: I’m so sorry I made you cry. It was unintentional. It’s just that we are at the same place as we were when Hillary suspended her campaign. If she can bear it, so can we. I refuse to let them get to me, Sarah. I will not feel sad tomorrow no matter what. It’s just another mountain to climb. It will be *our* day someday. We just need to figure out how to do it and then speed it up so it happens on our timetable, not someone else’s. No one has the power or the right to deny us respect and equality.

  34. Correction to comment: “something inspirational besides Obama to look at on-screen…”

    FYI – If you all missed my letter to NBC Today/Doris Kearn Goodwin, RD and moderators were gracious to allow its post as a comment under “To Achieve Political Remedy”, another great thought provoking topic.

    Like taggles, I don’t have a degree in Women’s Studies, but have some credits earned from The School of Hard Knocks, especially as a woman in the workplace over the last few decades. Tried remedies through the grievance and legal systems; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

  35. There is inspiration to be found in this political contest. Barack Obama has become, for most Americans, an archetypal figure. Much of this projection onto him is beyond his ability to create or coerce. So many of us want with all our hearts for justice to be the common experience in our country. There is no doubt that Obama is a talented organizer, but this almost mythological mantle that he has been given by the majority of Americans has nothing to do with organizing. It has to do with our country’s deep woundedness in our need for racial justice.

    I can see completely where you are coming from, Riverdaughter. You have found a gracious and fulfilling way to integrate what has happened in our political process into your own deep desire for justice in our land. Sarah, I can feel the great ambiguity you reflect in your desire to hold on to “our Hillary.” I struggle, like you, to make sense of the grand ritual that is being acted out in our country right now. I, most likely, will not choose to watch much of the TV coverage. We’ll see.

    I was recently in a meeting where Mike Kruglik spoke. He was one of the two community organizers who brought Obama to Chicago and who nurtured and trained him in the Alinsky method of organizing. After is was over, I asked Mr. Kruglik what he thought about the birth certificate controversy that has gone to the Supreme Court. His rather short answer was that Barak was born in Hawaii and that this has been verified by the Hawaii officials. For him is a non issue. I don’t wear tinfoil hats, but the sense I got from him was that it really doesn’t matter. Obama is here and there is a power greater than us all that is at work.

    I sense this drawing a line in the sand and stepping into a new dimension in the desire to realistically join in the possibility of change in racial justice in our time. The rhetoric includes much more than racial justice and perhaps that is where we come in, in our insistence that a broad definition of justice be demanded at every turn, including the real possibility of ending misogyny in our time and finding equality for LGBT individuals. I hope that I can find it within myself to stand up for these things. RD, I know you do too. And Sarah, I sense that this is where you want to be as well. I think the beginning is acceptance of each other and respect for the difficulty of the journey ahead.

  36. All I can say, or add to anything already expressed, is that the media is an embarrassment. From the top on down. A total and complete over the top circus has been staged for four days to the benefit of themselves and the delusional who honestly believe the hype they are being fed.

    They originated this three ring circus from the beginning and it has worn thin leading up to this farce.

    Take heart sarahdavis, you are not alone. I do not plan on joining in these festivities until Thursday at the earliest when this sham must begin to take shape.

    Celebrating this sellout man and his troop of enablers is way too much to ask from those of us who know differently.
    Take a break. Call it a blackout but don’t allow yourself to indulge too much in this madness. You would think we were electing a king instead of a president.

    He ain’t done nothing yet.

  37. Riverdaughter,

    Your imagery at 6:57 is hilarious!!! I know how Sarah feels. Tomorrow will be another in your face reminder of what happened in the primaries, and that our candidate got screwed primarily because she was a woman. To add to your imagery, it’s like sleeping in HIS wet spot without him ever bothering to get you off!!

    Moreover, if there were no Hillary Clinton, the primaries probably wouldn’t have been rigged and all the candidates would have been men. She gave us hope and the desire to dream of a progressive women president who would be responsive the the plight of our gender. She gave us the inspiration to dream of equality for ourselves and our daughters. Many of us are still struggling with the reality that it will never happen in our lifetime.

  38. Why am I in moderation?

  39. I have managed to avoid this historic weekend except for the bookstore where every two bit author has tried to make a buck on the historic event.

  40. Lady Boomer – I still feel invisible.

    RD – as someone who has witnessed and experienced the fallout from Jesse Jackson’s race-baiting, anti-Semitism and all-around shit-stirring vitriol, I find it hard to stomach the idea of him being in the same sentence, never mind the same league as MLK. Same for that Charlatan Al Sharpton. Sorry.

  41. So yesterday PEBO gave an address in which he talked about “the enormity of the task” that lies before him. My first thought was “My God, he thinks ‘enormity’ is a synonym for ‘enormousness’!”. But then I realized he meant exactly what he said::

    enormity (n.)
    1. The state or quality of exceeding a measure or rule, or of
    being immoderate, monstrous, or outrageous.
    [1913 Webster]

    The enormity of his learned acquisitions. –De
    [1913 Webster]

    2. That which is enormous; especially, an exceeding offense
    against order, right, or decency; an atrocious crime;
    flagitious villainy; an atrocity.
    [1913 Webster]

  42. “He ain’t done nothing yet.”

    Well, he was a busy little beaver today. He shoved the GLBT community back in the closet where he clearly feels it belongs. He’s already at work.

  43. And they have managed to have done it one last time to Hillary with Biden’s wife saying that he was given a choice of SoS or VP. Can’t these people put down their knives for one friggen minute?

    Looks like Joe found himself a “soulmate” in Jill. Both a couple of big mouths who have no boundaries when it comes to censoring what comes out of their jaws.

  44. SOD: I predict that very little of it will convert to action. There’s a very good reason for this. Obama is seriously misreading the times and his approach to it. This is not the 60’s, no matter what his stylists say. It is not time to ask what you can do for your country. He is failing to identify with the people who are going to really suffer in the upcoming r(d)epression. Asking people to volunteer their time without offering them real solutions to their potential homelessness is going to go over like a lead balloon.
    He’s going to fail big time unless he ditches the Lincoln and the JFK.
    I really fear for Hillary because she’s bound to upstage him. It’s inevitable.

  45. Heh, heh: RD said someone has to sleep in the wet spot!

    (I know, juvenile response from me but I liked the way she put it.)

  46. Pat, can you imagine if Biden had been SOS?

    “Iran, put your weapons down or I’m going to show these kick-ass plans we have for–Oops, shouldna shown you that.”

  47. The same rules apply to Obama as it once did with Bush and his “I am a uniter, not a divider”. We saw how much this country was divided as a result.

    They are trying to make Obama “the Man For All Seasons” when in fact he is poles opposite. When the drumbeat ever stops, if it does, the gay community, which gave him another pass on Prop 8, will be awakened to his brand of unity.

    Just writing about this is raising my blood pressure.

  48. I said on an earlier post that tomorrow I will watch 8 2hr long tapes of LIve Aid that i had taped for my children, This will remind me of a time when people came together to do good.

    Maybe and this may sound dumb but why not go through the youtube site and download music that you like. It will help find something good to think about in a bad time.

    Why not look for organizations that help not hurt women and see what is needed.

    I know many of us are hurting over this obomination but we have to find a way to help ourselves feel better.

    Why not plan what actions can be taken to improve women’s lives in America.

    If you live in an area where the weather is good go walk in a garden. Beauty always helps.

    Pessimism gets you nowhere.
    Thinking through problems and finding ways around them or how to correct it do help.

    I know this sounds like pollyanna but I really can not think of any other way to get through a bad day



  49. Just reading this, Pat, is raising my blood pressure.

    I thought we were through the anger stage of mourning but this week is bringing it back in full.

    Must go back and read what RD wrote to Sarah about Hill – it makes me feel better.

  50. Obama never had his feet in reality. How could he when the media was so quick to “create” him. He is not the Messiah. He is not The One. He is not the answer to the world’s already too complex problems to be sanctified and bathed in this light.

    This is what is so wrong with the whole spectacle. He has yet to do one thing to achieve this crowning yet they heap it on with shovels. Does he truly understand the everyday plight of the majority of us? Don’t think so. He has been too busy basking in his own glory and the publicity that has been his since the beginning.

    In other words, why keep practicing for that debut at Carnegie Hall when you know you only need to make an appearance. He is not ready, we know he is not ready, yet he too has sipped from the Kool Aid. The rubber is about ready to hit the road. Let the waffling begin!

  51. “He is failing to identify with the people who are going to really suffer in the upcoming r(d)epression. Asking people to volunteer their time without offering them real solutions to their potential homelessness is going to go over like a lead balloon.”

    Exactly. Working and middle-class Americans have already been asked to give and give and give while watching the rich and powerful get and get and get. And just when exactly are my friends who are working three jobs to support their family supposed to volunteer? How about maybe Obama volunteers to get them some health care first, which none of their jobs provide? Oh, right, UHC is “unworkable.”

  52. jules: Yep, nobody’s perfect. But I remember all of the years that Jackson worked with inner city kids and told them they could be somebody. His coalition has done a lot of good work over the years and he’s been on the right side of many issues. So, yes, he has helped keep the dream alive after King died and demanded dignity and respect. He deserves credit for that.

  53. Yeah, everyone, this sucks rocks. But I am sure that if we hold hands and stand together, we will come out of this stronger than ever.

    What is really sad is that I was so looking forward to the next Democratic President being inaugurated. Thanks to the lies and manipulation of the Obamacrats, we do not have one. We have a Reagan-loving cipher who will focus entirely on his re-election, much to the detriment of the country.

    Luckily Hillary will be the foreign president, taking care of business. I hope to Jeebus they will just let her do what needs to be done. I have total trust in her abilities, even if I don’t always agree with her on foreign policy.

  54. Q. Where will the Clintons be seated during the Inauguration tomorrow? Anyone want to guess? Do you suppose they will attend any of the Inaugural Balls?

    Sarah, I do empathize, and wonder if we could have some image of Hillary tomorrow, since she will likely be our SOS.

    Talk about pain – I attended an annual conference held at several hotels in D.C. last week, including “the scene of the crime”, i.e., the Marriott Wardham Park (near the Zoo) where the DNC RBC Meeting was held on May 31st. Another hotel, the Hilton, was perhaps most painful. In their “Hall of Presidents”, with photos/photos of portraits of the Presidents and their First Ladies, I saw the familiar ones with Bill and Hillary, followed by W. (Laura missing, for some strange reason). Two vacant hooks followed for George W. Bush’s succcesor. During my last visit there 2 years ago, I thought how cool it would be to reverse the order, or have Hillary as POTUS, and Bill as First Gentleman, all displayed along the same wall! Yes, I took photographs (and would like to find a way to share here). It was painful to stare at the wall, and contemplate how that would not happen, as the wall awaits the official Obama and First Lady portraits.

    Sarah, I feel your pain. Somehow, we’ll soldier on. Sending a cyber-hug your way.

  55. I can’t in any way celebrate this event. Why should I celebrate someone who wants to prevent me from collecting a meager social security income in my old age, after I’ve paid into the program since I was 17 years old? There have been at least five previous Presidents of mixed race already.


    Dwight D. Eisenhower is also said to have had African American ancestors.

    I’m happy for African Americans who want to celebrate Obama briefly before the greatest depression ever overwhelms them. Let them be happy for today. For myself, I have better things to do than watch this obscenely extravagant spectacle going forward while millions of Americans are being put out of their homes and jobs. But I was never much for awards shows either, and I rarely watch TV anymore. I like it that way. But everyone should enjoy the day the way they want to with no judgements from others.

    It’s not about Hillary for me either. I wish her well, and I’m sure she will do a great job as SOS. I don’t think she will be able to do much for women under Obama, but if she does, great.

  56. God Bless the children and I hope they can hold onto this.

  57. I simply can’t find it in myself to celebrate anything about tomorrow, not when so many people of good will have been repeatedly slapped in the face and betrayed. I refuse to celebrate anything about Barack Obama, including his race. He used it to gain the Oval office, just like he uses everyone and everything, and not in a way that MLK would have condoned. So I’m boycotting the inauguration, all of it, just like I ignored both of Bush’s inaugurals. I’m simply going on with life as usual, knowing that the rocks and rivers, the sun and moon and stars, will be there for the ages, outlasting everything including, most especially, human folly.

  58. Julie,

    We still are invisible. From the pronouns used in Obama’s speeches to every test book our daughters open. WE ARE INVISIBLE. Hillary was right, and her imagery was spot on!

  59. Magda – If it had not been for the fact that the DNC knew Hillary would enstate UHC, I’m pretty sure she would be taking the Oath of Office tomorrow.

    Obama has successfully prevented any improvements in that area by preventing Howard Dean from being HHS Secretary and keeping Hillary from working on it in the Senate. Oh, maybe he’ll computerize some hospital records. Big whoop – George W. advocated that in 2003.

  60. Oh Please. If we’ve seen anything this election it’s the enormous amount of hate toward white America by AA and hispanics. We are are in deep doo doo.

  61. The Clintons will be seated with the elder Bushes. She’ll be wearing Royal Blue. They will attend the balls. De la Renta is making her inaugural gown.

  62. As for Martin Luther King, I idolized him. I remember my shock at seeing people being knocked over with firehoses and attacked by dogs on TV as a kid. When King led the March on Washington I was in high school. The civil rights movement affected me to core and helped me understand that I, as a woman was also discriminated against and needed to fight for equal rights. I won’t celebrate the inauguration of a misogynist as POTUS. How would that honor King’s legacy?

  63. Don’t care what anybody is wearing. I won’t watch any of it. I’ll spend the day working on a book about women helping other women. Yes, Obama, I have rolled up my sleeves and gotten to work. It’s just not about a constituency you particularly care about.

    And yes, I know he had daughters. So what? Bluebeard had wives.

  64. And Hitler had Eva Braun, magdalena. Also a dog.

  65. RD,
    You didn’t make me cry so no need to apologize. I’m just RAW RAW RAW and the tiniest most unexpected thing can inflame those nerves. It startled me, quite frankly.
    I get my daily fortification and lots of inspiration from your site. Thank you and all of the wonderful people that join in every day.
    I don’t need to be part of a majority but a small tribe helps!
    Sincerely and gratefully,

  66. Iran is one great reason I’m glad Hillary is our SOS. After seeing Rick Steves’ “Iran” last night, I believe she is uniquely qualified to reach out to the decent people there and deal with the radicalized government. The beginning of peace in the middle east can start right there.

  67. I just mentioned the gown because I just heard about it last night.

  68. If today is about celebrating Dr. King, his legacy, and what it means for America, I’m all for it. If it’s about celebrating Obama pimping the above to become president, count me out.

  69. I know, Reg. I love your posts so don’t take offense. You’ve been here a long time.

    God. I wish we were talking about what she is wearing to HER Inauguration.

  70. I don’t even want to think about all the things I envisioned her wearing.

  71. NEW POST UP!!

  72. It is sad that tomorrow little girls all around the country will be shown yet again that they are not fit to be President, or even Vice President.

    Cuz, as we saw on Oprah today, boys always get first dibs.

  73. Madamab,

    I think they fucked her out of the nomination because of several things, including UHC.

    Another issue was her stance on big energy and big business. The fact that she voted against that 2005 Bush/Chaney energy bill was also a factor. It was also part of why they rejection of McCain.

    Obama is a corporate whore, who will only make small social changes that is slightly left of the republicans. At the end of the day, the corporations and bankers own him.

  74. KendallJ, Amen.

  75. KendallJ: Ding! Ding! Ding!
    Obama’s camp makes a big deal about how he has to compromise with the Republicans and how change may take some time.
    With Al Franken in the senate and Joe Biden presiding, Obama will have the wherewithal to shove every pinko-commie-liberal initiative the tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing lefties have ever imagined (not that I would endorse that but he could do it). And he *can’t* wait to implement a huge FDR style New Deal. He doesn’t have years. Heck, he doesn’t even have months. He should have presented a plan for it YESTERDAY.

  76. “He should have presented a plan for it YESTERDAY.”

    This is expecting too much. He had to approve all the floats for his parade. Pomp and pageantry take precedence over substance and solution.

  77. ladyy boomer said

    those of a generation who feel seen, and are ready to take action. Let’s hope that it turns out okay. I’m saying that Obots’ hope and change could be a self-fulfilling prophecy if people can also find their brains enough to uphold their principles.

    Here, here – my husband, sensing my sadness tonight said – “I don’t like him either, but he is going to be our president.” I responded by telling him that I will indeed respect the office and do hope that it is a “self-fulfilling prophecy” but I don’t have to like him!
    I too would like to find comfort in Hill’s presence tomorrow –
    I worry however that Americans have been pushed to the edge – and wonder how much more we can take and what kind of reaction will we see when the Obots realize that he is a FlimFlam guy, that the Okey, doke is what he’s really all about and they have been bamboozled.
    I’ve heard several strong O supporters starting to sound very disgruntled – sorry guys – no pony this year.

  78. Liberty Belle –
    cyber hug back at you.

  79. If the USA was the only country on earth, the obama thing would be historic. But in truth, right now, men of color are running countries all over the world and always have done so. Obama is just one more of them… who happens to be here. I am sure I will not live to see a woman be president of our country.

  80. Someone’s got to sleep in the wet spot.

    Naomi Wolf is sucking on it.

    I am really looking forward to what happens next.

    Me too.

    Teh math + “winning” = Bush III

    PUMAs = Revolution + Democracy

  81. Obama and blogger boys still afraid of women and Hillary:

    Obama’s Permanent Grass-Roots Campaign

    Obama’s army can make a lot of phone calls and send a lot of e-mails. Rallying support for legislation is one mission; so is making sure the army is intact in a few years, when Obama is likely to seek re-election.

  82. Some day even a woman will be allowed to ascend to the mountain top!

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