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How the Nouveau Riche Live: A Rambling, Angry Post by a Bitter Holdout


For the past week, the media has been awash in stories about the incoming POTUS’ expensive tastes. We know he likes waffles, argugula, and $100 a pound ham, and that he shops at Whole Foods Markets, but that’s not the half of it. His obscenely expensive Inauguration celebration is going to cost about $170-$180 million.

What is Obama spending all that money on? According to ABC News,

The actual swearing-in ceremony will cost $1.24 million, according to Carole Florman, spokeswoman for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

It’s the security, parties and countless Porta-a-Potty rentals that really run up the bill.

The federal government estimates that it will spend roughly $49 million on the inaugural weekend. Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland have requested another $75 million from the federal government to help pay for their share of police, fire and medical services.

And then there is the party bill.

“We have a budget of roughly $45 million, maybe a little bit more,” said Linda Douglass, spokeswoman for the inaugural committee.

Some of the biggest expenses were a Bruce Springsteen concert (cost unknown) and $700,000 to keep the Smithsonian open late, God only knows why. And who is going to pay for all this extravagant partying? With the U.S. in an economic crisis that may turn out to be worse than the Great Depression, Obama has seen fit not only to spend stunning amounts of money on a party for himself, but also to collect that money from wealthy donors, most of whom contributed $50,000 each.

The biggest group of donors were none other than the recently bailed-out Wall Street executives and employees.

“The finance sector is well represented, despite its recent troubles,” Ritsch said. “Those who worked in finance still managed to pull together nearly $7 million for the inauguration.”

The donors will get some of the best seats in the house for the inauguration, as well as admittance to some of the best balls and other events.

“I don’t think that they’re going to get a whole lot of face time with the new president himself,” Ritsch said, “but they are certainly establishing themselves from day one as his biggest financial supporters. And if there’s something they need or to tell him down the road, they will have an easier time doing that than everyone else.”

Besides Wall Street firms, a large chunk of the money came from employees at companies such as Microsoft, Google and DreamWorks Animation, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer and his wife, Connie, each gave $50,000. So did Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda.

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife, Marilyn, each gave $50,000. Filmmaker and DreamWorks co-founder Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate, both also gave $50,000. And DreamWorks employees gave a total of $275,000.

Billionaire investor George Soros and his family contributed $250,000 to the inauguration, and Google co-founder Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt each donated $25,000.

Other big-name donors who gave $50,000 include filmmaker George Lucas, artist Dale Chihuly, Los Angeles Dodgers President Jamie McCourt. Citigroup managing director Raymond J. McGuire; Oracle President Charles E. Phillips Jr.; actresses Halle Berry and Sharon Stone; and Melvin Simon, co-founder of Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in the United States.

I’m speechless. It appears that we taxpayers are covering at least $7 million of the cost of this dog and pony show. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I find all of this disgusting.

Of course Obama plans to “crack down on” abuses by the bailed out bankers–after the Inauguration is over.

In a letter to Congressional leaders, Mr. Obama’s chief economic adviser vowed that the new administration will exert greater control than its predecessor over banks’ use of taxpayer funds under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The letter was part of the incoming administration’s successful efforts late last week to win the release of the second half of the $700 billion in bailout finds that Congress approved last October.

Responding to criticism of the lack of oversight of banks’ use of the first $350 billion, Lawrence Summers, the incoming director of the National Economic Council, told Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate that the Obama administration would impose tighter restrictions of banks’ dividends, executive compensation, acquisitions and other investments.

The idea, Mr. Summers wrote, is to “prevent shareholders from being rewarded at taxpayers’ expense.”

Call me a cynic, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Anyway the Villagers aren’t shocked by this profligate spending. They are thrilled with the nouveau riche Obamas and their elitist tastes. They don’t seem to have noticed yet–or just don’t care–that many Americans are losing their homes and jobs and can’t pay their bills, much less go out to dinner. Newsweek gushes:

When Barack Obama was elected, foodies rejoiced. Finally, they thought, a president who enjoys the pleasures of fine dining and the virtues of healthy eating! A leader who feels our pain about the skyrocketing price of arugula! In November, San Francisco chef Alice Waters, a pioneer of the organic-food movement, wrote an open letter to the president-elect, suggesting that his eating habits could set an example for the rest of the country. Waters, along with Gourmet magazine’s Ruth Reichl and New York restaurateur Danny Meyer, offered to serve as Obama’s informal “kitchen cabinet.” Their first suggestion: Obama should hire a new White House chef who would cook local, seasonal, organic meals for the first family, preferably with items grown in a presidential garden.

It turns out that the Obamas are actually retaining President Bush’s chef (along with his Defense Secretary). She is the first woman ever to hold the job of White House Chef, and she has already been preparing organic food for the Bushes for years. At least it’s nice to know that Obama will keep her on even though she’s a woman–but will he cut her pay?

The Australian reports that reporters and restaurant owners are also impressed with the President-elect’s tastes in food and drink:

Newspapers and blogs are starting to bristle with stories that Washington is getting its pop and pizazz back.

City restaurateurs are beaming. “He had two martinis,” boasted a staffer at the Equinox restaurant, just across from the White House, where Obama and his wife, Michelle, dined with friends last Thursday. It was an early 45th birthday celebration for the next first lady….The president-elect chose salad greens with chablis poached apples and a watermelon radish as a first course. Michelle Obama had pan-fried Rappahannock oysters. And they both had grilled all-natural striploin steak for the main course.

As a young, glamorous couple known to delight in fine dining and healthy eating, their sophisticated tastes bear little relation to those of rural and working-class America, and that’s a danger for Obama.

Oh, come on! You mean us bitter, gun-toting, dead-enders? Our votes don’t even count. You can certainly tell that story came from the foreign press and not the koolaid soaked Obamamedia.

And what about the incoming White House staffers? Well they’ve taken over a whole formerly poor neighborhood in DC and turned it into a paradise for hip nouveau riche Obots. In 1968, this neighborhood was in the middle of the rioting that rocked the nation’s capital after Martin Luther King’s assassination. Now it is Obamaland.

Until the riots destroyed much of U Street, it had been known as Black Broadway, the center of Washington’s African-American night life, the place where Duke Ellington was born and Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway performed.

After decades of boarded-up and burned-out buildings, drug dealers and prostitutes, the nine-block area has undergone a renaissance and is now the hottest place in Washington to live and to visit — and this time for all races.

As [the]…inaugural draws near, many of the Obama faithful about to take over the White House already live in Shaw, nearby Columbia Heights and Logan Circle. Tommy Vietor, an Obama transition spokesman, and his girlfriend, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary, live nearby. Jon Favreau, a speechwriter for Obama, owns a co-op in a building on 16th Street. Reid Cherlin and Ben LaBolt, both Obama spokesmen, have moved to the area. Even for Obama loyalists who don’t live there, U Street is becoming a communal hangout.

And of course the neighborhood has great food:

Some of the restaurants, such as Marvin and Creme, preserve examples of Southern food, albeit upscale: shrimp and grits, biscuits with gravy, pork and beans. At both places, the shrimp and grits are excellent, the shrimp tender, the grits creamy.

Creme makes a lovely crab cake — all crab, no filler — done up in a spring roll wrapper, as well as several versions of eggs Benedict for brunch, including a Louisiana version with shrimp, andouille sausage and Tabasco hollandaise. The waffles and chicken are enough for two, possibly three, the waffles light and tender, with maple syrup on the side.

The waffles with eggs and bacon at Marvin are equally good, if not good for you, the eggs and bacon well-cooked. Ditto a brioche topped with béchamel sauce, ham, Gruyère cheese and fried egg known as Croque Monsieur.

This is comfort food, big time. But dishes like roasted chicken and oven-roasted salmon and shrimp are found on the Creme menu, while pan-seared halibut and mussels are available at Marvin.

Ben’s Chili Bowl serves many of the same dishes it always has, including the famous half-smokes with chili and cheese, and chili fries. It has always been a favorite of regulars, tourists and celebrities, including longtime patron Bill Cosby.

There’s just one little problem. The gentrification of the neighborhood has driven out “African-Americans on fixed incomes who cannot afford the skyrocketing property taxes.” Isn’t it a terrible shame that the Obama staffers will have to deal with their guilt over that? Poor things!

At leasat it’s a relief to know that the inaugural luncheon tomorrowwill reportedly be a low-cost affair. California winemakers are providing the wines for the connoisseur-in-chief.

It’s a big thrill for Margaret Duckhorn of St. Helena, whose company donated 10 cases — 120 bottles — for the first and second courses of the exclusive luncheon.

“There’s a lot of logistics to getting wine into Washington,” said Duckhorn, co-founder and vice president of Duckhorn Wine Co. “This is obviously a first, to have it served at an inaugural luncheon. It’s very exciting.”

The first course, a seafood stew, will be complemented with a 2007 sauvignon blanc from Duckhorn Vineyards in Napa Valley. It’s billed as a wine with a rich, creamy taste, with bright acidity and a long, refreshing finish.

The second course, pheasant and duck served with sour cherry chutney and molasses sweet potatoes, will be served with a 2005 pinot noir from Goldeneye in Anderson Valley. It’s described as a medium-weight wine that’s delicate and understated, with a rich aroma that’s evocative of dark cherries, nutmeg, caramelized apple, cinnamon and clove.

The third course, an apple cinnamon sponge cake with sweet cream, will come with champagne. It’s a special inaugural cuvee made by Korbel Champagne Cellars, in the Russian River Valley.

The lunch menu is designed to be a tribute to Abraham Lincoln

…who favored root vegetables, wild game, stewed and scalloped oysters, fresh apples and apple cake. It’s meant to be consistent with the overall inaugural theme, “A New Birth of Freedom,” which celebrates the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth.

That’s interesting. Just as a side note, If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think that all this was planned out ahead of time: the first President who admits to being black accepts the nomination on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, gets inaugurated the day after Martin Luther King’s birthday, in the year of the bicentennial of the birth of Lincoln. And the new POTUS is from Illinois! Nah…

Anyway, I’m really really bitter about all this. I don’t like my taxes being used to buy more presidential favors for Wall Street bankers. I don’t like to see the inauguration of a president being compared to royal pomp and circumstance. Frankly, I’m just plain sick to death of Obama and I’m sick and tired of the media lionizing him.

I’m such a bitter, moralistic old hag that I think it would have been a lot more appropriate if the Obamas had toned down their celebration and let the American people know that they are willing to share the sacrifice and suffering that we bitter, old working class folks are in for. I know, fat chance. That would have taken a different kind of person–a real leader. If only we had one of those in the White House I might not be so bitter.

194 Responses

  1. My inaugural meal will consist of kraft slices on saltine crackers, a sour cherry fruit strip (I can gnaw on this throughout the day), 2 jumbo packs of original starbursts (if you put three in your mouth at a time, you can shut down your brain for a few seconds), a $10 jumbo sausage & pepperoni pizza from costco (this will be so much food at once that I’ll feel queezy for a while and very distracted from the historical event), a bottle and a half of 2 buck chuck from trader joe’s and a pecan ball. Cheers!

  2. This makes me sick!

    Like millions of my fellow Americans and I am sure, many of you, I am just barely holding my head above water. I have sold all I could sell to help pay the bills and I am desperately looking for work in an environment that is swamped with people like me!

    Last year, I was given a gift of a Apple laptop..refurbished, by my children. It broke my heart to have to pawn it so I could help my wife with the bills as I am on disability due to an injury I sustained as an Iron worker.

    My taxes have jumped to close to 5 grand a year and I, as millions others, see no help in sight. Far from it. Illinois is one of the highest taxed States in the Union!

    I am not looking for pity from anyone. All I want is a chance to put the skills I have accumulated over 30 years to work! Fat chance of that happening anytime soon! I am happy Obama and his supporters are having the time of their lives while many of us in the “Real” world are suffering!

    Sooner or later, these Zombies will wake to the reality that “Change is gonna come” was not meant for them!

    Thank the Great Spirit I have my Beautiful Wife and kids. As long as I have them, I do not need any material things!

    I wonder if Mee-Chelle or her flip floppin hubby can say the same!

  3. I prefer Skittles myself Sarah! My wife says that those are my version of Crack!…LOL

  4. sounds yummy sarah..

    BB — whatta post. I’m with you my friend.

  5. sorry, but bettah get used to it. just wait until caroline is announced to replace hillary tomorrow. already today the newest zero couple, the bindens, needed to let everyone know that he is a lazy sob and tood the v.p. job…and he of course had first pick.

    let’s just all watch as the obamazombies become disenchanted. hopefully, the economy won’t experience a total collapse, but then i’m more optimistic than most. teh precious will make sure that his and michelle’s 401 k bounces back….or maybe they’ll go into cut rate real estate deals.

  6. sarahfdavis,

    That sounds good. I think I’ll have every kind of bitter, sour, or strong tasting food that I can find in the house (my food money for the month is already gone). Let’s see…I have dill pickles, radishes, grapefruit, a bottle of lemonade, and some strong, overripe cheese. How does that sound?

  7. SOD,

    As SM would say, it’s more Obama porn!

  8. BB — a coupla tablespoons of capers oughta do it.. Make sure to chew and savor!

  9. Oh, BB, I feel your pain. But here’s something that might send your blood pressure through the roof. That “gentrification” plan you mentioned is HUD, Valerie Jarrett, Tony Rezko, Shaun Donovan, and Barack Obama’s “mixed income housing” in a nutshell. I’ve done a few posts on it, but anybody interested can just Google “Jarrett mixed income” or, “Grove Parc.” Or, start with this HUD page:
    Just “mixed income” gets back some interesting hits, too, but add HUD, Jarrett ,Obama, etc., and things get downright compelling.

  10. Sarah: Ok, that is just sad. Here is a quick delicious appetizer that anyone can make with what they have in the fridge.

    Parmesean-onion appaetizers

    4 slices stale bread, crusts removed, quartered
    1-small onion, sliced thin
    1/2 cup mayo
    1/3 cup grated parmesean cheeze
    1/2 tsp paprika

    mix mayo, cheeze and paprika in small bowl. place a few strips of onion on each bread square. top with a dollop of mayo mix. Broil in oven until puffy. Pour a triple whiskey and devour all 16. Wolf them if you must.
    Take a nap.

  11. Cinie,

    That’s just sad. But my blood pressure is fine. I just let my anger out and don’t repress it. Thanks for that info though. Nice to know that Jon Favreau is living in “affordable housing” even though the people who were previously living in the neighborhood can’t afford it.

  12. So many things I want to scream about — I’m only half way through & I have to stop & say this: when the eff did pork & beans become “upscale” or shrimp & grits for that matter? That’s how you can tell the noveau riche — they want to pretend so badly that they are sophisticates & foodies but then they do stupid things like calling a croque-madame a croque-monsieur (crogue-monsieur DO NOT have eggs — if you put an egg on a croque-monsieur it is a croque-madame — dumba$$). Also, they do dumba$$ things like label sparkling wine champagne — nothing from California is “champagne” — champagne can ONLY be produced in Champagne, France. Now, that swill from California may be done in the Methode Champenoise but it is NOT and CANNOT be called champagne — except, of course, by the Nouveau Riche — they don’t know the difference anyway.
    I’m going back to read the rest — more rant later.

  13. Pour a triple whiskey and devour all 16. Wolf them if you must. Take a nap.

    Are you my mom?

  14. And another thing — isn’t that just like those elitist a–holes assuming that the White House chef doesn’t use organic fresh produce — wtf — do they THINK the president of the United States of America serves foreign leaders, etc. with the worst this country has to offer? {rolls eyes} Dumba$$es.

  15. myiq – LOL!

  16. c’mon angie, you know the drill

  17. I was checking through the tv listings. The biography channel is going to have and hour long show on backtrack.
    That has to be at least 55 minutes of commercials.
    Every thing in backtrack’s life has been covered up or hidden.
    How could they have an hour long show?



  18. $180 million — I wonder how many hungry children that would feed? I wonder how much armor that would buy for our troops overseas (after all everyone wanted to know how much Bush’s $42 million last innauguration would buy). Fideling while Rome burns doesn’t even come close to describing this.

  19. No, that’s just what happens. You eat them, you drink the whiskey. You crash.

  20. RD,
    Excellent. I will make that my main course.
    See, I’m classy too!

  21. It’s funny how it’s only the PUMAs who can be consistent on the issue of the expense of the inauguration (as is true with so many other, more substantial issues.)

    Obots of all stripes (if there is more than one stripe anymore in Obotastan) once upon a time could not contain their outrage that Bush would hold a huge inauguration bash for himself in the midst of war.

    Now, we are both still mired in war, but also have a deep recession, and possibly a depression at our doorstep, and Obama sees fit to encourage the most lavish inauguration of all time for himself.

    Not a word of criticism from them of this; only criticism of those who might presume to criticize the expense of the inauguration.

    And the Republicans, who may criticize Obama for the inauguration are no better. They were fine with Bush’s inauguration, so on what ground can they criticize?

    PUMAs can, and do, criticize both.

    That’s what comes from sticking to principles instead of individuals or party.

  22. Let’s play “what would 180 million buy?”

  23. Angie: There is a place in Denver that makes divine, upscale Shrimp and grits. It’s so good you can’t believe it.
    But yeah, considering the times, they should have Nathan’s hot dogs and beer.

  24. What would 180 million dollars buy?
    A very memorable night with me.

  25. Oh, I’m not surprised that Obama wants a woman cooking in the kitchen.

  26. Cinie: Reminds me of the George Bernard Shaw story. He was at a fancy dinner and turned to the lady next to him and asked:

    He:”Would you sleep with me for a million pounds?”
    She: “Well, yes, I suppose I would”
    He: “Would you sleep with me for 10 pounds?”
    She: “No, indeed! What kind of woman do you think I am?!”
    He: “Madam, we have already established the kind of woman you are. Now, we are merely negotiating a price.”

  27. RD — shrimp & grits are so common in the South — everyone makes them — that I have a hard time describing them as “upscale” — they’re delish, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think they are “upscale” — it is comfort food, not “upscale” as is everything else described at Marvins & Creme (and btw, they both sound like places I would like). My problem is with the writer of the article describing the food as “upscale” because he wants to associate the Obamas with “upscale” when he is describing soul food. Why not call it soul food — or is that too ethnic?

  28. I’m already so sick at heart, I’m surprised I’m not in the ICU.. Reading crap like this, and knowing that Hillary Clinton or John McCain would’ve been roasted on a spit for this kind of profligate ego spending just makes me want to scream. Why, oh why, oh why is Obama getting away with this when so many of us are really, really hurting??? Why??? Have we become that much of a zomboid culture? I really am in despair lately. I feel I belong nowhere. I’m not a Republican, and I’m not welcome in the Democratic party. There are so many people with whom I can no longer have intelligent conversations. My neighbor the PhD, the former ardent Hililary supporter who was so upset about rampant misogyny, is now glued to the inaugural festivities and rhapsodizing about a Return To Camelot. Did she have a lobotomy while I was taking a shower? What the hell is going on???????

  29. Welcome to the 2009 replay of the French Revolution!!

  30. Love that George Bernard Shaw quote. True snark!

  31. RD, I admit I’m easy; I’m just not cheap.

  32. RedDragon: I hear ya’ on the tax thing. I live in a townhouse with zero acreage and pay close to $7K in property taxes. It’s only going to get worse.

  33. I hereby volunteer my unlimited labor for a) barricades, b) tumbrels, and c) guillotines. Just let me know where and when, Pat.

  34. Cinie — LMAO!

  35. Oh, and BTW, did you see the fine little show Obama made of his “volunteer work’ on MLK day, and his exhortation for service and sacrifice from the American people?

    And did you see all those touching “service pledges” made by Hollywood celebrities? Eva Langoria will no longer use plastic water bottles! Lucy Liu will ride the subways — the subways!! — when she’s in NY!

    And then he goes off to a $170M bash for his own glorification, and his Hollywood celebrity crowd will indulge every appetite — money no object — at the most exclusive of parties.

    I just love the fake sincerity of it all. Nothing could be more Hollywood — Obama included.

  36. According to Ariana, we are all being “inaugurated” tomorrow.
    Just wish I could “inaugurate” her in my own way. However, I deserve this. Should have kept to my blogging blackout pledge.

  37. Google “auger”

  38. Pat,

    Let them eat shrimp and grits!

  39. frankly0 — word on the street is that tomorrows Greatest.Inauguration.Speech.EVAH will tell us all that our “anything goes” culture is responsible for this economy & that we — the American people– need to take more personal responsibility. I wonder what happened to the Obots screams that merely electing Obama will solve all our problems?

  40. Dear Fellow Kool-Aid Abstainers:


    I hope you enjoy it. We will make it through Tuesday, don’t worry–stay strong!

  41. Ewww, Pat, you go to HuffPo? Voluntarily? She sends me email invites all the time but I never go there.

  42. I wonder what sacrifices the Obamas plan to make. Apparently his inauguration speech is about “taking responsibility.” Is that what it means when you finance your personal party with bailout funds that were supposed to help the economy?

  43. SoD: Fuck Obot Nation….everything they stand for…and the Damn horses they rode in on.

    Amen and a hallelujah chorus!

    This sort of ostentatious BS is supposed to be the domain of the Republicans. What the hell has happened to the Democratic Party? What the hell has happened to America?

  44. I’m not sure what I’ll do for lunch tomorrow, because the Cafe where we always go for soup had a sign up today: Inauguration on Large Movie Screen: starts at 10 a.m.!

    Their loss. I’ll spend my lunch money someplace else.

  45. You have two people who are used to spending like drunken sailors . Why should they be frugal. Other people will carry them.
    Rezko with the house.
    Who paid their way through college?
    Give meechel a job when backtrack votes money for a hospital.
    Meechell spends how much on ugly clothes that don’t help her look any better.
    When if ever have they had to pay their own way?
    Prostitutes have more integrity and honor than either one of the backtracks.



  46. Angie hasn’t he been saying that all along, that we were all going to have to sacrifice, and work and give back? What will all those people who weren’t listening do when they get “volunteered to share?’

  47. How about In-nog-aerated. I think it means to froth your spiked holiday drink.

  48. Oh, now that the ‘anything goes’ election and connected festivities are (thank Zeus) almost over, it’s high time for the rest of us to begin the saltine diet? Thanks for the bulletin, angie.

  49. Was just catching up on RD’s and madamab’s respective posts on MLK and Caroline. Amazing to me after all these years, how the King legacy is still so closely tied for so many to the Kennedy brand. Maybe it’s the history books and how kids are taught. Maybe it’s in the nature of martyrdom. MLK was is and will hopefully remain larger than life, beyond the sixties, way beyond today. JFK is an airport I land in. He and his brother were important figures in this nation’s history during the sixties also, but they remain in the sixties in my mind. Even Jackie moved on, in her mind and in her life. Ted is a politician who does some good and has shown himself to be utterly fallible as a human being, just like his brothers. I do not get why Caroline is doing this. I can’t believe this conviction all of a sudden comes from within her, only. Her clan sees a huge wave from the sixties coming its way, and they are throwing a surfboard at Caroline. Would feel sorry for her, if the whole charade weren’t so damned insulting, to New Yorkers and to Hillary. I still think it will be either Kirsten or Carolyn. My regard for Paterson, who is so new to everyone including me, is higher than that. But it’ll drop like a lead ball if he does do the unthinkable.

    Boston Boomer, enjoyed the read on the bougie cost of the bougie inauguration. When America is rich or thinks it’s rich, it is always nouveau riche seems to me. We have no Mayflower or Jamestown royalty, we just have the Kennedys and perhaps the Bushies, most certainly not the Clintons, and we have dupid bankers many of whom will be should be going to prison. So though it’s fun to make fun of arugula, and I do it all the time myself, the real point that you make vigorously is the 150 mil spent on the swearing in. If we are capable of Live Aid in this country, why oh why would be not turn this ceremony in these hard times into something that felt non commercial, at the very least. Cause the networks have sold a huge amount of ad time during this lovefest extended weekend. The only answer I can think of, and it’s not an excusable answer, is that the inaug is part of the 800 billion economic stimulus package, not just financially but emotionally (more important) as well. 150m after all is only, what, one five thousandth of the stimulus bill, the obot nation sees the obot nation on TV celebrating and spending, and maybe they just might open their wallets a bit as well, which is the whole point of a stimulus plan, to prime the pump, to rev the transmission, to roll that snowball down the hill. Mind you, I don’t know if I buy all that, but Nancy, Harry, Bozo and everyone else knows the energy and infra jobs to come from the stimulus package will take many months, more likely years. And in my view, any stimulus will be short lived if the banks remain frozen. If Tarp does not work, the stimulus plan could be dead on arrival. So back to the point, during the celebration tomorrow, even as Barry is speechifying about service to the community, the TV channels will be breathlessly roaming DC to project the high and ecstasy, and Nancy, Rahm, maybe even Paulson and Bernanke will be praying people across the land will start believing that things are on their way back to normal. The self fulfilling desusion, so to speak. Course nothing is further from the reality, and the most we might expect is a blip of spending on the radar. Maybe BamBam could get one of those weekly TV variety shows that Chavez of Venezuela demands his people tune into, so everyone can get their dose of the hopium. Obamalot has one of those already I believe on YouTube. These are very challenging times.

  50. The cellar dwelling Obots will be get an extra large bag of Cheeto’s by way celebration. These are the idiots who brought us this “progressive” candidate. I would like to thank all those 18-25 yr olds who made this happen along with the “elites” who have rolled out this obscenity at the expense of the taxpayers and fat cats who could care less about Joe and Jane Sixpack who had to cut back on food shopping this week.

    Expect to see Nero on the Capital Steps providing background music as the crowds weep and wave at those two phonies.

  51. Thanks, BB. I thought I was the only bitter old hag getting more and more depressed as the evening went on. Somebody had to say it, and you said it well. This is why O is not really, but only technically a boomer. I have noticed this among even my own friends. It’s not a date, its a mindset. If you think money, power, status, and the pursuit of all three are the most important things in life, if you do not place moral, ethical, and personal obligations to others first in your life, then you are not a boomer no matter when you were born.

  52. I’m bad, I know, I just have to take a peek every so often. The page almost jumps through the screen at you in their over the top effusiveness. They are so “pumped up”.

  53. Back in moderation once again.

  54. Good lord!
    I’m sorry, but this really cheeses me!
    Great Post BostonBoomer!

  55. The only thing good about tomorrow is the long awaited departure of Bush. It was almost as if this day would never come.

    However, since I have been on a news blackout due to my fear of diabetes emanating from listening to the goo being dished out about Obama, I have discovered “The Family Guy”.

    Hilarious! Never saw it before these last 7 days.

  56. I swear, you’d think they it was a coronation of an emperor, instead of a Democratically selected President.
    Hell in a handbasket! I am fuming over here! GODDESS, THIS PISSES ME THE F*CK OFF!

  57. angienc2, on January 19th, 2009 at 10:37 pm Said:

    Oh, I’m not surprised that Obama wants a woman cooking in the kitchen.
    Bush hired the first WH exec. chief, Cristeta Comerford. (I guesss he did one thing right in eight years)


  58. Back Bay: Oh? As a person born at the tail end of the baby boom like Obama, I have to tell you that from where I sit, babyboomers were all about power and money. The fun stopped just about the time when I would have been able to benefit. Gone were the cheap starter homes, 6 year income averaging and cheap tuition. I got nuthin; while the BB generation ahead of me lived it up. Greed was good. Their children caught affluenza.
    To those of us who came late to the party, the BB’s had eaten the buffet and drained the beer ball.
    All we got were crumbs.

    *continues to throw things and throw furious fit of rage*
    *tears hear out. Tries not to cry*

  60. *continues temper tantrum*

  61. Cinie — you are right, he has been talking this cr@p all along, but that part got kind of pushed aside with the “oceans’ rise will fall” rhetoric — I can’t wait to see those slacker blogger boyz come out of the basement and start “volunteering” — 1,000 bucks says each and everyone of them will say “but I didn’t think he was talking about me!” BWAHAHAHA!!

  62. Unless I am now suffering blackouts, I have never witnessed anything this insufferable leading up to an inauguration in my entire life! Non stop! Everywhere!

    I am even afraid to go down cellar fearing he might pop out from behind the furnace. Or Chris Matthews wants to interview me about the day I came to love Obama. Insanity!

  63. i just have this feeling that it is going to be on the tv at work tomorrow. i have pretty much been able to avoid most of the news this past month. god, when will this end? bo has a bm…flash, it’s news. bo says he is the reincarnation of lincoln,….flash, it’s news. i know there is stuff going on around the world, but it’s tough trying to find it.

    truly, this is a historic occasion. i’m just bitter that race trumps gender. i just wish i was able to watch and enjoy. but truly, barack and michelle just bug the dickens out of me. i wish them well, but think they should be like children of yore…seen and not heard.

  64. Evening Angie.
    I’m sorry guys…
    I was just thinking about how I would have felt tomorrow, or any day in the next few years, if a woman were taking the oath of office as President or Vice President, and before I knew it I was crying. For the first time in months. I keep thinking I am over this, but I’m not.
    I keep thinking about how the celebrations wouldn’t be this extravegent, if it were a vagina taking the aoth tomorrow instead of a Penis.
    How the press would be playing it down as much as possible.
    But in reality all these women would be crying on the streets. And every woman in America would be watching.
    And I thought about it, and now I come to this post about how much f*cking money is being spent on this inauguration, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and it was just the icing on the f*cking cake.

  65. Sigh. I wish I could be excited about getting rid of Bush.

    The problem is, we haven’t. That’s why the Villagers are so Ogasmic.

    Europe has got to be laughing so hard at us right now. What a bunch of spoiled, gullible children we are!

    Let’s hope we survive four more years of Bush, because that’s what we’re getting…but instead of a fake country bumpkin, we are getting a fake sophisticate.

  66. It is unbearable, all this obsessive hoopla over it.

  67. You are right Madamabm we are not getting rid of him, we are installing his clone.

  68. Hey everyone. I went on a rant some minutes ago, guess it may have been too much. But you guys are the only thing it seems keeping me away from all the noise.

  69. bb — in my ranting I forgot to thank you for this great post & to especially thank you for calling them out as noveau riche — there is nothing I hate more then the noveau riche & that is exactlywhat they are. I know I’ve posted this before, but I’m posting it again: as my grandfather always said: “I can take stupid people. I can take mean people. The only people I can’t stand are the noveau riche.”
    Truer words were never spoken.

  70. I was fuming back during the campaign when Michelle told working mothers in Zanesville, Ohio that they should go into a life of service.

    These people do not understand service AT ALL!

    Also, they act like they discovered organic food. It really irritates me that they tell everyone how to live. Aaaaagghhh. I don’t want to be like her, like them!!! Anyway, too bad we can’t all afford to eat so well all the time. I guess maybe we are too ignorant to appreciate good food.

    Anyway, I think he is a boomer if he drinks martinis.

    btw, the bummer about property taxes is that it is not as if you can downsize in this housing market. Or work into retirement when there aren’t any jobs. I told my son that he can’t come home now because I rented his room.

  71. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. People are losing jobs, or at least fear that theirs is next, healthcare is out of sight, food prices are escalating, heating your home is difficult, mortgages are at risk for failure, and the clowns down there in DC could care less.

    The Russian czars would be impressed but for the rest of us who struggle, it leaves a bitter taste.

  72. Scruz:

    Some companies aren’t planning anything as elaborate as, say, Marriott but still are acknowledging the day. They know some employees don’t just want to watch the proceedings; they want to watch together. Microsoft (MSFT), HBO (TWX), Astra Zeneca, among others, are providing the space and extra televisions so that they can. Some companies, too, might prefer that employees watch on TV rather than online since there’s less chance of servers crashing that way.


  73. B & M turned an historic occasion into a circus.

  74. As a person born at the tail end of the baby boom like Obama, I have to tell you that from where I sit, babyboomers were all about power and money.

    RD, you’re painting with waaaay too broad a brush here. I was born at the other end of the BB generation, and about all I’ve got to show for it are my ideals and about 20 cents in the bank. I was there for the Kennedy assassination, the Bay of Pigs, civil rights, the women’s movement, the Vietnam War, Watergate, and everything that followed (including financial ruin thanks to Katrina). I’ve voted my conscience all these years. I’ve tried to be part of positive change. I’ve never put my wallet ahead of my integrity (and believe me, it shows). There are many others out there just like me. I’m sorry, but I’m getting a bit testy about all the gratuitous bashing of boomers. Haven’t we had enough of that from the Obots?

  75. Evening Angie.
    I’m sorry guys…
    I was just thinking about how I would have felt tomorrow, or any day in the next few years, if a woman were taking the oath of office as President or Vice President, and before I knew it I was crying. For the first time in months. I keep thinking I am over this, but I’m not.
    I keep thinking about how the celebrations wouldn’t be this extravegent, if it were a v*gina taking the oath tomorrow instead of a P*nis.
    How the press would be playing it down as much as possible.
    But in reality all these women would be crying on the streets. And every woman in America would be watching.
    And I thought about it, and now I come to this post about how much f*cking money is being spent on this inauguration, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and it was just the icing on the f*cking cake.

  76. Nighty-night all!

    Let the morons have their O-ment.Ooooh – an O-ment – something that should be great but fails to live up to its potential!

    Anyway – this O-ment will soon be over. Then we will see what happens. Something tells me that a whole lotta bots are going to be bitter before July 4. Maybe they will declare their Independence from Obama…

  77. Fran — I call bs — I bet you $100 it was vodka martini — not a “real” martini (which is made with gin — Bombay Saphirre preferably, according to my grandfather). Coming from a long line of WASPs on my father’s side nothing annoys me so much as people who call vodka martinis just “martinis”– it is like calling a vodka collins a tom collins. They are two different drinks.

  78. So true Fran. And all this whole foods BS. I have never met such Posers as those two, and posers irritate me to no end. Like Tweeny Boppers, so tempting to slap.

  79. My earlier post was a quote from the Business Week article. Pepsi and Marriot are really planning big deals for workers, some companies approve watching online, but Pepsi’s gonna have corresponding seminars.

  80. Night madamab!

  81. Kat5: Well, *someone* between you and me made out like a bandit.

  82. Night madamab!

  83. Pepsi’s gonna have corresponding seminars.

    And on that note, cinie, I. Just. Plain. Quit.

  84. Hey Fran, you don’t happen to bake bread do you?

  85. baby boomers deserve respect! They changed the world, after all…
    In a way no other generation has.

  86. Kat: We are not relevant anymore. They have already told us that. This circus is being brought to us by a generation who has never had to make a sacrifice in their lives. From the moment they were born they were told how special they were and the road ahead was paved for them from the outset.

    We have to keep in mind that this is a generation for the most part that was “planned” and whose main qualification was that they lived up to and beyond their parents expectations. And whatever it took to achieve that goal was expended on their behalf. The term “helicopter parent” was an offshoot.

    Getting their hands dirty was never part of the bargain. Try to find a paperboy or a kid willing to shovel your walk these days. Few exist.

  87. Angie,

    The “nouveau riche” part was for you. LOL! I definitely think Jon Favreau qualifies for that description.

  88. Hi Little Isis!!

    Pat J — take it easy on the czars — at least they firmly believed that they were entitled by God to rule . . . oh, never mind.

  89. RD, I think most baby Boomers live no better lives than we do. I mean, yes there is greed, but there is greatness too. You can’t forget that!

  90. angienc is in rare form tonight… well rested from the long weekend I see…

  91. RD,

    I guess I missed out on the greed stuff. I don’t fit your description.

  92. bb — I suspected as much! Thank you bb!! Love it! {{{bb}}}

  93. Fran, on January 19th, 2009 at 11:08 pm Said:
    Also, they act like they discovered organic food. It really irritates me that they tell everyone how to live.
    The definition of what can be labeled as “organic” has been so corrupted by the USDA, it’s almost a joke. Another interesting thing about organic produce is that it is fertilized with manure rather than “chemical” fertilizers. The problem is that a lot of the manure is from animals that are getting huge doses of antibiotics that are then found in the produce.

  94. Great post! Just remember, the higher they fly, the harder they fall. It’s just a shame he’ll be taking us all with him.

  95. Little Isis, did you see your non-pantsuity wife on today? She looked amazing and talked about going to DQ yesterday and how politicians don’t get teh cost of a crate of diapers. If it gets repeated, you must watch!!!!!

  96. elderj — how are you? did you know you were the unanimous winner of the “sexist male conflucian” last night? LOL Some people thought you would be embarrassed, but I knew you would secretly like it.

  97. Angie, totally with you there on the martini. Think the younger generation can’t handle gin, they don’t have a taste for things bitter. They just want to get juiced bland and easy without working through the scrapping flavor of gin on their tongues.

  98. Pat J — take it easy on the czars — at least they firmly believed that they were entitled by God to rule . . . oh, never mind.

    Sorry, I missed out on the conversation, but that sounds a lot like BO.

    Oh, Angie! How it cheers me to see you on this thread!

    *gives hugs, kisses, and snuggles*

  99. angie: Just in case you missed it, but Farrakhan has already decreed that Obama is indeed “sent from God”. Couple that with Nasty Nancy’s comments and throw in Oprah’s “The One” and I am sure you will agree that he definitely is keeping company with the czars.

    I just felt a fresh case of the vapors coming on.

  100. Kat5 – I am with you. And, have no money for the same reasons (well, not Katrina – but other ‘challenges’). Not sure you are typical, though.
    I am really wondering what I am going to do. Fortunately I am used to doing with little.
    Most of my friends and siblings care too much, I think, about money. They are ‘sophisticated’ consumers. My older sister really has a nerve to complain since she is the most affluent of all.
    Anyway, I understand.

  101. angienc – I had no idea! hahaha! I will gladly take a bow in secret gratitude!

  102. Seriously, on January 19th, 2009 at 11:19 pm Said:

    Little Isis, did you see your non-pantsuity wife on today? She looked amazing and talked about going to DQ yesterday and how politicians don’t get teh cost of a crate of diapers. If it gets repeated, you must watch!!!!!

    OMG!!!! My Winky, chick on the side??? Palin??? Can you give link, or at least tell me where to find on youtube or other website???
    *must see, wifey!*

    (sorry Angie, my other wife calls)

  103. EEEWWWW!
    Seriously PatJ?
    He just repulses me sometimes, with the messianic, creepy, emperor, monarchy overtones….

  104. 3 Wickets — thank you — and don’t even get me started on the corruption of concotions like “chocolate martinis” — first of all, it is a chocolate vodka martini, but second of all — it is a dessert — it isn’t a martini! For crying out loud — they want to emulate the 50s WASP but they can’t even handle a real martini — bet none of them can swallow scotch without grimacing either.

    btw — I seem to be making a lot of bets tonight — must be the ad economy — gambling goes up when the economy goes down.

  105. littleisis: Seriously. I expect him to walk to the podium without his feet touching the ground.

  106. frenly (almost always elderj…), on January 19th, 2009 at 11:22 pm Said:

    angienc – I had no idea! hahaha! I will gladly take a bow in secret gratitude!

    LMAO!! 🙂

  107. Wait, was elderj voted “sexist” or “sexiest?!”

    Was I even nominated?

  108. Angie:

    You would despise my Wicked Step Mother, lol

    I heart you more and more, every day!

  109. Pat J — I guess it didn’t come off like I intended — I meant the “oh, never mind” to mean that yes, Obama also thinks he was entitled by God to rule. LOL

  110. omg omg omg….
    This website is so scary!
    I want to run away and hide!

  111. DYB — it was sexiest — so much misogyny this year, I got confused (not that I’m much of a speller). But no, DYB — I think we have been thinking you are a girl. Sorry! (but you don’t have a picture, so it really isn’t our fault!)

  112. angie – My boomer boyfriend in college went from smoking pot to drinking martinis! (I don’t know which kind) after he went on to his career.
    rd – I used to bake bread when I was a student, and made my own yogurt, but I don’t eat much bread, so I don’t make it.
    The funny thing is that I am not a particularly good cook, but my son is a gourmet cook. We joke that he became that way in self defense.

    I suspect that those of us here, who are boomers, may not be the ‘typical’ boomer. Probably part of the reason we are here!

  113. I don’t like alcohol, that much. It’s amazing how much drinking is ingrained into the culture of business and work though, not so much anymore in America, but almost everywhere else abroad. Will say though, if you drink or pretend to drink, you’ve got to be able to handle whiskey and gin. Jack or Wild Turkey for the former, Tanqueray or Sapphire the latter. Vodka is for Eastern Europeans and kids in college doing Kamikaze shots.

  114. on what post.?.. I would love to see all the categories (I haven’t been on in a couple days)

  115. there is a website called *is Barack Obama the Mess*ah”

    It is so scary.

    I tried to paste the link but was put in moderation.

    EEEEK! It so creepy! there are all these creepy portraits and such!

  116. Li, it was teh Glenn beck? show I think. She had her hair down and looked just gorge and he seemed like he might have trouble continuing because of his mad crush. LOL Cute as a button as usual.

  117. angie: No disagreement. We both see him for what he is. It is he and his followers who view him as a king. I would refuse him a crown at Burger King if I had my way.

  118. I think (I hope) that the Is Barack the Messiah website is satirical, but who can tell these days.

  119. for real Seriously, I think the website is dead serious….

  120. Pat, they crowned him King today. Tomorrow, he’ll be crowned Lincoln.

  121. Cinie: LOLOL! And loved your take over at PUMA pac this weekend regarding “poetry”. Cracked me up! Why? Because I wholeheartedly agree.

  122. 3 Wickets — don’t get me wrong — I like vodka but I’m a WOMAN — not to be sexist here, but come on, some drinks are for women, some are for men — i.e. vodka, rum = women’s drinks; whiskey, gin & scotch = men’s drinks. Think about it: women drink rum & cokes, screwdrivers. Men order whiskey on the rocks. (exception for whiskey sours, mint juleps & old fashioneds — women drink those, but they have a lot of sugar in them).

    Drinking is ingrained in all aspects of life in New Orleans, btw.

  123. Thank you PJ. My problem with poetry is that a lot of it is like Obie, pretentious, rambling and without substance.

  124. littleisis,

    That website has been around for a long time, and it is meant be snark.

  125. I have to admit – all of that food sounds really good – if we were living in the prosperous 90s. This is the reason why the French Revolution was started – the haves and have nots are clearer than ever before. People are being thrown out of their homes and being laid off and King Obama has a $170-80 million feast? I guess he doesn’t care anymore since he knows Americans are just happy that our next president isn’t Bush and he can get away with this. This just shows he has no shame or limits. Oh, and I’m sure he’ll go after those bankers who donated millions to his party. SURE. The only people he’s going after are those who rely on government programs to put food on the table.

  126. Was wondering if RD was in the US marines at an earlier stage of her life. Struck me when she went on that basic training drill the other day about “this is my roller, there are many like it, but this one is mine, and so on.”

  127. elderj — it was on the “girly girl post for afrocity” last night — there were not categories — it was an informal vote — in the thread afrocity asked “who is the sexiest male on TC?” and you won unanimously.

  128. Thx… hilarious thread btw!!

  129. Little Isis & Seriously — I think that website is satire.

  130. Cinie: I agree. If it is about a tree then say so. I do not wish to clomp through the hyperbole without any idea of what the hell the poet is trying to say, then be made to think I am a dolt for not recognizing it.

    I’ll stick to “Roses are Red, etc.” Can’t be anymore profound than that.

  131. Angie, guess all my mates past and present drank whiskey and back in college smoked lucky strikes. I see your pt though, and Rum is good, for sure.

  132. Fran, MO isn’t the the next Jackie Kennedy, she’s the next Nancy Reagan. Let them eat arugula! (Instead of “Let them eat ketchup!”) Except that Nancy, sadly, had more fashion sense.

  133. I remember a lot of complaining over Bill Clinton’s first Inaugural – how expensive it was and how ridiculous it was to have all these stars there. Heck, even people I knew who volunteered on his campaign were really angry that he didn’t cancel everyhing except for the Swearing-In ceremony.

    FWIW, the current and future White House Chef actually started working during the Clinton Administration. The guy she replaced – who was the one who hired her – Walter Scheib praised her to the skies in his White House memoirs. By the way, he practically worshipped Hillary Clinton.

  134. I laughed all the way through the thread where I was voted “sexiest male conflucian”…

  135. I couldn’t sit through Glen Beck long enough to watch the Sarah interview. He was particularly annoying today. He had Rove on and Rove was calling Obama presumptuous for doing the whole Lincoln thing. It’s a sad day in Muddville when you have to agree with Carl Rove.

  136. LI–I read what you said upthread–it makes me sad all the old women who were born before women were allowed to vote coming in this year and now knowing their day will never come, and it will never come because these horrible bigoted men will never let it come. Will do anything to stop it.

  137. DisenfranchisedVoter, I used to think Obots were the Sans Culottes and Barry their Robespierre, but maybe I had it wrong. BamBam can be Louis XVI no prob, but I have trouble with Michelle being Marie A.

  138. I was voted “sexiest male conflucian”

    I demand a revote – and half of your delegates no matter how the revote comes out.

  139. I had no idea about a vote.

  140. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2009/01/19/emily_list/

    try not to shed a tear or two when you read this. it should have been the best candidate.

  141. Yeah, my rant made the cut 10:52, for any who might care, not.

  142. myiq, you can’t have delegates and a revote. BTW, just go for the delegates, much better deal.

    And don’t feel bad, nobody appreciates my Amazonian statuesquicity.

  143. Seriously – My MIL, who will be 97yo next month, was a BIG Hillary fan. I suddenly realized one day what she had lived through and started to ask her. She is very alert and calls me often. Her son died 12 years ago, in large part because, being a musician, he did not have medical insurance. Our son, her only grandchild, was 16.

  144. myiq2xu – apparently you’re willing to use the BO strategy against me… I followed the rules and campaigned fairly and won the majority of votes, and since this isn’t the DNC, I’m willing to go to the convention to fight for the nomination to stand!!

  145. I was not in on the vote at the beginning. But I will cast mine for myiq just to even it up. Not that I think he is deserving, or that I am playing suck up, just out of respect for FL and MI.

  146. Sexiest? Though it was for sexist male conflucians. My bad.

  147. I’m willing to go to the convention to fight for the nomination to stand!!

    You’re just trying to kneecap me!

  148. You’re not supposed to demand a revote, you”re supposed to demand a revote and then refuse to allow one to go forward and then demand half the delegates plus most of elderj’s votes that you feel would go to you in a parallel universe. You clearly weren’t paying attention.

  149. RD, I demand to know if you were in the US marines. Guess you’ve tucked in.

  150. Elderj won — myiq, get over it! 😉

    New thread up!

  151. You clearly weren’t paying attention.

    You’re a racist bitter knitter!

  152. Yeah.

  153. Pat J –just remember, a vote for myiq is a vote for that “thing” Care to reconsider?

  154. I understand that periodically, when myq2xu is feeling down, the claws come out

  155. myiq – maybe you should point out how you don’t look like those other guys on the dollar bill, and how they are going to say you are a clown………

  156. 3 Wickets — RD just posted a new thread She may still be up. Go there to ask.

  157. angiec2:

    Wanna be in my Cabinet???

  158. And create a sock puppet army to cast overwhelming votes for you. And threaten anyone who doesn’t support you. And don’t forget to trot out the “r” word.

    Isn’t it sad that in Omerica, they really do think they’ve “won” when they cheat and falsify votes?

  159. elderj @12:05 — LMAO!!

  160. ha ha Three Wickets…I was going to ask you what time…I’ll go check it out…

  161. myiq — you know it. 😉

  162. TWEETY!

    Help me!

  163. Wouldn’t it be historic to have a clown elected?

  164. Pat–the vote has closed! If you want to vote absentee, you have to get your ballot in by election day. myiq is using you to undermine our democracy.

  165. angie: Good point. I hate those “things”. Just that, like kudzu, myiq kind of grows on you after awhile. You may not want it, you try to shrug it off, you may even detest it after awhile, but there it is. He deserves a chance just for being.

  166. But I had no idea that there was to be an election. I demand a do over!

  167. “maybe you should point out how you don’t look like those other guys on the dollar bill, and how they are going to say you are a clown………”

    LOL That went into myiq’s brief where he’s asking the judge to keep all his precincts open later….

  168. Frankly0, I know I was moved at Obama staging his National Day of Service on Monday. Does he really think that the whole country had today off for the MLK holiday?

    Also, am I the only person who is offended by Obama’s assumption that people aren’t serving or contributing to their communities?

  169. BostonBoomer, I AM “Very, Very Angry” — How did you know.

    I love you.

  170. I love you too. {{{Katiebird.}}}

  171. for angienc — I would surely rather be nouveau riche than what we will, all of us, be soon enough: nouveau poor! (But your grandpa does sound like a kick!)

  172. I used to think Obots were the Sans Culottes and Barry their Robespierre, but maybe I had it wrong.

    We’re planning the revolution right here.

    Further proof the Obamas are nouveau riche is their favorite restaurant is nouvelle cuisine-nouveau riche Spiaggia for victory parties, anniversaries and birthdays. I don’t need special occasions to eat there and would go for something upscale like Trotter’s.

  173. Spiaggia? What is this, 1986? Oh, wait a minute–

  174. ok, i am here alone again. donnadarko — I was young and poor when I lived in Chicago, so my favorite place was a little Ethiopian place named Mama Desta’s, which I think is probably not there anymore. (It was near the punkin’ donuts on Belmont.) Now that I am old Trotter’s sounds mighty good though.

  175. Jadzia — that isn’t even his best line — his best line was when he would tell his 4 daughters: “It is ok to be an old maid; just don’t be an old p*ssy” (an old p*ssy = is prissy, virginal, uptight woman — married or unmarried) LMAO! He was a kick.

  176. Jadzia — an I’m sure you realize it, but “noveau riche” (the way my grandfather used it) had little to do with money, more with attitude.

  177. This is a dark night…..

  178. Oh, I do. “I’m just playing with you.” Hearing about your grandpa is making me miss my kicky grandma! She was a hoot who took no s*it from ANYBODY. And she taught me how to trowel on the makeup like a showgirl. (Yep, Serbian side of the family.) Why did she have to die at 70 and Strom Thurmond got to live to be 125?

  179. BostonBoomer, I think it’s wildly out of place to be spending this sort of money during times like this. I’d feel the same way if I knew someone planning a $20,000 wedding. It’s the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time.

  180. Jadzia, exactly!

    You win the Presidency and you eat at SPIAGGIA?????

    I may have eaten there on my SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY. MAYBE.

  181. Right, elitism and nouveau riche are about attitude not about money.

    All I have to say today is tacky tacky no class.

  182. DD: Ha ha ha ha ha! I do remember WANTING to eat at Spiaggia. Once, in college. Because I had never been to a city before and, to my 17-year-old self, it seemed like the height of sophistication.

  183. It wasn’t sophisticated even in 1986. Edgy maybe.

  184. Some of the biggest expenses were a Bruce Springsteen concert (cost unknown)

    Bruce Springsteen also refused to participate in or even to talk to Bob Geldorf about the Live Aid concerts. Even tho he was in England at the time. Later he said he regretted not doing so, because he obviously lost a lot of free publicity. (from Geldorf’s autobiography)

  185. Kat5-I’m with you re boomers.

    Being born in 1950, meant looking for a job in the 70s- there was an enormous recession then, and a lot of unemployment, together with the oil crisis and spiralling inflation. The dollar plunged during the early 70s.
    The 80s saw a lot of money around, but also an incredible rise in house prices, and high mortgage rates. Rust belt areas were left to rot.
    Reagan introduced drip-down economics and upped military spending, Bush the first Iraq war.
    By the mid 90s when things got easier, you were already too old.

  186. What? Nouveau Riche? Is it somehow better to have inherited all your wealth than have earned it? And what’s wrong with eating healthy? Would it be better to live off a diet of Spam and Yoo-Hoo? And $7 Million of taxpayers money for an inauguration may seem high, but what about TRILLIONS of dollars that have been spent on a futile war? Get your priorites straight, there are things we should be angry about, the fact that Obama likes Arugula isn’t one of them.

  187. Awesome post bostonboomer, thank you so much!

    When our nation’s backbone is straining under the burdens of poverty, no health care, joblessness and despair a little bit of restraint is in order.

    The whole supposed “theme” of this inauguration is service and sacrifice, it would have been nice to see some.

    It is overblown, overstaged and way too expensive, but I suppose that’s what we are to expect after all.

  188. It’s so weird. It’s like he’s sticking it to everybody.

  189. David’

    You mean the futile war that Obama is continuing to fund? Isn’t Gates great? Can you feel the change?


    Don’t ask me what the problem with earning money is, perhaps you should direct that question to Donna Brazille? I mean after all she is the one who said the new coalition didn’t need working class.

    For the record I don’t consider a kickback where your salary doubles because your husband is a Senator really “earning” money.

  190. I have less problem with noveau riche then I do with the fact that a very large portion of the money being spent wasn’t THEIRS.

    Bruce Springsteen or Health Care whichg do I consider a priority? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

  191. Noveau rich means” new money” guys. Saying it isn’t about money sounds silly.

  192. We at the Confluence connect humor with serious issues. Nouveau riche is Spiaggia with its expensive prices and tiny portions and what you’ll get with an Obama administration. Throwing trillions around to bail out financial criminals while stressing responsibility and pulling oneself up by ones bootstraps for the victims – the American people. It’s also the tacky, no class way they treated the Clintons, people who worked their way up from nothing and spent their lives serving people and the way they treated every constituency who did nothing to them but they felt necessary to insult on their way to the Presidency.

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