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“Have peace now”

Said Goldberry to the hobbits:

“Have peace now,’ she said, ‘until the morning! Heed no nightly noises! For nothing passes door & window here save moonlight & starlight & the wind off the hilltop. Good night!’ She passed out of the room with a glimmer & a rustle. the sound of her footsteps was like a stream falling gently away downhill over cool stones in the quiet of night.

As you may recall, they finished their quest.

Velvet Shoes

Let us walk in the white snow

In a soundless space;

With footsteps quiet and slow,

At a tranquil pace,

Under veils of white lace.

I shall go shod in silk,

And you in wool,

White as white cow’s milk,

More beautiful

Than the breast of a gull.

We shall walk through the still town

In a windless peace;

We shall step upon white down,

Upon silver fleece,

Upon softer than these.

We shall walk in velvet shoes:

Wherever we go

Silence will fall like dews

On white silence below.

We shall walk in the snow.

Elinor Wylie

179 Responses

  1. Thank you for being the way you have been today, RD. For me, it has been perfect, especially this final post.

  2. my husband has predicted………..

    that tomorrow, Obama will walk across the surface of the reflecting pool….

    and stride over to the Tidal Basin, reach in and grab a fish, and with that one fish, feed the multitudes…

    since the Tidal Basin is polluted, sadly the multitudes will be poisoned and die. but Obama will lay hands on all of them and they will be brought back to life, healthier than ever!

    tomorrow will be an amazing day! too bad I have to work and I’ll miss all of it

  3. What a beautiful poem. Having never been even close to wealthy and never having wished to be, I’ve learned to appreciate the wonders of life on earth. I love the winter, I enjoy the snow, and I had fun shoveling today. The world outside my house is gorgeous and all white and peaceful. I’ve survived a lot in my life, and I will survive Obama. I will survive because I’m comfortable with who I am and I’m not afraid to feel my feelings, even the painful ones like anger.

  4. It is a lovely poem and a fitting close to the day.

  5. Yeah, what BB said!

  6. kiki: Hysterical!

  7. Love you, BB. So true.
    Beautiful poem, RD!

  8. Obama, too, will pass…like a painful kidney stone, perhaps, but he will pass. The next few days will be bad, but things will subside. The Oborgs will go away to their sad lives and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

  9. I can tell it’s a nice poem but it has the dreaded “s” word in it. I have an absolute horror of snow. but yeah, it is nice.

  10. Hi scrubs!

  11. So true DYB. Like my favorite Scene from LOTR:

  12. will the obots ever be embarrassed that they *saw* something that wasn’t there? or has America passed over into a permanent truly dumbass alternate reality state? it didn’t start with Obama. I remember being mystified after 9-11 when people were suddenly calling Bush “presidential”….wtf???? they saw what they wanted to see. Obama saw that and raised it to an art. I’ll give him credit for that. my fear is that it isn’t a temporary malady.

  13. Hey LI.

    Was looking for you last night (your morning) – Reg gave me Hillary for the next few days.

  14. [A person who shall not be named] discusses the Biden VP/SOS comment and decides to hit us once again –

    “I am also not sure if this does, as Jake Tapper suggests, open a Clinton can of worms but perhaps it does. I am going to guess that apart from the lunatic PUMA fringe, this story, while amusing, won’t matter at all.”

    —- if it doesn’t matter at all why did he bother to post on it and since he was one of us why we are now lunatic —

    [Post slightly edited to remove name of person who threw hissy fit and demanded to never be mentioned at TC ever ever ever again!]

  15. scrubs, did you know? Angie and I are to be wed!

  16. Scrubs:

    Pah1 I will steal her from you!

  17. I know RD is (or was) goldberry, but I h0pe the implication isn’t that I’m a hobbit — I’m not short — I’m dainty & aristocratic! 🙂

  18. kiki:

    since the Tidal Basin is polluted, sadly the multitudes will be poisoned and die. but Obama will lay hands on all of them and they will be brought back to life, healthier than ever!

    OMH! LMAO!

  19. why constant attacks on PUMAs? I will never know.

  20. Angie,

    I think RD is just trying to be soothing today–to keep us from losing our minds. I already lost mine years ago, but I still like the snow poem.

  21. kiki> Personally I don’t think the majority of Obama supporters will realize anything because I don’t think they have any actual reasons for their worship. It’s all about “hope” and “change.” If you ask them what it means – they’ll just talk more about “hope” and “change.” They don’t care that he’s spending $170 million on the party and that Rick Warren is reading the invocation. It’s all about symbolism. They have no specific reasons for supporting him. And in a few days they’ll go back to their normal lives and feel good about themselves. They will pay no attention to what Obama does; they haven’t paid any attention to what he’s done until now. They’ll just live happy with the knowledge that they were part of an experience and made history. That’s where their involvement in this process ends. I don’t think there’ll be any mass awakenings. And we’ll do it all over again in four years.

  22. And after he brings them back to life, he’ll make them do jumping jacks and then send them to ACORN to do public service (ie, steal votes for him).

  23. Cinie has a funny post up –

    I’ve Read Today’s News For You and follows it by a hundred Obama Obama Obama Obama…..

  24. DYB: I think that yours is an accurate synopsis.

  25. littleisis> Notice how he calls PUMA “fringe?” PUMA is so irrelevant that they keep talking about it. This has been true from the very beginning. They talk and talk about PUMA, and all the time they talk about how irrelevant it is. But they can’t really explain why their minds keep snapping to something irrelevant. It’s bizarre!

  26. BTW folks, don’t mention that name again. That person (initials CL) threw a hissy fit awhile back and demanded to never be mentioned here again because we are so terribly tacky or something.

  27. Really lovely post, RD – thanks for the soothing images/words.

    I’ve brought something a bit less inspirational back from my tour of Larry’s instantly infamous “Obama’s a decent person” thread over at NQ. This reader comment made me laugh out loud – something I didn’t think was possible today:

    What the millenials don’t want to understand is that the boomers are a far more rich in numbers and resources generation than they are. They don’t want to recognize that we boomers reincarnated – if you will – to do a job. That job is to not conform to the social morays of the times.

    Eel lies comin’!

  28. DYB, you’re most likely correct

  29. I don’t even know who CL is. I think I’ve seen the name mentioned once or twice, but that’s it. Ignorance is bliss?

  30. bb — you know who can kiss my you know what. Hee Hee!!

  31. My daughter went to an Obama party tonight. The host had invited over 200 people and 20 showed. He served hot dogs and beans. She said no one mentioned politics.

  32. “The morays of the time.” Amazing. That’s better than “shoe-in.”

  33. Personally, I’m not into soothing and I am not about to allow a lying cheat to undo me.

    That’s what I have to say to The One and his henchboyz.

    I’m not into kumbaya with cheaters.


    PUMAS are making them pee their little panties. How dare we say principle is important? How dare we question the concept of win at all costs. All I have to say to them is piss off boyz.

  34. Kat5,

    Eel lies a comin’

    Is that a Laura Nyro reference?

  35. ittleisis> Notice how he calls PUMA “fringe?” PUMA is so irrelevant that they keep talking about it. This has been true from the very beginning. They talk and talk about PUMA, and all the time they talk about how irrelevant it is. But they can’t really explain why their minds keep snapping to something irrelevant. It’s bizarre!

    So true.

  36. I’d go leave him (CL) a comment, but since there are no comments on his thread maybe it’s best to leave it nice and empty.

  37. lol, Jmac.

    I always sort of ignored Larry J. But I appreciated it when SusanUPC posted my infamous exchange with Donna Brazille all those months ago on there.

  38. “She said no one mentioned politics.”

    And that’s it in a nutshell!

  39. Yup, BB. I love Laura Nyro – always wondered why Babs was so famous and Laura wasn’t. Still got her original albums around somewhere.

  40. No Quarter’s latest post has a poll up for the 2nd and 3rd Presidents of the 20th and 21st Century (cuz Obama’s automatically #1 of course). Vote – a few people actually voted for George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan (barf).

  41. I am so past this high school crap I personally could care less if some lunatic calls me fringe because I holler “the emperor has no clothes.”


    I hope you are planning to have a gratuituous cussing thread for those of us that would like to send our regards to the Cheater in Chief on his “big day”.


  42. I think I missed the exchange with Donna Brazile! It sounds like a riot!

  43. CWaltz — I can tell you right now, that if it snows like it is supposed to (which means I will be home from work) that there will be gratuitous cussing — can’t promise you a thread tho’ 🙂

    So, please pray for snow!

  44. Okay, so I’m looking at some Facebook status updates of “friends” and I’m going to need more than one barf bag. These are educated, smart, independent, successful women in the entertainment industry. They’re all in DC for the party. One wrote: “Liz XX is dreaming of Obama, again.” Another wrote: “Tania XX has never been so excited to be in DC – welcome back America! We missed you!” (This second one is British.) Third wrote: “Emma XX is content; tomorrow all will finally be right.”

    I think I need to log out of Facebook and go to sleep!

  45. The party my daughter went to served Bush’s beans and Bush beer, so for a lot of people it’s more about being thankful Bush is gone.

  46. kiki: my fear is that it isn’t a temporary malady.

    I agree. I fear that America is in regression. The voters seem so easily swayed by hype, not substance. I was dumbfounded at my normally intelligent friends and co-workers who glommed on to the Bush-is-presidential meme after 9/11. They also fell for the WMD scam hook, line and sinker. AND now they are in a hopium-induced O-gasm. I’m getting real tired of pointing out the storm on the horizon only to be ignored. As a matter of fact, I’ve now reached the point of really pissed off. These O-diots need a smack upside the head or two.

  47. DYB — see, that is exactly the sh!t I’m talking about: “tomorrow all will finally be right” WTF does that mean when bk filings are up 47%, people are being laid off left & right & foreclosures are higher then ever? Maybe Emma meant to write that she “is smug” not “content.”
    Buy her a dictionary.

  48. DYB

    I’m guessing these folks reside in LaLa land. In a sick way it is going to be enjoyable to watch these folks come to grips with reality when the man doesn’t live up to the hype.

  49. DYB — I didn’t see your answer from the last thread — you are a woman right, not a man? (if you don’t mind my asking — but you asked if you were in the sexiest man contest).

  50. that poem is nice, very. think I like it more than frost’s stopping by woods on a snowy evening. another touchstone from my past, now replaced.

  51. Ya know, gxm, it would be real interesting to cross index those who never fell for the WMD scam with those who’ve remained Kewl Aid free. Wonder just how many names would show up on both lists? My guess is <i<many.

  52. gxm — Amen!

    As a matter of fact, I’ve now reached the point of really pissed off. These O-diots need a smack upside the head or two.

  53. cwaltz – unfortunately their comeuppance will likely be very costly for the rest of us!

  54. What did Biden say?

  55. yesterday I was with women I know who are supposedly very fierce and almost always angry feminists…..this kool-aid is powerful stuff. one of them – a PhD, college professor “feminist” was actually excusing the Rick Warren thing by saying if you don’t listen to everyone, even those with whom you don’t agree, you’ll never learn anything. I wanted to ask if she believed the KKK should have a float in the parade, in the interest of giving everyone a voice, but decided not to harsh everyone’s mellow. I don’t feel like I know these people anymore.

  56. elderj:

    cwaltz – unfortunately their comeuppance will likely be very costly for the rest of us!

    True, but I’m willing to take the hit — it is worth it to say “I told you so” and believe me, I’m not going to be a shrinking violet about it — oh, no — I’m going to be in their faces with it. That is what Angie is dreaming about tonight.

  57. Um, make that many. To think i used to type 100 wpm…well, using a ton of correction tape, that is.

  58. kiki — you should have said that about the KKK — something needs to wake these freaks the eff up!

  59. Angie, just last week I finally heard it with my own ears. My boss, a really smart and savvy woman, and another co-worker actually expressed the belief that the economy will turnaround on a wave of optimism once Obama is inaugurated! It took every ounce of self control to not erupt in an angry rant. These are smart people. How could they be so incredibly stupid?

  60. DYB, I’ve been watching the facebook updates too. One friend changed her name so her middle name is Hussein.

    Luckily my parents and husband (the people I see most days in real life) are purely PUMA. I couldn’t take it if I had to live with my Hopey-Changey friends.

  61. Whatever happened to critical thinking? Even thinking, for that matter.

  62. Riverdaughter, I love you. Thank you so much for everything.

  63. gxm — smart & savvy & self-deluded. LOL

  64. Emma? Emma Lazarus? The one who said this:

    “Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  65. Me too ang

    Every stupid mistake Obama makes I’m gonna be there to say “I told you so.”

  66. is this how you make italics?/

  67. There’s an ad out on why abortions are so wrong – which features Obama :

  68. I guess it is

  69. kb — I agree — all my close friends (ie those I talk to often so we don’t need facebook to stay in touch) and family are PUMA or Republican (the good kind, not EVs) — no one on the Obama train over here.

  70. LOL

  71. DYB, on January 19th, 2009 at 11:40 pm Said:

    Obama, too, will pass…like a painful kidney stone, perhaps, but he will pass. The next few days will be bad, but things will subside. The Oborgs will go away to their sad lives and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces.


    This pretty much sums it up for me. Especially the part about the kidney stone.

  72. I think RD was in Desert Storm and she’s probably a Captain or something and she’s not telling.

  73. People unfortunately share a herd instinct that is thoroughly irrational… its the same reason people kept investing in tech stocks in the late 90’s even though every one knew they were overpriced (or real estate more recently, or tulip bulbs!).

    So people are caught up in the hype of hope and are not being realistic or remotely rational about what’s going on

  74. Critical thinking went out the window when a bulk of us decided that winning was more important than anything. It didn’t matter that the prize was going to be a steaming load of dung in the face because “Hey, we won.” It didn’t help that the media treats everything like a reality TV show, straight down to splicing an interview with a VP candidate and having you dial in to “pick a winner” for the Presidential debates.

  75. DYB:
    It was ammusing. I have almost forgotten it. But it ignited our realization of Brzilzabub.

  76. Obama can have an opinion on abortion when he has to worry about dying in childbirth. Until then, he should just shut the hell up.

  77. Ooh, italics. [Let me try.]

  78. Jmac — OMFG! I wonder if he will raise a protest about it? Yeah, don’t hold your breath. He probably ok’d it.

    And finally, for the millionth time — I am pissed off at calling Obama African American! As my mother said “He isn’t African American! His father is from Kenya!” LOL — funny the way she said it, but you know what she means: African American means a descendant from the American slave experience!!

  79. Angie, one friend a 54 year old man who is my longest non-family-friend (since we were in speech class at the age of 15) has been particularly sickening all week. Horrible Yes-We-Can chants.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see the last of Bush. I’m just shocked that we’re getting this Obama guy.

  80. Tomorrow should be better day. Sadly, it is not.

  81. Alice

    I have no intention of picking up the pieces for them. The little princes and princesses can see what it’s like to do the hard and necessary clean up. I’m blue collar, baby. I’m going to enjoy watching the latte crowd find out what it is like to live in the same world the rest of us have been living in.

  82. katiebird, I’m lucky that way too. My husband thinks Obama is a sexist pig and a fraud so I don’t have to hear a lot of the hopium blather. My son tried to bring up some photo op with Obama visiting Ben’s Chili Bowl, a “landmark” DC restaurant, and the “news” that he was friendly and everyone “liked” him but I just did a “that’s nice” and walked away.

    I was glad to see your post about your sister’s medicine. It’s wonderful news. We were hoping for a similar outcome for my DIL’s $4,000/month prescription but just heard back that the company who makes it can’t help her out because she has insurance… yeah, insurance that doesn’t cover the pre-existing condition. It’s a Catch-22.

  83. kb — that is the problem though — we are getting the 3rd Bush term with this guy — he has made that loud & clear.

  84. angie – they obviously missed his comment that he didn’t want his daughters punished with a baby.

  85. gxm — that is terrible news about your DIL. Is there no way to appeal it?

  86. well, I must sleep. everyone, good luck tomorrow in whatever you do to pass the time. we’ve all lived without a president for 8 years, what’s 4 more? we have all sorts of personal resources and we don’t need a *president* – that particular office is just another outward sign of the patriarchy. who needs it? not I! have a great day and I’ll see y’all tomorrow night.

  87. angie, the only cool part of this mess is that Michelle will be the first descendant of slaves to live in the White House.

  88. night kiki — and you are right — I never “acknowledge” Bush as my president — nothing changes for me.

  89. Seriously — scant consolation considering what was done to get her there.

  90. So yesterday I’m in a coffee shop sitting with four liberal acquaintances, one who is a deeply entranced Obot. She kept going on and on about the “great sea change” that was coming tomorrow and how it would transform the world. I was struck by how the rest of us just stared at her. The silence was beautiful, more effective than any rebuttal. We just looked at her politely, but as though she were quite mad. She seemed to sense reality for a moment. Then slipped back into her dream state. It was amazing to watch. Anyway it felt good to be with other lefties who see the madness and stare it down. Though frankly, I think we’re still begin too polite in the face of all this hooey.

  91. Everyone seemed to think that Bush was a great guy – someone they’d like to have a beer with. I could not stand him from the beginning.

    BO reminds me of the character in one of Woody Allen’s films – the one who becomes so many different people that he does not know who he is. Can’t think of it.

  92. Yes. It’s horrible news and she’s been very depressed all day. She has RA and is in a lot of pain which doesn’t help her mood much. I’ll ask her if there might be further recourse but she’s not in the right frame of mind right now.

  93. Hubby will be gone tomorrow. I’m going to democratically let the kids decide whether or not to watch some of the circus so they can record the lies for posterity. I’m also going to rent a movie and drink some wine. Hubby being gone kind of ruined my drinking game where I was going to play a game for every “yes we can”, “hope” and “change” uttered.

  94. Angie, I grew up in Africa, seriously. I’m not African but spent more time there than BO. I wonder though, if you’re someone from Nigeria who has become recently US naturalized, if that someone would want to be referred to as African American. I guess s(he) would. But BO is really African (or Kenyan) Indonesian Hawaiian by way of Vancouver. Even Oprah says he’s missed out on the true AA experience.

  95. gxm17, Thank you — we are very relieved.

    Could your DIL resubmit her application explaining that she doesn’t have insurance coverage for her illness? Or could her doctor intervene in some way?

    I can’t believe there aren’t options for people. What do they think your DIL should do? Just not take the medication?

  96. Angie, I’m of your mother’s frame of mind. I would really have preferred an African American, not a bi-racial man without black American roots and who was raised by his white family. I’m not kidding when I say I’d vote for Rev. Wright before I’d vote for BO.

  97. to kiki – One place I worked, we had a lot of turnover in bosses, and often went with no boss. Things were easier and ran better during the times we had no boss! (The new ones always were too intent on trying to prove themselves.)

  98. zelig

  99. I’m happy to report that it was my husband who intercepted our Camelot Is Back, PhD-toting neighbor this afternoon.

    “Oh, the concert was so great! Don’t you just love it? It’s so wonderful to see everyone coming together again! Mr. Obama is so articulate, so intelligent! It’s just like Camelot again!”

    “Welllll, Jane, I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but I can’t.”

    I forget the rest of it, but I was so damned proud of him!

  100. Fran: Zelig

  101. Seriously – my memory is vague. Is it an apt comparison?

  102. DYB: I feel your facebook pain. Last night it was all, “I’m watching HBO and WEEPING, I finally have my COUNTRY back!”

    Barf barf barf barf barf.

  103. “Ooh, italics. [Let me try.]”

    This is why elderj won–he gets it done. 🙂

  104. gxm — I agree 100% — plus, at least I know that Rev. Wright is who he says he is.

  105. Magdalena,

    What a hilarious story!

  106. Woo Hoo Mr. Kat5!!!

  107. Were these people all the kewel kids in Junior High? (I am dating myself because there is no Jr. High anymore.)

  108. Seriously,

    That’s if we still go by the one drop rule, which seems pretty pathetic these days, or for any other time.

  109. She will probably ask her doctor for a more affordable alternative. There’s just no way we can afford $48,000/year. I’ll try to talk to her about it when she and my son have calmed down. I think they’re just reeling from the setback right now. It’s all so terribly frustrating. BTW, she’s the mother of the beautiful boy in my avatar. The pain makes being a new mother all that more difficult but she holds up remarkably well.

  110. Fran — No — these people are only “kewl” on the internets — the real “cool” people saw through this con-man.

  111. Fran, myiq would probably say, don’t feel bad, he always has dated himself.

    I’ll just say it for him. Where is the house clown, anyway?

  112. gxm — he is so cute! I’m having a hard time deciding which of your two avatars is cuter!! I think it is pretty much a tie.

  113. Magdalena — I agree with bb — love that story.

  114. So, basically, they were the losers in Jr. High, who now have found an easy way to be kewel.

  115. Kat, my PhD encounter, the guy says to me, well, I’m not saying Obama was the most qualified candidate, but he knows what’s going on in the world. I’m sorry, what? Because he lived in Indonesia? Oh no, because he was in the Senate. Yes….I’m sure Palin would get credit for being a foreign policy expert if only she were in the Senate. I pointed out that he started running the day he got there and never cnvened a single hearing of his subcommittee, but…

  116. Magdalena — That may be the approach I have to take. Because really, arguing with these folks is exhausting and pointless. They’ll get what’s coming to them.

  117. Fran — exactly! They are finally part of the “kewl kidz” club; little do they know they are still losers.

  118. Exactly, Angie! I know where Rev. Wright is coming from. He puts it out there and you gotta admire him for that. You know exactly where he’s coming from.

  119. She might have been a Sergeant, mabye a Drill Sergeant.

  120. Thanks Angie. They’re adorable. And even cuter in person.

  121. Can I borrow Mr. Kat5 for what is sure to be a HIDEOUS day at the law school tomorrow?

  122. Goodnight, It’s time for me to take refuge in fiction and sleep.


  123. night kb!!

  124. OMG. It’s 1AM. I had no idea. I need to get to bed. It’s waaaaay past my bedtime. You all are just too much fun.

    Nite all!

  125. Fran, I think zelig was more of a nebbish than a calculating phony opportunist, if I recall correctly

  126. night gxm!!

  127. gxm – Living in constant pain is really hard. It makes everything hard. I imagine they are really worried right now about how they will manage.
    I went through that type of application to a pharm co for my BIL. But, he is on Medical Assistance. There was someone at the hospital who handled the application. I think it might be worthwhile to see about re-applying. The hospital is supposed to have social workers to help with things like this. Some are helpful, some not.

  128. We’ve got flurries here!! Lets hope the weather report is right & I get a snow day tomorrow!!

  129. Angie, if you’re still up, are you in NOLA. For some reason I got the impression you lived in LALA land.

  130. littleisis, on January 20th, 2009 at 12:01 am Said:
    why constant attacks on PUMAs? I will never know.

    The Obamabot that tried to bully me those many months ago came back AGAIN yesterday. “Oh, I’m not here to gloat, but to invite you to a celebration!” When I said again, “Thanks, but no thanks.” She wanted her flyer back! Like I’d go and crash her party.

    I feel sorry for someone who thinks her race defines her more than her gender. Hey, race is just your skin color, which DOES NOT accurately predict anything about you at all. Nobody really cares about that — except, oddly, people who voted for Obama!

    So, let’s all celebrate the misogyny that prevails in the US tomorrow! Let’s celebrate that 11% of the population was able to sell that same old guilt-trip that says that 51% of the population should remain submissive, even though women have been denied equal status longer and more vehemently than any minority (despite being the MAJORITY).

    Apparently that Obamabot is enjoying her second-class status, because it has nothing to do with her skin color and everything to do with her gender. And it’s guaranteed to continue now, at least 4 more years! Glad to hear she’s not gloating or anything… idiot.

  131. Frankly I am hoping for a snow day in DC. Rather than the snow job that is currently in the forecast.

    In completely unrelated news, my baby turned 2 today. It was freaking adorable — he was VERY opposed to the birthday concept until he learned that there would be cake and presents.

  132. 3 Wickets — I grew up in NOLA –moved to NC after Katrina (09/05) so this is my 4th year here. You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you can’t take New Orleans out of the girl. I’m still appalled that I have to work on Mardi Gras.

  133. Sure, Jadzia, anything for a sister Confucian in arms. Er, which law school would that be?

  134. Jadzia — congrats! Happy B-day to baby Jadzia!

  135. Got that thank you email from Hill last night. Honestly made me want to cry. She barely mentioned BO. Maybe the most elegant thank you note I’ve ever received from anyone, and I didn’t even do anything, really.

  136. Kat5: a public law school in the beautiful Northwest. We’re basically a subsidiary of Nike.

    Angie: Thank you! Everything was great until the middle one (who is also 2, and no they are not twins, nor is either one adopted) started puking everywhere, and followed that up with a lunge for the birthday present. Aargh. The Confluence is the only time I actually get to talk to grown-ups. (Including the time I spend at the above-mentioned law school.)

  137. Crazy — I’m not going to start a long post here, but I firmly believe there are no different “r@ces” — r@ce is a man-made construct to oppress the “other” — the things that define different “r@ces” are superficial — i.e., skin pigmentation, hair texture, etc. The fact is, a black man & a white man are closer biologically to each other than a white man & a white woman are.
    I’m bringing this up only because I am so sick of seeing all this b.s. about r@ce this election — there is only one r@ce of people — the human one — voting for some one based on skin pigmentation is the height of stupidity.

  138. and, let me add — voting for someone based on skin pigmentation only validates the “white” or “western” construct that some how the “other” is different and/or not as “worthy” as the “white” one.

  139. I’ll send him off first thing tomorrow c/o Nike Northwest, Jadzia. You’ll love him – he’s got a terrific sense of humor. But he’s semi-paralyzed in the presence of anyone younger than, oh, about 15 or so. Just thought I’d warn you.

  140. Jadzia — also 2, huh? you Serbs are fertile! LOL (I’m assuming what — 9 months apart?)

  141. Interesting fact I taught in class last week: Section 1981, which bars r@cial discrimination in contracts (but gets a lot of use as an employment discrimination statute), is interpreted by the courts to bar discrimination against people of a huge number of nationalities, including, I kid you not, “Scandinavians.” Because just 150ish years ago when the law was first passed, Scandinavians were considered to be a different “r@ce” from Germans, from Irish, from Arabs, and so on and so forth. Kind of makes you wonder if (a) the concept of r@ce will still be around 150 years from now, and (b) if so, how quaint will our current notions of the concept seem to our descendants?

  142. National Guard? Does NJ even have a National Guard.

  143. Magdalena,

    “So yesterday I’m in a coffee shop sitting with four liberal acquaintances, one who is a deeply entranced Obot. She kept going on and on about the “great sea change” that was coming tomorrow and how it would transform the world. I was struck by how the rest of us just stared at her. The silence was beautiful, more effective than any rebuttal. We just looked at her politely, but as though she were quite mad. She seemed to sense reality for a moment. ”

    Yep! I’ve used that strategy and it absolutely disorients them for a minute because they expect you to “debate” them because they are sure of their rote talking points and propaganda but instead, when you just look at them like the crazy loons they are acting like, they often get embarrassed and snap back to reality for a minute.

  144. The progosphere is considered lunatic fringe and that’s what it remains under Obama.

  145. Kat5: Not to worry, all of our law students are over 15. (Even if they don’t always act it.)

    Angie: 10 months apart, actually! The 2 months when they are the same “age” are very confusing to people who don’t know us — especially last year when they were both “1” but the younger one REALLY looked like a baby and the older one was walking and talking. They’re getting closer to the same size (although the younger one still has that baby hair and is obviously quite a bit less articulate), so people are starting just to assume that they’re twins. My husband actually IS a real twin, and he and his brother look nothing alike (and, in fact, the twin is six inches taller than he is). I think I have lost my point somewhere… it’s late.

  146. OK, goodnight all. I am indulging in the Real Housewives (because I’m an intellectual, hahaha) and then turning in. NOT looking forward to tomorrow.

  147. Thanks for that Jadzia, we are all immigrants in America, except maybe for Native Americans. But discrimination of groups seem to survive and exist everywhere in the world, whether we call it racial, ethnic, social, whatever. Just seems the human race likes to clump, cause we need to clump to survive the elements, and the tighter the clumping and group identification, the stronger the distance and alienation from other groups. It’s like some kind of mad magnetic force that we have to fight against all the time. I don’t know about other fields, but in business, especially large ones, discrimination is still a mile deep, and that of course includes women.

  148. She could be planning to enlist.

  149. Night Jadzia!

    an icky fact — my brother & I are 1 year, 9 months apart — guess I know how my parents “celebrated” my first birthday — YUCK! Why did I ever bother to figure that out!?!?! But I take comfort in the fact that it was only ever those TWO times (once for me, once for my brother) No one bother to argue this point — that’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

  150. I am afraid RD will have some glorious post tomorrow morning about how America is transcending it’s racist past. While on the one hand I am glad this milestone has been reached, I really have nothing to celebrate about the soon-to-be thief-in-chief. B0 will always be illegitimate to me, as was Bush, but even worse than Bush in terms of the corruption of the political process.

    My challenge now is to turn my anger/frustration into action….

  151. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I love you, Riverdaughter.

  152. Hahaha! OK, I am leaving for real now. I will leave you all with the most insufferable Facebook status update of the evening:

    “[Name of formerly intelligent woman redacted] is totally Obamaified!”

    Please pass the bucket.

  153. “The progosphere is considered lunatic fringe and that’s what it remains under Obama.”

    And we ain’t seen nothing yet. These people are crazed with hubris now. They went out of their way to insult everyone in teh country, they won, and they can’t seem to wrap their minds around teh concept that anyone wih a D after his or her name would have won this once and Bama came close to losing regardless. They think they can do or say whatever they want, abd it’s going to get ug-lee I betcha.

  154. We are all Palestinians.

  155. My birthday is 9/22 so I imagine my parents were having a cozy xmas eve, or a wild new year’s eve and I was early.

  156. Thank you, Riverdaughter, and good night, fellow bitter knitters.

  157. night donnadarko!

  158. 3 Wickets — September has the most births — it is because of the holidays — people celebrating, drinking, etc.

  159. Ok, gang — even though it *is* snowing right now, there is always a *chance* (especially with my luck) that it will NOT be a snow day tomorrow, so I better head to bed.
    Good Night Seriously, Puma-SF & 3 Wickets!
    Good night everyone else who is here.

  160. Goodnight angie, seriously, puma-sf, jadzia and anyone else. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

    Could be she’s just watched “Full Metal Jacket” more than once. Think it’s called the Rifleman’s Creed, and it’s got a weird hynotic rhythm to it.

  161. Goodnight, angie. Goodnight, donnadarko. Sweet dreams and sugarplums and snow days….

  162. Angie, I didn’t see a reply from DYB but he’s a guy.

    We traded emails about gay porn and now we’re going steady.

  163. Thank heaven for this oasis!

  164. Oh Gawd! I just saw this over at New Hampster’s site.

    Obama sez all God’s chilluns has to sacrifice, but apparently not him or Meechelle.


  165. Children will already be sacrificing in my state. Evidently we got millions to contribute to thePutz in Chief’s shindig but not enough to ensure the poor children who we force women to have(my state gets an F on women’s reproductive health and the nutball in charge is “opposed to abortion”. Kaine’s priorities suck.


  166. cwaltz: It looks like it will take the Feds to increase medicaid $$$s to the states. As the article stated, more people are getting laid off and more are applying for benefits.

    Of course Obie may say this is one of the places we have to sacrifice, but not him nor his $10k bed.

  167. Oh well…need to turn in.

    Nite all.

  168. nite fredster

  169. This hobbit wasn’t allowed a peaceful night. So, as drunks scream outside, a look at my past Jan 20s

  170. Downplaying expectations: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090120/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_stimulus

    So he’s not the messiah after all?

  171. I also just want to say that Arthur Silber of Once Upon a Time made my day yesterday with his post (myiq2xu posted Silber yesterday) and I think his words will allow me to get through today knowing that we’re not alone. I’ve been reading about all the health problems he’s had over the last several years. If you enjoy Silber’s posts, please donate to his site. He has a paypal button to the right. If you choose not to donate money (I feel that way sometimes because you have no idea what a stranger will use money for though I trust Silber is using donations for basic necessities), he also has an Amazon wishlist below Paypal. He doesn’t get basic television or cable so one of the classical albums on his list will give him the entertainment he deserves while blogging.

  172. In two weeks Universal Epic Productions will release a Pampers Retrospective called:

    “Forward Looking Back the Obama Years”

    It will cover what “happened” between 2009-2017 the Obama years before they really happened. This was the little Obats will have a fantasy to remember what they wanted to happen.

    This way they will never have to deal with the reality of what they have done.

    Scene 1: Obama through executive order 00001/1-20-2009: Obama “un-emancipates the slaves and then re-issuses Lincolns proclomation under his signature. Thus fullfilling a dream he has had that it was he not the smiple lawyer that “freed the slaves”.

    Pat barf bucket please.

  173. Sorry, Michael. I need it just as much as you.

  174. I loved this RD.

  175. angie> I’m all man! A bit dodgy, but all man.

    All these women I quoted live in NY, but they’re all in the television business. The latter two (Tania and Emma) are British, if that means anything.

  176. Thank you for all of this RD.

  177. angienc2, I figured my post was already too long, so I left out most of my long diatribe on the irrelevance of skin color. Most people now-a-days are a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and if you go back far enough our distant ancestors were all from the same people and place. So it’s pretty contrived that the Obamabots are making a big deal about half of his heritage and downplaying the other half.

    On the other hand, a person is either female or male… unless you’re Joe Biden’s sister, of course. But that’s only true the way Joe Biden tells it (manly-girl versus girly-girl). Yeesh! Unbelievable that anyone would vote for that man. But my point is that, regardless of sexual orientation, women and men have differences that are more than skin deep — some of those differences are social constructs and some are not.

    And I also agree with firelight2012: I thought Bush’s inaugurations were aggravating, but this election far surpassed the corruption/sleaze of the previous two. Since I have never accepted that Bush’s first “win” was legitimate, that’s saying quite a bit about how I feel about the new occupants of the White House.

  178. Thank you, especially for the LOTR quote, which made my eyes well up. Just last night I started reading the books again. I am suddenly anxious to go back to that world where truth, honor and courage always prevail.

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