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Arthur Silber Speaks


From Power of Narrative Blogspot:

I post this brief message only to let those few of you who have not lost your fucking minds know that you are not alone. Some of us, perhaps three or four hundred, still retain some connection to reality. But it frays and is under lethal attack. Whether the connection will survive the next day or two is an open question. Recourse to alcohol (and/or other substances of your choosing), sex and other diversions might be the wisest choice, until midweek at the earliest. Let’s play safely: make it until the weekend. Hell, through the weekend.

Read the rest- he’s simply the best.

99 Responses

  1. What he said. And now posted on my bathroom wall.Thanks .

  2. Well that was extremely satisfying, especially this part:

    “Have a moronically good time, morons!”

    Thanks myiq2xu!!

  3. Arthur disappeared right after the election so I quit checking after a while.

    He’s been back for a couple weeks so I’m catching up.

  4. Hmmmm – I wondered why I drank so much on Saturday. Now I know. I was in training for this week.

    Now about sex………..

  5. Good find. You picked out the best part, myiq. “But it frays and is under lethal attack.”

    My dear friends are cautious around me when speaking of the inaug. and the coming admin. They know there’s no automatic agreement. I’m very non-committal with them these days. They want to believe there will be some good out of this. They are Hillary supporters who were able to vote for O in November.

    I haven’t seem any awakening yet. Sigh.

  6. I downed an entire bottle of wine last night. It didn’t help that much. I’ve resorted to games in alternative universes for awhile. I suppose that will work right up to the point that all the funding for my university goes away, i loose my position, and i become just one more toxic mortgage that one of the major obama donors will profit from … we could start a club: future homeless people who see stupid people everywhere

  7. Now about sex

    It’s only Monday and my arm is already tired.

  8. well, i landed in moderation, not sure why, but greetings reality-based life forms!

  9. I frankly liked the line that started with colossal …

    i’m waiting for the heavens to open, the angels to sing … oh, wait, i’m an atheist so with my worldview even barrack can’t do that unless he’s hired a good hollywood producer like in wag the dog

  10. More from Arthur – “The Wisdom of Calvin”

    I have long thought Calvin was wise far beyond his years. But I had no idea he figured out this whole scam long before anyone else.

  11. Dakinkat:

    That last one is for you

  12. I am just patiently waiting for some director to yell “cut” since this coverage and overall hysteria has become something much like a movie script. I expect Will Smith to pop up and beg for a break.

    I am on a tv blackout. There is just no escape from this nonsense.

  13. Thanks for that! Very refreshing.

    I’m supposed to be on media blackout (where are my earmuffs … my blindfold?), but I can’t stop peeking at the headlines.

    What’s the plan for tomorrow? Tin foil Tuesday still on?

  14. I’ve never seen that blog, MyIQ — thanks for sharing it.

  15. The New York Post says:


  16. Tin foil Tuesday still on?

    It’s on like Donkey Kong

  17. Admittedly I have never heard of Silber. He is a voice of fresh air for once.

    As of tomorrow, let the canonization begin! I plan to be out of the house even if I have to virtually climb over snowbanks just to get away from this blitz.

  18. Of course it will be Caroline. Wouldn’t want to jinx the “historical” meme. I hate these people!

  19. CMT is pretty much an Obama-free zone, but you have to put up with episodes of “My Big Redneck Wedding”

  20. I wish the Obama administration was historical.

    As in “in the past”

  21. Gaaaah! I know, I just read that NY Post headline … (doh, media black out not working). Paterson is known to be contrary, though, so maybe that’ll push him to pick Rep. Maloney to spite the NY Post.

    Fingers crossed.

  22. He is a voice of fresh air for once.

    You should take Arthur in small doses – otherwise his cynicism will make you bitter.

  23. Heh, Silber is great.

    It’s not even the fierce urgency of the hive and the schlocky, empty spectacle of it all. It’s how weirdly offended they are (and on Friday, I got one who was aggressive and well, in my face about it) if you refuse to join. Just refuse to join — quietly but emphatically. I’ve taken to joking, “yeah, you got me, I hate hope. And puppies, I really hate puppies.”

    I tried a great new Zinfandel last night. And I’m getting a lot of laundry done.

  24. that is cute, thx myiq2xu

  25. This stuff about CK reminds me of Obama haka – trying to make her seem inevitible.

  26. dakinikat, it sounds like you’re in the higher ed boat with me. Sending you good thoughts, it’s gonna be a rough ride — a key reason I can’t to the fake, empty bread and circuses right now.

  27. This much barfing can’t be good for my teeth. I foresee huge dental bills, a long search for just the right anti-depressant, and years of muttering bitterly into increasingly erratic knitting. The positive here: since I’m (just) over 60, before complete madness sets in I’ll probably be shepherded over a cliff by mobs of angry Obots screaming, “Social Security my ass!!!”

    Oh, this is just awful.

  28. Paterson will do what Obama desires. He desires Caroline and Teddy. No one is going to rock the Obama boat, and certainly not so early in the game. So get ready NY for a lot of illuminating “you knows”, that is if she consents to meet the press.

    She is a Kennedy after all and we “owe” her.

  29. There’s always HGTV or the Food Network. They got me through the impeachment farce.

  30. Thank you myiq, for sharing this blog. Unfortunately, I have to now clean the coffee off of my screen because of, “…Let me speak of the tits of change…”

  31. Hi guys!

    Just checking in from Berlin where it’s now raining. At least I’m not in the disturbing midst of Obamagasm.

    Is it some sort of fetish or why is Obama constantly skull-fucking Abraham Lincoln. This is getting very worrisome.

    Myiq, thanks for linking to Arthur Silber. Didn’t know his blog. How could I have missed this must-read for so long?

  32. myiq – Thank you! I really love Silber.

    As for CK – there will be one last push this afternoon, going through the inauguration, to contact the Governor about her.

    The media haka is entirely DIVORCED from the actual feelings and actions of Paterson. The push is coming from Bloomberg, and he is very powerful in terms of the media.

    Here is Newsday’s take on it. More later!!!

  33. ZOMG:

    “We have been absolutely swamped since the election with people desiring rejuvenation procedures for the upcoming inauguration,” says Washington, D.C., cosmetic dermatologist Tina Alster.
    “My normal load for cosmetic procedures has doubled, except for hyaluronic acid fillers — Perlane and Restylane — which have almost tripled,” reports cosmetic and laser surgeon Hema Sundaram, who runs two offices in the Washington, D.C., area.

    “My motivation is to look the very best I can for such a historical event. I’ve flown in to D.C. from California for this,” says Lynch, who will attend the swearing-in ceremony as well as a black-tie ball with her husband.

    Lynch says she stopped by Sundaram’s office this weekend for cosmetic treatment, which included Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers.

    This bucket is full – can someone get me another?

  34. “My motivation is to look the very best I can for such a historical event.”

    That fits perfectly with everything Team O has appealed to since day one. Perfectly. The cosmetic historical event.

  35. That One said he wanted to create 3 million new jobs.

    Those jobs are going to the people who are responsible for chiseling his face onto Mt. Rushmore before he leaves office.

  36. patterson is going to pick c.k..then they can both get fired in 2010..haha

  37. Stock tip: buckets.

  38. So…if we otherwise occupy ourselves…do you think there will be a population increase in about 9 months?

  39. Hi Conflucians,

    Just checking in to say I’m with you all in puking spirit!

    Luckily, work is keeping me busy and away from the
    non-stop inauguration coverage for now.

    Wondering when it will be safe to turn on the tv again..

  40. Since Obama is “quietly planning for a nationwide hiring binge that would marshal an army of full-time organizers to press the new president’s agenda (LA Times) –

    the first hire would seem to be Caroline.

  41. I still feel like I’m walking in the land of zombies … i wonder when THAT will go away

  42. each day I have a better understanding of how the NAZI movement got started during the German economic crisis and with the incompent Weimar republic running the show

    desperate times and people turn to hope and speakers that can enthusiastically tell them what they want to hear

  43. There is really something very creepy about “Obama’s Army” that he will marshall to push whatever agenda he wants. It seems so…unAmerican.

    Auther Silber is and has been amazing. Period.

  44. I still feel like I’m walking in the land of zombies … i wonder when THAT will go away

    When the Kool-aid runs out

  45. I started to watch the Bonnie Erbe discussion of race trumping sex in politics, but just couldn’t. The discussion centered on whether Caroline and Hillary have been subjected to sexism. Of course they were, but Erbe was a jerk toward Palin, so I don’t trust her anymore. You can hardly equate the hate toward Hillary with critcisms of the inexperienced Caroline. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t Obama’s way of softening up the media to accept CK, without him ever acknowledging his misogyny toward Hillary.

  46. this one by silber is great too:


  47. Ditto, d’kat. I’m trying to use humor in defense, but underneath it all, this adoration business is giving me the willies. Are we doomed to repeat history in all our overhyped ignorance? Tell me ain’t so.

  48. “In many essays, I have documented the specific ways in which Barack Obama is the perfect embodiment of the corporatist-authoritarian-militarist system that is inevitably destroying the United States, as it lays waste to much of the world. ”

    Gotta like an essayist that starts out with that sentence.

  49. Kat5, on January 19th, 2009 at 12:34 pm Said:

    Stock tip: buckets.

    Kat5: LOLOLOL

  50. If he picks CK for New York, I swear I’m packing my bags this week. I don’t exactly live in the state anymore, but I’ll still go thru the motions.

    I keep believing if Paterson does pick her, the only reason is because he himself wants the job in 2010, so go with the one who he was “forced” to pick and who is sure to lose in 20 months. Cuomo would then run against Rudy for Governor.

  51. ack! i’m in moderation again

  52. Kat5: it’s like the culimnation of adolescent narcissm. if they run in a group and tell each other it’s so, then they are happy campers about themselves –no need to question anything, just wow, we’re all the kool(aid) kids now!

  53. My favorite Silberism:

    I came across Digby’s Credo (“We’re 2% less shitty than Pure Evil! It’s all we’ve got!” — a deeply inspiring manifesto if ever I heard one, and one which appears to work wonders with the morally insensate, intellectually inert pustule that is the progressive netroots)

  54. So…if we otherwise occupy ourselves…do you think there will be a population increase in about 9 months?

    Not from me. I don’t think electrical devices include that feature.

  55. parentofed,

    It is amazing that “they” can talk about the crazed sexism that affected Hillary but get unhinged when it comes to examining how it affected Palin.

    Also, the race trumps gender argument is not Burris vs CK as Obots try and play it. That’s a bad example. A better one would be Obama vs Hillary.

  56. I have been reading Arthur Silber for years, and he is wickedly intelligent. My recommendation for getting through the week is to buy a plastic bucket of ice cream…the one with the convenient handle and lid. That way you can eat until you’re ill, and the pail becomes, in my children’s terminology, your barf bucket.

  57. No Bishop Gene Robinson On HBO Inaugural Concert Broadcast:

    Decision to cut Robinson was made by the Obama transition team:


  58. ks:

    But Palin is a NITWIT, A BIMBO AND A C*NT!


  59. I thank all the gods and goddesses that this site and PUMA exists. I cannot stand to see or hear one more piece of Obama love. Never have so many loved so much of absolutely nothing.

    And all this so called bipartisan show of O calling on Repubs.. not because he wants to hear what they have to say, but because he is marshalling his forces to run again. It is always about him.

    I refuse to watch this “historic” event or anything associated with it. But I can understand the AA community being elated. At least that is behind us. And I will feel that same elation when people finally wake up and way WTF happened.

    Even if Obama surprises me and becomes a good President (and I really do want him to succeed because it will be good for the country to have a successful Presidency) my disgust for him will remain.

    It is like comparing his candidacy with the war in Iraq. Going to war in Iraq was morally and ethically the wrong action. Even if Iraq becomes a model of democracy, the war was still wrong.

    If we get wonderful lifesaving information from using torture, it is still abhorent to use torture.

    The same with Obama. Even if he does become the next Lincoln, he will still disgust me because The End Never Justifies the Means!

  60. I checked tomorrow’s TV schedule. Animal Planet is showing programs on the Loch Ness monster and sasquatch. Seems appropriate on the inauguration day of the Great Liberal Super Feminist to feature creatures that also have no credible evidence that they exist.

  61. myiq2x: that’s what I always said the democratic party says about voting for them over the republican party… i have a post to that effect way back in april or may… the DNC just pegs itself as the slightly lesser evil imho these days … just because they don’t have the likes of Dobson et al running around spewing hatred

  62. however, the DNC is still the party of corporatism, militarism, and patriarchy it just doesn’t have the religious patriarchs up front for the most part, although that appears to have gone by the wayside as part of Obama’s worship me plan goes into action

  63. i’m stll having trouble with the AA elation, some how it would seem a lot more symbolic to me if we were electing the descendent of slaves and not the descendent of slave owners and enslavers … heck, his family got rich hunting and selling their own black african neighbors … htf is that symbolic of the progress of black americans?

  64. Ahh, thanks myiq. Something new for me to read. I read the story at the link “biggest fraud” (I paraphrase). I have to go read the archives.

    I’m on a media blackout. I have Season 2 of the Tudors, the Ultimate Office 4 season DVD set and two movies from Netflix.

    I’m not taking any chances. I figure I’ll be good if I come out of it next Sunday.

    And, the effing Eagles lost. God DAMN IT ALL!!!!

  65. Myiq2xu
    thank you for the link to his website. I had never read him before.
    In the archives there is a great column about abortion that many of us should read.

    Why is anyone surprised at the treatment of Bishop Robinson by backtrack?
    backtrack is a con artist. How long was the gay community kept quiet due to the inclusion of Bishop Robinson, now they can’t complain he was included just not broadcast.
    Look forward to those kind of actions for the next four years.



  66. Bush just commuted the sentences of Compian and Ramos, two Border Patrol agents who shot an unarmed marijuana smuggler as he fled, then lied about it.

    They were convicted in a trial, but Bush felt their sentences were excessive.

  67. has he granted that full pardon to scooter yet?

  68. My capacity for amazement is going to burn out.

    I’ll be like Kat5, muttering bitterly to myself.

  69. The determined refusal to face facts, including the foundational fact that Obama is a
    singularly dangerous fraud, in tandem with Americans’ love of political philosophy and ideas in general as expressed in a Hallmark card may well be unmatched in history.

    He’s really good. Thanks. Yes, this is a nightmare. Drinking bourbon here.

  70. HGTV and the Food Channel are good ideas.

  71. Dakinikat, I’m thinking maybe that’s the point about symbols, they are by definition inert things that people project onto what they want, and if that inspires goodwill and pride, cool, but it does not mean that symbol is going to get any work done, just as a rallying flag in the field of battle doesn’t actually fire bullets, guess I’m more concerned if BOPEEP projects or symbolizes different things to different swathes of our society, how do we come together in strength to endure the terrible hardships to come, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

  72. myiq, I’m really glad you linked Silber here. I’ve just been reading him for the past year, worry about him when he’s frequently absent (and about his cat), and sort of assumed he was Required Reading for most people here. It’s great that he’ll be getting so many new hits from Conflucians.

    He’s no fan of Hillary either, unfortunately; but I can mostly overlook that. His essays are brilliant and always thought-provoking.

  73. Sherry:

    He’s pretty much opposed to all politicians, which is a healthy attitude in my book.

  74. kewl sod …. glad to hear it.

    wickets: i’m finding the more people call it a symbol, the more likely it is to need some kind of little blue pill to prop it up

  75. lol, mine, too!

  76. myiq: I am glad to hear Bush pardoned the two border guards. It may be the first thing he has ever done that I agree with.

    I also saw an interesting exchange on the torture debate (cannot believe “torture debate” is even a topic in US!). Rightist defends Bush and the use of torture if needed. After all, he states, we went thru 9/11 and thousands of Americans were killed. Opposing talking head is Brit. Well, we went through all of WWll with Germans bombing us every single day, and we NEVER resorted to torture.


  77. Hilarious. Thanks for that. I’m on a complete news blockout, and it’s still seeping in throught random cracks. I did hear something else that comforted me today too though: there was an overhead shot of the big Mall concert and it was only half full. The networks only shot from angles that made it seem like crushing crowds, of course. Ditto the train ride–tight shots to make it look more popular than it was. We’ve seen these propaganda tactics for months, but it’s reassuring to know the ENTIRE country is not insane.

  78. I am so angry again. Obama gave an interview concerning race yesterday and meaning it has that he is the first African American President. He says:

    “There is an entire generation that will grow up taking for granted that the highest office in the land is filled by an African American,” Obama said in the interview.

    “I mean, that’s a radical thing. It changes how black children look at themselves. It also changes how white children look at black children. And I wouldn’t underestimate the force of that,” Obama told the Post

    What this man doesn’t know is monumental. He had the opportunity to offer a woman the office of Vice President, but he chose not to. Thanks to him a generation of girls will know that the executive office is out of reach for them. How obtuse can you be.

  79. Why am I not surprised to read of the Bishop Robinson virtual blackout? it’s all of a piece (of the same old sh*t). BTW, thanks for the Silber link, myiq – I’ve seen references to him on Corrente along the way. Loved the “2 percent less evil” tag first time I saw it on lambert’s site.

  80. dakinikat, I have problems with the African American excessive love, too, especially at the expense of MLK. Pimping the legacy of a man who accomplished more in his short, principled life than you could ever even dream about scheming about scamming people into believing you were capable of is shameful and scuzzy and beneath contempt.
    Yes we CAN, my ass.
    Martin Luther King DID.

  81. Hi MABlue!

    It’s fun and interesting how on a blog you get to hear from people in so many different places!

  82. Little blue pills maybe, but koolaid is mostly purple, actualy invented by a guy in Chicago and mass produced these days by Kraft which is also in Chicago, maybe that company will be nationalized too and relocated to DC.

  83. Cinie: other than folks who swim in privilege, I no no one who got to live in hawaii, go to a prestigious prep school, had a checkered academic career but got into Harvard any way because he was a legacy, and on and on …

    this is not the experience of my neighbors and me living in my world of the 9th ward of new orleans, that is my experience of my rich harvard graduated uncle living in the gated communities of kansas city

    MLK worked for the dream, and it’s a shame to see his dream co-opted so opportunistically by some one who really didn’t have to work for anything

  84. dakinikat: Before this is all over, Obama will have been born of slaves on both sides of his family. He will have been the conductor on the Underground Railway. Harriet Tubman just cooked his meals. He will have written speeches for W.E. B. DuBois.

    And he actually is the reincarnation of both MLK and Abraham Lincoln at the same time.

    Stay tuned for his full bodied ascension into heaven tonite on Action News at 11.

  85. Being a minority myself, on some level I do understand the total love from AAs, and if getting to be CiC is helped by the privilege of having attended certain schools, that’s cool too imo. Bill and Hill certainly benefited from that. But when that total love is at levels above 90%, I wonder why Hill was so marginalized when she’s had and shown so much love for AAs in her lifetime. And it was not Bill’s fault, that’s the biggest red herring of all.

  86. Bush actually commuted rather than pardoned the two Border Patrol agents. Better than nothing, I suppose.

  87. wickets: I know but sheesh, I’d have loved to see a woman president but not enough to vote for Phyliss Schafly to be the first woman president, for example

  88. but I live down here in New Orleans, I’ve seen incompetent thiefs get relected over and over again in the name of not re-establishing white hegemony, it’s something that doesn’t fit that well thru my logic filter but i guess it’s just another form of protest vote, something I did myself this year

  89. “MLK worked for the dream, and it’s a shame to see his dream co-opted so opportunistically by some one who really didn’t have to work for anything”

    Thank you. This really bothers me. I work in the kind of Whole Foods Nation gated community where privileged people play with history, bending it to shape their consumer fantasies. They’re erasing the hard and dangerous work done by MLK for someone who hasn’t done a damn thing except feed his own enormous ego.

    Would MLK favor imperial pomp and styrofoam Greek columns?

  90. Yeah, that’s good pt on it can’t just be anyone. Agree much with you there. Guess that’s why BO makes himself seem so benign. He’s no Marion Barry or Kilpatrick in the rationalizing eyes of the beleivers. They just refuse to see that he comes from the rotten core of the Chicago Daley machine, and he’s no better than Blagojevich, who himself was entertaining a run at the Presidency until fairly recently. They are choosing to believe what they want to believe. There can’t be a happy ending to that kind of delusion.

  91. Well, Patterson picking Princess Caroline solves my problem deciding who to vote for when Caroline and Patterson run for their first elections in two years.

  92. “… and if getting to be CiC is helped by the privilege of having attended certain schools, that’s cool too imo. Bill and Hill certainly benefited from that.”

    Both Clintons earned their way into top schools; neither was a legacy admission.
    The CBC News (Canadian) had a clip of someone proclaiming that Obama is the “first commoner…someone just like us!” ever elected president of the US. There was no examination, much less rebuttal, of this ludicrous statement. So let’s see, just since WWII.

    1. Harry Truman – no silver spoon, no Ivy league
    2. DDE – no silver spoon, West Point
    3. JFK – silver spoon and Ivy League thanks to prohibition
    4. LBJ – no silver spoon, no Ivy league
    5. Nixon – ” ”
    6. Gerald Ford – ” ”
    7. Jimmy Carter – no silver spoon, Naval Academy
    8. Ronald Reagan – no silver spoon, Screen Academy
    9. GHW Bush – Ivy League legacy
    10. WJ Clinton – Ivy League merit
    11. GW Bush – Ivy League legacy
    12. Obama – Ivy League legacy (H. Clinton – Ivy League merit)

    Just needed to get that off my chest!

  93. I forgot to add my epiphany… Obama is just like any one else who has never accomplished anything of note or merit.

    AND, if he completes 4 years as president, it will be the longest time he has ever held a job in his life!

    Now I think I’m done.

  94. FL Voter, Obama is more than a mere sexist. He is a misogynist and he is actively working to limit women’s sphere of influence and power. He would never have selected a female VP because, at heart, he hates women. That’s why he has less women in his (actual) cabinet than even Bush! People attack Bill Clinton as a womanizer but at least he likes women.

  95. jacky: ronald reagan went to a small little college and graduated I believe

  96. Yeah, Reagan went to Eureka College in Il. and graduated in 1932. So, small town boy and small town college. no ivy league

  97. I’ve arranged for an army of painters, plumbers and other trades to come and rip apart everything starting tomorrow through the weekend. TV would be disconnected while they SLOWLY paint the wall and install the carpet.

    Am I clever, or what?

  98. Where was this blog all my life? It’s bookmarked now. And that Calvin & Hobbes – a keeper!

  99. […] splains economics Jump to Comments Thanks to myiq2xu ay the Confluence for introducing this fantastic blog whose author highlighted this Calvin and Hobbes that finally […]

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