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Steelers vs. Ravens Live Blog

Thou shalt root for the Steelers.  Violaters will be spammed.

Just kidding.

(Or *am* I?)

I have leftover Chinese food or a Bastille Salad.  I made the last thing up based on a salad I had at a brasserie near the Bastille when I was on a business trip.  Bacon gives me a lardon so I used 3 slices of thick cut bacon and chopped them into bite sized pieces.  For the rest, make a nice French vinaigrette and toss in some boiled new potatoes and steamed green beans.  Toss.  Mix some salad greens with English salad cream.  Sprinkle with lardons, small cubes of cheese like gruyere and tomato wedges.  Top with marinated potatoes and green beans.  Garnish with boiled egg.  (I hate boiled egg but that’s what was on it so if you like them, go for it).

Preferably eaten with baguette and some white wine.  Screw it, I’m drinking the last beers.

Go Steelers!

And for those of you who don’t like football, don’t forget that Angienc2 is co-hosting tonight with Sheri Tag on NO WE WON’T tonight at 8PM on PUMA UNITED RADIO (PURrrr)

249 Responses

  1. Yes! interception, whoo-hoo!

  2. Ooo, looks like an ACL injury. Thank Gawd for the first down.

  3. Of course I’m for the Steelers — first of all, any team that once had Mean Joe Green on it will always have my loyalty. Second of all, I hate those expansion teams.

  4. Touchdown?

  5. The camera is blind. BLIND, I tells ya’!

  6. Since the Ravens beat the Dolphins, I agree! Go Steelers!

  7. Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!

  8. GD!@$!%#!%

  9. Ravens aren’t an expansion team – they used to be the Browns

  10. Ok, we have to hurt the defense. Give them a whole world of pain.

  11. I grew up near Baltimore and was a Colts fan. Can’t cheer for the Ravens.
    (However I can find myself cheering for Peyton and the Indianapolis Colts!)

    But my pops and my mom (Spiritof76!_posts here and lurks a lot) are big Stillers fans, so I’d be cheering for the Steelers anyhow!

    After we walk over to the river to see the plane on the barge.

  12. Went to JHS in Morgantown, loved the Pirates, but for football, it was and will always be the Browns, and I walk around convincing myself that the Ravens must still have some players from the old Browns team.

    Still I’m glad the AFC North will have another Superbowl entry this season. Would have been fun having an all PA Superbowl with the Steelers and Eages, but guess that’s not happening. What is up with that Arizona team, out of nowhere..

  13. Kurt Warner of the Cardinals QB’d the Rams to 2 Super Bowls.

  14. Stop it, stop it, stop it. The Ravens are the only good thing happening this week. Pls don’t take it away from me!!! Where is Swanspirit when you need her?? Go Ravens.

  15. I know they used to be the Browns — they are still an expansion team as far as I’m concerned.

  16. Flaco is cuter than your QB.

  17. Arizona Cardinals is a stupid team too — like they have Cardinals in Arizona — Cardinals belong in St. Louis (yes, I know that’s a baseball team) but the names of teams should have something to do with the place they are located or I don’t like them either.

  18. TV is upstairs and computer is down, so bye for now.

  19. Hey, why am I in moderation? Just because I don’t like the Cardinals?

  20. omg RD. I hate football, but everyone in my family is a Browns fan (you know, bc we are from Cleveland) They all hate the steelers, so they might kill you if they saw that post.
    Naturally, since they love the Browns, I have to pretend to care and say I am a steelers fan, just to cheese them. 😀

  21. Our QB exfoliated his face on some pavement a couple of years ago when he fell off his moving motorcycle when not wearing his helmet. THAT’S why he’s not cuter.
    Ok, so he’s stupid too but, damn, he can play!

  22. That’s why I like the Steelers — they are ugly & rough — like football players should be — and they have always been like that.

  23. Oooo, a little tantrum from the Ravens contingent? Short of a first down. Neener-neener-neeeeennnnnerr!

  24. Of course we’ll support the Steelers –

    BTW RD – congratulations on turning the 5 million mark!! Wooo Hooo!

  25. Neener-neener-neeeeennnnnerr!

    You speak Wonktard?

  26. Angienc2: Franco Harris was a drop dead gorgeous man. And so was Lynn Swan, until he turned Republican.
    But Jack Lambert was an ogre, it’s true.

  27. myiq: Sorry, I’ll try to restrain myself.

  28. Wild rice/white rice blend (start the wild rice first so it cooks fully) with apricots, cooked in orange juice, finished with rosemary. Brussel sprouts with black truffle oil. Grilled filet with rosemary & smoked salt. Sangiovese/cabernet blend.
    The apricots & rosemary go together surprisingly well.
    But still only winning by 6. Stillers were robbed on that touchdown/incomplete thing.

  29. Hey folks, don’t forget Angienc will be hosting with me on No We Won’t at 8pm est.

    click here to listen:


  30. Jack Lambert
    See what I mean?

  31. YES!! Everybody get up and dance!!

  32. What’s with the “ole” tackling?

  33. We all know it should be the Redskins, but this is a rebuilding year.

  34. Woah! What a pass!

  35. the Browns suck. I would hate being from Cleveland, if it weren’t for Lebron…

  36. BFF: Did you take the last bottle of wine in the rack?
    Or did we drink it?

    Brussels taste good with truffle oil?

  37. It’s been a Redskins rebuilding year ever since I’ve known you. What the heck are they building?

  38. hey RD, call me too! Steelers are my second favorite team!

  39. The trolls in the spam filter are demanding a television.

  40. Is it just me or does the Ravens uniform make i look like they are marshmallows on skinny black sticks?

  41. Myiq: Why don’t we just throw one of the sportscaster guys down there? That ought to keep them entertained.

  42. Yes the Browns do have a QB issue.

    Wife’s had the news on all day, she feels it’s a civic obligation. So been stumbling around all day with these foam ear plugs. I cannot physically be exposed to the worship in any way.

    Thank goodness for second TVs, guest bedrooms, wifi. Mac and cheese, yum. So Steelers are still scoring. Thought Ravens had the big defense.

  43. riverdaughter, on January 18th, 2009 at 7:48 pm Said:

    It’s been a Redskins rebuilding year ever since I’ve known you. What the heck are they building?
    They were rebuilding when I first listen to Redskins games in the early fifties.

  44. We drank the bottle. Bought it for dinner. You put it on the rack. I took it back off.
    If we build it, they will come.

  45. Hey! Isn’t it great to be able to fast forward through commercials?

  46. They asked for a television – they didn’t specify one that worked.

    There’s no cable in there anyway.

    Or electricity.

  47. We came, we saw, they lost anyway.

  48. Doesn’t anyone care that the Eagles lost?

  49. I was serious about throwing a sports talking head down there. No one would miss them.

  50. Betty: If it will make you feel better, I am sorry the Iggles lost.

  51. FIRST down!

  52. Keith Ogreman is a sports talking head, could throw him down there. Notice he’s been hedging his post inauguration MSNBC gig by helping out more and more at NBC sports. Fortunately all things NBC will be under water by the end of the decade, with possible exception of CNBC and Bravo.

    Not sure how I feel about the challenge rule.

  53. I bet on the Steelers this week in the football pool. So far they are doing exactly as I predicted.

    Go, Steelers!

  54. Does it have to be a “sports” talking head?

  55. We could give them a crank TV that only plays Obama commercials

  56. Starting to snow?

  57. myiq: Yes, they never say anything intelligent or profound. Well, neither do regular talking heads, but the sports guys might not even know who Obama is.

  58. Unnecessary roughness! Now that’s the Steelers I remember.

  59. myiq – Ooooh! Ooooh! I nominate Tweety!

  60. I’m playing them some Polka music

  61. Snow? A-gain?? Hey, aren’t you supposed to be on your way to Cambridge?

  62. Three: It looked like self defense to me.

  63. “but the sports guys might not even know who Obama is.

    Nobody does, but some people voted for him anyway.

  64. Terry Bradshsw is the worst, as a blabbermouth on tv I mean..


  65. Lots of injuries in this game.

  66. I saw way too much of Terry Bradshaw in “Failure To Launch”

    I still have flashbacks whenever I watch pregame shows.

  67. I need someone to score one more time so I can get another win on the football pool. So far I have been incredibly lucky – for the first time this year.

    Yesssss! TD Ravens!

    (Don’t worry RD, I want the Steelers to win.)

  68. Damn! I could have scored with that blocking.

  69. Ok, no more of those. They got a respectable score now. There’s no reason to let them score anymore.
    Let’s make them pay for that one.

  70. Do I detect a traitor? Have you ever seen the spam filter, madamab?
    Just kidding. KIDDING!
    (It would be wrong to lure her to the top of the stairs and push her in.)

  71. I agree RD!

    I’m not down with the whole pain thing though. Can’t we play football with flowers and candy?


    I actually hate football. The only reason I am watching is because of the gambling factor. Hubby loves it, though.

  72. If I need a brain transplant, I want one from a sportscaster, cuz I’ll know it’s never been used?

  73. BFF – Ha! I thought that was just a tenor joke!


  74. We’ve got a game. I already see the ghosts of Browns past on the field. Wonder if I can maybe play with the tint on the TV, turn that awful Raven’s purple blue to orange.

    Wuw, didn’t know the Arizona game was that close. Feel bad for the iggles.

  75. Ooof – what a miserable series.

    The Steelers have got to come back in the 2nd half and do something different. The Ravens are reading the offense quite handily.

  76. Really? I thought that’s what violinists said about violists.

  77. RD – it’s been said often about tenors. Poor maligned creatures!


  78. Actually think Terry is better than OJ in the movies. Just can’t stand his blather on football..

  79. I actually have a piccolo player joke

  80. “Anytime the football is tipped, it’s almost *always* intercepted.”
    Except when it isn’t.

  81. Woo, that field looks cement hard. Nice return..

  82. Shoulda been an interception!

  83. The most banal commentator by far?

    John Madden.

  84. Butterfingers!

  85. OMG, that’s almost a Bill Buckner drop.

  86. OMG, how could he not catch that?

    Perfect throw by Big Ben.


  87. Ooooh, the Steelers fans are mean!

  88. Oh, yah, madden is the worst. I can’t believe they get paid for this drivel. *I* could do that.

  89. Pretend you’re hurt so you can leave the field early and go hide in your locker.

  90. No, no, the ball went between Buckner’s legs. It was the “modified Cub factor” doing its evil work. Boston should have won that.

  91. They’ll use that forward shuttle pass, but the lateral is way underutilized in the NFL, IMHO. Could be I’ve watched too much Rugby League.

    There was zero contact on that kick. And don’t even try to smooth that over in the booth. Outrageous.

  92. Well the Pirates are in my heart, but I root for the Mets, and that season was unfrigginbelievable. Boston’s had theirs in recent years. Feel bad for Bill though. Those Sox fans are ruthless.

  93. Aw, that’s a shame, time runs out. They probably earned another play. Three pts could be the difference.

  94. Well, that was bad clock management.


  95. Mets fans are ruthless. I’ve been to a couple Mets vs Pirates games at Shea. If looks could kill…

  96. I was at an LA Raiders game where a fan of the opposing team was killed by Raider fans.

    We were playing Pittsburgh.

  97. They’ve got a brand spanking new stadium. Citi Field in Queens. That name will last maybe three months. They could call it Paulson Field.

    I don’t know how I feel about the Triboro being renamed RFK bridge. Aren’t the Kennedys a MA brand. I mean the whole Caroline thing is embarassing enough.

  98. um, oh, is anyone available to chat on blogtalk with Sheri and Angie?

  99. Yankees fans are pretty bad too. I felt like Elaine Benes when I was rooting for the Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

    RD – are you coming to the PUMA party next weekend? I should probably re-send you the e-vite – it came to your confluence08 address from a different email address than you’re used to.

  100. LA Raider games were scary.

    Half the fans were thugs, and the other half were gangsters.

  101. blogtalk? is that members only

  102. I remember seeing the New Orleans “Ain’ts” on MNF and their fans were wearing paper bags over their heads.

  103. My God. They can’t even leave the halftime alone. Gotta take a break…

  104. WTF?

    How did BO get on my television???

    I was watching football!

  105. Forget about the game, says the only Ravens fan on line, what about the CBS promos for their shows that all use the YES WE CAN. I am sure that they did something similar the week before Bush’s swearing in. Do they can it a swearing in, because for the last two inaugurations I have been swearing at the tv?

  106. I just left the game, and it was kind of slow…how’s it goin’ now?

    I checked the Drudge Report for headlines when I got home, and this was the crap I was subjected to: [Obama: a ‘major step” for humanity?!’ Jesus, deliver me from this nightmare.]

    He can save us! Polls show wave of optimism sweeping nation…
    Official: Obama ‘a major step’ for humanity…
    Obama says USA can overcome any obstacle…


  108. HelenK – happening now!

  109. Betty Jean got a message from Hillary. Wow!

  110. Three: blogtalkradio is public

  111. Yes, I’m watching the game, blogging here, and listening to blogtalk. Nice juxtaposition. Men can multi task too, I think..

  112. RD: what message? Are they talking about it?

  113. Enjoying Sheri and Angie’s discussion. Who are the voices of the women’s movement in the world of Obama, I wonder. I know it can’t be Naomi Wolfe, please. My oversimplified notion of the schism in the women’s movement today is embodied by Hillary on one side and Nancy on the other. I think Obama women are more the issue than the Republican women. Betty Friedan spoke at my graduation 20 years ago, and the movement felt more aligned then. Dunno.

  114. Betty Jean finally got around to clearing out all of the messages on her answering machine from last year and found one from Hillary Clinton to her. Hillary told her she felt terrible about what happened to Louisa and Denise and that Betty Jean should contact her office if there was anything she could do.

  115. Andrew Sullivan and Naomi Wolfe support Obama because both have adolescent crushes on him. Sorry, that’s the mad truth, and I can handle it..

  116. 16-7 !

  117. That is so amazing that Hillary left a message for Betty Jean. Hillary takes care of her people.

    RD — yep that Ben Roethlisberger sure is stupid riding a motorcycle without a helmet, but at least he didn’t shoot himself in the thigh….. 🙂

  118. Honora, on January 18th, 2009 at 7:26 pm Said:
    Stop it, stop it, stop it. The Ravens are the only good thing happening this week. Pls don’t take it away from me!!! Where is Swanspirit when you need her?? Go Ravens.

    AM here GO RAVENS …………………

  119. Homefield advantage comes into play in the fourth quarter when legs get heavy.

    Oooh, looked like he was kicking a dead bird.

  120. So since I have no idea who Naomi Wolf is, I wiki-ed her. Re her book the “beauty myth” wiki says “an international bestseller.[9] In the book, she argues that “beauty” as a normative value is entirely socially constructed, and that the patriarchy determines the content of that construction with the goal of reproducing its own hegemony.” And so then I see her picture on said same page and there she is all fru-frued sexied up with the black and white photography and the hair flying back and the lips pouty.

    So I go, okay….

  121. Go Ravens (who really are the Browns, just like the Colts are really from Baltimore, and the Cardinals are really from St Louis, and the Rams are really from LA, and Titans are really from Houston, and the Giants have always been from NJ).

    Is it wrong to want some continuity in life?

    Baltimore Browns on the move, yes!

  122. Hmmm, apparently *several* of our so-called Conflucians are headed for a trip to the spam filter for a bottle of whine.

  123. Just got back from PUR — don’t make fun of the Saints — I’m telling y’all right now (and yes, we have been known to wear paper bags on our heads) — the Saints can’t win because when the Superdome was built the city had to move a graveyard to build the parking garage — the spirits who were disturbed cursed the team (really, the people of NOLA all know & believe in the Saint’s curse — based on the record, it might be true)

  124. Bad coverage on that interference.

    Touchdown, yes!

  125. hey 3 wickets! How’d I do on the show?

  126. Ruh roh — 2 point game.

  127. I am most seriously displeased.

  128. Well, as a Seattleite, it would be hard from me to root for the Pittsburgh “winners of superbowl XL due to bad officiating” Steelers.

    Go Ravens!

  129. Riverdaughter, that’s so sweet that Hillary left that message for Betty Jean. I still can’t believe the depth of her families suffering.

    RD, what are the ground rules for this thread?

  130. Hey Swan- I’ve been trying to hold down the fort, but it hasn’t been easy.

  131. Angie, you done great. Sounded like fun. Were you guys in the bathroom or was that flushing just a sound effect.

  132. No offense, of course. I don’t really care about football! It’s fun sometimes to pretend care. 😉

  133. 3 Wickets –for shame! of course that was a sound effect — I’m from the South!

  134. Sorry I shouted but free me now kept trying to get thru and we needed some good news this week.
    Senator Clinton is what a good person looks like. Her whole life caring and trying to help others.

    My Eagles lost so I HATE football.



  135. helenk — I don’t care about football at all (except for my poor Saints) but growing up in my house I learned everything about football — college & professional. Heck, I can even name the names of all the High School football teams in Louisiana. {rolls eyes}

  136. Angie – you and Sheri did great! Go PUMA sistahs!

    Come on Steelers, G-darnit!

  137. Angienc2
    down on the thread about crying there is a link to Julie London singing cry me a river. In my mind no body does it better.



  138. hey, why am I in moderation this time?

  139. Naomi has a knack for turning feminism into an aphrodisiac, that’s how I remember her at least.

  140. Honora, swannie – I was a child in Bawlmer when the Colts disappeared to Indianapolis overnight. They used to practice not ten minutes from our apartment building.

    The horror! The horror!

  141. HelenK – you like Julie London?

    Now I love you even more!!!


  142. 3 Wickets — just saw you’ve been talking smack about Terry Bradshaw! Excuse me, leave that Louisiana boy alone! (plus, he’s a former Steeler). I actually think he is funny & no dumber then the rest of the football commentators.

  143. helenk — thanks for the heads up — I like Julie London too.

  144. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  145. OMG! Touchdown Steelers!

    I am on the brink of scoring ten out of ten in the football pool!

    Holy poop!

  146. PO LU MO LU !!!!

  147. And that is what you call a game changer. Drats. Steelers will represent the AFC well though.

  148. Polumolu has been ferocious tonight!

  149. Represent the AFC well? Steelers are going all the way baby — Superbowl XLIII champions — you heard it here first. Arizona may as well stay home.

  150. 9 pts, 4 minutes. Looking gooood.

  151. So much for inviting you all to my house to the Super Bowl party. My husband, who is currently en route to Japan, will be relieved.

  152. Man, that had to hurt!

  153. Terry’s from Lousiana, didn’t know that. He’s a good man I can tell that, was a great player, but just cannot sit thru his WWF style commentating.

    Ouch, that hit. Football is mean. Rugby players sustain fewer injuries, and they wear no padding.

  154. This is why I hate football. I can’t stand to see people hurt.


  155. Madamab@9:50p
    there are three songs no one should ever try to change.

    Fever by Peggy Lee
    Cry me a river by Julie London
    LayLa by Eric Clapton

    I was trying to link two songs today but ADAM a damn aggravating machine would not let me.
    One was from us to the obots
    Got along without you before I met you gonna get along without you now by Skeeter Davis

    Two was from the obots to backtrack when they finally wake up
    The end of the world by skeeter davis



  156. Three Wickets — yep, Bradshaw is from Shreveport, LA.

  157. Wayne Chrebet of the Jets (wide receiver) took one too many hits like that. He is the cousin of one of my best friends. Cousin Wayne had to retire and he will never be right in the head ever again.


  158. HelenK –

    Yes, yes, and yes.

    You have impeccable taste. 🙂

  159. I can’t watch. I’ll only jinx it.

  160. Ah, go ahead and watch RD, I am sure that it will be fine.

  161. Poor McGahee. It looks like he has a concussion at least, maybe whiplash – but he is moving his arms and legs.

    He is in a lot of pain.

  162. Don’t trust Honora!!!! 🙂

  163. I need the Steelers to get one more field goal and Baltimore not to score any more.

    (crosses fingers)

  164. Uppity – looks like I may be black listed from you tube. I took down my vids after the travesty in November – and now whenever I try to put anything up – it just won’t take. Ain’t freedom of speech a wonderful thing?

  165. Ha-Ha, Honora, you almost got me! But I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. Have you seen our hydroponic plants in the spam cellar? Maybe myiq can give you a tour.

  166. McGahee is speaking, moving his arms and legs but has significant neck pain.

    Sending good thoughts to him…

  167. madamab, you need to stay away from vegas.

    i concur helenk, though lulu does a decent cry me a river, but of course doesn’t touch julie’s version.

  168. I must be honest, I like Super Bowl party food more than I like the Ravens. My 17 year old daughter , however, is crushed!!

  169. Interception. It’s all over.

  170. I only go to Superbowl parties for the party, not the game.

  171. madamab, steelers could give you that field goal you need, but don’t think they’ll do it.

  172. Madamab I KNEW JOHNNY U when I was a kid too and Artie Donovan …and Alan Ameche and lots of the guys from the Colts my dad was in the Gridiron club with them … I gave up football when OUR team was stolen… I loved the colts
    but I do have affection for the Ravens now, it took me years to recover ..
    I remember once when i was a kid my dad took my hand, and put it up to Artie Donovans hand to compare the size … he was a giant ……….but a gentle giant Artie owned a liquor store in our neighborhood for a while ……… we got caught trying to get him to deliver beer to us under age because he knew my dads adress …. LOLOLOL

  173. Honora: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! How can I make it up to you? You know, Pittsburgh isn’t that far from Baltimore and we’re very friendly.

  174. OK, RD — now you *really* gotta finish the basement for Superbowl Sunday!

  175. That’s okay Three Wickets – I got all ten right!!! And my tiebreaker is only 4 points off (if there had been another field goal, I would have only been 1 point off). I might actually win this thing!!!

    I SHOULD go to Vegas right now, or at least, play the lotto! LOL

  176. No fair madamab — people are supposed to be lucky in love OR lucky in cards/games of chance. You are lucky in both!! (meanwhile, I’m lucky in neither! 😦 )

  177. Congrats Steelers, over and out..

  178. In Baltimore ,when we love our teams , we love them win or lose , we love them unconditionally …&heart;

  179. awwwww, swannie…that is so sweet!

    Were you a junior Oriole too? Loved going to Memorial Stadium and watching Jim Palmer pitch! (swooooooon)

  180. Hey! I’m in moderationagain! I haven’t said a bad word even once

    wordpress hates me

  181. Yes!!! One for the other hand. Go, Stillers.

  182. ten out of ten, my god, how could you NOT win the pool, unless we’re talking hundreds of people..

  183. RD- Baltimore is much closer to your house than Pittsburgh, you really should reconsider your allegiances. Oh well, I hope the kids still want to drink the purple milk I made .

  184. nope I was never a junior Oriole …But I love my BIRDS ♥

  185. OMG – I won $460!!!!

    Everyone come to my house for Super Bowl!!!

  186. congrats madamab!!

    my comment to you above is stuck in moderation.

  187. please pass this one around

  188. What I tried to tell you before, (but am in moderation) is that:

    people are supposed to be lucky in love or lucky in cards/games of chance. You are lucky in both!! (meanwhile, I’m lucky in neither! 😦 )

  189. Honora: Are you kidding me?? I was born in Pittsburgh. Anyways, if i wanted a close team, I have the Giants or Philadelphia or the Jets.
    Or the BFF could coerce me into rooting for the Redskins again, though I have done it four times already as cheerfully as I could and they lost every fricking time.

  190. In moderation again — don’t know what I’m writing that is doing it.

  191. Poor angie!


  192. That is so annoying…it happened to me one day and it sucked!!!

    Thanks for the congrats, though!

  193. I know! poor me! what am I saying that’s so bad?

  194. madamab- I hope that there are no IRSpumas with us tonight.

  195. Honora — not to get all legal, but your winnings have to be more than $600 for you to be required to report it.

  196. congrats MADAMAB woohoo

    I still hate that we lost **cry**

  197. Sorry all, but I so HATE the stealers!

    Go Cards! All the Way!!

    Ban me if you want, but I’ll never root for Pitts.

  198. Was for the Eagles, now for the Steelers.
    Go, Steelers!

  199. Go Madamab.
    Don’t stop now you are on a roll.

    Win Win Win



  200. Madamab — Jim Palmer!!!! Ooh I loved him. My best friend’s dad designed Memorial Stadium. I’m not from Bawlmer but am from just down the Ritchie Highway……

  201. Honora – LOLOLOLOL…and I am sorry that the Ravens didn’t win. They have cool uniforms too, I don’t care what anyone says!

    I do hate when the football players thank God. What, does God hate the other team or something? Trust me, God has better things to do than to make one football team beat the other!

  202. I will write my comment to madamab that is so offensive, again, with astericks:

    No fair. Pe*ple are suppos*d to be l*cky in l*ve or l*cky in c*rds/g*mes of ch*nce. You are l*cky in both!! (me*nwhile, I’m l*cky in neith*r! 😦 )

  203. swanspirit- there is always next year. Oh wait, with Obama as president, I’m not sure about that.

  204. well, I don’t think anyone can understand that, but at least I’m not in moderation

  205. SweetSue@10:31p
    I am with you. I work with a few people out here that are like me and from Phila. We stick together on the Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, and Flyers.



  206. I live in Cleveland. Ravens are dead to me.

  207. honora: about IRS PUMAs, I would count on it.

  208. Angie — I al*o am l*cky in ne*th*r!

  209. No way NYCBlue! Loved that stadium.

    I was born in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Bawlmer.

    For those who don’t know Jim Palmer:

    Yum, yum.

  210. tpfka — LOL! tragic isn’t it?

  211. madamab: We ought to create a new religion. I swear we are channeling each other in the god department.

  212. Angie – I don’t believe that – you are too hawt, smart and fierce to be unlucky in love!!!

  213. Honora ….
    as president evangelist , and sports czar he only wants to interfere with basketball playoffs; not football … yet

  214. madamab — if you ever met my 2 ex husbands you’d know what I’m talking about! LOL

  215. Hillary at an Emily’s List luncheon today on C-Span. Woman is a rock star.

  216. RD – LOL!

    My deity of choice is The Giant Green Lizard. It doesn’t expect worship – just an occasional insect.

  217. Why did these people NOT support her for President? Anybody? Bueller? Jesus? *headdesk*

  218. Angie – but you have myiq. I have no doubt that you are meant to be together!


    Swannie – au contraire. Obama wants to “fix” the Bowl Championship Series – that’s college football.

    Give me strength.

  219. ok darlins……….. I have to go find solace in sleep 🙂

    ♥ to you all

  220. Pantsuits are back, says the woman.

  221. Night, Swannie.

  222. Regency – Pantsuits never went out of style for some!

  223. madamab… duh me …yes you are right .. another example of hubris and lack of boundaries from the narcissist ………

    nitey nite HUGS

  224. night Swannie!

  225. I want this woman as queen of the world. She cares and she gets it.

    Mad: My ma loves pantsuits.

  226. Sleep well, fellow Marylander.

  227. Madamab, LOL, I was gonna say remember Jim Palmer in his underwear?
    Then you linked it!

    Thanks for the heads up, Hillary on CSPAN!

  228. Does Hillary ever sleep?! It’s unbelievable. How does anyone stay that focused and responsible day after day, year after year? (Watching her on CSPAN)

  229. In most parts of the world…women do most of the work. HC

  230. angienc2, on January 18th, 2009 at 10:38 pm Said:

    madamab — if you ever met my 2 ex husbands you’d know what I’m talking about! LOL
    Ex x 2 is not unlucky; it’s the norm…(I hope)

  231. I don’t even think America deserves her anymore. We need to learn this lesson. Women must be valued. It is in their absence (especially that of this woman) that we realize how we need them.

  232. This football talk is too much for girly girl Afrocity

  233. She said she wears the Taliban’s criticism of her–as well as the other criticism she receives–as a badge of honor.

    lol! Take that MSM!

  234. fif — and thank god for that or the work would never get done.

  235. Loooove her!

  236. Hill-a-REEEEEEEE….why why why can’t we have her….


  237. We do have her madamab–just not in the role we wanted. Still, she is out there, everyday, working herself to exhaustion. I get tired just watching her.

  238. I know fif!!! I am grateful that she will be in the spotlight and doing her wonky, heartfelt best for our country.

    Even if we don’t deserve it!

  239. econsmed – what a great video you posted at 10:25! You may want to post it at gary chapel hill’s place, too – Electric Blue (link in the blogroll to the right). Did you produce it?

    oh and, Go Steelers! 🙂

  240. fif, on January 18th, 2009 at 10:48 pm Said:

    Does Hillary ever sleep?! It’s unbelievable. How does anyone stay that focused and responsible day after day, year after year? (Watching her on CSPAN)
    She has been the target of ugly, personal attack for >30 years and she keeps plugging along, doing great things. I hope that she and Bill live long enough so when their political lives are done, they write a co-biography about what it was really like to be “The Clintons”.

  241. She’s such a rock star. She deserves it and she’s earned it. EMILY’s List failed big time, as did many of the women’s organizations this year. They should have stood up for her far more than they did.

    That said, I’m proud of our girl. She’s magnificent, wonky, and looks fly in a pantsuit. That’s what I wanna see when I turn on Fox News.

  242. SHV: I’m looking forward to that book too.

  243. Football is the best sport for anyone who loves watching sweaty guys tackle each other. Rowr. Tights, sharp shoes, and shoulder pads. Is this a 90s feminist board meeting?

  244. Madamab,

    …because she is not black.

  245. fif, on January 18th, 2009 at 11:03 pm Said:

    SHV: I’m looking forward to that book too.
    I won’t live to see it but history deserves the “real” story of this remarkable couple.

  246. Afrocity – new thread up above. Pour vous!!!


  248. Long suffering Browns fan here. The Ravens are NOT the Browns. (Thanks Art Modell) That said ( and as much as it pains me) congrats to Steeler fans.

    Go Cardinals!!!! (ducks flying terrible towels)

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