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The more things change….

When Naomi Wolff referred to “that other group” in her swiping smackdown of the New Agenda on CNN yesterday (got any EVIDENCE to back up your “right-wing funded front” smear, Naomi?), she was talking about Puma PAC and the Puma Movement. Strange. It’s not like they don’t KNOW our name. I think after hundreds of thousands of letters and phone calls to public officials, dozens of TV and radio appearances, and designation as a Time Magazine “Buzz Word of the Year,” the powers that be certainly DO know what Puma is.

What are we now, Lord Voldemort? Is Puma the “You Know Who” of politics and feminism these days? I also thought it was kinda strange that Amy Siskind never mentioned us either in her own brief appearance on Wednesday. I mean the Ms. cover WAS a travesty and an outrage, but would there have even been any story there if hundreds of Puma PAC members and Conflucians hadn’t flooded Michele Kort’s mailbox on Sunday and Monday? While it is excellent that Amy got the opportunity to criticize Ms’ egregious decision to whitewash history by pretending that Barack Obama is a feminist Superman (gack!), I gotta admit it’s a bit disheartening to find our own members’ efforts go unmentioned. In fact, it ticks me off when our members and readers respond so quickly and effectively to a call to action, only to be treated like the “country cousins” at the family shin-dig.
Oh, well. Par for the course I guess. I was doing some reading about Alice Paul and her suffragist movement of the 1920’s yesterday to get my mind off what feels a bit too much like back-stabbing, rumor-mongering, smearing, and back-room dealing, and guess what? The struggle for women’s suffrage was rife with back-stabbing, rumor mongering, smearing, and back-room dealing too. Yep. Critics of Alice Paul and her New Woman’s Party accused them of being racists (surprise!), of hysteria, and of being unpatriotic (just like the Obots are now telling us to fall in line for the “good of the country.” Obots really do sound more like Republicans every day.) And just about every woman’s group that appealed to the NWP for support quickly turned on them if they didn’t get what they wanted.
So this attempt to euthanize Pumas by euphemizing us as “that other group” is to be expected. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

111 Responses

  1. Naomi spelled backwards is “I moan”

  2. Too right Taggles. Tell it how it is!!

  3. Not sure if there is anyone left in the PUMAsphere who hasn’t seen IRON JAWED ANGELS, but if so – don’t delay. Beg, borrow, whatever, a copy and see it as soon as you can. It gives context to all of this.

  4. Brava Taggles! Our voices are being heard, though.This is just the beginning for our movement.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Right now, airhead fauxminist apologists like Wolff are fighting us. That means we’ve gotten past the first two phases.


  5. Indeed, taggles, many women have made careers stabbing other women in the back. I remember Nora Ephron did nicely in the Esquire during the 70’s bashing the feminists in a month essay. It was the only reason her articles where there….so women can be bashed and then the mag says well a WOMAN said it….oh well that makes it okay then ./snark/
    We have seen this same tactic again this year.

  6. go to this link and read all about the suffragist movement and how similar it is to today. I can’t get the link to work in the OP.

  7. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but when she was specifically asked if Obama was a feminist, Wolff dodged the question and gave an answer that was the equivilent of “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

  8. They wouldn’t have had the piece if it hadn’t been for our efforts, and Hillary wouldn’t be SOS, so we are having an impact. It takes time, and we’ve accomplished a lot in our short tenure.

    OT, but interesting. It sounds like Queen Nancy is being quite the Diva, and Dem leaders are getting annoyed:

    Panel chairmen fighting mad over snubs by Pelosi
    Senior House Democrats have a message for their Speaker: We’re mad as hell, and we’re only taking it this one last time.
    As congressional Democrats take the lead in responding to the sinking economy, subcommittee and even some full-committee chairmen — who normally wield significant influence in writing legislation — have been forced to wait on the sidelines as monumental bills are written in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office.
    A number of Democrats have said caucus meetings are growing contentious as promises from their leaders to return to a regular process have again been postponed because of “emergency” legislation.
    “You know, I’m hearing some of the same rhetoric out of the senior Obama appointees that I heard from Bush officials about the bailout,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), referring to the sense of urgency surrounding the economic recovery plan.


  9. taggles:

    I fixt it for you

  10. thank you myiq!

  11. Wow. I just checked TGW. Angry (now Happy) Black Guy is there with ne0feminist who sounds more deranged and out of control than ever. It really shows you the insane mindset of these people who hate us so much they talk sh*t about us at their websites and go so far as to spend hours on OUR sites insulting us. I guess Egalia thinks so too because she’s not getting rid of her.

  12. WordPress is acting quirky today.

  13. DV:

    Neofakefeminist is the inspiration for my next post.

  14. PUMA is a very bad word in the Democratic Party. The fact that if it wasn’t for the economic crisis, there would’ve been a good chance that Obama might have lost still bothers the sh*t out of these people. They can’t believe there are liberals out there who (gasp!) don’t believe Obama is the sh*t. So the only explanation is that we must be conservatives, right?

  15. fif, on January 16th, 2009 at 1:32 pm ….. “You know, I’m hearing some of the same rhetoric out of the senior Obama appointees that I heard from Bush officials about the bailout,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), referring to the sense of urgency surrounding the economic recovery plan

    They are just noticing? Barry is about solidifying and continuing the Bush/Cheney gains…one being the dismantlement of government

  16. Fwiw; anyone who’s seen me post here before knows I’m not on your side (on many if not all matters of worth to this site) – but I do make it a point to actually tell my friends who’ve never heard of you who you are (when it comes up in discussion). Sure y’all do a fine job of raising my blood pressure (it’s not a hard accomplishment), but I have no problem identifying those I disagree with. Besides – you folks are interesting 9 times out of 10 (that’s from someone who disagrees with you, so I imagine the devoted following gives ya a 10 times out of 10) and that’s worth something.

    At any rate – all I wanted to say was there are those of us who disagree with you (hell, who even get bent out of shape by some of your arguments) who have no problem putting names to fac—errr—ideas.

    Hoping this is taken in the spirit it was written, but assuming it won’t be.

  17. I consider us THOSE PEOPLE and I am damn proud to be one.
    We do get their attention, don’t we?



  18. DV – I was over there earlier and couldn’t get through that “conversation” with ABG and Neofeminist – I think that they’re the same person, namely ABG who I think has a serious personality disorder – like multiple personalities or some other derangement.

  19. Maybe PUMA needs a universally recognized icon or logo, like the one the artist formerly known as whomever uses. (Is the paw print strong enough?) I used to like dropping the PUMA word into conversations at bright blue Obot gatherings last fall, just to see the reactions. Usually silence, awkward ones. They knew, they all knew, but would not let on. With those who would engage, I was always peeved by their presumption that a PUMA by definition had to be of the female gender. Like you wouldn’t need male partners to propagate the species. Anywhoo.

  20. I really like the new logo for the Pumasphere.

  21. oh yeah, everyone should join the pumasphere.

    we’re just getting it cranked up.

    Go here

    click on the join button.

  22. I have a tiny penis

  23. oh humboldtblue, you a little strung out today?

  24. If you look you will see that the posts of ABG and Neofakefeminist look identical in format and tone.

    They even make the same grammatical and spelling errors.

  25. The weed in Humbolt must be extra strong this year.

  26. it must have been something humboldtblue ate, they vomited all over the thread.

  27. humboldt isn’t too original. he’s back to the republican meme.

    next will be racist

    next will be feminazi.

    then we can start all over again!

    try a little harder humboldt! atleast use your imagination.

  28. taggles, on January 16th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    lol! true!

  29. For such a new movement, PUMAs are doing very well. I think the longer we stick around, the more influence we have. I just hope we remain the UNParty and never sell out!

  30. Taggles, thank you for this post. While I was reading it, I was reminded of Iron Jawed Angels, and the parallels to what is going on today. Alice Paul had to break with traditional women’s group, because they were ineffective and too ingratiating to the powers that be. Puma has to break with the NOW and MS “feminists” because they have sold out to the highest bidder. Sad, but true. It was so appalling and disheartening to see the so-called women’s organizations supporting such a misogynistic candidate and campaign. I was shocked by the hypocrisy of the BO campaign, and the women who support this imposter.

  31. geez… it is freezing up here.
    My fingers are numb

  32. Yeah, how about we’re aliens disguised as humans. And PUMA is how we’re going to take over THE WORLD.

  33. Oh dear, Humpold says:
    “you’re the same group of clueless dumbasses the keep giving money to Murphy. She’s a Republican you dipshits..”
    Well, HumpoldBlue, it looks like you’re the dipshit — it is your Messiah who is the Republican.

  34. The link to pumasphere didn’t work so I just typed in http://www.pumasphere.com and signed up.

  35. no selling out for puma’s by me littleisis.

    We are what we are.

    We came from where we came from.

    Nothing to be ashamed of, only to be proud.

  36. thanks gxm17!

  37. I tried fixing it twice but it won’t fix

  38. PUMA is reality based and that drives Obots crazy

  39. Thanks BigJ – respectful disagreement is the backbone of democracy.

    That’s why we’re in so much trouble. It’s not enough to disagree – you have to demonize and criminalize the person you’re arguing with. I thought only Repubs did that, but the Obots are just as bad.

  40. Big J, I’m fairly sure I understood your respectful comment. Thanks for uttering the word PUMA to identify the opposition. If we’re going to be trashed, we want to be named. We’re quite capable of naming ourselves in a praiseworthy tone from time to time.

  41. OT LI, kitty update?

  42. Barry is about solidifying and continuing the Bush/Cheney gains…one being the dismantlement of government

    Agree with you, with one caveat – they want to leave those government structures intact, like the Defense Dept., that they can use to shovel money to themselves and their cronies.

  43. birdgal, you hit the nail on the head. those groups are an arm of the washington insiders. they are not representative of women on “main street”, city, suburban or rural.

  44. If anyone cares to join me at BlogHer, I’m trying to convey our view of this debacle. It’s under ‘politics and news’.

  45. oh man they are high on the hopium at blogher and have been for well over a year!

  46. Heads up, beware of this guy, moderators, he’s stealing identities and posting comments linking back to his sicko site via a fake Klownhaus article.

  47. Obama is about the status quo and always has been. “Change” was only a bumpersticker.

    No wonder the Villagers love him so. What puzzles me is how anyone in the blogosphere could have fallen for it.

    Oh yeah. They have no principles.

  48. sister of ye, on January 16th, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    quite right…I should have said…. the dismantlement of democratic government”

  49. Remember the earlier post about Obama porn? Obots have been stroking themselves since November 4 themselves while indulging in Obama porn, and their big 0 will be on january 20. (If you don’t think that Obamaporn exists, listen to NPR for about 30 minutes.)

    PUMAs just ain’t into the obamaporn. Just looks like a bunch of disconnected body parts to us. There’s nothing hot about it.

    Obots just don’t get that about us.

  50. madamab, on January 16th, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    They were paid ( not alot) and offered the promise of becoming “important”… The funny part is the left reporters got coffee in a cup and the right wingers get the sit down dinner

    Hey left blogosphere ….Barry is laughing at you over port wine and cigars with George Will and Bill Kristel

  51. Cinie:

    You got info on where he’s doing this?

  52. Surprising too, since I know for a fact that I was the one who first brought the matter to Amy Siskind’s attention — I emailed her the link to this site & she responded with “omg! is this serious?” and, of course I told her it was. She also asked me how I got her email, which I found odd because I got it from the New Agenda website right by her name.

  53. Paper doll – he’s just not that into them.

    I love how Sullivan is now a “liberal.” Newsflash – anyone who voted for George W. is not a liberal. Anyone who shills for the Iraq war is not a liberal. Anyone who wants to peer into Sarah Palin’s uterus to make sure she REALLY gave birth to Trig is not a liberal.

  54. Anyone who wants to peer into Sarah Palin’s uterus to make sure she REALLY gave birth to Trig is not a liberal.

    not a liberal madamab? h#ll — I have a problem classifying such people as a human being.

  55. Hey angie, don’t forget Sunday 8pm est! I am so looking forward to it!

  56. I am sure that at the end of Obama’s term he will have lined his pockets as much as Bush and Cheney have. Same powerful players backing the new Pres. as the old one, and same MSM love that Bush had. Let me clarify that, actually more worshiping at the alter of Obama than Bush. Although Bush had enough love to sell a war.

  57. myiq, he left this on my site as SUGAR:

    “Keep reporting, we only have to look forward to his failure.
    Meanwhile a little jokey joke from Klownhaus about why they can’t get Pimp-elect to grow a beard.” http://tinyurl.com/obambibeard

    The link goes to his site, he is definitely NOT SUGAR.

  58. Sullivan a Liberal?

    In what Universe?

  59. the Oniverse!

  60. Madamab,

    I can’t wait to meet you in person! You are spot on. I just love your comments.

  61. KendallJ – did you get my invite?


  62. The Obasphere!

  63. taggles — I will not forget — I’m looking it forward to it too!!

  64. ABG is at TGW posing as a woman using the alias “neofeminist”

    It looks like he figures he can really get his hate on for women if he poses as a woman.

  65. I am feeling very out of the loop madamab!

  66. but I have met you once already, I guess it’s someone elses chance now! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

  67. angie, i will email prolly tomorrow.

  68. Are any “progressives” complaining about Obama’s $150 million coronation? Seems like he is going out of his way to spit in the eye of Americans who are struggling to keep their homes…many of whom were tricked into voting for him by the lies of the corporate media.

    No, people, Obama isn’t going to pay your rent. Sorry about that. He’s too busy rewarding all the big money donors that shoehorned him into office in the first place!

  69. myiq2xu, on January 16th, 2009 at 2:53 pm Said:
    ABG is at TGW posing as a woman using the alias “neofeminist”

    It looks like he figures he can really get his hate on for women if he poses as a woman.

    For all we know he may not be a BG.

  70. Taggles you are so right about the importance of acknowledging other women by name, even if you consider those women your opponents!

    But I’ve seen and experienced refusal-to-acknowledge-women even on lovely Puma blogs, so Wolff’s slight doesn’t surprise me.

    Acknowledgement is affirmation. It’s recognition. It means recognizing each other, as in seeing each other. It’s a tip o’ the hat. It contributes to ALL of our herstory. Whether it’s an idea, a written post, a graphic or a vid, we need to acknowledge each other with a credit (when visual) or named (when audio).

  71. myiq2xu, I think you’re right about ABG posting as ne0feminist. Last night when his alter-ego ne0feminist made an appearance, ABG disappeared for the entire night. I guess he wasn’t in the mood to pose as two different trolls at once.

  72. myiq, this guy is brotherkomrade


  73. Paper doll:

    I don’t know about the “B” but that kind of stupid requires a penis.

  74. my comment is in moderation

  75. Taggles – it’s for a New York PUMA Party. Anyone who will be around Manhattan on Saturday the 24th and wants to meet up, please email me at:

    Madamab at gmail dot com

    I think it’s safe to do this now that the Wonktards are gone.

    See, Myiq – toldja ABG was a total *ssh0le. I believe he needs medication.

  76. myiq2xu, on January 16th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    lol! I agree. I only adeed the G to identify him

  77. DV:

    He’s switching IP addresses, so he’s probably got to log on and off with different ISP’s to change identities.

  78. Cinie:

    Thanks for the info – I usually zap links from strangers anyway.

    There’s a word for people who go around linking to their own site.

  79. madamab:

    The obsessive blogstalking lurkers are always here

  80. myiq, yeah I zap links from strangers, but he’s pretending to be Sugar, one of the PUMA bloggers I trust the most.

  81. Is brotherkomrade another of ABG’s aliases?

  82. Cinie, what is brotherkomrade’s problem, anyway? I am suspicious of these guys who seem to spend all their time harassing women. Like there’s not one single solitary guy they have a problem with if they’re out trolling? It’s creepy and obsessive.

  83. “Newsflash – anyone who voted for George W. is not a liberal. Anyone who shills for the Iraq war is not a liberal. Anyone who wants to peer into Sarah Palin’s uterus to make sure she REALLY gave birth to Trig is not a liberal.”

    Perfect summation!

  84. What I’ve seen of him he’s a faux far leftist, the type who should logically think all dems are right wing sellouts. But all he does is attack women, especially black women Hillary supporters. It’s weird and I would have thought he’d give it up since the one right wing sellout who seems to mean so much to him won. LOL

  85. (brotherkomrade, I mean)

  86. That really bakes my Tortilla!
    150 million for the vanity of ONE MAN!

    I just sold my Apple laptop, my motorcycle, items that have been in my family for generations. The freaking computer I am NOW on is borrowed from a friend of my son. I am struggling as many are, trying to pay my bills. I have banks calling because the minimum payment is no longer acceptable. They call here every 10 minutes and refuse to listen to what I have to say.

    I survive on one income and disability checks from the Government and this ass is spending 150 MILLION to glorify his greatness!

    I am trying to find work but no one wants to hire a 46 year old with titanium rods in his back.

    Eff Him!

  87. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Amy Siskind and The New Agenda want to have nothing to do with PUMAs. Wasn’t that part of the reason they and Harriet had a falling out? If that’s the case then it’s not really surprising that Siskind would not mention PUMAs on CNN.

    I just noticed a former colleague of mine, a very liberated and successful woman (television producer), post on Facebook that she just secured tickets to the inauguration and she’s thrilled. I was very tempted to comment: “Give Rick Warren a hug for me.” But decided to just let it be.

  88. fif, on January 16th, 2009 at 1:32 pm Said: Edit Comment

    “They wouldn’t have had the piece if it hadn’t been for our efforts, and Hillary wouldn’t be SOS, so we are having an impact. It takes time, and we’ve accomplished a lot in our short tenure.”

    “OT, but interesting. It sounds like Queen Nancy is being quite the Diva, and Dem leaders are getting annoyed:”

    ‘Panel chairmen fighting mad over snubs by Pelosi
    Senior House Democrats have a message for their Speaker: We’re mad as hell, and we’re only taking it this one last time.’

    Uh-huh. This one last time . . . again. “When will they ever learn?”

  89. myiq – I know. Sorry about your unwanted following. They are rather annoying! I do wish they would get the help they need rather than vomiting their inner psychodramas all over the Internetz.

  90. Feminist Law Professors has been accused of being a PUMA site because they criticized the Ms. cover. The most recent post says that the author of the blog is not PUMA and voted for Obama in the SC primaries. I honestly don’t care who FLP voted for and I’m glad that even though she voted for Obama she hasn’t completely lost her mind.

    Law prof Heidi Li isn’t a PUMA but she supports the movement and isn’t ashamed of associating herself with sites like PUMAPac and The Confluence as long as her message of fighting against sexism and disenfranchisement gets to as many people as possible. She has been viciously attacked for this.

    The author of FLP needs to realize that ANYONE who criticizes Obama will be labeled a traitor, a PUMA (dirty word!), a r@cist, and a Republican. This is the type of environment that was created by Obama surrogates and supporters during the primaries so there is no turning back now. If FLP is unhappy now, just wait until after Obama is sworn in. Feminists have lost all credibility after this election which is why my site is dedicating to eradicating “feminists” at Ms. and other Washington establishments who sold out early and got punk’d, thereby screwing all of us over who want to hold Obama’s feet to the fire.

    I’m expecting the feminist movement to crash and burn because of this and the only women I feel sorry for are the millions who are not part of the Washington establishment. Those who have prostituted themselves and sold their beliefs deserve to go under, get voted out of their positions, and leave Washington in shame.

  91. {{{RedDragon}}}

    That’s what I mean. I thought we liberal Democrats were about social justice and equal opportunity?

    Remember when Jimmy Carter was inaugurated and he walked all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue? He wasn’t a great President, but he understood about hardship and privation.

  92. madamab in the context you are using, please remember to type psychodrama like this:


    just a friendly reminder!

  93. DYB, again, PUMA has become a dirty word and a radical movement. It is why The New Agenda, Anglachel, and FLP do not want to have any association with sites like The Confluence. I think the Obots have successfully pushed the meme that all PUMAs are Republicans. But if The New Agenda is “bi-partisan” why should they even care? It’s really a shame that the large number of women and LGBT associated with PUMA are being demonized by feminists.

  94. If Obama is such a feminist, why has he not adopted the ERA as his goal and put the full force of the Democratic Party, the Presidency, his Obots, his endless deep pocket supporters, and his MSM lovers behind its ratification? Hasn’t 86 years been a long enough wait for equality? Or is the “new” Feminism which Obama is the face of (according to MS) feel that equality is not important?

  95. this is why I will not run away from the word PUMA. Anyone who questions O is a racist republican feminazi. That is what you will be called, it makes no difference if you ever identified as a puma or not.

    That is why I embrace PUMA.

  96. New post up!

  97. taggles – LOL!

    Exactly. We must not let the opposition take our language away from us. PUMA is not a dirty word. It is a great and powerful word.

    Anyone can be demonized if enough money and time are spent to make it so. Heck, even triple amputee Max Cleland was turned into Osama bin Laden by the RNC. It’s not worth it to worry about it. Just being true to ourselves, and not giving up and giving in, will make a bigger statement than any lies they try to push about us.

  98. The worst part is making the homeless leave and not giving them anyplace to go. Beautiful gesture. Jesus said, I don’t wanna see the least among us and no I can’t spare one damn dime.0

  99. You cannot escape the assualts no matter who you are or what you have done.

    Embrace your inner PUMA! That is the only way!


  100. If feminazis really existed, you’d think I would have noticed, because I bet they’d have kick-*ss uniforms. Something in a bold red, maybe, and armbands with the women’s power symbol, and boots, of course. Hard-stompin’ boots.

    Well, that doubtless describes Chris Matthews’ deepest nightmare/fantasy.

  101. Are feminazis like that gang of lipstick lesbians that Bill O’Really was bitching about a while back?

  102. Hello all, I just returned home to find the email hawking not only Ms. but the $35.00 poster. I responded by clicking “ussubscribe” to all Feminist Majority (gag!) emails.

    As for Naomi, I never trusted her and I’m not surprised at this. And what’s with operatta soubrette mannerisms and make-up?

  103. It’s so strange that you thought of Alice Paul. I was thinking yesterday about Carrie Chapman Carr and only fighting for step by step women’s rights, too. Yes, their was alot of infighting. Is this what as slowed us down? This year is so depressing.

  104. Feminist majority might as well disband, if every misogynist is now a feminist, mission accomplished, I guess. Nominate vitter for feminist of the year.

  105. Taggles, to be fair, Amy was interviewed with over half an hour of tape, and they cut her comments down to about a minute and a half. She very well might have talked extensively about PUMA, and it ended up on the cutting room floor.

  106. DV,

    ABG uses a proxy server so his IP address changes every time. egalia can’t ban him.

  107. well if abg can’t be banned, certainly he can be made to say amusing things about himself that make us all laugh.

  108. Yes Obama is a feminist. That is why he said that Hillary had tea with foreign dignitaries. That is why he says women have to consult with their religious leaders to know what to do about pregnancies. That is why he said his wife’s job was to raise the kids. That is why he “has a bad habit of calling women sweetie”…..

    I keep wondering if I had a bad habit of calling black men boy, would that be cute and endearing or might I be called a racist?

  109. In Iron Jawed Angels, Alice Paul and her trusty crew did the hard work like chain themselves to the White House gates, get arrested, hunger strikes in prison to get the vote while others got the glory. Eventually, though Alice and her crew made history.

  110. Watch Iron Jawed Angels if you haven’t. It’s a tear-jerker in a good way.

  111. […] her name” of Politics Posted on January 16, 2009 by pumarubbernecker Our dear taggles had a post at The Confluence today about the Ms. Magazine and Naomi Wolf vs. The New Agenda piece on CNN. The […]

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