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Too Hot For Television – 60’s Edition

This campy 1966 video was once considered “too racy” for daytime television.  Nancy Sinatra is now 68 years old, and the rest of the women in the video have to be about the same age.

Check out the hairstyles, the outfits and the dance moves.  By today’s standards the dancers are all “too fat” because they have actual curves.

You might notice that none of the women are minorities (unless you count the red-head in the back row.)  Television wasn’t integrated yet.

22 Responses

  1. Hmm, the costumes don”t look any skimpier than the “uniforms” wore by female Starfleet officers and crew back then.

  2. In 1966 the showing of female undergarments was verboten

  3. O/T: This is just another example of “boosting” another non talent on name recognition alone.

  4. Actually, in the 60’s Star Trek was considered “cutting edge” stuff.

    It caused a stir when Captain Kirk kissed Lt. Urhura in one episode.

  5. Hi everyone

    Sitting in a library in Berlin and trying to comment from my iPod

    The treasury sec nominee didn’t pay his taxes?

    Did the entire vetting team of Obama exist for the sole purpose of vetting the Clinton? Nevermind that was a rhetorical question.

    Did they vet anybody at all?

  6. Hmm. They look healthy to me. Their legs don’t touch, except at their knees, which used to be one of the markers of proportion.

    Interestingly, when you get a vintage pattern to make clothes, the sizes today are like 4-6 times what they were in the 60s. For example, if you are an 8 today, that was a 12 or 14 in the sixties.

    So, if you were a zero in 1960, you were basically emaciated, whereas today, a zero is “thin, but not too thin.” I think Nicole Richie was only castigated when she started to buy from the children’s department.

  7. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a size 0 on a vintage pattern.

  8. racy perhaps, but much sexier than some of the explicit stuff on tv today… which is just tasteless

  9. I love the slowed down pacing and camera moves instead of cutting every two seconds. Kind of makes me wonder, how much longer until we get a “These boots are made for tossing” spoof.


  10. wow, I come out of the ivory tower first week of the semester crazies and there’s just more and more stuff all the time. i see that arlen specter is really going after holder for lying about his involvement re those really weird clinton pardons. i can see that i’m going to need much bigger bottles of maalox and advil to make it thru the next 4 years. just when the last two neutered dubya, we’ve got this to look forward too

    i’ve decided the american voter is the most uniformed buncha moonbats on the planet.

  11. CNN video posted up top

  12. rove’s proteges are all in the DNC now. Dems must be so proud of themselves for co-opting evil. next up: Cheney get’s a czar appointment as the nation’s good will ambassador

  13. myiq: In response to a comment left on the prior thread relating to this post which has since “disappeared”:

    &^%$#*(%$!!!! ##@#@#$%^&**((*!!!!!

  14. he he he

  15. The evening news wasn’t really integrated either — women were rarely on the set.

    The Civil Rights movement that followed WWII and exploded in the 60s did integrate television and the strong women’s movement of the early 70s led to some women anchors on local news. But mostly, everything was deferred to “later.” (Sigh… as it once again is.)

    I’m still laughing about an earlier blog (I’m way behind on reading) that you will head a mythical organization called “Later.” This needs to be heavily marketed (a la Obama). It could really take off. Maybe George Soros and other secret money men could fund it.

  16. This is the year that I graduated from High School. The rare appearance by a woman on the news was the “Weather Girl”

  17. Yep, the weather “girl” who knew nothing about weather. Well, at least today we have some very, very bright graduate meteorologists who also are girls (good-looking ones, of course).

  18. This is what the hippies were rebelling against.

  19. That was the #1 song when I was suffering through basic training. Ah, the good old days. The women certainly looked good, methinks.

  20. I am actually more interested in expressing my sexuality by sitting on my average sweat panted bum and checking out hot men who are showing off for me rather than the male media standardized way of depicting female sexuality by having women dress in standardized sexualized (usually ridiculous looking and uncomfortable) clothes and move in the currently approved manner. I don’t really see any difference between this clip and the idiotic way Beoyence sort of flaps around like some wounded chicken in between striking sexualized poses. Really I got to tell you although I am all for female sexuality I am not interested in watching women act out their sexuality by attempting to win male approval. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with it other than it bores me.

  21. Young women today are too skinny.. Since when is a skeleton

  22. Ahhh Yes Wolfman!

    I have been saying that for years!

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