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Thursday: The New Agenda takes on Ms.

Obama used Jay-Zs 99 Problems but a Bitch Aint One at campaign rallies

From Violet's list: Obama used Jay-Z's "99 Problems but a Bitch Ain't One" at campaign rallies

If you have a chance, set your dials to CNN’s American Morning today at 8:10am.  Amy Siskind of The New Agenda will be taking on Ms. Magazine and their offensive inaugural edition cover.  For those of you who don’t understand what the fuss is all about, Dr. Violet Socks of The Reclusive Leftist and editor of The New Agenda blog has a post up this morning that gives plenty of reasons- in detail.  Here are some of them:

  • He ran a campaign against Hillary Clinton that was suffused with sexism, from his own casually belittling comments to the unchecked misogyny of his supporters.
  • He exploited 15 years of misogynistic antipathy towards Clinton, allowing his subordinates and enablers to paint her as a witch, a bitch, and a monster.
  • He repeatedly referred to Clinton with sexist language: claws, tea parties, periodic moods, feeling down, “likable enough.”
  • He allowed his campaign manager to get away with ridiculing Clinton for “crying” in New Hampshire “about her appearance.”
  • He strode into his Iowa victory party to the strains of “99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain’t One).”
  • He consistently minimized Clinton’s historic achievement during the primaries, even referring to her as a “conventional candidate” (in contrast to himself), thus echoing the sentiments of his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, who is on record with his claim that women have never been second-class citizens.
  • He ignored women’s rights in his speeches, and delivered a major address on rooting out bigotry without even mentioning sexism.
  • He dismissed the concerns of women disturbed by the treatment of Clinton, insisting that they needed to “get over it.”
  • He accused the women in the pro-choice movement of not treating abortion as a serious moral issue, and compounded the insult with the remark that women should not be allowed to have abortions just because they’re “feeling blue.”
  • He orchestrated a grotesque smear campaign against Sarah Palin, pushing the bogus rape kit story to reporters, among other falsehoods.
  • He never reprimanded his supporters for their astonishingly misogynistic attacks on Palin — just as he never reined in his supporters when they attacked Clinton.
  • He ventriloquized women’s groups to spread outrageous misinformation about Palin’s record and feminist beliefs.

And that was just during the primary and election season. In some respects, Senator Obama’s exploitation of our culture’s underlying sexism has been worse *after* the election. His cabinet is 75% male and he’s got Jon “The Groper” Favreau as his head speechwriter.

That last bit really frosts my crockies. Here’s why: Hillary Clinton, Carolyn Maloney and many, MANY, other notable Congresswomen and senators (and some men), have worked tirelessly for the Lilly Ledbetter and Paycheck Fairness Acts in the past couple of years. These bills were blocked by Republicans before last year’s election but they recently passed the House and have been reintroduced into the senate by sponsors Hillary Clinton and Tom Harkin. Where was Obama for the work on these bills? I dunno. As far as I can recall, he spent most of his 142 days of Senate service in training to campaign for president, shmoozing with the Kennedys and Kerrys. *If* these two bills are passed this week in the Senate, Obama could, as his first act as president, sign them into law. Then, he fulfills the Ms. Magazine cover and comes off looking like a hero. BUT unlike LBJ who pulled strings and worked his senate colleagues over for Civil Rights legislation in the 60’s, Obama won’t have to lift one of his perfectly groomed fingers to do it. It will not require any sacrifice, hard work, controversy or difficult political choices from him. No, once again, fate smiles beneficently on him as he graciously takes credit for the work of his Secretary of State. Her accomplishments are, once again, brushed under the rug so he can have his historic moment.  And Jon Favreau will write one of the smarmiest, most insincere speeches ever so that Obama can bask in the glory.

This is what has angered many of us since the primary season began last year.  Women’s accomplishments are consistently downplayed by just about everyone associated with Barack Obama’s campaign starting with the candidate himself and assisted by the media who was relentless in drowning out Hillary and Sarah’s hard won, lifetime achievements.  We’re still here because we will never let Obama, his enablers or the media forget that women will hold them accountable for the damage they have done to the primary electoral system and women.  The effect of his “historic” candidacy will trickle down to women everywhere for years.  We may have achieved paycheck fairness but now it will be open season on us in conference rooms, shop floors and public forums everywhere where the sniggering and dismissive behavior we put up with everyday will now be seen as acceptable.  It affects the work we do, the respect we are given and our productivity.  And THAT will affect how the country fares, since we make up 51% of the population but only a mere 17% of elected officials who run the place.

That’s why this cover is so offensive. He is no hero. He is a political opportunist. Ms. Magazine is rewarding him when he hasn’t done a damn thing for women. Not only has he not done anything for us, he’s actually managed to shift us back into Mad Men territory with the openly hostile environment in public.  It’s time for Ms., complete with anachronistic name, to drop the cover and join the 21st century.

H/T to WherestheLine

75 Responses

  1. RD: This is right on.We need to be loud and clear about getting these points across. Of course the best we can hope for is that FOX will cover it. We can be sure that the rest of the locked-down shut-tight media will ignore it. Or dismiss it condescendingly with a wink and a nudge.
    I never thought I’d live to see the day that FOX news was the only news source that actually covers liberal viewpoints. I never thought I’d live to see this kind of fascism.
    I have more in common with my Republican friends than I do with the Obamazombies.

  2. RD, he can do this and assume the role because women are allowing it. How many times were we taken aback at the lack of outrage during the campaign by women who should have added their voices to ours as this brand of sexism was practiced unabated? Very few, if any, raised their fists and voices to what we here agreed was egregious behavior.

    The feminist movement has all but disappeared. Women seem to be almost “fat and happy” with the status quo. How else to explain the ridicule of us who have repeatedly pointed this out? Even among my own set I find that my particular view of feminism is poles apart of what constitutes today’s values.

    All sectors have now come forward and painted him to their own liking. An accurate portrayal, as your essay makes crystal clear, is now a minority view.

    As today’s women makes their way into the chambers of success, and have done so on the backs of women who fought the battle, they seem to have thrown aside their own sisterhood in joining the ranks once held by male dominance. Those who could make a difference choose otherwise.

    Their silence, coupled with their willingness to overlook the coarsening of their place within the culture, has set us further back in our demands of equality. We are witnessing a slighter version of “Mad Men” taking place in the 21st century.

    What needs to happen to reverse this trend is beyond me. It requires an almost 100% effort on the part of women and right now the schism is running deep. For Obama to be branded as the face of feminism tells me that we have lost our moorings and retrieval will take a herculean effort to bring it back.

    As long as the majority of women denigrate PUMAs as outdated and outlandish, we will suffer the slings and arrows pointed our way.

  3. Here’s a youtube on the Ms. Magazine cover. Turn around, Obama. Change! and become a real feminist hero. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkFNxh2MfMw

  4. Does Ms. give any explanation as to why they claim he’s a feminist?

    Or do they just attempt to exploit his popularity by doing yet another Obama cover pic?

  5. Plural:

    They supported him so he must be a feminist. They wouldn’t have supported him if he wasn’t a feminist. So he must be a feminist.

    Does that explain it?

  6. In the greater scheme of things, the world could have done without the CNN promo for buying a subscription for Ms. magazine. It could have been any number of reasons, like: 1) the editing of Ms. Siskind to have her first and longest comment being about a male Superman caricature being on the cover as the problem; 2) maybe it was the editor of Ms. talking about only receiving a few negative letters, but overwhelming supportive letters; 3) men having been on the cover before and it was no big deal; 4) the reporter admitting that the producer of the piece (a woman) had told him to “lighten up already” on the report; 5) the shameless shill for purchasing commemorative poster sized covers from Ms.; or 6) the fact that they young reporter had been mistaken for Obama on the subway this morning by a child.

    Take your pick — the report missed the mark farther than you could frisbee a day old waffle.

  7. The saddest part of this is that if Lilly Ledbetter and Paycheck Fairness is passed, it will it be hailed as an Obama victory. He will be seen as an advocate for women, simply because it happened during his time at the helm. No one will take the time to check in and learn that this happened largely due to Hillary. Ignorance is bliss and IMHO that is our biggest problem in overcoming the Obots, they don’t want the truth, and yes, I know this rings of they “can’t handle the truth”. Seems it is just easier to give him the glory because it suits the purpose.

  8. Fantastic post, RD.

    And now we have his appointment of Geithner as Treas Sec being crammed down our throats even though he made a “tiny little mistake” like not pay his taxes. Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, and Linda Chavez were denied their appointments for doing the same thing, but we’re supposed to accept that, when a man does it, it’s not such a big deal.

  9. It’s painful to watch someone so dishonest, unctious and oily slip in at the last minute to take credit.

    But Pat’s right, what is worse for me is witnessing the betrayal of sisterhood by millions and millions of women.

    I too am left to wonder where to begin. Starting small–my kids and their friends.

  10. Prolix:

    One of the standard rules of letters to the editor is that rarely does anyone write a positive letter.

    People write letters cuz they are pissed off about something.

  11. Riverdaughter,

    Thank you. Thank you for getting up every day and writing a stirring post like this one. Looking over the past year and thinking of all the wonderful essays you have written nearly takes my breath away.

    I don’t even know how we can begin to fight all of this propaganda. But seeing you do this every day helps me keep going. Thank you so much!

  12. MyIq, when I fell of the turnip truck, I was a bit dazed, but there was no irreparable damage. I did not mean to imply that I believed the statement, only that giving the lie air time was another reason it was not a story that advanced the overall cause.

  13. People write letters cuz they are pissed off about something.

    Yet in reviewing the Letters to the Editor section, most of those posted are heavily in favor as opposed to a small minority of those opposed. They merely validate whatever the topic is that has been published or discussed, leaving little room for dissenters.

    This was most true in the lead up to the Iraq invasion and its immediate aftermath. Most letters were in favor of Bush’s folly, predicated primarily on the search for those elusive WMDs. The opposing points of view were labeled “unpatriotic”.

  14. Thanks riverdaughter. Part of me is so angered by this ms. cover and the lack of feminism in this so-called feminist rag, but there is another part of me that feels a bit sorry for those who have created this last-ditch, pathetic attempt by a magazine to save itself from its inevitable demise.

  15. Thanks for this. I feel like I did in January 2000: someone needs to keep a running list f all those before we get overwhelmed. I am too late to catch this on TV, but wait for the video.

  16. If we had a Democrat controlled Congress, why didn’t the Lily Ledbetter act get passed the first time around? I just can’t shake the feeling that our esteemed members of Congress wanted to wait until Obama was president to pass the law. They did nothing to stop the Iraq war, and they did nothing to provide equal pay for women until Obama could take the glory. Heck, it’s okay if a few more soldiers die or if women wait a little longer for equal pay legislation as long as Obama can get the credit. It just feels as if the whole thing is another set up.

  17. What angered me most about Obama and his complete cluelessness regarding feminism, misogyny and sexism was this statement after Clinton endorsed him: “She shattered barriers on behalf of my daughters and women everywhere, who now know that there are no limits to their dreams.”

    You know what? I grew up believing there were no limits to the dreams of women, my mother instilled that belief in me. I have been raising my daughters to believe there were no limits on their dreams. Mr. Obama and his pals in the undemocratic party did all they could do to turn back the hands of time to 1969 and put up all the barriers they could to make us doubt our dreams. Bite me mr. obama.

  18. Pat Johnson, on January 15th, 2009 at 9:15 am Said: Yet in reviewing the Letters to the Editor section, most of those posted are heavily in favor as opposed to a small minority of those opposed. They merely validate whatever the topic is that has been published or discussed, leaving little room for dissenters.


    Nowhere is that more apparent than if you look at any comments in the NYT online. When you look at the “Editors’ Picks” which, by the way comes up first when you click on “comments”, they never reflect the tone of the majority of commenters. Most of the comments about Hillary’s Sec of State confirmation hearing were positive and supportive, but you could not tell that if you only looked at the “Editors’ Picks”.

  19. I can’t imagine someone seeing Mr. Misogyny on the cover of Ms. and spontaneously deciding to write the editor to say “Heckuva job!”

    OTOH, I can easily picture lots of people writng “WTF is wrong with you people?”

  20. Wait until next month’s issue and judge for yourself. My bet is that most of those letters will be filled with swooning language and congratulations to the editors. If there is any dissent, those comments will be outweighed 5-1 at publication.

    You cannot think for a minute that MS is going to publish anything untoward regarding their cover. That would defeat the original purpose.

  21. Fantastic post RD, and I’m very glad that the New Agenda is taking this on too. Did anyone see Amy this a.m.? I missed it.

  22. The real measure isn’t letters to the editor, it’s sales.

  23. plural: Or do they just attempt to exploit his popularity by doing yet another Obama cover pic?

    Well, they are not alone. Here’s a headline I saw today:


  24. fif, yup.

    It’s like Big Brother — you can’t escape him.

  25. You can now buy ojamas for women. pajamas with the obama logo all over them…doesn’t that count for something? You can have an ojama party on inauguration eve. $34.95

  26. Prolix wrote: 1) the editing of Ms. Siskind to have her first and longest comment being about a male Superman caricature being on the cover as the problem; 2) maybe it was the editor of Ms. talking about only receiving a few negative letters, but overwhelming supportive letters; 3) men having been on the cover before and it was no big deal; 4) the reporter admitting that the producer of the piece (a woman) had told him to “lighten up already” on the report; 5) the shameless shill for purchasing commemorative poster sized covers from Ms.; or 6) the fact that they young reporter had been mistaken for Obama on the subway this morning by a child.

    Is that what you saw on the CNN report? Then again,why are we surprised–it’s CNN after all. Of course they would butcher it. I do not see HOW there is any way to mount an effective dissent in the face of the overwhelming and relentless propaganda. That’s EXACTLY why Obama took the time to meet with conservative and liberal pundits this week. He knows they got him elected, and if he flatters them, they will continue a news blockout of all criticism and depict him as a God.

  27. So glad I canceled my Time subscription months ago when they first put him on the cover as “the nominee” before the primaries had completed their run. The propaganda continues to roll on unabated.

  28. fif, there was more to the story, but it was completely watered down to the point of being pointless. What was clear is that Ms., while denying it, had jumped on teh Obamapalooze marketing ploy along with jammies and Chia pets cast in Teh One’s likeness. The point was made that this cover was one of its biggest sellers and don’t forget the life sized commemorative posters that you can order from Ms. as well.

  29. Pat, hope you are feeling better.

  30. I can only quote Violet in one of her earlier comments. “Rage. Just: rage.”

    The damage Obama and his cohorts have done is even beyond rage because of the permission he has given to the “sniggerers,” once again allowing women to be verbally raped in the workplace where the men will let the nice “little women” do all that work that doesn’t “take real brains” while the big man sits at the top of the mezzanine watching over them. Well, we need to replay “Nine to Five” and do some verbal kidnapping of those kinds of bosses, including the big O. We have to do something to stop the opportunists for taking credit for all our work (including our brain work that some of them copy).

    But when we don’t own the media and the women in the forefront of the media go along with the raping of their sisters, it’s going to be a very hard slog uphill again.

  31. Prolix: I still feel crappy. It is a mere 10 degrees outside and I do not plan on sticking my nose out the door. Don’t know what is worse: Obama next week or the weather!

  32. I can’t stop laughing about the “ojamas”.

    You know, there are plenty of fools who will be having an ojama party next week!

  33. Pat, that sounds like a plan — lots of tea, soup and blankets.

  34. Sen. Clinton approved by 16-1 vote.

  35. Who voted against her?

  36. Was Vitter the holdhout here?

  37. It’s gonna be a busy morning – we just got linked to by Kool-aid central

  38. myiq: You should be appointed to seal the borders of the US! Few ever get by you. You are to be properly commended for your efforts!

  39. Who voted no on Hillary?

  40. I think that Vitter was the holdout. Caught it out of the corner of my eye.

  41. Yes, MyIq, you should be given a commission on each one you introduce to Spammy.

  42. Confirmed. Vitter was the holdout.

  43. I guess I should put my next post up early so the boiz at BJ can see what their grandmothers used to look like.

  44. The point was made that this cover was one of its biggest sellers and don’t forget the life sized commemorative posters that you can order from Ms. as well.

    Complete sell-outs. They are dead to me.

    myiq: WHICH Kool Aid Central? There are so many.

  45. My old hang-out: Balloon Juice

  46. Effin Vitter–I just read the story at Yahoo.

  47. You know, I thought the adulation among press and public for Dubya was disgustingly over-the-top–and it was (children praying to pictures of Georgie, the constant Time/Newsweek spreads on the Heroic Wartime Leader, all of it)– but I honestly don’t think it comes close to the Obama worship. Maybe I’m just seeing more of the O-doration, maybe I’m more attuned to it because it squicks me out far more…I don’t know.

    Every new president, of course, there are the usual folks out to make money via “commemorative” plates, mugs, tee shirts, and so on. I don’t begrudge that. I DO begrudge this deluge of completely uncritical worship. This morning I was watching Morning Joe — sadly, Joe was not on so there was no corrective and I almost had to puke at the reverent, worshipful way all the commentators were discussing The Precious.

    They also had on Chuck Todd who was pimping his new book “How Obama Won,” and I kept screaming “Did you include a chapter on VOTE and DELEGATE stealing and CAUCUS FRAUD Chuckster???” until I was hoarse but there was noone to hear me but the cats (and they all voted for Ron Paul).

  48. He was the one who was afraid of being “prescient” about a future broo haa regarding the CGI.

  49. Reading the links from Reclusive Leftist brings the rage front and center from the primaries and GE. HOW can Ms. ignore the blatant misogyny encouraged by the O campaign? When I read again about the stories they pushed to reporters about HC and Palin, all the while whining and crying about “old politics and negativity” my blood boils. And now, to see him glorified like the Second Coming is beyond comprehension. While the “entire world” celebrates this creep, I loathe him.

  50. DancingO: lol!

    & just to add to the ceaseless worship:

    Will Smith ‘to play’ Barack Obama as US President in Hollywood movie
    Hollywood film star Will Smith has staked his claim to play Barack Obama in a movie about his rise to become US President and America’s first black leader.

    Smith laughed about reports that the US President-elect had indicated that he would like the actor to play him if his life story were ever to be made into a movie.

    If I am ordered by my commander in chief to star in a film about him, I will do my duty as an American,” he said, beaming.

    Smith said the “world had changed forever” with the election of Barack Obama.

    He said he would be an “eyewitness to history” when he attends the impending inauguration of US President-elect Barack Obama.


  51. How Vitter, the diaper man, can even show his face in public is amazing to me…..okay, so Hill is confirmed…expect a Princess Caroline gin up shortly .

  52. What do Balloon Juice and Wonkette have in common? Inanity to begin with.

  53. This was posted last night and has an insight to the Ms sell out. ….that’ it’s an actual sell out . Really it’s simple. They are given money and then hand women over.
    You know the saying ….” every word after” because ” is bull shit?” Certainly true in Ms’s case.

    Greenconsciousness, on January 14th, 2009 at 11:02 am Said:
    Follow the money: Ms Magazine is owned by the Feminist Majority Foundation. George Soros, through his Open Society foundation, donated $770,000 to the FMF between 1997 and 2004. I don’t have figures on how much he has donated since then.

  54. How can Ms. ignore the blatant misogyny encouraged by the O campaign?

    Because it is allowed.

    A few months ago, I thought the problem was the media, with a lot of blame going to the Obots. Now I am not so sure if women aren’t the biggest problem.

    It is starting to be increasingly apparent that we can be our own worst enemies. Present company is, of course, excluded. As long as women wear t-shorts proclaiming Palin is a . . . ., and allow statements like, “Hillary is periodically blah blah, this will continue.

    We can shout from the rooftops, but if no one listens, it really won’t matter.

    Infuriates me and I may be blasted by you guys for making these statements, but we all know it is true.

  55. As everyone has said, props for a typically excellent post, riverdaughter. Obviously, there is a very long list, and you weren’t attempting to be comprehensive — but for me, the worst calumny of all was his blood libel about Hillary’s RFK remarks. That Obama pimped Keith Olberman’s hateful rant to anybody with an email account crossed an unforgivable line.

  56. Falstaff:

    John Cole (who just linked to Heidi’s post a little while ago) was one of the bloggers that posted spittle-flecked rants about Hillary on the RFK fauxrage.

  57. falstaff: it happened earlier than that with the rac*st smears against the Clintons–two Dem leaders who did more for the AA community than Obama ever did. They had NO boundaries, and yet attacked her for “doing anything to win.” Despicable hypocrisy.

    RealKim: totally agree. The women turning on women was/is the biggest disappointment of all.

  58. Vitter is a disgusting d**khead, he should be ashamed to show his ugly face. They should have kicked his out of congress a long time ago. How is it the governor of NY has to step down over consorting w/prostitutes and Vitter doesn’t? His no vote in confirming Hillary just shows what a hypocritical, two faced piece of s**t he is. The people of his state must be proud.

  59. Some women certainly have contributed to the problems known as sexism and misogyny, but the really deep problems are the people (men mostly) with the money. They own the media, still control Wall Street, and still control most of our top government. The powers-that-be behind Obama have been planning his ascendancy for a long time. They have taken nothing and made our country buy it. We’ve simply all been snookered by a lot of money — and no doubt George Soros deserves a good part of the blame (along with many others who dismayed me by their support of him).

  60. Great video by LAVENDER PAJAMAS, whoever that may be!


    Had to look up the song “Turn around” by the Vogues right after that too..ahhh what a nice song!

  61. People, please go and comment! Leave that vid 5 stars! FAVORITE IT! The more popular it gets the more it will be seen! Plus, the videomaker deserves it!

  62. CNN video posted up top

  63. What else would you expect from a publication who did so little research on their subject that they would fawn over a man who couldn’t schedule a visit to his dying mother in 1993 (cancer isn’t a quick death) nor sit at the bedside of the dying grandmother who raised him yet found time to take a long vacation immediately after his grand celebration and his coronation at the temple he built for himself in Denver.

    These women at Ms. may think they’re feminists but Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul , Carrie Chapman Catt and Margaret Sanger (among others) would probably be kicking their derrieres and taking names — and none of them were afraid to go to jail for their feminist beliefs either! Wouldn’t you love to see women like these taking Soertoro/Obama on in defense of Senator Hillary Clinton’s or Governor Sarah Palin? What a battle that would have been!

  64. gagged at the ojamas…remember that hollywood writer on huffpost who wrote about his fantasy of raping palin, on his obama sheets?

    we cannot forget this crap

  65. Wow. Thank you, RD and Violet Socks.

  66. This and Violet’s 14-part series are keepers.

  67. Lugar was the one who feared being “prescient” but he voted for her anyway.

  68. I wish women who thought they had no other choice but to vote for Obama had actually sat down, listed all of the misogyny Obama’s campaign stood for in the primary, and ask themselves whether they truly believed any man who would allow these things to happen would ever place women’s rights at the top of his priorities.

  69. That’s exactly right, RD. Shakesville was upset about this because they felt he was “mediocre” in his feminism, when the man is in fact a blatant bigot. If he did what he did to women and girls to any other group–Jews, blacks, Latinos, gays–there would be absolute outrage.

    Again, Palin was absolutely wrong on the issues but just as I condemned any racism against Powell, Rice, or Gonzalez for their involvement in the Bush administration, I condemn the bigotry against Palin, because it wasn’t about her as an individual but the fact they went after her gender and, thus, all women and girls.

    That an out and proud misogynist would be nominated as not just a feminist, but a superfeminist is beyond absurd.

  70. the Ms sell out…it’s an actual sell out . Really it’s simple. They are given money and then hand women over. You know the saying ” every word after” because ”is bull shit?” Certainly true in Ms’s case.

    It’s always about money. White male progosphere is most economically threatened by similarly-educated white women. Daily Kos and OpenLeft were very racist against Obama before it was just Obama and Clinton then they chose the one who would represent their interests and perhaps give them a job. So far only one got a job out of this so far and only a temporary one, Mike Lux of OpenLeft.

  71. I remember when it was just Obama and Clinton, Bowers wrote this ridiculous post called OpenLeft Was Never Biased Against Obama and readers could barely contain their laughter.

  72. Now the white male progosphere doesn’t want to admit PUMAs were right about Obama because we’re women and gay men. They also want to take credit for criticizing Obama (starting with Glenn Greenwald and Dave Sirota) even though we’ve been doing it for a year.

  73. ok i finally got around to emailing the editor of Ms. In case anyone is interested this is what I said:

    “Dear Sir,

    I – and many women and men who are true feminists – are absolutely appalled at your decision to portray the President Elect on the cover of your Magazine under the legend”This is what a true Feminist looks like” . If you were trying to devalue the feminist movement and insult the intelligence of every sentient being in the USA , you have succeeded. If , however, you were under the impression that the cover contributes in any way to the feminist movement, please allow me to tell you that it most certainly does not. By portraying a man – and one who has repeatedly used sexist language and remained silent at the misogynistic attacks made by his supporters against Ms.Clinton and Ms.Palin- as a feminist you have delivered the equivalent of a slap across the face to the many men and women who truly struggle every day to make sure that women’s rights are recognized and respected.

    I respect the fact that your magazine needs to sell. But I can’t respect that you needed to be a sellout to make the sale.

    I will never subscribe to Ms.Magazine because you have clearly shown which side of the women’s struggle you are on”

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