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Smokin’ Hopium, Naomi Wolff puts out for Obama

Ooo, get her some pom-poms! “Obama’s so dreamy. He said he loved me.”

Naomi has her orgasm at about 2:30:

Hey, Naomi, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?


182 Responses

  1. Men can be feminists but misogynists are not feminists.

  2. The love fest continues. BO also visited the Washington Post newsroom, and there was cheering and gawking.

    At one point, Obama saw a pregnant staffer.

    “When are you due?” Obama said.

    “Next week,” she said.

    “I hear Barack is a good name,” he said.


    To think I used to LIVE to read Naomi Wolf!!!!

    She’s hooked on Obama Porn!

    Notice how she implied that Amy SIskind’s opinion blog is being funded by Republicans.

    Naomi, after seeing that clip, I have no doubt who’s funding you.

  4. DonnaDarko – AMEN!

  5. “A couple of people contacted us.”

    And Wolff calls it “silliness?” We are trying to “win people over to our agenda–he’s moving ahead with a powerful agenda to support women’s issues.” Where the hell have they been?! She’s incredibly patronizing.

    Ohhhh, and then she suggests that the people criticizing the Obama hero-worship are right wingers fronting as liberals.

    I guess screwing two strong accomplished women for the nomination and election is irrelevant.

    And WHERE is the debate with a counter point of view? Our debates are “all simple and no substance.” That’s because you’re on CNN you dope.

  6. Oh, and Obama is soooo “out of the box,” and she uses the example of Warren. I’m moving to Fiji or something. I can’t take four years of this relentless idiocy.

  7. Oh my Gawd. I am so fucking livid. How DARE she!!!! Lying *&)(*&!^%*()(*&!

    I noticed that too, Sistah SM. (Sooooo glad you’re back!!!) Um, if you’re on TV and you’re going to make accusations like that, shouldn’t you, like ya know, have some kind of facts or something?

    I also noticed that she attributed policies to Obama that, like, y’know, he doesn’t have and stuff. And she dismissed the controversy as if it were about Obama’s being a man. Earth to airhead – it’s about his being a MISOGYNIST!

    I mean, jeez, ladies, when are we going to realize when we have it good? Just because Obama unleashed the dogs of misogyny and ensured that we didn’t have a woman President this year…just because he thinks we should consult a committee before making a decision that is none of his business…just because he only has five women in his Cabinet and refused to pick Hillary as his Vice President so she could break the glass ceiling…that doesn’t mean he’s not a feminist! Like, come on, gals, go get a fucking manicure and shut the hell up!!!

    What a pathetic, pathetic display. I am MORTIFIED that she calls herself a feminist.

  8. Okay, I must have sworn too much. Please get me out of moderation? Pretty please?

  9. Wolf said Bush on the cover instead of Obama would have been “a brilliant editorial move”. In other words, it would have created controversy and sold magazines, ergo, brilliant.

    Then CNN says Obama is going to be about doing things out of the box, whether it’s Rick Warren or a cover of Ms – it makes people talk and brings people together.

    Rick Warren brings people together?

  10. I’m speechless.

  11. Notice how they gave Wolff all the time all the time she needed to condescend and swoon, but Siskind didn’t have time to clearly define the myriad of objections re: Obama and his complete lack of feminist credentials, and to the contrary, his disgusting behavior this year toward women.

  12. Well, since it’s so freaking COLD here in the sunny south, I think I’ll just toss my copy of “The Beauty Myth” onto the fire to warm up. I swear to God, I keep looking at these women I used to admire and respect and I feel like I’ve moved to Stepford. What the fuck is happening to this country?

  13. Well titled, RD. Smokin’ Hopium indeed. Listening to the end – Wolff and the interviewer agree that under Obama we will all come together and all of our problems will be resolved by working together. Help I’m drowning in a vat of pablum! Worse – eyes now glazing over… I want to believe….

  14. Spillar is twisting the truth. She is saying she got “a few” responses who are upset that a man is on the cover. Why are we having this discussion? The reason why some people are upset is because it’s Obama on the cover. Naomi Wolff sounds more like a teen with a crush, like, i mean, yah, hello, duh. Wolff also accuses The New Agenda of being funded by the Right Wing. Give me a f-ing break. “Feminists” like her are the reason why women still have to fight for equal rights. Go buy a vibrator, Wolff, and dream about Obama at home so you don’t embarrass yourself or women on television again.

  15. MadamaB!!!!!!!

    I’ve missed you too! I’m happy to be back, although in limited spurts here and there.

    Please, cuss and do your sailor speak. We all feel the same.

    Naomi Wolf should have her Feminist card revoked. I can’t believe this is the same woman who wrote “The Beauty Myth.”

  16. Wolff has jumped the shark. Ironically, she didn’t take her own advice re her recent book, End of America, about the Fascist tactics of the GWB administration – when Obama and company were applying all those brownshirt tactics in the primaries. I admired Wolff for writing that book – but quickly dropped her from my list of sane, thinking people when she showed herself to be just another dizzy, idiocy-spewing 0-worshipping airhead when she partook of the toxic Kool Aid!

    The issue is NOT about MEN being feminists – it’s about a MISOGYNIST being labelled a ‘feminist’ by the idiot Obots at Ms. and by hopey-dopey-addicted fools like Wolff!

    Notice that the whole CNN report and post-report ‘discussion’ spun the entire issue into whether ‘men can be feminists’ or not. They’ve conveniently ducked the entire point that Siskind and others are livid about!


  17. Are we living in a parallel universe? Have I missed something here? Nothing he has done so far ensures me to believe for one minute that he is a “feminist” yet this community of women are convinced otherwise.

    Naomi must have her head so far up her own @ss at this point that she fails to see the whole picture. Unless and until he has actually achieved the credit they have heaped on him so far, he is not a “feminist”.

    Brace yourselves. We are in for 4 f*cking years of this nonstop blather, excuses, explanations, and rationale.

    Let’s face it: we have been consigned to the “wilderness” as long as this unfounded and unmerited trumpeting goes on. We will be all we have left to talk to.

  18. MadamaB, it wasn’t the swearing. It was “ladies” (a term beloved by concern trolls)

  19. HELLO MRS. POTATO HEAD!! No one is objecting to a man being a feminist, they are (1) objecting to *this man* being called a feminist; and (2) objecting to the imagery of Superman being used for any man as if no matter what a woman accomplishes the “super” man is always above her and/or needs a “super” man to rescue her.

    Oh, yeah, f*ck off.

  20. No, PJ – DV is right. Why is Amy Siskind on CNN if our objections didn’t make a difference?

    We are getting stronger and stronger. The more we stick together, the more ferocious opposition we will meet. After all, we are undermining the patriarchy that gives these “women” their living. They do not want our voices to be heard, because we make these pathetic, weak fools look like the empty-headed careerists they’ve become.

    PUMA up, people. And keep the wine and chicken soup handy!

  21. The way in which Naomi speaks reminds me of the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

  22. “I hear Barack is a good name,” he said.

    Can it get any more self involved or worshipful with this statement? I may be able to lose these 10 unwanted lbs I gained during the last year quite easily. Just by barfing up all the crap and swill that keeps coming out of this Obama win.

    God almighty, I am drowning in this crap.

  23. I think Heidi Li needs to go on CNN and respond to all of this.

  24. I am so angry I do not even know where to begin with this moron. Don’t these Obots realize that when they make statements like this, they are harming all women. Nice to know that “we won.” Heaven forbid the sexism and misogyny had we not won. Unfortunately, if this continues the Obots will restructure the concept of feminism, just like the Republicans relabeled the Estate Tax as the Death Tax.

  25. KB – Oh! So I can swear but I can’t say “l*dies?” LOL, only at TC!!


    Angienc – that bee-yotch is going on the Wall of Shame, right?

  26. You know, I totally agree with Amy Siskind, it certainly would have been more of a provocative cover with – Is THIS what a Feminist looks like?

    Proclaiming it, especially with a man who stated publically that women should consult their male overlords for permission regarding their ladyparts…is OFFENSIVE.

  27. MadmaB, you’d be amazed at how much cr@p we catch with that word.

  28. I’m so giddy…oooooohhh the tingles..

  29. Something tells me that Naomi Wolff bought two of those Obama sex toys.


  30. There is no “response” to this since the networks are in bed with Obama and there is “no opposition welcomed beyond these walls”. Amy Suskind had like 10 seconds to present her case yet Naomi Woof Woof was given a whole 5 minute segment with the talking head in complete agreement.

    The critics – if there are any – have been silenced. It’s Obama all the way. Kind of reminds me of Mao, Saddam, Fidel coverage. 100% baloney with a dash of bullsh*t for taste.

  31. KB – Oh, I”m sure! I’m not doubting your methods, I’m just marveling at the strange universe I’ve found myself in.


  32. “I hear Barack is a good name,” he said.

    Remember when he said, “To know me is to love me?”

    DV: CNN wouldn’t invite someone like Heidi on, that’s the whole point. They have two airheads on, gushing and agreeing with each other. Isn’t it all so NEAT?!

  33. madamab — you took the words right out of my mouth madamab — I was think her or Spiller — but that Ogasm Wolf just had should put her into a solid first place. GAH! Warren — women who have abortions are Nazi’s — is thinking “outside the box?!” WTF! A man who says nothing while his “followers” wear Bros before H*s & Sarah Palin is a c*nt t-shirts & comes out to 99 Problems (but a b*tch ain’t one) at rallies is “Christmas & Hannakka” all wrapped up in to one? Oh, I can’t wait for the kutchekela to hit her smack in the face.

  34. madamab, on January 15th, 2009 at 7:31 pm Said:

    Something tells me that Naomi Wolff bought two of those Obama sex toys.


    Actually it was a total of 3. Do the math.

  35. Madamab, Maureen Dowd has been in bed with Obama sex toys since 2007. She gets crushes on a different public figure every several years. I know some people who don’t know any better call her a feminist. Women like Dowd and Wolff are an embarrassment to the women’s movement, the term feminist, and to human kind in general.

  36. The place where youtube chose to image the video is hillarious. She looks like she’s in the throws of ecstasy. “Oh, Oh, don’t stop. Oh, faster, harder, stronger, more!”

  37. A question mark at the end of a sentence can invite debate. A flat statement makes it so. Ms knew full well what they were doing. They have just made him an arbitrary feminist whether you like it or not.

    Welcome to the creation of the Obama Generation. All things to all people, deservedly or not. Why? Because we say so.

  38. The critics – if there are any – have been silenced. It’s Obama all the way. Kind of reminds me of Mao, Saddam, Fidel coverage. 100% baloney with a dash of bullsh*t for taste.

    And Obama is ensuring that it will continue with his recent MEDIA TOUR. First the pundit meetings, and today a visit to WAPO. There was a headline on Drudge that said the “NY Times was jealous.” I couldn’t look at it–I have to pace myself or I am going to becoming a raving lunatic.

  39. Oh, I was one of those “silly” women who wrote to Ms. — I told them it was beyond me how they could wake up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and not throw up on their feet. Funny how they didn’t print that one, huh?

  40. Yes angie — you silly woman..

  41. Hey, I say ladies all the time. It’s a term of respect, like gentlemen, if we had any.
    {{Ducking clown nose from myiq}}

  42. How the hell can two supposedly smart women so totally miss the point of what Siskind was saying. It’s not that a man was on the cover it’s that a man who does not support women was on the cover. OY

    Hey Conflucians. We’re having an all day 10:30 am >> live chat at Partizane on Tuesday and Sheri Tag is Joining me for a Red Carpet radio show at 8PM. Come on over PUMAs to the PUMA Bawl. http://www.partizane.com

  43. Pat: The saddest thing for me is to listen to stories about Cuba. Hearing stories about how Fidel would run stories of being EVERYONE’s father, hearing stories about children being indoctrinated with “Fidel” candy.

    Yet people are put in prison there for saying, “I’m hungry” “there’s no food” – “I need clothes” – “I need medicine.”

    Because in Cuba, healthcare is free, but medicine is NOT. Demanding anything is considered an affront to the “Papa Fidel.”

  44. (bowing to popular demand. And my boss) OK, OK. Just see what happens then!

    (edited to add– I’m kidding! Now that the Great Attack is over, we don’t need to keep it in the filter….)

  45. RD, when he is your luncheon scheduled with Obama and are you taking the other Front Pagers along?

    Just a hint: the minute you start writing and fainting over anything he says and does, we are through, finished, kaput!

    Those brownnosers he has already conned will be more than willing to sing his praises.

    If Andrew Sullivan has not “proposed marriage” as yet it is only because the opportunity was not there. But it’s coming.

  46. I wrote them too, of course. I suspect they’ve gotten thousands of “WTF!” letters.

    Remember how we PUMAs were just a couple of dozen menopausal old biddies? The fake feminists are using the same tactics to shut down dissent.

    Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

  47. sm77 — like Obama being the “daddy in chief” — I saw that some bloggers on slate are calling him out on that — asking why didn’t he tell this to his daughters at dinner instead of in Parade magazine.

  48. Pat J — Sullivan doesn’t need marriage — just some quickies in the men’s room with THE ONE.

  49. RD,

    OT about the term lady. One time during a very heated mediation, oppposing counsel made a comment and addressed me as a lady. Upon that happening my client stood up and yelled at the guy, “That’s no lady, she’s my lawyer.” To this day I don’t know if I should be offended and whose statement should I be offended by? Anyway, his comment made everyone laugh and disffused a tense situation.

  50. Just pray he does not adopt Fidel’s idea of communicating by spending 6 hours giving a “speech”. And remember Mao’s Little Red Book that was required to be carried at all times on your person? Aye,yi,yi, yi, yi!

  51. Well, folks, I guess we really need the play that’s scheduled to post in about an hour. I hope it makes you laugh!!!

  52. angie – Does Sully have a “wide stance?”

  53. Wow!

    I am at a loss for words after watching Naomi’s public Brogasm!

  54. And this is the legacy of feminism I want passed down to my granddaughters? No way!

  55. Or was that a Oba-gasm?

  56. Hi Hampy! I’ll be there!

  57. Kind of reminds me of Mao, Saddam, Fidel coverage.

    FireDogLake: Obama, This is UNACCEPTABLE: Rick Warren Invokes Hitler Youth

  58. For those of us women on this blog who have been left raising children on our own with little or no help from their “feminist” fathers, the outrage is enough to make our heads explode.

    They have no idea.

  59. Naomi has her orgasm at about 2:30:

    But it was “outside the box”

  60. myiq: lolol I am speechless!

  61. We need to create a new word from feminist to differentiate women who support women’s rights from women Obots who would sell women’s rights down the river for a night with the Messiah. If Wolff, Campbell Brown, and the editors of Ms. magazine are the new face of feminism, then I need to find another way to describe myself.

  62. donnadarko – What did they think Rick Warren was about?

    What do they think he means when he says he is like James Dobson except for “tone?”

    To think I used to respect these people. Jesus Christ on a cracker. What a bunch of idiots.

    But never mind, they are going to “hold Obama’s feet to the fire.”

    Yeah. Let me know how that works out.

  63. FireDogLake commenters never connect Obama with Warren. Then one says Obama’s being controlled by “others”. Never specifying who “others” are.

  64. he didn’t just tell his daughters at dinner because they don’t have a teleprompter in the dining room. I’d bet money Jon Favreau put down his cardboard HRC long enough to write a ‘heartfelt’ letter to O’s children for him, and submitted it to Parade mag.

  65. Okay, NOW what did I say.

    Come on, Spammy, let me out! Angry Black Guy is trying to convince me to buy a Head O’ State!

  66. Pat Johnson – about your book club. Yesterday I suggested that you ask your club to read Obama’s books. The reason I suggested it was that maybe it would make some of them start thinking critically about the O’man. I know it will be hell for you but it might help wake them from their O’man trance.

  67. Well, the term lady is very class oriented so I understand some people’s dislike of the term. It carries the implication of a woman who is the “angel in the house” — doesn’t work, lives to please the man, etc. because, in fact, that is what “ladies” do in the original meaning of the term. Also, in this day and age, I think the term is used very snidely a lot — as in “hey, lady! get off my back!” etc.

  68. DV – No, we need to stick to our guns. They are the fake ones, not us.

    Don’t let them take the word “feminist” away from us.

  69. AngieNC:

    YEP. He wants to everybody’s daddy. This is so pathologically wrong. Being that he didn’t have his growing up, he thinks that America needs a daddy.

    I don’t need a friggin Daddy – I need to work in my industry and get paid what I’m friggin worth!

    Would Hillary Clinton or any other established politician with gravitas release such crap?????

    And I’m sooooo happy somebody is seeing through the garbage. Why would he publish this Open Letter to My Lady-Daughters if it were a “private-I’m-doing-this-for-you” moment? WTF?

    I feel really bad for Sasha & Malia. They didn’t ask for this level of exposure and exploitation.

  70. if this is modern day feminist, no wonder we are still trying to get the ERA passed.
    I have seen very few so called feminists that I could respect.
    They just don’t get it.
    Have they ever tried to work and raise children?
    Have they ever had to take second place to a lesser qualified man because he has a family and they are only working for extras?
    Has anyone ever seen backtrack treat a women with respect?
    He trashed his mother and the grandmother who raised him.
    He lied to his family in Africa and never improved the schools in his other grandmother’s village. He left her living in a hut instead of a house.
    God damn these stupid women who make is worse for women to get the respect they deserve.
    I absolutely refuse to be treated or have my daughters and granddaughters treated with out respect.
    If these silly fools can not help women get the hell out of the way for those who can.



  71. sm — no sh!t!! Hey, Obama — I HAVE a daddy & he is hella better then you could ever dream of being because he didn’t ever “pimp me out” to make himself look good.

  72. SM – I do feel sorry for those kids. I’m with Pat J – they are beautiful and probably quite intelligent. Obama is such a cold, unfeeling man. If he wanted to say something to his daughters, he should have said it to their faces.

  73. Downticket: What was a little disturbing for me was the look in their eyes, like they had been completely taken over by this juggernaut of Obama.

    Up until then the discussion about the book was on task but the minute we got into Obama they became fervid in their expressions. They apparently know all they need to know about him. An overview of campaign tactics, ACORN, his backsliding on FISA, any of those subjects were dismissed outright. As it was, I was about the only one in the room who was openly skeptical.

    He has been sold and these women, all accomplished and holding down very good jobs, educated and pretty much informed, were not open to criticism in any form. It blew me away.

    As I said, I still love them but I don’t really know them if that makes any sense.

  74. Pat Johnson, on January 15th, 2009 at 7:48 pm Said:

    For those of us women on this blog who have been left raising children on our own with little or no help from their “feminist” fathers, the outrage is enough to make our heads explode.

    They have no idea.


  75. donnadarko: “Others” in Obamabot language usually means Clintons and/or Clinton supporters.

  76. Amen, HelenK!

  77. Isn’t there a blogger, Dooce or something like that who writes letters to her daughter that sort of read like that? Maybe B.O.’s ghost-writer is a fan of her’s?

  78. Notice how Naomi conveniently left out Kwanzaa? Hmmm, guess this means she’s a R-A-C-I-S-T and she probably doesn’t even know it….yet
    So sad.

  79. Hmmm…I am of the opinion that MEE-Chelle may have written the letter. We all know Obama does not give a rat’s @## about women, much less little girls!

  80. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’m going to tear up Naomi Wolf’s book and trash it. What a hypocrite. She’s writes about fascism in America, and now she supports the man who won the Presidency using fascist tactics and just yesterday announced plans for permant propagana campaign to get him re-elected. I’m going to trash her book. brb.

  81. Shrub is speaking. Shhhh

  82. MYIQ:

    Don’t hate on Naomi that much. Even I would write sonnets of praise when the ex did anything near the perimeter of the box.

    Mine’s, that is.

  83. SM, it’s so funny to see your pretty little avatar saying that.

  84. oh, yeah, and MY daddy has held a full-time job for the last 40 years and has never, ever taken one single solitary sick day & never missed one stupid play, game or other after school bs my brother & I were involved in. So suck it Obama — you wouldn’t recognize a good daddy if one bit you on the ass.

  85. If you can bear it, read the crap Wolf published on HuffPo in February 2008 explaining why she voted for Obama over Clinton: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/naomi-wolf/why-barack-obama-got-my-v_b_89017.html

    None of it makes sense. She says the reason why was because of “integrity” not because of race or gender. She also says in the last paragraph of her shitty article:

    “Anyway, the man is a feminist; he has a woman-friendly policy vision.”

    When she talks about women-friendly policies, is she talking about Rick Warren? Bostonboomer, you should’ve thrown away Wolff’s book last year after this was published.

  86. MadamaB:

    The Obama children are beautiful girls, no doubt. Is the public interest high that these gracious young women be happy and have a great childhood? ABSOLUTELY.

    But to exploit them? F__K NO. Wrong move. but he’s used to exploiting women (his grandmas, mom, wife, sister, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, American female voters, etc.)

    Why didn’t Obama put a picture & soliloquy of how he ran for president for his now deceased maternal grandma instead? It’s not going to affect her in anyway anymore.

    Plus, he sure got a lot of sympathy votes since she died the day before the election. (YES, it’s harsh, but I don’t put anything past Obama & his crew anymore.)

  87. And, BTW, Naomi, the issues isn’t that he’s a man. The issue is he hates women and doesn’t support our issues in any way, shape, or form.

  88. sm — you mean IF she died right before the election.

  89. If I have my Naomi ‘s right, this one worked for Al Gore for about two minutes and her career was nearly destroyed….. She learned what it meant to buck the Village and will not be making that mistake again. The competition now is who can make thier Obama Orgasm seems more real ? Alot of deeply felt emoting ahead

  90. LOL SM!!!

  91. paper doll – “I’ll have what she’s having.”

  92. Katiebird:

    MYIQ just brings the nasty to any situation – he’s like the Hunter S. Thompson of the Confluence. I’ll behave now. (hee-hee!)

  93. Eric — how dare you swoop in here & criticize us. Go get your head of state & f*ck yourself.

  94. madamab, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Exactly lol!

  95. How about fake feminist = fauxminist? Ok, so it doesnt’ exactly roll off the tongue, but it goes very well with fauxgressive.

    I remember thinking Wolff jumped the shark several years ago (although I can’t recall why now), so I haven’t paid attention to anything she’s said for a while.

  96. I believe That One is doing a thank you tour for all those in the media who helped get him elected.

    He’s the GREATEST Salesman Evah’.

  97. Valhalla –may I suggest fauxfeminist? — it is easier to say.

  98. Eric, this has little to do with Clinton. If Clinton decided to retire and move to a remote island never to be heard from again, I’d still be here criticizing Obama not because I’m deranged but because your Idol is in the wrong: on Warren, Gupta, FISA, social security, medicare, gay marriage, among many other important issues. You can’t get rid of us because we are real feminists who aren’t looking for “a more perfect feminism” but are simply asking “feminist” leaders to act like feminists and stop kissing Obama’s ass.

  99. Oh Eric, go suck on a Head O’ State.

  100. I love it when we are accused of Clinton worship LOL!
    They don’t get it because our admiration for Hillary based on something ! …and there for is a total mystery to obots…..

  101. I tried watching Bush. Just couldn’t do it. What is wrong with his right eye? It was blinking and squinting independently. Could it be his conscience trying to break free? Nah, you have to have one to begin with.

  102. DisenfranchisedVoter, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    well said !

  103. MYIQ just brings the nasty to any situation

    Just because I think ladies should come first?

  104. Hahahaha – Eric needs a loaf of bread with that whine.

    I find it just bizarre how Obamalovers simply MUST force everyone else to go along with their point of view. Reminds me of evangelical Christians who want to convert everyone at gunpoint. If you are right, Obamalovers, then the force of your arguments should convince us eventually.

    You can all hold your breaths until that happens. Please.

  105. PaperDoll:

    They don’t know what it is to admire a leader based on their accomplishments. Since Obama has ZERO, it’s a foreign language to them.

  106. These silly twits really do not get it.Women will be hit hardest by the economic turndown The competition for jobs will be something they have never seen. It will go back to the days of
    You should be home with your children.
    He has a family to support.
    You do not need the medical coverage,your husband will get it for you.
    You are a single mother? Tough should have thought about that before you got pregnant. How much time will you lose due to having children.
    If you are not married and I hire you will you leave after I train you to get married and have children, after all I am investing time and money in training you.
    We will pay you less because the man needs more money than you.
    On the homefront
    husbands have to be encouraged and egos strokes.
    It’s not your fault honey it is just the economy and that is a true statement.
    But who bolsters the female’s ego when she can’t get a job to help the family.
    Who encourages the women who make a dime stretch to a quarter and learns all the ways to save money.
    Sorry I do not blame everything on men really.

    Can anyone see the Naomi Wolfs of the world be able to handle those experiences? I can’t but I have met and worked with everyday women who can.



  107. We need to create a new word from feminist to differentiate women who support women’s rights from women who would sell women’s rights down the river.

  108. madamab — I expect to hear Obots offering to give me their “testimonial” on how they came to THE ONE. Of course, that will all be over by October 2009 when they will all be denying they voted for him.

  109. MYIQ:

    Proof that you’re ARE a gentleman!

    NOW or LATER?

    Not LATER, NOW!

  110. femiNUT, or Ofeminut

  111. sm77, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Indeed. I think because it’s really all about them, not Barry. He’s a projection screen and any talk about actual accomplishments explodes the fact it’s not them and instantly rejected . I do know for my Obots friends, ( 2) it’s ALL about them.

  112. HelenK: You just wrote the story of my life at this very moment.

  113. SOD, How about Uncle Fems?

  114. How true Angie!

    I can’t find anyone who will admit to voting for Bush!

  115. janice — lol!

  116. “Others” in Obamabot language usually means Clintons and/or Clinton supporters.

    So true.

    Wolf went off the deep end over three things in her career: her father, coming to Jesus and coming to Obama.

  117. I stopped agreeing Naomi Wolff quite a few years ago.

  118. I guess all three are the same to Wolf.

  119. Jesus f*cking Christ — people are seriously talking about a “possible 3rd term” for this a**hole who isn’t even sworn in yet? Let me tell you RIGHT NOW — if George Washington didn’t think he should have a 3rd term then Obama shouldn’t even be having a FIRST term. I’m surrounded by intellectual pygmies.

  120. Eric — did you not hear me? GO F*CK YOURSELF.

  121. This was disgusting.

    I think the comment that sent me over the edge was “silly”. WTF? Isn’t SHE supposed to be a voice of feminism?

    I’m surprised she didn’t skip the soft words and skip right to “hysterical”.

  122. I’ve had the GREAT displeasure of being in the same room in a chair near this woman, and she is SO FULL OF HERSELF that she and NOBAMA are a match made in heaven. In approximately 1 hour, she flipped her hair over 400 times. She made her name bemoaning the beauty myth for women, but she has condemed women FURTHER by being simply another enemy to the cause of equality. She is her own worst enemy (I will NOT even talk about what she has done/said in the last ten years because she is an EMBARASSMENT in the extreme–the beauty myth was a good book) and thereby she is HURTING women. Get a life, get a grip, or get the hell outa here….

  123. No wonder my back was killing me. From all those 6 inch stiletto’s coming from those women of accomplishment who forgot who paved the way. Now that they see themselves as having made it up the ladder, forget those who opened that pathway to their ascent.

    They are all “Michelle’s”. No wonder they worship at the feet of those two.

  124. oh, and frillgidty (sic) isn’t even a word, Einstein. Go get yourself a g*d d@med dictionary before you come back here.

  125. The Ms people ( and so many others ) are making a career move, principles be damned. Principles never made a car payment on the BMW…on the contrary. That I understand…..but It’s the mind fucking they try on us when justifying thier pathetic sell out, that I can’t stand

  126. Niomi Wolf is such a fucking air head. Post labels my ass!!!! Post labels come with equality, not before. Otherwaise, you are just refusing to call bigotry by its name. Usually refusing to call it out is a way of maintaining the bigotry, rather than fighting it.

  127. Eric, you are an idiot. Read what you just wrote. If you don’t realize that it’s the most absurd nonsense that has ever sullied this blog, then there really is no hope for you.

  128. sm77@8:23p
    If I can help you let me know.
    Ask Riverdaughter for my e-mail address.
    I really we had come past some of these reasons that I heard when job hunting years ago.
    I can remember applying for a job at the Phila Inquirer and being asked if my sex life was normal.
    A lot of young women are in for a real shock and a rude awakening.



  129. Eric — you are a truly pathetic person — go play in traffic.

  130. OMG:

    Eric thinks we haven’t had enough penis in (or out) of the boxes.


    Why does it always come down to sex for the Obots?

    Seriously, Obama doesn’t even ring MASCULINE GOD to me. Someone that insecure and narcissistic is NOT sexy at all.

    Denzel? Clooney? BRING IT.

    Obama? KEEP IT.

  131. We are entering an era of pure invention. Every day we see another pseudo tribute being thrust upon The One. This is just another in a long line of “throwing it at the wall and seeing if it sticks”. Once it finds its purchase it will be difficult to dismantle.

    Obama the Savior? You betcha! Obama the peacemaker? Why not.

  132. should read I really thought we had come past

  133. Eric, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    So why do you come to this joyless void Obot ?? There’s the door

  134. Eric
    You are an AssHat

  135. Did ya’ hear the end – post label era. We’re not black or white, men or women, we’re all one. No more segregation. Men and women are the same in the new Obama age.

    No offense to those who have children and grandchildren, (because we know helping women helps children), but just once -ONCE – I’d like to see politicians and others do something just for WOMEN. Not women/children, not women/families, just something for women – and only women. I won’t hold my breath.

  136. HelenK: THANK YOU!!!!!!!! But really, it’s a moment – this too shall pass.

    If you want – leave a comment on one of my posts, I’ll see your email there.

  137. Eric, YOU have been eliminated.

  138. In 2005, Wolf published The Tree House: Eccentric Wisdom from my Father on How to Live, Love, and See, which chronicled her midlife crisis attempt to reclaim her creative and poetic vision and revalue her father’s love, and her father’s force as an artist and a teacher. “I had turned my face away from the grace of the imagination.” Germaine Greer, who had vociferously praised The Beauty Myth, criticized the work as Oedipal, and as an acceptance of the patriarchy that Wolf had once opposed.

  139. GAgal, Sounds like a Coke commercial, doesn’t it?

  140. Pat Johnson, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    This is very true and has been for 8 years now, they are just switching puppets.

  141. Pat Johnson, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:30 pm Said:

    We are entering an era of pure invention. Every day we see another pseudo tribute being thrust upon The One. This is just another in a long line of “throwing it at the wall and seeing if it sticks”. Once it finds its purchase it will be difficult to dismantle.

    Obama the Savior? You betcha! Obama the peacemaker? Why not.

    It’s all Obama Porn.

    Instant gratification for their “liberal” libido.

  142. Oh.. but I did notice in the post-label era that Ms magazine labeled Obama a feminist. I guess it’s okay to label as long as it’s Obama.

  143. you know what is sad? all these pathetic people whose lives are so empty that they actually believe one man can “join us all together as one.” If they had religion, or even a damned hobby, they would never have fallen for this slick snake-oil salesmen.

  144. Eric believes the stereotype that we must all be: old, poor, uneducated, bitter, ugly, and sexless. Maybe they should look at their own kind like Maureen Dowd who gets off from writing fictional plays for a living before making any judgments.

    Helenk, when did the Philadelphia Inquirer ask you that? I’m hoping it was in the 70s but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened yesterday. Today, your views on Obama could mean the difference between a successful career or living on public assistance. The only news outlet willing to give a job to someone who dislikes Obama is probably FOX news.

  145. A last word from Eric:

    “I have been eliminated. Flushed… Like waste.”

    And we thought he didn’t get it.

  146. Why do they deliberately ignore the fact that we do not think this cover is ridiculous because obama has a penis? We would think it ridiculous if he had a vagina.
    He has done NOTHING to prove he is a feminist.
    All that we have seen is evidence to the contrary.

  147. That woman is an embarrassment….PERIOD!!
    Credit goes to Amy for putting herself out there.
    I agree with the comment how Amy got a short amount of time to make her point & this one got “5” mins.
    This AM while waiting to see Amy, I saw “turncoat” Candy Crowley saying how:
    Amazing it is that Clinton will “sail threw” with all the questionable things she’s done. Or something like that.
    I’m going to e-mail Lou Dobbs; he’s the only good one over there. Amy deserve a rematch.

  148. Eric: When Women (like Naomi Wolf, who I ONCE admired) tears down another woman whose done 1,000,000 times more for women (and kids) than Obama in 10 lifetimes, THAT is offensive.

    Being a woman in this era is truly joyous and hateful. I can tell you from my own life experiences how women of my generation (I’m a GenXer) how FANTASTIC it is and how much it sucks to be Latina, Female, Mother, Liberal, Feminist, Gen Xer, etc.

    Had Obama DONE something for all the things Obots praise him for, then maybe my skepticism would be eh, not as much.

    Learn this: Never believe in what a man SAYS, but in what he DOES. And Obama has done NOTHING to earn my support. NOTHING.

  149. wolf sounds like an aging valley girl? she should stop ending every sentence in a question? that female cnn anchor person is a twit and a half!

  150. Why was she the only one on the live shot? Excuse me but this is the work of Obama’s PR and the Obama Network. Give me a freaking break.

  151. ainnj:

    When they can’t beat your argument they misinterpret you.

    It’s like the meme that PUMAs were pissed cuz Hillary lost.

    We were (are) pissed because she was robbed.

  152. disenfranchised voter@838p
    It was 1968.
    I had just had my third child.



  153. I still think that if they are on TV defending their position the backlash must have been well over the “couple” of complaints they talk about. If you ask me, the “subscriptions are up” declaration (in the previous clip with Amy S.) was totally made up…Come on, MS, fess up, how many thousands complains did you really receive???

  154. If Bush was nearly as good a President as his Farewell Address, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  155. Bella Napoli — you hit the nail on the head — I seriously doubt that people actually took out a subscription of Ms. because of a cover — I can believe sales for this issue are up — but not subscriptions. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck (unlike most Obots).

  156. myiq2xu, on January 15th, 2009 at 8:44 pm Said:

    It’s like the meme that PUMAs were pissed cuz Hillary lost.

    We were (are) pissed because she was robbed.



  157. Regency!!!!!!!!

    Hey YOU!!!!!!!!

    BTW, you actually “watched?”

    Whoa. The young are truly strong.

  158. Frankly I don’t think Ms has been published for years. Perhaps it was reconstrued just for Barry .

  159. They won’t — because they are trying to defend their Cover because it sucks and if they say that their is a problem then people won’t buy.

    Also they are saying that the FAB = Tigerbeat Poster of our Hero Obama is outselling everything they ever did.

    SOOO it’s okay of course because you know, it’s selling.

  160. He says he is a feminist, so he is a feminist. He has never done anything for women’s rights. There is no evidence supporting his claim but plenty which can be used to refute it; regardless, they believe him and so should we.

    I am a neurosurgeon…

  161. That video is incredible. She goes on and on and on about how wonderful it will be to have a Feminist as President. Hey, I am not disagreeeing with her. It was great having BILL CLINTON as president for eight years. He really was a feminist. Sometimes I hate myself for it but I can not wait until they all go down. I will be so happy they deserve it royally.

  162. SM: What’s up? You all right?

    Yeah, I watched. I’d just woken up from a Motrin-induced sleep and I happened to turn on the television to see if maybe someone was re-airing Hillary’s Farewell to Congress address. I got Bush Jr. instead. I decided to watch. Aside from some ideological snags and, you know, what the fuckery, it was a commendable address. Some of the invitees were certainly inspiring.

    If he’d been the kind of President he spoke of being, I’d be sad to see him go. I am not sad to see him go.

  163. Angie, you got it. The issue will sell like every other mag with Teh One on the cover: some people seem to think they will become collector’s items and they are stacking up, but subscriptions? NO WAY!

  164. New post up!!!

    (a new play)

  165. Reg: I’m ok – thank you for asking – hope all is well with you and your moms.

    MOTRIN-INDUCED, are you feeling better????

    I’m not sad to see him go either – wish he would’ve been replaced by some one else, let’s say….more qualified.

  166. The Ms. controversy and Violet’s post about it got me so riled up I started posting again.

    Violet Socks: The Turning Point

    But the turning point is here. Let’s detour around this car crash. Let’s move ahead with a new commitment to women’s rights — all women’s rights — and a new courage to fight sexism wherever it exists. Wherever it exists. Without exception.

  167. Wolf is irrevelant. Ignore her. She is a not so clever decoy.

  168. There is a post at No Quarter
    We will not forget, we women.
    Very good post and a good video of DeeDee Myers talking about the treatment of Senator Clinton by the msm.



  169. Amy –




    According to Naomi Wolf, feminism is now defined as how loyal you are to the “O”?

    Thank you always Amy for standing up for ME and my DAUGHTER.

    HelenK: You got mail!

  170. What parallel reality is Naomi Wolf operating from? What planet is she from? What evidence does she have that BO is “moving ahead with a powerful agenda to support women and women’s issues”??? Puhleeese, someone tell me how this twink got to be a spokesperson for ANYTHING liberal and/or feminist.
    In the meantime, googling Naomi Wolf+Al Gore brought up this 1999 article from Slate that says it all.


  171. Here I think this whole ‘Ms.’ogyny thing is taken care of by the raised voices of protest and–blam–the dolts shoot back with even more vacuous superficialities about what their la-la Obamaland ‘feminism’ is all about. It’s disgusting. Like I said on another blog, if Naomi Wolf is the ‘third wave’ of feminism, I am so getting off at the second.

  172. Well, she hasn’t changed much since college. It was always sex first, then class. Very straight about that.

  173. […] or Ms? Posted on January 16, 2009 by Uppity Woman I copped this from Riverdaughter.  She did point out that Naomi Wolf does indeed appear to be having giggly-teen mental sex with […]

  174. I gave up on Naomi Wolf when she penned a sob story about how abortion was super-icky and immoral and real women shouldn’t do it(while timidly waving her pro-choice flag around). I knew that it was for me and her. Then came her debacle with the Al Gore campaign–thanks a lot, Naomi. Since then it’s been all downhill with her…I did like “The Beauty Myth” when I read it years ago, but when I loaned it to a friend, she found it overblown and riddled wit factoids. I haven’t reread it but I expect I’d now have the same reaction. Wolf is a poseur who has traded on her looks and “sexy feminist” appeal until they’ve grown stale.

  175. Correction: I knew that IT WAS OVER for me and her. For the record I don’ t consider abortion icky or immoral 🙂

  176. “Naomi” spelled backwards is “I moan”

  177. myiq2xu, on January 16th, 2009 at 11:12 am Said:

    “Naomi” spelled backwards is “I moan”


    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

    Good pickup, myiq!

  178. This is the CNN equivalent of the restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally, right?

  179. Coming up for air again – it’s 10-K season – no time for emails, haven’t looked at mine for weeks, or anything else for at least a month, BUT

    Aside from everything else – this man has a zero record of public service accomplishments or resolution of any problems his constituencies have. I look upon work colleagues who are Republicans in amazement when they say they voted for Obama because “maybe he will do something”. I mention Hillary. Yes, she would have been better but she has no charisma”. I have never known charisma to accomplish anything major, like solving some of the serious problems we have.

    Is that the foundation for all this vomit-inducing adulation, esepcially from women? charisma?

    Four, probably eight years of this will be intolerable.

  180. jeez, I have never paid attention to this child before. Now that I have actually listened to her I think she is a moron. What exactly makes Obama a feminist? Because he is helping the poor supposedly and since women are disproportionately poor then Obama is ipso facso supporting women?

    God, do people really get paid to be this clueless and if so, where can I sign up because I too can do a valley girl imitation.

    the media sucks the media sucks the media suck and the left media sucks as bad as the right media.

  181. Julie you hit the nail on the head. The minute you said Stepford, it clicked. All of the orgasmic adulations I have been seeing on the part of women, and Democrats in general, is exactly what was programmed in women in the original Stepford Wives. There is no better way to describe it. The question is, how to overcome the programming? In the original Stepford, the sole remaining real woman, aka, feminist, dies. I hope that ain’t our karma!

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