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95 Responses

  1. I am so disgusted, I could spit. I received a gushing email from Kim Gandy of NOW today, asking for a donation and all but giggling over the great things that will happen for women under Obama. I replied:

    On Jan 15, 2009, at 9:27 AM, Kim Gandy, NOW President wrote:

    And the time for equality is NOW.

    Actually, the time for change and equality was when you had the chance to support a woman for president. The time for hope and change was when you had the chance to speak out against the sexism so prevalent in the DEMOCRATIC Party. The time for change was when you had the chance to strenuously object to the retention of a head speechwriter who posts public photos groping the breasts of a US senator.

    But you decided your cushy political position, and your status as one of the fraternity “sisters” of the Lefty Boyz Club was more important than the real live women you purport to champion. NOW makes me ill. You remind me of those women who tell me: “But he’ll change, he really will. He means well!”

    You had the chance to FIGHT for us who live out here in the trenches, and you decided you’d rather have a hot date with the popular pinup boy. And now you want me to get excited, and Ooo and Ahh over your ring? AND send a wedding gift? Dream on, girlfriend. Not a chance.

  2. I guess Ms. is another in a long line of of news shows, magazines, etc that I have to boycott. You guys have to keep me informed because I will not read, watch or listen to any of this crap again.

  3. The controversy isn’t over having a man on the cover of Ms., it’s having that particular man with a shirt that says “this is what a feminist looks like.”

  4. WMCB:

    Where u been?

  5. Hillary is giving her farewell speech in the Senate on CSPAN

  6. Perhaps if myiq had any time left after forming LATER, he would like to be come editor in chief of MisSed magazine.

  7. WMCB, I love your response to Kim Gandy. Yep, they took the hot date with the popular pinup boy alright.

    And yes, CNN TOTALLY missed the point. It is not about having a man on the cover, it’s about having a man on the cover who used sexism to win an election, who apparently feels it’s fine to call women “sweetie” and who offers kisses in exchange for votes. Who periodically, when he’s feeling blue, lashes out by scratching his cheek with his middle finger….

  8. myiq @ 11:24

    I’ve been popping in to read, but not posting much. Busy! Just adopted a retired racing greyhound, and my other dog (Jack Russell Terrier) has been sick, so life has intervened in my online stuff.


    Barack Hussein Obama is the grand prize winner of the prestigious FEMINIST OF THE YEAR AWARD. He brought his masterful talents of mezmerizing oration, linguistic jujitsu and reshuffling of party ideologies to the feminist battle. Obama was able to exploit an ugly, toxic force and harness it for a greater good — his winning of the oval office.

    With an ‘above the fray’ approach and the occasional ‘dog whistle’ to stir up misogynstic attitudes and behavior, Obama ignited and enflamed a powerful force across all demographics. The cultural acceptance and even pleasure of attacking women based on their gender infused an energy and force to the campaign that was unstoppable. We believe this brilliant strategy is justified because it was one of the primary passions of his supporters and inspired the media as well.

    We can overlook and even applaud the small bruises women suffered during this election when we see the final goal achieved — the first black president of the United States.


    The Evangelical Preacher gets high marks for
    having the courage to abandon core tenants
    of his philosophy overnight. For 25 years he
    believed that women who believed in choice
    were comparable to Nazis and that an abused
    wife should stay with her husband and seek
    counsel from her pastor. Within 24 hrs of
    being chosen to give the invocation at Barack
    Obama’s presedential inauguration, he scrubbed
    his church’s website of the woman hate. Bravo
    Pastor Warren!

  11. Hillary is a dream public servant.


    Arriana Huffington has become a major media
    player with her ‘liberal’ blog THE HUFFINGTON
    POST. Her blog was a leader in helping to define
    the new new feminism – or, the new non-feminism.
    Her site cultivated a body of thought that lead us to
    realize that if we are allowed to denigrate women
    openly, then we have moved beyond misogyny. To
    practice it openly is to demonstrate that it is powerless.
    The ultimate achievement was witnessing women of all stripes and ages embrace words like“b*tch” and “c*nt”
    with no shame. It brought tears to our eyes.


    The MSNBC news anchor, Keith Olberman was
    in the trenches this year in the fight against misogyny and sexism. We give him the title of “Feminist Police”. He took on the dirty task of not letting women use feminism as a weapon against their opponents. He even courageously used misogynistic attacks to preempt any rebuttal whatsoever by women who argued for their own
    qualifications. We will never forget his bold on-air request to take Senator Clinton into a room and
    have her be the one person that “doesn’t come out”.

  14. I am blocking those so-called “feminist” organizations from my email. Last week I got a call from one of them, but did not answer. (I was afraid of what I might say to them!) If I get snail mail from them, I plan to tear it up. Still too angry to write back, but I love WMCB’s response.

  15. In the tape, Ms. asks, “Why would we put a man on the cover?”

    The answer to that is $$$. They sold out just like the DNC.

  16. Bravo saradavis! You have masterly portrayed the hypocrisy that was ongoing for the past year. May they all burn in hell!

  17. WMCB!!! I’ve missed your insightful comments! 🙂

  18. no, no, Alwaysthinking – they need to know what we think of them – and always mail back a response – even if it’s blank – they’ll pay the postage 👿

  19. WMCB! Wonderful response and so glad to see you back here. I always enjoyed your posts and your spirit.

    Good luck with the rescue – lucky dog. Their lives after running can be perilous – bless you for taking one into your home.

  20. Sarahfdavis – your responses should be a post in themselves!

  21. WMCB, on January 15th, 2009 at 11:21 am t

    that is a fabulous letter

  22. WMCB: I missed you too. Your voice is always so fresh and so full.

  23. sarahfdavis:

    How sad that all this is true. Excellent writing.

  24. At the end of the CNN clip, they point out the real reason: It’s all about the money (subscriptions).

  25. WMCB, right on! Great to see you posting again.


  26. The cover of MS reminds me of the time, here at the Univeristy of Michigan, when I said to my (male) colleague that I felt as though I did not have a voice here at the university. His response: “I’m sorry you feel like you don’t have a voice. I’d be happy to speak up for you, and voice any concerns you have to the appropriate people.”

    of course I told him that I was perfectly capable of speaking for myself.

    He still didn’t understand.

  27. Interestingly, they didn’t actually deal with the crap that fell right out of obama’s mouth during the campaign.

    I suspect the specific issues with obama were pointed out in the interview and smoothed over for the demographic CNN wants to reach (advertising $$ ) .

  28. StaunchWoman: That story was both funny and sad a the same time. They just don’t get it.

  29. It’s all about the money

    What’s the word for people who sell themselves for money?

  30. jjmtacoma: I was in tears watching Hillary make her farewell speech to the Senate. Reading that comment of yours: “the crap that fell right out of obama’s mouth during the campaign” made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the uplifting humor. Much appreciated.

  31. Whores? Prostitutes? Obots?

  32. I was thinking “progressive blogger”

  33. That works.

  34. Everybody thinks riding the Obama train will bring in the money. I predict that it will not.

    Just like here in the DC metro area everybody thought they would rent out their houses and apartments for inauguration. There was an initial fizz and then it was a complete bust.

  35. Nice myiq, and don’t forget apparently the entire media.

  36. I wonder when it will be obvious to everyone that the hype is manufactured. Six months?

  37. “We’ve had men on our cover before.”

    Not a man with O’s “present” votes on women’s issues.

    No a man who sat in a church whose preacher slammed the female nominee while he humped her husband via the podium.

    O’s such an Arnold S. macho wanta-be he can’t bear the thought of a “girly dog”.

  38. Somebody let us know when Hill’s farewell speech goes up online, pls.

  39. The media and serious bloggers should take a default “adversarial” position to those in power.

    We should always be suspicious, and they should never be praised until they actually accomplish something worthwhile.

  40. Amy Siskind pointed out that if Ms. put Obama’s picture up with “Is this what a feminist looks like?” it would have been legitimate.

  41. perries, It’s already been over four years since his earth-shattering speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004. So, I think it’s going to take something on the level of Katrina before the Obots open their eyes. Look how long the Republicans ignored Bush’s errors (what word is strong enough for everything Bush did?) — Iraq didn’t bother them at all. And I think Obots love Obama more deeply than Bush was ever loved.

  42. The media always does this. Missing the point by a mile and claiming there was no point.

  43. myiq: it is the glossing over of all adversarial perspectives that leads to the high “approval” numbers.

    If you are busy with life and listen to NPR and read your local paper for information – there is only one side that is being presented and the dissent is washed away or discounted. Oh, and let’s not forget anything that would cast a potential negative light is, um, “managed”.

    I guess they value the private parties with ‘the one’ more than journalism.

  44. Thanks, Soupcity and Plural.

  45. Just saw this on Fox News. Apparently, we really are for sale. Anyway.

    Possible Bailout for the Lucky Few

  46. You are welcome, Regency.

  47. My link didn’t work again. Grrr. Anyway, some woman is selling her virginity in Nevada. Apparently the bid is up to 3.7 million.

  48. Can I sell my virginity with women on eBay? I wonder how much I could get… I bet I could pay off at least one credit card!

  49. I sold mine for two candy bars and a Dr. Pepper to old Mrs. Johnson, the widow who lived down the block.

  50. At the tender age of 27

  51. That was awful. Do we know if Siskind said anything about Obama’s sexist, misogynistic behavior? The report completely misrepresented the controversy. Even the comments quoted from The New Agenda were wimpy. Overall, the report was a negative for the cause of feminism. It was nothing but a whitewash.

  52. There is a nice heartfelt tribute from Chuck Schumer after Hillary’s speech on the cspan video.

    “Hillary looks great from far away, but the closer you get, the better she looks.”

  53. BB: what did you expect? It was on effing CNN. They edited it for “clarity.”

  54. Don’t worry, I’m happy.

  55. I’m happy today because the Financial Times printed my letter-to-ed. It hits Obama while praising Bill Clinton’s economic plan.

    I’m sad I couldn’t sign it PUMA.

  56. Happy here, too!

    Plural, Schumer was great, you can tell his affection and respect for her is so genuine.

  57. Happy here, although Hillary and Chuck made me cry.

    I think it’s not easy to win over someone like Chuck Schumer so completely. That wasn’t just a pro forma tribute.

  58. Damn right I’m sad, DWI (there’s joke in there somewhere, myiq). These aren’t good times for those who look beyond the image in order to locate approximate truth. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself in your own smug way.

  59. Just a few minutes ago a woman told me “I’ve had it with Hillary. During her confirmation hearings she defined Smart Power as a marriage between pragmatism and diplomacy. I’m done with Hillary.”

    Her problem was the use of the word “marriage” to define a relationship (the speaker is a lesbian, as am I).

    My response: “And you have no issue at all with Rick Warren speaking at the inauguration?”

    She apparently does not have an issue, as she did not answer that question,

    Rather, of course, the very mention of the “I” word led to general discussion about how excited they all are to watch it on Tuesday. They’re all hosting inaugural ball-watching parties on Tuesday night.

    I can’t stand this. my hypocrisy and bulls#*% meter is jumping off the scale and all the alarm bells are ringing!!!!!

  60. My Republican father just renewed my faith in humanity. He said he can’t understand what the country is coming to when democrats engineer primary winners and republicans sign on to bail outs that amount to socializing entire sectors of the economy. He says he feels sorry for me and the kids, but he’s glad he’s not going to be around to watch the country as we knew it, disappear. I still won’t forgive him for voting for Reagan, but I’m reconsidering being more understanding about his Nixon votes. Something must be wrong with me.

  61. Franklly, I think what CNN and MS are saying it’s a lie(so what else is new?): if subscriptions were really up and the response had been mostly positive, as they claim, there would be no story to report. I think the number of people outraged by that travesty of a cover far outnumbers those who approve and that’s why they were forced to publicly try to justify their action.
    Just my .02

  62. Oh for heavens sake.

  63. (My comment referred to objections about Hillary’s using the word “marriage.”)

  64. As to this post, In the comment section at TGW under the MoDo & Sullivan story, (I don’t have an account there) I wish someone would tell Neofeminist aka New Age Woman, WE DON’T HATE MEN. Strawman much, lady?

  65. Is New Age Woman the one they think is ABG?

  66. Did they mention how many letters they received for and against?

  67. It sounds to me like the word “marriage” is off the table. Is it r@cist to use the word “marriage?”

  68. Jmac, I think so but not sure. Just go read that cr*ap “she” wrote.

  69. Marriage refers to the joining together of two things making them into a single unit.

    Anyone who takes offense at Hillary using the word in that way was already a HillaryHater.

  70. OT

    I want to write a private message to the admin. I do not see an information tip line

    If I include r@cism (spelled correctly) then I’ll be caught by the spam filter. Would the admin be willing to read my message but not publish?

  71. I guess Hillary is expected to run her statements by the Metaphor Police.

  72. Neofeminist aka New Age Woman

    The writing itself screams “misogynist male”

    That kind of stupid requires a penis.

  73. Well, I still get the Nation sent to me online in my email. I saw the headline “Our Lincoln” and had to view it. Surprisingly, the article was, in fact, about Lincoln.

    AND, it included this line: “Like Barack Obama, Lincoln came to national prominence through oratory, not a record of significant accomplishment in office.”

    That’s refreshing.

  74. Would the admin be willing to read my message but not publish?

    Sure – go for it.

  75. Just saw this gag-inducing headline:

    “Obama tells daughters he ran for them, for all children”

    I’m not linking to it …

  76. myig2xu, I saw your post @ TGW, so glad you caught that. But that phrase “I love Men” really Pis*ed me off.

  77. Britgirls:

    “Ba-rack loves the little child-ren,
    all the children of the world.”

  78. Wait, the Nation said something not laudatory of Obama and they’re still in business? Does JJJ know about this? Oh, wait, he’s under the left wheel, I forgot.

  79. And he especially loves it when they tell their mummy to vote for him!

  80. […] NOW and LATERWednesday: Q & A"Woe Is Me" Wednesday Open ThreadIt’s Not About Hillary AnymoreAmy Siskind on CNN re: Ms. MagazineThursday: The New Agenda takes on Ms.The Secrets That They Keep. Tuesday night ramblingsBuckle Up […]

  81. Hey the pingback feature is cool! I see that already alerts people to the fact that rather than go on and on here in the comments, I was was compelled to spend lunch hour posting – check upstairs!

  82. You know, I’m still pis*ed off. First we only are voting for Hillary because there is a vagina involved, then we are raci*st because we will not vote for BO, then we are just a bunch of old dried up ugly fat lesbians, then we are not really true Democrats, then we are just bitch*es because we won’t “get over it”, now we are not “true” feminist because WE HATE MEN! I can’t stand anymore of this Sh*t! WHO ARE THESE WOMEN? Thnak god I do not know these people! I am sure I would show up on “The Smoking Gun” if I did.

  83. Egallantry:

    Time will tell

  84. myiq: no fair.

  85. Aw man, now it’s stuck in my head

    Ba-rack loves the little children
    all the children of the world
    Red and yellow black and white
    they are precious in his sight
    Barack loves the little children of the world!

  86. Oh my, I watched the Hill video – got all teary then she started talking about 9/11 and it brought it all back – we aren’t very far from Ground Zero – it was an awful time.

    But she’s going to be a great SOS- 🙂

  87. Micki:

    You didn’t miss nothing. Just info on some lame-o who’s hoping to start a blog war to get attention.

    You know your blog has made it when you have stalkers who obsess about you.

  88. pdgrey:

    I’ll pass on some advice that my mother (voted for That One) passed onto to me during this election season.

    For the future suvival of the human race


  89. ooooh wmcb, I think I love you…. as a friend of course. = )

  90. Ms. Spillar has obviously failed to keep up with current events with respect to Mr. Obama’s woefully poor record on women’s issues, and, dare I say it–I think she was less than truthful in her statement that she had had “a couple of negative responses” about that infamous cover.

    I am once again vindicated in my resolution to boycott Ms., NOW, NARAL, and main stream media, so I appreciate everyone’s willingness to report these outrages so that we can continue to publicly and vehemently protest them.

  91. Hi truthisgold. Many of us are in the struggle to fight Ms., NOW, and NARAL. They no longer stand for us.

  92. Read the magazine?? Are you crazy? Nevermore…

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