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“Woe Is Me” Wednesday Open Thread

What’s bothering you?

131 Responses

  1. Well, I’ve been working nights for 4 years and counting. Now I’m working on a lame one-hour special of a show that’s usually half-hour and it’s twice the pain the ass. And did I mention it was nights and very long hours? I suppose I can look forward to the fact that’ll be done this week (and air January 25th! Mark your calendars), but still. Can you blame me for being bitter? But instead of guns and religion I cling to chocolate. It’s not helping the bitterness because then I looking in the mirror and go: where’s my waist line? Woe is me! Ohime!

  2. SOD:

    How about “Where o’ where, are you tonight?”

  3. What’s bothering me is that I worry that your nom de clown, Captain Spaulding, might not be in the right spirit of respect for one of my culture heroes, Captain Spaulding, the African explorer. Do you use his name in vain? Are you making fun of him? Or is it your honest attempt to memorialize him? I feel a quiver of hurt every time I see His name here. I can’t get over it. Is there a way out?

  4. AM:


    If you wanna argue with the Captain, you go ahead. I need my kidneys.

  5. Oh dea lord, we did Hee Haw as a Jr. High school program. And yes most of the girls were asked to wear daisy dukes.

  6. Oh, where do I start?

    The scumsucking lying fraud developers of my building have not paid their condo assessments on their unsold units in months, notwithstanding the fact that they have leased out 4 of those units for market rate rent, which would more than cover their assessments. Because of this, our condo assn is in the whole to the tune of about 50K, and we keep getting electricity shut off notices for the common areas. Our attorney called the bank’s attorney, who advised our attorney that their client “had to get paid.” So, apparently, the bank is more interested in taking the rental income and applying it to the mortgage than it is to paying the utilities for the building, which the developer agreed to pay in its lease, and which, if they are not paid, gives the renters the right to break the lease and leave, thereby depriving the bank of the rental income. Can you say learning impaired?

    Also, I am experiencing infertility and its frickin freezin and getting colder.


  7. I had no idea His name was being bandied about so carelessly.

  8. Micki, try for a bailout. Can’t hurt.

  9. That Bush declared a state of emergency for Washington Dc during the appointment.
    I do not ever remember this happening.

    The fact that miq2xu is not head of the feminist movement and not working with Pat to make things better for women.

    How to tell the Pumas in the northeast that it is in the high 80’s here in California and I may have to turn on my air conditioner.



  10. Helen:

    I’m in California too. Wanna come over and go swimming?

  11. I’d much prefer this frigid weather here in the NE be next week, say, oh around the 20th…

    What’s on my mind is celebrating Hillary’s start as SoS this week before donning my black ribbon for next week.

  12. What’s bothering me?

    1. That I keep reading various comments and hearing supposed journalists and pundits quote Hillary saying that she would “obliterate Iran” without putting it in the context of the question. She was asked what would the U.S. do if Iran lobbed a nuke into Israel, and she was telling the truth. If that happened, we would, in fact obliterate Iran.

    2. The fact that it’s cold and getting colder here and I bought a house that’s 17 years old which has windows that need replacing and I don’t even have curtains on all of them yet. Blinds, yes, but no curtains. My gas bill is going to be a whopper for this month.

  13. myiq2xu
    I just got an e-mail about Harry Reid’s grandfather.
    He is related to both Harry and his wife.
    He was hung for being a horse thief.
    Then it show a reply from Harry Reid’s office and the spin that was used to tell about his grandfather.
    It was very funny to read.

    Where do you live in California, I am in Hemet and work in Pomona two nights a week.



  14. Also the e-mail had a picture of the hanging.



  15. I’m up north of you, a little south of Sacto.

  16. janicen

    boycott all media and put some plastic on your windows. home depot online has the kit you put on with a hairdryer-the stuff works.

    im in MA and this weekend is going to be ugly cold.
    last night my husband threw a gas bill nutty.
    i wouldn’t mind if the house was warm but im freezing my ass off and paying a huge bill and dragging in wood for fires.

    thats my bitching for the day.
    back to taxes and wood shlepping

  17. What’s bothering me?

    I’m so tired of teh CDS, and the fact that it’s like freaking Minnesota here in the Big Apple. I have to go out during a snowstorm tonight.

    OTOH – The View From Under The Bus happens tonight! Wooohoooo! Tune it at 9:30 pm EST! We should have time to take callers – we’re now doing an hour and a half.

  18. MYIQ2XU
    It is beautiful up there. Before I retired I worked in Emeryville and lived in Alameda.
    The train ride from Oakland to Sacramento passes so much beautiful scenery.
    From where I lived I got to see the sun set over San Francisco.
    I rode up with the engineer from Emeryville to Reno over the mountains. We were so high we were above the rainbow.
    We have such a beautiful and diverse country. Sometimes I think we really do not understand the greatness of this country.



  19. The cold, the cold, the cold. That and the fact that I have a horrible brief to write. Oh Caterina thank you, I will go to Home Depot and see if I can do anything about this terrible draft. I am having to work in the living room and papers are wall to wall in the lr and dr because I cannot write in my den, it is on the dark side of the house.

  20. HelenK,

    If you’re still here, was the title of the book by Taylor Caldwell you were talking about in the morning post “Captains and Kings?”

    Absolutely nothing is bothering me right now. I must be nuts!

  21. I’m looking forward to the show, madamab. It sounds like everyone has been preparing. I wonder what you are planning?

  22. madamab> Think of it this way: I’ll be going to in the snowstorm tonight.

  23. Caterina, your husband has my sympathies. I throw gas bill nutties all the time. I even tell them what robber barons they are. When I am really angry, I pull the 60 year old widow, mother screaming fit on them and they sometimes give me a slightly better payment plan. Between the gas bill and some of the things I’ve written on these blogs this year, I’m surprised they haven’t locked me up yet. But seriously, don’t try to fight the cold in the house. There’s no beating it. I just wear my coat around and keep the thermostat as low as possible. Between “Later” and your husband’s gas bill nuttie, I can at least laugh a little. Thanks MYIQ and Caterina. Oh, loved the engineering one too.

  24. DYB – To and from for me. Sigh. At least I’ve got the subway going to.

    BB – we are planning A LOT!!! LOL I hope it all comes out okay!

  25. Kind of from last post and this….

    Just got a note from NOW yesterday asking me to renew my lapsed membership. Then came in this am to read myiq. What timing.

    This is my letter back to them:

    “Dear Ms. Gandy:

    I read with interest your recent letter to me asking me to renew my membership in NOW. As you would know from your files, I was an early and long member of NOW. I marched in Washington in support of the ERA. I went to countless rallies and candlelight marches in support of women and opposing violence against women. I have spent a lifetime in a male dominated industry where I see sexism and harassment virtually every day. And I have survived to become successful.

    I was proud of my feminist creds, even through those long and continued years when the very word “feminist” evoked smirks from both women and men.

    I am still a feminist. But I am afraid you are not. I was appalled at the outright misogynistic behavior shown by the media, DNC, politicians and Barack Obama himself during both the primary and election seasons. I was so appalled, I even contacted NOW and requested you stand up for Hillary Clinton against the vile, denigrating remarks and pictures spread everywhere. You replied with a form letter asking me to rejoin your organization.

    You, and NOW, had a chance to make a difference in 2008. The support of feminists was an iconic value that I have held for over 30 years. But you let me down. And all the other young women who want to make a mark in politics or any other male dominated arena. NO ONE should have to endure the sexist smears experienced by both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. But NOW let it all slide in your unquestioning and fawning support of Barack Obama. Honestly, you should be ashamed. You dropped the mantle.

    And now you have the effrontery to put him on your cover? Perhaps HE will agree to be a card-carrying member of NOW. But for me? NEVER!

    With a great deal of sadness,


    Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing something like this to NOW.

  26. BB
    Yes that is one of her titles.
    She understood people the good and the bad better than any other writer I have read.
    If you can find the time read all of her books.



  27. Is this woman sane? Can someone please send her news articles about Obama’s shady past?

    Tim Geithner! Why Are Rich People So Cheap? (From the arctic to pathogens, Hillary gets an A)

    After enduring endless pompous lecturing from John Kerry on what she should read and think — a thinly veiled attempt to show the world that he would have made a better secretary of state, and indeed, thinks he was promised it by Obama — Hillary slathered on the oleo.

    She will easily intimidate the world’s dictators, just as she often intimidated Obama in the primaries. But it remains to be seen whether she can put aside her tendency to see disagreement as disloyalty. Can she work at the State Department with those who deserted her to support the usurper Obama? Can she manage Foggy Bottom better than she managed her foggy campaign?
    The new president is confident enough to think he can do what has never been done. He thinks he can pull out — like a diamond from carbon — the sparkling side of the Clintons that can make them exceptional public servants, extracting it from the gray side of the Clintons that can make them tacky, greedy, opportunistic and ethically shady.

    Cleaning out the Augean stables was nothing compared to this task, with Obama trying to bend Hillary and Bill to his will, while they try to bend him to theirs.


    John Kerry was promised the SOS job. He doesn’t think it. It happened. And can someone remind Maureen Dowd that it is Obama who refused to help fund those downticket dems who didn’t support him. Isn’t one of the reasons to choose CK as the replacement senator for Hillary’s NY seat that she supported Obama.

  28. myiq2xu, —- OK — why the hell have you not hooked up with Puma SF & the East Bay Hillary Warriors?

    e-mail me – slinkerbink@att.net

    The Obots can slam this e-mail acct — it’s an obscure one == I will provide my main e-mail after you write.

    We just went to SAC on Saturday to have lunch with one of the Warriors. Check out some of her blogs —


  29. Oh, I’m a dingbat. I meant to say I’ll be “going to WORK” in the snowstorm. And I’m hoping it’ll be over when I head back tomorrow morning.

  30. madamab: its like 37 degrees below zero in Minnesota today. I think it was like 52 below in North Dakota.

    That’s crazy cold.

  31. OK — why the hell have you not hooked up with Puma SF & the East Bay Hillary Warriors?

    Ankle monitor

  32. This is weird. I changed my avatar and it logged me in as Micki71. And it didn’t change my avatar.

    I protest!

  33. YAY! It changed! I win!

  34. Downticket:

    If you lie down with dogs, you will get fleas. If you read Maureen Dowd, you will get WORMs.

  35. Micki – I heard!

    But it was 4 degrees with windchill this morning. Friday it’s supposed to be 9 – I’m sure the windchill will make it below zero. Once you get below zero, it doesn’t really matter what the number is (I remember this from my brief days of living near Chicago, when the wind chill was -67 one day).

    Honestly, if I wanted to live in Minnesota I would have. This weather is ridiculous.

    I blame it on Bush, just cause I wanna. And also, because he ignored climate change for 8 years. That couldn’t have helped.

    Oh yeah, Bush is annoying the f*ck out of me too. But that’s been the case for the past 8 years.

  36. Maureen Dowd…I wish someone would clean out her Augean stables.

    I laughed out out when Vitter said to Hillary that CF and CGI were legitimate issues because Lugar and the NYTimes were raising it. Vitter said that Lugar and the NYTimes pretty much covered the spectrum of opinion. And I know Hillary was thinking: “There’s less distance between them than you think, Mini-Pampers.”

    I keep hearing that the Times is on the verge of bankruptcy – I can’t wait until it folds altogether.

  37. myiq2xu — yeah, i had one of those – I will show you how to slip it off and on. we’ll come visit you – no worries.

  38. mlhath – LOL!

    Poor MoDo. She’s never gotten over the fact that Bill Clinton just wasn’t that into her.


  39. madamab> It’s not Bush’s fault. It’s Bill and Hillary’s! Pay attention!

  40. I hate MoDo. She’s a complete waste. I also hate Susan Sarandon. I think it is HY-STER-I-CAL that Susan Sarandon thought *Hillary* acted entitled. Puh_LEASE.

    Oh, and speaking of super awesome columnists, an update for you. You all remember the Angry Grammarian column in the Philadelphia Weekly wherein the Angry Grammarian called for the involuntary hysterectomy of Sarah Palin. Well, today, he writes that it is r@cist for other grammar columnists to comment on the fact that Burris used poor grammar when he said “I don’t have no money” because, wait for it, Cheney said “Go Fuck Yourself” and Sen. John McCain said “Fuck You.”

    Angry Grammarian writes: “All of these are different means of expression. Some would find profanity just as objectionable as ‘I don’t have no money.'”

    He says, and I’m having trouble typing this: “Call me naive, but I really don’t want to believe that the vast majority of language enthusiasts moonlight as not-so-closeted r@cists.”

    So, now its r@cist to point out bad grammar. People, take note.

  41. DYB: Oh, there you go… the Times is on the verge of bankruptcy, maybe the fawning was just trying to get a spot in the gov’t handout line.

  42. Micki – let me get this straight.

    He calls himself “The Angry Grammarian.”

    It is his job to point out bad grammar.

    He now thinks that pointing out bad grammar is r*cist.

    Is it me, or did he just call himself a r*cist?

  43. DYB, on January 14th, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    She drunk some water while pretending to listen to him 🙂
    Said nothing after he was done.

  44. DYB – Mini-Pampers! I love it!

    As performers, we are often told to get over stage fright by picturing the audience in its underwear.

    I’ll bet in Hillary’s mind, Vitter was wearing nothing but a diaper and a smile!

  45. So the latest headline is from Barky: “Geithner will be confirmed despite mistake.”

    I guess he accidentally forgot to file his taxes for four years. I wonder how many years I can accidentally get away with it. I hope Republicans grow a pair and raise hell over confirming this deadbeat.

  46. Oh, no. Its only r@cist if a minority uses bad grammar. If a white person uses bad grammar, its just bad grammar. B/c white people have said “Fuck You” and “Go Fuck Yourself” on the Senate floor.

    Hopefully, this link will work.

    Ebony and Ivory: Is Every Language Enthusiast R@cist

    I think he’s trying to distance himself from all those r@cist grammarians.

  47. What’s bothering me?

    Funny you should ask…I just heard about Obama’s tete a tete with conservative pundits last night. Apparently, it’s all “off the record,” but they thought he was just wonderful. “He is very bright and informed, and funny–he really enjoys hearing both sides and wants to continue a ‘dialogue.’ One of them actually said they were “honored” to be there. Puke. Why? Is he some kind of God?

    Is ANYONE not for sale? At least Limbaugh wasn’t there and told the truth about it today: BO is trying to seduce the waffling Republicans, so they will not criticize him–and to isolate the hard-right conservatives. If he “christens” Kool Aid conservatives like Peggy Noonan, he’ll have the ENTIRE media establishment in his pocket. Today, he met with our favorites (to thank the people who helped elect him): Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd & the entire MSNBC crew. No joke.

  48. Interesting post on hillaryis44 about Geithner and

    The Geithner issue is tied to the issue of Gender.

    The nanny issue has killed nominees to cabinet positions before – but they were women nominees. If you are a woman the “nanny issue” will kill you. If you are a man, the “nanny issue” is NOT a problem.


  49. Is “Fuck You” and “Go Fuck Yourself” bad grammer?

  50. mlhath, on January 14th, 2009 at 3:24 pm Said:

    Great letter to NOW!

  51. DYB, on January 14th, 2009 at 3:59 pm Said:

    Looks good to me.

  52. I’ll just chime in that I am cold also. It has been a sunny day, but cold. I don’t feel like going out. (Had to take the dog out because he got into the garbage and ate something that gave him diarrhea.) I just want to curl up and read my new book, a history of the early colonies.

    I will be pretty upset if Geithner gets approved. Of course he knew he was cheating. If he is so stupid that he did not know, then he is too stupid to put in charge. It’s really very simple.

  53. Who was the fool that started reporting the wind chill factor?
    When I lived back east i knew when I was cold. They did not have to tell me how cold I was.
    All that did was make me feel colder.

    Now that is ok not to pay your taxes and you can get a cabinet post can I stop now? Is that the Chicago way?

    Does backtrack know anyone who is a model citizen? You know the guy or girl who goes to work , pays taxes, loves their country and tries to make life better for themselves and those around them.

    It will be a long long unhappy four years ahead of us.



  54. DYB: I’m thinking about that, too.

    I think the point was that bad grammar is just as offensive as profanity and that, in our post-r@cial society, one must not be offended by bad grammar if one is also not offended by profanity.

    But one can be offended by bad grammar if the bad grammar is spoken by a white person. I’m trying to figure out if I’m allowed to be offended by profanity if a minority speaks it. I’m guessing no.

    So many rules, so many r@cists.

  55. DYB it is according to who you tell to go fuck themselves IMHO.

  56. What’s bothering me? That the only place I read about today’s gutting of the 4th amendment by the supreme court was on FARK.


    The big non-news of the day is that The One dined wtih conservative media last night. Today he visited John Roberts. Maybe they discussed this case? Nah…

  57. They are saying Geithner is the “ONLY ONE” who can get us out of this economic crisis. Excuse me–but what does that mean? Either our financial system is such a cryptic mess that only one person knows how it functions or he has mystical powers. Stupidity.

  58. Micki> I guess I just fail to see the comparison between profanity and grammar. They are completely unrelated.

  59. So if someone tells me I am using bad grammar, and since I am white, should know better, is it okay to tell them to go fuck themselves?

  60. What’s bothering me? I broke my thumb last weekend and have a huge splint on it. I feel a little like Sissy Hankshaw.

  61. DYB: I don’t get it either. I’m just letting you know one of the new rulz.

    And, anyway, the Angry Grammarian is a complete idiot. He speaks Obot, which, as we all know, is like speaking in tongues. The words are there, but they have no meaning.

    I wonder if Angry [sic] Black Guy has an opinion on this. 😛

  62. I noticed that several people corrected my blanket statement in an earlier thread that irony & satire in politics are dead. Indeed they are not. I should have said that a widespread appreciation for irony & satire in politics is dead. Myiq is prood that it’s alive here.

    I agree with the satire of DYB on “Go Fuck Yourself” as bad grammar. It’s slang, it’s tasteless, it’s offensive, but I wouldn’t call it bad grammar. As for rac*sm charges, good grief, that dish is very overcooked. Surely no one eats it anymore.

  63. The Geithner issue is tied to the issue of Gender.

    Interesting point.

    I guess women are expected to pay more attention to their finances.

    And their spouses are held to a higher standard too, as Mr. Ferraro and Mr. Clinton are.

  64. TRK: yes, provided you are on the Senate floor.

  65. parentofed: Is “Fuck” slang? I thought it made the OED recently.

  66. SOD: You can tell anyone you want to STFU. But you must NEVER correct or comment on a non-white’s grammar. If you do, you are a r@cist.

  67. Hard to choose which annoys me the most:

    1) Geithner “forgets” to report income, then repaid the 2 years the IRS caught on their audit but doesn’t repay the previous 2 years until outed by the transition team! So they are SOBs if repubs but this is OK for Dems? Change my ass!!

    2) Roger Simon’s piece of fluff on today’s politico.com tenderly inquiring if the race card trumps the gender card. Trouble is, he is referring to the turnaround in Burris’s popularity among democrat senators after the race card was played by Bobby Rush, contrasted with the “hard time” Caroline Kennedy is being given.

    Ignoring the fact that these two situations are not in the least comparable, it is telling that neither he nor anyone else was able to bring themselves to address this issue when it might have actually made a difference…in the 2008 presidential primaries!

  68. I refused to watch Hee-Haw for many years. Now, I am watching RFDTV, which has old HH reruns. I also watch something called Joe’s Polka something or other, and like it. The people seem so real, so un-choreographed; just having fun.

    The hubby, a serious classical musician, is concerned. He understands giving up liberal blogs, organizations, mags and newspapers, boycotting most tv news and many celebs, he even understands the NPR news boycott, but he thinks Joe’s Polka & Hee-Haw are signs of a personalitly disorder. He may be right; I’m not the same person as Jan 14, 2008, when I was an optimistic liberal confirmed Democrat.

  69. Oh, so many things are bothering me, but alot of them begin and end with Obama. So, I guess I will be bothered for 4 years unless he gets impeached. But frankly, if GWB wasn’t impeached, I doubt Obama will be no matter what he does.

  70. And their spouses are held to a higher standard too, as Mr. Ferraro and Mr. Clinton are.

    I wonder if Hillary had been a guy she would have got the same questions about her spouse’s charity organization.

  71. Downticket, I bet she wouldn’t. I hadn’t thought of it as a gender issue, but it makes sense.

    She pointed out in the hearing that spouses work, and there are rules about that that she and Bill are observing, but that didn’t seem to make the senators shut up about it.

  72. Micki: Now that I think about it, I seem to recall something about that. Think you may be right. I’m not much of a cusser, and rarely say “fuck” even among friends. I would never say it in public. The Kid and hubby, however are world-class cussers. When the Kid first went off to college, she dropped some doozies that no one had ever heard, courtesy of her father.

  73. What bothers me about people like Tom from the last thread is that they cannot be satisfied with having Obama become POTUS. They’re Borg-like. Assimilate, assimilate! Why is it so important that everyone agrees that Obama is the second coming? Although we tried hard, we couldn’t keep Obama out of the White House. They got wanted. Why is that not enough?

  74. That should be “They got what they wanted.”

  75. PARIS (AFP) — Women with high levels of a key sex hormone are judged more attractive by themselves and others, and may be more inclined to cheat on their partners, according to a study published Wednesday.

    University of Texas psychologists Kristina Durante and Norman Li found that women with high concentrations of the hormone oestradiol were likelier to flirt, kiss and have a serious affair outside an established relationship.

    In a study published in the British journal Biology Letters, the duo described the behaviour as “opportunistic serial monogamy” and not related to one-night stands.

    Instead, they suggested, such women were more probably being prompted to trade up in their relationships — to find a better partner.

    Other studies of oestradiol have shown that higher levels of the hormone are closely linked to enhanced fertility among women.

    As a result, say some researchers, men have an evolved response that prompts them to pick up on telltale signs of the hormone’s presence.

    High concentrations of oestradiol are associated with big breasts, facial attractiveness and low waist-to-hip ratio, with the result that men solicit such women.


  76. POE: I learned to curse at college. I led a very sheltered life. My grandmother nearly had a heart attack when I came home for fall break.

    Now, there’s really only one word I never, ever use, which apparently the kewl kidz now print on their t-shirts.

    I think we need Angie for a ruling on “fuck.” She is the foremost authority on the usage of the word. 🙂

  77. Why is that not enough?

    They want my bod too.

  78. samanthasmom> It’s a religion thing. Oborgs must assimilate just like virtually every religion must convert more and more people.

  79. Angie’s the fucking expert

  80. Fif,

    Obama met with the MSNBO gang? OMG! I can’t even describe the visual I got when I read that. Maybe you can guess.

  81. If the Oborg wanna assimilate me they can simulate my ass.

  82. bostonboomer> Weren’t we talking about…ahhh….”circle jerks” a few days ago? This is what a meeting between MSNBCO and the NYTimes Editorial Board with Barky is like. Is that the image you were trying to keep out of your mind?

  83. Thank you all for the various interesting posts over the last few days.

    I think I have concluded that women like Gloria Steinem are not really feminists and never were. These women talk the talk but don’t really believe it. They benefit from the current system and most likely get the bulk of their identiy from the men in their lives. These women have not sold out because they never really beleived.

    Perhaps NOW is looking to Obama for money. May they wait a really long time. I will never gives these groups another dime.

  84. Thankfully, Myiq provided a link to the cheatin hottie story. I would have hated to conduct a Google search and harm the environment.

  85. NH:

    Fame and money can provide some women with a sense of equality, but it’s really more like independence.

    If Gloria Steinem thinks she’s equal let her try running for President.

  86. POE:

    Boobs can be fake and the concept of “facial attractiveness” and the preference of “waist to hip ratio” has changed over time.

    A low hip to waist ratio would be 1:1 i.e. a skinny toothpick figure.

    40 years ago the “ideal” figure was an hourglass.

  87. DYB,

    Close, but I was picturing David Shuster and Keith Olberman on their knees…

  88. bb: Obama met with the MSNBO gang? OMG! I can’t even describe the visual I got when I read that. Maybe you can guess.

    DYB: that’s the image that came to my mind. Throw Peggy Noonan and David Brooks into the mix for a little inter-party orgy action.

    I had the radio on in the car, and Hannity came on. He started playing clips of Tweety talking about the “tingle up his leg” with “Endless Love” playing in the background.

  89. NH,

    If you look at some of the men that Gloria Steinem has dated over the years, you could conclude that she is neither a feminist nor a liberal.

  90. Simofish: Hey, I’m in San Francisco. I thought I was one of the few, the proud. So how many of us are there? (If a lurker may presume to be an “us.”)

    The Lone PUMA

  91. I would’ve been “hot” during the Renaissance period. 😉

  92. Simo — r u in San Fran? My family is taking a vacation to San Fran, Wine Country and Yosemite this summer!

  93. SOD:

    Damn, how old are you?

  94. myiq — lol!

  95. Oh wait – you said “would have been” not “was”

  96. Here’s what MoDo had to say today about the woman she envies more than anyone in the world:

    Obama has proselytized about a shiny new kind of politics, and it’s déjà vu all over again with the smart being dumb, the rich being greedy, the powerful being sketchy.

    This brings us to the Clintons.

  97. I gotta go meet with my parole officer – I’ll be back


    Eventually for sure

  98. For MODO everything in the universe is a window into the evil that is the Clintons. She’s pathological, and really needs an intervention.

  99. parentofed, on January 14th, 2009 at 4:16 pm Said:
    “As for rac*sm charges, good grief, that dish is very overcooked. Surely no one eats it anymore.”

    Oh, they still cook it and eat it and serve it to everyone in sight.

    Check out this page from Cute Overload I found during the Weblog Awards voting. It’s a picture of a horse done by a professional photographer. Several horses were photographed with “big hair”.

    The horse in question has been groomed and given braided and beaded hair extensions. The picture is killer funny. But in the blog comments someone called it r@cist. I. Kid. You. Not.

    Read the comments.

    By the way, the series of pictures was used for an article in F Stop, the site for professional photographers.


  100. We just watched Open Water. Damn, it’s a freaky-scary movie.

  101. MoDo needs to go check herself in somewhere. The world need a break.

    I think there were a cadre of models around the time Cindy Crawford emerged on the scene and I thought we were actually going in the right direction. I remember being a young girl and thinking that I didn’t have to be a skeleton to be a model anymore.

    Then Kate Moss came onto the scene, followed by heroine chic.

    I think it is interesting that society promotes an evolutionary flunky as something to aspire to. I mean, Twiggy? Kate Moss? Seriously?

  102. kb: Open Water is based on a true story–which makes it even freakier.

  103. Help! I’m in moderation! It’s dark in here and there are Obots hanging from the ceiling!

  104. fif, I thought so. God, it was horrible.

  105. SOD — you need to let us know when you come out to San Francisco — we need to do dinner / drinks / something.

    seraphiclight, on January 14th, 2009 at 5:00 pm Said: — YOU are not a lone — there is a whole bunch of us — e-mail me !!

  106. KJM, I freed you.

  107. KB,

    I couldn’t get that movie out of my mind for a long time after I saw it.

  108. What bothers me-among other things-is that I just read a report that the apotheosis-uh, inaguration of Fraudbama is costing 135 million. It’s the most expensive one in it’s history. Changey hopey bs.

  109. BB, I’ve put off watching it for years because just reading the reviews haunted me so deeply. But, I’m checking out movies from the library in an effort to catch up on the films we haven’t seen and this one came up last week.

    I keep thinking — make sure you’re the person everyone knows and likes…. Or something.

  110. Whoops-It’s ONLY 125 million.

    I am so glad that I will be away for the opening of Scamalot as well as the nextt day and will have no media to report this over and over again.

  111. Fenelonspoke: I heard $150 million. And again, heeeeeere’s the hypocrisy: when Bush spent approx. $42 million, the Left was SCREAMING!

  112. Simo — it’s probably the 1st and 2nd weeks of August. That would be great to meet out there! Let me know if you have any tips for traveling to wine country and Yosemite/Sequoia Nat’l parks.

    We’ve been to San Fran before so we want to hit the Millineum restaurant again- probably twice! (great vegan food!) and my hubby wants to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge. Are there any lesser known interesting sites in San Fran we might want to consider?

  113. and don’t forget that obscene, horrible $150K that the RNC spent on Palin’s wardrobe!!

  114. i have been trying for weeks to change my avatar or gravatar they call it.no luck at all.
    any advice would sure be apreacheded

  115. Why does the NYT allow the real bitter rag hag of Election 2008 – Maureen Dowd – to continue writing her bull crap in the “paper of record”??? Is she really worth the money at the expense of the newspaper’s credibility?

  116. foxyladi14, I tried to change my avatar last night and it still hasn’t worked. Maybe something is wrong with WordPress.

  117. However, despite my annoyance over the cost of the Fraudbama hoopla, I would like to offer a sincere congratulations to the person who thought up the banner “Scamalot” coming January 20th. I laughed so hard I spit tea on my momitor. At this point I will take humor wherever I can. That was brillaint!!

  118. DV: what credibility? Their stock is now at junk status. They’re being scooped by the National Enquirer. Put a fork in ’em, they’re done.

  119. If you want to go to Alcatraz buy tickets in advance.

  120. One of the saddest things about this selection is that the msm is so fucking dumb that they did not know it was NOT their job to get backtrack elected. Their job was to print the TRUTH and they failed to do so.
    They do not even realize they are being mocked when he thanks them for helping him get elected.

    It that the correct use of the word fucking?



  121. Mommy says I’m Handsome.

    (edited by the staff for our personal amusement)

  122. Your mommy is a liar!

  123. Eric
    How long have you been stupid? Was is a birth defect or did you have to be taught.?
    Sarah Palin earned her crededtials. She is a governor with an 80% approval rate. She does not bring her personal beliefs into the office and disobey the law.
    What other state is getting money BACK from oil companies?

    Gloria Steinem sold out women when she did not speak up or protest the treatment of Senator Clinton or Governor Palin.

    Go back to backtrack land.



  124. Attention-Obama to announce his first original thought!

    Oh the lighter side Hell, Florida expecting temps to dip into the teens tonight!

    Oh the original thought thingy…Just Kidding!

  125. Aw, it looks like Eric’s shift at Burger King ended early today.

  126. New Post upstairs

  127. SOD — sorry for the slow response – boss called – hate it when that happens. E-mail me off line and we can chat. Between Puma SF, Puma Oakland, Warrior Ginny (who owns a vineyard), Carolina and myself you’ll be all set.

  128. “If Gloria Steinem thinks she’s equal let her try running for President”

    I love this line, thanks.

  129. Myiq2xu:

    Send me an e-mail and we can have a discussion. I am not a troll. I am trying to understand how Palin can be justified when she represents a step backward for women ideologically.

    Eric: I don’t need a pen pal. Search our archives

  130. Someone may have already mentioned it but a low waist to hip ratio refers to an hourglass shape, not a straight one. It describes a narrow-waisted yet curvy shape.

  131. gxm:

    Either way, it was one way before, and different now.

    It’s changed many times in the past, and in all likelihood will change many times in the future.

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