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Obama Pr0n


ObamaPorn definition: The excessive adulation and idolatry of Barack Obama’s minimal accomplishments , such as: golfing, walking, reading a teleprompter, quote from a scripted press release, place him on magazine covers claiming Obama’s the greatest thing since Moses did that trick with the stick.  Although not contagious, most ObamaPorniacs are shocked that certain resistant individuals do not subscribe to ObamaPorn.

ObamaPorn is disseminated anywhere and everywhere.   Could be  in text,  graphic and particularly found in tacky mass merchandising material form.

Examples follow below:

TEXT FORM – Obama makes pitch for ideas, e-mail addresses

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama‘s high-tech bandwagon is rolling on, combining information on inauguration events with a pitch for cash to pay for them.

The president-elect’s aides told supporters Wednesday that they could learn by e-mail about community service projects around the country tied to his swearing-in Jan. 20; that they could receive updates by cell phone on traffic and events in the nation’s capital; that the best of their ideas on how to govern, submitted on his Web site, would get his attention.

In the process, the Obama team collected more data about potential supporters and donors.

Obama’s team got out the information by e-mail to millions of current supporters, who, they hoped would pass the messages to friends. Obama already has a 13 million-person e-mail political database.

“I am asking you to join us in that same spirit of service to others — no matter where you live,” Obama said in a four-minute speech posted on the Internet.

Obama, Vice President-elect Joe Biden and their families plan to participate in service projects in the Washington area Monday. On an Obama-tied Web site, USAService.org, aides have posted thousands of volunteer opportunities across the country linked to his inauguration Tuesday.

An e-mail announcing the video message included a request for donations. Obama already has raised $35 million for next week’s inaugural events.

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett told supporters, by e-mail, that transition officials would bind together user comments from Obama’s Web site and present him with the top-rated ones. Thousands of entries were posted under the economy, energy, education and homeland security sections.

“Throughout this transition, a truly inspiring number of citizens have gotten involved,” wrote Jarrett. “We hope that you remain involved through the inauguration and beyond.”

Obama also announced that supporters can sign up to receive text messages about volunteer opportunities, traffic problems and event schedules.  (edited by me: didn’t they just say a couple of paragraphs up?)

“I am asking you to make a lasting commitment to make better the lives of your fellow Americans — a commitment that must endure beyond one day, or even one presidency,” Obama said.

Obama urged voters to send a text message with the word “open” to 56333 to receive quick updates during his events.

Also Wednesday, Obama’s inaugural committee said it would sell high-fashion handbags and T-shirts from $45 to $75, with the proceeds to pay for the enormous celebration. The committee said Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen and Juicy Couture would contribute designs to help the public take ownership of the event.

Oh yeah, right!  Obama is going to listen to your widdle idea on geothermal energy and he’s going to actually read it – and better yet, use it to save the WORLD!  Yes he can!  Among 13 million other ideas, YOURS is the one he will read!  After you buy fancy overpriced handbags of course.  Oh and you must keep tithing every week to Obama for America so he can fund the propaganda machine, why not??  It’s HIS-story we’re  talking about.

But wait, here’s more – and no, this is NOT a joke:



Genuine Ojamas


Obama pajamas, Ojamas, are available in adult small, medium, large, extra large and 2XL. We have also added two youth sizes in limited quantities. Emblazoned with the “O” from top to bottom in an attractive step-and-repeat pattern, your Ojamas are soft, 100% cotton – perfect for fall and winter sleeping comfort. These pajamas make excellent gifts for the voter, delegate, volunteer or loved one who has everything. Great lounge wear for students and professionals alike. Before ordering, please see our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed measurements to ensure proper fit.

  • Pajama day at school or on campus? Make it Ojama day!
  • Inauguration eve pajama party? Make it an Ojama party!
  • Christmas morning pajamas? So much better in your Ojamas!
  • Supporting the President-elect even in your sleep? Only in Ojamas!

WORSHIP ZOD in your sleep!  Huh?  What was that?  You meant to wear those K-Mart Joe Boxer PJs to bed?  HOW DARE YOU defy The Greatest of Greatests in your sleep?

But Gawker.com had the best ObamaPorn sighting, by artist Dan Lacey:


Notice the Rembrandt-esque play of light on O’s miraculous buttcheeks?

Simply Riveting.

87 Responses

  1. (screaming)


  2. Oh the unholy hell?

  3. Puke! There ought to be a law….!

  4. Hi SM~

  5. 🙂

  6. SOD: CRAPPERS!!!!!!!!!

    So sorry – Didn’t even see it.

  7. Your post is so good! I don’t want it to come down but I need to put the show link up. and it will end up above yours!

  8. Katiebird, are you OK? (lol!)

    It’s going to be a loooooong four years.

  9. I’ll be around

  10. SM, check out MyIQ’s comment at the end of that last post. Alright? No Way — I’m suffering!

  11. SOD: Just turn off the comments on yours if you want – OR I can add it to the top of mine… let me know what you want to do.

    Apologies again, I didn;t know you guys had a show today – congrats!

  12. Check it out SM…

  13. SOD: I’ll try, I’m trying to my penance but I have to go to bed soon.

    KATIEBIRD: LOL!!!!!!! Nightmares of penile measuring instruments, O’s buttcheeks all swimming in Open Water.

  14. SOD: You there. Are we in chat yet?

  15. Yes reg…sign onto to your gmail

  16. I already am. Am I not showing up?

  17. SOD & Reg – I’m going to listen to the show on demand tomorrow. I’ll remember next time that you guys have the show on Wed.

  18. SOD: I’m not going to stick around for much longer, gotta go to bed earlier than usual today – you can turn on your comments on the show post when your show begins – NO WORRIES!

  19. you have got to be kidding me?

    Quick Myiq2xu give me back my bucket….I am going to major ralph….

    Like Calista Flockhart before a big Nutrasystem wiegh-in!

  20. Fuzzy: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Calista needs a titanium bucket.

  21. SM,

    Your title says “Obama Pron.”

  22. Obama was applauded for blowing his nose. What do we expect? Don’t answer that.

  23. Hey BB!

    I know, it’s a Intertubez joke – like “teh” or “pron” which was used as a means to post a comment without being spaminated.

    Here’s Urban Dictionary’s take on pr0n or pron:


  24. PJ’s? That’s just sick. The Obama propaganda operation is going to make Bush’s look subdued. I’m sorry, this is getting more and more reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Is there anything that can be done about it?

  25. OK, thanks. I’m so out of it when it comes to pop culture!

  26. GAgal – you mean you didn’t offer your best silk blouse for the Almighty’s Gracious Mucus????

  27. BB: Is that you in your icon/avatar?

  28. BB: PJs are just the edge of what is an i\entire industry of the Obama Porn-paganda.

    It’s SICKENING how critical thing has gone out the window for Obama.

    I mean, I looove me some Hillary and Bill,but I’d never buy a set of PJs with their names or logos on it! It’s unheard of!

  29. SM77, There’s an Obama adult “toy” if you want the link.

  30. View from under the bus is on. The phone number is (347) 539-5420.

    That’s my school picture, SM.

  31. post it, cinie!

  32. Okay, BB, but remember, you asked for it!


  33. Cinie – NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have got to be kidding!!!!!!! OMG, RD would kill me if I use it, but PLEASE POST THE LINK!!!!!!!

    BB: HOW NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Those pj’s remind me – I need to get out the set I got from Virginia Slims years ago. They look like they’re just stripes, but it’s actually lettering that says “who cares who wears the pants?” all over them. Love those jammies.

  35. I love everyone’s photo. But, MyIQ is the most handsome.

  36. Riding a unicorn.

    Bareback, not to mention barebutt.

    So who’s the girls’ real father?

  37. Cinie –






  38. Where you get my picture?

  39. Omigod, that, uh, painting thing makes Thomas Kincaid look like another Durer. It’s quite possibly the plug ugliest, stoopidest, most asinine piece of dreck an, uh, ‘artiste’ could possibly produce. Gaaaaghck. (Is it meant to be a joke or something?)

    And yah, this utterly tacky, blatant commercialization of the presidency is very disturbing. Never seen anything close to it before.

  40. SM, it was my concern for your recently compromised health that made me ask for permission.

  41. I don’t get portraits taken, I get mugshots.

  42. It’s 9 degrees outside — it’s horrible.

    MyIQ, isn’t your avatar photo you?

  43. Cinie – after seeing that, all the germs just left my body and ran to their deaths. I have NOTHING against love toys of course, but seeing that was just … (reaching for bucket!)…

    What would FDR say to all this Obamaporn? I’d think he’d pick up his cane and whack every single American over the head. And I sure hope somebody does soon.

    Anyway – MUST go to bed. Love to you all!

  44. Not to revive or invite the ding dong dead germs back, but I’ve had that link since November 17, and today is the first day I’ve shared it with anyone.

  45. KB:

    Oh HELL NO!

    That’s Captain Spaulding – he’s way better looking than me ( especially since the accident)

  46. BTW – It’s a frigid 45 degrees outside here right now

  47. How are we supposed to make this chingadera blog radio thing to work anyhoo?

  48. So…has anyone else seen the latest fashion directive via email from Camp Obot?

    “Girls Wear Pearls” to honor MO on Inauguration Day.

    Sorry, no. They’d clash with my pantsuit.

  49. Phoenix:

    Pearls before swine

  50. Tee hee

  51. Okay, it is tacky to capitalize on this president select. But if I could figure out a way to make a mint off this mania, I admit, I would go for it.

    Ojamas! oh why didn’t I think of that?

    Let’s put our heads together and come up with something stealthy that O supporters will buy, and PUMAs will secretly recognize. Like….a sweatshirt showing BO riding a unicorn while a giant cat runs along side (on the front), and the same cat, satisfied and laying on the ground while the riderless unicorn heads for the horizon (on the back).

    Come on, help me here people.

  52. This has really gotten beyond sick! Putting the unicorn, the symbol of the Royal Bridegroom, the Messiah, in the same picture with an unholy fraud? Evil!
    A whole lot of people are surely showing their extreme ignorance this election. Are we in the last days of this republic?

  53. It gives me satisfaction that some of the Obots are being thrown under the bus by their leader:

  54. I tried calling in but no one could hear me

  55. I wasted a whole week’s phone privileges

  56. myiq– are you there?

  57. check your email

  58. Awww, MyIQ — I thought your other avatar was Capt. Spaulding and this one was you. My apologies.

  59. There is a chilling article on No Quarter: What Obama’s appointments say about who he’ll listen to and a coming Obamacorps?

    I think he wants to be a king, or a dictator. I think we’re in trouble.

  60. It dropped 3 degrees in the last hour. Now it’s 6 degrees outside. But, I guess it’s ok. The weatherman says it won’t get this cold again for the rest of winter. How can they know that?

  61. Cinie,

    Is that thing serious or snark? I’m very gullible.

  62. I don’t think my gravatar is changing itself.

    KB must be having acid flashbacks from the Sixties.

  63. Comments are now open upstairs

  64. katiebird: After January 20th Obama will bring Spring!

  65. I guess so….

  66. Are you saying this is the only avatar you’ve had? I really thought you had another one back before the election. (delirium sets in)

  67. Pat, that would almost make it all worthwhile. If true.

  68. ooer, Obama vibrator

  69. hey alll back from the view under the bus

    Obama p0rn toy? get one for gloria S and the others at MS mag….they deserve it!

  70. KB:

    This is the only gravatar I’ve EVER used.

    Would I lie to you?

  71. (sadly) No. No you wouldn’t…..

  72. Come upstairs to the View thread!!!

  73. He’s lying, KB.

  74. (blinking) Really? BB, are you serious? MyIQ lied to me?

  75. (grinning) I feel so much better!

  76. BB, don’t know if you’ll see this, but as far as I know, it’s real. They have an order page.

  77. Why didn’t he ask that his supporters donate that $35 million to food banks? Disgusting!

  78. That Lacey series is like a p0rn movie in slow mo. This is the third frame I know of – can’t wait for the credits!

  79. Heh, heh. I am SOOOOOO glad you are back, SM.

  80. Ah Gawd, the jammies.

    I’ll buy some if I can wear them sans drawers and then do the typical guy thing and get skid marks on ’em. 😛

  81. I’ll buy the jammies if the model comes with them… :mrgreen:

  82. […] of Obama product pimping, of everything from plates and coins to action figures and pajamas, or Obama Porn, was highlighted and duly mocked.  But that was before this, from PRWeb: Joseph Enterprises Inc., […]

  83. Do they have anything available showing someone kissing his ass? Now that I would buy. No doubt everything is made in China.

  84. Betty, on January 15th, 2009 at 7:06 am Said:
    Do they have anything available showing someone kissing his ass? Now that I would buy. No doubt everything is made in China.


    If anyone took photos at those secret “journalists” meetings, maybe.;)

  85. what are these people thinking? He is going to be the president. He is not a celebrity

  86. […] makes pitch for ideas, e-mail addresses (AP, thanks to sm77 at The Confluence) WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s high-tech bandwagon is rolling on, combining information on […]

  87. […] Pr0n – 1/15/09 Posted on January 15, 2009 by sm77 Conflucians – it looks like this is going to be a regular feature for me.  Obama Porn is EVERYWHERE!   Shesus Cripes in G-String, […]

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