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Tuesday: Hillary Clinton Meets the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

senator-hillary-clintonToday, Senator Hillary Clinton will go before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in order to prove herself worthy to be Secretary of State.

Ok, we all know how this is going to go.  She is going to be clear, concise and direct and will include brief summaries to reinforce her main ideas.  Also, she will avoid the use of “ah” or “um” which convey a sense of hesitation to the listener.  In other words, she will prove herself to be the commanding, assertive, knowledgeable person who does her homework and consults with experts in the field so that she knows the political landscape better than anyone else in the country.  By the end of today, we are all going to be scratching our heads wondering why we didn’t elect her instead.  No, no, Obots, this is not a recent phenomenon or a fluke.  She’s *always* been this way.  You just couldn’t see it with all the smoke in your eyes.

In the meantime, the NYTimes has compiled a set of questions from foreign policy experts that they want Hillary to answer.  Some of them are openly hostile, especially from Fouad Ajami who asks:

1. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson appointed William Jennings Bryan secretary of state for solely domestic political reasons. He needed but distrusted him, and thus relied on other advisers to conduct diplomacy. Have you read up on Wilson’s relationship with Bryan, and will it be relevant to your own situation?  (excuse me?  Hillary reads up on EVERYTHNG, wanker)

2. In the past, you have taken different positions on Iraq. As secretary of state, which of these foreign policy positions are you likely to adopt? Will you be the hawk who voted to authorize the war, or the war critic who referred to reports of progress in Iraq as requiring a “willing suspension of disbelief?”  (depends on the methods we used to achieve “progress” and what the media has refused to report on during the election season, wouldn’t you say?)

3. You speak about the 1990s, President Bill Clinton’s era, as a time of peace and prosperity. Yet the ‘90s witnessed a steady trail of anti-American terrorism that emboldened Al Qaeda’s leaders. In the Clinton era, terrorism was generally viewed as a law enforcement problem. Did we really do so well in handling terrorism in the 1990s?  (Um, yes.  There were no 9/11’s or anthrax attacks during the Clinton admin.  The first attack on the WTC was not followed by a second one and law enforcement was all done in a lawful manner.  So what’s your point?)

Yep, no hostility there.  It’s still Bill Clinton’s fault as far as Fouad’s concerned.  But Wangari Matthai and Walter Russel Mead ask some pretty thoughtful questions like:

3. African leadership is seeking closer ties with the East, especially China, which is willing to do business without conditions like respect for human rights. How will the United States address Africans’ willingness to sacrifice some of the most important principles of democracy and good governance?


1. The chances of peace between Israel and Gaza seem more remote than ever. Many of the Palestinians in Gaza are impoverished refugees and the overcrowded Gaza Strip has few resources. The two-state solution offers little hope for these people; that is one reason Gaza has historically tended to support radical Palestinian parties like Hamas. How will you make the two-state solution popular among the people of Gaza?

Oddly enough, not one of them involve how many times a month she and the Big Dawg have conjugal visits.  We are grateful for small favors.

Personally, after all the vetting, when she shows definitively that she is the best man and woman for the job, I wish she would say, “On second thought, I’d like to stay in the Senate.  I think I’d do a better job than Caroline Kennedy and let’s face it, there’s no consolation prize for being swindled out of the presidency by your own party.  Yeah, being the foreign president would be a nice addition to my CV, but completely unnecessary.  Surely, SURELY, you can find someone to do this job as well as I can.”

Probably not but if Senator “I-went-to-elementary-school-in-Indonesia!” would like to switch places before the inauguration seals the fate of our country for the next four years, I’d like to hear how *he* would answer the questions the experts would put before him.

On second thought, forget it,  I’m sure my ears would bleed.


Many thanks to all of you who voted for us for Best Liberal Blog at the 2008 Weblog Awards.  You still have time to vote if you haven’t yet today.  Apologies to those blogs we recommended whose leads were squashed by the spiteful actions of The Blog That Must Not Be Named.  They sort of ruined the fun for the rest of us.  But as you can see, we rode the wave and we’re still here and not going away.  We’re not interested in caving in to the massive peer pressure tactics in order to be assimilated into the O-borg.  We really believe in our liberal values and will hold Obama and the Congress accountable if they refuse to wrest the country back from the hands of the Movement Conservatives.  No matter how turbulent it gets, we’re going to hang on and ride this baby out to the bitter end.

161 Responses

  1. I share the same fantasy…tht she’ll answer clearly all the questions after which she’ll say “I think I can make more difference by staying in the Senate” As Judy tenuta would say “It could happen”

  2. As of this am, TC has 6200+ votes for Best Liberal Blog. Not too bad for 40 bitter deadenders!

  3. Wonderful piece! She will be the epitome of grace under fire regardless of where she sits or who she needs to convince. With the world one match strike away from total conflagration, there is no one better, in my opinion, to make the case. She is ready, willing, and more than able to speak on behalf of our nation and do so convincingly and with understanding.

    It is redundant to say that this is the person who should be sworn in come January 20th, we all feel that loss, but having her as Secretary of State is the closest thing to leadership we can rely on.

    Give ’em hell, Hillary! And “break a leg” while you are at it. Our hopes and hearts lie with you.

  4. “On second thought, I’d like to stay in the Senate. I think I’d do a better job than Caroline Kennedy and let’s face it, there’s no consolation prize for being swindled out of the presidency by your own party. ”

    Ahhh. such a sweet dream. At this point, I really do wonder why she wants any association with what is sure to be such a right-wing presidency.

  5. Pat: She’s able to speak- period. And her sentences actually make sense, with subjects and predicates, direct and indirect objects and prepositional phrases that do not independently multiply.
    I like that about her.

  6. And I thought there were only 10 of us. 😉

    I’m going to allow myself a morning daydream. With the SoS experience under her belt, Hillary will run again in 2016 and defeat Jeb Bush. (It’s just a daydream folks so don’t harsh my mellow!)

  7. Oooo, only 7 days til the inaugural! Will we break 5,000,000 hits by then??

  8. “let’s face it, there’s no consolation prize for being swindled out of the presidency by your own party”

    OK, I’m not over it! This still resonates big time. Thanks, RD, for holding the fearful “Hillary might hurt him” crybabies accountable for their stupid questions.

    I just voted. Is this the last day?

  9. I know joaniebone. I try to stave off the sinking feeling in my gut and the fear that she’s going to be used and abused by President Blameless.

  10. Yes. Today is the last day of voting and since I usually vote at night it doesn’t look like it will let me vote before the 5pm cut off.

  11. Heading to work. Have a good day all!

  12. RD, what inauguration?

  13. “The Confluence” will be the breakthrough blog this year. We “backbenchers” not only kept our word but others found their way here as well. How else to account for nearly 5 million hits in less than 12 months.

    They may chide, ridicule, demean and dislike what we stand for, but we remain true to our roots. If refusing to buy into the fraud and lies that were so easily fed to us disenfranchised Dems is considered heresy, then count me in as just another heretic.

    And against the odds, The Confluence did better than anticipated overall. Let the jokers have their fun. We prefer the facts.

  14. Fox is concern trolling:

    As Hillary Clinton prepares to take the helm at the State Department she must take care to stay on the same foreign policy page as President-elect Barack Obama, analysts say, despite their differences during the Democratic primaries.


    while few expect a no-holds-barred showdown over Clinton’s nomination, she could face questions on whether she can minimize personality clashes with the president-elect and offer assurances that the administration will speak with one voice on the world stage.

    And with such a microscope on the Obama-Clinton dynamic, foreign policy veterans say Clinton will probably be mindful not to overstep her bounds, at least in the beginning. They say she appears to understand her role as Obama’s top lieutenant on diplomatic issues.

    “I would be very surprised if Obama would forfeit his prerogative as the diplomat in chief,” said Andrew Bacevich, professor of international relations at Boston University.

    “(Clinton) certainly will be a very important voice when it comes to advising, but basic U.S. policy does not get made in the State Department. … Her effectiveness will require to a considerable degree that she demonstrates that she’s a loyal subordinate.”

    bla bla bla CDS bla bla bla….

    Oh, grow up!!

  15. Isn’t that wave awesome? I love waves. They’re my favorite thing. I used to boogie surf when I was a kid in Hawaii. It was a bit of a pathological madness. My friends and I would surf for hours to the point that our torsos were literally rubbed raw. But it’s really hard to stop. Every once in a while, we’d end up in a curl and then tossed around like clothes in a washing machine. Of course, waves like the one in the video were way beyond my paygrade.
    Parents don’t let kids have fun like that anymore.
    I guess because it’s potentially fatal.

  16. RD,

    That looks like the same photo I used on my post yesterday. I do love it.

  17. They will be so protective of Pres. Elect In Over His Head, prepare to watch the grilling take the form of marriage brokers.

    “Sen. Clinton, do you love Obama as much as we do? Are you fully prepared to serve and kiss his @ss along with the rest of us? Are you contrite in how you portrayed him during the primaries? Will you promise to love, honor, and obey The One?”

  18. “Oh grow up” is right:

    Bossie is calling for members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to grill Clinton Tuesday on past scandals and controversies associated with the Clinton family, since it’s a rare occasion for Clinton to testify under oath at a public hearing.

    That’s just what the Foreign Relations committee needs to waste its time on.

  19. BB quoting Fox: “Her effectiveness will require to a considerable degree that she demonstrates that she’s a loyal subordinate.”

    Key word “subordinate”. They just had to say it. How many times have they used that word with others (esp. men) on his team? Would they have used that word if he were V.P. Elect as Hillary would have named him had she won?

  20. Plural: rare occassion? I thought that was their personal hobby during the Clinton years. They *LOVED* to be dragged in front of public to testify. They enjoyed having a federal case made of everything they did. Jeez, don’t they know that Hillary is expert level testimony giver?

  21. Wow – the misogyny, it burnsssss!

    “(Clinton) certainly will be a very important voice when it comes to advising, but basic U.S. policy does not get made in the State Department. … Her effectiveness will require to a considerable degree that she demonstrates that she’s a loyal subordinate.”

    Yes, yes, make sure that the little woman does not develop a voice of her own. That would be baaaaaaad.

    Meanwhile, I have to tell a little secret: I always thought HRC and Obama were fairly close on foreign policy. I think I have been confirmed in this belief by his appointment of her as SOS, and his other Cabinet appointments as well, almost all of whom voted for, or supported, the AUMF.

    I know many people will disagree with me, but I always thought the big differences between HRC and Obama were in domestic policy, and those are enormous indeed, as we’ve been seeing him throwing all his liberal campaign promises under the bus.

    The corporate media has bought into the narrative that Hillary and Obama are incredibly different in FP, but I think they’re just covering his *ss and pretending he is some dove because of his speech in 2002.

    IMHO, Hillary is what Obama would be if he had knowledge and a spine, but in the main, I think they will be pretty much in agreement…as long as he gives her the autonomy she negotiated long and hard for.

    So as usual, the corporate media is 100% wrong, and suffering from CDS and misogyny as well.

    It’s gonna be a loooooooong four years.

  22. Help – I’m in moderation and a Wankette is waving a pixel over its head, threatening to Ctrl+S me!!!

  23. After all the debates she aced during the primaries, I don’t know how anyone could think she wouldn’t be magnificent.

  24. plural: Exactly! She managed to knock her critics off their feet too many times to count. And you seldom hear “you know” or “er, um, oh, em, wait a minute guys” peppered throughout.

    If anybody can think on their feet it is the Clinton’s. Hands down.

  25. from CNN:

    But he predicted that committee members would have “plenty of questions” about donors to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation and his international activities.

    Because you just can’t work too hard to try to make charity look bad.

  26. Curiously, no one in the past eight years had any questions about Poppy Bush’s business connections or charitable activities.

  27. How about that donor list from Obama? All those “little people” whose economic woes are driving this bailout talk were capable of sending him billions over the past year?


  28. madamab: Of course they were close on foreign policy. Didn’t he basically answer those questions with a “me too” response after she laid it out for him each time?

  29. Honestly, I wanted her to stay in the Senate…then I saw what was going on with Burris (who WILL be seated, it seems) and thought, “Gosh, who would want to stay there, esp. since Reid has said she’ll never move to the top of the leadership!”

    Now, of course, she has to “PROVE” herself to these JACKASSES!!!

    They’ll screw around with her just for the hell of it… CREEPS!!

    Off-topic–you know what’s been pissing me off? The whoring of Abraham Lincoln. I finally put it all together today…

    “The Obama/Media Combine Whoring Abraham Lincoln, Non-Stop”

    I’m figuring that they’ll add a holiday for his SOB, while LIncoln and Washington have to share one day….have a little pic of President-elect Lincoln to share, too….

  30. plural – Who “predicted” that? Sounds like CDS projection to me, especially since, as usual, what was whipped up into a firestorm by the corporate media was nothing more than a puff of smoke.

    I “predict” that the hearing will be fairly fact-based, asking questions about India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Hamas and Israel. The Senators do not want to go on record as being obsessed with 1990’s faux scandals when the entire Middle East is in flames – at least, not the Democratic ones. (What the Repubs will do is anyone’s guess.)

    I do think there will be a couple of humiliating “So, you realize Obama is your boss, right?” questions, which she will smile sweetly and agree to, before going on to do whatever she damn well pleases.


  31. Why is everything I say in moderation?


  32. Hi everybody.

    Just sitting in a cafe in Berlin and thought I’d check what’s up with my fellow Conflucians.

    The Wonktards haven’t stop bugging us?

    I still haven’t had my internets at home, which is annoying the living piss outta me.

  33. I don’t know, MadamaB but, I’m keeping an eye out and releasing you as quick as I can!

    Riverdaughter It’s a wonderful treat to wake up to Hillary’s smiling face and your wonderful post!

  34. MABlue: How enviable! We have missed you but I would love to be able to be able to say I was in Berlin. Actually, if you check the tallies, the Confluence is holding firm in third place even with all the hijinks involved. At least we beat out TM!

  35. Totally agree with your take, Madamab, about their
    similarities on foreign policy. Or more exactly, Obama would
    take her position in debates, as long as she went first.
    I don’t remember them ever having a disagreement,
    except for the time she corrected him about the preconditions
    with Iran. I actually thought she said that partly to make him
    seem naive, and am pretty sure she will pursue diplomacy
    with all countries. Of course.
    I’m listening to MSMBC leadup to the hearings, and of
    course, they’re taking every opportunity to slam her.
    Even when they’re supposedly praising her.
    Disgusting. And such double standards. And Bill’s
    charity work, of course. They just won’t stop.
    Obviously she’s more of a threat than Palin.

  36. MABlue!! You’re in Berlin? Wow. It’s great to see you. And I hope you’re having fun!

  37. At this point, I really do wonder why she wants any association with what is sure to be such a right-wing presidency.

    Will you share the answer to that when you find out because I really want to know. What is her plan. If I wasn’t such a pessimist, I would bet that she intends on running again. She has to know that Obama is not planning on doing anything useful to help the people that need help the most. Hillary is the best on domestic policy. There are so many programs that need to be introduced. So much needs to be done that I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t want to do anything to make things better.

  38. I just voted, which I’ll probably do from every available internet I can find.

    I’ll be here in Europe at least for the entire 2009, proudly carrying the Conflucian flag.

    How the fuck is that c@cksucking Josh Marshall beating us. I thought this would be an enjoyable afternoon, although it’s cold since I got here, as cold as it was when I left Boston.

    I think this brother here can’t catch a break with the weather.

  39. CSPAN on and waiting for HRC…I’m excited to see her wonky wonderfulness again…

  40. Chelsea is there!

  41. There she is–nice chocolate brown suit.

  42. I have streaming live. Go Hillary!!!

  43. We was robbed…when will it not be sad?

  44. She looks lovely.

  45. Link to hearing, Hill looks great!!


  46. off to work!

    I do wish Hill would stay in the senate to fight for healthcare 😦

    bye everyone
    bye sissy!

  47. Kerry–ick.

  48. She is always the professional adult in the room.

  49. fif: I know, it still hurts.

  50. Has John Kerry always been this boring?

  51. DJ: Yes, and to think I voted for this fool! What an @sshat!

  52. Ah, remember the days when all the Obots screamed in unison that “THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN POLICY” between Hillary & Obama so lets vote for the one with the penis? (well, maybe not in so many words). What happened to that? Now we are worried about them “not being on the same page” & Hillary’s ability to be a “subordinate?” {rolls eyes}
    Besides, we all know for a FACT that Obama’s foreign policy is “what Hillary said” so the msm needs to find something else to fret about — I heard MO is having her ball gown fitting today.

  53. DJ: yes, he has, and he still is. Why is he giving this loooong intro. Get to the questions Johnny.

  54. Kerry wanted this appointment. I am sure he will be “even handed”. <snark

  55. DJ:

    Was that a rhetorical question?

    Hey Angie!

  56. Is Kerry ever going to SHUT UP. I have it on mute.

  57. Now we are worried about them “not being on the same page” & Hillary’s ability to be a “subordinate?” {rolls eyes}

    ange: they SHOULD be worried about that. They know who the stronger of the two is, and she’s not afraid to fight for her position on something. We saw her smack down BO many times in every debate. I do not see her as being an extension of BO as others worry. I think she is doing this FOR the country, not Obama. She is always a public servant first.

  58. Pat, just look at the difference between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Kerry. Kerry is in love with the sound of his own voice. Clinton is listening patiently and taking notes. I wonder if she despises him.

  59. MABlue – Wankette decided to blogswarm TPM and themselves in order to beat TC.

    Before they cheated, TC was beating both of them.

    So don’t feel bad – the award is meaningless anyway, what with all the obvious freeping coming from Wankette. At least that’s how I feel.

    I used to want her to stay in the Senate too, but she would not have had any shot at working on healthcare – much less have any voice on the economy or anything else of domestic importance. Remember that she already asked to be in charge of that committee and Uncle Teddy Kennedy said no, he was going to do it. It was after that happened that she suddenly started being named as a possible SOS. Up till then, John Kerry was the favorite.

    She is doing everything she can to survive politically, and to continue being the dedicated public servant she has always been. I am so happy that we we will have a brilliant policy wonk in at least ONE key Cabinet position, even though we know she should have been President.


  60. They are all talking about the confirmation as if it’s already a done deal. “When she’s SOS.” This just seems to be a formality.

  61. I want to hear Hillary.

  62. Lugar: HRC is the epitome of a Big Leaguer.

    You betcha.

  63. Okay, is everyone going to use this opportunity to make a speech?

  64. geez, I need to go to work… you think these guys are ever going to let Hillary speak?

  65. Hey MABlue! Guten tag!

  66. Bossie is calling for members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to grill Clinton Tuesday on past scandals and controversies associated with the Clinton family

    Oh Lord, because we haven’t heard enough about Clinton “scandals” yet huh? How many frickin’ years and dollars were spent investigating these two people you idiot?!

  67. OldCoastie: only HRC has the patience to sit through all these boring committees. No wonder nothing significant gets done.

  68. I do think there will be a couple of humiliating “So, you realize Obama is your boss, right?” questions, which she will smile sweetly and agree to, before going on to do whatever she damn well pleases.

    lol! Love you madamab.

  69. Luger taking on Bill Clinton’s Foundation. After Bush holding hands with the Saudi’s (17 who attacked us on 9 11) I’d like to hurl something at Luger. We certainly don’t want a conflict of interest.

  70. Luger, a Repub, is questioning the Clinton Foundation regarding foreign donations? This after 8 years of Bush and Halliburton not to mention the Saudi’s? OMG!

  71. Jmac: Great minds!

  72. fif — that is kind of what I mean — they & we all KNOW that Obama has no “foreign policy” other than “what Hillary said” & that his “experience” consists of living for 4 years in Indonesia as a young boy (which, btw, means I should be “King of the World” or at least head of the UN as I spent every summer from the time I was born until my mid-20s in Europe — I KNOW the people too, Barry). Thus, they know, we know & Barack knows that Hillary is going to be the Foreign Policy President — so lets cut the charade that she needs to “obey” Obama.

  73. Interesting — Lugar says the whole problem with the Clinton Foundation is because perceptions created by the media.

    Does he remember the tsunami fundraising? Was the international aspect of that a problem for American foreign policy?

  74. Now Dodd, for crying out loud

  75. fif –


    Plural – so Lugar is basically saying “this is much ado about nothing, let’s confirm the woman already?”

    Tee hee!

  76. He wants to confirm Hillary, but the more strings he can put on Bill, the happier he will be.

    They have such a problem with the Big Dog.

  77. Will these pompous jerks allow Hillary to speak?

    I’m getting dizzy from drinking coffee and listening to these clowns.

  78. Hillary nodding as Dodd says the financial crisis is an international problem needing international solutions.

  79. AS soon as they mention Chelsea, Hillary’s face lights up. She loves her so much.

  80. MABlue: how do you like Berlin? It sounds like a very interesting city, great arts.

  81. Schumer giving HRC her due with enthusiasm. “Her historic victories as a candidate.” Wait…SHE is historic too?! Don’t hear that very often.

  82. Wow. Schumer is giving her a beautiful and true tribute.

  83. I don’t know how those people sit through this crap day after day. They sure do like to grandstand before getting to the point.

  84. Wow indeed. Schumer’s intro is great.

  85. FINALLY, we get to hear Hillary.

  86. Just got here.

    I was here when I did my Internship for BoozAllen and loved it. Apparently, things have gotten even better since then.

    For now, my only problem here is the daylight is not kinda grey and I’m still waiting for my Internet.

    The city has tons of lovely cafes, galleries and museums.

  87. Chuck Schumer can be really magnificent when he wants to. And he usually votes the liberal way on everything.

    NY was very lucky to have two excellent Senators. Now we may only have one…sigh….

  88. See W happy to be in the “front row of history” now that Dic’s cousin is installed as planed

  89. fif — let me tell you a true story that wraps Berlin up in a nutshell (imo) — we took a lot of pictures when we were there (this was back in the old days before digital cameras). When I had the film developed I was surprised to see I had accidentally bought black & white film; that is, I thought I did until I noticed the red light on the back of someone’s car — yep, that is Berlin — all grey.

  90. God she is smart…not a single “uh” or “um.” Details and depth.

  91. A poster named Sergei Rostov over at Cannonfire summed it up perfectly:

    “If Bill cured cancer, he’d be accused of doing so just to get more potential donors for his foundation.
    If Hillary cured cancer, Jesse Jackson Jr. would call her a racist for not curing sickle-cell anemia first.”

    Sergei Rostov

  92. fif — that is the problem — the new generation runs away from substance like vampires run away from the sun.

  93. angie: erg–that doesn’t sound very inviting. Culturally it is rich though. I wish you the best there MABlue.

    HRC has mentioned women & children a few times already. She’s takin’ it on the road folks! This country is so lucky to have her.

  94. I’m glad they have finally made it to HRC on the hearings.

    I’m watching MSNBC (I like to see them look sick when they have to be nice). They are actually scrolling her resume on the sidebar – all the crap they pretended didn’t exist when she was in the primary.

  95. I’m in moderation for some reason…

  96. ange: maybe they could come up with “Foreign Policy–the Video Game!” or Foreign Policy Meets Facebook.

  97. that is the problem — the new generation runs away from substance like vampires run away from the sun.

    Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes I think that this blog alone upholds the principles this nation was build upon.

  98. She got a jab in for the UN. THe right-wingers won’t like that.

  99. Quoting Jefferson.

    Now I want to cry again. *$)#*!^@& guess I’m not “getting over it” anytime soon…

  100. Angie:

    Good observation; I meant to say the daylight IS kinda grey.

  101. Diplomacy, development and defense – her foreign policy.

  102. Morning Conflucians.
    i’m off work today. (The heating people are finally coming to see if they can get my radiators to work this winter.)
    I havent read the comments yet. But I wanted to say that I went to the Johns Hopkins Faculty directory to read up on Fouad Ajami. He has a decent write-up[. But no where does it mention A$$HOLE.
    Why is that?

  103. jmac, I loved that

  104. Spammy grabs comments containing “HRC” because a particularly noxious troll was using that as an alias.

    Spammy ain’t none too bright but he works hard and he means well.

    Please be patient while we try to retrain him.

  105. I’m listening to Hillary and thinking this might be the best position she can be in for the good of our country. Maybe a better position than president.

  106. Foreign policy is complicated and kids don’t have the perspective. Sad, but this generation is so large, they get to influence even things they lack the maturity/patience to deal with more than my puny generation does.

  107. RD ~ what a wonderful post!

    I awoke this morning thinking nearly the same thought. … What if …she says no.

    thanks for this place of sanity.

  108. Jmac: she’s phenomenal isn’t she? Imagine how much she will get done with that brain, heart, and work ethic?

  109. OT — but can I just express my outrage that now that Obama seems to basically be repudiating everything on the liberal agenda (i.e. quote form NYT: “that they [Obama administration] may put off renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, overhauling immigration laws, restricting carbon emissions, raising taxes on the wealthy, and allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military.” . . . Even healthcare reform might only be getting what aides call a “down payment” as a “sign of dedication to the broader goals.” ) the blogosphere is full of bots saying that “Obama was always going to govern from the center” & “this is better because he is putting the GOP out of business” blah, blah, blech! Who are these wankers & what have they done with the Democratic Party?!?!?! Really — WHO LET THEIR ADD A$$ES IN!!!!

  110. Thanks myiq! I examined the post to try to figure out what the problem was.

  111. Sombody freeped the Best Pet Blog too

    “Cute Overload” moved from distant third to a close second in two days. I haven’t checked today but they had passed “I can has cheezburger” and were closing in on F*ck you penguin” last night.

    I would be ashamed to know I only “won” by cheating.

  112. Obama should be the next “Dancing With the Stars” contest since he moves so well on the “dance floor”. No one has shifted positions as well as he, even before he takes the oath. God help us!

  113. She makes me feel better than I’ve felt in weeks.

  114. jjmtacoma, on January 13th, 2009 at 10:18 am Said:

    I’m watching MSNBC (I like to see them look sick when they have to be nice). They are actually scrolling her resume on the sidebar – all the crap they pretended didn’t exist when she was in the primary.

    Ugh. Such liars.

  115. She’s talking about climate change now. That’s one area where O seems to be on board with the Democrats.

  116. Yes! She’s saying we can’t promote democracy without support of women’s rights in every country.

  117. I think I read there are two other questions for Hillary
    lovingly brought to the fore by the NYTimes.

    “Mrs. Clinton, do you think that Joan of Arc heard the voice of God or was a heretic. If you think she heard the voice of God, do you imagine that you, yourself, are capable of such a feat (and if you aren’t, surely you can’t think yourself able to live up to the task ahead of you), and if you place yourself in the company of Joan of Arc, surely you see how power-mad that makes you appear.”

    and two:

    “Hillary ((and it seems it’s only fair to keep showing a lack of respect to Sen. Clinton– I mean really, it’s kind of become a national passtime)) De Toqueville wrote of the danger to American democracy as being one of the tyranny of the majority. If you agree with that, are you suited to be SoS– seeing as that is an unAmerican sentiment, and if you disagree with that, aren’t you flaunting ignorant patriotism over intellectual honesty?”

  118. The US must support women’s rights in every country on every continent!!

    Microloans for women in developing countries. She’s talking about BO’s mother Ann Dunham and her work in this area.

  119. They call her “Hillary” because I think they really like her and feel comfortable with her as a result. It does not offend me. I think she has won their respect from her days in the Senate. But that is just me.

  120. Is that Blanch Lincoln from Arkansas sitting next to Chelsea?

  121. She has deep understanding of so many issues. She’s sees how it is all related. It’s good to hear her again. She makes me feel more confident about our future.

  122. Oh crap, here come the speeches disguised as questions

  123. Yes, she gives confidence.

    Which is sorely needed.

  124. She can always take a pass on policy questions by saying “That will be up to the President”

  125. If Kerry’s face gets any longer it won’t fit the screen?

  126. I’m so jealous you are all listening to her…but thanks for live-blogging for those of us at work and deprived of our Hillary fix!


  127. At least we are spared Biden’s “questions” which are nothing but speeches.

  128. Someone said yesterday that it’s called the Bush Doctrine, so why are newspapers calling it the Clinton Plan instead of the Obama Plan. My husband pointed out we had the “Marshall Plan” and not the “Truman Plan.’

    Well, there’s the point. The Marshall Plan (rebuilding Europe) was not popular with a lot of Americans. So I think we can expect a few doctrines and plans with Clinton’s name on it – anything controversial that might hurt O in the short term.

  129. Pat:

    When I look at Kerry I expect to hear him to say “Wilbur”

  130. madamab: It will be repeated tonight on C Span.

  131. Oh, good point Pat. No Biden. Thank goodness.

  132. Calling Hillary “Hillary” is a-okay with me. I was just trying to show the NYTimes and other MSM media bias as to how they always seemed to avoid calling her
    Senator Clinton and instead default to her first name
    or “Mrs. Clinton” seemingly as a way to avoid acknowledging her accomplishments.

  133. Wilbur!

  134. As Sophie B Hawkins said, “Damn, I wish she was our President.”

  135. I could never be a politician. Having to say nice things about Obama would stick in my throat. Just couldn’t do it.

  136. I can’t watch this Kabuki any longer.

    Each Senator on the committee will make speeches disguised as questions and try to demonstrate how smart and knowledgeable they are. They’ll ask some tough questions (that Hillary will handle without difficulty) just to say they did.

    Then they will vote to confirm her.

  137. Thanks, PJ!

    I dunno – I don’t think much of what she does will be controversial. That’s where the corporate media is trying to push us, but 80% of the country thinks America is going in the wrong direction. Plus, her popularity numbers have never been higher.

    The more she diverges from Bush, the more popular she will be. She understands that and will act accordingly.

  138. I like her answers on Iran. Lots of consulting going to be done; new approaches going to be done; nothing will be off the table.

  139. Let’s be fair: Bush has left such a tremendous mess that the challenge is overwhelming and unpredictable. At least she has the ability to make a difference.

  140. And see the opportunity that we, as a country, have missed – every single one of us! We can only sit and imagine how the “president-select” might have answered those questions and statements with his empty rhetoric!

    But there is a bit of justice in the fact that Kerry is “interviewing” for the very position he coveted.

  141. As expected, Sen Corker R. Tenn is back to the Clinton Foundation.

  142. myiq: yep!

    TV has been switched to Curious George anyway.

  143. Pat J — you are right, but I don’t feel like being fair — no one was “fair” to us — Obama promised he was THE ONE (and only ONE) who could clean up W’s mess. I’m going to hold him to it.

  144. Corker thinks she can be a good deal maker, but can she handle the State Department.

  145. could someone please start a live blog thread?

  146. I”ll start one

  147. Corker’s done. Now to Feingold.

  148. She is so inspiring. I love how she deals with the
    hostility that seems to be present even from most of
    the supposedly supportive questioners.
    Given all the anger and hostility that’s present in the
    world she is a great role model for diffusing it. Of course
    if she were president we’d see more of her and have more
    inspiration. My best hope now is that she helps set the tone
    for more respect, appreciation, and generosity in the world –
    in addition to all the great things she said in her speech.
    I love listening to her. She makes me feel safer – and more
    hopeful. Unlike Obama who, like Kerry, seems like a walking
    commercial – for himself.

  149. angie: I was not being fair to Bush, I was simply noting that to expect her to clean up this mess overnight is going to be difficult. Bush messed this whole world up in 8 years so the clean up is not going to be easy.

  150. Live blog thread is up!

  151. Pat J –sorry if I wasn’t clear: Hillary wasn’t elected President — I expect Obama to clean up Bush’s mess & nobody else — what with all this emphasis that Hillary is Obama’s “subordinate” that’s only fair! LOL

  152. “while few expect a no-holds-barred showdown over Clinton’s nomination, she could face questions on whether she can minimize personality clashes with the president-elect and offer assurances that the administration will speak with one voice on the world stage. ”

    Isn’t that amazing?! Not one analyst has bothered to ask if Hillary might want an apology for the horrible lies the Obama campaign spread about her and her family, being flipped off by the PEBO, and the disrespectful manipulation the DNC managed to employ to keep her away from the nomination of their idol. Simple question: “can you work for the man who treated you like the dirt on the soles of his feet?” But, this method of questioning easily excuses and condones the Obama behavior.

    So, the “what is the most I can get for myself with this job?” PEBO has now announced we the people will be supporting Michelle’s mother in addition to his wife and children.

  153. Bill Nelson went on the record as saying that he thinks the Clinton Foundation is a great organization!

  154. CSPAN broke away from Hillary’s hearings to the House of Reps. Buhumbug!

  155. Another concerned fucking tr0ll at 12:25.

  156. while few expect a no-holds-barred showdown over Clinton’s nomination, she could face questions on whether she can minimize personality clashes with the president-elect and offer assurances that the administration will speak with one voice on the world stage.

    They need to ask obama this question not Hillary. It is Obama’s style to have his advisors promise foreign nationals one thing and then deny it. He did it with Canada and the President of Poland.

  157. I had to resort to watching Hillary’s hearing on MSNBC because they were the ONLY network staying with it and I’m STILL trying to lift my jaw up from the floor!

    I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER heard ANYONE on this network say so many NICE, KIND, APPROVING, RAVING, COMPLIMENTARY things about Hillary (except Joe Scarborough)! NOT ONE DISAGREEABLE COMMENT from anyone and TWEETY is hosting!!!! He’s RAVING about how WONDERFUL she’s doing! Daaaaaaamn! Even that Bernard Obot snot (can’t remember her first name) has done nothing but RAVE about how wonderful Hillary is!

    Did hell freeze over and no one told me??? What did I miss? I’m literally IN SHOCK. They are covering her again at 2:00 ET when she returns. Tune in and witness HISTORY….MSNBC being NICE to Hillary!

  158. Vickie> It is very cold outside….frozen…

    I just wrote this on the live blogging thread, but I think it addresses in part what you’re saying about MSNBC:

    “If Republicans were planning on taking her on – they haven’t done it yet. I think they’re just as impressed as anyone that she has a direct answer to anything they throw at her. Law of the Seas? Sure, I know about that. Cruise Ships now going to parts of Alaska I’ve never heard of? Yep, she knows about those as well. Perhaps some 2nd rate ho-ho who wants to get his/her name in the papers tomorrow will say something after lunch, but she’s sailing through it and she’s doing it based on her grasp of issues. Anyone who wants to bash her on strictly personal issues is too scared, or perhaps shamed, into keeping their mouths shut.”

  159. RD and all, I don’t have time to read all of these wonderful comments, but. . . . in this case, the Senate is doing a MUCH better job than the NYT in the real hearings by providing substantial questions that make Hillary’s knowledge and compassion shine like the most beautiful gem that she is.

  160. it.s friggin sad.she has to answer all these questions…
    yet the would be potus won/t even show us his (deleted),

  161. I have a very small penis

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