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Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog

If you’re watching the hearings on television, post the play-by-play for those Conflucians who can’t watch

(NOTE:  Use “Hillary” not “HRC” cuz Spammy reacts to her initials)

163 Responses

  1. Question on the Sudan (Darfur)

  2. Answer:

    Continue preexisting policy, considering addtional options.

  3. Feingold question on Afganistan – will there be a policy review

  4. myiq: It might be a good idea to shut off comments on the previous post. Looks like a tr0ll got through.

  5. more for more strategy from PE means we expect more from every one else, nato, and iraqi’s and afghani’s to get more help

    definitely putting forward administration views

  6. She keeps emphasizing cooperation — with other executive departments of government and the Senate, as well as other governments.

  7. Lugar up next about Albania

  8. Answer:

    Yes there will be a review, we will work with Afganistan and Pakistan as well as other countries, there will be a civilian alternative to military there.

  9. Y’all blog, I’ll moderate

  10. Something about finding missiles and nerve gases in barns in russia and ukraine–acreage of dangerous weapons unsecured.

  11. Just my opinion, but it seems like the questions to her, seeking her policy views, are aimed solely at her because I don’t think, all things considered, that they have much faith in Obama himself. Just my opinion.

  12. thinks current state department underfunds efforts to secure unsecured weapons left over from soviets

  13. Lugar was one of the authors of the original bill to try to secure Russia’s nuclear weapons. Nunn-Lugar I believe it was called, and my memory is that Bush cut the funding for it when he came into office.

  14. She’s making general statements about arms control and commitment of Lugar to containing things including pathogens … Hillary did a transition review and noticed a degradation of that function. Dubya thought it wasn’t beneficial and didn’t think arms control needed and removed infrastructure. Hillary commits to rebuilding arms control areas. PE is passionate about this from being under Lugar’s tutalege. promses to be active partner

  15. It seems the Senators really respect her – even the Republicans.

  16. kat – Do you think Obama would have been able to talk about Albania? Much less missiles and nerve gas?

    No wonder the Obamatrons hate her – she is so demonstrably more suited for the job than he is. She doesn’t even have to mention his name – she makes him look like the spoiled, underprepared, narcissistic frat boy that he is.

    Go Hillary Go!

  17. The only place that’s carrying it LIVE is MSNBC (I haven’t turned them on in months). Now, however, Tweety is interrupting to give his stupid opinions, and guess what? Now he thinks she is doing a MAHVELOUS job–because it benefits PEBO. You should hear them going on about her commanding presence and intelligence. “She gives an aura of ‘I’m in charge, don’t mess with me.'” Tweety just called it a “Tour de Force.”

    I can’t stand these people.

  18. Hee hee hee – tr0lls can’t spell.

  19. C-SPAN is also carrying it live, without commentary.

  20. ah, wonktards are back with their pithy comments and subtle sense of humor, does your mother know you’ve killed so many brain cells that it barely functions this days?

  21. I swear to God they are looking at her to lead knowing full well PE Obama is so far out of his league in this area. They know the truth.

  22. Lugar is so happy about her commitment to non-proliferation. He is grinning like a Chesire cat.

  23. She’s gonna be kinda vague on everything because Obama makes the policy and he ain’t figured out what he’s gonna do.

    She’s not gonna go out on a limb by being specific and let him saw it off.

  24. fif – Well, his job is to make sure the President’s first four years are a success, after all.

    I wish his yellow haid would explode from all the BS that fills it!

    (Metaphorically, of course. I do not advocate violence.)

  25. Phoenix: thanks, but the C-SPAN feeds I get are not covering it for some reason, just general Senate stuff.

  26. gosh, Lugar is just beaming at her for all those kind words and talking about how her leadership will be appreciated …

    now he’s talking about article 5 of NATO and Russia cutting off natural gas… saying it’s a weapon just as much as an invasion to cut off heating fuel to people in dead of winter

    asking about pipelines and working with the Europeans

  27. CNN has a live stream.

  28. You’re welcome, fif. Here is the link I am watching:

  29. myiq – thanks for the cleanup – the Wanktards just can’t quit us!!!

  30. dakinkat:

    We’re seeing the fallout from the 80’s cocaine epidemic.

  31. hillary said Obama wouldn’t know anything on it with out being schooled by Lugar. That’s when he got the shit -eating grin on his face. sorta telling, madamab

  32. pithy comments and subtle sense of humor

    daki: they are really the dumbest trolls we’ve ever had aren’t they? They must have immersed themselves in the worst gross out movies for years to hone their humor, because it’s on a par with fart jokes. Really pathetic.

  33. NY One is carrying it live without interruption.

  34. Someone on another blog just mentioned that “this is what a feminist looks like”. Truer words were never spoken.

  35. myiq2xu: thank goodness that was one path I never went down, probably why my eldest is finishing med school this year and my youngest is sitting in finance class today. Wanktards must sit in their cubicles during the week doing their outbound telemarketing jobs and spewing non sequitars on other blogs during their 15 minute ciggie breaks.

  36. Boxer says world peace trumps ego.

  37. Barbara Boxer up now.


    No she didn’t!

    She’s enjoying being the smartest person in the room, and the fact that everyone knows it. Take that, Bob Corker, you idiot!

  39. Boxer is going blond?

    Her hair used to be dark brown.

  40. I’m watching on C-Span. On TV that is.

  41. Boxer is all happy for Hillary and glad she accepted position and says she set her ego aside in search of world peace — wow is she the senator from California or WHAT with that little speech.

    Now she’s askiing about status of women in the world and violence against women. She’s bringing up the Kristol series and iraq/afghan etc.

  42. i can’t help it . . . double middle digits to my old Senator B Boxer

  43. Boxer – World peace trumps ego?

    That couldn’t be a slam at The One, now could it?


  44. Michelle on MSNBC: Albright was the first woman SOS, so we are not talking about Hillary as a woman, or her clothing or jewelry. we are talking about the power that emanates from her.

    Tweety: Well, she walked in the door with 18 million votes.

    Oh really???? And suddenly they are so sensitive to sexism?

  45. Lady Boomer: lol!

  46. Boxer is talking very pro-israel right now and outlining terrorist threats and then talking about dependence on gas and hostile regime providers. Ah, she’s gotten global warming in there too. She seems to have a list of talking points … now she’s mentioning AIDS, tb,
    definitely a list, she even said so

  47. Boxer: graphic pictures to address the plight of women in the world. I like the emphasis on women worldwide this a.m.

  48. Okay – women’s plight in the world. Go Barbara. I don’t hold grudges. ahem.

  49. Hillary looks like she’s going to cry.

  50. Wouldn’t it be nice if they talked about “the plight of women” in the U.S.? What about all the women who are murdered every year by their husbands because they are pregnant or because they want to leave their abusive partners?

  51. Oh, she’s back on the Kristoff articles… sorry not Kristol, Kristoff, on sex slaves and showing pictures of Young girl sex slave in Thailand …

  52. Boxer is talking about violence against women. She’s the first one on the committee who’s brought it up. This is why we need the 30% solution/51% representation. None of the men, even Feingold, thought it was important enough to mention.

  53. Good, Boxer basically saying women’s rights are human rights.

  54. No mention of anything done on this front by Caroline Kennedy either.

  55. Addressing Kristof’s article re: women and slavery.

    OMG!!! Tweety cut her off!

  56. Yes, Hillary is saying these are central issues we must address.

  57. What is Hillary saying–I can’t get it, I’m so *&#* frustrated with these idiotic stations. Do you think I want to hear what some stupid pundit is saying instead of her response to women and slavery?!

  58. fif,

    Do you get C-Span?

  59. Violence against women is not culture it is not custom it is criminal.

  60. HC: This is criminal. Women are uneducated, underfed. We cannot have a free and progressive world if women are treated in such a violent way.

  61. Hillary: sites women’s rights are human rights speech in China.

  62. I have to get to the grocery store as I have Book Club coming tonight yet I can’t leave this hearing now. She holds me attention so fervently that my guests may have to eat peanut butter and jelly.

  63. Wow, just read back on the comments. Boxer made a comment about ego????????????? I missed that.

    Well, Obama does think she’s a cutie.

  64. Wants to use State Dept. to end human trafficking. Booyah!

  65. wtf-cnn is talking about clinton foundation donations??
    where is the senate hearing??

  66. Hillary’s speaking with a lot feeling about mistreatment of women around world as crimes, not customs and traditions. She’s bringing up her Beijing speech. ” We cannot have a free prosperous peaceful world if women are treated in such a discriminatory and violent way. ” She’s talking now in detail about the Kristoff series on human trafficking. She wants to
    end this modern form of slavery –sex slavery and wage slavery– primarily a slavery of women

    she’s saying she wants a partnership with boxer to continue work on these issues

  67. women enslaved abused tortured in every way. i take responsibility to do all i can do to end this modern slavery. sex, wage slavery, primarily slavery of girls and women.

  68. Lady Boomer: Difficult to believe that we are in the year 2009 isn’t it? These acts are revolting.

  69. Watching uninterrupted on cspan. its the only way to fly.

    I’m glad they are addressing the plight of women.

    I don’t understand how this woman is not the president elect. I just can’t get my mind around it, frankly.

  70. Pat: I know! I have to go to work, and can’t tear myself away…we could have listened to her for 4 years instead of–oh, never mind.

  71. Both senators who mentioned the Clinton Foundation mentioned it entirely as a problem with the media.

  72. she’s now giving a nod to Laura Bush and her work with Afghan women and also with what’s going on in old Siam .. mynamar is it? spelling?

    she says these programs are going to be spun off to Georgetown U

    boxer says she couldn’t have asked for a better answer

  73. got it!

  74. wow, shot back towards hillary and the packed room behind her … what a huge audience of reporters back there

  75. Catarina:

    CNN is tired of just reporting the news, so now they make it up.

  76. HC continued: women of senate, actually she started committee in senate “vital voices” – laura bush outspoken for afghani women, ang sun suchee (sp), will be spun off under her watch. she will have an active women’s office tracking slavery, discrimination of women worldwide.

  77. catarina: CSPAN!!

  78. Kerry is all nice and smug about his new position as incoming chairman …offering to appropriate work with SOS and augment work

    wow, look at all those two bit words, he must be an ivy leaguer!

  79. why doesn’t lurch just stfu

  80. Pat Johnson: yes.

    I’m feeling like we are in such good hands. The entire world will benefit from HC being in charge of this domain.

  81. Remember that Boxer and Clinton were related through marriage for awhile. I’m sure Hillary and Barbara are still friends, in spite of the family breakup. Sounds as though Barbara was deliberately throwing Hillary some questions on which she knew Hillary would shine. Fine with me.

  82. dakinikat: That is one of my two august senators you are speaking of. He just can’t help it.

  83. voinovich now: saying he’s retiring to commit his time to all these issues full time and outlining his agenda which is very pro -Israel and anti Nato,

    oh, and just because his popularity is so down in Ohio has nothing to do with his bowing out of another term, its his largess

  84. Voinovich R Ohio says we have wonderful opportunity to change the image of America if both sides can work together.

    Admitting our image has been damaged!

  85. ang sun suchee (sp), will be spun off under her watch

    Lady B: what did she say about her–spun off?

  86. Pat: well, one of my senators likes prostitutes while wearing diapers, so I can’t be smug about anything, believe me!

  87. Does anyone else think Kerry sounds a little patronizing about dealing with the violence against women issue? Mentions two women coming onto committee, “but we all should focus on this.”

  88. Voinovich: praising the idea of “Smart Power.” What a great term for HC.

  89. Listening to Senators is truly tedious.

    What a bunch of self important gasbags.

    And all this without Joe Biden!

  90. It will be interesting to hear the Repubs defend the current administration and their failed policies by going after her.

  91. Thank goodness for small favors, MABlue! We don’t have to listen to Biden lecture and pontificate.

  92. I’ll work for Hillary! 4000 new people?? Sign me up!


  93. dakinikat: LOLOLOL!!!

  94. Is Voinovich going to cry again?

    Sorry – couldn’t help it!

    This sounds sooooo good…Hill-a-REEEE….

  95. She keeps talking in terms of the “obama administration” so Joe doesnt feel so left out

  96. Hill-a REE!

  97. Smart Power again. We must use diplomacy, but just power.

  98. she looks like she’s been through a war
    oh wait-she has.

  99. MABlue: “And all this without Joe Biden!”

    LOL!!! That’s too funny.

    I’m just keeping my eyes on the prize: HC. I could give a ff about what the others have to say. But giving her these good questions is giving her a chance to shine. She’s laying it all out and has a handle on it all. I’m still in love again.

  100. Oops, diplomacy, NOT just power. (and NO ego)

  101. bb: thanks. Fro some reason, my CSPAN feeds stopped covering it for a while, but it’s back on now. I cannot stomach the MSM anymore–only turned there out of dire necessity to see HC, and they immediately infuriate me with their transparent BO groveling and hypocrisy.

    Voinovich: concerned about “turf battles” (eg: Susan Rice). Good comment.

  102. She’s talking about the West Bank now.

    Is he implying she is not a team player? I don’t like this guy.

  103. Dang. I have to go to work. It always interfered with my blogging!

    I’ll tape it and check in on your erudite comments later. Good day all.

  104. One of the best ways to get young girls out of poverty around the world is to extend microfinancing so families have less incentives to ‘sell them’ or send them off or marry them off. Wish they’d talk more about that ….

    however, voinovich is off on energy independence and impact on national security

  105. Voinovich just found out about Russia’s gas “power”.

  106. I’m still in love again. 🙂

    I never stopped. She’s da bomb (oops, shouldn’t say bomb now that she’s SOS).

  107. Hillary just proves once again why we were so passionate in our support. At least The One was “smart” enough to allow her to remain on the world stage because he is definitely going to need her.

  108. Oh fif, I’m sorry you have to go! It’s so nice to see Hillary talking at length like this again. She is so brilliant!

  109. daki: Hill did talk about microloans in her intro talk, and talked about it’s critical importance to our national security, by addressing poverty and development in other countries with a “bottoms up” approach.

    Voinovich: he is dense–has he not heard HC talking about a Green Revolution for months?

  110. bb: My “picture” of your letter stands proudly on my computer table. I will never part with it.

  111. It seems to me that the mood on both sides of the aisle is respect and deference toward HRC, her experience and intelligence. They’re giving her a chance to expose, rather than challenge her, which I’ve heard in previous confirmation hearings. I didn’t hear the Bill Foundation questions that I think happened in the first 40 minutes.

    Voinovich seems more adversarial.

  112. She can take all the flak and O can shine. I’m fine with that. She can handle it.

  113. Micki,

    He said something about “turf wars” between Hillary and Susan Rice. WTF! Is that something just women have? Hillary can handle it.

  114. Bill Nelson praising Bill’s work as a positive for the sec of state. Hooray.

  115. Voinovich just found out about Russia’s gas “power”.

    That’s the borscht talking

  116. Good for Nelson!! He’s right. Why does everyone act like the Clinton Global Initiative is a drawback for Hillary?

  117. fif: 🙂 have a great day. on radio or in your car, npr and pacfica radio are likely covering it.

  118. Nelson says the CGI is a plus for the US and he wants that on the record. Now talking about rapes of women working for contractors!

  119. Yes, what he said. On the record.

    Thank you, Sen. Nelson.

  120. Talking about Haiti as the poorest nation in our hemisphere.

  121. Nelson wants her to keep her eye on Haiti (because it’s poor). Could it have something to do with how close Haiti is to Fla.

  122. Haiti is not good. I had friends who fled from there.

  123. Sorry if I repeat anything, I’m popping in and out while I’m
    Chris Mathews just said that though all the questioners
    are trying to find “a point of weakness” the can’t, that they
    “have yet to find an area in which she’s not prepared”.
    Uh, yeah.
    That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you all these
    Now he said she lost in caucus where she wasn’t
    as prepared as he was to win. Yeah, like prepared to
    cheat and lie and intimidate people. Bad Hillary.
    Now Mathews said Obama will need her if he wants to
    be reelected. Uh, yeah, that too.
    WTYS. What a loss for the world that she’s not POTUS.
    But hopefully, she’ll have power this way.

  124. talking about a contractor from FL, being held they think by country of Iran in secret prison. man has wife, 7 children.

  125. Now I see why Nelson keeps that boring diary. To keep him awake.

  126. Hillalry is doing great – and I can see the respect that all have for her . I loved her opening statement . She missed nothing .

  127. HC = the new Eva Peron for SA! (just kidding, but I mean in the beloved sense)

  128. Chelsea is sitting behind Hillary and is listening and doesn’t move. No wonder she’s so smart and informed.

  129. When does Chelsea turn 35?

  130. we must protect our troops as we’re w/drawing them. who will help in this effort? contractors? will they (our troops) flee to the countryside?

  131. Next up is Sarah’s next victim – the soon to be former Senator Murkowski

  132. Haiti used to be the richest country in this part of the word back in the 1700s

  133. that last was what HC was saying. i missed part of it.

  134. Murkowski, R, Alaska now will push for her side of the glove – arctic nations. Gl

  135. Murkowski talking about artic policy

  136. Oh, now we are talking about Alaska. You know, that unimportant state that a monkey can govern. You remember!

  137. is it me or has this woman so far said absolutely nothing

  138. sorry, i’m multitasking .. i have to get my blackboard stuff open for my students today

  139. I am giddy in love with her. I’m grinning ear to ear. Had to step out for a bit and was afraid I’d miss too much. Thanks for all the comments.

  140. Clinton understands Alaskans can see Russia.

  141. She is even fully informed on the Arctic.

    She is amazing.

    Another plug for cooperation.

  142. meant murkowski not hill!

  143. Did she just say “deepen our relationship with Russia.” Wait, so Alaska holds a connection to . . . Russia. A *foreign* country. Hmmm.

  144. Chelsea turns 35 in 2015. 🙂

  145. Global warming and Barrow, Alaska.

    Implications for resources and international disputes over them.

  146. I did not know that they would air it for as long as it took. I thought they were only going to air it for a while. Who knew?

    But, Hillary is fantastica!

  147. The Law of the Seas Treaty will be a priority.

  148. Law of the Sea Treaty will be a priority.

  149. Even the Republicans are pitching softballs.

    If anyone was hoping for drama they’re gonna be disappointed.

  150. She is letting each Senator know she knows their problems and is informed on their issues.

  151. The drama is in the breadth of her knowledge and her ability to articulate and explain issues.

  152. Hillary is just amazing! The range of issues that she covers…..Amazing!

  153. she rocks

  154. My goodness, could Murkowski be more gracious. I think she’s in love.

  155. yes, i’m taking lessons on how hc begins each senator’s question with how important the issue is, and laying out and clarifying how she’d handle it.

  156. neocons heads are exploding…this has been extremely friendly. she is amazing.

  157. This thread is getting full – take it upstairs to Live Blog II

  158. Nice tribute to the Clinton family from Ben Cardin.

  159. Does anyone not love her?

  160. MSNBO must be pretty upset that Hillary is getting so much praise from the Committee members–even Republicans.

  161. Can someone post the transcript of her opening statement at some point?

  162. Cardin D Maryland asking about the Helsinki Committee – engaging Europe on issues.

  163. Closing comments here

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