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Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog III

This is what a leader looks like

This is what a leader looks like

Afternoon session – Hillary shows America what they could have had.

If you’re watching the hearings on television, post the play-by-play for those Conflucians who can’t watch.

328 Responses

  1. Matthews is being so positive about Clinton. He did say he’d do anything to help Obama succeed.

  2. Matthews wants to be Senator from PA. He has to play nice with Hillary now. He can’t diss Dem in Obama White House or he would be dropped like a hot potatoe by the DNC.

    Plus I am sure he would like her on his program. Or just maybe he is having another tingle run up his leg.

  3. Hillary is making me very proud that I support/supported her. Indeed, she is showing everyone what they lost by the treatment she received last year.

    I listened to the morning and there was never a moment’s hesitation in her answers. Everything was on the tip of her tongue.

    Can you imagine Obama trying to do something like this? NOPE! He’s make a fool of himself, probably start two more wars, and sound like Princess Carolyn….ummmmm, you know?

  4. Diod I just do the Dan Quayle potatoe?

  5. Matthews isn’t running.

  6. mlhath:

    yes you diod.


  7. These hearing just remind us that we could of had champagne and got vinegar.
    Or 25 year old scotch and we got bathtub gin.

    When will the people of America be able to get the best and not some knocked off version?



  8. Senator Isakson R loves Luger. Hillary starts right out with saying we must expand the state department.

  9. Not since that guy no one let into the building today.

  10. yeah, and thank all the Gods of the multiverse that he chose not to run. I think I would throw up in my mouth, watching him attempt to campaign in the state.

  11. The hearing is live on cspan.org

  12. thanks myiq!

  13. Can we expand it to include the White House please, because the once and future Prince is confuzzled and could use a guiding hand.

  14. “we could of had champagne and got vinegar.
    Or 25 year old scotch and we got bathtub gin.”

    So true, helenK! Bathtub gin is particularly appropriate since we are getting “The Chicago Way.”

  15. I’m listening on CSpan radio. I don’t have CSpan III, and I couldn’t take MSNBO any longer.

  16. I can’t watch it, y’all are gonna have to do the live blog stuff.

  17. Isakson wants soft power in Africa as Hamas has figured out if you help the poor in certain nations they will support you.

  18. Myiq,

    Thanks for being the organizer of the live blog!

  19. Regency:

    So glad to hear that. I’ve been out of touch for several weeks.

  20. Shainzona, I agree with you. I’m very proud today. As I said on the other thread, I don’t believe she would have gotten the Sec of State nomination without the enormous support from all 18 million of us. She will be a great Sec of State. Just listening to her, she puts Condi to shame.

  21. Our foreign aid was going to countries that were giving it all to men. We need preconditions. Bush admin. put preconditions and got governments to build schools for women.

  22. Did he just say that GA’s number one concern is foreign aid? Do the citizens of GA know this?

  23. Isakson (from Georgia?) sounds like a Democrat. This hearing is a love fest.

  24. Condi only wishes she could be as smooth as this!

  25. Hillary is ALWAYS news. There are at least 4 other hearings today but nobody cares. What’s Hillary up to is the question.

    *sigh* I looked forward to the pantsuit alert system. Red for “In charge and on fire;” yellow for “In your White House, making you safe;” blue for “Presidential and unafraid;” black for “Serious business;” and orange for “Congress sucks, even with me as President.”


  26. EWwwwwwwwwwwwww. BOB CASEY. I’m so embarrassed that he is from my state.


  27. Micki, if it helps, I’m embarrassed he’s from our country.

  28. I suspect the wacko questions must be being submitted in writing.

    Publicly, they’re playing nice.

  29. *sigh* I looked forward to the pantsuit alert system. Red for “In charge and on fire;” yellow for “In your White House, making you safe;” blue for “Presidential and unafraid;” black for “Serious business;” and orange for “Congress sucks, even with me as President.”

    What about purple?

  30. Plural,

    So far. They may wait until they think she’s tired to start with the idiotic questions. Why? Because they’re all Republicans (even the Democrats).

  31. Casey,

    Isn’t he one of those men that wants to be in charge of our ovaries? He’s just jealous.

  32. I can’t find the feed on C-Span. Matthews has it on mute while he talks to Ben Nelson.

  33. Casey makes me ill. What an insipid little dweeb. Hill puts them all to shame. Obama would be able to piece together one full sentence.

  34. The whackadoodles always come out at some point. They line up at lectures and then ask idiotic questions. The hard part is acting like you take the idiot questions seriously.

    I’m sure Hillary will do fine. She’d better get used to it, working with BO.

  35. Casey,

    Isn’t he one of those men that wants to be in charge of our ovaries? He’s just jealous.


    I am unable to watch this. Please fill me in!

  36. It’s on C Span 3

  37. CNN has a live feed.

  38. One of the Republicans submitted 100 more written questions this morning. Kerry seemed a bit put out over it.

  39. Purple for “I’m in the mood to be a goddess, problem?”

  40. I’m sure Hillary will do fine. She’d better get used to it, working with BO.

    Great material for a sitcom, if you think about it….

    Hillary and Biden the only people in that administration with brains and competance….

  41. That reminds me of that gorgeous purple dress she wore to the inaugural balls in 1993.

  42. Maybe Senator Clinton wore brown as to not embarrass the questioners. This way their bullsh-t will not be so noticed.



  43. OT so you are welcome to delete it. Obama’s biggest supporters are complaining 😀

    According to Sun-Times columnist and long-time Chicago journalist, Carol Marin, journalists at Barack Obama news conferences have come to realize that Obama has pre-picked those journalists whom he will allow to ask him questions at the conference and many of them now “don’t even bother raising” their hands to be called upon.


  44. Regency, on January 13th, 2009 at 2:40 pm Said:

    Purple for “I’m in the mood to be a goddess, problem?”

    *will be watching for purple*

  45. She’s answered something like 150 questions by now (including the ones she’s answered so far), is she done yet? She’s gonna need fluids and a catheter at this rate?

  46. DW:

    I have no problem believing that, and in fact, take it as fact.

  47. I don’t know who this guy is, but he wants to “explore” his Clinton Foundation concerns

  48. Here we go. Conflicts of interest.

    This Republican apparently isn’t aware that Bush’s father is a former president, too.

  49. Kudos to myiq for keeping us all on track today!

  50. Oh, now we’re getting to the Clinton Foundation again. And why wasn’t BO subjected to this?

    The New York Times has issues with it? Oh, well, there you go then. If the NYT has an issue with it . . .

  51. Vitter R Louisiana (ugh) wants to continue questions (with posters!) about the Clinton Foundation.

    I think he wants to hog the camera.

  52. I swear I know what punctuation is.

  53. What a terrible thing! A climate initiative!

  54. Vitter can posture all he wants. She is going to be SoS whether he likes it or not.

    The NYT better get used to it too.

  55. He came with visual aids. He must really be committed to this. I’m surprised he didn’t provide a blow up of the NYT article.

    I’m sure MoDo authored it.

  56. seeing her talk really cheers me up

  57. Hillary:

    It is not unique for spouses of government officials to work.

    There are ethics rules and they are being observed.

    State dept. has looked at this and concluded there is no conflict.

  58. Where was all this concern about conflict of interest whith Cheney and Halliburton?

  59. Vitter’s an ass.

  60. Who is this creep?

  61. She wants to speak about the work the Foundation has done.

    But the senator doesn’t want to hear her.

  62. Didn’t Vitter “contribute” to prostitutes?

  63. CWaltz–it only applies if its a Clinton.

    Vittler is an asshole. What a dick!

  64. Oh my whatever. Vitter = asshole.

  65. omg, this dude is an $SS!
    Okay, have to go downstairs to watch this shite

    (btw, MoDo so reminds me of Rita Skeeter… it is scary)

  66. Ooh, Vitter doesn’t want to hear Hillary explain Bill’s foundation under his time. He wants a yes or no answer to expanding exposure on the foundation.

  67. Vitter? Hillary should ask if he is wearing diapers. I’ll never forget Vitter flirting with Valerie Plame at a hearing.

  68. cannot stand Vidder….

  69. Everyone send positive energy and fierce strength to Hillary so that she does not get tired. This is a grueling marathon, and Vitter is up right now being boorish and confrontational.

  70. And a stupid one at that, lol.

  71. I don’t know how he can even go out in public after what he was caught doing. He should be dying of shame!

  72. Kerry is jumping in to dispute Vitter.

  73. Someone reads the NYT for facts? Those bozos lost all journalistic integrity in the lead up to Iraq. I’d need a second source before I believed a darn thing they printed.

  74. I don’t know how she stays so calm, cool, and collected.

  75. What is with love people who try to make charity appear somehow nefarious?

  76. He’s beating a dead horse.

  77. oh what the fuck? Please, stop asking these same questions.

  78. Can you spell P-O-S-T-U-R-I-N-G?

  79. AGAIN, this agreement has been worked out with all parties, says Hill.

  80. I’m interested to see if VItter’s version of MOU is what *he* says it is or is what *Hillary* says it is. I’m going with Hillary.

    He doesn’t want to beat a dead horse? Did he just say that? Where has he been?

  81. I could rip this guy’s eyes out. She is absolutely amazing.

  82. BB, I will never forget that either. Maybe he wouldn’t be badgering her so much on a moot point if she was wearing a daiper. What a pig.

  83. Vitter: I don’t want to hear all those boring facts, just give me my yes or no answer. Has anyone bought a pacifier for this guy?

  84. The CGI has been public all along. You can watch their sessions online.

  85. You tell him, Hillary!!

  86. Hillary is going to set the record straight.

  87. Isn’t his seven minutes up?

  88. For once Kerry comes to the fore.

  89. Heck, even I knew the CGI already made its donors public. Vitter is a complete idiot.

  90. Well, he is not counting her answers. He just wants to ask questions and not get charged for the time she spends answering them, so he gets to ask everything he wants and screw the rest of them.

    Can he read? How did he get his job? Jeebus.

  91. Hill is so brave. She looks so determined.

  92. *beats dead horse*

  93. Vitters 150 questions consist of one question reiterated 150 times.

  94. He’s not listening to what she says, but just keeps repeating his talking points.


  96. He is an idiot. Pretending to know alot when he doesn’t. How much has he done for his state?

  97. “Procurement” is a word familiar to Vitter.

  98. just got back..isn’t this the guy that wears diapers for fun?

  99. Oh for the love of Jeezus.

  100. Hill raising her eyebrows in disbelief

  101. Uh oh. Hillary looks pissed.

  102. He’s a typical right-wing blowhard who suffers from CDS. How much you want to be this “exchange” will be what the press covers on the evening news?

  103. OH, he is suggesting that ethical conflicts impact her effectiveness. Is he on crack cocaine? I wonder if he thinks BO will be effective.

  104. Sen. Webb up now.

  105. She doesn’t even get to answer to that shit?

  106. Webb is very impressed by the range of knowledge Hillary has.

    Me too.

  107. thank god. could not believe vidder.

  108. Who isn’t? She is a walking study of leadership. Her range of knowledge is unbelievable.

  109. Regency:
    Of course she doesn’t.
    CDS is going out of fashion. Daiper boy needs to get over himself.

  110. Webb has seven questions? He wants his time in the sun.

  111. I wish she had a chance to answer to Vitter’s bs.

  112. Senator Vitter gets cranky when his mistress forgets to put him down for a nap in his crib.

  113. Regency, Vitter did that on purpose. He wanted to spend his allotted time spouting garbage so she’d have little opportunity to respond.

  114. I am happy she hasn’t fallen asleep during this. They talk soooo much.

  115. There is not one Repub on that panel who wishes to defend Bush and his failed policies. Therefore, Vitter and his garbage. Makes him look like he has a position where none exists.

  116. CWaltz — (snicker)

  117. She is starting to look really tired. She’ll be fine, I’m sure

  118. Webb is campaigning.

  119. only one more senator right?

  120. Vitter reminded me of how the GOP hounded the Clintons when Bill was president. Just keep smearing, smearing, smearing.

    Don’t you love how he said people across the indeological spectrum cared? I hate to break it to him, but the vast majority of the public doesn’t give a crap.

  121. Vidder is slime. He is the worse type of Politician.

  122. Vitter is something of a d*ckhead. Had a brief interchange with him the year before Katrina (he bought some antique prints from me in New Orleans), and in addition to proving cheap as hell, he displayed an obnoxious, ego-driven persona. (Plus, he’s about three feet tall.) He doesn’t deserve to be in the same room as Hillary.

  123. Hillary is tired b/c of all the prep work she did. You see, she actually works. She doesn’t just talk, talk, talk.

  124. I think I’m going to fall asleep….

  125. May I rant for a minute. Please

    I hate google. I went to CNN and had to download flash player 10 and they offered me to download the google toolbar. Google is everywhere. 95% of the sites you go to have google ads. They are everywhere and the programs one downloads are offering you google junk. Google this google that. I am tired of it. Years back I left yahoo when it changed its interface. I just need another good search engine and I will stop using google. I hate google!

  126. This Vitter thing was bracing. Kerry was actually defending Hillary!

  127. She said Webb is eloquent and made a quick summary! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  128. CNN now talking over their stream. They got the fake controversy questions, so now they’re shutting it off.

  129. Vitter is an example of why Senator Clinton need to wear brown today.
    She can try to do all she can to keep them from embarrassing them selves but she can only do so much.
    Fools spouting bull sh-t.



  130. Just when I’m about to nap, Hill comes to the rescue!

  131. Kat5 — the nickname for Vitter (pre-diaper scandal) was “Bitter Vitter” — he is exactly as you describe — a total a–hole.

  132. The very last words coming out of Vitter’s mouth should be “full disclosure”.

  133. My CNN stream is fine.

  134. Kat5:

    I feel sorry for you that you had to have an encounter with such a pr*ck.

  135. She is again reiterating that the military can get support and money but the State Department doesn’t get the same support.

  136. Angie-I was just going to make a comment about how bitter he is.

  137. I’m only getting an audio feed on CNN. I’m not touching anything b/c I don’t want to lose it.

  138. Webb had a close race. His craven cowardice on FISA lost him two potential votes.

  139. Second round of questions now.

  140. Angie knows what she’s talking about.

  141. Back to the Foundation.

  142. Webb isn’t going to care for that answer. The military is his pet project.

  143. Lugar The Foundation The Foundation The Foundation

  144. Lugar thinks the Clinton Foundation is a temptation to a foreign entity that thinks it can curry favor.

    What does the foundation have to do with Hillary and the state department? The Clintons get no personal benefit from a charity. CHARITY.

  145. Gee, none of those Repubs had a problem with the Carlisle Group when W was sworn in. What changed?

  146. How would they have done this if she had been elected president. Why are we beating this stupid effing horse. STFU already.

  147. It is a charity. Completely other people benefit from the charity.

    What is wrong with these people that they don’t understand?

    Should children go without AIDS drugs because Lugar thinks there is a conflict?

  148. Lugar is picking up where Vitter left off. I wonder if they did this on purpose, waiting for the second half of the hearing, after Hillary’s been answering questions for hours and would be tired.

  149. last round of questions, right?
    *has stomach ache*

  150. They do not want the Clinton Foundation to exist. They’ve all but said so.

  151. The Bushies enriched themselves through the Carlisle Group who fronted as “consultants”. The Clinton Foundation is set to aid.

  152. What I find offensive is that these individuals are suggesting that Hillary would put the Foundation’s interests above the interests of our country.

    Are they serious with this shit?

  153. In other words, they are suggesting that the Clintons are not to be trusted and may help to overthrow the government. Talk about a stretch.

  154. Don’t worry DYB, Hillary is the only person there who is looking, acting and sounding like a real lawyer. Right MYIQ? She’ll be fine.

  155. Lugar is giving Andrea M. something to rant about tonight.

  156. I agree, Mikki. I find it very offensive.

  157. They’re pandering to the media that wants a bone to chew on, however imaginary.

  158. what changed?
    okfg, it is Hillary, a Clinton.
    Therefore, her life must be Hell, or else the world will come to a f*cking end!
    Beating a dead horse, of course. The foundation, what she had for lunch, her shirt size, her panty drawer….

  159. She should have just stayed in the Senate.

    Is she going to have time to answer this question? Is it going to count for his time.

    Here’s the question: Please comment.


  160. What pisses me off is that the FOundation does important work and they’re saying it’s unnecessary. People live and die by the Foundation, not that they care.

  161. He wants a pledge?

  162. She shows what a diplomat she is.

  163. Hillary says she knows Lugar is coming at this in good faith. How diplomatic. Her ability to stay calm will serve her in good stead in the State Dept.

  164. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah idiot comments, stupid observation, look how stupid I am blah blah blah

    Please comment:


  165. People live and die by the Foundation,/i>


    They appear not to give a fig about that.

  166. Lugar made it sound like the number of people who benefit from the foundation is negligible. Bullshit.

  167. plural, on January 13th, 2009 at 2:46 pm Said:


    It is not unique for spouses of government officials to work.

    Not when that official is a woman. Since when do men get this treatment when it concerns their wives’ work?

  168. Now she gets to explain the Foundation. I hope Vitter is listening.

  169. Canada Norway Ireland.

    These are the states that will have a conflict with our foreign policy?

  170. Republicans have a different idea of what poor means. To them, helping people in Africa is negligible because it doesn’t provide a return.

  171. Maybe not all Republicans. I generalize.

  172. The guy behind Hillary just looked at his watch. I agree. Time to let her go.

  173. Unless they appoint Bernie Madoff to run the foundation, I do not see the problem.

  174. She knows what this is. Go girl.

  175. Hillary admits there is an illusion of conflict.

    THAT is what a leader does. Admits and confronts.

    BO: please note. THIS is how it is done.

  176. this is horrendous, but Hillary is doing a great job. Do they seriously just ignore all of the great stuff his foundation has done???

  177. And it is an effing ILLUSION.



  179. Some people will raise conflict regardless. Hello, Lugar.

  180. Jeanne Shaheen up next.

  181. Jeanne Shaheen D NH up now

  182. Lugar’s full of himself with that prescient comment. But Hillary handled his “questions” superbly.

  183. Jeanne Shaeen loves Hillary!

  184. She thinks Obama and Hillary can change the world.

  185. Well, one of them will change the world. The other will likely blow it up.

  186. Regency: LOLOLOL!!!! I just spit my coffee at the screen.

  187. Let’s hope Hillary can grab his hand before he pushes the button.

  188. I woke up late today and don’t have access to a television. I’ll have to watch clips later tonight or tomorrow but it looks like she’s doing a great job so far.

  189. She is doing a fabulous job! That’s what makes it hurt so much.

  190. *loves Jeanne Shaeen*

  191. I also don’t believe Obama could ever go through any type of hearing without half of his testimony being “uuuhhhhh”.

  192. For the first time, Hillary doesn’t know about something–a company in NH.

  193. Pat,

    *refills your coffee*

  194. I wonder if KO is working up another “special comment” segment because she shrinks the PE down another notch. How dare you, madam!!!!

  195. KO will replay that “I’m not aware of that specific case but we will look into it and get informed.”

    Hill will be the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD because she did not know about the NH company.

  196. PJ – LOLOLOL!

    Oh, how I wish I had time to write tonight…my playlet would be:

    “The media realizes Hillary will be the foreign president: A play in one deranged act.”

    Maybe I’ll see if I can get it done!

  197. I have to go and get ready for company this evening but thank you, myiq, for moving the blog along without clogging up and keeping the tr0lls at bay. Much appreciated!

    Glad to be in the company of such a great group of like minded people who firmly stand their ground.

  198. madamab: I rely on your talents to amaze us once again. You have to admit, the incoming admin is going to be “rich” in topics.

  199. OMG she looks and sounds so presidential. I can’t stand this . But I will be so proud to have her representing us to the world.

  200. When she’s done with it, Hillary should donate her brain to science. I mean how does she keep all that in there.

  201. I love that she is humble. Barack, again, please note.

  202. MadamaB: Ooh! Ooh! Please do us a playlet! 😀

  203. Ok. She says she knows nothing about it. Then, she spends nearly 5 minutes telling us how much she knows about it.

    She is my hero.

  204. Thomas Jefferson makes another appearance, this time in regard to piracy.


  205. heroine. Sorry. I’m post-gender now that we have a female SOS. Oh, wait a second.

  206. Yeah, that’s how I feel, Reg.

    I’m not watching but, from your comments, I see that our gal is doing her usual impressive stuff.

  207. Micki – Mine too. I have descended into full squealing fangirldom, but darnit, the woman deserves it!!!

  208. madamab, on January 13th, 2009 at 3:37 pm Said:

    I hope, hope, hope you write that playlet.

  209. I have to ask. Did Kerry just refer to a portion of the confirmation hearing where “they can have fun.”

    Kerry needs to get a hobby.

  210. ” I have descended into full squealing fangirldom’

    Madamab, my thoughts exactly. I can tell we have missed her.

  211. Hmmm….I have a small break at work now…maybe I can sneak in a little writing when no one is looking!

    (looks around furtively)

  212. To whoever said that MoDo was the NYTimes’ Rita Skeeter — hahahahahaha! I’ve been making that comparison in my own head for a long time. It’s a very apt comparison.

  213. Micki, on January 13th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Hillary will be third

  214. Kerry is getting his Oprah on. He is suggesting books. He has suggested three.

    Maybe he does have a hobby.

  215. I really have missed her.

  216. What is Kerry saying? I don’t understand him?

  217. Great post, Heidi. I like the 3 salient points you picked out.

    As if we didn’t know she had a high approval rating, huh?

  218. Sometime today, John.

  219. DT, no I meant I was correcting myself. It was meant to suggest a pause, as I realized we’ve already had two (2) female SOS and we are still not post-gender.

    People never get my snark. Sigh.

  220. Watching Hillary only get me angry because she should be Madame President, she is so on its unbelievable. I have been glued to the tv all day watching her. There hasn’t been a question that she hasn’t had an answer for and when she didn’t have the whole answer she said that she would be looking forward to the help of the ones who do know. You would never hear Barack say that, he thinks he knows it all him and his teleprompter. I am still perplexed at the whole Clinton charity and listing all his donors and yet Barack we have no clue where all that money came from, no one cares that money came from GAZA and other non-Americans. Wake up people. He is so dishonest and so not ready. I love this woman and I was and am a fan of Pres. Clinton.

  221. Actually MadamaB it’s more like a tragic opera in one dramatic act. Perhaps set to something like the final strains of Faust or Suor Angelica, where she triumphs over the forces of evil. And Faust has to pay up on his bargain with Mephistophole. Hmmmm……

  222. Kerry has a talking condition. What is this about. Is there a campfire there? Are we sharing?

  223. Micki, on January 13th, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    I get it now 😉

  224. Heidi,
    65% approval.
    Does it nudge that number up at all if some of us have 150% approval of her?
    Ok…ok. Yes, I have drunk a little Hillary kool aid. Just the fact that she stays in the ring after being knee capped and having an arm behind her back makes me an adoring fan.

  225. Kerry going into much detail on remaking policy on Afghanistan.

    I think this could wait for another day.

  226. clean up at 3:51

  227. BBS – Oh, that one’s coming. But she has to, you know, do something as SOS first. Give her a chance to put on her SOS pantsuit, which is made of titanium and comes with mile-high, kick-*ss boots!


  228. Laurie–I didn’t see anything at 3:51? Not me.

  229. Sarahfdavis – LOL!

  230. Somebody give this woman a pair of fuzzy slippers and a deep tissue massage.

  231. I’m President of the Hillary’s My 44th President Fan Club.

  232. Dowd as Skeeter. Now I know.

    Rita Skeeter is a witch who writes tell-all biographies and works as a reporter for the Daily Prophet. Albus Dumbledore described her writing as “enchantingly nasty” after she wrote a not-so-friendly article about him.

  233. Oh. God. Vitter is back. Oh, good, he’s not talking.

  234. 2012 rulz—-

    1) Public funding mandatory for all candidates.

    2) No presidential debates. Candidates will have to go thru a Senate Committee grilling. Committee to be composed of permanent committee chairs or selec4ed by lottery.

    OH, and a limit on TV and print ads.

    GO HILLARY! I am so proud to be among her supporters.

  235. This appears to be John Kerry’s moment to let everyone know how knowlegeable he is.

  236. troll using my name (without avatar) at 3.51

  237. MadamaB,

    No pressure, but a play would be so much appreciated!

  238. She does know how to be diplomatic.

    She also understands the need to work across disciplines and departments.

  239. I made a super strong cafe latte, but I don’t know if it will keep me a awake. My eyes are getting heavy…

  240. Did Kerry just ask Hillary how to disarm Hamas? Um, if she has the answer to that, she should just be appointed President.

    Am I not understanding this question?

  241. They are really piling on the expectations. I wonder if they expect Obama to do anything at all?

  242. Shut it, Lurch.

  243. Here we go: Can you comment again. Blah blah blah I’m an ass I am bloviating blah blah blah: Please comment on my brilliance.

    These people suck at this.

  244. Micki – LOL!

    That’s Kerry trying to stump her. As if!

  245. You know, we can’t really bitch about the Senator’s endorsements of BO anymore. They don’t know how to ask questions.

    This explains a lot to me.

  246. Consider it belabored.

  247. When do we get to the fun part Kerry referenced?

    Oh, Kerry, you could NEVER belabor a point.

  248. Regency–YES!

  249. Is Hillary the entire cabinet or not?

  250. We are increasing carbon dioxide emissions four times as fast as in the 90s.

    Is that what he said?


  251. Micki – the fun part is when it’s over. Did Kerry not mention that?

  252. By “we” does he mean the US, or the whole world?

  253. Can I sum up Kerry’s bloviating?

    “Senator Clinton. The Earth is fucked. I think this is a national security issue and also a foreign policy issue. Please explain how you will stop global warming and save the planet. Use examples.”

  254. And yet I ask, “This is Hillary’s problem, why?”

  255. No, madamab. Kerry lives for this. He’s getting his committee on.

  256. Is “big lift” the new buzz word at all the elite conferences? Obama has been using it too. I’m also getting tired of “challenge.”

  257. Hillary is properly stating that the solution is rooted in DOMESTIC POLICY YOU BLOVIATING ASS.

  258. CGI again????

  259. Here we go with the foundation again….

  260. Here’s the Foundation again. Menendez is stating that he is right. You tell them Menendez. Now, go punch Vitter and Lugar in the face. I’ll pay you.



  262. Martinez coming to the defense of Bill Clinton’s charitable activities.

    And the benefit it is to everyone.

  263. Oohh, Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is leading a smack-down against all the Clinton Foundation bullshit. Hahahaha!

  264. Someone’s taking up for them, finally.

  265. Go Menendez.

  266. TWO people?? WHAT two people?? Hillary and Bill??

    He CERTAINLY can’t be talking about Pampers..

  267. 200 Million people in 150 countries is negligible?

  268. I was wrong about him. He is good

  269. Yes, Senator, I would hate for this to be “blemished,” too.

    Bill is doing things no one else is doing or could do, things that are important and would go undone otherwise.

  270. Menendez, go go go!

  271. I toldja the only idiots bringing up the Foundation would be the Republicans. The Dems are all trying to prove that they should be in charge of foreign policy; they’re not going to get all bogged down in idiotic sh*t like that.

  272. Did you see the smile Hillary tried to hide as Menendez finished? You go Bob Menendez! He took on the Vitters and Lugars and NYTimes of the world and defended the Clinton Foundation.

  273. The Republicans don’t support anything that doesn’t result in a net gain for themselves.

    This kind of talk is alien to them. I don’t think they understand the concept.

  274. Why did he only mention 4 years? Is Hillary intending to be SOS for only 4 years?

  275. If it is NOT at issue WTF are they talking about it for????

  276. Again, I generalize.

  277. Micki: at 4:12

    LOL! The whole hearing in 25 words or less.

  278. Oh the hell, Kerry.

  279. Menendez is from New Jersey – I’m sure he knows Hill and Bill fairly well.

    Good for him for smacking down the stupid right-wing smear tactics.

  280. Shout out to sarahfdavis, on January 13th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    I like your new math!

  281. Maybe I’ll change 51 Percent’s name to 65 Percent (smile).

  282. Kerry is speaking up for the appearance of a conflict of interest.

    How come conflicts of interest only apply to people named Clinton?

  283. Is there a question coming, John? This century? We could die waiting.

  284. Please not history again?

  285. If they are so impressed with the “versitility and breadth” of Clinton’s knowledge, why didn’t they let her run for President? Dumbasses!!

  286. Jesus, thanks! It’s done.

  287. Adjourned.

  288. Thank God, its over.

    Hillary go get a steak or something. I don’t eat steak, but its a steak worthy performance.

  289. This whole CGI thing has me really annoyed, frankly. It may be unprecedented, but so is having a President with no experience.

    I’m going to listen to the calls ins. I’m waiting for the CDS. I have to exercise later and I need to get my rage on.

  290. So, that means that Hill is now the SoS?

    Why did she even have to bee there, al the senators were doing was talking to themselves. Hillary’s answers were in her opening. There wasn’t ereally anythhng new, we ALL knew she can handle the job. I’m more interested in the idiots that Pampers put in the other positions…….

  291. CGI is unprecedented, because no one has ever had the imagination to do it before.

    He saw the need, and acted on it.

  292. Please don’t listen to the callers. The Against ones are nuts.

  293. Oh. My. God.

    Some clueless woman is talking smack about Hillary b/c she can’t be trusted b/c she is responsible for BO being called a terrorist. She said “how can BO trust her.”

    Oh. My. God. I’m crying from laughter.

  294. Regency, the comedic value. I would love to call in and bash a previous caller.

  295. There’s a Senate vote on Thursday to confirm.

  296. Before I could turn off CSpan, some moronic caller said that Hillary can’t be trusted because during the campaign she did everything she could to get people to think Obama is a muslim. WTF?!!

  297. No, Owen, they still have to confirm her. They have until 12 noon tomorrow to get everything done, I believe.

    OH, Lord. Some woman with a strange accent is on now about bribing America over the CGI.

  298. Micki, I heard. They “lost” the call. Bitch is crazy.

  299. LOL Micki. You and I posted the same thing at the same time.

  300. Micki-Could you believe that woman? OMG. “She is the one responsible for people accusing Obama of being a Muslim”. That was ridiculous!

  301. omg….
    I just caight the tail end of Bob Menendez kicking ass and I was thrilled. I just got my kitty back and she is an bad shape and I am crying.
    Listening to Hillary’s wonkyness dried them.
    Omg, yes, I so am drunk off of Hillary Kool Aid, but can you blame me? She is so amazen….

  302. Someone just called Hillary slippery.

    Oh, priceless caller on now. This is entertainment. These are like the wackadoodles at lectures.

    This guy is talking about Kerry.

  303. None of the against callers are sane. Whitewater? *headdesk*

  304. Some embarrassment from my state is now saying she has no right to be in public life. Another carpetbagger comment bringing up whitewater doesn’t think Hillary is a very good person.

  305. Taking bets on how long before someone calls in and accuses her of murdering Vince Foster.

  306. these peoiple are nuts. there is absolutely no rationality. It is sort of comedic, actually. I have really just started to find it all very funny.

  307. LI: Oh no did she have a bad reaction to being spayed?

  308. CGI is unprecedented because a former first lady has never seeked a higher office like Hillary has done when she is supposed to be out of the spot light like her husband. No First lady has ever been elected senator. She has changed what first ladies can do after their husbands’ terms are over?

    CNN has a video entitled “batler over bailout money”. When did it go back to bailout? I though the new prefered term was rescue.

  309. Wait till they start talking about the UN and the black helicopters.

  310. CGI is unprecedented because a former first lady has never seeked a higher office like Hillary has done when she is supposed to be out of the spot light like her husband. No First lady has ever been elected senator. She has changed what first ladies can do after their husbands’ terms are over

    CNN has a video entitled “batler over bailout money”. When did it go back to bailout? I though the new prefered term was rescue.

  311. i am in moderation

  312. And now she’s going to bring down America?

  313. This asshole doesn’t even know what position Hillary is being confirmed for.

    She doesn’t even KNOW why she doesn’t like Hillary.


    This woman is an idiot. She is shaken up by the hearing? I’m going to go kill myself now. Where is Catarina.


  314. omg, whitewater??? Are you serious?
    *dies with laughter*

    Yes, Regency. her girly parts are all swollen and she has little kitty tears in her eyes and she is so drowsy and cannot move very well. I was having a panic attack. i was crying and I couldn’t breathe. She finally fell asleep and stopped whimpering. i have to get my mom to help me give her antibiotics.
    I feel so horrible for doing this to her. I am still trying to keep my breathing regular.

  315. littleisis, what’s wrong with your kitty?

  316. Yes, c-span is much more amusing than people give it credit for.


    I am almost sad I’m missing this caller Micki, she sounds like a real hoot. Are there seriously people this delusional out there? Wowzer!

  318. Poor kitty.

  319. littleisis, sounds like she just needs your TLC.

  320. LI: Don’t worry. Keep her on her pain medicine and keep her comfortable and love her. She’s not going to be very social with you for a few days b/c she is threatened and her hurt is in her stomach, which is her most vulnerable part.

    You are a responsible cat parent.

  321. I’m sorry, LI. I wish I could help.

  322. hearings are a waste of time…. almost never does the senate fail to confirm, thus totally destroying the intended division of powers in the constitution

  323. Fresh thread up -same topic

    Closing comments in this thread

  324. purplefinn, on January 13th, 2009 at 4:37 pm Said:

    littleisis, what’s wrong with your kitty?

    I just picked her up from getting fixed and I was just really scared. She is the first real pet I ever had. She is in pain and it is making me cry, because I am a goofy fool that way.
    she doesn;t smell like a kitty0 earth and fish, she smells like vasiline or something

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