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Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog II

The last thread was getting full.

If you’re watching the hearings on television, post the play-by-play for those Conflucians who can’t watch

(NOTE:  Use “Hillary” not “HRC” cuz Spammy reacts to her initials)

95 Responses

  1. Everybody loves them some Hillary.

  2. Sen Cardin –no one better than Hillary to represent us in the world today

  3. Thanks, myiq!!

  4. It’s wonderful how Hillary references her private discussions with each Committe member. She’s been busy.

  5. Talking about Helsinki accords.

  6. She’s praising Pres Ford for supporting the Helsinki Accords.

  7. is there a link to the hearings? I might be able to watch for a fefw mintues on my break.

  8. wants advice on how to modernize Helsinki accords and brind them into today.

  9. Iraq refugee problem now.

  10. What did Cardin say about the Clinton family?

  11. When? He thanked Hillary and her entire family for taking this position on.

  12. Thanks, Micki. Someone in the last thread said he made a nice tribute to them.

  13. Hillary wants a comprehensive policy to deal with refugees. she mentioned there was a division within the State Dept. that is supposed to deal with populations and migration, etc.

  14. Cardin is beaming too. He’s back on oil and relationship between our foreign affairs and their mineral wealth. He’s focused on how most of those countries get foreign aid from US and that they have a lot of extremely poor people …

    hmm, could he mean Mexico? for one?

  15. It sounds like she is going to glide through. I’m happy for her if this is what she wants. It doesn’t change my opposition to Obama but I am glad her talents will not go to complete waste.

  16. Hillary is bringing up Botswana as a country where things are working well in terms of spreading the wealth in those countries.

  17. kerry explaining that 138 questions were submitted to Senator Clinton earlier so there’s more grilling that goes on rather than the hearings.

  18. Hillary already gave in-depth answers to well over 100 questions, according to Kerry. Explaining this to the CDS obsessed media.

  19. I’m unbelievably proud of her right now. She is exceptional.

  20. oh, up next is DeMint … icky icky demented DeMint

  21. Hillary has been calm, cool and thoughtful in her response’s to all questions. She will be one of our greatest SOS in recent times. It is such a breath of fresh air to see a president elect put together such an impressive team with people like Hillary and Gen Jones and all the other smart choices he has made so far. Things are looking up for America and Hillary will be one of the main reasons for this bright outlook.

  22. ah, he’s got the drama questions —conflicts of interest, etc. apologizing up front for being nasty as a good southern gentleman does

  23. even demint is being nice. Is he just about to sucker punch her? I want to see her give him the Mom eye.

  24. Looks like she called or met with everyone

  25. angels81

    Obama couldn’t find his backside with a map. She is where she is because he cheated.

  26. We are NOT the city on the hill. Let’s just let that shit go.

    And, there’s a question here, I swear.

  27. suppose he’ll bring up all those protohumans — those brave 2 cell individuals that suffer because women like birth control and planinng for them around the world as well as the US?

  28. deMint
    blaaah blahhh blaaa

  29. angel81, I agree she will be great…but she would have been an even greater President and if the majority of democrats and independents had their votes counted she would be…

  30. Do these people actually think she would not have called/met with these people in advance of her hearing or that she would not be prepared.

    Oh, I don’t like this guy.

    Why did BO not have to go through this before he was selected? Could he have even answered these questions.

    I’m getting pissed off. I’ll be happy for the break at 12:45.

    The City on the Hill phrase is misused, btw. That annoys me as well. Effing Reagan.

  31. Regency: he did mention all those good things those missionaries around the world do …

    I know my monastery in Nepal really appreciates them, they over them things like refrigerators if they just sit in their churches for a year.

  32. over= offer, oops, typing too fast

  33. I wanted to chat with my fellow Conflucians and watch a little bit of Hillary on the confirmation seat.

    I’ve had more coffee here in this Cafe than my weekly (insane) coffeine intake. These Senators are probably trying to kill me here in Berlin.

    Jesus H Christ!!!

    Can these guys just ask their silly questions without telling us how this world came to be what is?

  34. DK: Ah. Interesting.

    A question in 16 parts, every one of these feels like.

  35. Yes, Regency!

  36. Hillary saying our security depends on defense, diplomacy, and development. She’s got her stern face on right now … she says NGO’s can be value-added to the diplomacy side. But the role of state department has to involve professionals and lots of folks.

    CSPAN switching sheesh

  37. MAblue-senate hearing means the senators get to hear themselves

  38. She’s back to Defense, Diplomacy and Development.

    And now a break. Yeah.

  39. THey’ve just now cut away. Continue watching online, if ya like.

  40. We are NOT the city on the hill. Let’s just let that shit go.

    And, there’s a question here, I swear.

    No we are not the Holy City and no ammount of silly religious rhetoric doesn’t make it so. We are just the most recent flawed democracy hoping to do better.

  41. DJ

    Not surprising. She absolutely amazes me. I think that if I were to look up the term gracious her picture would be beside the term. The country lost when the superdelegates chose the putz over her.

  42. Cat–yes, we must preface our question by demonstrating how well thought out our question was and by showing how intelligent and wonderful we are. Then, we ask a very short question. Just ask the damned question already.

  43. CNN stream still going.

  44. Yes, she defines graciousness.

  45. How many ways can I state how much I admire her? Three? Maybe twelve. In a minute, I’ll have to resort to second languages.

  46. she is so smart, so self educated and so knowlegeble… I can barely stand it.

  47. A transcript of Hillary’s opening statement posted upstairs – keep live blogging here

  48. Senators are well-known for bloviating. Hillary, on the other hand, is refreshingly no-nonsense.

  49. Fox News kind of has it. They’re talking all over it.

  50. Its still streaming live on CNN. I had to give up on cspan–too choppy on my network.

  51. C-SPAN 2 has it live

  52. the fox news live stream is good, no commentary or stalling.

  53. CWaltz, agreed. But I am glad she will be our SOS. Could it be that O knows she will make him look good? She has always been such a worker and well…someone has to do the work. I adore her. Will follow her almost anywhere.

  54. angels81–that is because he chose the 3rd Clinton administration. How can he go wrong with that. Get your head out of your ass.

  55. angels please go back to TM, she is lonely over there

  56. Oh, and angels81,please answer me this. If Hillary *had* been elected President, what position would Obama have been qualified to take in HER administration?

  57. Hey, there’s a “concerned” tr0ll in the “Tuesday” thread by riverdaughter.

  58. I’ll wait.

  59. Obama

    Is a cheat and a liar, that’s the only thing he’s getting credit for from me.

  60. “I know the Obama hate is heavy on this site”

    “Angels81” You’re new here. We don’t allow insults, so drop them or go elsewhere please.

  61. Angels81 is on probation.

  62. God, people, there have been two question on the Foundation. Please, just hit us with the rest of them so Fox News will have something else to talk about it.

  63. angels81, I largely agree. But you can’t blame Hillary supporters for their sentiments. Right now, the country is getting to see Hillary in a way they never have before, and her performance just reinforces what we’ve all been saying for two years: No one even comes close to her in intelligence, experience AND competence.

  64. Micki, Hillary would have taken Obama under her wing and taught him a few things. He could have learned a lot.

  65. Gezz, is it a requirement for the Senate that you have to love to hear you own voice???

    Menedez gave a history lesson to ask how Hillary was foing to handle Foriegn Aid?? Damn, just ask the question!!

  66. CSPAN cut away, so I switched to a local NY station which is still going.

    I loved that Bill Nelson went on the record earlier as saying that he thinks the Clinton Foundation is a great organization!

  67. I let Angels81’s first comment thru. The second one got tossed.

    If he/she wants to stick around then all future comments better be polite.

  68. He may have chosen the third Clinton administration but he’ll still screw it up. Why? The first two Clinton administrations had LEADERSHIP. We saw firsthand during the primaries the guy either has no leadership or is a poor leader(there is no ther excuse for allowing your supporters to don misogynistic tshirts without commenting upon it).

  69. I meant I agree with angels81 about the choice of Hillary as SoS.

  70. no it is not a dead horse. We don’t ever want to let a female candidate be treated the way Obama his supporters and the media treated Hillary. Nor do we want another candidate and the DNC be allowed the punk the primaries and steal democracy from us.
    Obama is a hustler and a fraud. No credit to him whatsoever.

  71. She has several times said she thinks NGOs are an important supplement to the work of the state department.

  72. Love you myiq even if clowns scare me

  73. Thanks for the transcript, myiq, btw.

  74. DYB

    God forbid someone actually provide aid instead of just arms. Anyone that doesn’t see the actions of a humanitarian organization as a positive just isn’t paying attention.

  75. I’m speechless that this has taken this long. They are reaching for every possible crisis and saying, “Solve it.” She is, being herself, saying, “Okay, then.” But why is it on television? I almost wish I couldn’t see it anymore.

  76. one of the main reasons I supported her is because she is no nonsense and straight to the point. That wasn’t enough for those looking for a messiah and of course the He-man Hillary Haterz club was in full swing at some sites…but this woman is going to be the best thing in this administration and it is only too bad she is not at the top where the voters wanted her.

    I was watching bits of dubya’s last presser yesterday. What a defensive CYA POS he is. Later today when I have some time I am writing an open letter to him on my blog and tell him exactly what I think.
    I will let you know, but I hope people will drop in and read and comment.

  77. Heh sarah

    These Obama supporters think now that they can revise history and have us hop aboard the Unity bus. I’ll walk thank you.

  78. “Reunification of Cypress”??? CYPRESS?? WhoTF cares about Cypress, what about Iraq? And the whole Middle East? What about East Asia??

  79. By guys!

    I’ll catch up with you later in the week.


  80. Interesting Gaza Protest there at the end…

  81. TeresaInPa, What’s your blog? I’d like to check it out.

  82. They’re recessed for lunch. I just got here and I’m dead tired.

  83. was that the pink ladies or whatever they call themselves harrassing Clinton? These women give me a severe pain in the butt. They are EXACTLY the women who made sandwiches for the self important anti war males in the 60s and 70s.

    “hey, my old lady, Starlight, gives the best BJs and makes a great ham sandwich… do you want one”?

    Really these women wouldn’t know a feminist if they fell over one.

  84. It was great to see you MABlue. Best wishes!

  85. How many other confirmations are flying under the radar today besides Arne Duncan, edu.?

  86. I will start Live Blog III when they resume at 2pm EST

  87. 2 others Cinie

  88. Hillary knows how to make greatness out of what is in front of her. I think if you really respect her you must grant her that she will make of this position far more than anyone before or since can envision. She will be in the history books at the head of the class. She has already marked her mentors from history—Jefferson, Marshall—we seldom get a cabinet officer who is a scholar of history, a skilled politician in her own right and absolutely dedicated to doing honor to her country. It is never the position that makes history but the person in the position.

  89. Obama’s contribution to American history will be that he was the first AA to be elected POTUS. His legacy will be about race; it will not have much to do with anything else.

  90. Do you notice how skillfully the Hillster is building the foundations of her SOS leadership—her outreach to congress, to state department employees, to allies around the world—the brain is amazing not just for what she knows but how she employs that knowledge to pursue purpose.

    I suppose that the people who are in love with Obama have these moments of enchantment about him and I catch myself about becoming a Hillary groupie blinded by adoration but she just is amazing to me.

  91. Jangles> I agree with you about Obama’s legacy. I’m sure there will be an Obama holiday, but it will have everything to do with his race. I doubt there will be any real accomplishments of his own as President. If anything sticks it will be because of people like Hillary Clinton.

    If Republicans were planning on taking her on – they haven’t done it yet. I think they’re just as impressed as anyone that she has a direct answer to anything they throw at her. Law of the Seas? Sure, I know about that. Cruise Ships now going to parts of Alaska I’ve never heard of? Yep, she knows about those as well. Perhaps some 2nd rate ho-ho who wants to get his/her name in the papers tomorrow will say something after lunch, but she’s sailing through it and she’s doing it based on her grasp of issues. Anyone who wants to bash her on strictly personal issues is too scared, or perhaps shamed, into keeping their mouths shut.

  92. CWaltz, on January 13th, 2009 at 12:23 pm Said:
    It sounds like she is going to glide through. I’m happy for her if this is what she wants. It doesn’t change my opposition to Obama but I am glad her talents will not go to complete waste.


    ITA. Thank you for doing a wonderful job of expressing my views. I can keep on working and just drop in and type “what CWaltz said” every now and then. 🙂

  93. Thanks everyone for walking me through it as I missed it. Just finished reading both live blogging entries.

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