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Monday: Separation Anxiety

Melissa Ethridge


I don’t want to start another flame war.  I love her songs and her passion.  What bothers me is her slavish devotion to hopium when reality is smacking her upside the head.  But she, like a lot of people who make their money in front of adoring crowds, has to watch what she’s saying.  No, no, I don’t mean she should censor what she says.  I mean that the crowd can turn on her and regardless of her sexual orientation, Ethridge is a cross over singer.  Her career could very easily take a Natalie Maines type path if she pisses off the global warming, crunchy granola, Whole Foods, “we are so enlightened we even listen to lesbians” crowd.

But I think there is a little more to it than that.  Someone recently pointed out that the country has a strong civil rights narrative and it was stirred up last election cycle.  Well, that’s civil rights when it comes to African Americans at least.  The rest of us can take an old, cold tater and wait.  Barack Obama, the post partisan, unimpressive, unaccomplished candidate rode that baby straight to the White House.  The guy who claimed to be running a post racial campaign never let us forget for one minute that he was black.  He brought it up *constantly*.  In fact, it was his secret weapon.  He identified so closely with the struggle to overcome that even *I* was touched when I saw that sea of humanity in Grant Park.  The whole Obama phenomenon didn’t make sense to me until that moment.  But as I watched that joy and triumph, I was able to separate the nation’s ability to overcome the color barrier from Obama, the candidate who exploited that cultural narrative.

I guess I have always been able to see Obama as a post racial candidate.  Ironically, that made me a racist in the eyes of many.  But the color of his skin wasn’t as important to me as the content of his character, which I eventually found severely wanting.  In the last couple of weeks, the orgasm has started to fade away for many and the content of the character has become more and more obvious.  There seems to be an almost frantic response to the idea that Obama is just a man, and not a liberal one, after all.  He now appears to be less than agile as a politician.  He’s pissed some people off.  His economic plans seem underwhelming when a huge, monumental action is called for.  He seems to be pretty cool with Gitmo and the war and torture.  And he has no trouble telling us how we all need to sacrifice.  Like handing over $700 billion to the robber barons and sitting on pins and needles waiting for the pink slip isn’t sacrifice enough.

We’ve seen David Shuster go bat-$#%@ insane over Sarah Palin’s reading list even though Sarah lost already and have heard newly fledged pundits go way off on a tangent justifying their support of Obama because Hillary never told us why she wanted to run for president while Obama did.  And now we have Melissa Ethridge cozying up to Rick Warren saying he’s not so bad after all.  Um, yes, Melissa, he really is that bad.  Give yourself permission to loathe him. Even Ms. Magazine has lost it with its inaugural edition cover of Obama as Superman, bringing hope into the darkness for women.  Tennessee Guerilla Women has a collection of reponses to that cover from around the blogosphere and asks this very pertinent question: Does feminism even need women?

This is what the Kool-ade drinkers bought.  They allowed the Obama magicians to fuse Obama the Unready with Obama the successor to Martin Luther King Jr.  Now that they have discovered he is not who they thought he was, they have separation anxiety.  It’s nervewracking to think you might have been fooled again and that the person you love is not who they said they were.  So, they cling harder, like little kids left with strange babysitters for the first time in their lives.  They can’t let go.

Let it go, guys.  Just because it turns out that Obama is just another fallible human being, albeit more dishonest, insincere and corrupt than most Democrats who run for office, doesn’t mean you are a racist for thinking so.  Just because his campaign was so bad that he needed the RBC hearing to rig the primary so he could “win”, doesn’t mean you are a stupid, old, ugly woman for finally coming to that realization.  You can still enjoy the inauguration of the first African-American, because that will be his only moment of glory.  He ran as a symbol of his race, whatever race means in a strictly genetic sense, and he won.  Celebrate with the country’s African Americans.  We can live it up because the triumph wasn’t Obama’s, it was OURS as a nation.  Learn to separate the guy who flogged that racism baby harder than anyone ever has from the country’s victory from the shackles of bigotry that bound us to old white guys for president for hundreds of years.

The struggle for equality isn’t over by a long shot.  No one in the LGBT community should relax and women have just had the clock reset for them by forty years.  It is going to be a long, hard slog for us, make no mistake about it.  And Obama is already a failure as a president IMHO because he didn’t bother building accountability into the Paulsen Bailout Bill when he had a chance back in September and October of last year like Hillary was trying to do.  But that is the hand that the Kool-ade drinkers have dealt us even if they are now sobering up.  But we have to make the next week of inaugural BS shoveled down our throats palatable.  So, try to live in the moment because the good times won’t last more than a nanosecond.

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112 Responses

  1. When obama’s coronation is satisfied..and the people stop cheering..I will make my reservation at a Washington hotel to celebrate his removal. Wouldn’t it be great if he became the roommate of Blago.

  2. I just can’t hop on the train of idiots who are thrilled because we will have an AA President. To celebrate the fact that we have an AA President just because he is an AA is, to me, r@cist. I’m just an old fashioned, “…content of his character…” kind of gal.

  3. janicen: I disagree. I think this is a significant moment that should be noted. It’s just that Obama doesn’t deserve it.
    That’s what makes it hard to swallow. But try to separate the two.

  4. I think we have to separate the con men from the suckers.

    I can’t hate the people who got hooked on the hopium, but I despise the one who helped make and sell it.

    I see Melissa E. as someone who is idealistic but naive. She really wants Obama to be what it says on the packaging. I feel sorry for her cuz she’s just hurting herself and the people she cares about.

    David Shuster on the other hand, is just a scumbag hopium dealer.

  5. myiq: David Shuster is a pusher? Yeah, I can see that.

  6. RD, when our nation can elect a President based on his or her experience, intellect, and political ability without regard to their race or gender, then we’ll have something to celebrate, but to celebrate the election of someone who never should have been the nominee to begin with and then received the votes of people who only voted for him because of his race, would be disingenuous of me. Okay, I can acknowledge that he is the first bir@cial president, just as JFK was the first Catholic president, but I’m not celebrating anything about his election.

  7. People are just clapping so that Tinkerbell won’t die.

    When a person has invested time, money, energy and emotion in an idealized character, it takes a long time to admit that they have been fooled.

    It happens every day.

    Obama is going to get a pass from his fervid core followers for a long time. Others will fall off the wagon pretty quicky.

  8. It’s gonna be painful for the hopium addicts in the next few weeks, months and years, as each of the reasons they so passionately supported Obama turn out to be lies.

    We believe in the same things that they do, we just don’t believe in Obama.

  9. We believe in the same things that they do, we just don’t believe in Obama.

    I think this one sentence alone about sums it up for me. And I see where RD is coming from. It is just that we all know full well that this “election” was heavily invested in fraud from the days of Iowa and most of us do not have the stomach to put aside those feelings of disquiet for a moment to celebrate a victory based on those tactics.

    Having said that, your essay again hits the target. On the one hand I take little pleasure in saying” I told you so”, but on the other hand, I do.

    Listening to Jack Welch this morning on Morning Joe describe the problems awaiting Obama on January 20th made me blanch. He was effusive in his praise, even so far as saying how lucky we are to have this man at the helm during these troubling times. Based on what empirical evidence I might ask? According to Jack, Obama needs Axelrod to keep steering a steady ship.

    With that comment, I again turned off the tv in haste, deciding once again that between now and for some time to come, we are being f*cked once again.

  10. I’m with you, janicen. It really makes no difference to me whether it was Bush or Obama. They’re both the same no matter what skin color one wraps them in. IMO, all an Obama presidency is going to do is show that a biracial man can make just as bad a President as a white man. Is putting an already precarious country in another inexperienced man’s hands really something to rejoice in?

  11. voted for confluence. Keep up the Good Fight!

  12. thanks, RD, this puts things into perspective.

    Myiq :

    We believe in the same things that they do, we just don’t believe in Obama.

    Exactly! We’d buy it too if it was the real thing but it’s some fabricated, make believe AA president – yes, he’s AA but he’s not a real president – where’s the beef???

  13. RD,

    I see where you’re coming from too. My only fear is that once Obama is finished, the real racists–and there are many–will use his failures as an excuse to block African Americans from high office in the future.

    I hope I’m wrong, because Obama isn’t any more “black” than he is white. And he grew up and prospered in a white family and a privileged white world. He has light brown skin, but that’s about it as far as his having any sense of the black experience in the U.S.

  14. bb, You have touched upon one of the things that bothers me about celebrating the fact that the president is bir@cial only because he is bir@cial. Is that enough? Will the next complaint be that he had to be bir@cial and not the child of two AA parents? And then, will we have to force someone into office who is AA from both sides to prove that we are not r@cists? Since it’s impossible to prove a negative, I think our only hope is to get back to electing presidents based on their qualifications, not the fact that his daddy was the president or the fact that he is bir@cial.

  15. I thought about this on my drive into work this morning. Do I agree with RD? To an extent, yes this is an historic moment, but, what will the history books show, that the first black man was elected and that he did a shoddy job. He was packaged as the first black man, and sold as the first black man. I just hate that so many have put all their hopes and dreams into this empty suit. I am not referring to the white liberals who voted for Obama to dissuage their guilt, but rather the people who have known the oppression in this country, because when they see that this man is not their for them but for his own agenda, the pain is going to be hard to bear. It just makes me want to cry.

  16. just yesterday, obama critized bush for not following the first bailout money, ummmmm, excuse me, but
    didnt you vote for it Obama? isnt congress at all responsible to follow up on what they voted for. and now, this headline at fox news

    Bush, Obama to tag team for the second 350 billion of the bail out………..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    We love money dont we barack, only one pres at time on the Gaza strip, but 2 presidents need to get your hands on that money, afterall, you do have a lot of people to payoff, this sooooooooooo totally sucks.

  17. I long for the day I can criticize or applaud a person and not be accused of being a bigot. Just because that person is a minority or a woman should not exempt them from scrutiny or criticism. And they must earn the applause, not have it conferred because of r*ce or gender. I had no problem criticizing Hillary when I thought she was wrong. That right must be reserved for my criticism of Obama based on facts, not cheerleading.

    Doubtful I will ever see that day.

  18. Kim, no doubt Obama will be a failure as a president, but my fear is that the history books will go the way of the media, at least in the near future. Obama supporters seem quite adept at rewriting history.

  19. I know it’s nice and right that there should be an AA POTUS.

    I just feel played by Axelrod and the media. (and insulted)(and let down)

  20. Excellent post, RD. I won’t be celebrating the first president with African heritage because Obama and his worshipful crowd have taken all the fun out of it. Having someone of any heritage imposed on a Party is cause for mourning. His subsequent election to office does not make up for the fact that we could have had Hillary, and we need her.

    I will be “glad that’s over” when our first person of African heritage is elected. Anyone who can take joy from it – more power to you. It won’t “be over” if it isn’t meaningful to some.

    I just hope that we find ways put our country “on course” that are independent of the White House occupant.

  21. Comment deleted

    (Tin Foil Hat Tuesday isn’t until tommorrow)

  22. People are just clapping so that Tinkerbell won’t die.


  23. It is truly meaningful to some and that is what is going to hurt the most. I have AA clients and friends who really believe that Obama is going to change their life. They have really put their hopes and dreams into this being a life altering experience. SOme of my clients are driving to DC to watch this and think that he is going to be the equivalent of a AA FDR. He is going to help them save their homes and make a better life for poor people. They think he is a liberal democrat, one that will set up programs and create jobs. What is going to happen to the hopes and dreams of the people who were really hoodoo’d? The elitist liberals who voted for Obama to be kewl kidz can kiss my ass, they will be just fine with daddy’s trust fund, but their are people out there who want this to be monumental in a way that is just not going to happen and their will be many hearts broken.

  24. Lame Duck Bush is giving a press conference at the moment.
    What an agony.

  25. What’s the name of Regency’s blog? She’s under 18-isn’t she?

  26. Bush has “no regrets”. Unf*ckingbelievable!

  27. Please tell “Karol” that Tin Foil Hat Tuesday isn’t until tommorrow.

  28. No idea who “Karol” is but she may be listening to this press conference and lost her mind. I know I am!

  29. Bush is getting himself wrought up into righteous self-defense.

  30. SN in MN:

    “Better” is a relative term. Even if you are correct in your assertion that women are treated better here than everywhere else (which is debatable) they are still not treated as equals here.

  31. After 8 years this guy is still a joke. What a waste of our time. He is as horrible today as he was when “selected”.

  32. Pat:

    I took care of Karol (read upstream)

  33. Heading for the shower. This press conference is just too painful to watch. Bush is such a loser.

  34. You must understand that it is difficult for people to admit that they have made a mistake. Do you see the droves of people who supported Bush running around with bumper stickers saying ” I should have voted for Gore…and Kerry”

    Another point I keep making is that Obama would have won with ANY platform. He was not elected because of the issues. So why do you expect the kool aid patch kids to become upset over his not being “liberal”? He is not conservative either. He is Obama. A Cult of Personality. He is anything they want him to be in their eyes.

    Obama has decided to be Lincoln —THIS WEEK, next week it will be FDR, JFK you know one of those other great guys.

    He wants to be Lincoln so much that he has adopted the Lincoln Menu for his inaugural luncheon and will be sworn in on the Lincoln bible.

    Inaugural Luncheon Menu: (courtesy of the LA Times)

    The 2009 Inaugural Luncheon Menu

    First Course

    Seafood Stew
    Duckhorn Vineyards, 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

    Second Course

    A Brace of American Birds (pheasant and duck), served with Sour Cherry Chutney and Molasses Sweet Potatoes
    Goldeneye, 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

    Third Course

    Apple Cinnamon Sponge Cake and Sweet Cream Glacé
    Korbel Natural “Special Inaugural Cuvée,” California Champagne

    What Obama no chitterlings tapas or fat back puree served on goat cheese encrusted Carr’s crackers ? No Collard Greens with souffle of hammocks? No Sweet Potato Pie???

    Why choose to eat the foods that the white folk were eating while the black folk were in a shack somewhere eating hog innards and cornmeal?

    What was that Mr. President Obama? Black folks cooked the white folks meals too?

    One wonders why the First AA president would cnot reate his own menu with foods from his heritage. No Hawaiian meals??? No Chicago style pizza? Any African dishes on the menu?

    Obama is really No ONE.

    These are also the words of Lincoln

    ” I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way, the social and political equality of the White and Black races; that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on the terms of social and political equality, and inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

    Ruchames, L., Racial Thoughts in America, the University of Massachusetts Press Boston, 1969, Vol 1, pp. 380

    Obama do you agree with the above statement?
    What was that?
    You say you thought that Lincoln only wrote the Gettysburg Address or the Emancipation Proclamation?

    A true leader doesn’t have to imitate ANYONE. Only a NOBODY would do that.

  35. Pat:

    Why don’t you just hit yourself in the head with a hammer instead of watching G-Dub?

    It’s quicker, and it feels better afterwards

  36. myiq: Good point! Why drag this agony out any longer? He is the most inarticulate, inefficient, indifferent POTUS up until now. Painful, painful, painful.

  37. And now we will have a so-called “articulate”, inefficient, indifferent POTUS.

    Well, at least he is African American.

    Painful, painful, painful.

  38. NOTICE:

    Contrary to the popular belief among the sippy-kup kidz, neither this blog nor the vast majority of PUMAs engage in tin foil hat discussions of Barack Obama’s nationality or religion.

    Attempting to do so is a quick trip to Spamville.

  39. I am really disappointed in the latte liberals and the African American Community for thinking that you need to step on people to elevate yourself. They bought into the Republican BS that Axelrod pushed. You can elevate yourself AND those around you, that is what will get this country back on the right track. The Dems have been pushing haters forward and this is revolting to watch. The party of equality, justice, tolerance has disappeared into another branch of the Republican Party. Sadly, the damage that Obamanation has done to this country is deep and will take decades to remedy after they are out of office and out of power in the Democratic Party.

  40. The problem with celebrating Obama’s presidency is that we know what really happened. We know the secret to his success and that is he didn’t win. He cheated to get there. How do you celebrate something that is just a lie? Has racism really been overcome? What I learned from this mess of an election is that for the first black man to become the president of the USA, his party had to steal the nomination for him. Affirmative action was used to get him here. He was given his opponents delegates, delegates he never earned. So many rules were bent for this man. Is this something that should really be celebrated? Should we all be happy that there is the first affirmative action president because that is what Obama is. No one was ever allowed to criticize him. He cheated in caucus and the leaders of his party turned a blind eye. The media did the same. He is so inexperienced and for someone that is 47 years old, he has no major accomplishments. Is this someone that black people should really be proud of? I am not proud.

  41. TheRealKim, you make an important point. There will be sorrow enough in the current recession without this added disappointment. I’ve had tons of disappointment because I’ve wanted to believe in something so badly I didn’t “look too hard.” I take responsibility for that as painful as the let down was. It has informed my subsequent decisions. I know you’ll be sensitive to their loss. It has to happen.

    Yet there can be “good” that comes from “bad.” Let’s hope.

  42. Do you see the droves of people who supported Bush running around with bumper stickers saying ” I should have voted for Gore…and Kerry”

    No, but you don’t see any brand new cars with “Hell yeah I voted for Bush!” stickers either.

  43. Lincoln’s lunch?

    Is this really true?

  44. afrocity, at 10:04

    LOL, in a nutshell!

  45. One wonders why the First AA president would not reate his own menu with foods from his heritage. No Hawaiian meals??? No Chicago style pizza? Any African dishes on the menu?

    His problem is that he has no original ideas of his own. How has this man managed to make people think he is inspirational when he can’t come up with anything original?

  46. Afrocity: Don’t forget, according to Holy Joe, he’s clean!

  47. Downticket, good point. I have been wondering why he isn’t celebrating his own real heritage. Instead he’s pretending he’s Lincoln and Reagan.

  48. You know how it is when some b*stard finally dies and you search for one thing good to say about him/her just to make the family feel good? That’s how I feel about Bush. I have tried to think of one good thing to say about him and I cannot come up with one positive thing other than the fact that he loved his dog Barney.

    I tried. Really. There was nothing.

  49. Seems the US of A is going down the royal way -back to the British mode: 20th of Jan sounds like the coronation day and senate seems to become more like the British House of Lords. Change we can believe in! Suggestion from London: go all the way for 2012 and have a QUEEN!!

  50. Here’s one, Pat. The guy replacing him is worse.

  51. Viv: Do we actually get to pick the Queen or will we get stuck with a Princess named Kennedy?

  52. At least you Queen shows dignity overall, even if her family is as dysfunctional as everyone else’s. What passes for dignity over here is someone able to get through a speech without drool trickling down his chin.

  53. Plural yes that is his Lincoln menu, not sure about those California wines. He forgot the arugula and stuffed pig with lipstick.

  54. The brace of pheasant and duck sounds like it came from Dick Cheney’s hunting menu.

  55. So true Regency.

    Bush is gone.

    What’s done is done.

    We have a new problem.

  56. LOL Pat. I love you for your honesty.

  57. Pat Johnson, on January 12th, 2009 at 10:16 am

    I do like this Bush quote: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  58. Off-hand I recently saw someone with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on their back windshield and I was at a loss for what to do. I thought about blowing but that didn’t seem like a useful thing to do. I still see way too many Obama stickers. I’m even more at a loss then.

  59. Downticket, you’ll have to look for something else. He botched that!


  60. Regency – I suggest you cramp into the next president all the minorities: gay, jewish, latino etc to get all the historical moments out of the way, so one can finally focus on quality!

    PS why are we speaking abt women as minority as we are actually the majority!

  61. DT: That’s what he meant to say. That is not what came out the first time.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on–we, we won’t be fooled again

    He’s been watching CSI: Miami marathons.

  62. I have a calendar that has one malapropism displayed daily. It always cracked me up that he was able to cover 365 days with different ones. And this is who we have had at the helm for the last 8 years. Makes you wonder.

  63. Pat, I have been given that calendar every year for Christmas for the past 8 years. I didn’t get one this year. Nothing funny to read each morning now. Guess I will have to wait for the Biden gaffe calendar.

  64. He leaves me with nothing to like about him except maybe his Bushisms.

  65. Afrocity:

    Love your comments, as usual.

    RD: As far as celebrating the first AA president, not possible. The ends will never justify the means. And in this case, AA is closer to Affirmative Action than African American. However, I will be glad that we have leaped that hurdle, and hopefully will be done with it. Though in the long run, it will not change any ones view of race in America.

    And a comment for those who believe that Obama supporters will sometime see the light of day. Don’t bet on it. Hope is a powerful antidote to truth. I already have Obama supporting gay friends telling me that his positions really don’t matter during the first presidency, because he really needs to build a coalition so he can be successful in running again in 2012.

    WHAT, I cried? So he doesn’t have to keep any campaign promises? Their answer is no, because his reelection is more important.

    No amount of arguing that it is his job to help the country, not himself, and if he is successful in helping the country, that in itself will ensure his reelection made any difference.

    Sigh…a long 8 years.

  66. And we have already been informed that it is our job to make him successful, not the other way around.

    Was this primary just a job interview for the whole country on behalf of Obama? I mean, when has it become our duty to prop him up? I was under the impression he was elected to lead, not us. Oh well, I must be such a part of the “old thinking” that I missed that message.

  67. Another important related issue for me is the fact that we
    could have and should have had the first female pres.
    Given that women are actually the majority, it’s so dis-
    graceful and unforgivable that they went with the first
    African-American male before a woman. And I do think that
    was a major factor in this whole clusterf*ck.
    How can women complain about discrimination when
    “we’re discriminating against a black man”?
    It seems that this whole thing was brilliantly thought out
    in a Rovian (new Machiavelli) way.
    I was disappointed that Hil didn’t “play” the gender card.
    My guess is it was her integrity that stopped that, that she
    didn’t want to exploit an “easy” win, that she wanted to win
    it as a person, not a symbol. Or maybe she thought it could
    hurt her.
    I think that was a mistake.
    I think it’s overtime to insist on 51% representation, not
    just 31%.
    My BF told me this morning about a family of deer that
    come looking for food at my house, in the snow. He threw out
    apples for them. At first they ran away, frightened. Then the
    Dad came back to inspect. He found the apple, began eating.
    (I wondered about this when he said it.) Then, sure enough,
    the Mom came over, nudged him, pushed the apple away
    from him, waited for the three fawns to eat first. The father
    then went to stand watch while the kids ate.
    That’s why women should be running the world. They
    know the right priorities. Then the men can help implement.
    If Obama had just done things in the proper order I might
    have rejoiced. But then he wouldn’t be Obama, would he?

  68. What bothers me is her slavish devotion to hopium when reality is smacking her upside the head.

    Thank you RD. I don’t feel sorry for the “suckers.” There have been many many opportunities to discover and acknowledge the truth about this fraud, and they refused to see it. Melissa could have recognized all the homophobic signs from the beginning, as we did, but instead, she is intoxicated by the Cloud of Hopium hovering over the L.A. Celebrity culture. Wake up Melissa! You should know better. Not to mention the chronic sexism he aided and abetted. It’s that kind of willful denial that got us into this situation in the first place. I’m even more disappointed in someone like Melissa who has cared and fought for equality. Her voice could have made a difference in telling the truth.

    Re: the historic moment. I am angry and sad about that too. I resent not being able to celebrate the first AA president. I would love to cheer and weep at that site, but I will not. For me, it all goes back to his illegitimacy and how he reached this position. I looked at the candidates for their policy positions, their records, their character, and their behavior during the election cycle. His color never occurred to me. Now, it doesn’t either–I only see a liar and a cheat. I will be boycotting all news of the Inauguration. Hopefully, as RD is pointing out, it will open the door for a legitimate AA candidate in the future with truly admirable qualities as a leader, and then I will cheer.

  69. sight…not site. Spending too much time online! 🙂

  70. Here’s a partial record of the Worst pres. ever & the repubs that enabled this horror … Yes , I know ‘most’ of You don’t like the nyt.. well, neither do I , however , some stories just don’t go away .. the ‘bush/repub’ story will be one of them … Americans will be suffering the consequences — maybe forever.

    Eight Years of Madoffs

    if this was all ready posted, I’m sorry , .. I read it a couple of days ago…

  71. Another important related issue for me is the fact that we
    could have and should have had the first female pres.
    Given that women are actually the majority, it’s so dis-
    graceful and unforgivable that they went with the first
    African-American male before a woman.

    speaktruth: when I saw the photo of the president, PEBO and 3 ex presidents last week, that’s what struck me yet again. NO WOMEN! NOT ONE!

  72. I already have Obama supporting gay friends telling me that his positions really don’t matter during the first presidency, because he really needs to build a coalition so he can be successful in running again in 2012.

    Are they serious? They expect absolutely nothing from him now 😯

  73. as much Bill C was ‘it is the economy, stupid’, obama is ‘it is the media, stupid”. so a key to dismantling the myth (aka BS) is the media….any ideas?? feathering and tarring the figure heads of the MSM?? i know it is a wee bit archaic….but then Hill and Sarah were fair game!

  74. Maybe, I am just ridiculously naiive, but I think there will be people who see the light of day.

  75. He can’t even pick his OWN menu?! This guy is so pathetic. The whole thing is like dress-up for him. “I want to be Abraham Lincoln [or substitute other famous leader here] when I grow up.” News flash dude: you actually have to DO something profound to attain that stature.

    Then again…maybe not. I think Jack Welch’s nod to Axelrod says it all. After all, Welch is a businessman–he knows a good marketing campaign when he sees one. As long as Axelrod is “steering the ship” (ie: doing his Orwellian best to sell everything as a spectacular success & making excuses for all the failures) he will be the best president EVAH!

  76. I already have Obama supporting gay friends telling me that his positions really don’t matter during the first presidency, because he really needs to build a coalition so he can be successful in running again in 2012.

    OMG…that is just…I have no words. In the second term (if there is one), they will be saying, “He can’t do it NOW, because there is too much resistance. We’ll have to wait for his daughter to become president and realize his vision.”

  77. Kim: It will be a slow awakening.

  78. fif – you are right it is dress up…one day Kennedy in Berlin (note: he wanted to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, but was pushed into another location bythe German chancellor who found it highy inappropriate to request that historic location) – Lincoln menu – anniversary of I have a dream speech…you get the picture.

    Probably a Gandhi and Mandela day are still in store – not sure what follows afterwards, but I fear the worse!

  79. Downticket:

    Yes, that was their response. The conversation began with their asking me what I thought about Obama’s picking Rick Warren for address. I told them I was disappointed, that even in America we do not need to give legitimacy via pulpit to intolerance. I was actually surprised to hear they disageed. Hence, the dialogue on reelection.

  80. Imagine somebody like Sarah Palin would have choosen Rick Warren – the MSM probably would have had a 24-7special edition abt the awful choice!

  81. Kim:

    I am sure there will be some people who wake up. But as to a national “come to Jesus”, not so much.

  82. What’s wrong with just a tailgate party to celebrate inaugural day? Hot dogs, hamburgs, sausages, potato salad, and a few brews? But no, this crowd has been waiting much too long to dress up and play. As long as you can still write a check from an offshore account, you are more than welcome to deck yourself out while being driven in that limo to rub shoulders with the same crowd that brought us this mess in the first place.

    It’s still coupon clipping for me!

  83. fif,
    To have anything even approaching “fair” now, our next
    44 presidents and VP’s should all be women.
    As if that would ever happen.
    But as with any negotiation, you ask for more than you
    expect to get. Women have been content with fighting for
    the right for abortion. That’s why the guys like to keep this
    issue alive. We don’t even try for anything else. Like the next
    44 presidents.
    Also, re that pres meeting. Some show played some
    audio. First, there was Obama praising Bush. Then Bush
    praised Obama.
    Then there was the comment from Bill. He said, looking
    at the floor “I love this rug”.
    Media guy thought it was funny. It was. But I thought it
    showed Bill’s artistic feminine side and focus on the important
    things, like beauty and truth. At least it wasn’t bulls*it like the

  84. At least the Eagles are winning.

  85. (Sigh) And things would be different if Tom Brady hadn’t suffered an injury. Oh well, there is always next year.

  86. speaktruth, at first I thought

    “I love this rug”.

    was a little off the wall. Now I think that Bill was just trying to find common ground.

  87. I suppose it was better manners to say “I love this rug” then to say “I hate these guys”. Good on Bill for censoring himself.

  88. mlhath: I only think this because we are in such dire times. Under normal circumstances, maybe not, but alot of people are desperate and have really high expectations.

    The liberal elitists will give him a buy this cycle, but the normal joe’s out there in the unemployment line, losing their homes are not gonna wait. Half the people I know are expecting the next bailout to be one that helps them stay in their homes, they want a check and they want one larger than $600. If they are still in the unemployment line next year and living with family, his ass is toast. IMHO

  89. Hi RD & Co. I’ve taken a break! It’s just all be so exhausting. As I say this Dowd is on the radio, speaking, and it is so Bizarre, what she is saying and I wanted to come by and say I missed all of you, a lot.

    I just needed to take a breather.

    hugs all round —

    from me

  90. Kim:

    They won’t be happy, but it won’t be his fault. People voted for Bush the second time even after he went to war.

    I don’t know what it takes. People do not seem to use any thought process when it comes to electing a president.

  91. As far as Melissa E. representing the gay community, please. I know we have much brighter people than her to speak for us. Just because she’s a celebrity rock star w/a ton of money doesn’t mean she speaks for me. The Kool Aid drinkers are starting to open their eyes and realize they’ve had the wool pulled over them. Obambi is not their lord and savior and is not going to be. I just want Hillary to be a successful SoS and hope that BO is not as big a screw up as GWB. Is that too much to ask?

  92. I just think if Obambi starts f&cking around with Grandma’s Social Security all hell will break loose amongst the commoners that thought he was going to be the one.

  93. One only need to watch Jay Leno when he does the Man in the Street interview. Most of those yokels do not have a clue as to how the government works or who the people are who make the decisions.

    One even thought that Obama had picked Palin to be his running mate. So it matters not. Most vote on name recognition and nothing else.

    God forbid they have a vested interest in anything beyond their ipod.

  94. What happens when the Obots find out he really meant it when he said ” we don’t need the people, just get the checks”?
    That is the true backtrack.

    There will be a lot of pain in this country for at least the next four years.
    It will take decades to recover from the acts of this campaign cycle. This cycle made ugly acts acceptable.



  95. (Not Sheri “taggles”): While I very much appreciate RD’s excellent writing and come here everyday, I cannot jump on the bandwagon and celebrate “the first AA president” – it’s hypocritical and I can’t stand hypocrits. Just my opinion, though. Everyone is entitled.

    I remember at the beginning of Hillary’s campaign, she made it quite clear that no one should vote for her “just because she is a woman.” She wanted people to vote for her on her issues, experience and integrity. She was right, of course. AND, if she were the new POTUS, we all would be celebrating the first female prez with legitimacy.

    I agree with Janicen at 8:18: When we can elect a prez based on their experience, integrity and issues, it is then and only then that we will have made the leap on the issue of race or gender. When we can look beyond the “color”, we will have made it. Believe me, this wasn’t it in this election.

    I don’t personally feel that race AND gender should be in the same category – there are many races or religions among us; however, there are only TWO species (so to speak) in the human race – man or woman! You are either a man or a woman – it’s time for a WOMAN to be elected as POTUS. PERIOD.

    What goes around comes around. So, yes, a big sigh – it’s going to be a long four years (or maybe eight). But, we’re used to it by now. But, a rat always shows his ugly face in the end.

  96. HelenK said: There will be a lot of pain in this country for at least the next four years.
    It will take decades to recover from the acts of this campaign cycle. This cycle made ugly acts acceptable.

    Yeah, agree 100%. That’s what I meant above – we are legitimizing everything this man has done so far (and God knows the trauma he will create down the road) but, by God, he’s black and that’s all that matters. Not!

  97. Bottom line: I’m not up for celebrating corruption and lack of a soul, no matter what color or flavor it comes in. You could say I have an equal opportunity b.s. detector and it’s been emitting a mighty buzz, to the point of frequent nausea. I plan to stay far far away from the coronation/ascension. Might even boycott the computer on That Day.

  98. Arabella said “People are just clapping so that Tinkerbell won’t die.”


    can I use it as quote of the day? with attribution, natch.

  99. I have to admit that if michelle had been elected prez, a large part of me would be thrilled to have a female prez. Having a woc would be even more thrilling, despite knowing full well she set women back with the way this campaign was run, “can’t run her own house” etc. I can’t blame anyone for celebrating the broken barrier they never though they’d see and though thetr’s no substance beyond the symbolism, though I just see bo as a misogynist who has set women back, personally.

    As for melissa, if warren is fine, why not gwb? She apparently doesn’t care one way or the other.

  100. The Who said it best:
    “Meet the new boss; he’s the same as the old boss”.

    I am so afraid they are right.


  101. Editorial in my local paper said “Obama right to go after entitlement (sic) programs” and going on with the myths about SS bankruptcy soon. WTF?

    No jobs, no housing, no health care, and out on the streets when you’re too old and broken to work.

    No, I can’t celebrate a bi-racial prez with no experience, no judgment, and no sense of responsibility.

  102. RD, powerfully written. I find myself nodding in agreement as I read your posts — that’s something I don’t often do.

  103. I have so little time to respond, but in reading this 2 things stand out for me:

    1. “He identified so closely with the struggle to overcome that even *I* was touched when I saw that sea of humanity in Grant Park.”

    I do not believe that Obama himself really identifies with the “struggle to overcome”. If he did, he would not have screwed his primarily black constituents time and time again in Chicago.

    Obama WAS identified (i.e. sold by Axelrod) with this identification.

    How easy is it to be “swept up”, forsaking all we KNOW to be true, when thousands are jubilant was taught painfully to us IF we reflect on the 3rd Reich.

    2. Re Etheridge “But she, like a lot of people who make their money in front of adoring crowds, has to watch what she’s saying. “

    Etheridge will undoubtedly remain a very wealthy woman to the end of her days unless she signed some ill-wrangeled contracts. Royalties, ESPECIALLY song writing royalties, ensure wealth. There is no excuse whatsoever for Etheridge’s blind and idiotic endorsement of the horrible, blood-stained Rick Warren. Her endorsement was aired a day or few days apart from a lesbian woman being gang-raped in San Francisco: a screaming loud message for all women; a scream of despair in the lesbian community.

    The fact that Melissa sang at the DNC convention singing a medley which included songs EXCLUSIVELY written by MEN is up to her and can be her privately reasoned little sell-out. Imagine if she had sung “What About Tomorrow” and thrown Hillary just a tiny bit of recognition?

    But there is no excusing her gushing endoresement of Killer-Warren with “I mean that the crowd can turn on her and regardless of her sexual orientation, Ethridge is a cross over singer. “. Etheridge’s lesbian fans have always been loyal. THAT part of the “crowd” would never turn on her. Unless of course, she turned on them.

    And besides, going back to recalling the 3rd Reich: Are we, who are given the privilige of a platform and a voice in whatever respect, ever mindful of how others will react? Do we buckle and bend because someone “might turn on us”? Or do we take that gift, that platform, and stand upright, doing what’s right, facing the tomatoes or whatever is hurled our way??

    We’re not talking about some trivial thing Etheridge did. We are talking about her gushing over and selling to the public an officer of the Reich.

  104. RD – I started this this AM but had meetings and am just now getting to it.
    Afrocity you are right on all your points.

    The media keeps calling the (s)election of Barack Obama “historical” – to my mind something is historical if it happens naturally- if it comes about because of uncontrived activities, not through a hoax, scam or chicanery or out and out deception.

    Barack Obama is about to be seated as 44th President of the Untied States because of dishonest use of the mainstream media, because of a planned process that took years to define and because of collusion on the part of several different entities.

    Yes, I am still quite angry that my vote and many of my family and friend’s votes were given away at the Democratic convention without even a first full polling. For someone who doesn’t hold grudges, chances are I will hold this grudge for sometime. As a woman, I saw the finish line within reach and it was snatched away by a group of underhanded scam artists. All of whom will soon experience a similar fate as the new president “throws them in this very crowded space under the bus” along with me, PUMAs and others he no longer has use for.

    I do not find that as any form of consolation as I shouldn’t be under the bus in the first place. I voted as an honest citizen, doing my righteous duty only to be ignored and my rights trampled.

    So I don’t see this as an historic occasion – it would be if Obama had the right stuff along with the right skin tone. It would be something I too would be out there celebrating if it had been honestly and openly won by someone with the credentials, someone who was direct and straight-forward about who they are and someone who embraced the American people.

    But here he is about to take the oath of office and we still haven’t seen any credentials, college transcripts, personal records, etc. we are supposed to take it on faith that he is who he says he is, that he did not take money from foreign countries to win the election and that he has the capability to actually be president.

    There are a lot of folks out there who would like to be able to apply for a job so easily. 👿

  105. I wish I could retract my votes for Nice Deb. I shouldn’t have taken anyone’s word for it.



  106. I’m catching up on threads after some time off the computer. This piece is just wonderful, RD. Hits all the right notes. The historicism of the moment is very shallow, just like the man who will be the center of attention. And I take that to be what RD meant when she acknowledged that there is something historic – as in slightly different than usual – about this inauguration.

    Beyond that I’m with Joanelle.

  107. Beethovenqueen and Josnelle: I don’t think we are disagreeing. My point was that Obama took advantage of the narrative. But the emotion from the crowd was genuine. I’m not sure they really give a fuck about Obama. For them, it really was all about race. And yet, there was a time only a few decades ago when the public at large would have cut off its own nose before it voted for a black dude. And for *that* alone, there is some consolation. They voted out of economic necessity (of course they were wrong about that). But they didn’t let color stand in their way. If it were anyone other than Obama, we would be ecstatic.
    As for Etheridge, my point is that she is in danger of alienating the crunchy granola, whole foods, people. We have to consider that it is fear that keeps her in line, at least in part. Natalie Maines took a financial hit for her loud mouth. Most musicians make their money touring. A hostile audience can rapidly reduce a group to Spinal Tap status.
    As long as we can’t separate our righteous indignation over the way Obama was selected, we are going to be miserable for at least the next week.
    There is a bright side.

  108. Pagerd.. that’s what I do .. I read the stuff myself and go back in their posts & see what the heck they stand for …

    then I make my vote . I sure do not vote cause somebody says so …

  109. No disagreement RD – I was just expressing my response to all the media trumpeting the historical nature of Obama becoming president – eeeuch 🙄

  110. Not unlike being stuck in a marriage to a cad you truly believed loved you. There are considerations to work through. You cannot just leave him. You’ve got to concoct an “exit” game. That cross/over moment when the appearances mean less than the outrage you feel over being lied to repeatedly by someone you WANTED to believe…and each time ‘you bought it’ you begged him to continue to test your willingness to buy whatever he came up with next.

  111. “Celebrate with the country’s African Americans. We can live it up because the triumph wasn’t Obama’s, it was OURS as a nation.”

    Yeah, celebrate. I’m as happy as the day they got O.J. off the hook. The parallel is that it doesn’t matter what he’s done, or what he knows, or anything else–we just want our guy to win one. So, let me go through my trash bag and find my New Year’s whoopee cushion…[Bthuuuuuuuuuu!!] Whoopee. Yay. There ya go. Yawn.

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