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Remember To Tune In Tonight at 8 PM…

to Sheri Tag’s No We Won’t on PUMA United Radio (PURRRRR!).

Now, with extra Conflucian-ness! Co-hosted on alternate Sundays by MadamaB and AngieNC. (Tonight, it’s MadamaB’s turn.)

Tune in as we discuss Ms. Magazine, Caroline Kennedy, and the launch of the PUMASphere! Click the image below to listen.



118 Responses

  1. OMG! I just made the most delicious turkey-white bean chili. Damn, I wish I had written it all down. One thing I threw in was a chipotle chile that I had previously frozen. I just pulverized the sucker into little bits while it was still in it’s frozen state. It builds up to a nice burn. Topped it with lowfat shredded cheese, reduced fat sour cream and green onions.

  2. What, no tofu?

    Real chili has meat in it, and there’s nothing “low-fat” involved.

  3. myiq: My chile has meat. It’s turkey. And I have to lose a lot of blog weight so I can fit into my bathing suit for spring break in Maui.
    Er, so I guess the second helping and Sam Adams isn’t going to get me there.

  4. Hey…watch those tofu jokes! 😉

  5. Switching to Sierra Nevad Porter. It tastes like it has fat burning enzymes in it.

  6. Whoo-Hoo! Only Tennessee has done better than the Stillers at this point. Hey, we ran out of fingers on the first hand. Gotta get one for the thumb for the other hand now.

  7. And I am sitting here munching on Raisinettes.

  8. I’m with myiq. I’m also with Riverdaughter about the weight, but I have no plans to wear a bathing suit. It’s nude or nothin’ for me. I weigh what I weigh, let ’em look.

  9. I was just over at TGW – Egalia has a nice round-up of reaction to the Ms-ogyny cover.

  10. I’m in great shape

    (if you consider “round” a great shape)

  11. Love that, Cinie: I weigh what I weigh, let ’em look.

  12. I still can’t get the audio no matter what I do!

  13. OK, I finally figured it out.

  14. Scrubs, I gave up on “cute” in my forties. Now, I strive for “clean.”

  15. I am just happy to be “breathing”.

  16. bostonboomer, on January 11th, 2009 at 8:23 pm Said:

    I still can’t get the audio no matter what I do!
    what is the trick??

  17. SHV,

    Now I can’t describe it. You have to go down and click on “listen” underneath the big square logo, and then you have to click “chat.” Sorry I didn’t see your question sooner. I was listening to the show.

  18. Hey guys! I just listened to the show.

  19. Great show!

  20. It was a very interesting show.
    We have so much work to do in education about women to other women and men.
    If we want women in politics we really have to start now.
    It is past only thinking of what party to vote for when it comes to women.
    We need to look at what a woman can accomplish in office and how she can help all women.
    We can start with the New York Senate seat. We MUST get a qualified woman in that seat



  21. Yea It was good!

  22. Hey guys! Thanks for listening!

    Helenk -itwas great to hear you…I forgot the “country before party always” part of your signature though.


  23. I actually have to get back to work (ugh!) just wanted to tell y’all it was a great show!

  24. angienc- can’t wait to hear you next week!

  25. Work? Yuck! Good luck!

  26. I was surprised to hear about abortion. I am pro-choice but I have always felt that the clump of cells is a life. Abortion will always go on legal or illegal and I would rather it be legal and safe. That movie that Riverdaughter mentioned 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is a great movie. Everyone should check it out.

  27. Oops, I meant I was glad to hear the issue of abortion brought up.

  28. Afro – glad to hear it – I find it really hard to talk about why Obama is a misogynist without bringing up his stance on reproductive rights…

  29. that was a lot of fun madamab. I am so happy to have you on board.

    Next week is angienc’s turn! Ha ha ha (evil laugh)

    I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

  30. I did taggles

  31. I had such a good time…in fact, right before the show, taggles and I had a giggle fit! We were lucky it didn’t happen on the show!


    Can’t wait to hear it next week!

  32. i gotta sell some designer stuff on Ebay…be back later

  33. ssssshhhhhhhhhh madamab

  34. thanks afrocity! have fun shopping!

  35. oops I mean selling!

  36. hey angie, I wonder if anyone is still waiting for my profound statement. I know I am!

  37. taggles – I hope you didn’t leave all your insights on the air!


  38. I just turned on my tv and lifetime movie is about a female firefighter. What are the odds?



  39. I know, Helenk – hubby and I had a big laugh about that…of course, it is a MOVIE!!!

    Nighty-night all!

  40. going to bed byt madamab and taggles and RD great show tonight

    Love to you all and the sweetest of dreams….

    Oh, and remember that which does not kill us makes us stronger!

    nite nite

  41. Just watched the Shuster thing below and my question is: why on earth would anybody choose to watch this arrogant, rude, loudmouthed, game playing POS? I couldn’t even make it through the second video, the guy is so obnoxious. Is this what passes for, uh, teevee ‘journalism’ in this country now? Reason I ask is, I haven’t watched network news (or any kind of news) in many years. Instead, I read a lot (I also listened to NPR news for a long time, until they jumped on the CDS/Adoration of BO bandwagon). I simply cannot believe that someone as toxic as Shuster even has a job. The guy is just wretchedly, slimeballishly, head achingly godawful.

  42. And he has a cleverly concealed bald spot.

  43. the guy is a sicko. an actual nut. doing the six o’clock news.

    he was totally delusional.

  44. A good read:

    Sunday Jan. 11, 2009 08:23 EST
    Obama’s allegedly “new” centrism and his ABC interview today


  45. Hey guys — just stopping in before going to bed — I missed bb’s Shuster post earlier & I just have got to say how in the h#ll can Shuster accuse anyone of not questioning a pol’s credibility & just getting “caught up in personality” without God smiting him with a thunder bolt? LMAO — Shuster is a vampire — can’t see his own reflection.

  46. It’s a pretty well-known story that he was almost fired for the Chelsea Clinton episode, but Tim Russert intervened to save him. Shuster and Barnicle, two Russert gifts that keep on giving.

  47. Did Feraro have t deal with this foaming out the mouth media culture? What about the Democrats? I’m sure they blamed her for the loss and probably ran her out of the party, but what about this level of scapegoating, virulence and inability to let it go?

    Can we conclude that the status of women has actually gone DOWN over tje past 24 years? Or what the hell?

  48. Shuster should have been fired for that comment. And I hope there is an after life just so that the late Tim Russert has the opportunity to find out how full of sh!t he actually is.

  49. angie, shuster has contracted BO’s projection disease.

  50. Seriously — I was young when Ferraro ran (although I remember her running) so I don’t know how bad it got, but I know she did not have an easy time of it — I remember them racking her over the coals for some connections of her husband’s (don’t remember the details); I remember an uproar when VP GHWB said after the debate that he had “kicked a$$”; & I remember the jokes that both the Republicans and the Dems. had a “bush” on the ticket. {rolls eyes} That misogynistic humor — so erudite.

  51. I wonder what arguments Russert used. “We’re NBC, we hate b——-“? “It’s not like he attacked her so much she had to barricade herself in the restroom to get away from him–if he did, we’d have to give him his own show”?

  52. Didn’t he call her a B—- too, angie? I’m sure it was horrible for her. But I really wonder what happened to her after. They can’t let Palin go, but I guess it’s because they still see her as a threat.

  53. Seriously, he didn’t contract the disease, he’s a carrier. He was a reporter in Little Rock during the Jim Guy Tucker trial and then he spent 6 years at Faux News.

  54. Ok — I’m off to bed — night Seriously, night Prolix!

    Night anyone else who is here.

  55. Night Angie.

  56. No, Seriously, Ferraro was on the ticket during the Cronkite era when civil discourse in ‘respectable’ media was more or less the rule of the day. Sure, the misogyny quotient was undoubtedly just as high, but it was generally sub rosa. What we’re seeing today is far worse. These talking headf*ckers don’t even bother with the thin veneer of civilization. What comes after bread and circuses, again?

  57. nite angie

  58. I could watch the rest of Shuster. MSNBC is awful journalism even without the O-gasms

  59. Night angie.

    LOL Of course he did, Prolix. The gold standard for employment at MSNBC is experience with Fox.

    I was afraid of that, Kat. It’s like teh wheels have come off, and now not only is it socially acceptable, they think it’s effective. We are so screwed.

  60. Given his experience in AK and then at Faux, he could be CDS patient zero.

  61. Sorry should be AR instead of AK.

  62. afrocity, I’m trying to get caught up on threads and I just read where you dad told you if he’d been around while you were growing up maybe you could have been Michelle Obama. Damn! I have a story like that too, I was in a debate competition for school and my uncle’s friend goes “wow, you did a good job, maybe you could be a Senator someday.” My uncle goes, “Maybe you could work in a Senator’s office, do some typing.” Zonk!

    I dont want to be President, I dream of being First Lady! Rah rah, I’m a handmaiden. 🙂

  63. (Not to say that Michelle’s a handmaiden, just the whole idea from these guys that that role’s what we’re supposed to aspire to. I can’t imagine anyone saying to a boy, wow, you could grow up and be Mr. palin, the Governor’s husband!)

  64. seriously, my grandma told me to aim high…and be a secretary. Not that anything is wrong with that but at the time I told her I wanted to be a writer. I forgave her. She was born in 1911 and was a maid, to some of Chicago’s richest Jewish families.

  65. I can understand that, I can hear my aunt or my grandmother saying something like that and meaning it with love, I want you to do well but be realistic, their imaginations don’t go that high because of their experience. They way they’d mean it would be different from the way he meant it.

  66. But it’d still be hard to hear. 🙂

  67. Not, as afrocity said, that there’s anything wrong with being a secretary, it’s just kids, dreams, and tearing them down instead of just letting them have them, whether they’re realistic or not.

  68. My grandma told me i’d go far, if they didn’t hang me first.

  69. And you didn’t even see the noose she was hiding behind her back–until it was too late!

  70. myiq,

    Clowns are important.

  71. To be fair, maybe myiq’s grandma is pro-clown and just anti-crazed killer clowns. Many people share that prejudice.

  72. Okay, is it true that Obama is going to serve the same foods that were served at Lincoln’s inaugural?

    I don’t want to to be mean, but I’m starting to think this guy has psychological problems.

  73. Are there any sane killer clowns?

  74. Okay, is it true that Obama is going to serve the same foods that were served at Lincoln’s inaugural?

    I hope not, the leftovers would be kinda stale by now, don’t ya think?

  75. myiq,

    Can you do the MS. cover with Capt. Spaulding’s face and say “This is what a Feminist Looks Like” ?

    I would use it as my wallpaper if you did

  76. Clownphobes might think that killer clowns who prey on their own are showing a healthy outlook on life.

    LOL Maybe Clinton would have gotten more respect if he’d married a cousin, deliberately contracted polio and given Fireside Chats. I would have thought that such homage would subject him to derision, but apparently not.

  77. Also, if my family owned slaves, I don’t think I’d necessarily want to bring up that kind of comparison. Abolitionists, slave holders….

  78. So now were gonna have anti-clownite humor?

    BTW – Captain Spaulding doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, sexual orientaion or religion.

    He’s an equal opportunity serial killer.

  79. Not that that’s his fault, obviously, but still, I owuldn’t want to invite anyone to take the opportunity to say “and what were YOUR ancestors doing at that time?”

  80. Well, he better discriminate on the basis of angie. Hannibal Lechter had Claric Starling, Capt Spaulding has angie. No killing!

  81. I was being serious about the Capt. Spaulding cover.

    I like clowns.

    I love that 80’s video Ghost in You which features a clown.

  82. Oh….Per Dissenting Justice, “According to the Associated Press, President-elect Barack Obama will host three dinners during the week of his inauguration in order to honor “leaders who worked across party lines. On the night before the inauguration ceremony Obama will recognize John McCain, Joe Biden and Colin Powell as individuals who put “their country ahead of their political party.”

    Damn! I wish the blogger boyz had some kind of actual principles so I watch their heads explode.

  83. Oh….Per Dissenting Justice, “According to the Associated Press, President-elect Barack Obama will host three dinners during the week of his inauguration in order to honor “leaders who worked across party lines. On the night before the inauguration ceremony Obama will recognize John McCain, Joe Biden and Colin Pow ell as individuals who put “their country ahead of their political party.”

    Damn! I wish the blogger boyz had some kind of actual principles so I watch their heads explode.

  84. My grandma loves clowns. Unfortuately, her neighbor used to be married to a clown. Entering grandma’s house practically gives her PTSD.

  85. riverdaughter, on January 11th, 2009 at 7:36 pm Said:

    Riverdaughter, I need that recipe! It sounds so delicious!
    And I also need to lose blog weight (time I used to use to go to the gym or out for a walk).

  86. When people have to question their actions because you do not agree with their ideas, they look at you as a threat.
    I have watched this election cycle turn this country to an ugly place. It does not bode well for the future.
    I do remember when people could put signs in their yard supporting their candidate without being firebombed.
    This cycle has put race and gender relations back at least fifty years. I don’t know if what it will take to have people work together again for the common good.
    Since backtrack right now is trying to play Lincoln , he forgot the most important lesson ” a house divided can not stand”.
    All the hate and ignorance he fostered will hurt this country for decades. Future generations will pay a heavy price for the actions taken during this election cycle.



  87. Oh Jesus Paul, it’s almost like you killed my D&D translator!!!! Please stop saying you voted for Wonkette, we’re just going to lose the will to live, and if we’re too depressed to crack open another bag of Cheetos, the economy will suffer. O THE HUMANITY

  88. You know Paul B, while I have heard of Wonkette, via The Confluence, I have never bothered going over there.

    It’s funny that not only have you HEARD of The Confluence, you came to visit.

    YES, we are that IRRESISTABLE.

  89. Hey Paul B – while you are visiting, would you go over to the David Schuster thread and leave your opinion. Someone liberal enough to vote for Wonkette that many times should actually agree with us about the media obsession with female candidates.

    Come on, give it a go – show us how truly liberal you are.

  90. Any mod around? Spammy got me – maybe Wonkette has become a bad word.

  91. Testing.


  92. KJ, don’t bait him!!!!! He might go and vote for Wonkette MORE, and then we’ll just DIE! Anything but that! Oh noes! Every vote is written in our blood and tears! LOL

  93. Nope, wasn’t that word.

    Let me try another couple.




  94. KJMontana
    what you said.
    never been there, do not want to go there.
    We must be VERY IMPORTANT to cause such a commotion among people we do not know or want to know.



  95. Hmmm, maybe it was Paul B.





  96. Damn, spammy doesn’t like the word “the” ’cause that’s about all I have left in my sentence.

  97. Our former Secretary of State trips spammy, scrubs

  98. In any event, I was inviting Paul, who doesn’t seem to be around anymore, to go over and give his liberal opinion on the Schuster thread. If Paul truly represents a liberal blog, he should agree with what we wrote there.

  99. Remember when myiq did that thread about the different types of trOlls? Paul would fit the “suicide” trOll category, right?

  100. Okay, it must be the word thread.

  101. I give up. The computer has bested me.

  102. myiq will return eventually

  103. And he’s gonna get mad at us for talking to tro lls, but c’mon, not only did he say “twizzle stick,” he also counted up his votes! LOL may be a euphamism, but I literally did. Don’t we want this type of tr oll sticking around? Wouldn’t you regret it if you missed out on further dispatches from the front lines?

  104. somebody say my name?

  105. That’s freaky, is that your superpower?

  106. We have had people or tr0lls come to TC and question our judgment or criticize us. People who clearly state their thoughts. I find it fascinating that every tr0ll from Wonkette can only make feeble attempts at humor and only has something immature to say. I think they voted for Obama because they thought that socialism meant partying.

  107. Just don’t say “Captain Spaulding” three times in a row.

    (unless you want to donate a kidney)

  108. I honestly don’t think that guy was trying for humor, I think he actually thought we’d be tearing our hair out over his news or something. You might have a skewed sense of reality if you lived in a basement and played war games all day, too. At least the 101st Fighting Keyboarders are pretending to fight an actual war instead of pretending to fight a pretend war.

  109. Okay….so afrocity doesn’t like immaturity or feeble attempts at humor….shuffles feet, whistles….

  110. I am fine with humor but I would not take the time to come over and say something stupid. We had a tr0ll earlier that raised a question about Sarah Palin and feminism. He was a tr0ll but he spoke in coherent sentences and didn’t sound like an escapee from ass wipe island.

  111. LOL

  112. I was just over there and I swear that I agree with Angie. You need a shower afterwards. All they are talking about on Wonkette is Puma. How many days has this been going on? Like 4 now. They have mental issues.

  113. Well, maybe one of them will be saved from a sad pathetic existance by inventing a device to freep online polls to sell to other losers with skewed senses of realitwar mentality overwho bring a war mentality to ordering pizza….

  114. What happened when Ferraro ran was that the GOP started investigating her husband’s real estate business. Blew up every little thing to sound like some big crime. Dunno if they were actually threatening him with crminal charges but it was in that direction; drove him to terrible anxiety and depression. Like all the investigations of the Clintons in the 90s.

  115. Good morning, Conflucians.

    Great radio show last night, Sheri and MadameB

    But what I am more concerned about now is the recipe for the Chilli. How can I try and recreate what sounds like a delish dish if you don’t provide more details?

    I also learned that freezing whole Chilli’s is a good thing, growing our own is good too, we had a bumper crop and are still eating chilli’s from last year.

    So … details please, full recipe. thanks.

    Have a great day, all.

  116. This is my avatar >

    not that ghostie thing

  117. When Dick told us his cousin will cling to the power he amassed, I never doubted. Now, here comes the media, explaining how this is actually a good thing

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