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David Shuster Meets His Match

Since I never watch MSNBC anymore, I was fortunate to see these videos posted at No Quarter by Curt of Flopping Aces. These interviews are amazing.

We already know that David Shuster is one of the most misogynistic “reporters” in the media, standing out even among his koolaid-chugging colleagues at the Obama Network. For example, during the primaries he accused Hillary Cllinton of “pimping out” her daughter, simply because Chelsea Clinton, a mature adult, freely chose to make campaign appearances for her mother. In another blatant display of CDS, Shuster brought a “Hillary laughing pen” onto the set during a discussion of primary results and used it to mock Hillary for her “cackle.” Shuster was also one of the most rabid of the TV talking heads in his attacks on Sarah Palin during the general election campaign. There are endless examples of his over-the-top CDS and PDS.

On Friday, Shuster “interviewed” (actually harrangued) John Ziegler a libertarian-conservative radio talk show host turned docmentary filmmaker, whose film Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected will be released in February. Ziegler maintained a good humored tone as he stood up to Shuster’s attempted battering. Apparently Shuster felt he’d been beaten, so he invited Ziegler back a few hours later for another attempt, which was again a failure. Watch and enjoy.


Update: John Ziegler has been “distressed by the general nature of the liberal response” to the preview of his documentary that was posted at you tube.

I should probably hold off (for now) on sharing the over-the-top,hate-filled, profanity-laced, rationality-less e-mail I have received, but you can just go to the comments section of the video and see for yourself!

While I guess I should not have expected much from the followers of a false Messiah virtually installed by an adoring media, even I have been a bit taken aback by the absurdity and intensity of much of the reaction to the video and the Zogby poll that I commissioned.

We Conflucians are not surprised, of course. We also know that the Obots are not really liberals. They are Obamicans.

96 Responses

  1. How incredibly funny. Thanks, boomer, you have brightened my day.

  2. What a putz!

    Shuster must be circumcised, otherwise it would look like he was wearing a turtleneck.

  3. Hi Chatlu,

    These are classic. David Shuster long ago gave up any claim to objectivity. But Ziegler really nailed him on it, and he did it with ridicule instead of reacting angrily.

  4. May this happen more and more.
    The so -called journalists need to be called out loudly and often.



  5. Ziegler did an excellent job of turning Schuster into mincemeat. If I were a politician, I would definitely want Ziegler as my communications liaison.

  6. Shuster just can’t let go of Palin’s not responding the way he wanted her to to Katie Couric’s insulting question about whether she reads. He wanted Palin to be cross-examined about what story was on the front page of NYT on the day she was interviewed?! WTF!?

  7. This should be spread everywhere to show just how idiotic and obsessed Schuster is.

    Love how Ziegler points out that Obama would have had those same “qualification” numbers.

  8. Shuster’s nothing more than a court jester. Kudos to Ziegler but MSNBC lost its credibility well before they anointed “The One.” They really ought to be on child-block and put out of business.

    Nice write-up. Thanks.

  9. That interview is an example of the reason I don’t watch television news.

    Shuster asks loaded questions then won’t let Zeigler finish answering.

  10. I loved the way Ziegler handled it though. Ridicule is the best way to expose a poseur.

  11. Jeez, the election is over. Why is MSNBO still harping on Palin? It’s an obsession with them. They seem to be really scared that she’s going to come back.

  12. RD:

    Notice they aren’t going after Romney, Huckabee or any other Republicans.

    What does she have that the others don’t?

  13. myiq: scary lady parts?

  14. Where those quotes about Obama or palin?

    I like this guy! But then the GOP-ers would know about the “when did you stop beating your wife”? type of questions as they used to do the sheepish Dems all the time. I think Wes Clark was the first to react to that “you mean, you see it this way”?
    Schuster is clearly working on 2012 already.

  15. It is misogyny, plain and simple. There’s no getting around it.

  16. help! I landed in moderation and I can’t get up!

  17. Maybe they need some of that Viagra that has been going to Afghan warlords?

  18. That was worth watching, thinks for posting it as I have MSNBC blocked on my TV so I don’t accidentally get exposed to it.

  19. I think it’s misogyny + elitism. Those GOP quotes reminded me of it. David Brooks complained about Palin’s “anti-intellectualism”. Does anyone remember him saying any such thing about frat boy W? Palin’s other sin is that she was not a member of the ruling class (not unlike the Clintons). Bushes, Kennedys, Obama being related to Cheney – they can be anti-intellectual or lack experience – even the women to some extent. Commoners – keep out.

  20. RD:

    Imagine if in the middle of an interview with Shuster that Sarah did like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

    He would scream and run out of the studio.

  21. MSNBC are just a group of propagandists and if they can express their misogyny doing it, it just makes their day. Shuster is a joke and everyone knows it, so why try to hide it. Just give Shuster and the rest of the propagandists there enough rope and they will hang themselves. MSNBC has already lost it’s “news” credentials, and they still trail Fox and CNN in viewership. How much further down can they descend?

  22. boomer — OMG OMG OMG!!! {{{{{ banging head hard against the wall }}}}} OMG OMG!!!

    Why can’t they just LET GO??! What is it with PDS that they just can’t shake it???!!!

    Scuze me…I have to go bandage my head now.

  23. Edge,

    Hillary was treated like a hillbilly too, remember? And her supporters were trailer trash deadenders, bitter and clinging to guns and God. The real issue is misogyny, IMO. Even Caroline Kennedy is treated differently than a male Kennedy would be. Do you seriously believe there would be any question about handing the Senate seat to JFK Jr. if he were still alive? Yet he wouldn’t have had relevant experience either.

  24. I would be really happy if Sarah Palin apologized to Hillary for her remark about how you can’t complain about the media because of “perceived whining.” Something like “Gosh, I had no idea how bad it really is” would do fine.


  26. Looks like them boys who play at the confluence of those rivers in PA found their “A” game.

  27. bostonboomer
    True, a male Kennedy would have had less flack. Still, Carolyne is called “sweet” and “classy” – even by her GOP detractors.
    I still think it’s a combination of both – just like it was in Hillary’s case.

  28. Shuster keeps attacking Zeigler with such illogic, with “when
    did you stop beating your wife?” questions. Zeigler doesn’t
    go on the defensive, which is exactly the trap Shuster is
    deliberately trying to set.
    Such as quoting all the Repubs who don’t like Palin. And
    now since these Repubs. who Shuster doesn’t agree with
    on anything else, say this, they MUST be right.
    About time someone took on the stupid horrible networks.
    Oh, and Shuster’s bad, but he’s not the only one.
    Olbermann had a major hate piece on Palin an hour later.
    The amount of hate and aggression he throws at her is
    really astounding. I guess he’d rather have Jeb Bush. Or
    Guigliano. Or Romney. Huckabee.
    What are these crazy people thinking?
    Oh, forgot. They’re thinking “better attack this woman as
    viciously as possible, marginalize her with scorn – otherwise
    she might be our next president.”
    That would be really scary.
    She might attack our itty bitty penis parts.

  29. I remember on the B0bot forum where I was t the time of the “pimping” events – how everyone was suddenly concerned about Schuster’s 1st Amendment rights. Only months before, they used the moniker of MSGOP, but now they loved them! And they willfully ignored the fact that Hillary never asked for his firing or indeed any specific measure – she actually said it’s for the network to police their employees, not for her to tell them.

  30. Whip your Terrible Towel for the Stillers!

  31. Edge:

    And the Obots couldn’t see anything sexist or misogynistic about “pimping”

  32. I saw this interview the other night – watched it with my Obie
    loving BF. He kept repeating “This is the strangest interview
    I’ve ever seen.”
    I just kept laughing and cheering Zeigler on.
    Made my night.

  33. speaktruth
    Schuster is (clumsily) using the playbook that Russert used to do on dems (back when they were dems). Of course, what he omits saying is that half of those GOP-ers – most of them media people – endorsed Obama.

  34. I think the only real way to go after MSNBC is its NBC News division. NBC prizes its NBC News division and tries to separate MSNBC from NBC. I personally don’t see the difference since they use the same resources and many of the same reporters. But NBC tries to pretend that NBC News is these “reporters'” real job, while MSNBC is their playground where they can say silly things. It’s as if MSNBC is “off the record,” a place for them to unwind. You saw NBC News try to reign in MSNBC after Hillary lashed out when Schuster made his “pimping out” comment. Her campaign threatened to have nothing to do with NBC News – and they suspended Schuster. Same thing happened when they finally decided to suspend Tweety/KO’s coverage of the conventions – when the credibility of NBC News was seen as being at risk. Indeed, from some articles I’ve seen many people behind-the-scenes at NBC News are not happy with what MSNBC is doing, but they let them all get away with it. The only way to reign in MSNBC is to go after NBC News. That’s when NBC will act. Go after their prized NBC News division.

    Schuster and Olbermann’s obsession with Palin is just that: an obsession. Somebody needs to really call them on it. Remember when Hillary told Tweety to his face that he was “obsessed” with her? He started pouting “No I’m not, I’m not obsessed.” And then he pinched her cheek when she came up to talk to him personally.

  35. myiq
    In fact I remember having an argument with one of them about the age when pimping was OK. They seemed to think that as Chelsea was not a minor there was nothing wrong with what was said.

  36. It does make you wonder why prominent GOPers would diss Sarah in the middle of an election campaign.

    Whose side were they on?

  37. DYB
    I saw how the “playground” was feeding the news during the primaries. At one point, MSNBC went to a Clinton rally ahead of Hillary’s concession – after SC (they gave the results seconds after the polls closed). They concocted a story that she didn’t concede – which quickly found its way on NBC nightly news. ABC made a point of airing the actual concession on their news at 11 – and it was surreal switching channels between the two. You are right.

  38. Shuster was asking if it was okay to blame Sarah Palin for the insane misogyny he and his frat-boy enablers at MSNOBAMA unleashed on the Governor.

    Ziegler laughed at him and said no.

    Game, set, match, Ziegler.

  39. myiq
    Collin Powell and Chuck Hagel made no secret whose side they were on. The others were pretty much the media – and that fact alone answers the loyalty question – and makes the subject of Ziegler’s documentary.

  40. I was thinking about this the other night.

    When it comes to Hillary, Sarah or PUMA, Obama supporters cannot EVER see any sexism or misogyny.

    They admit it exists in a theoretical sense, but not in practice.

    But they saw it in Rendell’s comments about Napalitano.

  41. help!! Moderation again!

  42. Is anyone else really getting angry that the msm really insults your intelligence by trying to deny what happened to Senator Clinton and Governor Palin?
    I lived through times when women in the workplace were treated as second class, I had hoped we were past that as a country.
    This election cycle showed me that there are third world countries with more respect for intelligent women then here.
    We have to change that starting now.
    We have to expect and demand respect and act like we deserve it.
    There has to be ways to avoid msm and go directly to the people when campaigning.
    More use of the internet, More whistlestop tours.
    The msm has become irrelevant and is not in the country’s best interest
    The cost of advertising on the msm has driven costs up so that most Americans could not run for office and the people do not get the best choice.



  43. These male reporters find strong women a puzzle and an obssession whether it be Hillary or Palin. I sure do hope Palin comes back and I hope she comes back with a vengeneance. I hear that the commentary on Palin with Couric was edited and Palin called the media on it’s love affair with itself. I hear she basically called them self absorbed.

  44. Yeah, I loved the way Ziegler laughed at Schuster – ridiculing his lack of homework!

    I can’t believe Schuster kept going. What an idiot – a blustering one, at that.

  45. myiq2xu> I think they were not on McCain’s side. McCain was too liberal for so many of them and he’d poked the Republican party in the eye too many times. I think it was less to do with Palin and more to do with them opposing McCain. She was their target of choice.

    I also think there’s something to the idea (which I’ve been talking about for a while) that, like Karl Rove, they saw the Democratic party getting cut down the middle by Obama. Getting Obama elected, I think, is much more advantageous to the Republican party in the long run. I think they were willing to sacrifice McCain/Palin in 2008 because they anticipate huge gains in the coming elections once Obama turns off a shitload of moderates who voted for him, as well as all those kids obsessed with Obama who don’t give MoDo’s ass about the Democratic party. I think Republicans were looking into the future, Democrats were only interested in a quickie.

  46. B0bots also notice sexism against M0. Also CK.
    For those others – there’s always “I want a woman, but not that woman…or that one either”

  47. speaktruth,

    It sounds like your BF might be waking up from his Koolaid hangover.

  48. O/T – When you all do your Weblog Award votes today, tomorrow and Tuesday, vote for Pharyngula for Best Science Blog. The current leader is a climate change denier. Pharyngula is in second place and could take the lead.

  49. This afternoon I just happened to watch The Contender on HBO. It is a 2000 film about selecting a female U.S. Senator as replacement for the VP when the current office holder died in office. Joan Allen plays the lead role. Jeff Bridges is the President.

    It is a story about hypocrisy, misogyny and double standards for women. Sadly, it was all too familiar.

    As the credits began to roll the following words appeared –

    Just think, 8 short years ago we thought things were getting better…

  50. Oh I think there was a clear agenda against Palin and there remains to be a clear agenda against her. I think she scares the crap out of them which is exactly why I like her.

  51. Dee,

    I love that movie! Joan Allen was fantastic in it.

  52. Good question, myiq.
    No one wanted Sarah, not Dems or Repubs. I’m so
    happy to see her speak out about the sabotage that came
    from her own party.
    This may be wishful thinking, but I like to think they
    dislike her because they know that if she has power she
    won’t follow the straight Repub playbook. That even MSNBC
    yahoos call her so conservative, she really is much more
    liberal (BTY, I’m so glad that term is “okay” again. It’s hard
    to find synonyms that are not so “offensive”.) than her
    “fellow” Repubs, on most issues. She truly is a maverick,
    and would not follow the party line. I even see her religiousness
    as “Christian” in the best sense of the word, motivated by
    Christ’s true message, even I don’t agree with many of her
    She, and other Repub women, such as two senators
    from Maine, Carly Fiorina, Hutchinson, could possibly all
    come together with Dem women to form an unstoppable
    coalition, fighting for the rights of disenfranchised in this
    society, forming international coalition of women and mothers
    for peace and economic equality and progress.
    Hillary had the potential to make this happen.
    My fantasy: Hil as president with cabinet and advisors
    of mostly women, with female supporting men, Repub
    women, all working for a peaceful, just and equable world.
    Though I feel cynical and burnt out now, it’s good to hold
    a vision of this possibility together.

  53. TD Stillers!


  54. RD: The stillers are having their way thus far. First home team to do well, too.

  55. speaktruth:

    I see her as more of a old school Goldwater conservative than a Reagan-Bush neocon type.

    Conservatives used to believe in good government, fiscal discipline, strong defense and individual freedom.

    Now it’s tax cuts, deregulation, deficit spending and imperialism.

  56. speaktruth – I LOVE the way you think. What a beautiful dream!

    Let’s never lose sight of it, no matter what happens.

  57. boston (and others) – If you have HBO they are showing it a couple more times tonight.

    I had actually forgotten what a good film it is. Perhaps I watched it with a different view today – in fact, I know I did. I am in a truly pissy mood right now. I better not leave the house.

  58. For a really good book on conservatism read “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John Dean.

    Dean doesn’t have a high opinion of Reagan-Gingrinch-Bush conservatism.

  59. From everything I have seen about Palin she actually IS a compassionate conservative. While she may not agree with gay marriage she does not feel it is fair to deprive them of equal protections under the law. More money for Headstart and programs that help lift women and children from poverty. Part of a group that helped get Domestic Violence Act and Child Enforcement Act passed. More oversight and regulation of business such as oil companies. I think it is the oversight part in particular that got the media.

  60. bb,
    I keep waiting for that to happen. Sometimes he seems to
    be listening and paying attention, but then he has a relapse.
    I think he needs to stay away from other Obot people,
    places, and things (who are ubiqitous in my “former” circle),
    in order to successfully detox.
    I think part of it is his reluctance to admit he was wrong.
    He’s one of the crazy left who brought us Bush by voting
    for Nader.
    I went to a Green party meeting before 2000 election. I
    agreed with everything Nader believed. I naively assumed he
    was running to push Dems to the left, and that he would
    make a deal and drop out before the election.
    I remember sitting in that meeting listening to people I’d
    always respected say with a straight face that there was no
    difference between Gore and Bush, and that it didn’t matter
    which one was elected. I was shocked that they were serious.
    See where that got us.

  61. Guess I’ll add to it–GO Stillers!! Even though I’m a California Girl now.
    OOPs–I broke my own rule–I’m a California WOMAN!!!!


  62. TD Stillers


  63. Dee,
    I love that movie, too. I hope to see more Puma art in the
    coming years. I started a Puma novel, which, unfortunately,
    I’ve neglected the past few months because of having to
    work so hard to keep my small business afloat in this economy.
    Maybe we can support each other to do some projects –
    books, articles, films, plays, etc. dealing with our issues.
    Re Palin – She vindicated my respect for her by being
    the only one brave and authentic enough to take on the media.
    I know why Hillary can’t do this now, but it’s still disappointing.
    I’m hoping Bill steps and speaks out more this year. They
    totally skewered him, just made him look so foolish instead
    of brilliant and competent. I saw him in an interview with
    Elvis Costello on Sundance recently.
    They spoke about music. I realized watching that he’s a
    very unconventional thinker for an American politician. He
    has an artist mentality, and a strong feminine (sensitive,
    compassionate, artistic, nurturing) side.
    Obama camp picked up on how fun it could be to bully him.

  64. Doing polka in the endzone!!!

  65. “TD Stillers” What?

  66. Is anyone else sick of the Gotcha political interview? Remember Hillary getting hit with Name the Russian Leader? They might as well have asked her to spell it, while Obama got along with “Uh, what she said…” Now Shuster wants Ziegler to quiz Palin on the front page of the NYT (as though that were the only credible news source in the country, and only those who memorize the front page every morning are qualified to be politicians)? What a JOKE. When’s the last time someone asked Obama a hard question? I don’t think he ever got a Gotcha question, and when he did get REAL questions, he got Whiny. “Just let me eat my waffles…” “Guys, I just answered eight questions…” “They were mean to me in the debate…” I am SO looking forward to the coming years of Schadenfreude.

  67. KB:

    The Steelers are thumping the Bolts 35-17

  68. I’m sorry myiq2xu,

    You are very wrong on conservatism. Reagan was NOT a neo-con. Bush and Bush sr? Very much so. Neo-cons left the Democrat party and joined Reagan in his “big tent” because of George HW Bush being VP. Reagan and Bush Sr. were world’s apart in their idea of governance.

    You are very right that conservatives stood for good government, fiscal discipline, strong defense and individual freedom. They still do, very much so. There just aren’t very many at the federal level anymore. Bush is not a conservative. He never was. “Compassionate conservative” was a Karl Rove device to get conservatives on board.

    The neo-cons and Rockefeller republicans are all big government tax and spenders or deficit spenders (like Bush). The neo-cons ARE imperialistic, in that they are militarily hawkish and want to spread democracy at gunpoint. Conservatives call these people RINOS (Republicans in name only)

    True conservative believe in smaller government, fiscally sound government, individual freedom and liberty, a strong national defense (the stronger the better, because it reduces the likelihood you ever use it) and a strict adherence to the Constitution. True conservatives believe the power should be closer to the people in the state and local level, and not the federal level.

    Sarah Palin is a true conservative (in the mold of Goldwater, like you mentioned, but also of Reagan). She is very much a polar opposite of GWB, in my opinion. THIS is the reason all of those so-called Republicans (Powell, Kathleen parker, etc) all trashed Sarah Palin. There is a major schism in the Republican party between the neo-con/Rockefeller Republicans and the Conservatives. The former loved Mccain, because he could supposedly reach out to moderates and democrats. The latter loved Sarah Palin, because she was one of them. And this is why the Kathleen Parker’s of the world trashed Palin. Sarah Palin represents more of a populist movement back to true conservative roots… which would mean the destruction of the upper power structure of the Republican party… a power structure which for the past 10-15 years has been more interested in achieving power than governing with conservative principles.

    Just my .02

  69. Ah — I was totally lost. And what (or who) or where is a Bolt?

  70. oh what can the matter be 7 pundits stuck in the lav’itry
    stuck there from sunday to saturday
    and nobody new they were there

    First to come in was David Shuster whos brain wan’t working like ti use’ter
    sat on the handle and thought hee’d been goosed -Errr!

    Nobody knew he was there

    oh what can the matter be 7 pundits stuck in the lav’itry
    stuck there from sunday to saturday
    and nobody new they were there

    ok you all are welcomr to come up with your own verses for KO Tweety and Timmy Russertt Wolf Cafferty etc…

  71. Nice one, Fuzzy!

  72. Hey guys, wasn’t there an Obama to-do list somewhere? Like 100 or 200 things he wanted to get done in the first 100 or 200 days in office or something? Because I really want to maintain the checklist somewhere…

  73. Sandra: I recall a debate during which McCain said that there woud need to be prioritization of things to be done in the first year, and Obama said that he disputed that. Ending the war, stimulating the economy, health care, you name it, could all be done during the first year.

  74. Am I glad I don’t have a TV! People actually watch this sh*t-head of an interviewer?

    And he’s doing that classic pick some nit-picky detail that has no importance and pretending it’s a life-or-death matter! Shrub Jr. never even read the news — how come that’s not a problem?

    You just can’t discuss anything with these types, they are so illogical.

  75. Rabid is certainly the word for shu’s approach.
    Next week: Steelers v Ravens at the confluence. Woot! Woot!

  76. What? Ha? Okay — They really love Obama — These videos made me sick. He is supposedly a reporter, more like an Obama Fanboy…

    I didn’t vote for Palin, don’t agree with her politically, but she was the choice of the Republican Party good bad or indifferent. And he is taking Colin Powell’s word on anything after he got up infront of the UN waving a metal rod around stating that that was proof of WMDs…

    Please — excuse me.. But Sarah Palin had more experience than Obama did.

    But of course she is ripped apart because the media wanted Obama.

  77. I’m glad Ziegler mentioned the vile commenting on the Youtube videos. That is a story in itself. I think the misogyny and filthy comments on Youtube have to be the worst anywhere.

  78. John Ziegler kicked Shuster bum. Loved it. My favorite question by that looney toons Shuster. Did you ask Palin what was the headline in the NYTimes the day you interviewed her? I’m glad Ziegler said you people at MSNBC should congratulate yourselves on getting Obama elected because that was your agenda.

  79. Why is it at MSNBC they never give you a chance to answer a question? They all suck over there. They are the lousiest cable network and its fitting to see them in last place. As for Katie Couric making a meal over the fact that Palin didn’t say what she read. Palin said she was so astounded by the stupidity of that question she answered in a flip way.

  80. For the last few days AOL has been off the reservation in their articles about Obama. Tonight they said — look at Obama’s Luxurious Island Hideaway, Aren’t You Jealous? Comments like these will not serve Obama well when he asks all of us to sacrifice.

  81. Dee — The Contender was one of the best things I’ve seen in a very long time. One thing this election showed us was the raw hatred of women by this gotcha media. I have to wonder how long the media will continue to stick with Obama once its obvious to everyone but the braindead that Obama is a failed President. How long with the good old boys network stick with a loser?

  82. Shuster shows his ignorance over & over in the clip

  83. Shuster, man what a dickhead? They are still giving him air time? For what?

    Except for occasionally catching Mornin’ Joe, I don’t watch MSNBC or NBC news.

    Shuster = Obie’s buttboy.

  84. correction: Shuster, man what a dickhead!

    And, has anyone noticed how Shuster moves his mouth funny when talks? It’s disconcerting to watch.

  85. No wonder people don’t bother watching MSNBC anymore.

  86. Laurie, there’s no attempt at objectivity on that network.

  87. I started to write something and then just got so damn mad about it all I said, screw it.
    This man is a pig, not worth the powder and lead to blow him to hell and back, as my mother would say.
    You cannot educate someone who is closed-minded. He has shut himself off from hearing anything that he doesnt agree with.
    He knows fully what he and the rest of the media have done not only to Sarah, but to our Hillary as well.
    It is a sad state of affairs when this little jerk is given any air time whatsoever!

  88. I can’t believe he has his own show, or does he? If so, I hope it tanks! 😈

  89. Thanks.

    I had not seen the second interview.

    Schuster is such a jerk. And, yes, he is already working on Obie’s 2012 run.

  90. I think it is hilarious that Schuster spent an entire afternoon studying Sarah Palin LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    I think he fears her, thus his stupidity………………….
    did Colin Powell ever state any clear reason
    that Obama’s experience was great?
    experience=first black male president

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  92. Responsibility? How about David Shuster take some responsibility and report the news in an unbiased manner!

  93. “We Conflucians are not surprised, of course. We also know that the Obots are not really liberals. They are Obamicans.”

    Ya got that right!

    And, ya know… it’s a shame that all Liberals are being branded in this way. But… thems the breaks. “Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas” as they say.

    Present company excepted, of course.

  94. I just got the chance to watch these videos. Wow! I went over to http://www.howobamagotelected.com/ to see the entire Sarah Palin interview that was only shown in clips on MSNBC. Does Shuster realize how much of a biased idiot he sounded like in his interview with Ziegler. Good gawd, I swear I never thought there would be a day when I’d side with a Libertarian conservative over media bias but I can’t ignore the truth. I can’t wait for this documentary to be released because I’ll be the first in line to see it. Everyone should go to Ziegler’s site and watch the interviews with Obama voters who didn’t know squat about basic facts on Obama and McCain.

  95. imustprotest, I clicked on the first interview video and found this little gem in the comments section. It scares me that there are guys who can say such things and roam around freely in our society and others who give him a thumbs up because calling a woman a “filthy wh*re” to them is funny:

    tannersanta (2 days ago) Show Hide
    when is palin gona go away? this filthy whore needs to choke on a dick and die =D

  96. this is how Obama won. Here is a sampling of his voters and demonstration of their depth.
    I was watching “Jaywalking” on the Tonight Show and even Jay Leno could not believe the responses.
    Obama was swept in with a legion of voters, like the ones in this edition of Jaywalking, who simply followed the crowd.
    watch and be amazed:

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