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Toga Party Open Thread

Animal House?

Please tell the Wanktards that yes, we saw it

when we were in F**KING HIGH SCHOOL!

(Back when they were just a gleam in their uncle’s eye)


204 Responses

  1. Good I get to kick it off!

    Wankers: fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  2. Wooo-hoooo!

    When I was in college, my friend and I were going to a toga party. We decided to tie-dye our togas.

    Hers came out great, mine came out like a weird-looking smear.

    I still got lucky, though.


  3. Are you ladies old enough to drink beer?


  4. I’ve never been to a toga party before. We didn’t need to make any excuses to drink beer and partyin the military.

  5. (flutters eyelashes provocatively)

  6. Angie LOL

    I guess they forgot that part of the movie.

  7. So, did everyone actually read the description of the Obama “action figure?” Read it & weep:

    In many ways, senator Barack Obama is the closest thing to a superhero, someone who has literally inspired millions of people simultaneously to step past fear, to be brave enough to hope, and to go past cynicism and imagine what we could be if we were at our best. That’s the stuff of legend.

    Yep, it is even worse than it appears.

  8. CWaltz, Angie – especially that red-headed dude who runs TSTMNBN!

  9. angienc – That $800 billion sure buys a lot o’love!

  10. “Obama the Superhero”

    Able to turn waffles into whine!

  11. I’m not a big fan of the O brand- I’ll stick with my good ol’ fashioned cynicism.

  12. madamab: you mean Supervirgin?

  13. Kat – Able to repulse women at supersonic speeds!!!

    Myiq – LOLOLOLOL

  14. The sophisticated & erudite writers at Wank-fest quote Animal House at if it is Shakespeare yet don’t understand the fact that just because you are adapting a quote from a movie doesn’t make that quote “funny” nor an “excuse” for what you say.

  15. We’re watching Night at the Museum. (So I’ll be in and out of here)

  16. All my sheets were being used and so I dug up this old “seemorehiney” gown from when I was in the hospital.

  17. damn…I forget how to make the “evil” emoticon.

  18. I’m watching A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

  19. SOD – I see you are still wearing your tinfoil thong!


  20. madamab — I see squekers with the popcorn tin foil hat.

  21. angienc – But underneath her “seemorehiney” gown…


  22. I thought that was “Seymour Hiney”

    He’s acquainted with Major Assburns and Hu Flung Pu

  23. ooopps….that’s not tinfoil! scuuuzzze me.

  24. My eyes! My eyeeeeesssss!

  25. I don’t know about y’all but underneath my toga I’m wearing a splash of “Old Spice” on each cheek.

    Real men go commando!

  26. Don’t get excited madamab! I was just rolling around in gift wrap and tinsel earlier putting away Christmas decorations….. 😉 It happens…

  27. “let me make this perfectly clear.”

  28. myiq – The Wanktards are so gauche, they probably wear “Axe” body spray and tighty whities.

    (Have you ever smelled that Axe stuff? It’s like bug spray.)

  29. SOD — whatever he says it has no substance & 5 minutes later you can’t remember what it was.

  30. SOD –

    “The notion that somehow…”

  31. “can’t I just eat my waffles sweetie?”

  32. Don’t you mean

    Let me, uh, make this, uh, perfectly, uh,clear.

  33. Madameab

    My hubby likes that stuff. The ozone later in Blacksburg is a little thinner thanks to him.

  34. Sadly, the BOAF is probably a better choice for president than the real thing.

    I am so proud I did not vote for Obama — don’t you all feel the same way? Proud not to have voted for that empty suit?

    I felt the same way about voting for Gore in 2000 — proud I didn’t vote for W.

    My Kerry vote always made me feel “meh”

  35. The Obama action figure comes with all of Hillary’s delegates

  36. CWaltz — you are in Blacksburg? My two cousins are at VA Tech! (They live in Christensburg).

  37. I was actually psyched to do it.

  38. myiq — I’d laugh if it weren’t so damn depressing!

  39. CWaltz – Well, I guess you never have sinus problems, do you?


    I voted for Palin and kinda for McCain. Meh.

    But lately, I’ve been actually catching myself wishing McCain had won – because I think he’d do a better job, not just because I didn’t want Obama to win.


  40. SOD:

    If we stop laughing, they win.

  41. you mean:

    uuh well uh uh uh well, let me be clear, uh um uh uh what I really meant to say was, uuh uh uh let me uh make this perfectly clear uh uh um uh that’s not the action figure I knew.

  42. Alice – LMAO!!!

  43. SOD — I’m laughing — and I’m going to keep on laughing even if I have to start foraging for my dinner — ’cause unlike those Obots I can survive anything

  44. With the BOAF is that no matter what is says this time, when you pull the string again it says something different.

  45. SOD — I was psyched to vote for Mac & Sarah too — and as I did I said “F U DNC” LOL

  46. myiq — different? You mean exactly opposite.

  47. what about the toga party did i miss it??

    heey ey ey ey!
    a littlebitloudernow

  48. Angie:

    How would Obots survive without drive-thru’s, microwaves or “mom” to provide them with food?

  49. Pulls String –

    “Jerusalem must remain undivided.”

    Pulls String 6 hours later –

    “A divided Jersualem is necessary for peace.”

    (looks at BOAF, confused)

  50. I will filibuster FISA.

    I will support FISA.

    I will take public financing.

    I will not take public financing.

    Burris should not be seated.

    Burris should be seated.

    But it will not matter as the Obots who buy the doll will not remember what he says anyway.

  51. Hi cat!


  52. hey im freezing my ass of in this goddamned sheet and you’re talking about Obama??

  53. angie:

    What’s the opposite of noncommittal?


  54. myiq2xu, on January 10th, 2009 at 8:27 pm Said:
    I don’t know about y’all but underneath my toga I’m wearing a splash of “Old Spice” on each cheek.


  55. I’m a fierce advocate for gay rights.

    Marriage is between a man & a woman. Otherwise God isn’t in the mix.

    No one has done more for women’s rights then Barack Obama.

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to have late term abortions because they are feeling blue.

  56. Excuse me, I have to go pass out on the floor.

    When the paramedics get here please tell them to revive me.

  57. well, shit. if belushi is passed out the party’s over.

  58. And no, I won’t be pretending to be unconcious so I can peek up your togas.


  59. I always thought of myself as more of an “Otter”

  60. And no, I won’t be pretending to be unconcious so I can peek up your togas.



  61. myiq2xu, on January 10th, 2009 at 8:52 pm Said:

    I always thought of myself as more of an “Otter”
    Uhh..You mean like the Gov. of Idaho, “Butch” Otter?

  62. has anyone ever considered putting up a post for disappointed O supporters that want to come over to the light?
    nothing offensive-maybe a welcome packet and a hello my name is ___ badge?

    we should reach out.
    invite them to the next toga party.

  63. catarina!! how are those lumps on your head from hitting the floor several times in the last few days? Do you need a cold compress — or just a double of scotch?

  64. Sorry cat — I’m not as nice as you — anyone who was stupid enough to fall for that empty suit is going to have to really make up for it before I forgive them.

  65. scotch. please.
    and somebody give myiq a blanket one full moon is enough

  66. angie after we take their clothes i though we’d put you in charge of initiation

  67. Say what?

  68. PILES and PILES of money SOD its despicable
    think i need another scotch

  69. Just so everyone knows…this is a fresh batch of JiffyPop on my head…Help Yourselves!

  70. cat — LOL — I’ll leave then curled up in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs & crying for their mommies — you know, the usual position after they take off their pants & their dates laugh & point & walk out.

  71. SOD – Women who enable the patriarchy are always rewarded. That’s why they do it.

    I can’t get over the airbrushing they did on His Wimpiness. I mean, come on. As if he has shoulders like that…and what’s with the face limned in gold?


  72. SOD — he says “I’m a feminist” ergo, he is. In obamaworld if he says it, it is so. If you don’t accept that you are a communist r@cist who hates this country.

  73. Hee hee hee angienc!

    “Gosh, boys – were you swimming in very cold water before you came here? Don’t tell me (gasp) that’s its natural state? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  74. angie / madamab bwaahahahahahaha!!

  75. nite you evil wimmens!

  76. don’t forget bitter ole biddy too angie!

  77. SOD — who else? hee hee!!

  78. Everybody be careful….myiq2xu is crawling around on the floor pretending to be looking for a contact lense

  79. lens — oops

  80. night cat!

  81. angie — you know they REALLY hate it when we point and laugh!

  82. Night Catarina!!

  83. SOD — you think they would be used to it by now.

  84. are you guys talking about george costanza?

  85. taggles — no, I’m talking about Jim Newell & the other “men” at Wankville.

  86. night Cat! I’m going too, before I drink too much and start telling everybody how much I really, really love them!!!

    XO MB

  87. That’s ok MB — you can always drunk-dial us later. 🙂

  88. night madamab! (I’m one of those happy drunks too!! — “I loooove you! You are sooooo beautiful!!” LOL!)

  89. Bluto ended up a Senator

    Otter ended up a gynecologist.

    D-Day? “Whereabouts unknown”

  90. I think I better start drinking.

  91. What did I miss? I wish I had an axe to break up all this ice outside my house. I’m exhausted!

  92. Hey madamab!

    What about my post that I dedicated to you?

    Should I save it until the AM?

  93. Hey Wankers: Look at my thumb!

    Gee your dumb! 🙂

  94. angie, LOL

  95. taggles:

    6 drink minimum at this party

  96. Hi Taggles! I loved your post this morning. It sent me looking for Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impressions. I love those.

  97. Taggles — you’ve got mail.

  98. madamab:


  99. madamab went nighty night

  100. yeah BB, here I come to save the day! just about sums up his whole campaign message.

    and the boeeples fell for it.

  101. I am indeed in Blacksburg

    I am closer to the town of Christiansburg than I am to the town of Blacksburg.

  102. Arizona is thumping Carolina 27-7 and it ain’t even halftime yet.

  103. not yet SOD

  104. I sent it again Sheri, just in case it got detained at the spam inspection tower.

  105. I’ve started miq. I should have something very profound to say in just a few moments. 🙄

  106. is everyone waiting?

  107. taggles — I’m on the edge of my seat!

  108. What’s happening? I came in late. Help me out here!

  109. bb — we are waiting for taggles to say something profound!

  110. Oh goody!

  111. The hoopla & bind devotion surrounding Obama reminds me of the Andy Warhol quote: “I am a deeply superficial person.” This country is going to hell in a handbasket & all anyone cares about is what color the basket is, what designer they are wearing, who they are seated next to, etc.
    And with the weekly revisions of history (last week Obama said Burris shouldn’t be seated; this week we are pretending he never said that & are hailing him as the great “peacemaker”) I’m proud of us for keeping the record straight

  112. That was pretty profound, Angie. Will Taggles be able to top it?

  113. bb — it is the wine talking — but I do feel like we here are the keepers of the torch.

  114. …and the keepers of the truth.

  115. I do too.

  116. Is this where everybody’s hanging out? I’m so confused, I feel like the competition must. Kinda like coming down from a funky buzz. I’m guessing.

  117. bb — a woman I work with (she is not a political junkie — true, she voted McCain but it is not like she “follows” all the little details like we do — so I think that makes her the “average voter” out there) told me the other day that she is disgusted at the amount of money being spent on the swearing in & all the galas, etc. She said “During these times when people are losing their jobs & homes, I would have a lot more respect & confidence in Obama if he said that he was going to have a scaled back celebration.” So, I think many of the “average” voters out there are waking up & noticing the insanity.

    Did y’all know that the hotel suite the Obama’s are staying in is $6000 a night (that is not a typo). I wonder if we are paying for that.

  118. pdgrey, No but I am reading CS which is a Chicago Solitie publication and it is discussing Obama’s custom made cashmere Hart-Schaffner Marx suits.The article goes on to say,
    his fav’s

    Tea: Black Forrest Honest Tea
    Vehicle: Ford Escape Hybrid (for which he traded in his Chrysler 300)
    Chocolate: Fran’s
    Restaurant: Blackbird’s in Chicago
    Champagne: Graham Black
    Music: Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones

    Our friend Barack has expensive taste. Hmmm this pisses me off because Michelle acts as if J Crew is the only place she shops and they are frugal. I know for a fact that Michelle shops at Ikram in Chicago- a huge couture boutique.

    Palin got raked over the coals for that RNC wardrobe and the Obots couldn’t let her keep her dignity over that.

  119. And with the weekly revisions of history (last week Obama said Burris shouldn’t be seated; this week we are pretending he never said that & are hailing him as the great “peacemaker”) I’m proud of us for keeping the record straight
    I am sure “O” encouraged Harry’s stupidity (just mess’n with Blago) then threw him under the bus. Howie, Harry, and hopefully Nancy is next.

  120. SOD — I was trying to be erudite — “torch” was supposed to be figurative for the “truth.” Serves me right! LOL

  121. Angie,

    My mom admitted to me last night that Obama is really a Republican.

  122. Are you guys still waiting?

  123. My cat admitted to me last night that Obama is really the anti Christ.

  124. bostonboomer, on January 10th, 2009 at 10:09 pm Said:


    My mom admitted to me last night that Obama is really a Republican.
    Is/was mom an Obot? I’m waiting for my sister to return from the “Twilight Zone”. A month before election she asked me again, what I thought of Obama..Me: “He’s a corrupt, sociopathic, fraud”…I haven’t heard much from her since.

  125. afrocity — like all the nouveau riche those social climbing fakes are all alike. No one who spends $10k a year on ballet lessons is “frugal.”

  126. my brothers, wifes sister’s brother’s mother n law’s father twice removed told me he regretted voting for Obama.

  127. bb — well Hallelujah & pass the ammo.

  128. LOL, Taggles.

    No, SHV, my mom wasn’t an Obot, but she “voted for the Democrat.” She was never a big fan of Obama, she wanted Hillary. But she was hoping for the best.

  129. My niece is an Obot.

  130. Angie I have always though of making a magazine called “New Money” for poseurs

  131. I believe if McCain had about 1 more month he would have won.

  132. afrocity — I don’t know about that title — the nouveau riche try to pretend they are not “new money” (although honey, they can’t hide it). A better title would be “Sophisticated and Erudite” LOL

  133. well, bb, I’m proud as hell that I didn’t vote for obama.

    afrocity — I believe McCain did win — we know OH had voter fraud, I also believe the same happened in NC, VA & FL.

  134. obots will be reviled and they will begin to deny ever being one, just like the bushies.

  135. taggles — you are so right — I give it until late October of this year — you will not be able to find anyone who will admit to voting for Obama.

  136. bostonboomer, on January 10th, 2009 at 10:17 pm Said:

    My niece is an Obot.
    My 17 yo great niece is a 4+ Obot and I think she pulled the parents along. I will be interested to see if she comes around as Obama continues to reveal his true nature. She is “mixed race” so that had a major influence on her.

  137. afrocity — plus, Obama did not “win” the nomination — he is illegitimate & I will never acknowledge that he “won,” just like I did for W in 2000.

  138. Somedays, I still wish the election was a bad nightmare.

  139. i go to the lib sites and people are questioning his dem/lib credentials. Yet they still want to shit on PUMA’s.

    It’s like hating something inside of themselves.

  140. taggles — they hate that we were right all along & could see through him while they fell for him hook, line & sinker. They can suck it.

  141. wankers!

  142. gotta hit the hay! g’nite conflucians!

  143. nite taggles,

    I am eating the best sushi right now. I LOVE sushi.

  144. Night taggles!

  145. Well we are as dull as dishwater tonight! LOL

  146. I’m going to bed kids!

  147. Night afrocity & whoever else is around!

  148. This is a fun blog!

  149. I remain glad I voted Elephant this year. It was the better of the two remaining options. THe best option wasn’t on the table.

    Someone tell me again why Hillary doesn’t warrant an appreciation dinner.

  150. Pass the beer bong and the sheet. The basement is almost finished. It doesn’t look anything like it used to. Now I have to pick out paint colors for a windowless room. We’re thinking tropical and Brook is planning to paint a mural on one wall. Anyone have successful color combos they want to recommend? I’d put up a pic but I’m too schnockered to run downstairs and take one. You’ll have to use your imaginations.

  151. Regency, I didn’t know about a dinner. What gives?

  152. RD, I’d describe a nice sand-to-surf-to-sun graduated color scheme to you in more detail, but if you’re schnockered it might be counter-productive. Plus, I have bachelor pad-level decorating skills.

  153. Cinie

    Obama is planning a series of dinners for “bipartisans”

    The people are McCain. Powell, and Joe Lieberman. Guess what they all have in common?

  154. I was put and about this evening and returned to find a voicemail inviting me to an “swearing in party” come January 20th. And if I am unable to make it, could they borrow my 7 foot Obama cardboard cutout.

    The answer to both is NO. I have no interest in an Obama celebration and I will be too busy defiling the 7 foot Obama cardboard cutout.

  155. Hello everyone

  156. Hi TRK! I’ve been lurking again…

  157. God forbid they pick someone lke Snowe for being bipartisan who voted across party lines on stem cell research and to expand SCHIP or someone like Feingold who crossed party lines to vote for fiscal sanity. No, Obama only wants to honor those who swore fealty to Bush on Iraq. He’s gonna honor the guy who lied to his teeth to the UN out of loyalty to George Bush, nevermind that his loyalty should have been to the United States and its citizens. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Everytime I think of it I get pissed off.

    It’s crazy.

  158. I got a call from my daughter and am furious right now. WTF is wrong with the world these days. She told me has been getting phone calls from some guy she doesn’t know. It started with him saying he saw her at an event and thought she was pretty. She has no idea who he is or how he got her number. She informed him she is in a relationship and now he is calling her at all hours and is threatening her. He told her he knows where she works and where she lives. She went to the police and asked about stalking charges and they told her it wasn’t at the top of their to-do list.

    This stalking shit can get serious quickly and they told her not to get too worked up about it.

  159. Kim how did he get her number?

  160. TRK

    Get her to some self defense courses, have her get a pistol and get a dog.

    Additionally if I were her I’d find out from the phone company if they can trace or block the call.

    Sadly, the best defense is for a woman to be capable of defending herself if push comes to shove, not rely on the police.

  161. Is bipartisan a moderation word?

  162. We don’t know, she is a rep for the liquor distributor and goes to all kinds of events. Tastings and things like that so she is out every night and usually some of her friends go with her. She meets all kinds of people and she has an off/on relationship with her boyfriend. She thinks some guy may have talked to her and one of her friends gave out her number.

  163. Evidently bipartisan isn’t what puit me in moderation. Hmmmmmmmm perhaps spammy doesn’t like Powell either. (shrugs shoulders)

  164. T-7 minutes until voting time for me.

  165. Oh it is worse than that, she has his number he doesn’t block it and he told her his name. She gave all that info to the police, but they said they have more serious issues to deal with than some guy harassing her. They told her to change her number and she is, but having worked on these cases, usually if the stalker is serious, cutting off the only contact usually escalates the behavior.

  166. TRK

    Has she contacted the top of the food chain at the police department? I mean she does pay taxes. Whether they like it or not they should be able to make a trip to this guys house and tell him to stop or she’ll press charges.

  167. I’ve had a couple of stalkers in my lifetime. They are not fun.

  168. TheRealKim,
    That is atrocious, though, not surprising.
    There may be other groups you – or she, can call. I would
    try the state police. Most counties have some sort of domestic
    violence shelters, or prevention things. At least she can
    register her complaint. I doubt that they will
    try to trace this guy, but there still should be some things they
    can do – including tapping her phone.
    After all, these are the days of FISA. Maybe it can do some
    Good luck, Kim. I would be furious too if it were my

  169. We are sending a certified letter Monday to the police department from my law firm and my former boss, who is a generous benefactor in the town she lives in is going with her to the police department on Monday morning. It just really pisses me off that we have to go to these lengths to get something done. When a woman comes into the police department scared and seeking help, damn it they should listen. What if we didn’t know people? Would he have to hurt her for them to listen? It is disgusting.

  170. TRK


    He is violating federal law too. Can she put a tape recorder on her phone? If so perhaps she can pursue Federal charges against him if he doesn’t desist.

  171. She should make sure to make him aware of the fact that she is taping the call or check her state laws by the way.

  172. She can tape the calls through her phone and as long as one party is aware that she is taping the call she is okay, may not be admissable, but maybe the cops will listen. He told her was going to loosen the lug nuts on her car last night. She is staying with a friend until Monday, I made her do that. She has her dog with her and I am sure my old boss will get their attention.

  173. Well,

    I hope everything works out for her Kim.

  174. Thanks to all, get back to your party, I didn’t mean to disrupt the fun, but I am just really pissed off.

  175. “(Back when they were just a gleam in their uncle’s eye)”


  176. excuse me but could you younger girls tell me if GI Joe and Ken had bigger parts?
    Does boaf ‘s head spin as he speaks?
    just wondering///



  177. Helen…did you get into the boxed wine again?? 😉

  178. GI Joe had “Kung-fu grip”

  179. TRK: I would contact a news station with the police dept’s response and have some facts/info on stalkers. They would not have to give out personal info, but the reporter could cite statistics and then hit the P.D. for an on-camera response.

  180. The NY Times Sunday editorial has slammed O’s economic plan.

    “But the tax-cut components of the package are hardly a clean break with the Bush years, ”

    plus they don’t like his tax cut to people making up to $200,000 a year.

    Good. I can go to sleep on a happy note.

  181. From the newz:

    The BIGGEST moon of 2009!


    But apparently they didn’ know about the multiple moons at The Confluence this evening. 🙂

  182. Obama will tell Stephanopolis tomorrow that we have to wait for all the changes that he promised. In the meantime he has a Grand Bargain for us. The Entitlement Programs must be cut because we all must sacrifice–by entitlements he means Social Security and Medicare. The rich however, are entitled to keep Bush’s 3.5 Trillion tax cut which was due to expire in 2010. But Social Security for Seniors is now an Entitlement. When I was paying into it for 37 years it was called an Insurance Policy.

    Roosevelt came up with the Social Safety Net concept during the Depression — however, that was before money talked and BS walked.

  183. As long as we’re all supposed to sacrifice–why is Obama having the most expensive Inauguration in history? Austerity should begin with the White House.

  184. Why is he bringing Mother-in-Law to the White House? Do we have to pay for her too?

  185. Good evening all. My eyeballs are falling out from too much work. So it’s The Confluence and Judge Judy for the rest of the night.

  186. OK, if anybody is out there I could use a Happy Birthday — it’s in eight minutes and my husband is on his annual “ski trip with the boys instead of Jadzia’s birthday” vacation. So it’s just me, the babies, and too much work. : (

  187. Happy Birthday Jadzia and a wonderful, fun filled year — may it be one that is 365 days of laughter, knowledge, ideas and promise.

  188. Jadzia:

    Happy Freaking Birthday!

  189. Thank you! Right on the dot of 12! (If you’re on the West Coast too.)

  190. IB a left coaster

  191. Timing is everything.

  192. Happy Birthday Jadzia!

  193. I’m a right coast insomniac so just to report, your birthday is going just fine for the first three hours.

  194. Thanks, Cinie! Prolix, you’re going to have to keep me updated. : )

    Does this mean that we on the left coast don’t have B0 as pres until three hours after you get him?

  195. I fear that it will feel like an eternity no matter what time zone. In any event, 3 hours isn’t enough to act on secession.

  196. Can’t secede, Prolix. That would make him Lincoln.

  197. goodnight all

  198. G’night, Jadzia, happy b’day!

  199. Happy Birthday Jadzia-have a lotta fun with your kids tomorrow-let’s hope hubby twists his ankle….

  200. I really don’t have anything to say; I just don’t want folks to think I’ve died or something like that. :mrgreen:

    May you have love , laughter, and joy this year.
    Also winning the lottery would be good too.



  202. I’m glad you’re still with us Ivory Bill Woodpecker.

  203. Happy Birthday, Jadzia!!

  204. Does this mean that we on the left coast don’t have B0 as pres until three hours after you get him?

    Naw, it just means we’ll have our appetite for breakfast ruined instead of lunch.

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