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It’s Crunch Time. Have you voted today?

Hi guys, did you remember to vote today?  There’s only two days left.  Someone else isn’t going to do it for you.  We need every vote if we are going to win.  And Remember our friends too!  Here are our recommendations for this year’s 2008 Weblog Awards:

For Best Liberal Blog, vote for The Confluence here

For Best New Blog, vote for Uppity Woman here

For Best Small Blog, vote for Nice Deb here

For Best Hidden Gem, vote for Deadenders here

For Best Food Blog, vote for Cake Wrecks here

For Best Pet Blog, vote for F**k You, Penguin here

For Best Podcast, vote for This American Life or NPR’s Planet Money here.

Thanks for your support!

143 Responses

  1. I have voted everyday. I would not be able to sleep otherwise.

  2. 4.9 million hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am not kidding about losing sleep. Went to bed really late one night this week and as I was drifting off I realized I had not voted. So at 2am I got out of bed and did so. Now I have to wait 24 hrs!

  4. RD,

    The voting continues until Tuesday night, Jan. 13. I’ve voted everyday.

  5. Olive,

    It looks like we could get to 5 million by Inauguration day.

  6. I’m in!

  7. and that darn angie has me addicted to the Penguin site.

  8. Wait a minute — one day left? What is today — I thought voting ended on Jan. 13. Am I that out of it?

    I voted!

  9. SOD — sorry about that — but I have a feeling we are going to need that F*ck You Penguin site to get us through the next couple of years!

  10. When the Wanketteers return on Monday and see we’re catching up to them they’re gonna freep out!

  11. SOD — btw did you see the brouhaha over F*ck You Penguin over at the blogawards site? Notice the first complaint post by “blackrose” and the F*ck You Penguin guy’s response.


  12. We need to change the post, because people should keep voting every day until Tuesday!!!

  13. Heh

    Ap says Barack Obama is going to honor John McCain, Colin Powell and Joe Lieberman as men that work across party lines and put country before their party.

    I am going to be sick.

    Evidently if you sell out the country out of loyalty to the putz in charge you should be lauded. For a person who hated the war so much is there a single person of the people he was lauding that didn’t support the unlawful behavior of the previous administration his list? Nope. Let’s not laud Chaffee of Snowe(she has the scary scary female parts) Let’s not laud Feingold. Let’s laud the enabling putzes. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This guy is so unliberal it is not to be believed.

  14. Toga Party tonight!

    8pm EST

  15. Ok — I’ve got to go out for a bit — but I’ll be in my toga at 8pm!!

  16. He is going to honor C0lin P0well? For what may I ask? Give me a freaken break. Are they going to free Jack Abramoff for the night as well? Unbelievable!

  17. OT…But HeidiLi now has a Paypal button setup at her site..

  18. already voted today.
    you also got me going to the fu penquin blog. It makes my day and i have told others about it..

    off to get ready for work now.



  19. I’m not a small business owner but is $3000 really going to encourage companies to hire people? It would seem to me that you would blow through that amount within weeks of hiring someone. You have to pay for training, pay a portion of medicaid and medicare, pay for health care benefits, and you would be out money if demand wasn’t up for your product.

    Yet somehow they are saying Obama’s “plan” will create 4 million + jobs.

  20. I wonder if my healthcare plan covers lobotomies.

  21. PJ:

    Captain Spaulding does freelance lobotomies.

    He’ll give you a special deal (cuz he likes you)

  22. myiq: ^%^%$%$$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &^&^%$^&&**&^&!C!!!!!

  23. Honoring the guy who sold the war. The guy who KNEW he was not telling the truth when he used his little pointer and said of the chemical trailers, “they’re here, they’re here, they’re here.”

    And what do the O supporters think of honoring the guy who sold the war to the UN and the nation? (oh, wait, the UN didn’t buy it). The guy who I had two friends say to me, “I trusted C*lin P*well”.

    Why not just honor George W. Bush?

  24. You know, the situation we are in, I don’t think 3-4 million jobs is even going to make a dent–even if BO’s half-baked plan were really going to create them.

  25. This is going to be 4 of the longest years of my life. I can tell. I am still trying to uinderstand how after having 8 years of one of the worst presidents ever, how we went for the 4 more years of incompetence plan.

  26. Jmac,

    Why not honor Dick Cheney? He worked across the aisle with Joe Lieberman.

  27. CWaltz,

    I could blow through $3,000 tonight.

  28. Honor C*lin P*well? For lying to the country? For enabling a war which has killed thousands of our hard-working, low-paid, brave men and women, and killed untold thousands of Iraqi civilians?

    Ooooooh. Duh. For endorsing Teh One. Now I get it.

    Excuse me while I go find an emesis basin.

  29. Dick Cheney’s not black?

  30. For a candidate who made such an issue out of his opposition to the war, honoring P0well is the most craven act he could do. But hey, this is The One. He can do just about anything he wants, no questions asked. And they wonder why we dumb, old, stupid, uneducated, smelly PUMAs keep holding out.

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming. This is what is smelling up the room.

  31. PIS:

    Is that like a puke bucket?

  32. Jmac:

    Only his heart is

  33. Jmac there isn’t an enabler of the bunch:McCain, Lieberman and Powell all wanted the war that has killed thousands of our men and women and hundreds of thousands of the Iraqis.

    If he wanted to honor people who worked across country lines Why not Chaffee who voted with the Dems against the war or why not Feingold (who has voted with the GOP on fiscal policy on any number of occasions? Instead he picks three people who rightly or wrongly supported a war he supposedly was opposed to.

  34. Barry, haven’t you heard that 2.6 million jobs vanished in 2008. 1.8 to 2 million are estimated to go poof in 2009. The “official” unemployment total estimated to go up several percentage points higher.

    Nobama, your plan to create 4 million jobs ain’t gonna make up for all the millions lost.

  35. New word: Obamacanization, the act of fucking up the Democratic party.
    syn: Republicanify
    media euphemisms: bi-partisan, work across the aisle, Centrist

  36. myiq

    I’m stuck in moderation and I forgot to pack heat.

  37. myiq, Yep. I work in health care. And I could never understand why they expected patients to politely puke in those itty bitty containers.

    I never do!

    (memo to self: change blogname soon to something w/better initials)

  38. just posted to the puma facebook groups again …

  39. I am in moderation too and there is a “thing” in the corner holding a knife and fork.

  40. Work across the aisle: Screw your own party while *ss-kissing the other side.

  41. Front page headline in my paper this morning:

    US suffers worst year of job cuts since 1945.

  42. Hint to republicans: the only thing that will encourage businesses to hire employees is an increase in customers

  43. dakini — I’ve been avoiding facebook (the privacy thing and all that). Is there something worth joining for?

  44. Customers who make enough money they can actually buy your stuff. Like Henry Ford paying his employees enough so they could buy one of the cars they made.

    Quaint, isn’t it.

  45. Cinie wrote: “New word: Obamacanization, the act of fucking up the Democratic party.
    syn: Republicanify
    media euphemisms: bi-partisan, work across the aisle, Centrist”

    We need a puma wiki for things like this.

  46. Obaspeak:
    “The report confirms that our plan will likely save or create 3 to 4 million jobs.”


    Doesn’t mean he’ll create any jobs if 3 to four million people don’t get fired.

  47. puma: my daughter in med school and my daughter in university both use it heavily, in their words, I stalk them there … which is primarily the reason I use it, but it does have some networking benefits too. when i was active on FDL, it was a good way to reach people IRL. also, since i’m at a university, it’s a good way to reach students, other profs, etc.

  48. Pat,

    The “things” stuck in moderation must have jumped up the evolutionary ladder then. I didn’t think they were sophisticated enough to use eating utensils.

    I have lady parts and the wankers have absolutely no idea how to treat people with those. SOD has stated that I should be sorry for them. Personally though they creep me out and sicken me.

  49. Cinie: sounds like the speeches Dubya was giving about 8 years ago to me.

  50. I sense a strange “queef of weenieness” with a small apparatus watching me.

  51. bostonboomer, on January 10th, 2009 at 6:01 pm Said:


    Why not honor Dick Cheney? He worked across the aisle with Joe Lieberman.
    A war criminal and “short ride”…why am I not surprised. I wonder how Jane will rationalize a party for “rape gurney Joe”. Just another example of the sociopath rubbing the noses of his “obsequious, sycophants (psychopahnts?)” in sh*t.

  52. Are we on Facebook? I’ve avoided going there. Any “book” that thinks that it is appropriate to allow pictures of a guy simulating getting a woman drunk and mauling her but disapproves of seeing a nipple being used to feed a child doesn’t get my participation.

  53. Cinie: and that’s the definition of my word “Obamify ” except Obamification happens to more than just that democratic party

  54. SHV,

    OK, “psychophants” has to go in the puma wiki too.

  55. how can any one say the one is a feminist with the appointment of Tim Kaine to head the DNC and Tom Daschle to sec of HHS? i was hoping the half life of hopium was under a year. alas, rd will have to do the analysis on that one since she’s the chemist and i’m just an economist

  56. If Hillary were president, she could be having a dinner to honor Dana Perino.

    And if O can honor the name that can’t be mentioned, why not Condi?

  57. it’s will and diana’s thing on facebook .. however I am on the board as the resident Green fairie puma

  58. Dakinikat,

    You forgot Larry Summers and Jon Favreau.

  59. His plans are timid. I’d be surprised if they create a million jobs.

    The only thing I think that has potential out of any of the plans was giving some money to states. Then again California is so far in the hole if he doesn’t the people who overpaid taxes will get IOUs.

  60. Have you ever been sitting somewhere like a library or restaurant and you get a kreepy feeling that you’re being watched and when you look around you see some douchenozzle staring at you while playing pocket pool?

    A real pervert, trying to look casual while rubbing one out under the table?

    I have the feeling right now.

  61. it’s called PUMA/Just Say No Deal

  62. Thanks for sharing myiq. Ewwwwwwwwwww. You’re creeping me out again.

  63. I am afraid if they carry him off he will have delegated one of us to keep an eye on those “things”.

  64. I think Hillary would honor Sarah Palin. I could see her lauding some of the Feminists for Life.

  65. SOD: there’s a TR$LL on your thread

  66. I really really would like to know how these groups are defining feminism these days. We know that if you are a female who is anti choice that you aren’t “really” a feminist. Evidently though it’s hunky dory for you to be anti choice if you are male.

    I’m ready for a new word for people who want to empower girls and create the next generation of strong and capable women.

  67. myiq — you could try what one of my friends did when she found some creep ogling her. She’d suddenly and prominently start picking her nose. Usually that got the guy to stop, and then we’ll all have a huge, loud, giggle-fest over his sqeamishness.

  68. cwaltz:

    You’re kreeped out?

    How do you think I feel? They’re not staring at you while they spank their monkeys!

  69. wear your Hillary gear on 1/20, show the world what a real feminist looks like.

  70. Ainnj – Hillary gear – you mean my brain?

  71. and might I say myiq, Thank God.


    That’s funny. I’ll have to file that for future use.

  72. ainnj: I’m wearing a black arm band.

  73. PIS:

    I’m pretty sure my kreepy stalkers would be thrilled to see (smell, touch taste) any of my bodily secretions/excretions.

    Freakazoids are like that.

  74. I’ve already got liquor for the 20th. I intend to be drunk when he gets sworn in. Maybe I’ll kill enough brain cells to make his presidency a little more tolerable.

  75. It’s snowing pretty heavily here. Sucks. Big time.

  76. We were getting rain which I bet is ice now.

  77. dakinikat, on January 10th, 2009 at 6:37 pm Said:
    ainnj: I’m wearing a black arm band.


    LOL, that works too.

  78. Cwaltz:

    Do you live in California? Cuz if you do I know a doctor who will issue you a cannabis card.

    It’s an herbal remedy that really takes the edge off of real life.

  79. RD:

    When does NJ not suck?

  80. Nope, I don’t. (Used to though)

    My husband says the marijuana is great(he’s a heavy advocate of legalizing). I ,believe it or not ,have never partaken. So I’ll have to take you all’s word for it. I’m more into heading to an amusement park or something to take the edge off.

  81. RD,

    How much are you going to get? We have 8-10 inches of snow coming tonight–on top of ice.

  82. I spent all afternoon chopping ice. Ugh!

  83. Black arm band here for me too.

    After all, we’re r*cists /s

    OTOH, maybe I’ll wear a burka.

    myiq, I’m out of ideas. Maybe just mirror the top of your laptop and tip that up in the kreep’s direction as a shield.

  84. PIS:

    I blog naked. if they wanna look, let ’em look.

  85. cwaltz:

    I have never partaken myself, that would be illegal.

    But my grandma says “A blunt a day keeps the doctor away!”

  86. Hubby is all sorts of unhappy because the stick in the mud FRA tests for stuff like marijuana use. Those bureaucrats sure do know how to spoil a good time. 😉

  87. CWaltz,

    It’s not illegal if you live in MA. Well it’s like parking ticket.

  88. CWaltz, on January 10th, 2009 at 6:40 pm Said:

    I’ve already got liquor for the 20th. I intend to be drunk when he gets sworn in. Maybe I’ll kill enough brain cells to make his presidency a little more tolerable.

    WOW! great idea, Cwaltz!

  89. Hey all!

    What a snarkalicious day at TC. I’m feeling the PUMA love!

    Funny story: I was getting my hair done this afternoon and the woman who washed it and I started talking. This woman was in her 20’s, with piercings, tattoos, bleached-blonde and pink hair, and overdone eye makeup.

    In 2004, she voted for John Kerry. She said that had she been old enough, she would have voted for Al Gore.

    This year, she voted for John McCain.

    We are not alone!

  90. If anyone is looking for gift for an Obot, you can get a 6-inch Obama action figure for only $49.


    Or check this out:


  91. Cwaltz –

    Ap says Barack Obama is going to honor John McCain, Colin Powell and Joe Lieberman as men that work across party lines and put country before their party.

    I am going to be sick.

    But-but-but Hillary voted for the Warrrrrrrrr!!!!1111!!!

    Yeah, Obama is SOOOOO against the Iraq War that he is keeping Robert Gates on indefinitely as SecDef. Do any of the Obots even realize what that means? Including the *ssh0les who accused me of having blood on my hands because I didn’t single-handedly stop the war before it began?

  92. Inaugral drinking game


    Feel free to add to it

  93. i’m ready for the tornado to take me over the rainbow, frankly. i mean, that MS magazine cover has me rushing for a barf bag, I read some guy that thinks giving the afghani warlords viagra is equivical to suicide bombing, myiqx is freaking me out with voyeur comments, and that photoshop of the ms mag with larry flynt’s head looks like some kind of poster for autoeroticism … is it wine thirty yet?

  94. Darnit – I’m in moderation and myiq’s stalkers are staring at my boobs!

  95. where’s rico?

  96. myiq sorry I must have misunderstood something somewhere there.

    But blogging naked — isn’t that a tad awkward when the cat jumps up on your lap?

  97. i may have to poke hot sticks in my eyes now, thank you

  98. OT — I hopped over to Corrente and saw this gem: “Barack Obama’s aides like to tell the story about his reaction to the monotonous, self-important speeches at his first session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2005. After hearing his colleagues drone on, Obama passed to a staff member a note that read: “SHOOT. ME. NOW.” ”

    I’d hadn’t seen that example of Obama humor before. Way to talk about your Senatorial colleagues. As if they wouldn’t sleep through his portentious monotonous drones.

    And….didn’t any of his staff just …..for a minute……think……..

  99. with a tranquilizer dart, of course.

  100. bb — what does the Obama action figure do? Stand around taking credit for your work? of does it lie with a smile on its face?

  101. It calls you “Sweetie” and tries to pat your *ss while stealing your vote.

  102. Isn’t “Obama action figure” an oxymoron?

  103. PUMA – I’ve seen it before and thought, “How did he get that ego through the doorway?”

    Lord, the man is beyond belief!

  104. I wonder if the action figure comes with it’s own weight bench and a vanity mirror.

  105. madamab:

    I have a post just for you I’ll put up later

  106. Does he have a “pull my finger” feature?

  107. PumaInSeattle, on January 10th, 2009 at 7:37 pm Said:

    It calls you “Sweetie” and tries to pat your *ss while stealing your vote.


  108. SOD: no but he comes with a resume written on a business card.

  109. dakini — LOLOL

  110. myiq –LOL

    Spot on.

  111. the pull thread behind sez things like: jon, have you plaguarized my next speech yet?

  112. Awwww, myiq – I didn’t know you cared!


    Obama Action Figure: Comes with several pounds of baggage and a red convertible with a giant “O” symbol on the side. Terrorist, sexist and homophobic companion action figures sold separately.

  113. myiq2xu — I think dakini has come up with a great party game for the Toga Party .

  114. heeheeHAHAHAHA


  115. SOD:

    Uh . . .

  116. myiq???? yes????

  117. (snort)

    Toga time!

  118. I’m sure the action figure comes with it’s own possum-presidential seal

  119. I’m really supposed to finish a draft of a “scholarly paper”. I’ll have to go through it again looking for all the misplaced snark from blogging while trying to write other stuff. BL

  120. To-GA! To-GA!!!!

  121. Madamab

    I can’t wait to collect the Presidential jet with the O on it and the seat that says President on it for my action figure.

  122. SOD

    I think Myiq’s point was the action figure says uh- alot

  123. I bet the action figure’s theme song is “kumbaya”

  124. I actually read the description of the Obama action figure:

    In many ways, senator Barack Obama is the closest thing to a superhero, someone who has literally inspired millions of people simultaneously to step past fear, to be brave enough to hope, and to go past cynicism and imagine what we could be if we were at our best. That’s the stuff of legend.

    OMFG — it is even worse than it appears.

  125. New thread up!!!

  126. katiebird

    It’s right below this one. Come join the Toga party.

  127. Yes, RD, I voted everyday

  128. I voted!!

  129. Can anyone help me who blogs on PumaPac? I can’t seem to log on. They have my e-mail address and user name, but will not accept my password. I have tried several times. I have even ordered replacement passwords and they don’t work either. HELP!!

    I have had this problem before and have never been successful in logging in there. I would love to blog there as well.

  130. PIS is tearing up the room! All you guys are so funny tonight!

    Just caught up reading and am out the door. get this: I am leaving the house for fun on a Saturday night! Unheard of.

    Have fun! I can’t wait to read and laugh later. My PUMA family is in fine form!

  131. Sort of surpised no one is suggesting voting for NOQuarter for Best Political Coverage…..would hate to see KOS win that.

  132. Does anyone know if Obama voted for the Terry Schivo bill? So much cr*p as happened this year I can’t remember.

  133. KendallJ, shoot Murphy an email, she’ll hook you right up. I had the same problem, then read where Pat Johnson said she had it too, but got it worked out. Seems like it was just Murphy’s growing pains, that’s all.

  134. pdgrey .. he was a state sen. then, hadn’t yet made it to dc. …

  135. Thanks, Briana. Do you know if he made any statement about it?

  136. I voted for The Confluence and Uppity Woman again, today.

  137. Cinie,

    I tried to send an e-mail to her contact page, but it didn’t work. Does anyone have an e-mail address?

  138. CWaltz
    Ask your husband if he knows about the Chase Md crash and who Ricky Gates is?
    If I had been working 2nd trick that day i would have been the one to call that crew and would have had to testify in front of congress. luckily i was working 3rd trick.



  139. I keep on voting for No Quarter too-Don’t want Daily Kos beating them!

  140. Just voted… and blogged. Referenced the Confluence a few times, too!


  141. Go RD!

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