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They’re Everywhere!…And They Don’t Even Know They’re Feminists!

It used to be that everyone was a comedian.  Today…everyone’s a feminist.  Go figure.  I suspect that next we’ll see these gems on the cover of Ms. Mag:

Homer Simpson

Larry Flynt

Beavis and Butthead

or even

The Dice Man.

171 Responses


  2. Priceless, simply priceless. You forgot a few, but this is enough to be a good start! Well done!

  3. SOD,

    This is your masterpiece. Bravo!

  4. why thank you BB! You and myiq2xu certainly inspired my creativity!

  5. Maybe after his appearance at the most historical inauguration evah, we can find some way to think Rick Warren for all his fine feminist works.

  6. If you’re gonna do Homer, what about Al Bundy?

  7. RD and BB, I just saw your request….coming right up as an update!

  8. Love this!

  9. With friends like this who needs enemies?
    To the young females that gave up all that the older women fought for you deserve this.
    But the smart females that are still fighting for our rights both young and old do not deserve this.
    It has just become harder then ever to be treated with respect and equality. But we will prevail.
    We make them nervous that is a good thing.



  10. Everyone refresh their screen and scroll back up for an update – h/t to BB and RD.

  11. Terrific, SOD! Here’s what a commenter said over at Joseph’s place:

    I want Larry Flynt to put up a cover on his rag of a suitably un-attired young woman with “this is what an ALPHA male looks like” across her chest.
    # posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 5:06 AM

  12. Oh how delightful! Touche!!

  13. Excellent update! {clapping}

  14. The adoration and anticipation of the inaugural continue. Maybe he’ll have his superman costume on underneath his great coat and can rip it open and fly off:

    The AP notes history “wants something for the ages” in Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 inaugural speech. “Not just pretty words that melt like gumdrops but something that will settle in the nation’s soul and be worth making schoolchildren memorize 100 years from now.”

  15. There are so many other possibilities… Al Bundy! Ted Bundy! Andrew Dice Clay! The Pope!

  16. I was thinking John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Howard Dean would make good editions.

    Love the post SOD!!!

  17. LOL —

    This is to funny… Mind you — I finding it funny that the so called Feminist blogs haven’t said a peep about this, nada, nothing, ziltch… A big fat negative.

    Oh yeah, that’s right, we are bitter dried up old dingbats who don’t understand Obama is everything to everyone. He even has a place for Rick Warren!

  18. jmac – Sorry.

  19. Larry FLynt always looks like he’s either in the throes of ecstasy or in full rigor moritis…I can never tell

  20. (Wildly applauding) Brava! Brava!

    Sharpen your snark, PUMAs. We’re going to need a lot of laughter in the coming days.

  21. A picture says a thousand words!

    Thanks…and keep those photos coming. What about Keith and Tweety?

  22. SOD: Excellent work!

  23. Beautiful post!

    I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I have outrage fatigue. The whole country seems to have entered the Twilight zone.

  24. Tremendous SOD! You all have been on fire yesterday and today.

    myiq – you had me going with that buyout of Ms. post.

    SOD can you do a cover with ‘MSogynist?’ I mean tell it like it is.

    Maybe the next 4 or so years could be a golden age of satire. We certainly need it desperately.

  25. More coming…by request!

  26. There is an endless list of candidates for your creativity, SOD.

  27. perries…I think swanspirit did that already!

  28. 😈

  29. myiq — there’s one for you up now!

  30. SOD!

  31. Al Bundy’s “Special Inaugural Issue” — whatta guy

  32. Can someone make a video like this but awarding all the candidates for the MOST ANTI FEMINIST awards?


    There are so many candidates it could be a two day voting process




  34. Hillaryorbust has a call for a boycoot of MS and contact info to let them know what we think of all this (also posted at NQ. I haven’t actually READ this rag in years, but I’ll definitely be letting them know this is not MY idea of what a feminist looks like – perhaps we should send them some REAL options for that cover (Hillary, Lily Ledbetter, Gerry Ferraro, Victoria Woodhull, Frances Perkins, etc. You get my drift, but I’m not Photoshop-literate yet).

  35. SOD: I hope you have a good lawyer. Only MS gets to determine who a real Feminist ™ is.

  36. Personally, I am offended that feminists like Michael Savage, Howard “Take off your top” Stern and Glenn Beck were not considered for this honor. Is Ms. ignoring the conservative achievers in this area? For shame, Ms. I thought we were all post-partisan now!


  37. Oops, that should be ‘boycott’ of course. BAD fingers! Down girls!

  38. SOD, absolutely wonderful. It’s amazing, but some of those who you have “honored” would actually believe they deserve it especially since they are suffering from “post partisan syndrome.” One that hasn’t made it to your Wall of Shame — Ms. Huffpoop herself Arrrrrriiiiiaaaannnaaa.

  39. Somewhat off-topic but please go read John’s post about PUMAs on Liberal Rapture, http://www.liberalrapture.com/

    Excellent post on PUMAs.

  40. can someone let Helen out of moderation — I can’t do it.

  41. Thanks! Al Bundy is my hero!

    (sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I was outside taking down my Halloween decorations)

  42. “wants something for the ages”

    Oh, god, no, not another Lincoln comparison before the man has served one single day. This is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth in KY, and the state plans big-time tourism-drawing celebrations. If there are connections to this & the Lincoln Messiah, I really will lose what’s left of my 2008 mind. I swear, if they haul in busloads of kids to Hodgenville to indocrinate the little minds to Obama-fawn, I’ll…..

  43. uh oh…catarina fell off her chair again! Now cat — you’re gonna get a concussion!

  44. It Is so nice to see the latent feminists come out en masse like this ; does a girls heart good I tell you .. Thank you so very much …

    now lets put MSogyny mag out of business 😉

  45. dropped my “t” in “indoctrinate”

    think I was busy dropping my teeth over the “something for the ages” quote.

  46. Where’s my buds angie, afrocity and regency??? they surely would have some feedback!

  47. Glad to have something to laugh at with this travesty…

    How about…Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers? Tony Rezko?

  48. The last several posts are great – this is sure a snarktastic posting day.

  49. Now that I think about it, this could be the gift that keeps on giving. We should have a periodic “Feminist of the Month” post.

    BTW – Considering that Al Bundy has made a career of selling women’s shoes, I think he’s done more to help women than Barack Obama.

  50. Could barfy’s inagural speech possibly include him telling us who he really is? Is it possible he is FDR and came back as JFK..later turned into Clinton with a good suntan?

  51. hello all I finished our Myers-Briggs Type indicator I am an ENFP for all you out their wondering mys bosses are ISTJ and ISTP so that is why we have trouble communicating……

    Oh but now I know…I am actually more suited to my job than they are…who da thunk it?

  52. Fuzzy:

    I thought you were a CSOB

  53. I would Like to nominate Ted Bundy as a “Feminist Pioneer” for showing women that violence against women is really nothing personal…I mean he surely inspired a few of those on his list.

    Or maybe we could have a dead feminist category!

  54. true Myiq2xu but unfortunately that was not one of my choices!

  55. I thought I’d leave off the serial killers…they’re not mysogynists…they’re just sick.

  56. Believe it or not that sick serial killer was arested down the street from where I lived driving with a expired tag and a broken tail light outside the Elbow Room Pizza Pub….in Pensacola Florida.

  57. I hear they’re changing the name of the mag to MSogyny. Their new header: MSogyny, “the mag for girls on the go who just don’t have the time to think”

  58. Geez, I step away for half a day, and look what happens. JEEEZZZUS! MS–are you kidding me??

    SOD, Heidi, MYIQ, all: Incredible satire and commentary. Brilliant. Thank you for making me laugh so i don’t cry.

    Really, SOD. Priceless. My favorite is Keithie-O

  59. “they’re not mysogynists…they’re just sick Mofos.”

    I dunno, there’s a few sickos up there is your hall of shame.

  60. ok state of disbelief-

    but I bet Teddy B at least inspired the “purpose driven bigot” Mr Rev Rick Warren who in your picture is doing a mighty good impression of a “Bear” (gay man of size with facial hair). Man in that picture Rev Warren looks like he could be Gov Richardsons cousin.

    I bet that is why Rev ricky hates us so his repressed sexual desire for furry cigar smokin’ men in leather and jackboots!

    Madamab did rev ricky come up on you repressed Homo radar?

  61. You can click the smaller thumbnails for a larger view.

  62. I sure could make a few of those into a poster!

  63. KO now talk about repressed-I bet that boy didnt get to first base with a girl until he was forty….and I am sure she was well compensated!

    Actually I want to give the poor girl who was so inclined to give KO what he realy wanted a free psycological screening…..

  64. BTW…{{{hugs}}} and {{{waves}}} to joaniebone!!!

  65. personal Jonnie Favo- has a future in gay porn for the chelsea boy crowd….

    not my type though-to skinny

  66. I’m think in of generating a bumpersticker (note to myself to contact indigogrrl…anyone seen her? I miss her)

    Just a simple thing: “Effin Republican”
    To be slapped over all the Obot stickers plastered everywhere in this ignorant town.

  67. {{SOD}} Yes I will!!-It’s even in the ol’ Outlook calendar!

  68. Jonie not just effin’ republican-but –

    “Effin’ Right Wing Reagan/Bush Lovin’ republican”

  69. Seattle, SOD-that’s why it bleeds into my workday.

  70. OH Fuzzy, so true–I was just trying to keep the letters LARGE

  71. Did any one think to do a cover of Mitt “my grandpa had 12 wives” Rhomney?

  72. Yikes…Seattle is on PT right?

  73. I mean a man who’s grandfather respected women so much he married 12 of them is surely a person of note!

  74. No, it’s 6:30pst

  75. Fuzzy. LOL!

  76. Jonie I think you are right large letters few words would want the Obots to think to hard they might sprain something betwen their ears!

  77. Sorry meant to say….

    Jonie I think you are right large letters few words wouldn’t want the Obots to think to hard they might sprain something betwen their ears!

  78. The one I like best is the Wankerville boy scout cheerleader! TY SOD.

  79. I have to go walk some furry beasts now–not you, Fuzzy. 🙂

    back soon!

  80. Hi Fuzzy-How’s the alternative energy scene going?

  81. Brilliant. Can I haz El Rushbo?

  82. SS — let me see what I can whip up.

  83. SS — refresh and scroll back up.

  84. I found it odd that Donna Brazile is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the WOMEN’S AND GENDER STUDIES PROGRAM at Georgetown University…


    It seems historically there have been times when women’s and AA’s civil rights progress have been in conflict (for example, the split in the Women’s Movement over support for the 15th amendment to the constitution because it did not include protections for women). So, I wonder if many people in today’s naional women’s organizations want to support AA’s via B0 to pave the way for allying more with people of color…especially women…in the future? Or is this the influence of some women of color in these women’s organizations who may feel that it is more important in their lives to support an AA man than to support women’s rights? Well, of course, people can choose whatever they want but to me, the purpose of a “women’s” organization should be primarily to support women’s human rights.

  85. Ooohh, and how can we forget Maureen Dowd! She’s a real feminist! Camille Paglia, too!

  86. Next thing you know they are going to call Ted Haggard a gay rights activist. Sigh.

  87. Way to go, SOD, you’re the best.

  88. Hey! Can we have swanspirits’s graphic of BO wearing his true colors — aka his misogynist T shirt — featured say on the side kinda like the Scamalot graphics?

  89. I think Boomer is going to do that PumainSeattle. She may have gone out for a bit. LadyBoomerNYC has some others to put up also that are great.

  90. This is one of the greatest expressions of cynicism I have seen in a while. Congrats. Wow. What is going on with Ms? I guess they wanted to sell magazines, because they cannot really consider him a feminist…..

  91. Jmac: The AP notes history “wants something for the ages” in Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 inaugural speech. “Not just pretty words that melt like gumdrops but something that will settle in the nation’s soul and be worth making schoolchildren memorize 100 years from now.”

    Urgh. Nagahappen. Obama’s words are always like gumdrops: sweet (if you like artifical flavor), bad for you, and with no substance.

  92. SOD — great. I already have swanspirit’s version printed out and taped up above my desk.

    Although I don’t think I can stand looking at that poser’s face much more.

  93. Puma in Seattle,

    Funny you should mention that. I’m planning to do just that. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  94. BB — That’s OK. The opportunities for wicked snark are so bountiful these days!

  95. SOD — fantastic! (I’ve been working this morning, so I just got here) I saw this & had to take a few minutes to stop laughing before I could respond! LOL

    Sadly, most of your “alternative” covers are actually more deserving of being called a “feminist” then Obama! LOL

    I already sent an email to Ms. magazine to lodge my protest. Everyone should:


    Let them know how you really feel — I didn’t hold back in my.

  96. I said this on another blog but if this stuff keeps up I will be surely in danger of losing my appetite and will begin looking like one of the Olsen twins by Spring!

    Triple Ugh to Ms for this travesty. Feminist icon my @ss!!

  97. Thanks Fredster for that link – nice words about PUMAs

    Oooh, Fuzzy,I’m a ENFJ

  98. Pat J — Ms. has jumped the shark — when a “feminist” magazine becomes a tool of the patriarchy, it has outlived its usefulness.

  99. Obama is saying now that “not all campaign promises can be kept”. Sh*t!!!! Does this means we are going to have to go without that “hope” and “change” crap that was shoved down our throats? What is left for me to believe in?

  100. Pat! Angie! Puma in Seattle!

    Hello yoooz. I could look like the Olsen twins–combined!

  101. btw — I also emailed the link last night from Heidi to Amy Siskind at the New Agenda & posted it over at the Reclusive Leftist for Violet Socks — we need to make everyone aware of this.

  102. joaniebone: Totgether they do not weigh as much as a sack of pototatoes. You must be very slender. Or skinny. Or anorexic.

  103. MS, that TOOL of a rag, hasn’t been that useful for awhile. They had an obligation long,long ago, to be a voice against the distortion of feminism and didn’t. They might as well be Cosmo.

  104. fuzzybeargville, on January 10th, 2009 at 4:06 pm Said:

    personal Jonnie Favo- has a future in gay porn for the chelsea boy crowd….

    not my type though-to skinny

    Well….he did take a condo in Dupont Circle. John Avarosis lives somewhere in that area! (snark!) 😯

  105. Nominate the issue for NOW’s Media Hall of Shame.


  106. Pat-none of the above. Really.

    Though I was one of the “original” labled anorexics when I was quite young–in 1972. In KC, I was the first documented case. Hospitalized and at my lowest (sit-down) 58lbs.

  107. chezmadame — I doubt it

  108. joanie — how are the shaggy beasts? Give those boys a good hug and thump ’em on the ribs for me.

    Is your new job letting you have any time off?

  109. Joaniebone — OMG — I hope all has been conquered since then!

  110. Sorry, joaniebone. I had no idea.

  111. Hi (PIS)—wait ,NOT a good acronym! (Rethink…)
    PUMA, one of my beast is dumb as a post, I’m afraid. The other (actually named BoBo) is incredibly bright.

    The boys are great! My new job is going to begin to calm down now that I have hired someone that is going to be really great help. Starts monday!

  112. Oh Pat, that was a different lifetime ago–no worries, and I am not at all sensitive. It’s amazing to look back on. If we were in the same town and no doubt the best of friends, I would tell you this long tale.

  113. Pat J — not all campaign promises can be kept? He is actually f*cking saying that? Of course they can if you don’t go promising everything to everyone. Of course, I personally don’t expect Obama to keep one of his campaign promises. I hope those morons who voted for him are happy — when I pointed out obvious promises that Obama could not keep (for example, in NOLA he made a speech promising to have the levees completely re-built within one year after taking office — I pointed out to people that promise was impossible because it would take one year just to haul the dirt needed to LA to do it) I was called a r@cist for my troubles. How dare I try to use logic or examine what the f*ck the guy was saying!?!?! UGH! Idiots! I’m surrounded by intellectual pygmies!

    Hiya joanie! I actually think the Olsen twins combined would be pretty slim! LOL

  114. joaniebone: XX00

  115. {{{Pat}}} XXoo back!

  116. Obama is making those comments to George Stephanopoulos on his show for tomorrow I guess.

    He has yet to keep his word on one thing so far so we should not be surprised. The surprise is that he is admitting so soon.

  117. {{{joanie}}} I know how easy it is for women to go down the road of eating disorders — I’m glad you are ok now.

  118. I would like a round of applause if I spelled George Stephanopoulos correctly. I did it off the top of my head.

  119. PUMA–I did NOT want to offend, I was just doing teasing and I have been misunderstood here before. I hope you know that I was typing your acronym innocently then realized how funny it was..

  120. Pat J — {{{applause}}}

    I have no idea if you spelled it correctly, but you deserve applause anyway.

  121. Maybe he’s admitting this stuff now, before the inauguration, because he knows it won’t do too much damage to his image. The coronation that’s coming is going to consume every news outlet in the most glowing of terms. So he’s getting the bad news out now so later he can say: “But I told you all this ages ago!”

  122. Joanie — LOL about the pis. I keep thinking I should change my blogname to something  nicer initials!

    Glad to hear you will be getting some more sanity in your work life soon.

  123. I had to take the youngest daughter back to campus so I’ve been on the road so i haven’t followed this thread, but have you considered nominating that MS Magazine link to NOW’s MEDIA HALL of SHAME?

    NOW’s Media Hall of Shame:

    link to offensive MS. Magazine Cover:

  124. PUMA, when I think of your real initials and how you had to change your e-mail, I still laugh!

  125. DYB — you are right — that is exactly what he is doing — I told you all so don’t blame me! But it is still infuriating because the Obots would slam Hillary for not promising everything to everyone (for example, she said she didn’t know about public financing) & praise Obama for making promises he had no intention or ability to keep. When he eventually broke said promised (public financing, FISA) they still excused him & had the nerve to continue to bash Hillary for keeping hers (her FISA vote was just to “show Obama up” — I’m still enraged by that one)

  126. I thought it was Snafalofagus.

  127. Dakinikat — I said that earlier in the thread.

  128. Same as the week Reagan died, I plan to be on a total media black-out in the upcoming weeks.

    Angie, the subject of eating disorders in fascinating and definately a feminist issue. I am long, long since recoverd. the last of the mental remnants disappeared after I was pregnant. Liberating, and finally adjusted a highly screwed-up metabolism. I put on a solid tweny pound two years ago, having been quite slim before, and I like how I look. Whooda thought I could grow a rack at my age?

  129. GAgal: You are watching waaaaayyyyyy to much of Sesame Street!

  130. What never recovered was my typing.

  131. RD has a new post up.

  132. SOD: I figured it might’ve come up some time today given the number of times I’ve had to go wash my eyes out over this cover. but it never hurts to swamp them with protests… this they understand. i still can’t believe this is the same organization i got on nixon’s list for joining, the fbi used to read my mail at university … friedan used to bug me to run for prez all the time

  133. The One speaks tomorrow with Georgie:

    “I’m focused on a pretty heavy lift, which is making sure we get that reinvestment and recovery package in place,” Obama said.

    The interview with George Stephanopoulos, Obama’s first since returning to Washington as presisdent-elect last weekend, was taped Saturday at the Newseum, where “This Week” has its studio, and will air on Sunday.

    “George, I want to be realistic here: Not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped,” Obama said in brief excerpts released by ABC.

    Obama also hinted at future tax increases and spending cuts.

    “Everybody’s going to have to give,” Obama said. “Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

    Obama has said he will repeal President Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans or – more likely, now – allow them to expire as scheduled at the end of 2010. And he has said he will cut or eliminate wasteful programs.

    “Our challenge is going to be identifying what works and putting more money into that, eliminating things that don’t work and making things that we have more efficient,” he said.

    Stephanopoulos wrote on his blog:

    “I asked the president-elect, ‘At the end of the day, are you really talking about over the course of your campaign some kind of grand bargain? That you have tax reform, healthcare reform, entitlement reform including Social Security and Medicare, where everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good?’

    “‘Yes,’ Obama said.

    “‘And when will that get done?’ I asked. …

    “‘[W]hat you described is exactly what we’re going to have to do. What we have to do is to take a look at our structural deficit, how are we paying for government? What are we getting for it? And how do we make the system more efficient?'”

    Hey Mr. Douchebag: Social Security is not an entitlement program!!!! Americans contribute to Social Security via payroll deductions! 😡

  134. just the fact that he’s been so horrible on the GLBT agenda should make them choke, let alone all these horrid appointments of his … I still can’t believe ANY liberal would think Daschle for HHS is good. His choice record is just AWFUL

  135. The hero worship these (no longer women’s advocate) organizations engage in is enough to make one violently ill.

  136. And it looks like it’s Stephanopoulos who called Social Security an “entitlement” program in his question. Fucking douchebag!

  137. Dakinikat,

    Thanks for the tip. I nominated the cover for the Ms. Mag. Media Hall of Shame. They are supposed to keep me posted.

  138. I loathe Obama. Can’t say it enough. Hillary was for the people. This guy, the corporate paymasters. Touching SS again is going to make us run in the direction of the Repubs who offered it only two years ago and who were soundly defeated.

    This time they will oppose just on general grounds. This is the most f*cked up congress ever. Money, money, money is all they see or smell.

    If I were a bear I would go into hibernation.

  139. DYB: I thought the term was appropriate for both! 😉

  140. I wonder if I can find work in another country… They have television in other countries, right? They need TV editors too, right? New Zealand looks particularly appealing.

  141. If I were a bear I would go into hibernation.

    Pat, if I were 63 or 64 I’d be slitting my wrists.

    As is, I’m probably going to have to master the fine art of dumpster diving…

  142. DYB: Go to Australia. They have good national health insurance and the beaches…and of course those Aussie boiz!

  143. Oh well, going to catch some football on the teevee.

  144. Fredster: I would also be more concerned for those hitting the 50 yr mark soon as well. I only hope that he gets as much opposition to this pie in the sky proposal as Dagwood did when he dusted it off a few years back.

    Who does this benefit? Only the Madoff’s and his like of this world. Nothing like watching your retirement savings sailing off to a Caribbean Island while you search the bottom of your purse for those few pennies that were overlooked in the hijack.

  145. Fredster: Like my mom? She’s 64 and is freaking out. I WANT not to have a whole lot of sympathy (because she and my stepfather “didn’t get around” to saving for retirement and believe me they were capable of doing so), but still.

  146. I don’t even know how to save for retirement. I’m clueless when it comes to finances. (As evidenced by my humongous CC debt – not all of which was stupidity.)

    I’d love to move to Australia, but have no contacts. Anybody here??!! LOL. Do they have Craig’s List in Australia?

  147. There’s a rat tr0ll hunting cheese at 6:11. Bring out one of those traps that snaps off limbs please!

  148. the larry flynt one frankly suggests something autoerotic.

  149. Pat J @5:35,
    Yeah, I know about Sesame Street. It all started when helenk and I were searching for the song with the longest name and the Muppets showed up. I’ll try to contain myself.

  150. dakinikat> Yes, I see what you mean about Larry Flynt’s pic. But I think it works even better that way!

  151. Jadzia, Depending on how and what the Obermeister has in mind, our seniors who are approaching S.S. age, might want to consider the early option so they can get in and get theirs!

  152. DYB: Cyncially I’d say why bother for retirement now as anything, IRA, CD’s your 401k aren’t worth shit right now, but it would pay to start putting something aside somewhere, even if it’s in your mattress!

    Also, leave a comment here for Scrubs. She’s a doc who moved to OZ and might be able to give you some pointers.

  153. WHOA! Humongous clap of thunder and lightening just now!


  154. Did you hear the latest? Obama is honoring John McCain — the man people said would regulate women’s uteruses — as a person who put his country first. Yes — after campaigning against that notion, he’s honoring McCain using the same thing from MCCain’s campaign. This is about as shocking as the Ms. Mag photo.

    Dining With Rivals: Obama to Honor McCain, Biden and Powell at Pre-Inauguration Event

  155. Fredster and DYB, I think what they are really after but don’t dare say is that the “entitlement program” they want to cut first is Social Security Disabiity. How do I reach this conclusion? Well, for starters, O’s faithful supporter Deval here in MA just took a 27 million dollar hatchet to the Department of Mental Health. 300 caseworkers laid off in one day. Day programs closing. Outpatient clinic closing with 400 mentally disabled clients told they have to find new psychiatrists to write their precriptions. “First they came for the weak….”, and then, …..won’t be long before they get to the rest of us.

  156. Fredster> 401ks? What’s that? I’m a freelancer, so there’s no employer to take care of it for me.

  157. Dakini — Flynt always looks like he’s either in the throes of ecstasy or 15 minutes into rigor mortis; sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  158. And Powell? He’s honoring Powell? For his UN testimony perchance?

  159. And P0well? He’s honoring P0well? For his UN testimony perchance?

  160. This is so fine! Brava!
    NB: you forgot the Pope, the one the Italian press calls Papa Razzi.

  161. Tess…too much Catholic indoctrinated guilt keeps me from doing that one (even though he’s the creepiest pope ever!)

  162. LOLOLOL!!!

  163. Well done!! Great post!!
    You know you are reading a good posting when you laugh, roll your eyes, and want to puke all at the same time….

  164. This is absolutely the best response to those idiots at Ms.

    bahahahaha ROFLMAO!!!

  165. I love this! WTF!?!? haha


    BB, you have outdone yourself for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Hilarious. i don’t mind Larry Flint, but the rest were hilarious. Love the andrew dice clay. lol.

  168. Riverdance once again you have come up with a slam dunk commentary about the real world.

    Larry Flynt , the Exploiter of Women, looks like he just took his last breath..
    It won’t be long before this puke of the world will be laid to burn in hell….

  169. Several weeks ago on This Week with George S, the topic of Caroline Kennedy as appointee to take Hillary’s position was underway. Donna Brazile was running off at the mouth and accidentally exposed her hatred for Hillary was a personal vendetta because Hillary had “come out of nowhere to take the Senate seat that [Donna’s] friend wanted to run for”.

    Her face belongs on a t-shirt that shows her pathetic role in this farce of an election, but I’m not sure this one is accurately descriptive of her prejudice against Hillary.

  170. She piled on the WWTBQ train.

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