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This is just incredible

Abridged from a post at Heidi Li’s Potpourri

Today was one of those days where the demands of work and life made it seem unlikely I would be posting. Frankly, I spent part of the day thinking about the fact that I know it will take a long time and a lot of patience to develop 51 Percent, to find funding for it, to make its mission clear and broadly known, and asking myself whether I had the stamina to see it through and the guts to take the risk to see whether it could become an educational backbone for a full fledged movement for social justice for women.

Also, I  wondered, whether this week and next, when so much attention will be paid to the political events of each day – and the events that merit critique will receive them from so many talented writers around the blogs and maybe even off – it made sense to post. I prefer not to repeat what others are saying, often better or more knowledgeably then I could.

But then, lo and behold, here, in Washington, DC,  the epicenter of inaugural schlock (T-shirts, onesies, coffee mugs), I received yet another email from another organization trying to make money off the onset of the Obama administration. (I’ve already been tapped by email solicitations to give money to fund the inauguration itself!). The latest organization looking for dough: Ms. Magazine. The product they are hawking: a subscription that kicks of with their special inauguration issue. The cover photo they sent, designed, one must assume to make me want to subscribe:


Honestly, I did a double-take. A triple-take. Because if a feminist looks like President-elect Obama then a feminist looks exactly like somebody who has done nothing, and I do mean nothing, to suggest that he will fight for increased social justice for women. This is not only the person who has retained Jon “The Groper” Favreau as his chief speechwriter; installed Tim “I’m not really for serious guarantees of Roe v. Wade” Kaine as the DNC Chair; appointed far fewer women to his cabinet or to cabinet-level positions than Bill Clinton did and barely the number that George W. Bush has (more on that here and here and best of all here). Between the choice of Rick “Women who exercise their right to abortion are like Nazis” Warren to give the invocation at the Inaugural Ceremony itself and total silence with regard to how the economic stimulus package he is proposing will aid those likely to be hit hardest – yes, women – I have to say that if President-Elect is Ms. Magazine’s idea of what a feminist looks like, I  would hate to see their vision of what an anti-feminist looks like.

While I will not be buying a subscription to Ms. Magazine, their solicitation reminded me that now more than ever, I want to stay the course with 51 Percent (even if it means, yes, seeking contributions from folks during these tough times – something I feel uncomfortable about – but eventually we will attract major benefactors and they, combined with the small dollar contributors will fuel the development of the Museum of Misogynistic Memorabilia and help us build up our speaker’s bureau). I founded 51 Percent because I realized that most preexisting women’s organizations got sidetracked somewhere along the way – sold out, bought off, distracted. I will not let that happen to 51 Percent. Unless we understand the basic injustice of a society where the majority remains vastly under-represented in public life (not just in politics but also in politics), we will get more magazine covers from purported feminist publications that applaud the feminism (!?!) of an incoming President who has ignored even this list of recommendations for moving justice for women to the fore of his administration.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about 51 Percent go here.

If you have $5.10 or $51.00 or any amount to donate, you can do so at the website or here. Moneys raised will be going to the development of the Museum of Misogynistic Memorabilia and announcing, via ads, the formation of 51 Percent and its Museum in select publications.

190 Responses

  1. Are you sure that isn’t a National Lampoon satire?

  2. Am I supposed to laugh or cry? I’m shocked!

  3. what on earth did they put in the drinking water?

  4. At some point, I lost the ability to verbalize my disgust.

  5. When did Ms. Magazine become the home of anti-woman whackjobs?

  6. ty heidi, once again, you’ve taken my breath away

  7. Myiq – my hubby just saw that cover and thought it was a Photoshop.

    I cannot believe what has happened to Gloria Steinem’s magazine. It’s like a cover of a Harlequin Romance.

    What is wrong with these people? Honestly, I just cannot fathom it. Are they paid off? Are they on crack? What is it?

    Amazing post, Heidi Li.

  8. Is SOD still here?

  9. madamab:

    I immediately thought Photoshop too, but in a different context.

  10. I just sent their senior editor an email telling them to get a grip and what I thought of their assessment of O as a feminist and that I could never subscribe to their magazine after seeing this.

  11. What happened to the halo around his head?? Shouldn’t his biceps be bursting out of his shirt? God, I wish that I subscribed to that piece of s hit so that I could cancel my subscription.

  12. I think SOD left for a while

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m in shock.

    I’m kind of embarrassed for MS. This is going to come back and haunt them. Serves them right. What a sell out. Here I’ve been busting my butt for 40 yrs fighting for womens equality only to find out all I really needed to be a feminist was an empty suit and some big ears.

  14. What happened, they couldn’t get Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild?

  15. Since O is in charge and he is such a feminist, why bother to publish the magazine any more. Ms. has accomplished their goal, no need for feminism anymore, really it would be an insult to Obama to even have a women’s movement anymore.

  16. I am just ill. Enough said.

  17. Well Heidi it’s like they say…just when you finally stop sliding down the razor blade they squirt your backside with lemon juice.

    Strange days indeed.

  18. Disgusting. I don’t even know if it’s worth writing to these whack jobs anymore. I’m more disgusted right now than I’ve been since the primaries because it is now “feminists” shoving this misogynist down our throats and making him out to be a feminist when women and gays have been thrown under the bus. I don’t know what to say anymore. I was speechless when I first saw this and had to take a few minutes to allow this to seep in and calm down.

  19. I was still venting my righteous anger on the last thread. Will repeat:

    I want to stab every cover I see.

  20. I guess being “kewl” has replaced old fashioned ideas such as integrity.

  21. honora – Well, in related news, Obama has ended r*cism as well, simply by being elected. So I sure hope people don’t think there’s any more need for a civil rights movement any more!

  22. If Obama’s a feminist then David Duke is a civil rights leader.

  23. Gloria Steinem is a feminist? Who knew. Her behavior during the primaries towards a female governor who worked her way up from mayor certainly didn’t strike me as feminist-y. Thanks for posting the name of the organization she belongs to so I can file it in the cold day in hell before I donate file Heidi.

  24. Misogyny is feminist??? A guy who appointed Summers is a feminist??? A…. wait, I’m being logical. Yet obviously these people are not logical or they would never equate P-E “Got 99 probs but b*tch ain’t one” with treating women as people.

    Ugh. Can’t stand this. Must get drink and distract myself for a while. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse…… And I’m saying that a lot these days.

  25. don’t forget, we know have kaine in charge of the DNC … if that’s not a kick in the ovaries I don’t know what is

  26. Puma – I cannot believe the crazy that has taken over. Seriously, this is worse than Bush, because at least when he was elected I felt like the lefties knew he was going to be a bad President (although I was one of the more vehement objectors).

    Now I feel like they are all being led blindly off a cliff while constantly claiming they can fly. And unfortunately, we are chained to their legs.

  27. Madamab myiq2xu-are we suprized by this?

    next they will put gloria stieinem in a Burka witht the same tag line?

  28. I mean seriously, WTF?

  29. as I said in the last thread I think Ms Magizine is afraid they will be aske to give up their spot at the Kiddy table if the do not kow tow to chairman Pampers!

  30. I never did like that Gloria Steinem — she always talks like she has a stick stuck up her ass.

    My dad used to work for one of the airlines and I’d get to fly free. I remember that the flight attendants were very pissed about something — so I asked. It turns out that MS Steinem has just gotten off that flight and she was rude and condescending to the flight attendants. And it turns out that this was her normal behavior toward other women — several of the flight attendants on that flight had also witnessed MS Steinem’s nasty side. So in a way it did not surprise me that MS Steinem and the other faux feminists were so disprespectful to Gov. Palin — AND now the prime example of a MALE CHAUVINIST PIG — is held up as a “feminist. SCREECH — throw things at wall!

    That photo is porn — it is dirty — it is the biggest lie — MS magazine should be ashamed!

    What the hell has happened?

    Damned — I can’t think of a cuss word that is strong enough!

    FUCK MS magazine.

  31. Meh

    I doubt Kaine will do much then say we are a big tent. Whatever. From where I am sitting the big tent seems filled with clowns and I don’t mean the cute and cuddly myiq type of clowns that one finds amusing. I mean clowns that I am overpaying to name post offices and spit in my eye and call it rain.

  32. Isn’t this the same magizine that didn’t write a single article about Hillary during the primary?

  33. Yes, Northwest Rain, I’m not surprised Gloria Steinem is a condescending jerk.

    It really is difficult to refrain from spitting and cursing over this abomination, isn’t it?

  34. Myiq-I have all rights registered on all Obama/David Duke comments please enclose two cents in an envelope and mail to me for copyright infringement.

  35. madamab-
    if they go blindly off a cliff at least they wont be around to vote in 2012!

  36. Are you flippin’ kidding me??

    Well it just goes to prove Gloria Steinem’s own words: “Most women’s magazines simply try to mold women into bigger and better consumers.”

    Congrats Ms. Steinem. You’ve come full circle.

  37. Fuzzy:

    I invested all my money with Bernie Madoff.

  38. I thought Eleanor Smeal was better than this, but apparently she is part owner of Ms. now. I guess she isn’t on our side anymore either.

  39. All last year was one surreal experience after another.

    I feel like I’m having a bad acid trip on Groundhog Day.

  40. BB – Sadly, the reality-based community has become a lot smaller since the coming of The Messiah. Or is it that we just realized its parameters?

  41. myiq2xu-

    OT but is it true the yes on prop 8 folks are suing the sec of state of California to keep their donor lists secret?

    form what they are saying they need “special rights” to protect their donors from economic and political reprisals of said donors support of Prop 8?

    MYiq2xu-sorry about your madoff investments. I just turned over all my money to Uncle Walt and Mickey Mouse bet I had more fun and we ended up with the same retirement account balance!

  42. “On Dec. 31, 2001, the Feminist Majority Foundation, run by president
    bostonboomer, on January 9th, 2009 at 9:19 pm Said:

    I thought Eleanor Smeal was better than this, but apparently she is part owner of Ms. now. I guess she isn’t on our side anymore either.
    “Eleanor Smeal, assumed ownership of Ms. through Liberty Media for Women, LLC. A consortium of feminists — including Marcia Gillespie and Gloria Steinem, as well as businesswomen, students, philanthropist, and activists — had been publishing Ms. under Liberty Media since 1998. Gillespie and Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem were thrilled with the partnership.

    “This is the perfect marriage of information and action,” said Gillespie. “I cannot imagine a better gift for Ms. readers than a future strengthened by synergy with the Feminist Majority Foundation and the leadership of Ellie Smeal.”

  43. bostonboomer-I guess this is what they mean by

    “the feminine mistake”

    the reality based community has been replaced by the Faith Based Initiatives!

  44. SHV – Whenever corporate types start using the word “synergy,” you can substitute the word “sellout.”

  45. The Clintons are racists.

    Democrats disenfranchising voters in two states.

    Experience isn’t a requirement to be President

    Feminists opposing women candidates

  46. The Ms. cover is shocking, disgusting and ludicrous at the same time. He’s just Barack Obama, not a super hero. If that’s what a feminist looks like, we are doomed. I’m sticking with my prediction of Obama’s presidency as the biggest disappointment ever!

  47. purplefinn– Ludicrous. I like that attitude!

  48. SAT Math word problem:

    How many Faux-Feminist does it take to screw up a magizine and movement?

    (feel free to use space to show your work on calulating your answer/must show work to get full credit)

    remember this is a timed test

  49. Fuzzy:

    The Madoff thing really pissed me off. I passed up a chance to invest with a Nigerian prince instead.

  50. speaking of Ludicrous will MS adopt the “99 Problems” song as their theme music?

    New article in MS – Shriah Law an expression of feminism in th Middle-East!

  51. Some of these people are truly insane ..I heard a woman it was either Deborah Simmons, editorial page editor and columnist, “The Washington Times” or Eleanor Clift, contributing editor for “Newsweek”
    on the Diane Rehms show on NPR this morning absolutely GUSHING about bo and how he was going to bring us to UTOPIA
    UTOPIA???? AND now MS Magazine has this misogynist liar on the cover as a feminist ?? No wonder young women are confused .

  52. hey me to Ms Abolwanga of the Bank of Burkina Faso has $ 15 million waiting for me to help her get out of the country.

  53. Our comic-book nation:

    Dubya was a cowboy…Obama is Superman.

    Oy vey is mir.

  54. incredible. I’ve been a feminist since I was 12 years old and this cover just repudiated everything I have ever stood for. I fired off an email to Ms. It is now time to take drastic action.

  55. swannie – UTOPIA?


  56. Myiq2xu-

    actually I was thinking of investing my money in a texile manufacturer in Burmuda seems a mr cedric puddlington now know as M’Duku M’Poko is going to make the the little gem of the atlantic the newest textile”sweatshop” of the world all he needs if $ 50,000.00 and I am gaurenteed $ 1.5 million in 2 years!

  57. Yawn cklean up on aisle 937!

  58. Oh look, a little Wonktard. Don’t f*ck with us today, guy with no penis. We are not in the mood.

  59. fuzzy – you are killing me!!


  60. I had my first real life, in-the-flesh, up close view of Obama psychosis today. I usually avoid any political discussions at work but the economy came up during a conversation and they really believe that once Obama is in office that the optimism will sweep away the economic crisis. For real. These are two normally intelligent people who, when I mentioned that he’s going after social security, were not even aware it! What logic contortions they must have to go through in ObamaNation is beyond me.

  61. RD its kind of like the “Peggy Lee” moment-

    “Is that all there is?”

    (sings off tune)

  62. Ms. magazine is a joke. And a bad one at that. I see a huge opportunity for a new feminist movement. Any one who wants to put out a true feminist magazine, consider me in!

  63. Heidi, can I donate through PayPal? It’s pay day and I actually have money at the moment! 😀

  64. Madamab, perusing the wankerettes comic book blog the other day brought me to a post wherein the poster was upset because the comic book depiction of bo did not resemble ” that one” LOL closely enough .
    RD I agree that we need to take some action regarding MSogyny magazine, any suggestions?? Do they have a phone number ?? Perhaps a few thousand emails ??

  65. Mark Foley ..needs his catheter inserted , his toxic waste is backed up ……..

  66. gxm17 – Just like Raygun. People thought because he smiled a lot and said it was “morning in America”, the economy was gonna be okay.

    (bangs head on brick wall)

  67. you should have heard my riff on serving passive agressive appetizers on the last thread-

    here is a new one for the vegetarians-

    Mock Tofu- all you need is chicken fat, pureed pork loin and 5 cups of piping-hot tallow pour into a 9″x5″ baking pan let harden cut into cubes and serve!

    best if served on triscuits with a leaf of arugula as garnish

  68. “New article in MS – Shriah Law an expression of feminism in th Middle-East!”

    i usually lurk, but i had to comment. best line i’ve heard since i read about this outrage.

  69. Maybe SOD could do a photoshop of Rick Warren busting out of a shirt (that sure wouldn’t “stretch” the imagination) that says “Thank God for Barack Obama!” and send that to Ms. Tim Kaine needs a shirt too and put the three of them in a group hug. What could Gloria’s shirt say?

  70. Hi! I’m delurking (I’m a frequent lurker here since each and every one of you regular commenters are the clearest-eyed adults south of the 49th Parallel) just to record how flabberghasted (a word?) I am by the MS cover.

    My first question is: On what planet–or in which universe–do “feminists” dismissively call female reporters “sweetie”?

    My second question is: Who the hell reads MS? Their best-before date was back in the mid-70s.

    By the way, I do vote for The Confluence daily.

    Best, Nicole

  71. oh a friendly reminder- passive agressive apetizers should only be served to Obamabots

    serving to a PUMA could cause you to end up…..well lets just not go there ok

  72. Does anybody actually read Ms. Mag anymore? Apparently not. A serious lack of ad revenue and sagging subscription numbers likely account for this joke of a cover. Women need Obama’s crap like fish need bicycles.

  73. Hopefully, Heidi Li’s 51 Percent will publish the truth by naming every single misogynistic and sexist thing that happened in the election. This is an outrage and an insult to how far women have come up until Hillary Clinton was beaten using misogynistic tactics and disenfranchisement by Obama and the DNC.

  74. NIcole thanks for the votes we appreciate your support…and dont lurk Jersy Jill you are my new best friend!

  75. the obots I know – online .. . .get ‘most’ of their news from huffbloe … maher, ko, etc.. daily show .. anything that makes wonderful for ‘him’ …. and puts down everything else .. actually , I just went to that huffbloe place .. wow ….. haven’t been there in ages – behind on the front page news stories .. & ms. huff has an top, front article, which is also old , and totally ridiculeous cause according to her “the media” is talking more about blago .. than madoff .. LoL … see ? … That’s what you get when only watch mnsbc & read yourself only …

  76. Thanks, Nicole! And, you just reminded me to vote!


  77. Gloria’ shirt will say:

    Bra, Girddle, and Corset underneath this cheap T-shirt

  78. Madamab, I’m banging my head with ya. I already lived through the Reagan years once, and I’m really not looking forward to this next tour. It’s unbelievable but, unfortunately, we were right and all of our worst predictions are coming true. I did hold the tiny hope that maybe, just maybe, he was the liberal his acolytes claimed he was.

  79. There is a continuous stream of news about Madoff.. everyday , everywhere.. bloomberg, cnn, … FT etc.. including about his victims .. heck, even salon has pieces on it .. BUT …

    they only read themselves .. lol

  80. Can Ms. really be that clueless? I know we’re a nation that elected George W. twice but does everyone have to suddenly lose all sense of reality? Is it because he’s black???? What is it???

  81. Actually Women need MS like an American Tourist in Mexico needs an Enema!

  82. Email Michelle Kort, Ms mag editor


  83. Swan: They need to have their consciousness raised. I think phone calls, emails, letters, and face to face confrontations at their HQ is in order. This really is beyond the pale. I can’t remember when I’ve been so angry.
    D’OH! I take that back. The roll call vote had me breathing fire.
    This is almost as bad.

  84. Ms.Magazine
    toll free #


  85. Kat5, the publishing world is a dying business. Newspapers and magazines are being shut down left and right and journalists at major magazines like NewsWEEK are being bought out as we speak. The media whores have done themselves in by not reporting the truth for the last several decades and people are slowly turning to blogs like The Confluence for real news from unpaid bloggers who don’t have an agenda. They are only digging themselves into a bigger hole by publishing this rubbish. Yes, it will bring in some revenue because Obots are buying the “collector’s edition” of whatever magazine has Obama on the front cover. But after the inauguration, they will discover that their most loyal subscribers have left in disgust.

  86. My apologies to Madamab Briana Jersey Jill and Nicole and all the ladies for the las comment

  87. Wonktard Guy With No Penis! I’ve got to write that one down, madamab.

  88. ok in moderation again….is the word ap0ligize now in the spam filter?

  89. MS magazine

    Online Contact


  90. please release me from moderation

  91. RD:

    I can’t get mad yet. I keep expecting someone to yell “April Fools!”

    But it’s not April, is it?

  92. Thanks Dances! Yes, keep those emails and phone calls coming, friends. We need to have a good talking to with these people.

  93. Alright, emailing Ms. right now. Wasn’t going to but why not vent my anger at someone who deserves it.

  94. RD – should we have a PUMAsphere Prowl tomorrow?

    They really do need an organized action.

  95. The quote is all yours, RD!


    P.S. I’m going to use the web contact form right now.

  96. Myiq2xu-after Jan 20th 2009

    every day is April Fools Day!

  97. myiq: {{sigh}}
    Ok, I know this is going to come as a shock but there is no Santa Clause or Tooth Fairy and you know that thing your friend on the playground told you the other day, about your mother’s cave and your dad’s flashlight?
    Absolutely true. They do the nasty.

    There is no waking up from this nightmare.

  98. madamab: I’m sure that Murphy will be on it. You can count on her.

  99. OMG – and now, it all makes sense.

    From the contact form for Ms. Magazine:

    “Columnist Donna Brazile”

    Is there no escaping that “woman”?

  100. Editorial Staff
    Executive Editor Katherine Spillar
    Managing Editor Michel Cicero
    Senior Editor Michele Kort
    Guest Editor Mary Ellen Strote
    Global Editor Robin Morgan
    Associate Editor Jessica Stites
    Copy Editor Sarah Chung
    Proofreader Miriam Jacobson
    Consulting Editor Gloria Steinem
    Money Editor Martha Burk
    Columnist Donna Brazile
    Strategic Planning/Marketing Advisor Kathy Bonk

    Ms. Magazine Online
    Online Program Manager Courtney O’Callaghan
    Web Editor Alysse Bortolotto
    Online News Editor Beth Soderberg

  101. What about mommy’s special washcloth that she washes daddy’s face with?

  102. I wish I were a MS Subscriber……I could call outraged and cancel it right now.

  103. riverdaughter, on January 9th, 2009 at 10:01 pm Said:
    madamab: I’m sure that Murphy will be on it. You can count on her.
    Count on it. Full blwon.
    PumaPAC has started without her though. 😉

  104. Fuzzy,

    The “mock tofu” is your best ever! A perfect analogy for Obamanomics.

  105. Donna Brazillenut on staff at MS….

    Incest lives!

  106. OK this was too easy feel free to use it !! PARODY i do believe is allowed 🙂

  107. myiq: you mean the furry one? Um, I think she likes to wash his face.
    A lot.
    You’re such a tart, myiq.

  108. Excuse me? Robin Morgan? The same Robin Morgan who wrote that muckraking piece on the sexist onslaught against Hillary? Maybe she would be a good one to write to?

  109. Incest lives!

    It’s all relative

  110. Swan! Excellent! I hope you don’t mind if I pinch it.

  111. Er, I mean the picture.

  112. Very nice, Swanspirit!

  113. I want Donna to sit down with Sarah Palin and have a good heart to heart “chat” for MS magizine in Wasilla during Moose hunting season….

  114. The Robin Morgan who said Sarah Palin wasn’t smart enough to be a feminist?

  115. I know I shouldn’t but I sent an email to michelle and told her to do Obama’s and Faveau’s bidding and get them some coffee.


    I HOPE millions of people do LOL

    ok I have to calm down and stop yelling in caps LOL

  117. That’s Fabuleous Swan ….!

    thank YOU

  118. I meant the picture too 😉

  119. OMFG! Brazilenut is on staff? No wonder these people are so deluded.
    Wasn’t it MABlue who wrote that Donna Brazile had provoked in him negative feelings towards the South American country?

  120. When the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation board, Peg Yorkin, and I met Barack Obama, he immediately offered “I am a feminist.” And better yet, he ran on the strongest platform for women’s rights of any major party in American history. Feminist Karen Kornbluh, the platform’s principle author, ensured women’s rights, opportunities, advancement, and issues were addressed throughout the historic document.


  121. myiq,

    I missed that. OK, somebody shoot me. I can’t take it anymore.

  122. Heidi Li needs to publish this on No Quarter. As many people as possible need to bombard Ms. Magazine with email and letters.

  123. swan I already used it hehehe…..

  124. I am sure we should send our parody to MS itself!

  125. Obviously you guys don’t get the New York Post. They told us the truth about Obama’s “feminism” almost a year ago to the day.

  126. HECK..lets take out a full page ad on USA today !!

  127. Cinie: Obviously you guys don’t get the New York Post.

    I do, but only Page Six.

    That front page story/headline is The Onion-worthiest I’ve seen today.

  128. Well I am sure this is a new way to contact Donna also!

  129. I sent this email to “letterstotheeditor@msmagazine.com”:

    As a feminist, I am outraged beyond belief at the picture of Barack Obama on your cover. President-Elect Obama is no Superman, and only the most supremely unaware, or deliberately disingenuous, could call him a feminist.

    He used the most virulent misogyny to defeat Hillary Clinton in the primaries and Sarah Palin in the General Election. He has nominated only five women to his Cabinet; Bill Clinton had 10. He has appointed several anti-choice men to key positions in his Administration, including kicking the phenomenally successful (and pro-choice) Howard Dean out of the DNC and replacing him with reliably anti-choice Tim Kaine. Is a “feminist” someone who says his female opponent is “likeable enough,” who claims she is periodically down with her claws coming out, who, after defeating her in a primary, takes the stage to “99 Problems and a Bitch Ain’t One?”

    How could you? How dare you? This is the last straw. You have just driven a stake through the heart of your legacy.

    For shame. I hope you go out of business.

    In disgust,

    New York, NY
    PUMA Democrat

  130. I remember reading that Cinie, the insanity is still alive …. and living at MSogyny magazine , evidently .

    ooh Fuzzy cool ness link us 🙂

  131. Love the pic, Swannie!

  132. Try Newsweek from last February:

  133. I cannot wait till that Obamabot goes nutzo and we are free of the Pampers that Refreshes….

  134. jayzusssssssssssss

    check out teh Ms’ online store:

  135. well lets just say were I posted it a riot will break out and I will probably be Goldberried! like RD was at KO’s

  136. DWP – Quite a spectacular typo on that page – WTF is “INGUGUAL”?

  137. That magazine cover is shocking. What the heck has happened to our women’s movement? Hmmmm. Just answered my own question – it’s in the crapper.

    Also found this lovely tidbit in my inbox today. I have no idea who did the voting, but it further illustrates how ALL of the media has been bought.

    2008’s Political Figure of the Year, per those wacky gays:


  138. if I am lucky I may only recieve a strong warning

  139. Ms. Magazine, George orwell, editor-in-chief.


  140. Great letter madamab.

  141. Greta is doing a piece on Sarah Palin’s new interview

  142. I loved Ms. magazine in the seventies and eighties and how I wish I’d kept the inagural “click” edition featuring the mult-tasking woman.
    But I haven’t seen it anywhere in years. Are we sure it’s still being published?

  143. madamab, on January 9th, 2009 at 10:32 pm Said:
    DWP – Quite a spectacular typo on that page – WTF is “INGUGUAL”?

    More proof that they’ve been blinded by “the light”.

  144. Well, it is relief to know that others are as appalled and angry as I am.

    For those who have asked about donating via paypal rather than google: It will take some time to set that up on the 51 Percent website. I can set it up a paypal donation button on Potpourri and give you my word that all donations to support Potpourri will go to 51 Percent.

    I would be delighted to spearhead running an ad in a major newspaper. The big ones (Washington Post, NY Times, etc) cost between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars to run a full page ad in though – one of the reasons I have not relied on these venues before. But through The Denver Group I did learn the ropes of placing these ads and I know at least two people who might help create them.

    If we want to target the DC based/policy maker community we have some less costly alternatives.

    I’m going to put that paypal button up on Potpourri, and think about how we can get bang for the buck. If you donate to Potpourri using paypal and you want to see the money spent on an ad, express a preference for that ok? I can’t promise because if we raise say, $500, that’s a good chunk of money for costs associated with 51 Percent but a drop in the bucket for running an ad. But I will keep a count of what comes in, compared to what is needed for an ad…

    How does this sound?

  145. madamab — great letter — I am writing a very foul mouth one because I don’t give a fuck what they think. Call me trailer trash — I am not a feminist anymore. We need shirst that say 51% –

    Heidi — I donated — if you have a way for me to do this monthly – automatically I would be honored.

  146. […] read Heidi Li’s post. Then, contact Ms. Magazine and let them know just how you feel about declaring Barack Obama to be […]

  147. Heidi — I don’t care if you spend my donations on beans & franks to give you strength to write !! You just keep writing sister friend.

    BTW – I think I will refer to O as the “One Termer” from now on.

  148. Heidi Li – I linked to your post on my blog…and Swannie – I stole your pic, with full credit to you of course!

    I’m still incredulous. I’m going to go into the shower soon and see that Bobby is still alive and that the past 8 years were just a dream, right?

  149. Absolutely Heidi Li !!! WOOHOO lets do IT !!!

  150. Worth a read:

    “If We Don’t Stand Up for Ourselves…
    by: Alegre
    Fri Jan 09, 2009 at 22:46:00 PM EST ”


  151. Will we ever wake up from this Never-Ending nightmare? Hypnosis Insanity!

  152. ANYONE who wants to use that pic with bo as the misogynist please feel free 🙂 While it is parody .. it is also the TRUTH !!

  153. So donna Brazile is a feminist and palin should be embarassed to take a spot on a national ticket. Do I have to disenfranchise more than a million women to get in the club, or can I just sandbag other women and replace them with male empty suits? Handmaiden feminism

  154. Heidi

    We’ve got a tight month this month but hopefully next month I will be able to start contributing regularly every 2 weeks.

  155. oh just went to gay dot.com and the comment about Pampers as Political figure of the year are 10 to 1 against him….and that was be for my post.

    guess the gays are waking up to Pampers not being my Messiah-almost all ove the negative comments mention obamas part in prop 8’s passage and rick warren….

    yes the gays are comming around

  156. I haven’t visited Alegre’s since they said some really nasty things about Palin and then when I refuted the points articulately they shut the thread down and removed it. I like Alegre but I felt that was as unacceptable as what was done to her on Dailykos.

  157. CWaltz, things have gotten better at Alegre’s Corner since the election ended. We’re all in this together and they are one of the few websites besides TC that are holding Obama’s feet to the fire. There was a big issue with Masslib but I rarely even see her posting there anymore. They have some really good posts criticizing Obama you should check out.

  158. Gosh, I am sick of seeing that self-important brazen glare on his face. That, coupled with this totally incongruous insanity, is enough to nauseate. I also thought this was the National Lampoon or Mad, but noooo. And the people who put this on the cover see no humor or irony in it. That is one of the most troubling aspects of obamamania- it saps them of humor. I was curious what the article said inside, but someone above kindly offered a snip. No thanks, what a crock.

  159. Who knew that Ms. Magazine was short for MiSogyny? Ugh.

  160. night all I have al class on the Meyers Briggs personality profile….I was an EFNP last time i took it.

    we shall see this time

    what is Obama? Pelosi? Harry Reid? Meyers Briggs Profile?


    Meyers briggs thread for tomorrow night plueeezeee!

  161. I suppose you’ve heard about this too:


  162. I’m really mad, but this seems like a really good idea for a present for Ms. Magazine.


  163. Are we going to have to look at that stupid @ss’s face for the next 4 years! He has been plastered all over everything but an Amber alert and that probably isn’t far behind. Jeesshh!!

  164. Pat, next he’ll be on Bounty or Brawny paper towels.
    Hmmm…it’ll be Brawny.

  165. Fredster: Or stamps. What am I saying? They probably are printing those up in time for Jan 20th as we speak.

  166. PJ: I figured you’d go for the cheap shot and say it would be the Charmin! 😆

  167. Fredster: You beat me to the punch!!

  168. I take it the whole Superman/Obama/Spiderman thing has been discussed?

  169. Regency, now Obie is uberman (sorry no umlauts on this keyboard)

    With his various positions on the same thing, he can be the Fantastic Four all in one!!

  170. CWaltz, on January 9th, 2009 at 10:58 pm Said:

    All: not to worry: the problems aren’t going away so fast. Donate to what you can, when you can. EVERYBODY has money stress right now – well almost everybody (not those moving into the White House and staying at the Hay Adams while their kids go to a very expensive private school…but I digress).

  171. madamab, on January 9th, 2009 at 10:26 pm Said:
    Great letter!

  172. In case you didn’t know, Obama is staying in a $6,000/night suite at Hay Adams. Wasn’t $1,000 good enough? What kind of message does that send to the thousands of Americans losing their homes right now?

  173. I fixed the Frauds shirt.

  174. Thanks deadenders. Great job! 😀

  175. I go out to a fabulous dinner & have to come home to this? Seriously — love the George Orwell Editor in Chief line — I used it in my email to Ms. magazine:

    Is this a joke? Is this a cover of The Onion? Or is George Orwell now the Editor in Chief of Ms. Magazine?

    If a “feminist” is the man who appoints Larry “women aren’t as smart as men it’s the biology” Summers to his Cabinet, installs Tim “Anti-Choice” Kaine to the Chair of the DNC, and says nary a word while his supporters don “Bros before H*s” and “Sarah Palin is a C*nt” t-shirts, then count me among those we are NOT a feminist.

    Or perhaps the graphic was supposed to read “This is what a misogynist looks like.”

    How you can wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and not vomit on your feet is beyond me.

    With hopes that your magazine soon folds, I am


  176. I’m still just sick about this. Why not just distribute medals to abortion clinic bombers?

  177. LOL Great letter, angie. I feel like writing as the Society to Promote Misogyny thanking them for being on our side unlike those women who don’t know their places.

  178. I am scraping my jaw off the floor. Is it Opposite Day and I didn’t get the memo?

    And oh yeah … what madameab and angie said. Because I really just don’t have any words.

  179. If Barky is what feminism looks like then David Duke must be what civil rights looks like!!!

  180. Please remove the trash at 12:42. It links to an “anti-puma” site. Why give them any hits.

  181. […] to begin?  Well, I could start with this obsession psuedo-journalists with unnatural attractions to Barack Obama seem to have.  Maybe it’s their natural response to his feminine side, […]

  182. Obama’s T-shirt should read: “This is what a Fraud looks like.” I agree with Pat Johnson who wrote: “Are we going to have to look at that stupid @ss’s face for the next 4 years?!” It’s going to be a long four years.

  183. Holy shit Batman! This cover is just…just…I can’t think of a word strong enough. How deep does this friggin’ rabbit hole go? Are we ever going to reach the bottom?

  184. Hang on to your bra straps..we could be watching this show for a much longer time. With the type of politics we are seeing .after eight years of barfy…meanchelle could take over.

  185. I know this is an old thread, but I can’t help but comment. There are just so many implied negative messages in the cover imagery.

    To begin with, it is surprising to see the “superman” imagery, because, well, because the idea of superman saving Lois Lane just seems to be counter to the entire message of feminism.

    Additionally, by saying “This is What a FEMINIST Looks Like” on the chest of a man posing as a super hero, they seem to be saying that women aren’t capable of furthering the women’s moment on their own (women have tried unsuccessfully for years, and now we can take heart that a Man has stepped up to do what we were unable to do).

    All those older women we think of as feminists, truly aren’t (after all they don’t look like that picture do they?). They weren’t capable of finishing the task, and now all of us can sit back and let Super O save us. After all, they seem to be saying, it takes a Man to create real change.

    Some of us silly women thought electing Hilary or Palin would have furthered the women’s movement, but we were sadly mistaken (silly us, Super O was the only real feminist in the race). You see, we can’t even fully understand what a feminist looks like unless a magazine run by a man paints a picture for us.

    Oh yes, a man who smacked his wife on the a@@ in front of thousands during a televised event is exactly the type of Super Hero the feminist movement needs. But, we all need to realize he has many other important tasks on his plate, and should be happy with whatever crumbs are offered up to us women.

  186. HeidiLi,
    Thank you for sharing the latest outrage. We need to know so we counter these ridiculous pictures and articles. I truly suspect that the real reason behind these displays or barky items have to do with making money or getting money from people like Soros.

  187. […] editor.   He said the unexpected purchase of the magazine was inspired by the cover of its Special Inaugual Issue.  He said “I saw that cover and I realized that if Barack Obama can be a feminist then so […]

  188. […] Dr. Violet Socks expresses rage, and Heidi Li cross-posts to the Confluence. This is gonna be the story of the weekend, I suppose, which is appropriate since the image is so […]

  189. […] This is just incredible Abridged from a post at Heidi Li’s Potpourri Today was one of those days where the demands of work and life made […] […]

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