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Why I’m PUMA

melanistic_panthera_onca4I am a PUMA today for the exact same reason I went looking to become something that didn’t yet exist on May 31, 2008; I object to the manner in which Barack Obama became my president.  And nothing I’ve seen before or since has mitigated that essential truth in the slightest, in fact, the more I see of the way he operates, the more upset I get.  Barack Obama offends my sense of fair play.  From what I’ve been able to determine through my research of him, he has pushed the against “da roolz” envelope in every contested election he’s won.  Though he cannot be accused of outright cheating, he has built his entire pseudo-impressive career out of finding obscure loopholes to screw to his orgasm, thereby raping the process to his pleasure and advantage.

As has been extensively chronicled, in 1996, Obama won his first election to the Illinois Senate by contesting the voting petition signatures gathered for all of his challengers, getting them all disqualified, and running unopposed.   Before he could complete his second term of office, after winning re-election in 1998 over African American Republican Yesse Yehudah (whose name later emerged in Obama bribery allegations) he mounted a disastrous 2000 campaign for sitting Congressman Bobby Rush‘s seat, who beat the pants off him like he was a red-headed stepchild, by playing his “my black card on the table trumps the Uppity Magic Negro card up your sleeve.”   It worked, and Obama never let that happen again.

Given Illinois’ convoluted system regarding Senate terms…

Every Senate district elects its members to serve two four-year terms and one two-year term per decade.

…and Obama’s predilection for reticence, the details regarding his Illinois Senate runs are rather sketchy.  However, considering that his opponent in  1998, Yehuda, won approx. 10% of the vote, and that in 2002 he ran unopposed, its safe to assume that, for some reason, Obama’s re-elections were basically a rubber-stamp formality.  Curiously, Wikipedia mentions that Obama was re-elected to the Illinois senate in 2002, presumably in November, yet numerous sources report that he had already begun preparing for a run at the U.S. Senate by June of that year.  From the Boston Globe:

In mid-2002, Obama began to focus on the upcoming US Senate race. The incumbent, Republican Peter Fitzgerald, seemed beatable, and it was not clear Carol Moseley Braun, who had held the seat before Fitzgerald, would try to reclaim it. Obama and his wife made a deal: This would be, as his wife puts it now, “the last hurrah.”

And, from a Chicago Maroon piece written July 12, 2002:

Democratic State Senator and University Law School Senior Lecturer Barack Obama has begun assessing his chances in the 2004 US senate race. Obama has commissioned a statewide poll by the Colorado firm Harstad Strategic Research, and he has filed for federal permission to begin fundraising. Obama will have to win the democratic primary in order to face incumbent Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald in ’04.

Note the article from 2002 refers to Obama as a “Senior Lecturer” not “professor,” as he has claimed to be; a claim which was backed up, but “nuanced” (their word, not mine)  by Fact Check.org via the University of Chicago.  Another example of Obama’s fondness for “nuance”regards his now, much bally-hooed, then, largely ignored, unfilmed, 2002 Iraq war speech:

“My objections to the war in Iraq were not simply a speech,” Obama said. “I was in the midst of a U.S. Senate campaign. It was a high-stakes campaign. I was one of the most vocal opponents of the war.” (Obama delivered the speech in October 2002; he did not officially declare his candidacy for the U.S. Senate until January).

Even in this era of YouTube and camera phones, a recording of Obama’s speech is all but impossible to find. The Obama campaign has gone so far as to re-create portions of the speech for a television ad, with the candidate re-reading the text, with audience sound effects.

So, according to the above article from NPR, this cornerstone and centerpiece of Obama’s presidential campaign was actually an insignificant speech delivered to about 1,000 people by a little known guy running unopposed for the state Senate, at somebody else’s (Jesse Jackson) rally.    Even Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod, has admitted as much.   Quoted in the New York Times Caucus blog lamenting the lack of recorded Iraq war speech material:

“I would kill for that,” he was quoted as saying. “No one realized at the time that it would be a historic thing.”

Similar “nuance” marks the man’s entire biography, yet he has somehow managed to create the illusion of transparency.  When David Axelrod joined (became) Obama’s team in 2004, the elements of Obama’s new, “I am, too, black enough, but not too black, just short of under-handed envelope pushing” political philosophy began to successfully knit themselves  together.  On his AKP&D Message and Media website, “the Axe” takes his full share of credit:

In 2004, Axelrod helped State Senator Barack Obama score a landslide win in his U.S. Senate campaign, developing a message and media strategy that enabled Obama to defeat six opponents in the Democratic primary with an astounding 53% of the vote. He is currently serving as media advisor to Obama’s presidential campaign.

Barack Obama was elected to the United States Senate as the second African American to do so from Illinois, amid scandal.  In fact, from the scandal surrounding Congressman Mel Reynolds in his first state Senate bid, to his predecessor Carol Mosely Braun‘s legal troubles, to the fortuitous (for him) scandal and gossip swirling around two of his opponents in his U.S. Senate race that caused them to drop out, to the current Blagojevich brouhaha, somebody in Illinois is always getting into trouble for something that often ultimately benefits Obama, that he’s miraculously never really otherwise affected by.

The divorce records of Obama’s leading primary opponent in 2004, Blair Hull, as well as those of his Republican opponent Jack Ryan were not-so-mysteriously leaked to the Chicago Tribune, (given David Axelrod‘s previous association with the newspaper) sinking their chances.  Obama/Axelrod could then employ their newly developed “blacker than thou” techniques against last minute, carpetbagging replacement Republican candidate, Alan Keyes, sweeping to victory.

In the presidential primaries, Camp Obama again pushed “da roolz” envelope to their advantage.  From the exploitation of delegate appropriation in the caucuses, to the active solicitation of “anybody but Hillary” Republican and Independent temporary crossover voting, to the deliberate, yet unnecessary, removal of his name in the Michigan primary, something he was forbidden to do in Florida,  Obama consistently pimped the process.  With the complicity of the DNC, the mainstream media and the faux progressive blogosphere, who rewarded, celebrated, and championed his every questionable move, he barely squeaked by enough to be ceremoniously handed the nomination, “fair and square.”  Those of us in his party who questioned his experience, qualifications, and tactics were belittled, bullied, and ridiculed when we couldn’t be ignored, as the Obama campaign and the DNC turned their heads and allowed his minions in the media and blogosphere to engage in misogynistic race baiting on his behalf.  None of which dampened our outrage in the slightest, in fact, as most any fool besides these would expect, the opposite is true.

Wickedly delightful, completely non-politically correct author Christopher Moore has brilliantly analyzed and explained the concept of “Beta Male” in much of his work.  While I recommend you read his books for yourself, and cannot presume to speak for him, the basic point, as I perceive it, is that the world is populated by far more Beta Males than Alpha, yet they tend to fade into the background of life because they’re…well…Beta.  Moore hilariously champions their cause.  Yet, as a female, I have a couple of observations about the concept of my own.  One, Alpha Male is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Basically, it just means “first guy through the door.”   While a man’s looks, wealth, education, whatever, might contribute to his cockiness, the bottom line is, it’s the cocksure confidence he exhibits that women and Beta Males respond to, often to their detriment.  Because, there’s no guarantee that the Alpha Male is the smartest, or best qualified guy in any group, he’s just compelled to go first.  This is not always a good thing for him, or the group, after all, the first bull off the cliff in a buffalo jump was probably an Alpha Male, too.

Secondly, not all Alpha Males are created equal.  Primarily because, not all male tribal affiliations, teams, clubs, cliques, squads, etc., are.  True, there are Alpha Males in Alpha Male societies, but even Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta and Omega groups have Alpha Males, too.  And while those lesser Alphas might not fare well in clubs higher up on the food chain, in their little domains, they rock.

Barack Obama is not an Alpha Male, even in a Tau society.  He is an actor, adept at adopting the persona of an Alpha, (when he stays on script) but even then, only as top dog of a Gamma society, at best.  Therefore, his campaign, comprised of refugees from Revenge of the Nerds, had to be equally adept at crafting a message designed to dumb down the masses, get them to accept and embrace their Gamma society identity, so that they could then embrace their Gamma society Alpha Male leader.  “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” conjures images of clueless hordes standing around idly, with their fingers in their noses and their thumbs up their asses, waiting for somebody smart to come along and tell them where to go and what to do.  Barack Obama is that somebody, for those people.

I don’t want a nerdy fake-Alpha Male president of a Gamma society.  America is better than that.  I don’t want a president who gleefully resorts to racially guilt tripping a largely innocent society into voting for him so that they might avoid the undeserved lash of the stigma of racism, while the minority of the majority who are real racists, escape unscathed.  I want a level playing field.  I want the best man to not only have a shot, I want him to win, even if the best man is a woman.  I don’t care if state houses and government buildings have to add stalls to the ladies’ rooms to accommodate an arbitrarily mandated quota any more than I want any old black guy to be appointed or elected just because he’s black.  If the best government of the people ends up being comprised of an unusually large percentage of third world immigrants, Munchkins, and Buddhist transvestites, so be it.  I want to work for a world where those things don’t matter, not live in a country where we agree to pretend they don’t against any and all evidence to the contrary.

I don’t want to have to be political about being political, to activate and agitate society for my right to participate in it.  Why should I still be burning my bra and raising my fist, even in this era of “historic accomplishment?”  Why should I co-sign the tactics of a group of “win at all costs, by any means necessary” rulebook waving, loophole screwing, process rapists, hellbent on blackmailing the country into validating their Beta Male in a Gamma society  twerpitude?  What’s wonderful enough to celebrate about the election of a black Alpha Male of a society that has to tacitly agree to Gamma-fy itself in order to elect him?  Especially when there was an imminently qualified, female Alpha Male in the race, one who actually had to fight her way out of the shadows of a bona fide Alpha?

I thought leveling the playing field, championing the cause of the little guy, real dedication to fair play, and social responsibility in a color blind, gender neutral country was what being a Democrat was all about.

I found out through this election that I was wrong.

That’s why I am no longer affiliated with any political party.

That is why I’m PUMA.

221 Responses

  1. Good post Cinie

  2. good post Cinie — reading it all again I’m still dumbfounded that this travesty has been allowed to happen.

  3. It would be different if he had done anything to change anybody’s mind. But with the way he’s behaved, even now, backtracking on Burris and getting credit for it, it just reinforces how clueless he really is.

  4. Cinie, just started reading. But when you say Obama cannot be accused of outright cheating, I believe he and his campaign surely can.


    Now, back up to read the rest of your post..

  5. GAgal, point taken.

  6. I gotta go with GAgal on this one — I flat out accuse him of cheating. Circumstantial evidence is enough to get a person convicted of murder in this country; it’s good enough for me.

  7. You’ll love the official inauguration poster, cinie (barf bag required for viewing):


    Kinda gives you that warm, fuzzy, eastern bloc feeling, huh? (Note to myiq: fire up that photoshop!)

  8. Well guys, i have a warm man(who has better manners than the frat boyz) waiting in my bed that I need to do “naughty” things with and to. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

  9. Ditto, Cinie.

  10. angienc2, you’re right, circumstantial evidence is enough to indict Blago in the court of public opinion; I just didn’t think it was necessary to go that far to show that Obama’s election was unfair.

    Kat5, is that a joke? Is it really official?

  11. Kat5 — Good lord! He really is Lenin, isn’t he? Seriously, who else has had an inauguration poster? How can people not see this?

  12. Night CWaltz!

  13. This guy is so sleazy. I am sure he figured this out during his days as a community activist. He’s is such a flim flam man.

  14. Oh Lord that poster is horrible!! Just repeating the same ole shit. bleh

  15. The most pathetic thing about this poster (besides the fascist imagery & money-grubbing aspects of it) is that people will actually BUY it.

  16. I understand we’ve had imitators on the blog today, and I saw the crap about Angie. Nasty little toads aren’t they?

  17. Angie, did you get your shotgun yet?

  18. Fredster — don’t worry — the male tr0lls all want me; the female tr0lls all want to be me — I take it as a compliment! Trust me, I’ve seen worse!!! LOL

  19. Why yes I did Fredster –let me google you a picture of it.

  20. The poster’s both a joke and official, cinie. Should you desire to own this bit of history (gaaah), it’ll set you back a hundred bucks (not kidding) unsigned, five hundred signed.

    Unbelievably enough, this piece of scary art sold out almost instantly. Ya know, I think it’s time to check out those brochures on Emigrating To Portugal.

  21. I was reading the earlier post. Oh hon…if you’ve been to and through Angola you can take it! 😆

  22. Oh cool Angie! I’m supposed to go look at Benelli’s this weekend. A shop here in B’ham has the semi-auto I want and I told him I’d head over there after the holidays.

  23. Fredster, yeah but the good news is myiq’s imposter had an adorable pink heart avatar instead of that scary petulant clown. Except it got zapped so no one can see it anymore. Whatever happened to “why delete when you can edit’?

  24. the male tr0lls all want me

    Naw, they want me.

    It’s the big clown shoes

  25. Kat5, on January 8th, 2009 at 1:11 am Said:

    The poster’s both a joke and official, cinie. Should you desire to own this bit of history (gaaah), it’ll set you back a hundred bucks (not kidding) unsigned, five hundred signed.

    Oh Christ! I wouldn’t spend that much on a Jazz Fest poster. 😯

  26. GAgal, not all of us are creative enough to make filth entertaining. It’s easier to zap ’em.

  27. GAgal: Yeah, I wish the mods had time to do the edits to make ’em look as silly as they are.

  28. Fredster:

    The first time I read that I thought you said “Jizz Fest”

  29. Cinie, the way the place has been infiltrated lately no one could have time to have fun with them. You’re right, just zap ’em.

  30. It is the Mossberg 500 Persauder — it is a pump action (which I like) & the kick isn’t too bad.


    I’m still going to the firing range with it. I’ve named it Lulu.

  31. myiq2xu, can we get a poster of that? Maybe with official Obacoins?

  32. myiq2xu, on January 8th, 2009 at 1:16 am Said:


    The first time I read that I thought you said “Jizz Fest”

    ROTFLAMO!! Uh no, that’s a another topic for another group! 😉

  33. This is the 2009 Jazz Fest poster, Fred. ( Well, with the ribboned umbrella added.) Dear Leader’s image will be required at all public gatherings starting on the 20th. Didn’t you get the memo? Ours was nailed to the front door when I got home.

  34. Shoot, when you hit the link I just posted, you have to go forward to see the right model (but it has the description). Let me try to find another picture of it.

    Here it is:


  35. angienc2 You are a bad, bad girl. May I go to the firing range with you?

  36. Hey, Dont Play Stupid — why do you care?

  37. Puma-SF — anytime you are down my way!

  38. You got that special purpose thing? Wow! What gauge did you get?

  39. Cinie,
    This post is wonderful. A perfect post to bookmark for those days when I want to see the bewildered expression on an Obots face and then hear ” How come I never knew about this?”

  40. Angie…oh man…I thought you were going to get the street-sweeper thing!!

  41. Fredster — I got the 12 gauge after much going back & forth between that or the 20 gauge (the gun shop let me try out both at the firing range before I decided) & the 20 gauge definitely had less recoil BUT I am getting “used” to the recoil on the 12 gauge — plus 12 gauge sounds so much “cooler” LOL!!

  42. GAgal, thank you, but do you really think an Obot will listen? I just don’t ever want anybody else to define or try to pigeon-hole us.

  43. Angie Oakley and Fredster Remington – on late-night firing line.

  44. Cinie — eventually they will listen — this time next year I’m betting you will not be able to find a soul who will admit to voting for Obama.

  45. Kat5 — I’m not quite Angie Oakley yet but I can usually get pretty good at whatever I set my mind on doing! LOL

  46. Cinie,

    Wow. This post is fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work. I need to read it again, there is so much there.

  47. Thanks, BB. Would you believe I edited it down?

  48. That BO inaugural poster is creeeepy. Is this 2009 or 1929? Is this the US or Mussolini’s Italy or maybe Lenin’s Russia?

  49. Angie- after our initial discussions about these, when I did some checking, I found out I could do what I needed to do with the 20 gauge, getting the #3 buckshot. The shop owner I was talking with said actually the #3 buck or slugs would do the trick. I have fallen in love with the Benelli’s after seeing them online so I really want to see one of those in person.

    I asked the gun shop owner if it was a problem with me having a LA d/l and he said with it being a long barreled gun, no problem. Just the paper form and about 5 min. check. I want to have it when we get back to LA.

  50. oh my …. Cinie .. your post is on memeorandum .. on the RIGHT SIDE .. of the page .. ! ..

    I have never seen TC on memeorandum as a ‘featured’ piece – in this manner before ….

    congratulations Cinie .. !


  51. Cinie — I can believe you edited it down — with all the insanity that happened this year you would need to write a book to cover it all. And not some wimpy little novella — we are talking War & Peace here!

  52. The Alpha, beta male thing is really interesting. Bill Clinton is an Alpha male. JFK was an alpha male. Obama definitely isn’t. So much of the times he has the bewildered, unsure expression on his face. It’s embarrassing. I always find it hard to listen to and watch someone speak when they appear so unsure and inept. It’s very similar to George W. Bush, except Bush is actually less annoying to me. It’s amazing, because I can barely stand to look at Bush, but with Obama it’s worse.

  53. Cinie, it doesn’t matter to me if the Obot listens. I’ll feel better.

  54. Wow! great job Cinie!!

  55. I spent (way too much) time cruising a number of political blogs tonight, angie, and a certain turning of the tide is already evident. Lots of dark humor about The One, not to mention fatigue, unease, skepticism, disappointment, and the onset of dawning disillusionment. Very, very little of the fawning of yore or kneejerk defenses of The One. Kind of looks like Barry’s already wearing out his welcome. Reality is setting in…

  56. Congrats on making memeorandum, Cinie. That’s three times this week. Myiq was on there this morning.

  57. bb — W is less annoying because at least he isn’t trying to pretend he is Abe Lincoln, FDR & JFK all rolled into one.

  58. Kat5, no Remington here. However, I need to replace firearms that were lost in the storm/flood. Of course one can never be replaced, it was the first .22 my Dad got me.

    Cinie, the post was fantastic. I’ve got to sit down and read again, checking the links more. I was trying to play catch-up tonight with the previous post and yours.

  59. i think I might like to get a gun. Since the (s)election, I’ve been feeling all tin foil hatty and conspiratorial

  60. oy, I fell asleep and now I have to officially go to bed (stupid work in the am) but wow Cinie! I do love your writing and the way you think! thank you!

    night {{{y’all}}}

  61. DPS — god you are DUMB — The cougar (Puma concolor) is also known as puma, mountain lion, or panther, depending on region.

    What the hell are the teaching in the schools these days?

  62. Cinie,

    Yes, I would believe you edited it down. There are tons of things that you didn’t include. But what I like best about the post is your own personal reactions. Like this:

    I don’t want a nerdy fake-Alpha Male president of a Gamma society. America is better than that. I don’t want a president who gleefully resorts to racially guilt tripping a largely innocent society into voting for him so that they might avoid the undeserved lash of the stigma of racism, while the minority of the majority who are real racists, escape unscathed. I want a level playing field. I want the best man to not only have a shot, I want him to win, even if the best man is a woman. I don’t care if state houses and government buildings have to add stalls to the ladies’ rooms to accommodate an arbitrarily mandated quota any more than I want any old black guy to be appointed or elected just because he’s black. If the best government of the people ends up being comprised of an unusually large percentage of third world immigrants, Munchkins, and Buddhist transvestites, so be it. I want to work for a world where those things don’t matter, not live in a country where we agree to pretend they don’t against any and all evidence to the contrary.

  63. Congrats Cinie and myiq!!! Now I’ve got to check out memorandum!

  64. Every time I write a long comment, I miss an entertaining troll. Oh well….

  65. Bravo, BB! Well said.

  66. Oh, jaguars have spots dumbass. A black jaguar looks like this:

  67. frenly-when I was checking on this shotgun, the shop owner said sales have been phenomenal and then later I saw him on a local tv channel’s spot about people purchasing firearms.

    I’ve still got to get a pistol when I get back to LA.

  68. Night kiki!

    I’ve got a comment in moderation — I think because of the link I posted.

  69. Let me correct:

    purchasing firearms in droves

  70. When are you heading back to NOLA, fred? There are times when I still miss the place so much, I feel like crumpling to my knees.

  71. Guess what? Dakinikat’s post is listed under “top posts” right on the first story at the top about the “porn bailout.” I got a screenshot of your link, Cinie.

  72. Gosh! You guys are making this melanistic cougar blush!

  73. Speaking of creepy images, I found this image of a socialist realist poster at some site dedicated to socialist realist art. This was back in July. It look’s kind of like B0’s O symbol.

  74. no doubt depression will set in – if you check it out too much … nyt .. has an article saying how, YES, Obama is going to tackle medicare

    “Speaking at a news conference in Washington, he provided no details of his approach to rein in Social Security and Medicare, which are projected to consume a growing share of government spending as the baby boom generation ages into retirement over the next two decades. But he said he would have more to say about the issue when he unveiled a budget next month.

    Should he follow through with a serious effort to cut back the rates of growth of the two programs, he would be opening up a potentially risky battle that neither party has shown much stomach for. The programs have proved almost sacrosanct in political terms, even as they threaten to grow so large as to be unsustainable in the long run. President Bush failed in his effort to overhaul Social Security, and Medicare only grew larger during his administration with the addition of prescription drug coverage for retirees.”

    I sure hope this is bs …

  75. Kat5 — good, it is about time reality set in. Too bad those alleged “progressive” blogs haven’t caught up.

  76. angie, cool shotgun. Just the sound of the shell pumped into the chamber will scare most vermin away in the dark. I have a little .380 auto handgun. Small, fits well in my hand and has a dozen 38 calibre bullets in the clip. Just flip off the safety and fire. It hangs in a holster behind my bedpost. I know al ot of people detest guns and if someone has children living at home it’s a different story, but if more women became comfortable with them they might be surprised at the sense of power and safety they feel.

  77. omg.. BB .. didn’t even see that one .. lol .. what fun !

  78. SS & Medicare really are the third rail, briana. O may well get fried if he ‘tackles’ them.

  79. angie, I followed one of your Mossberg links and used the site to look up gun stores in my area. There’s one only 0.0 miles away! Sheesh, now you’ve even provided a prototype shot gun model too….hmmm…

  80. Please release my post from moderation — I link to a real picture of black jaguar — the picture on this post is of a blank panther (also of the Puma family) with the lighting creating shadows on its head.

  81. firelight — it is a sign!

  82. The place that shall not be named has really given us a boost. You should see our stats for the past week. It’s amazing. As I said earlier. They have done us a favor. Every time we have one of these trollstorms, a lot of people discover they are pumas who didn’t know it before.

  83. Kat5: We actually should have been there already but the momster had two falls, one of which was pretty bad. Nothing broken but she bruised her ribs and back pretty bad. She is on blood-thinners to for an artificial heart valve so she bruised horribly.

    She would not let me take her to the e.r. or the doctor, but last Friday she said “if you want to make an appt okay” {{{gggrrrrr}}}

    She now has an appt for next week cuz the docs are backed up due to the holidays. Once we get the okay from him we’ll be heading back to “da parish”.

  84. myiq — are you still here?

  85. yep

  86. GAgal, on January 8th, 2009 at 1:49 am Said:

    angie, cool shotgun. Just the sound of the shell pumped into the chamber will scare most vermin away in the dark.

    GAgal — the sound is what I got it for — I confess, I would rather that be all I need it to do! LOL
    I am going out to the firing range to become more & more comfortable with it & I don’t have any children in the house, so I am taking the steps necessary to be a safe & responsible gun owner. Lord, if anyone had told me a year ago I’d own a gun I would have told them they were crazy. But at least it is just a “shotgun” & in the South that doesn’t really count, because everyone has a shotgun!

  87. Regarding social security and medicare, probably the only action Obie can take is to raise the ceiling on income subject to social security contributions. It is the third rail of politics if they try to cut benefits. And as I get older, I want them to leave it alone, thank you very much!

  88. Hey, get this. There is a big insulting spread on us at FDL, by T-bogg. And my hopey change post got more page views in the short time it was open than the top post at the place that shall not be named. LOL!


  89. Myiq,

    Did you see the spread at FDL? They quote your post. It’s extremely insulting, but think of all the traffic they are driving to us.

  90. myiq — please go read what I posted @ klownhaus & then delete — wtf happened with everything going into moderation there first?

  91. Angie:

    You seem to have made the Blogstalkers top 5

    I’m not sure of the order but it’s RD, me, Murphy, Jenn4Hill and you.

    Congratulations and/or condolences.

  92. In other good news, Chris Matthews will not run for the Senate from PA.

  93. (back to the previously closed topic:) Pow pow pow, I loved the fight between Blago and Reid. I believe it’s a TKO with Reid being dragged out of the ring. I think Reid is seriously damaged from his stunningly pathetic decisions. And on top of that, he ended his loss by picking a fight with Obama (defiantly saying he doesn’t work for Obama). Such brilliance.

    Now to the recent spammers, wow, I haven’t seen this much fun since the campaign. Somehow I’m not surprised. The Obots are all testing and angry. Because, well, you know, it doesn’t seem to be working out as the thought because Obama is doing exactly the kinds of things he always said he would… snicker, snicker. And instead of breaking through their delusions and facing it, they’re turning to someone else to fight with. Sad really.

  94. Wow, really, tweedy isn’t going to run after all!!!! Time to celebrate. Sweeeet.

  95. They come to hate, stay for the quality

  96. Fredster,

    Obama will try to put Wall St. in charge of social security. And don’t be too sure the Democratic Congress will try to stop him. He made no secret of this. It was in his book, and all his economic advisors are privatizers. The Obots voted for him, so they must have wanted to get rid of social security. They all heard his speeches and read his book, right?

  97. The Blogstalkers got all butt-hurt cuz I quoted Molly Ivins re: satire, which they think is totally wrong because Molly (before she died) said she wouldn’t support Hillary.


  98. I can’t believe my post got more pageviews that one at a blog with 100K hits per day.

  99. angie,
    I never thought it would be “fun” to target shoot with my little semi-automatic either, but it’s great to hit the bullseye over and over. I’m very comfortable with it now. Of course it’s different when you hear a noise in the house in the middle of the night and reach for it when your hands are shaking. That’s happened to me too. I’d rather “miss” anyway if they’ll just get the hell outta my house. Make sure you’ve got the gun in your hand before you yell “I’ve got a gun asshole. And it’s pointing right at you!”

  100. So I’m ready to go on record with saying that BO is a fascist. The symbolism, the coziness with corporate America, the overt use of religion (I don’t think his invitation to Warren has anything to do with any religiosity on BO’s part), the harassment tactics in the primary and general election, the mass rallies….

    this is stuff right out of the Italian fascist playbook

  101. I also can’t believe the Obot morons don’t know that the puma is the only animal in the world with five different names.

  102. myiq — thanks!

    Top 5 blogstalkers — I’m proud to be in such esteemed company as you, RD, Murphy & Jen4Hill. The only thing worse then being talked about is not being talked about.

    bb — believe it — creme always rises to the top.

  103. elderj,

    It’s nice to see you. I do believe you’re right. Did you get a load of the poster someone linked to above? Very creepy.

  104. Make sure you’ve got the gun in your hand before you yell “I’ve got a gun asshole. And it’s pointing right at you!”

    GAgal — LMAO! Yep, that is about what I’d do & it is why I’m practicing!!

  105. Guess Tweety decided he just didn’t have enough of that tingle-up-the-leg juice. What an idjit he is. I actually had a brief e-mail war with Hendrik Hertzberg of the The New Yorker over Tweety’s (and Barry’s) merits. HH is an old friend of Tweety’s, thinks he’s a fine fellow and would make a terrific senator. HH also lied through his teeth re the Magnificent O and the Execrable HRC during the primaries. Needless to say, I don’t read him anymore. Sadly, my opinion of the NYer took a real dive this year.

  106. BB: It may well happen, but there will be howls and there will be protests and those bastards in Congress will have to stand for reelection too.

    I really think the only thing for soc. sec. may be raising the income ceiling. Hell, I’ll never have to worry about hitting that mark and if that stabilizes the program so be it.

  107. The Obama worshippers are losing faith and are taking it out on those of us who saw through him from the beginning. They’re taking they’re frustrations out on us.

  108. bb — FDL — aren’t they ones who were salivating after Obama “won” & were calling for Lieberman’s head & when they got the big FU from Obama they continued to kiss his ass? They’ll never learn that Obama just isn’t that in to them.

  109. The Obama worshippers are losing faith and are taking it out on those of us who saw through him from the beginning. They’re taking they’re frustrations out on us.


  110. Angie, you are in such rarefied company!! 🙂

  111. they’re – their

  112. bb – yeah, I saw that poster. It is exceedingly creepy.

  113. Excellent post! Your reasons are the same as mine, and I didn’t think it possible, but I’m getting more disgusted with the Democratic Party every day.

    Cinie, I read in the comments below that Reid is your senator. Mine too. Do we know each other? Pop me an email!

  114. I used to venture over to FDL but after they drank the kool-aid just ignored it.

  115. bostonboomer, I can’t believe the Obots don’t know that PUMA ain’t got nuttin’ to do with cats.

  116. Fredster — well, lets face it — I was asking for it — I’m a woman who will not sit down & shut up & who isn’t very “lady like.” (or as some Prolly woman says: I’m just a “nasty piece of work”) BWAHAHA!

  117. They have some weird kool-aid logic they use.

    I do a post about some really vile misogyny, and they don’t make a single substantive argument against it.

    Instead, they post some lame snark I posted at Balloon Juice 9 months ago (before I was ever a poster here) as if that’s a rebuttal to “rape is good.”

    But the putrid stuff they say doesn’t count because (wait for it) “It’s just snark!”

  118. bluelyon — the Dem. party is dead — it isn’t time for a viable 3rd party in this country, it is time for a viable 2nd party.

  119. Exactly Angie!

  120. myiq — I saw that twisted logic –(and I use the word “logic” loosely; it is so twisted it shouldn’t even be called “logic”). Personally, I don’t understand their obsession with you — other than jealousy. And I don’t think it proves that you have “issues” as some there say.

  121. ot
    Fox News just announced that Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel .



  122. Angie:

    I told you, it’s the big clown shoes. 😉

  123. Sorry about your mom’s bruises, fred. Please send postcards when you make it back to da parish. Along with some thin fried catfish and fried shrimp from Middendorf’s. Oh, and some gumbo and lasagna from Mandina’s. A large pizza from Cafe Roma would be good, too.

  124. myiq — how about their twisted justification for the death threats — it is a quote from Animal House!!!! As if that means it isn’t a death threat! LMAO — God, I weep for this country if they are “our future.”

  125. Cinie,

    They don’t know a whole lot about anything, because they don’t listen, they don’t read, they don’t think. Some website owner tells them to attack or vote, they just do it. Some snake oil saleman tells them “you are the change you’ve been waiting for, yes we can!” and they swallow it whole. Because of people like that, this country is ripe for a fascist regime.

  126. angienc2, on January 8th, 2009 at 2:20 am Said:

    Fredster — well, lets face it — I was asking for it — I’m a woman who will not sit down & shut up & who isn’t very “lady like.” (or as some Prolly woman says: I’m just a “nasty piece of work”) BWAHAHA!

    You were a bad girl and just beggin’ for it.
    Invite ’em over to visit you and your new lil friend!

  127. helenk — oh god! and we are stuck with Obama — hey, wasn’t his election supposed to heal this world? When is that going to happen?

  128. BBC doesn’t report that it is Hezbollah, just that rockets are being fired into Israel from Lebanon.

  129. So I’m having a hard time figuring out why I’m still awake as if I don’t have to get up early tomorrow.

  130. Fredster — I don’t think they are worth the shell. Seriously, they don’t have the balls to venture away from their keyboards (and mom right up stairs to dry their tears).

  131. elderj — you and me both!

  132. No, no, BB – gotta keep up. It’s now Be The Change.

    A Gandhi rip off on bad Mussolini poster “art”. Yours for only a hundred bucks.

  133. Oh Kat5!! and Angie too-Middendorfs may not reopen. They got hit by storm surge from either Gustav or Ike. You know how that water goes – thru the Rigolets, into Ponchartrain and then over to Maurepas.

    A friend who moved to Hammond post-K grabbed some pics. The old place just got swamped. Really sad.

  134. Kat4,

    Whatever they want to call the bulls&&t is OK with me. I can still tell is bullsh&&t.

  135. bb — someone on an earlier thread (I think GAgal) wrote about how these kids have been trained to be the Borg with the “everybody gets a trophy, no winning or losing, no blame, etc” They have been coddled & had every aspect of their days planned by some one else (with play dates, soccer practice) etc. that they are incapable of independent thought. If I wasn’t so tired, I would look it up. I think it is so true.

  136. Gotta get to bed. Work in the morning comes very, very early.

  137. Oh Angie, it’d be worth it if they crapped their drawers! 8)

  138. Bluelyon, I’m in Vegas, and remember, what happens here…ssshhhhh!

  139. Fredster — I heard that about Middendorf’s — my dad is heartbroken — he loves their catfish & will not eat it anywhere else.

  140. angie:

    They learned manners from watching Jerry Springer.

  141. night bluelyon!

  142. bostonboomer, on January 8th, 2009 at 2:30 am Said:


    BB-you downgraded Kat on the saffir-simpon scale!

  143. myiq — LOL — yep, trash on parade over there.

  144. G’night Blue!

  145. Bostonboomer, that’s just it with Gamma pods, any old Alpha will do.

  146. Fredster — if they actually did show up I guarantee crapped drawers!

  147. Angie, the last I heard was they may try to fix the newer building and reopen.

    Still…it’s like Fitzgeralds…another of the old places gone. Like Sid-Mars too.

  148. Fredster — remember Justin Wilson the Cajun Chef? Hoo, I gah-run-on-tee!

  149. I guarantee crapped drawers! 😈 😈


  150. They really hate it that they get bounced into spamville when they step outta line but we don’t ban Angie when she yells “Fuck-you!” as they disappear.

  151. Oh Gawd yes, Joostan… Gotta have a little wine…

  152. Oh no! I’m sorry Kat5. I’m way too tired to still be up. I’m lucky I can remember my own name.

  153. Oh I loved Justin Wilson. Did he go to the great beyond?

  154. myiq! I know what is up with that? LOL They post about having sex with dogs but think I should be banned for the “f” word? LMAO!!

  155. bb — actually, I don’t know if Justin Wilson has passed — I’m just assuming because he was like 100 years old when I was about 10.

  156. My ex-husband used to buy Justin Wilson’s hot sauce. It came in red and green.

  157. BB – oh yeah…Justin’s been gone for awhile.

    Justin E. Wilson (April 24, 1914 – September 5, 2001)

    However, he’ll live forever on those cooking shows he did.

  158. but technically, I yell GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    In all seriousness, if it is offensive to anyone here I’ll reign it in — but I thought we were all adults — and I do try to save it for the “late night crowd”

  159. Most of the comments on the Tbogg post were from Blogstalkers.

  160. Sex with dogs???

    WTF they can’t handle sheep?

  161. but technically, I yell GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    Sorry, it’s hard to hear over the sound of a screaming troll.

  162. myiq — LOL!

  163. I’m not offended, Angie. I don’t like bullies and think they need to be yelled at.

  164. I gotta get some sleep, and then get up and research cyberstalking.


  165. I wonder when the place that shall not be named will start to realize what a big mistake they made by giving us so much free publicity?

  166. Time for peeeee jaaaaaaays. Night all. Can’t wait to see what Reid does tomorrow…. Zzzzzzzz.

  167. what they also fail to understand (because they are stupid) is that I am not telling the posters here to “go fuck themselves” I’m telling tr0lls to go fuck themselves — they come here spread bile directed at us telling posters here that they have sex with animals, or are old, fat, hags. They aren’t here for discourse, just insults to try to intimidate us into silence. Yet, they are unable to differentiate between the two.

  168. night, myiq. I won’t last much longer. Should we leave this post open?

  169. Night myiq! I’m not far behind.

    Sweet dreams!!

  170. bb — good — yours (and the real Conflucian posters) is the only opinion I care about. (seriously).

  171. Let’s leave it open. Scrubs was lonely last night. The trolls be damned.

  172. Wait Angie, I’m confused. The tr0lls were saying we were having sex with animals, or they, the tr0lls, were animal fuckers.

  173. The feeling is mutual, Angie.

  174. angie, from above:
    No it wasn’t me saying that earlier because I don’t have kids but I certainly recognize that behavior in my nieces and nephews.

    Doesn’t it all just seem so surreal? All this time spent on the silly Burris mess just gives Obama AND Bush cover to avoid the ME conflict. If Bush is a lame duck then where the hell is Obama? Isn’t it convenient that they can have it both ways? They’re all on vacation.

    frenley elderj,
    The reason we can’t sleep is because the world is crumbling to pieces and our “leaders” are on vacation.

  175. bostonboomer, on January 8th, 2009 at 2:48 am Said:

    I wonder when the place that shall not be named will start to realize what a big mistake they made by giving us so much free publicity?

    You are counting on some deductive reasoning skills they don’t possess — they think EVERYONE else sees us as they do.

  176. Fredster — they were saying WE have sex with animals.

  177. bb — good plan — someone can clean up in the morning.

    Ok — I am off to bed (about 2 hours late — but better late than never!)

    Good night elderj, GAgal, bb, Fredster, Cinie — and everyone else.

  178. Can you imagine having such a pathetic, lonely life that you would spend hours either running from computer to computer or recycling your modem so you can post obscene comments on some stranger’s blog that will last a few seconds? I mean talk about a life of lonely desperation!

  179. Night, Angie.

  180. they were saying WE have sex with animals

    Oh bullshit! We have sex with each other? There’s enough choices, persuasions, etc to keep us entertained amongst ourselves. We don’t need no animals.

  181. night, angie-got-a-gun.

  182. correct that to read “we have sex with each other! no ? mark

    Ah, that’s the problem when you get too tired.

    Think I’m heading off to zzzzzzzzzzs also.


  183. Peace out people… I’m off to bed!!

  184. peace elderj

  185. night elderj. Don’t be a stranger!

  186. Is that inauguration poster a joke?! This is what it immediately made me think of:

  187. fredster, your poor mom. If she’s anything like my mom (and me to some extent), by the time she finally says ‘ok make me an appointment’ she’s probably really hurting. I’m sure she’s grateful to have such a good kidster.

  188. Goodnight. BB, hope I didn’t step on your toes with this post. There’s just so much good stuff going up all the time, it’s hard to get in. If there’s a method I’m missing, or protocol, let me know, okay?

  189. nite fredster

  190. No, Cinie. You didn’t step on my toes. If you ever wonder, just send an e-mail around to everyone to check. You can also see if someone is working on a draft. I don’t think it’s that great to have 300 comments on a post. It’s fun to have a lot of stuff posted during the day and night. Usually when I have something I want to put up, I wait at least an hour after the last person’s went up. If it’s slow that day, I might wait a bit longer. It all shakes out.

  191. Melanistic panthera is the name of the cat in the picture

    Mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther—this cat is known by more names than just about any other mammal! But no matter what you call it, it’s still the same cat, Felis concolor, the largest of the small cat species. So how did it get so many names? Mostly because it has such a large range, and people from different countries have called it different things. Early Spanish explorers to North and South America called it leon (lion) and gato monte (cat of the mountain), from which we get the name “mountain lion.” Puma is the name the Incas gave this cat in their language. Cougar seems to have come from an old South American Indian word, cuguacuarana, which was shortened to cuguar and then spelled differently. And panther is a general term for cats that have solid-colored coats, so it was used for pumas as well as black jaguars. All of these names are considered correct, but scientists usually use the name puma.


    Stupidity is so embarrassing.

  192. Thanks, BB. I appreciate the info and support.

  193. Is there another source to look at the poster besides Huffpost? Don’t want to go there. Don’t even know if I want to look at it either.

  194. GAgal:
    They copied it from HuffPo for you.

  195. Cinie,

    I can’t believe that idiot actually hoverd over the picture and still read the word “jaguar.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Some people are so stupid you have to wonder why they leave the house. Actually that guy probably just stays in his mama’s basement spamming whichever website has him upset that day.

  196. It’s especially embarrassing when the stupid person incorrectly tries to correct someone THREE times. I mean I could see twice maybe…

  197. Even if it is a jaguar, so what? If that’s the only point he scores in life, maybe he should stay on the bench.

  198. good grief, they must be so lazy they never leave the house. they didn’t have to.


  199. He’s probably e-mailing his stupid buddies right now to tell them how he scored some kind of points.

  200. a jaguar is a puma

  201. moderation? help

  202. Wonder why I got caught in moderation. All I said was – a jaguar is a puma

  203. Also a basic search in Wiki (yeah I know) has this under Other Meanings:

    Puma (comics), a comic book character
    Puma (language)
    Puma AG, a German shoe and sportswear company

    People United Means Action, a political action organization best known for its support of Hillary Clinton

    P53 upregulated modulator of apoptosis, a gene
    Lake Puma, a lake in Tibet

  204. GREAT ! Spot on assessment of Obama. He is an actor — he is NOT an original — he copies — he is good at copying his mentors.

    Also he has no empathy.

    My only argument with your article — Obama will never ever NEVER be my president. He is just another penis in a long line of penis to occupy the white house.

    We are in deep doodoo (voodoo too) —

    I am so glad that I don’t have kids — I guess I’m a Cassandra — I knew that we have someone worse than Nixon — then we had Ray-gun and then baby bush. Now his twin brother — Obambi

  205. cinie, Thanks for the poster link. Just what i expected. Be the change, my ass. I’ve been trying to change things for years and where has it gotten us? I see it’s complete with a brand new “seal”. Always gotta have the official possum seal.

  206. I am a PUMA because people like me who are older and active in the Democratic Party were told we were no longer needed. Now today Obama is at war with Seniors over Social Security and Medicare. He said that he is not going to keep decades old programs going just because of some interest group. He is hiring a watchdog to slash these two programs. I guess when the torch was passed to a new generation the older generation will have to be torched.

    Thank God I am no longer part of the party that gave us the social programs which have kept 50% of Seniors out of poverty and now while preaching Roosevelt and New Deal they are the ones who will shaft this social safety net. From New Deal to Raw Deal in 60 years.

  207. Obama is a passive aggressive — and people over 60 knew obama was a con man — so he didn’t get that many votes from the retired and soon to be retired group.

    This is pay back to the gray haired folk.

    Pay back for Obama will be at the mid term elections in 2010.

  208. Briana — Bush was not popular with young people and Obama will use his popularity with this group to pit the young against the old. China has refused any more of our debt so all that he has left if he is going to spend a trillion dollars is that old standby Social Security. I had always thought it was an insurance policy which we paid into but Obama just calls it run away spending by an interest group. And we thought Obama only hated his Grandmother.

  209. New post up, believe it or not.

  210. Northwest Rain — I believe the Republicans didn’t offer an October surprise because they wanted to show us what life would be like with an all Democratic Govt. By 2010 people will be screaming for change.

  211. S. Hall,
    Yes we’ve been saying that all along. We’ve been Roved – courtesy of a bunch of stupid Obots who fell for the bullshit. Have you read the posts on this blog from the beginning? Now we have a new term. Rove/Brazilled. Ain’t life great?

    New post up.

  212. Brilliant post!

  213. Excellent synopsis…. of why so many PUMAs refuse to back down.

    Way to go!

  214. Also, remember how all his people in his past were somehow bound to confidentiality agreements…This was no amateurish operation. Reminds me of the scrubbing off the internet of all the Bush/Abramoff pictures.

  215. Cinie, this was like reading an obituary for our democracy. We the People will be in mourning for a long time. And no matter what Soertoro/Obama says or does, he’s like the relative that steals the estate from the rightful heir and then plans a party to dance on the grave.

    I remember reading Ann Frank when I was very young and asking, “How could this have happened and not been stopped?” because I believed in the innate goodness of people. But with the age of wisdom I’ve learned that it “happens” when those with the power to stop it do nothing. We the People tried and couldn’t and that is why we mourn.

    As for that poster, it seems to be a visual portent of our future because every despot has his own version plastered everywhere looking down upon the people he rules as a reminder of the power he has over them. I suggest we re-read the history of how the oppressed survived.

  216. Great post, Cinie! All the reasons PUMAs won’t ever accept the Cheater-in-Chief, wrapped up in unforgettable metaphors. I laughed out loud many times reading this, especially the beta-male in a gamma society analogies.

    And while I usually resent the word rape being used for anything besides the sexual violence that is almost always done to women by men, your carefully constructed, quite accurate picture of the Democratic Party being used as a blow-up doll by Obama made it appropriate.

  217. Thank you Cinie. Well said. You speak for all of us. It’s our job now as pumas to help everyone coming out of the kool-aid induced dream to wake up and realize it’s a real nightmare. Today the NYT reports that he wants to “fix” Social Security and Medicare. Obama is no progressive. He’s Bush #3.

  218. great post Cinie .. I am PUMA f AND PROUD or all of the same reasons …
    The all or nothing mentality that permeates the fauxgressive thought processes is as content empty as the suit they support.
    And not only is bo not progressive, he is dangerously inexperienced and narcissistic . He will destroy what little confidence we might have in economic recovery if he threatens Social Security and Medicare , but then , extremely wealthy people do not depend on Social Security and Medicare .

  219. Great post, CInie. Obama is stupid and was mean to Hillary. He should not be president. I think he’ll be impeached and Hillary will get the job. I can’t wait!

    This is the best web site ever!!!!!12!!!!!!

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