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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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No Republican Left Behind



Well, I don’t know about you, but I am simply THRILLED with the liberal slant of Barack Obama’s economic policy. As you know, I’ve been a tad…put off, shall we say, by some of his nods in the conservative direction. You know, what with anti-choice CDS sufferer Tom Daschle being put in charge of things like HHS and health care reform, and that Rick Warren invocation brouhaha, and the whole Sanjay Gupta “I Lie About Our Health Care System On The Teevee” Surgeon General thing,  and elevating anti-choice/anti-gay marriage Tim Kaine to the head of the DNC, and staying the course with Robert Gates…and that’s just in the past few weeks! I’ve hardly had time to freak out about the Middle East, Russia, Caroline Kennedy or the coming Depression, what with all this tsuris!

So, our President-Elect is on the socially conservative side, and well, he might not “end the war in Iraq” after all. But who cares? As we know, those issues are quite unimportant when you consider that Obama really knows how to fix the economy. I am sure he will seize this unique opportunity to shore up the ravaged institutions of FDR’s New Deal and begin to rebuild a strong middle class and fill in the Reaganite holes in the social safety net. After all, that’s what Democrats do!

Ahhhh, who the fuck am I kidding?

Did you read what he said today? Did you? I swear to the Giant Green Lizard, my liberal eyeballs were bleeding by the time I was finished. Misery loves company, so let’s take a closer look. We’ll skip all the Orwellian nonsense at the beginning about changing and believing, yada yada yada (wonder if the Groper, Jon Favreau, wrote it?).

Here’s what he says about health care reform:

To improve the quality of our health care while lowering its cost, we will make the immediate investments necessary to ensure that within five years all of America’s medical records are computerized. This will cut waste, eliminate red tape, and reduce the need to repeat expensive medical tests. But it just won’t save billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, it will save lives by reducing the deadly but preventable medical errors that pervade our health care system.

Um, huh? Is that it? Modernizing computer records? I’m sorry, but could he think ANY SMALLER? Do we really need to discuss the massive problems our health care system faces? And how will this cover the 47 million without health care now? Besides…is it me, or is this idea kind of, um, unoriginal?

In 2003, President Bush said he wanted most Americans’ medical records to be computerized within 10 years. The savings from moving away from paper could rise into the hundreds of millions a year, the president said. And electronic records can reduce medical errors, proponents said.

Could it get any worse? Oh, Yes, it can! The words of our Glorious Leader on education:

To give our children the chance to live out their dreams in a world that’s never been more competitive, we will equip tens of thousands of schools, community colleges and public universities with 21st-century classrooms, labs and libraries. We’ll provide new computers, new technology, and new training for teachers so that students in Chicago and Boston can compete with kids in Beijing for the high-tech, high-wage jobs of the future.

Chicago and Boston, huh? Gosh, wonder why he picked those areas out as examples. I’ll tell you something, the inner city schools in many other ares of the country need help too…but then again, Obama needs to keep his patrons in his home city and Uncle Teddy’s home city fat and happy!

Anywho, that stuff about new technology and the jobs of the future sounds kinda familiar. Where have I heard it before?

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 21, 2004

Fact Sheet: Jobs for the 21st Century

Presidential Action:

In his State of the Union Address, President Bush announced Jobs for the 21st Century — a comprehensive plan to better prepare workers for jobs in the new millennium by strengthening post-secondary education and job training and improving high school education. This plan includes over $500 million in new funding for education and job training programs.


Improving High School Education: The President’s plan will also improve the quality of education at our Nation’s high schools and better prepare students for success in higher education and the job market — including $100 million to help striving readers and $120 million to improve math education.

 The rest of his plans, while not detailed in today’s speech, are even more hair-raising for liberals. Congressional Democrats are none too pleased with what they’re hearing from their President-Elect.

Several lawmakers criticized plans to offer businesses a $3,000 tax credit to hire new workers.

“Why would you, if you got a couple thousand dollar jobs credit, go out and hire somebody to build a car nobody’s buying?” said Conrad.

“I’d rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion” and other things that may create jobs more quickly, said Senator John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat.

Others called for adding more energy tax incentives.

“I think there would be bipartisan support for retooling the package to skew it more towards energy,” said Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat. “There is more interest in energy investment and the opportunity to create jobs in energy than I think the Obama people have picked up on.”

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, suggested the Obama plan had too many tax cuts.

“To me it still looks like more of this trickle-down,” Harkin said after the meeting. “If someone gives you a tax break you’re going to save that money, you’re going to salt that away – – you’re not going to be spending it.”

And Nancy Pelosi feels Obama should keep his promise to repeal the Bush tax cuts right away. And Paul Krugman says:

“Look, Republicans are not going to come on board,” Krugman writes. “Make 40 percent of the package tax cuts, they’ll demand 100 percent. Then they’ll start the thing about how you can’t cut taxes on people who don’t pay taxes (with only income taxes counting, of course) and demand that the plan focus on the affluent. … I’m really worried that [Obama emissaries are] sending off signals of weakness right from the beginning and that they’re just going to embolden the opposition.”

Of course they are.

So, we’ve got a “new and improved” hopey-changey economic plan that looks just like Bush’s. But there’s still something missing. What could it be?

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama said Wednesday that overhauling Social Security and Medicare would be “a central part” of his administration’s efforts to contain federal spending, signaling for the first time that he would wade into the thorny politics of entitlement programs.

Ah, yes. Memories. I just love when Republicans call Social Security and Medicare “entitlement programs.” Reminds me of when Bush toured the country talking about putting our hard-earned money into the hands of excellent and trustworthy Wall Street companies like Bear Stearns. How’d that work out for The Deciderer?

I do think this push to take on Social Security and Medicare is a big mistake for Obama, just as it was for Bush; and I don’t think it will go anywhere. But when our Great “Liberal” Messiah of Hope And Change seems to be determined to leave no Republican idea behind, the only thing to do is scream as loudly as we can until people finally wake up from their Kool-Aid stupors and realize that the Democratic Party is now dead as a doornail. There may be good individuals within the Party, but as an institution, it has now thrown what once made it great – the idea of building society from the bottom up – under that famous bus.

Only when we stop expecting Democrats to do the right thing just because they label themselves with a “D,” and start forcing both parties to be accountable to the people again, will we finally take America back.


144 Responses

  1. Obama should just switch parties and save us from some of the cognitive dissonance. What a douchebag.

  2. No truer words were said.

  3. You go madamab!

    I just voted Wankers and it wasn’t for you.:P

  4. Well I’m heading to bed early tonight guys. You all have a good one.

  5. Night, CWaltz

  6. I already want to do with Obama and his administration what I wanted to do with Bush & Co. — kidnap them all and dump them on a obscure island where they could play Gilligan’s Island and let the grown-ups fix the things that need fixing and leave the stuff that doesn’t alone.

    And Obama hasn’t been inaugurated yet.

  7. Obama snubs Howard Dean. Ha. ha. ha.


  8. boomer — I left some comments for you on the previous post.

  9. great post madamab (as usual) — but the Democratic Party died May 31, 2008 when the RBC gave those MI undecided delegates to Obama plus 4 of Hillary’s to boot & 1/2 votes to FL. What is happening now is that Obama is cutting off the head & driving a stake through the heart of its stinking corpse to ensure it doesn’t “rise again.”

  10. Bravo madamab…

  11. “Obama’s pick for OMB puts Social Security in jeopardy”

    President-elect Obama’s appointment of Peter Orszag to be director of the Office of Management and Budget has raised the threat level for an attack on Social Security to orange.

    While Orszag has taken thoughtful positions on a number of policies, three years ago he came up with a plan for Social Security that would cut its benefits to all workers under age 55 – hitting people harder the younger they are.

    In addition to penalizing youth, his proposal would introduce means-testing into the Social Security benefit structure, which would result in lower Social Security benefits for higher-income retirees. While means-testing might sound fair, the Social Security definition of higher income could change over time and, eventually, many of us could find ourselves ineligible for full benefits.

    Orszag’s plan would undermine support for Social Security. People getting less from Social Security would be less likely to support it, eroding its political base.


  12. bb — Obama threw Dean & Reid under the bus in the same day? He works fast!

    Dean — go over by Reid — I don’t want the two of you anywhere near me.

  13. Angie,

    I’m waiting for the public snubbing of Donna Brazile next. Ah, that will be fun to watch.

  14. Under the bus is getting too crowded… I think we’ve got enough folks that we can raise money for a bus of our own.

  15. SHV — the new bankruptcy laws have what is called a “means test” (aka “currently monthly income statement) & the thing it is NOT is an accurate reflection of anyone’s current monthly income. It is a stupid clusterf*ck the sole purpose of which seems to be, imo, denying Ch. 7 bankruptcy protection to as many people as possible. Something tells me a SS means test will act the same way.
    Just like the military is denying full benefits to servicemen & women who are injured, the government is going to start denying full benefits to retirees.

  16. At least he’s consistent. He did say he thought Republicans had all the new ideas.

  17. Hi elderj!

  18. elderj — I’m sure Reid will demand his own bus to be under — you know he doesn’t like the smell of the hoi polloi, especially in the summer.

  19. Brava Madamab.

    I love it, the glass ceiling has been replaced with the floorboard of the bus.

    Next thing we will hear is “pull yourself up by the muffler.”

  20. bb — I’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge just for the day that Donna B. gets thrown under the bus.

  21. What a crock of sh*t. Abso-f-ing-lutely NO genuine creative thinking in that guy’s head — err, or his speechwriter’s head.

    Electronic medical records result in a zillion NEW ways to make mistakes. There’s no standard out there — different hospitals/clinics use different systems that often don’t translate to each other.

    I’ve used 5 different EMRs and they’re all clumsier than a paper chart. A few things are better. But it’s no cure-all.

    I’ll get a patient in with their MRIs on a CD, and more than half the time our program for reading MRI software can’t read what’s on the CD, so we can’t look at the MRI images together during the appointment. I have to send it down to Radiology and 2 wks later it’s translated.

    And the cost to a small or solo practice for an EMR system can be huge. We’ve got half the family practice docs saying they’ll retire or cut back their hours in the next five years, and all this joker P-E can do is regurgitate Bush’s pap for health-care “reform.”

    Oh, yeah, this dim idea is going to result in lots of

  22. LOL! Prolix, you kill me. Be sure to read SOD’s post down below.

  23. lots of uninsured being covered. Not.

  24. madamab, great post! I been screaming at my tv all week over this!

  25. Just so everyone knows. madamab went to bed. She schedule this to post. But I can tell she worked really hard on it.

  26. Bwaaaahahahahahahah!


    Despite leading the party in consecutive triumphant election cycles – as well as through off-year races like when Kaine was elected Virginia governor in 2005 – Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.

    Indeed, when President-elect Barack Obama introduced Kaine at party headquarters Thursday afternoon, Dean was 7,023 miles and seven time zones away, closer to French Polynesia than Washington, doing party grunt work in American Samoa.

  27. Thanks, bostonboomer

  28. Speking of buses, did Obama finally act like a human being and save his aunt from deportation? His grandmother is coming to the inauguration as part of the Kenya delegation, if his aunt was deported maybe she can come along and we can create a distration so she can sneak off and return to her home of what 25 years or something?

  29. angienc2, on January 9th, 2009 at 12:22 am Said:

    SHV — the new bankruptcy laws have what is called a “means test” (aka “currently monthly income statement) & the thing it is NOT is an accurate reflection of anyone’s current monthly income……….
    With a lot of help from the in-coming VP…I think Biden was one of two Dems who fought against every amendment to the Bankruptcy law that would have helped ordinary people.

  30. bb — the part I loved best from that Dean snub story:

    Despite leading the party in consecutive triumphant election cycles – as well as through off-year races like when Kaine was elected Virginia governor in 2005 – Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.

    and then later when a Dean insider says:

    “I’ve asked if he [Dean] committed some crime. He’s been a good soldier.

    Of course, it is more accurate to note how Dean helped rig the primary for Obama & that he was a good “storm trooper” rather than soldier, but BWAHAHAHA!! That is what you get Dean for hitching your wagon to an empty suit!! It really is a thing of beauty.

  31. Seriously,

    The last heard the aunt moved to somewhere in the midwest and was living with relatives.

  32. bb — jinx you owe me a coke!


  33. Well, Howard should have known Teh One can’t be trusted. That article said he wanted the H&HS post — where he actually might have done some good, I have to say. But I did laugh over this:
    But, showing a flash of the old, off-message Dean, the outgoing chairman couldn’t help but crack wise about just one of the new president’s challenges.

    “You gotta hand it to Blagojevich,” said Dean of the embattled Illinois governor’s brazen appointment of Roland Burris to succeed Obama in the Senate. “What a maneuver! What a maneuver! When his back was against the wall he outsmarted a lot of people.”

  34. I like this part.

    “The snub today was no accident,” said one Dean ally. “I guarantee you he would have rescheduled his trip if asked to attend. It’s easy to [screw] over people when you are riding high in the polls, let’s see how many people are singing his praises in six months.”

  35. Do we suspect that “Dean ally” has quit drinking the Kool-Aid? Hahahahahahaha. Too late.

  36. “Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.”

    “I disenfranchised two states for that ungrateful jerk, and he even made me buy my own t-shirt”

  37. PumaInSeattle, on January 9th, 2009 at 12:24 am Said:

    What a crock of sh*t. Abso-f-ing-lutely NO genuine creative thinking in that guy’s head — err, or his speechwriter’s head.
    It a source for unlimited pork for the EMR vendors. Follow the money on this one.

  38. That’s one thing I agree with Dean on.

  39. I am watching somethin on Cspan right now with BO talking (recorded earlier today) about something….

    He said something about business in rural communities getting broadband access so they could compete globally. Is this guy unaware that most people already have access?

    And he’s pledging to spend money like a drunken sailor in a brothel….

  40. I wonder who will get thrown under the bus tomorrow? I’m betting it won’t be a Republican.

  41. SHV —

    With a lot of help from the in-coming VP…I think Biden was one of two Dems who fought against every amendment to the Bankruptcy law that would have helped ordinary people.

    You got that right — plus, he was the main force behind the who bankruptcy reform law in the first place which does nothing but make it more difficult & more expensive for people to file. That is why I was so disgusted by all the talk about what a “good Dem” Biden is (and how I realized the Obots were totally clueless) — the man is a friend to the credit card companies, not the little guy. Even if Obama had won the primary fair & square I still could not have voted for a ticket with Biden on it.

  42. Broadband access is another thing Bush used to talk about all the time. LOL!

  43. The snubs are never an accident, but Dean didn’t seem to care before. Ruh roh.

  44. Dean and Kerry, both used up and thrown away like dirty kleenex.

  45. BO doesn’t do anything but make speeches and his speeches are all based on blame and obfuscation. “Don’t blame me. There will be a lot of doubt about this plan.”

    He is so annoying…..

  46. LOL Broadband access makes the D&D crowd quiver. Down with granny, iphones for everyone.

  47. elderj — this guy is unaware that people don’t speak Arabic in Afghanistan (& his ‘strength” is foreign policy) do you really expect he knows what goes on with all those “hicks?”

  48. SHV — you are so spot on about that. The EMR vendors are happy pigs in the cornfield.

  49. Nancy Pelosi is complaining about the tax cuts. I wonder if she actually bought into the hopey hopey change?

  50. Oh no, not the old “you’re going to hear them say….” routine again. Did he say that old people will object to losing their income because they’re scared of his funny name?

  51. bostonboomer, on January 9th, 2009 at 12:38 am Said:

    Dean and Kerry, both used up and thrown away like dirty kleenex.

    Remember a long time ago I posted on here that I was lookinf forward to the day when Obama gave all this a–holes the “kutchakela” (Greek for the big karmic slap that a person has coming to them). Well, we have seen Obama give the kutchakela to the “lefty blogs,” Kerry, Richardson & now Dean. And he hasn’t even been sworn in — there are more to come & I look forward to each one.

  52. LOL!! If old people object to being thrown out on the street to eat cat food, they must be racists.

  53. Sez Dean: “I`m going to go into the private sector, make a living making speeches, and do a lot of stuff on health care policy.”

    Lots of plans for health care policy that will go nowhere fast, thanks to that DINO you rigged the nomination for.

    Dean actually did a ton of good health-care stuff when he was gov in Vermont. Under the bus with ya.

  54. Dean might have actually tried to improve health care. We can’t have that!

  55. Nancy better watch it. Emperor Palpatine will not put up with backtalk from a mere woman.

  56. “Could he think ANY SMALLER?”

    i just read an article on BlackAgendaReport.com that talks about this very issue. I was going to quote part of it, but it is rather detailed.

    Here is the link: http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=968&Itemid=1

    Thinking small is BO’s modus operendi. That way it looks progressive without really changing anything. On prison reform that he was involved with, a subsequent reviewer pointed out that bogus small changes get in the way of real change.

    The article is about BO’s so-called ‘pragmatism’, and that it is geared toward actually supporting the status quo. That is probably why his ideas all seem to be recycled from Republicans.

  57. Obama may find that Congress will be resistent if he stabs too many people in the back. He’ll have to be careful to keep the Black Caucus happy so they will pull the race card when necessary.

  58. Everytime I see him on TV I think to myself, “I can’t believe this guy is going to be president.” Partially I want to be excited because he’s AA (as I am) but then again I’m just ill at the thought that he’s the one.

    His halting, fake preacher cadence style of speaking, is thoroughly grating. And he doesn’t know what the H3LL he’s talking about .

    His admin is corrupt before it has started.

    You know what’s funny is that he is going to irritate the Democrats (the ones who were deceived into thinking he was a real deal liberal) while doing absolutely nothing to make the conservative happy. I’m not sure the Congress will roll over for him, since he doesn’t seem to have any coattails.

  59. Angie,

    If nothing else we can keep laughing at the surprised looks on Obots’ faces as Obama stabs them in the back one by one.

  60. “Could he think ANY SMALLER?”

    Why yes, he could think about his wee-wee, for example.

    ~Bah dum bump~

  61. bb — yes & we get to laugh when all of a sudden they start (gasp!) saying things that are less then complimentary. Like that one moron with the energy thing — there are a lot of things that could be done with energy that “Obama missed.” Surely you jest, sir! The Precious can’t MISS anything — he is the Alpha and the Omega! BWAHAHAHAHA

  62. Right on, madamab! You hit the f#$king nail right on the head. We really do need to scream about this shit as loudly as we can and we truly do need to stop expecting the Dimocrats to do the right thing. It’s up to us and I know we are up for the challenge.

  63. angie—-


  64. frenly (formerly and usually elderj), on January 9th, 2009 at 12:47 am Said:

    What elderj said (except for the “As am I” [AA])

    I am mad as hell that Obama has cheated us all out of being able to enjoy the historical election of our first AA president because we know what he did to get there & have a sinking feeling about what he will do (or not do) now that he is there.

  65. Yes, who didn’t want to be thrilled about this? I just hope he hasn’t made it impossible for any other AA to be President again anytime soon.

  66. I love it, the glass ceiling has been replaced with the floorboard of the bus. Next thing we will hear is “pull yourself up by the muffler.”

    LOL, prolix, best joke I’ve heard this week. Terrific post, madamab. Know what’s left of the true Dem party?


    Y’all are my sanity.

  67. Dean forgot backtrack’s mantra
    You are Expendable.
    There will be many shocked dems who will suddenly remember the mantra now that it is too late.
    Axis Sally Pelosi and Lord HaHa Reid should get flack jackets they will need them being around backtrack.
    Could not happen to a better pair.

    Nobody thought backtrack would come up with a real plan to help the economy did they?
    It might not be beyond his pay grade but it is beyond his ability



  68. Angie,

    Another similarity to Bush is that Obama doesn’t seem to understand that the President isn’t all powerful. Wait till he finds out he doesn’t have a line-item veto and Congress isn’t going to pass the budget just as he hands it to them.

  69. Hi Kat5!

  70. Good point, Boom. He has definitely put race relations back decades.

  71. Yeah, this guy keeps up at this rate, we are indeed going to have a lot of ex-obots joining us. We will have fun riling things up!

  72. bb — that soooo ticked me off during the election — he kept saying that bs about going “line by line” through the bills and NO ONE ever called him on it.

    helenk — Obama thinks everyone is expendable because, like the true narcissist that he is, he firmly believes it is “all him” (ie he did it all himself). Good luck with that one, Barrack.

  73. BB– I just love the thought of BO’s temper tantrum when his word does not automatically become law in Congress.

    Think he’ll use signing statements?

  74. I do feel bad that we’re about to have our first African American President and I basically don’t care at this point, but I can’t help it. He didn’t have to run this campaign the way he did.

  75. PumainSeattle — well, he put women’s rights back decades too, so it is only fair that the same happen to race relations.

  76. Yeehaw! Howard Dean can wrap his lips around the exhaust pipe as far as I’m concerned. Let Reid take a few drags, too.

    I said this yesterday: Obama can keep poking everyone in the eye. But sooner or later somebody’s gonna grab that finger and break it off. I wonder who it will be and how long it will take. Republicans bent over and grabbed their ankles for Bush against (some of) their better judgments. Will Dimocrats do the same? For how long?

  77. Yup, elderj, the phony preacher bit makes me nuts, too. If Obama’s ‘eloquent’, then Bush is positively Churchillian. I simply cannot listen to him. How he’s gotten away with the media driven myth that he’s such a fine orator is beyond moi. But then, a lot about the O-Myth is beyond me.

  78. Seriously — he had to run his campaign exactly like he did or he never would have won Iowa.

  79. bb – very true. As much as the Bush admin was criticized (rightfully) a lot of people seem to forget that in our system Congress holds most of the power. So all the things Bush did he did with the complicity of Congress, which since 2006 was controlled by Dems. Blaming Bush works as a campaign strategy, but I suspect BO will discover governance is completely different. And members of Congress have their own power bases totally independent of mr hopey-change.

  80. frenly/elderj

    Yes, it is too bad.

  81. help I’m in moderation and I can’t get up

  82. There was some self-admitted Obot writer in the NY Times who – in a moment of clarity – asked: “Obama is the first black President. But what if he’s a terrible President?”

  83. /sarcasm/ We are all Republicans now. G-d bless B0. /sarcasm/

    scurrying back to briefwriting, ugh.

  84. Puma in Seattle: Think he’ll use signing statements?

    I have no doubt that Obama will hang onto every bit of power that Bush has grabbed. I hope I’m wrong, because the though frightens me.

  85. I wish I had the time and money to go around the country asking Obots who are now under the bus how they feel about things now–in a pretty obnoxious way. lol Staring with Gloria Steinem–Tim Kaine, huh? How do you like it now, Gloria?

  86. Do we all realize we’re having the same “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….” with Obama that we had with Bush? (Yeah, we all know. Sigh.)

  87. Hi Jadzia,

    Ugh! That is bad. Briefwriting at this hour. I’m glad I have a couple of days off. Unfortunately, I’m completely iced into the house.

  88. Forgot to add in the preceding post — you are supposed to picture me wrapped in the flag with tears in my eyes, a la Sandra Bernhard (back before she became a rape apologist) at the end of Without You I’m Nothing.

  89. You all keep me sane, but it’s getting late (for me) even here on the Left Coast.

    Sweet dreams, all. Keep the jokes coming!

  90. DYB — my fear too (that the Dems. will go along with him for a while at least). I think they will because they believe that Obama can rally the troops in the lefty blogosphere & they will start jihads against any Dem. who opposes the One (and for a while at least, he will be right — you know those masochists at Cheeto at all will come running if Obama crooks his little finger). But eventually some Dem. will say “f*ck it” and stand up to him torpedoes be damned! And when they see the fauxgressives really aren’t as powerful & scary as they were lead to believe, more and more will do likewise.

  91. Hi, BB — It’s not as bad as it sounds, I’m in the Pacific time zone so it’s only a little after 10pm here! (That’s why I am always having the “last word” on threads everybody has left.)

  92. night PuamInSeattle!

  93. Angie — I would lay a bet that that the Dem who finally snaps will be a backbencher.

  94. LOL elderj

    Jadzia, yeah I am confused, if BO is a proud anti-New Deal Republican then are we now Democrats to the minions, or does his co-opting an idea make it Democratic regardless of how superfically insane it imght appear–it’s a bit of a conundrum.

  95. nice try Jadzia –but I know all lawyers like having the last word. LOL

  96. I nominate Roland Burris – backbencher with nada to lose. (Another line for the tombstone!)

  97. Jadzia,

    Oh, I see. Well I was working on my dissertation till all hours for the past few weeks. I’m just taking a couple of nights off. But I’ve gotten in the habit of staying up late, and now I’m stuck with it. That always happens to me.

  98. Krugman not happy with O’s economic plan:

    “But Mr. Obama’s prescription doesn’t live up to his diagnosis. The economic plan he’s offering isn’t as strong as his language about the economic threat. In fact, it falls well short of what’s needed.”

    He also complains about the tax cuts.

  99. Night Puma in Seattle. It’s 1:10 here. I hope I can get to sleep soon. It’s the curse of aging–at least for me. Insomnia.

  100. Hahaha Kat5 — how could I possibly have missed that one? He’s the obvious choice, assuming that B0’s honeymoon lasts less than two years. (Yes, I know all other presidents only get 100 days, but this election cycle has been unprecedented in every other way, so I do not venture to make a prediction on that one.)

    Angie: Do not!

  101. Good for Krugman, Jmac. I think he’s a secret PUMA.

  102. Jadzia & Kat5 — wouldn’t it be truly poetic if Burris was the backbencher who did it? Oh, I hope that happens.

    Of course, I would also love for it to be Hillary!

  103. At this point forget the bus, we need a long long train.
    Former obots go to the cars furthest away from the diner and rest rooms. They can not have a sleeper either.
    Their cars should have flat wheels, broken heaters and air conditioners. They should all have to listen to boomboxes playing loudly by people wearing perfume that smells like
    “nanny goat in paradise.” Also the windows do not open.
    I guess I have a mean streak.



  104. It’s gonna be a lot of fun having Roland Burris in the Senate and Hot Rod Blagojevich hanging on in Chicago.

  105. Jadzia — Do too!


  106. Hey, I forgot. Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday.

  107. helenk — LMAO!!

  108. Same as Richard Nixon’s.

  109. Per my dad, our family friends (read: other Serbs) think that the Blagojevich arrest was the second coming of the Dreyfus Affair….. Me, I’m just savoring my popcorn.

  110. LOL HelenK!

  111. Happy Birthday Elvis wherever you are (and that would be Bali or the Bahamas).

  112. Note please: Elvis is a Capricorn.

    Nixon is an abberation.

  113. OK, I’m going to try to get some sleep. It was fun talking to you all. That post of SOD’s was so funny.

  114. Forget Krugman, I love that Congresspeople are whining about the tax cuts. I wonder if they thought they could push Obama around. It’s like they slept through the last 8 years. He may not have a clue what he’s doing, but he’s the PRESIDENT. No, you can’t push him around.

  115. night bb!

    I’m heading out too all — good night Prolix, elderj, Seriously, helenk, DYB & Jadzia (night to your dad too) and to anyone else who is here!!

    Sweet dreams.

  116. eek — forgot Kat5 — night Kat!!

  117. was Nixon a Capricorn? I didn’t know that. He was a very popular president initially

  118. Anybody else figuring we’re ripe for the revolution in about, oh, two years or so? Corrente has the jump on this, with their Hall Of Mirrors banner and the string of Versailles headers. MO as Marie Antoinette? Can’t wait to see the NYTimes Style section – pert milkmaids all in a row, MoDo’s fangs frothing with curdled cream.

  119. Sayonara, auf wiedersehen, a bientot, hasta la vista, later, zzzzzzzzz. Nite all.

  120. It’s 1:30am and I came home early from work. And I have to be up early for the refrigerator repairman. Night all! Don’t say anything smart or clever while I’m out!

  121. Oh shit, just as I get here everyone’s leaving! I was busy in the thread below catching up.

    I couldn’t believe the pics of the Newell person. That’s got to be someone’s parental disappointment. Was it ever determined what he’s doing in DC? Is he a tour guide with the National Park Service?

    Hey DYB! I got your email and replied.

  122. Hey ho!(sento) You must be a part of the wanker group with that pathetic red-headed fat guy. Please entertain yourself somewhere else.


  123. Well someone’s around and did some deletin’ !

  124. we fucking told them so. Nothing of BO’s plans surprise me, since everyone with half a brain could see that Barry was anything BUT a progressive.

    THE EVANGELICALS AND CONSERVATIVES WILL VOTE HIM IN NEXT TIME, SO… the dems better start preparing a good candidate.
    Obama is paying back those who created him, and screwing everyone else.
    we’re screwed.

  125. spammy got me, halp

  126. here’s a bit of schadenfreude for ya: Obama snubs Dean! Full of delicious quotes and I haven’t even been in Mudville yet!

  127. Great Post AGAIN
    You got me a little nervous at 1st; but then everything was “OK”!
    If my memory is correct after the nomination & Dean followed “The One” to Chicago, he was promised a continuation of the job?

  128. Signing on late in Oz but great post, madamab.

    The comments here are pretty damned good, too. I love The C.!

  129. Thanks for reading the damn speech so i didn’t have to.
    His revolutionary changes remind me of Pickles “a telephone in every class”. last I remember, the civil rights advocates (including Hillary) resisted for years that move on the medical records – for the good reason that they would become accessible to employers and others.

  130. tpt/ny
    Your memory is correct! As soon as he was -illegally declared the winner of the primaries B0 said he’ll keep Dean. B0bots were dancing in the streets. Now a days – not so much.

  131. Thanks “Edge”
    I guess Obama can add:
    “Indian Giver”
    to his list of character flaws.

  132. Maybe Dean will become the White House house boy. The royal couple will need someone to walk the hairless puppy.

  133. As the noted political pundit Heidi Klum says, “One day you’re in and the next, you’re out.”

  134. This part that really irritates the bejesus out of me is the repeating of this lie:

    “We’ll provide new computers, new technology, and new training for teachers so that students in Chicago and Boston can compete with kids in Beijing for the high-tech, high-wage jobs of the future.”

    As a Duke University report states, there is no shortage of highly qualified U.S. engineers and the real issue is that foreign engineers work for less money. Those high-tech, high-wage jobs already have been exported and any more that we create will be exported, too, unless BO and Congress take some action on outsourcing. I don’t intend to hold my breathe. All of those plans to spend more money on new computers and new training will only further enrich BO’s wealthy contributors (owners?) and divert money that could be spent on little things like health care.


  135. Prolix> Hahahahahaha!

  136. Great post, mb!!!! And I also love the article about Dean that BB linked to. Karma. Makes me almost feel sorry for the Dr. . . . NOT.

    old dem, on January 9th, 2009 at 8:46 am Said:

    All of those plans to spend more money on new computers and new training will only further enrich BO’s wealthy contributors (owners?) . . .

    Yes! One of my dear, genius friends, who assured me in February 08 that it was mathematically impossible for Hillary to win, and that BO would win the nom, is a top guy at Microbunny, and a top strategist in BO’s campaign.

  137. Thank you old dem — I was just about to say the same thing. I’m farking SICK and tired of hearing about how we all have to retrain for those high-tech jobs (the same ones that were supposed to replace all those lost manufacturing jobs, remember?) while Bill Farking Gates goes to Congress and whines about how he can’t find qualified American workers so he needs a massive influx of H1B visas so he can hire Indian workers for pennies, meanwhile screwing over his own employees with some of the industry’s lowest wages and worst working conditions and union-busting. And it isn’t just Gates of course, it’s all those farking a-holes and Congress just happily rolls over and craps on working people again and again….

    My SO is a highly-qualified techie and a Republican (he voted Ron Paul but loved Hillary). Recently he told me, “You know, back in the 90s when we were in such high demand and could get anything we wanted…we should have all unionized.” I almost fell out of my chair. But it’s true. Because now even at his high salary level and 20+ years experience he isn’t all that secure about job prospects.

  138. Sorry to double post but I am ROFL over this:

    “Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.”

    “I disenfranchised two states for that ungrateful jerk, and he even made me buy my own t-shirt”

    Seriously, Seriously….it is too too too too rich.

  139. Great Post, Madamab!!! 😉

    I was driving to a client as O was speaking yesterday and had two major thoughts.
    1. How rude and presumptuous of him to make the speech in the first place. (They just do whatever they want to do, whenever the want to do it.)
    2. I’m listening to a rerun – I thought I’d heard it all before – thanks for confirming that for me Madamab.
    Aaauughghghgh 👿

  140. Great post, great thread, abysmal (if you’re a liberal, or care anything about ordinary people on this country, or just want to see a few good things get done) President-Elect.

    Run, Hillary. Run.


  141. […] Now, anyone reading this does not, in all likelihood, know me personally. I would say until this election my primary reputation was for being reasonable. Indeed, one of the most obnoxious of my colleagues asked me to defend him against a harassment charge in a grievance procedure, despite his knowing that I did not like him much. But now I am the crazy one, the one who can’t see Obama as Lincoln (except that Lincoln didn’t believe in total equality for black people, and Obama doesn’t believe in total equality for gay people, but that’s not what people mean when they compare the two–oh, yeah, and Lincoln was a Republican!). […]

  142. Just for the record, medical records, a combination of care patient received and also a record for the billing department, were already well on their way to becoming computerized by the hospitals (and physicians employed by said hospitals) for several years now. He’s not proposing anything new unless he plans to pay for what’s already been done independently. I’ve seen Obama and several organizations mischaracterize this for the past week.

    Although, there may be some benefit as far as mistakes in medicine and/or treatment given, this is not being done for the benefit of the patient’s finances. It’s being done so the government can implement a online system of reviewing records for possible mistakes or fraud.

  143. Yea I heard abt the Gupta thing today. Nice list riverdaughter. But it does seem as tho you are a bit stressed

    Obama knows how to fix the economy? He is surrounding himself with ppl from the Clinton Admin ..

    Clinton Admin 2.0 .. lol. Well, what do you expect from a Dem Bush. He knows nothing.

    Um, it is social security or safety net..not a “social safety net …”

    Yeah, America is moderate to conservative. We’re moderate (Dems) they’re conservative (repubs) Only difference between us is education and health, really.

    That’s normal, we come from diff schools of thought. They’re honest differences.

    Education should always be free of charge, provided by the state. I’m even to the left of Kucinich on this. I’m an advocate of public education. In fact , I’m big on any education. Already expanding elearning opportunities. Also making use of technology – laptops, etc.

    Stuidents must go at least 2yrs beyond high school (Zell Miller) after high school. Hereby get an AA.

    In actual fact, we should only study at university what it is we want to study – major. We should also not go there if we feel we are not ready. Or don’t want to. Improve and teach what should already be learnt in high school (Gen Ed) then forget electives;what already is the point of (re)learning smth you were meant to learn in HS but then, what is the point of spending time and money on as many electives (60) as your major and (already repeated) gen ed (thus, 36+27 let’s say) combined?

    European universities are better at this. Actually, I’d say the American master’s is equivalent to the European bachelor. It is similar in length, all the courses for a masters are repeated anyhow from undergrad .. it is not the paper it is the education one receives and the dynamisms between teacher and student that go into it.

    Pretty much; like the worker if we give young ppl the same tools all over..there is no reason why anyone from anywhere should not be competitive.
    We all come from somewhere however ppl everywhere have the same problems.

    Then, health. A sick person is not a client they are a patient.
    Those who can buy their own health insurance should be expected to do so. Indeed; universal should cover those that can’t get their own without forcing anything on those that already have.

    A state has a responsibility towards its citizens, it should take care of them .. without encroaching on their liberties or freedoms, freedom of choice. We’re unique, individual ..I trust ppl know what is best for them.

    So, coverage as opposed to care. No government run hospitals. The state just removes the risk factor. Like in business. That’s all that we should have.

    This is hillary’s plan. And it is her issue 🙂 she has a lock on this.

    I love choice. I want to be able to choose my own doctors. But that is the difference between us in the center and those on the left.

    Liberals are not Democrats. It’s fine just .. not in our name, pls. They aren’t any more than neocons are republicans. Both give their respective parties a bad name.

    Coming back to .. I do like a paper trail .. I don’t understand why we could not have both.
    The American health care system is fundamentally good .. it is broken just , let’s not listen to Moore too much.

    As for social security this belongs to the people as per Kennedy, should not be privatized that makes room for corruption. It is a government administered program, the state must run it. If we add a fourth – taxes – and possibly trade..I’m pro growth, for growth and pro business. So as to welfare .. well, I’m for workfare. That and the flat tax go hand in hand, promoting work.

    A tax should not be regressive (Reagonomics) or progressive (Marxist) The flat tax is a conservative idea (which is fine because anyways it’s ideas not ideology. The whole left right thing is silly and outlived, become stale) but not regressive, it is progressive but by nature, not in design. it is in between, flat and fair.

    It encourages work, spurs growth, cuts bureaucracy.

    I’m a Dem but a conservative Dem, meaning centrist seen as in the conservative wing of our party but, centrist on the polt scale, moderate overall. These four being key areas of the economy .. is what can and does explain our allegiance to the party. Econ policy. I’m a social/cultural moderate, not socially liberal or socially conservative and a fiscal conservative. And yes, I’m a Dem 🙂 from the DLC where the real Dems come from.

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