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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Are you popular?

Watch the following educational film to find the answer to that question:

I think the film above is full of some good advice, like, never wait til the last minute to ask someone out, ‘cos they may have scheduled a night of heavy blogging.  Don’t hang around with girls who snog in parked cars, ‘cos she probably doesn’t have health insurance if she doesn’t have her own apartment.  And finally, ask another couple to join you for a bite to eat at her house when the date is over because a foursome is always a lot of fun.  But popularity isn’t everything if it means you lose your soul.

Po-poo-lar.  I think that was in the first chapter of El Camino Real, along with directions to the Biblioteca.

91 Responses

  1. RD,

    I watched that this morning at around 4:30AM. I had time to watch the whole thing before it disappeared. That’s a very surrealistic thing to see at 4:30AM, and then when it disappears into thin air, you start to question everying.

    The rules for being popular don’t sound like much fun to me. I’m just a born outsider misfit.

  2. I was never popular, so I worked on being rude and surly instead.

  3. BB:

    We have an IP that needs blocking.

  4. I’m back MyIQ & I got it.

  5. Thanks, Katiebird!

  6. Wow, thanks for the video. Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong in here! Mr. Popularity, here I come! 🙂

  7. LOL: “Is she popular becasue she seems as interested in girls as well as boys?”

    LOL and this was 1947!!


  8. I guess the IP is not very popular? It should have watched the movie. It is ok for me in interrupt myiq and BB’s conversation, isn’t it??

  9. At No Quarter there is a post by Sara in Italy about the Pumas.
    Very good.



  10. honora:

    Different thread

  11. Hey, The video is no good without the robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000!

    You gotta love the insipid 50’s public service announcement infomercials. They’re swell.

  12. sigh…will watch at home tonight. I’m sure it’s hilarious!

  13. hey brad, peeps just got to get to know you a little better. get to understand you snark, which is unique.

  14. This totally solves my problem. Now I’m just going to hang around with snogging sluts and this will make me more popular.

  15. Say, Taggles, you sound swell. Would you like to go out with me next Saturday, say…to the Library Of Congress or something? Maybe we could get a soda and hotdog from one of those vendor guys outside?

  16. Have you seen this? Obama is assembling his usual army of advisers. It will either add to efficiency or be a supreme clusterf*ck. Note the details about curtailed Secretary’s power. HRC is going to be in for some battles. Good thing she’ s such a warrior.

    President-elect Barack Obama is assembling a new and influential cadre of counselors just steps from the Oval Office whose power to direct domestic policy will rival, if not exceed, the authority of his Cabinet.
    Presidents have long strived to centralize influence in the White House, often to the frustration of their Cabinet secretaries. But not since Richard M. Nixon tried to abolish the majority of his Cabinet has a president gone so far in attempting to build a West Wing-based clutch of advisers with a mandate to cut through — or leapfrog — the traditional bureaucracy.
    Obama’s emerging “super-Cabinet” is intended to ensure that his domestic priorities — health reform, the environment and urban affairs — don’t get mired in agency red tape or brushed aside by the ongoing economic meltdown and international crises. Half a dozen new White House positions have been filled by well-known leaders with experience navigating Washington turf wars.
    But some see the potential for chaos within the administration.
    “We’re going to have so many czars,” said Thomas J. Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, seeing the czars and the regulators and the czars and the Cabinet secretaries debate.”

    In interviews, several top Obama advisers said they are extending to domestic affairs a model of governance that has long been used in foreign policy, in which the national security adviser manages diplomatic and military matters from a perch in the White House that offers him or her ready access to the president.
    “Given the enormity of the challenges we face, it is critical to have someone in the White House every day, reporting to the president, coordinating policy and giving these issues the important focus they deserve,” said Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter. “It allows for efficient, streamlined decision-making.”
    But Bruce Herschensohn, a professor of foreign policy at Pepperdine University who was deputy special assistant to Nixon, said Obama’s plans for the White House could do the opposite.
    “It’s adding a layer of bureaucracy rather than really eliminating one,” said Herschensohn, recalling Nixon’s failed attempt to eliminate all but four Cabinet agencies. “Everyone will be fighting with everybody. You’ll have conflict with every Cabinet officer who will now have a superior in the West Wing or” the adjacent Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

    Top Obama advisers spent months studying the internal workings of previous administrations and came away convinced that high-priority issues require a White House coordinator akin to the national security adviser. White House veterans say the new posts are the clearest signal yet that the incoming president has no patience for the resistance to change that permeates the capital.
    “He’s taking his top priorities and doubling down by making sure they are operating in full coordination in the White House as well as in the agencies,” said Patrick J. Griffin, who served as President Bill Clinton’s legislative affairs director. “It really is a way of him maximizing the opportunity to control all aspects of these efforts.”
    But the national security model is far from perfect, having produced memorable conflicts between White House advisers and secretaries of defense and state.

  17. Brad, if you really want to be popular maybe you could delete those shitty remarks on your blog about the Confluence.
    Now THAT would be swell.

    Come back and have a brownie when you’re done.

  18. Sorry that post was so long. One thing that struck me about it is that they said the transition team studied various presidential models to come up with this because PEBO is very impatient with the traditional bureaucratic system. Where have we heard that before? He was impatient as State Senator, and then couldn’t tolerate the pace of the Senate, and now, the presidency will be too slow for him. It’s a good thing he extended Cheney’s executive powers so he doesn’t have to get slowed down by anything irritating like our system of checks and balances or anything…

    What’s next–King of the World?

  19. Sorry to be OT but my computer just fritzed again. Second time today. This time, I was clicking back to TC from the Brit feminism link on the last thread. A window comes up with big letters ‘Goshdarnit! your servers down. It could be Matt’s fault.’ WTH? Matt who? I just shut down immediately. Anyone else having problems?

  20. fif, Is that article really saying, “well, we read somewhere that that cabinet thingy don’t really work too good, so we’re gonna add another one”?

    That’s like the other brilliant ploy they wrote about in Politico, “Daschle knows Hillary blew health care ’cause she tried to do it by herself, so we’re gonna throw some house parties. We smart. We know Gupta.”

  21. Fif – This is so typical of Obama. He thinks the more people he has talking to him about something, the better.

    Remember the team of 300 foreign policy advisors during the GE? How’d that work out for him? If the economy hadn’t tanked, McCain would have won, since The Precious was so clearly out of his depth in that area.

    This “super-de-duper Cabinet” on top of the Cabinet strikes me the same way.

  22. Oh darn it all! Catarina had to go givin’ me the biz again! Now Taggles will never go out with me!


  23. Brad, good girls don’t visit the library! Especially the a Congress Library.

    Plus i get to decide remember!

  24. Oh goody, Mr. Efficiency wants another layer of bureaucracy.

    I had noticed the proliferation of new czars. Will they have staffs? Where will their budgets come from? Is this part of the new stimulus spending for employment?

  25. SARA IN ITALY might need some comments from PUMAS on her post at No Quarter.
    It is the most thought provoking comments on PUMAS and the trolls are going nuts.
    She s trying to understand the hate towards us for not being part of backtrack groupthink.
    Normally I would not ask people to leave here to go to another site but this is pretty interesting. Comments from us are needed.



  26. Daschle knows something? What about situational popularity, he’s beloved in the he men women haters’ club, if nowhere else.

  27. plural – I just got a mental image of a bunch of Russian dudes with crowns and scepters suddenly popping into existence, one after the other, quicker and quicker until the room is completely filled, a la Monty Python.

    Yes, my haid is a weird place to be.


  28. madamab, lol.

  29. Taggles,

    Gee, you sure know how to hurt a fella! Guess I’ll NEVER be popular now!

  30. madamab: me too. Too many cooks in the kitchen is going to create chaos and conflict.

    Cinie: I am SO TIRED of people saying HRC failed with health care. First, she is the ONLY one who had the balls to tackle it, and she ran into the “buzz saw” of special interests. There was also much less political will for it, because she pioneered it so long ago. Second, she has admitted to her mistakes, trying to do “too much, too soon.” Making a bold attempt is not failure if it does not come out as planned. Ask Lincoln–he “failed” at almost everything he did before becoming president. Third, her efforts led to SCHIP.

    So many armchair critics who haven’t done squat. Did they travel the country talking to every doctor, nurse, insurance exec etc. to take a whack at the enormous problem? No, that would be too hard. Easier to just sit at your typewriter and complain about others’ efforts to make a difference. Now Daschle is suddenly some kind of expert? Based on what??

  31. I am in moderation . I was asking for help for Sara in Italy at No Quarter.
    please get me out

  32. Cinie
    I read that piece of nastiness this morning. Daschle is a lobby connected ineffectual senator (that B0bots used to curse daily during the 4 years of W – until the GOP took him out of the senate – how embarrassing for a minority leader). I remember Hillary upon coming in the senate told him to start a war room to promote/defend themselves in the media. Dhaschle was outraged. The results – just think of IWR – at one point Rove was blaming the dem Senators for starting the Iraq war!

  33. Reagan returns, grow the federal government, give high paying jobs to cronies, prevent them from doing anything but waste money

  34. GAgal

    It’s happened to me twice in the past week. I just figured one of the trolls got caught in the filter and messed up the server for a second or two before dying.

  35. Oh, on the video – wasn’t it fun how the boys were bashing Ginnie and the girl said “Meow”? I am learning a lot from those tape. I also went by Groucho’s rule “I don’t want to be a member of any club that would have me”

  36. edge, everybody knows Hillary started the Iraq war all by herself, even though Obie told her it was a really, really bad idea. It’s writ in the MSN Big Book of Obama Truth.

  37. The bots used to curse obie daily too before they figured out he was last male standing 🙂

  38. taggles
    our Mayor Bloomberg – who bought his job for cca $100.00 per voter, used to say: “If women wanted to be respected for their intelligence they’d spend less time at Bloomingdale and more at the library”
    he is Caroline’s main pusher, btw

  39. Seriously
    You’re not kidding! I remember the all Edwards all the time phase!

  40. Isn’t this really a statement that Obama is not interested in dissent once he’s decided. It’s ,my way or the highway.!!!

    “White House veterans say the new posts are the clearest signal yet that the incoming president has no patience for the resistance to change that permeates the capital.”

  41. Hilary, corrupter of men. Why did you make them do it?

  42. Cinie
    And this truth was even more fun when Edwards, who co-sponsored the IWR with Joementum was now a big anti-war actuvist (“he was sorry for his vote”), while Hillary who merely voted for his bill was blamed by both B0bots and Rove.

  43. Catarina,

    You don’t think there should be a public record of myiq behaving that way? Why is that?

  44. Edge, he said that really!!!!

    dumb poor girls depending on their beauty only to get respect.

    We are all a bunch of hussies, us non library visting whores.

  45. helenk
    I would gladly support Sarah in Italy at No quarter – except I have been barred from posting there. No announcement or reason for it, my posts just stopped showing one day. So, say hi to her from me.

  46. NH: that’s exactly how I read it. In other words, our system of checks and balances is too inconvenient for HIS vision and plans. He forgets that he is not Lord & Emperor and that other positions in government are supposed to have EQUAL power. It’s no accident that he did not roll back executive powers.

  47. “White House veterans say the new posts are the clearest signal yet that the incoming president has no patience for the resistance to change that permeates the capital.”

    And I’m sure he thinks he’s the first to feel that way. As he is the first to have every thought.

  48. This “new approach” to managing the executive branch reminds me of my many experiences in the corporate world in which a rearranged org chart was declared to be solution to all our problems.

    Can’t say I ever saw a case in which it worked.

    And how likely is to work when the guy at the very top has had zero — and I mean zero — executive experience?

  49. Bloomberg said many lovable things. My favorite is: “make your client think he’s getting la*d when in fact he’s getting f**ed”
    But since he controls the media here, most people are unaware of those – or of his sexual harassment complaints at his business. A real prince, that one!

  50. HelenK – I am behind a firewall and can’t visit NQ. Sigh. I love SarainItaly and I’m sure her post is excellent.

  51. Brad: I assume this means the foursome is at your house?

  52. Actually

    I don’t recall Edwards ever being that popular. As a matter of fact it was Edwards supporters who were the first to be singled out over at the big Cheeto. Many of them lost their recommending abilities because they dared to question the greatness of Obama. The Obama supporters were allowed to run roughshod though of course. I remember it distinctly because it was the first time I started to question as to whether I really wanted to remain part of a community that showed such heavy handed favoritism to the point where debate was stifled.

  53. EOF – So, Bloomie is a sexist as well as a corporatist?

    No wonder he loves Obama.

  54. Eeek! I’m in moderation and the Wonktards are pooping on the carpet and expecting me to clean it up!

  55. Its too bad the middle class is too beaten down and apathetic and the younger set (Obots) don’t appear to have very good reasoning skills, since the Constitutional issues re Separation of Powers alone would have been a phenomenal debate.

    Obama = Nixon.

  56. Hillary should have stopped him. He can’t be responsible for his own actions. Mommy failed you, john

  57. There was plenty of blame to go around with IWR. I do give Edwards credit for admitting it was a mistake and it is consistent that the Clinton administration believed Saddam was a threat with what I have read. I just wish that instead of reading the cliff notes version Senators would have read and actually had a debate on whether or not containment should be the continued policy and what the repercussions of war would be. Byrd was almost prescient back in those days.

  58. NH – Do you really think that’s why we’re not talking about the Separation of Powers?

    I think it’s the media and the Obamaniacs that are stifling that type of discourse.

  59. madamab:

    It’s a real mess in there, isn’t it?

  60. Why would Hillary have stopped him? The Clinton administration left office believing that Saddam was a threat. Berger and Albright went on record saying as much.

  61. Riverdaughter –

    You, Lorenda, Taggles and ME??? You betcha! Maybe they’ll even let me join the Eagle Scouts after this!

    Thank-you, God!

  62. fif — thanks for the link to the wapo article — funny how the reference “not since Nixon” but STILL aren’t able to put 2 & 2 together — Obama IS Nixon, not Lincoln, not FDR, not JFK.

    and wtf is up with the title “czar” — Obama does realize the title “czar” came from the Russian word for Caesar, right? I don’t think we need any czars in the US government.

  63. d’oh — I just realized what the czar titles are for — so when Obama starts calling himself CZAR we will be used to hearing the word & will take it as par for the course!

  64. Separation of powers became an issue when the do nothing Congress chose not to challenge the idea of unitary executive. Can’t unring a bell that has been rung.

  65. If Obama wants to be a Czar, shouldn’t he invite an Eastern Orthodox priest to the inauguaral instead of a Baptist?

  66. Damn Obama!

  67. The drug czar has been overwhelmingly effective. It’s pretty clear we need more czars( tongue firmly in cheek).

  68. Oh here’s the latest about Obama’s stimulus:

    Democrats criticize Obama’s proposed tax cuts

    A quote:

    …Democratic senators emerging from a private meeting of the Senate Finance Committee criticized business and individual tax cuts in Obama’s stimulus plan.

    They were especially critical of a proposed $3,000 tax credit for companies that hire or retrain workers.

    “If I’m a business person, it’s unlikely if you give me a several-thousand-dollar credit that I’m going to hire people if I can’t sell the products they’re producing,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a member of the committee.

    “That to me is just misdirected,” Conrad said.

    Sen John Kerry, D-Mass., said, “I’d rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion, on other kinds of things that much more directly, much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job.”

    So even our spineless, useless Democrats in Congress see Obama’s approach as too darn Republican.

    (And let us shed a special tear for poor, neglected, and spurned John Kerry. John, it’s true, you can’t get into Heaven unless you drink the KoolAid, but some people drink the KoolAid and are sent somewhere else.)

  69. Shouldn’t a “drug czar” be like the head of a cocaine cartel?

  70. We’ll have a climate change czar (czarina, actually), and a health care czar, and a performance czar (whatever that is).

    In the past we’ve had poverty czars and drug czars — and a lotta good they did.

  71. cwaltz, you beat me to it!

  72. That video just creeped me the hell out. I feel nauseous.

  73. “In the past we’ve had poverty czars and drug czars — and a lotta good they did.”

    When you wish upon a czar . . .

  74. I may not be popular, but even as a fashion lover, I am appalled: Anna Wintour for ambassador?


  75. myiq2xu, on January 8th, 2009 at 4:19 pm Said:

    If Obama wants to be a Czar, shouldn’t he invite an Eastern Orthodox priest to the inauguaral instead of a Baptist?

    If he wanted to be Czar of Russia, yes. But since he is planning to be Czar of the USA I think Warren is as good a choice as any. Really, anyone who has the power can declare him/herself Caesar/Czar — that is what Ivan the Terrible did.

  76. fif, on January 8th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    So a guy who finds it hard to make a stand is going to be the sole person these czars respond to. Obama is a “present” man. He can’t choose yes or no so how will he know which advise to take. Does anyone see the potential conflicts that will arise from this new super-Cabinet? He will be making it hard to share information with the non super cabinet. He is making the government bigger instead of smaller. He won’t get to accomplish what he wants.

  77. Wow, with so many advisors Obama will not have to take responsibility for anything. Also with so many advisors it can’t be all Hillary’s fault any more. He can spread the blame around to more women. Oh wait, I don’t know how many women will be advisors, so it may only remain Hillary’s fault afterall.

  78. His making the governent bigger and being unable to make a decision is a GOP wet dream. I can already here the ads in 2010.

  79. Of course you do realize, RD, that being popular is what started this whole thing. The Confluence was beating the Wankettes and that’s what started the hissy fits. Conflucians are the “cool crowd”!

  80. He has yet to deal with the “entrenched bureaucracy”. They aren’t entrenched for nothin’.

  81. So, how many advisors does it take to screw up a country?

  82. Fredster – Don’t you love how he has not even been inaugurated and he’s already declaring:

    “I grow weary of this Cabinet business. I would prefer…a Super De Duper Uber Cabinet. Make it so, or I shall wish you into the cornfield!”

  83. He needs experienced people to do the job, after all.

  84. So, how many advisors does it take to screw up a country?

    He had 300 advisors during the GE but when the economic crisis hit, he didn’t know what to say. It took him a week, I think before he said something and even before that, he wasn’t sure of his advisors’ advice so he asked BC’s advisors, then BC and then Hillary and then he knew what to say.

  85. madamab-All of those GS14s, 15s and SES’s didn’t crawl up that ladder to then give away all that territory they have.

    Bush tried to use A-76 roolz to contract out a lot of govt work. Unfortunately, part of the process was a competition between commercial entities and the govt workers performing the same tasks. In most instances the govt worker groups came out ahead in the comparisons and the result was that activities stayed in-house.

    I have no idea what the ObamaFuehrer has in mind, but he may find that once he starts stepping into peoples’ little fiefdoms he’ll have a fight on his hands.

  86. DT: It actually took him even longer to come out with a plan than that. He had a response, not a plan. Hillary had a plan. Then Bush had a plan. Then John had a plan. Then, approx. three weeks later, Barack had a plan.

    300 economic advisers and nobody knows how to use group chat.

  87. Ok. I know this is off topic, but it looks I hit a lull anyway. And its sort of on-topic, since I have learned today that BO is not interested in “those entitlement programs.”

    I just have to rewind to yesterday’s post on UHC. We need another one stat, b/c some idiot submitted an opinion to the CSM where he told us we should not have UHC b/c we will have “waistline” police. According to this guy, UHC is no good b/c the gov’t (like the insurance companies) will have to control health care costs and so they will start getting up in everyone’s grill about obesity.

    Like this is a bad thing? Do I recall correctly that the Governator was Reagan’s fitness guru guy and we all had to take “Presidential Fitness Tests” my entire public school career??? Keeping people from becoming obese and saving them from diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other myriad aliments that result is less important than making sure Joe Bloggs can buy his Big Mac? I guess my priorities ARE all out of whack. My bad!

    Then, some equally moronic individual submitted a comment to the editor today saying that UHC is bad b/c we will all be a part of some Orewellian medical data database.

    Remind me again how Canada has managed to survive without all of these catastrophes?

    Ok. I’m done. Sorry for the off-topic, but I had to tell someone. Now, I guess I’ll go buy a BK value meal and be the fat, uneducated, dried up vajajay, cat owner that I am. Living the dream!

    Hi Regency!

  88. Regency, on January 8th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Right. how is he then going to make any decisions? Obama also thinks having former Clintonites will make his administration be like BC’s but he is wrong. Just having Clintonistas working for him doesn’t guarantee success because Obama is not as brilliant as his supporters seem to think. He has no original ideas of his own. While his advisors will give him plenty of information, Obama won’t know how to use it. That is why it took him long to respond to the economic crisis.

  89. ok I want to break out into song how about “Popular” from Wicked?

  90. ok this film above is just silly…..

  91. FLVoter, you hit the nail on the head. The more Obama surrounds himself with ‘experts’ and czars so he doesn’t have to make any decisions or take any responsibility. I’ve worked in places with ‘leadersship’ that had exactly the same style, nothing gets done but a whole lot of infighting and people off pursuing their own agendas.

    Bill was a leader, and had a driving vision of where he wanted to go. That is the only way you can manage a large group of powerful, talented people — if there’s one Big Dog who acts the part. I don’t mean a tyrant, but one key direction that people can rally around. That is not the same as stocking up on the mindless acolytes.

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