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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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The big bad PUMAs are gonna get you!:

We are being MURDERED by Crooks & Liars some blog we have literally never heard of, called “Confluence,” right now. Please put a stop to this outrage.

As for our pathetic Blogstalkers:

I got yer rumproast right here!
I got yer rumproast right here!


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40 Responses

  1. 1st?

    Are they still pretending they have any right at all to be in the liberal blog category?

  2. Wow, apparently they are. 49.3 % of liberals are misogynist, homophobes with foul mouths and vile imaginations who prefer to read “comedy snark” sites over all other political blogs in that genre. Who knew? No cheating here says weblog awards. Move along.

  3. Weblog Awards doesn’t have a “Best Lame Blog” category, so they stuck them in with us.

  4. Aw, the first troll of the day!

  5. It’s going to be a long day I guess myiq2xu. Hope you’re in the mood for troll zapping.

  6. damn it I said tr0ll

  7. morning all-peaceful night? funny thing is the wanker-wonkers are driving our hit numbers up over 5 million…

  8. G’morning fuzzy!

  9. I think it was hilarious the way the wankers freaked out when they saw they were getting beat by a bunch of wimmins and a clown.

  10. They certainly take these awards seriously thats for sure. conflucians to wankettes – we didn’t expect to win the award, but thanks for the hits! 😆

  11. On Panetta: remember when W briefly named that idiot Porter Goss who went around the CIA wondering: Wow! people here speak many languages and have lots and lots of meetings…then promptly cut off the anti-terrorist activity? Jr.Jr seems to try to outdo Jr!

  12. This post is on featured posts on memeorandum right now.

  13. It’s gonna be a busy morning

  14. Can somebody grab a screenshot?

  15. I just sent it myiq

  16. Of all the posts I’ve ever done, this one would be near the bottom of the list of ones I would want to be a featured post at Memeorandum.

  17. sorry. i wish we had the harriet christian screen shot. that would have been great!

  18. From Memorandum:

    What are “Featured Posts”?

    Featured Posts are recent blog posts and articles from sites that have sent a moderate amount of traffic recently to memeorandum. It’s a way for memeorandum to say “thanks for the link” and highlight a few new, topical posts that might have been overlooked.

    The number of Featured Posts varies throughout the day. Usually three appear, though occasionally none appear. Like regular memeorandum posts, Featured Posts are selected automatically. New referrals to memeorandum are checked several times hourly.

  19. Thanks!

  20. From Memorandum:

    What are “Featured Posts”?


    It looks like they’re generated automatically.

  21. Sorry for the double post.

  22. And it’s gone!

  23. Sugar has an observation about Panetta — in regards to his age. During the campaign O was hauling out the ageist remarks about McCain (and probably Clinton as well).

    Now O is appointing an old guy — past when most people want to retire — an old guy for a job that really requires full concentration — especially since Panetta hasn’t done this sort of high level spy type stuff before. There is a whole new language of spyese that he’s gonna have to learn.

    Others have written that Panetta will help to dismantle the CIA which was started by bushie.

    I really do not believe that 0 fully comprehends the dangers out there and the job that the CIA does (sometimes well and sometimes badly) — most of which happens without any of us being aware. The only time we are aware of what the CIA does is when they screw up badly. When they are successful we probably have no idea.

    By his choices — we have proof that he has few real friends — except for the bums and con-men in Chicago. He seems to use and discard people — sort of like tissues.

    When will the AAs know that they have been tossed under the bus???

  24. Kudos to The Confluence for receiving recognition without really trying – blog awards. By having a common bond rooted in truth and significance we succeed (with a lot of help from RD and her stellar contributors).

  25. The wankers are cheating in the weblog awards, just as their precious leader cheated in the primaries, the convention and the GE. Apparently, being “liberal” these days is all about stuffing the ballot box.

  26. OT — Dan Rather on “Morning Joe” just said something really smart. “If we have a chance of winning in Afghanistan, we must focus on the women especially educating the women of the country. From the Taliban perspective, a woman learning to read is a likely death sentence. If there is one thing we can do for that country’s future and our otherwise quicker exodus from that country, it is to focus on the well-being of the women of that country.” Not an exact quote, but it is the gist of his sentiments.

    I hope someone listens to that.

  27. Prolix, thanks. That’s hopeful as well as a good idea.

  28. yeah, as the US hands out viagra to men to increase their capacity to f#ck women who have no rights.

    Good Luck, Dan.

  29. No wonder he is not on CBS news anymore. He talks too much god damn sense.

  30. Wonkette pissily telling someone to grow up _and_ get a sense of humor? Wonkette? Wow, talk about a smelt it/dealt it twofer for the ages.

  31. Uh, “Nice Deb” features a large ad by an anti-choice group.

    Why would I want to support that?

  32. Prolix — I agree with Dan Rather’s sentiments, which is why I do what little I can through Women for Woman International (sponsorship of a woman in a war zone/war torn country like Afghanistan, Dafur, etc. Currently, I am sponsoring a woman in Dafur). The sponsorship $ goes towards education, helping the women start small business, etc. Women are more likely to cause the types of changes that will benefit their families (and eventually society). Cindy McCain is actually very involved with this group — not that the NYT highlighted that about her, choosing to focus on the old pill addiction story, which is oh so much more important. Anyway, if any one is interested, please check it out.


  33. How the wanks justify cheating:

    I will say that with the Pumas everything is always about this so-called “cheating.” There is no rule for this stupid internet contest that states that you can only vote once. It’s not a real election. It’s an internet election for some stupid virtual award. You can vote a million times if you want. The problem with Pumas is that they take everything so goddamn seriously. Everything is a conspiracy against their pathetic existence and dated worldview. It’s sad.

    NoWireHangers says at 2:53 pm, January 6th, 2009

  34. you can also post about it here on weblogawards forum


  35. “Everything is a conspiracy against their pathetic existence and dated worldview.”

    Finally some humor from a Wonkette. It is just so passe to take things seriously and abide by the rules. “It’s not a real election. It’s an internet election for some stupid virtual award.” So why have the Wonkettes gone off on us? Why are they trying so hard to win?

    Logic is passe as well.

  36. thanks for the links voted.we get to vote every day ,please do i will.
    happy to see the pumas calling out the crooks,,

  37. Interesting that myiq2xu’s IP address matches the one posting at Wonkette calling women “whores” and “cum receptacles.”

  38. hrc:

    Really? What’s my IP address and how did you get it?

  39. Why would a Wonkette moderator be living in Sun Valley California?

    Wonkette is a DC based blog.

    (I can see IP addresses here too, and whois will trace them)

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