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Weblog Awards: submitted for your approval

Have you voted yet today for Best Liberal Blog or any of our recommended finalists in other categories? If not, tap the 2008 Weblog Awards badge to the right or see myiq2xu’s early morning post below.

Here are a couple of additional blogs to consider.

In the category of Best Podcast, I can’t make my mind up between This American Life or NPR’s Planet Money. Both have been indispensible to me as a source of news on the economy and the culture in general. If it weren’t for Planet Money and Dakinikat, I’d have no idea what CDS and tranches mean. And without Ira Glass, I would have forgotten what a liberal sounds like over the past 8 years.

I can’t pick a favorite so I’m alternating my vote each day. Right now, they’re both getting beat by Econ Talk, who I’ve never heard of. So, let’s step up to bat for both of these worthy podcasts. Public radio is hurting right now, mostly because it’s starting to sound like it’s run by Republicans. But these two programs are real gems and need all the help they can get while public radio continues to undergo layoffs.

Vote here for Best Podcast

Note: this post was created on my iPhone with an iapp. Utilities are very limited and the post is likely to contain misspellings and typos. Such is life behind a corporate firewall. {sigh}

78 Responses

  1. There is a double post of this for some reason.

  2. yawn.

  3. I have to wait until 5 PM to vote for the Confluence – I’ll vote all the others then to avoid confusion tomorrow.
    meanwhile the Burris no drama took a new turn: it seems he’ll get seated, although Reid still denies it

  4. The Reid drama is so utterly stupid. He as always going to get seated; the Senate can’t legally keep him out and obviously neither Burris nor Blago were going to fall for the Dem’s Potemkin bullying. Why would they? The Dems cave on everything (the war, the economy, health care, etc etc). And now they’ve shown it, yet again, to all the world. Super!

    I can’t even beging to understand why the Senate and esp. Reid would take so much time over this stupid Burris thing other than 1) epic stupidity; or 2) sleight of hand. So we’ll all get s*cked up into watching this tremendous nothingburger of an issue and fail to notice that the Democrats and the Liar-in-Chief are doing nothing about the impending Great Depression, nothing about health care, nothing about the war, nothing about Gaza, nothing about anything.

    F*ck, I wouldn’t care even if Burris was a total crook, at this point our intrepid leaders have much bigger fish to fry. But I think they are so in the habit of simperingly lapdogging The One they’ve forgotten how to even make it look like they’re leading.

  5. It’s kabuki dinner theater for the masses Valhalla

  6. My favorite thing is how the Senate is now saying that there is no way they will be rubberstamps for Obama.

    They were rubberstamps for Bush, and now they won’t be rubberstamps for the President from their own Party (allegedly)???


    Can I just say that I am now SO GLAD Hillary high-tailed it out of there? She does NOT need to be associated with the Reaganite domestic policies that are going to be produced by all the wonderful “bipartisanship” in the next four years.

  7. I don’t know what Reid thought he was doing.

    There was no way this wasn’t going to turn into an epic drama if they turned Burris away.

  8. OT, WHY does BO use the word “entitlement”? This word really Pis*es me off. I bet the Republicians and the media love it.

  9. Social Security and Medicare are known as entitlements in budget-speak.

    It just means they are automatic payments that aren’t subject to the annual appropriations process.

  10. pdgrey – Obama loves those Republican frames. He even said “oceans no longer protect us” in one of his recent press conferences.

    “Entitlement program” is one of those Rovian focus-tested marketing memes, just like “stay the course.” It makes people think that Social Security is for fat, lazy people, instead of something that is OWED TO THEM because they have paid for it all their lives.

  11. pdgey – because Obama thinks that only he is entitled to anything he wants. Besides, he uses the words of the republicans because he IS a republican in a very poor disguise.

  12. I’m in moderation and the Wonktards are farting at me!

  13. plural, not trying to cause a fight, but it is the framing of the issue. I wasn’t being a smart ass, really.

  14. No, I know.

    But they’ve been called entitlements for decades.

    It’s not a new term meant to denigrate.

    In fact, it means a legal right.

  15. madamab, @ 2:55, thanks that is what I was trying to say.

  16. muumuupuma — as usual, go fuck yourself.

  17. diaper change needed at 2:58pm

  18. plural

    It’s been used to denigrate and the GOP loves it because they can lump it in with food stamps.

  19. plural – My opinion is that when folks who work on the budget use the word “entitlement,” it means exactly what you say it means.

    When rightwing Republicans (like Obama) use it, it means fat, lazy people getting stuff they don’t deserve.

  20. Plural, I wasn’t asking what the word means, sorry if I did not make myself clear. I was talking about a Democrat using Republician and Media talking points. Like when the Media uses the term “Social Security Crisis”.

  21. Obama just appointed some person to look over government spending and efficiency. Isn’ that the role of the GAO, and isn’t the GAO not answerable to any one that might be audited and found lacking? Is this a person that is going to find a bunch of findings that the executive branch wants?

    This is the weirdest appointment I’ve ever heard of ….

    oh, and theyre now goign to seat Burris, they’ve finally decided that kubuki theatre belongs in Japan and we still have to follow the constitution

  22. and is it just me or does it seem that everybody at Wonkette has tourette’s syndrome? Shouldn’t they be nominated in the medical syndrome support group area along with AAA folks that watch too much VH1 reality shows?

  23. Awwwww, aren’t the little Wonktards so sad? They seem to be obsessed with being overweight for some reason.

    I guess they’ve been looking in their mirrors.

  24. dakinkat @ 3:05, I hope so.

  25. Mentally deficient person at 3 05 pm.

  26. We need to send the moderators lots of love and thanks…they are doing an incredible job cleaning up the tr0ll vomit!

  27. Not you dakini

    Joe Plumber, the way out conspiracy theoirist.

  28. I personally feel Best Inane Blog would be better.

  29. Now my worst fears have been confirmed. One of the banned trolls who is still spamming the spam file said something about BJ’s dying child. That’s too much for me. I’m not backing down from it.

  30. CWaltz – Best Waste of Time? Best Den of Dumb#sses?

  31. “and is it just me or does it seem that everybody at Wonkette has tourette’s syndrome? Shouldn’t they be nominated in the medical syndrome support group area along with AAA folks that watch too much VH1 reality shows?”

    Dak! I spit coffee laughing over that one!

    Tell ’em, angie.

    Agree with how well the mods are handling things but it was awfully lonely not being able to post from down under last night because the comments were all closed. 😦 We need some action to have a functioning zombie group again!

  32. Just got an interesting email from McCain.

    Looks like the start of an effort to shore up the Republican brand.


    My response will be at changeyourplatformfirst.com

  33. BB – it’s too much for me too – that’s way over the line.

  34. BB, sorry to hear that the tr0lls are being that ugly. I guess the violence isn’t just for real life, huh?

  35. Hey Everyone,

    Murphy has a new project: The Daily Pig Award and Prowl.


  36. catarina – LOLOLOLOL!

  37. Scrubs,

    I was hoping you would show up last night. I was up until around 3:30 Eastern. I only closed the comments for awhile because myiq had to get some sleep too. I’m sorry we missed you.

  38. BB,

    Give it to myiq. He does scathing well.

  39. there’s some real nastiness out there in the spam filter, also, unfortuantely there’s a few comments that need to be rescued, katie added some things to the filter yesterday and its catching some innocents also, and i can’t rescue you, sorry, but i can read you!

  40. never did get the point of a flame war

  41. CWaltz,

    He can look at it. But I wouldn’t want to publish anything that would hurt BJ. Never.

  42. Cat

    Sounds like a plan. It’s a toss up about which way I’ll go without a viable third party. Which is worse a party that doesn’t adhere to it’s platform and uses it for political gain or a party that has a platform that repulses me? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

  43. Dakinikat,

    I just went through the filter and didn’t see anything that needed to be released. Would you give me a hint or e-mail me a name or something?

  44. BB

    We have BJ’s back. That someone would make light of a woman who got her head smashed in by a person who had a prior domestic violence conviction ought to be exposed to the light of day for the low life they are. That way they can be derided as the cretin that they are.

  45. Does BJ have a fund we can contribute to?

  46. That particular douchebag is posting from Lompoc, California.

    There is a military base and a mental hospital there, and I’m guessing he’s not in the service.

  47. what’s wrong with pcm*** ?

  48. CW
    hmmm is right.
    far as im concerned the repubs are punished for as long as the want to talk about “vaginasfirst”. They just
    can’t stop themselves spouting their so-called pro-life garbage.
    but if Obama runs again I’ve sworn I’ll vote for the Gin-grinch if I have to.
    Madamab offered to send me to therapy.

  49. Dakinikat,

    I didn’t delete that one. I guess myiq did. I will put back her first two comments.

  50. pumacub is an obvious concern troll. We’ve been getting a lot of those, and the “pumacub” is a giveaway. That’s SM’s word for her daughter.

  51. bb: you can email me if you like

  52. laurie was a troll who has been using our commenters names.

  53. Dakini, your post is up!

  54. Dakinkat:

    Do you know PUMACub?

    Cuz she was posting what was almost a cut & paste “sweetie” script.

  55. I guess, I’d just delete the obvious flames but maybe I’m a sap

  56. I guess, I’d just delete the obvious flames but maybe I’m a sap

  57. oops, i evidently used a trigger word! roflmao

  58. `”…the Democrats and the Liar-in-Chief are doing nothing about the impending Great Depression, nothing about health care, nothing about the war, nothing about Gaza, nothing about anything.”~

    But the news is full of reports on White House dogs and private school choices for kids and what color dress Michelle’s wearing and the celebrations and according to the “media” that’s all we bitter, bible thumpin’, gun totin’, low information people care about.

    And the reason Soertoro/Obama keeps saying “entitlements” is because the Republicans dubbed FICA (Social Security) as entitlements when they couldn’t pay back the loans they took out from our pension funds and had to meet the obligation by putting it in the budget. to meet the debt.

    Social Security was never an entitlement and was never meant to be an entitlement coming from taxpayer monies paid into the U. S. Treasury. I think our elected public servants realize that this is one thing the People would not let them get away with when they came up with the notion of ‘privatizing” Social Security without any plan to adjust the FICA tax also.

  59. you can go read it in moderation then delete it

  60. no, my, i don’t …

  61. I closed comments on my thread

  62. you’re more skilled at the bouncer thang the me

  63. Everyone is pro life.

    I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t advocate for life.

    People who are against the medical procedure abortion are anti choice. They do not believe women should have the right to choose. Oddly enough, these are the same folks who also blow a gasket at the idea of the increased social spending that would be the result of forcing women to give birth regardless of circumstance.

  64. Priorities: You act as if it’s an either/or proposition, like there’s a shortage of keys on the keyboard; like we pay per pixel.

  65. Priorities: Sorry, I forgot to thank you for your concern.

  66. Priorities: Wonkette is being a “TAD” more than sarcastic, if you say your reading the blogs——-

  67. Sophie

    Don’t you realize that if a progressive makes a comment about rape it’s sarcasm. When a person over at Redstate or Free Republic though it’s reactionary. Worlds of difference. (rolling eyes)

  68. I was watching Cspan and just happened to catch my Rep Paul Broun (GA) on the floor introducing a bill. HR227 the Sanctity of Human Life Act to provide constitutional rights to the unborn. ‘How can God continue to bless America when we continue to kill our children?’ Then he started quoting James Madison (?) – revolution crap. Then it was the zygotes become life at fertilization crap. We just got rid of the crazy woman (Schaefer) who pushed this bill for years and here this f@cker is to take up where she left off.

    Broun was elected a couple of years ago midterm by special election due th the death of the other rep. He won on the promise of getting rid of a new interstate proposal (I-3). They wanted to build a new interstate to run almost parallel to the existing 4-lane thru the mountains of north Georgia (estimated to cost $25 million a mile just to blast thru the mountains). Although they wouldn’t admit it, they were trying to connect the (international) port of Savannah to the nuclear plant in Oak Ridge, TN. After he gets in office, Broun says ‘yeah, I thinks it makes better sense to run it through South Carolina.’

    I hate that SOB. I did get a kick out of his comment about the bailout, tho. ‘It’s like a marshmallow in the middle of a cow pattie’.

  69. oops, i’m in moderation?

  70. Priorities

    We are equal opportunity here. We don’t care for sexism or misogyny whether it comes from a fauxgressive or a Republicon.

  71. CW: rolling my eyes with you: I forgot——my bad !!

  72. Priorities-did you never hear about having FUN???

    (my son asked me today-when I was getting him to vote for TC on his laptop-why I was laughing all day yesterday-I said blog-wars.
    And he said -cheating are they? To be expected and laughed. Also added that we were sitting ducks for fratboyz.
    Of course I thought the other way round.

  73. CWaltz

    this might be a good time for a discussion of this nature, being that
    there might just be a few ‘ettes bopping around reading the blog today.

    Pro-life is what the Republican Ladies Club calls it. I’d like to spray them with myiq’s “Smells Like Bullshit” air freshener, myself.

    Women could be in serious danger of taking steps backward in the reproductive choices department.

    Obama, Tom Daschle, Rick Warren.. the council of husbands and ministers…

    Women of that “other liberal blog”-where is the outrage?

  74. I know ABG/HGB from another blog going back 8 months. He needs to be erased *every time* or banned in all his aliases. He adds nothing. You probably are already doing something about him, but I quickly read some of the comments about his recent comments here and I don’t know his history at this blog.

  75. How did the Wonkettes get so far out in front in a few days? Is it possible they have over-ridden the system. They have 44% of all votes? Is Axelrod running their campaign?

  76. I cannot believe they would even cheat to put TPM in second place.

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