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An Obot State of Mind

Yes we have seen it. Yes we have witnessed it. We know all too well about the faux liberals and their tactics of sexism, misogyny, race baiting and cheating. That’s what they do. No place too low to go. No tactic too dirty to employ. No means too nasty as long it justifies their ends. They are impostors. They are conquerors and dividers employing the most disgusting strategy over and over and over again. They really aren’t too bright, but they do make a splash with their accusations of racism and their denial of the in your face sexism, why don’t you just get over it, bitches, move along nothing to see here we are the conquerors attitude that prevails in almost every obot I have ever met.

It’s really nothing new to us PUMA’s. They have been flooding our spam boxes for a full year with their filthy spew. The accusation of racism flows off us like water off a ducks back now. We know the accusation of racism is just strategy used to make people feel ashamed or embarrassed. To make people shut up about the real issues we face every single day. Expect it to get worse as it finally starts to dawn on them that their emperor has no clothes. They will lash out. They will feel like fools and look for a victim to pour their feelings of inadequacy upon. They know no other way.

Before Sarah Palin ever walked on the national stage we witnessed and fought the sexism and misogyny for eight long months. We had no friends except each other. We have stuck together and remained strong. When we witnessed another woman, Sarah Palin fall as prey to the Obot State of Mind, we stood up for her. We made a pact with each other to do everything we could to stop sexism and misogyny from creeping into our politics. Not because we agreed politically with her, but because we protest, we revolt against, because we are disgusted with those strategies and tactics.

We worked across the aisle to help rid our party of their disgusting behavior. While other members of our party basked in it. There is a principle here. Something to be admired.

So now, as we re-live the days of Obots bullying their way around the blogosphere once again, we need to stand tall and strong with Team Sarah. Team Sarah has been experiencing infiltration of their group from some people who have to much time on their hands. They are trying to infiltrate the group and use their dirty strategies to label women as racists and white supremacists. This is an Obot State of Mind. Reject it fully.

Here are examples and an explanation of the situation (via an email from Doug Collier – Team Sarah) of the type of infiltration and tactics employed by people in an Obot State of Mind:

At Team Sarah we are experiencing — and, with your help, neutralizing — an attempt to frame this community for harboring hate speech and bigotry: violations of our own Terms of Use and community standards. We have just found and documented a group of 90 invaders who are plotting to come here to post racist remarks and radical, over the top, content in an attempt to discredit us, to get you, our members, fighting each other, and to just make it difficult for us to function as a community. This is not suspicion. We have irrefutable evidence!

We know who these people are through technological traces of where they are coming from (called IP Addresses) and other means. We have the website owner’s information from the website from whence this conspiracy to vandalize our community. We have lodged a protest. And we fight on!
It is now apparent that the earlier attack on our reputation blogged at The Huffington Post was of the same nature: send in agents provocateurs to say awful things, frame us for violations of our own high standards, and treat them as “real” in order to discredit us. The smoking gun? One of the HuffPo’s claims against us is identical to what one of the website’s posters gloated about posting!

Just a few samples (we have 15 pages of documentation!) of the conspiracy in the conspirators’ own words:
Brown Moses – The idea isn’t to troll, but to agree with everyone saying insane poo poo to reinforce their belief they are the ones who are the true supporters of Sarah Palin, and those people who attempt any sort of moderation are evil Obama supporting turncoats who need to be purged. You’ll get so much insane poo poo posted then trolling will be irrelevant.
this is a pretty good point
i am trying to get them to admit to/feel more comfortable with using white nationalist rhetoric
Brown Moses -If Hillaryis44 is anything to go by the posters will eventually think they’ve pratically got direct contact with the Palin campaign thanks to the website, and anything they post will be considered by the campaign in a serious way.

I stand with Team Sarah in rebuking these tactics and people in an Obot State of Mind.

152 Responses

  1. I have a post scheduled to go up in 15 minutes.

    I’ll push it back.

  2. I was just reading about that a few minutes ago and went to DU to see if it was true. All I can say is WOW there is no limit to their devious disgusting and dishonest tactics. I needed a shower immediately after visiting DU and this is the HOPE and this is the CHANGE they represent.

    I am often reminded in fictional memory of Dumbledores Army. Thats the PUMAs! 🙂 The Ministry of Magic stinks of filth.

  3. Angie you still here?

  4. Anyway here was wonketteer poster comment:

    What the fuck happened to the Wonkette I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest blog of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you Lionel, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my a$$ from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Riverdaughter, he’s a dead man! angienc2, dead! myiq2xu…

  5. I would estimate that about 20% of the comments we have deleted were from phony PUMAs posting racist crap and tin foil hat stuff..

  6. This infantile behavior is not going to stop. These children live on line, feel like they “belong” to something “cool” and have no conscience or respect for anything. I just ignore them all as much as possible. I do not give any traffic to the offending sites, and when necessary, we push back. Other than that, let them swim in their own filth.

  7. Afrocity:

    You gotta link for that?

  8. Thanks, myiq! Your post will be a great follow-up to this one too!

  9. afrocity — I just read it — myiq — it is here:


    Toward the end of the thread by a “genius” named Lionel Huntz, Esq. The guy gets his name from the Simpson for crying out loud!

    I need a shower after wading through that cesspool of filth & depravity — liberal blog? What a joke (but not in a funny way)

  10. Angie,

    Whoa! That sounds like something that should be report to somone. Maybe we could send it to the owner of the W place?

  11. I think the most amazing thing is that there are people with so little demands from life in general that they have time to blog where they are happy and then time to blog to screw things up. amazing.

  12. Well, afrocity — as I said what are these lazy putzes going to do to me? text message me to death? {rolls eyes}

    Besides, the only thing worse then being talked about is NOT being talked about.

  13. It is known in the parlance as “mind f*ck”. If they can silence the opposition they have made their point. Most of us who recoil in horror at the comments and the commentators who define filth as “discourse and opinion” often find ourselves speechless when viewing the content.

    Silence breeds approval and for those of us who truly honor freedom of speech, we need not allow obscenity to supercede or qualify as such.

    A blog who delights in attacking baby Trig because of his handicap, or who try to out do one another in scurrilous attacks against women, is wallowing in the vilest of terms.

    How we were coupled with this blog as the “best of” is truly a mystery since we would never be allowed to express any comments of that nature without being banned outright.

    To accept this as “humor” is the further dumbing down of the public.

  14. Maureen Dowd supports “smart, cultivated, serious and unpretentious” Caroline Kennedy. She wonders why “people are suddenly awful choosy about who gets to go to the former home of Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond…”

    And, of course, the she-snake cannot write a column without attacking Hillary – who “never stood up in the senate against any Republican horror show.”

    The entire column can be summed up in one of her sentences – “I know Caroline Kennedy.” Maybe if Hillary or Sarah had taken her to lunch she’d have been won over with dulcet tones.

  15. bb — it could very well be construed as a death threat toward me, RD & myiq (of course, the moron isn’t even aware that RD isn’t a man).

    I do have my trusty Lulu though — not to mention a very annoying chihuahua.

  16. Let them have their little stolen prize, just like they have their stolen president, and it will all come back to them in some form. Laws of nature are a b*tch.

  17. The assault on Afrocity.

    “I wonder which weirdo Stupid Wonkette actually is. Since it was that afrocity person who commented on my charming use of “like” in the comments over there, I’m gonna make the boring easy guess and say it’s her. This person’s definitely got that “like” fixation, which will surely become clever or funny any minute now.”

    “Dear Afrocity:

    Anything you can do, we can do better.

    Be it drink, loathe, vote, annoy other blogs, play worthless online driving games for worthless online awards, what-EV-uh….we can do anything better than you.

    Yes we can.

    (I’ve heard that before.)

    Yours, etc.,
    The Wonketteers”

  18. I am in moderation

  19. I think this one illustrates RD’s point very well.

    loquaciousmusic says at 10:26 am, January 7th, 2009
    – ReplyGuys, we really have to remain vigilant with our voting. I’ve received an anonymous tip that The Confluence votes are grossly underrepresented. Up until this morning, the ladies were all voting using a Speak ‘n’ Spell until one of their husbands lent them a laptop.


  20. MoDo needs to look up “unpretentious” because I think it is damned pretentious to expect to be handed a Senate seat because your kids are grown & you need something to fill your empty life.

  21. Wankerers are just so pathetic. This is their goal in life: war on the Confluence! They’re not outraged about the war in Iraq, the economy, the multiple bailouts that cost us hundreds of billions of dollars, the pay-for-play corrupt politicians, no. They are outraged by us! This is the future of the Democratic party. The Democratic party is screwed!

  22. Thanks for getting me out of moderation myiq!!!

    For some reason they are after me too.

  23. Well, now I KNOW I’m on the right side of the CK issue if Dowd is on the opposite side! She is so predictable it’s utterly boring. So her argument is: “we’ve had other really low standard Senator like Thurmond et. al. so why bother to vet anyone?” And did she miss the many, many HRC speeches in the Senate and at press conferences which she called Bush & Co. on the carpet, trying to push them in different policy directions regarding the economy, housing, women’s rights etc.? She’s worthless. The NY Times can’t die soon enough for me. As it is, their stock is now junk bond status so it’s already on life support.

  24. When did this become a “war”? It is just a little honor handed out to bloggers who have gained an audience owing to the content of their postings for God’s sake. Don’t agree with the blog? Don’t visit it.

    No wonder this country is in this current mess. If this thinking permeates throughout society then woe to us.

  25. MoDo – just another kiss ass from DC and the Village. Her argument, such as it is, makes no sense.

  26. DYB: it’s just another video game for them. If they spend this much time pretending to be big-bad-bullies online, can you imagine what their lives are like?

  27. But Pat, her argument actually makes perfect sense: Caroline is one of us, therefore she is worthy and I support her. It’s all about the Village for MODO. She gets books and cocktail party invitations out of it.

  28. angie: LOL! Maybe since wonkette no longer refers to a woman, perhaps “the moron” doesn’t know what to make of the word daughter!

  29. Wow! I’m pretty much used to the creepy attention from the still-in-the-closet Larry Craig types at Blogstalkers who are lusting for my bod, but I never got death threats before.

  30. MoDo – she has a Pulitzer. Yet more evidence that awards don’t always honor quality work. Her hatred of Clinton – which even the NYTimes’ public editor called her out on – is eating her from the inside out.

  31. It is sad that so many of the Wankers have self-hating screen names. There is a line between self-parody and self-hatred, and many of them seem to me to have crossed it. I guess that’s why they project so much of their hatred on others.

    What they haven’t figured out yet is that we have already experienced far worse than they have to offer. Those of use who survived the DK purges have already heard it all and don’t care anymore. I rolls right off our backs, as taggles said.

  32. I am trying to look at this Wonkette site, the way I raised my children. I will ignore bad behavior.

    However, to try and infiltrate a blog to destroy its character and the character of the people posting is just evil. Do these people have nothing better to do? Are they so filled with hatred of anything not Obama, that they will seek and destroy others?

    Don’t they understand, he won. They got their guy. Why are some people never happy? What difference should it make to them how we feel, unless they know we are right?

  33. The Senate will seat Burris.

    That was quick. Bartcop can add another petticoat to Reid’s tutu.

  34. Oh, I’m sure those aren’t death threats. They’re just funnin’! It’s a joke! Don’t you remember that Wankerers is a funny blog? It’s satire! They don’t do nutin’ serious over there!

  35. Afrocity — I think they are after you (1) cause you are pretty & that threatens them (i.e., they like to imagine that we are all 80 years old & about 350 lbs); (2) you are black & they (being the real r@cists) think that black people HAVE GOT TO VOTE 4 Obama/be Dems, & every other stereotype you can think of for black people.

  36. I got you out, Afrocity. I don’t want to miss your comments!

  37. bb: I refuse to visit the site, because from what I’ve seen here, it’s beyond juvenile, but is that an example of the mentality level? They are infants, who think they are so clever and relevant. They will find out in time just how “relevant” their mean-petty little attitudes are in the grand scheme of things. That’s also exactly why I voted against Obama–I knew if he won, it would give these little cretins and their handlers confidence that their vile tactics work, and permission to do it in any sphere. Obama modeled the “ends justify the means” strategy well. They are so stupid, they don’t even see that it is the antithesis of his phony message of unity, hope & change. I hope they turn on him someday and he gets to experience what he has created.

  38. Jmac — seriously, it is over? That is almost as bad as the Great Keyboard War of Aught Nine that wonkette launched against us on Monday, Jan. 5 that they called off because it was “cold” outside on Tuesday, Jan. 6! LMAO!!

    Another “Mission Accomplished” banner for Harry Reid’s office please.

  39. Yes, of course, DYB! Now I understand. It’s clever, stimulating snarky fun! Death threats are the new fad. They’re all the rage among the kook kidz!

  40. Quote today from Reid:

    “If Obama steps over the bounds, I will tell him. … I do not work for Barack Obama. I work with him,” he said.

    ha ha ha ha ha

  41. TRK:

    If they were my kids I would wash their mouths with soap.

  42. fif,

    You’re right. I’ve only gone there a few times and I’m done now. It’s not worth my time or energy.

  43. Her hatred of Clinton – which even the NYTimes’ public editor called her out on – is eating her from the inside out.

    DYB: what did the public editor say? I missed that. She is pathological when it comes to CDS.

  44. I am not surprised by this. We’ve seen over the top behavior from Obots for more than a year. I am glad that Team Sarah has been able to compile documented proof. This type of behavior is more troubling than the standard Obot absurdity because it is meant to chill free speech. In their supposed quest for a progressive society they are purposely destroying those freedoms that are the true bedrock of democracy. Very short sighted and very dangerous.

  45. fif — MoDo is the epitome of the Villager — Strom may have been a turd sandwich, but he was actually elected not appointed — the people have the right to vote for the “wrong” person — hell, they voted for Obama didn’t they?

  46. “Death threats are the new fad.”

    My next post (previewing now at Klownhaus) has a quote of a Wonketteer saying “Rape is good”

  47. myiq: If my kids talked with that much filth and disrespect, the soap bar would be in their mouth to shut it up.

  48. Looking at their top post today which is about Caroline Kennedy, then to read the comments still talking about the PUMA stance is baffling.

    Surely there had to be better liberal blogs than Wonkette to nominate.

  49. I’m confused about this post — I haven’t seen any evidence that Obots have any minds to begin with yet.

  50. fif,

    I thought the Obots at the Cheeto were infantile. I’ve literally never read the Wank place until the past couple of days. I had now idea how infantile and actually completely irrelevant it could get out there in the tubz. How did a gossip site get nominated as a “liberal blog” anyway? I’m just thrilled with the number of votes we have gotten. The prize isn’t worth winning if cheating is allowed anyway.

  51. Are those “400” bloggers still being employed by the Obama forces? Otherwise, what continues to drive them to make these attacks? What are they afraid of?

  52. MoDo is a bigot. She likes Caroline because she makes Irish Catholics (I am one, by the way – lapsed, but very Irish) look classy which the pathetic Ms Dowd loves. She hates the Clintons because of their Arkansas roots. And the vile Gore was from Tennessee. Definitely not sophisticated enough for her and the DC “kool kids”.

    As for the nastiness online, it’s not surprising considering what goes on in the “mainstream” media. Yesterday I caught David Shuster going on and on about how Bristol Palin’s fiance had “quit” his job. Actually he had to because he did not meet the qualifications, but Shuster emphasized the word quit. Then he kept repeating that they were unwed and unemployed in a very disparaging way. It was appalling to see a man in a position of influence use it to trash two teenagers. He clearly views the Palins as white trash, not worthy of being in the same room with him, let alone be in government. I just checked and that segment is not up but others from the show are. The man is pathetic.

    The saintly Tim Russert regularly called Bill Clinton “Bubba”. If this is what is acceptable from highly regarded people, it is no wonder that many online think nothing of trashing others.

  53. My guess

    weblogaward = more nasty trolls

    myiq is working overtime already.

  54. I’m in moderation, forgot the 0 in tr0ll…

  55. Does anyone know what a “speak and spell” is? I’m just curious. And why do they think we are “ladies.” I’ve hated that word since I made the mistake of joining a sorority in college. Luckily I got kicked out for bad behavior….

  56. KO refers to Palin as the “gift that keeps on giving”. What can you expect from his audience who find it acceptable to continually trash this female candidate?

    KO, like all the others on MSNBC, are suffering from a severe case of “arrested development”. And this is the crowd they appeal to.

  57. fif> The public editor wrote that Dowd’ commentary about Clinton, which overwhelmingly talked about Clinton’s gender as a negative, were “over the top.” Dowd responded that she just does what the paper pays her to do. Gail Collins also wrote a letter to the public editor in defense of Dowd, saying the public editor was overreacting.

  58. bb: can’t commenters nominate a blog? They are not chosen by a respected board of bloggers or anything. I think it’s all based on quantity. It’s devolved into absurdity at this point. I do not know who is managing the awards, but if they cannot see what has clearly been happening–with screen shots to prove it–then it’s not really worthy anything anyway. As PUMAs, we’ve never needed outside validation–quite the contrary. We know the quality of the posters and participants here. Look at how much time these little weebles have eaten up on the threads lately. It’s a monumental waste of time and energy. I used to work with abused and neglected children, and they thrive on negative attention. If they can’t get positive attention, they will provoke negative attention. Starve them.

  59. Glad to see you covering this, Taggles!

    I will do my part as well.

  60. Wacky Wonkie’s don’t like us because we use “snark”.

    Their entire blog is based on snark! That’s what they are.

  61. Thanks Stray Yellar Dawg! 😉

  62. They’ve grabbed my nick!

  63. Dowd responded that she just does what the paper pays her to do.

    And that’s the crux of the matter. Why does this colorful hate-mongering have a forum? Why does the NY Times continue to pay a columnist who is so embarrassingly biased and toxic? And Gail Collins defended her? LOL! Of course she did–she’s almost as bad. MODO, Frank Rich & Bob Herbert ended my relationship with the Times. I won’t even pick it up–and I live in NY. I’m glad mainstream media is dying from lack of revenues. Meanwhile, Time Warner, the world’s largest media company, just reported losses this year, and who is Obama choosing to replace Richardson as head of commerce? Yep, a former Time Warner chief. Sanjay Gupta from CNN for Surgeon General. How about Barbara Walters at the Pentagon?

  64. clean up 11.29 11.30 11.35

  65. TRK said: Don’t they understand, he won. They got their guy. Why are some people never happy? What difference should it make to them how we feel, unless they know we are right?

    Actually, no–it’s not enough. They got their guy but the want us to worship him as well. We must convert (and visibly) or they will not let up. Why do I think this? It’s going on with a several Obots I know in real life. (It particularly sucks because a few are boomer class second wave lesbian feminists–people who should know better, people who are, if they would open their eyes, not on the fun side of B0 “ideology” as it is playing out.)

    P.S. I realize that several folks here aren’t fond of the feminist wave terminology. I’m using it to give context.)

  66. We all suspected that some of the tr0lls were organized. We’ve documented when some of them come to various PUMA sites and post the exact same comments.

    Isn’t it amazing how a bunch of idiotic females using abacuses can outsmart a guy like Axelrove?

    Golly gee, if we’re stupid, Axelrove must be dumber than George W. Bush with a lobotomy.


  67. Sophie – A woman who will not submit is an abomination to these people. The patriarchy gives them power, and we are threatening to take it away.

    That’s really all there is to it.

    Oh yeah – and teh penii, they are eensy weensy.

  68. Alwaysthinking, on January 7th, 2009 at 11:23 am Said:

    Are those “400″ bloggers still being employed by the Obama forces? Otherwise, what continues to drive them to make these attacks? What are they afraid of?

    I’m sure they’re extremely insecure, and find power in bullying others anonymously, but I also think they are just bored. This is their form of entertainment. I saw a video set in a classroom, and the amount of time young people spend texting, blogging, emailing, surfing the internet, on Facebook/My Space, downloading music, playing video games, and talking on their phones was printed on placards. The students turned them over one by one (eg: on phone: #### minutes/yr.), and the numbers were astronomical. The percentage of time they spent on these activities vs. doing actual school work was something like 85%:15%.

  69. I still do not understand why we are expected to worship at the feet of their greek god, Obamalot.

    When Bush won, I was devastated, worried and cried for days. But Bushies never expected me to worship him, sure we debated and sometimes tempers flared, but it never reached the levels we are seeing now.

    I don’t like him, I don’t trust him I don’t like the tactics he used to get what he wanted, and as an American, I thought I was allowed to have my on opinion. If this is the change we were supposed to be preparing for, count me out.

  70. myiq–

    If they were my kids, I’d wash their mouths out with battery acid.

  71. This is funny – on my earlier thread a troll named”hrc” posted this:

    Interesting that myiq2xu’s IP address matches the one posting at Wonkette calling women “whores” and “cum receptacles.”

    How did a troll get my IP address?

    (RD, KB and/or BB can see what my IP address is)

  72. It’s being reported Obama’s team wanted Burris. Well, duh.

  73. fif-those screen shots aren’t the right ones. Or at least the one posted by murphy and swannie. As instruments for cheating they aren’t the right ones. I think it was scrubbed.
    The right instructions were at 9.20

    memzilla says at 9:20 pm, January 5th, 2009
    – ReplyIn order to keep the voting strictly honest, here is a list of things *not* to do:

    1. Do not visit ccleaner.com and download the application.
    2. Under no circumstances run the application.
    3. For heaven’s sake, absolutely do *not* click on the “cleaner” tab for “applications | multimedia” and remove all traces of the Flash cookies which weblogawards.org has placed on your system to keep track of your last access time.
    4. And for the love of Jeebus, do *not* physically unplug your modem, wait seven minutes, and then attempt to vote again with a new and different dynamically-assigned IP address.

    whereas the screenshot was of fish and vodka 9.45 who says to go to a site called thecloak.com…

  74. Only a site moderator at a blog can see IP addresses.

  75. They’re using my nick too- 🙄

  76. Amazing how they are using exactly the tactics the Freepers used to on Liberal forums (back when they were actually liberal).
    And I guess Burris will get seated, although Reid is still denying

  77. wonderful commentator down there yesterday called “stupid winkette” had their dainty little thongs in knots.

  78. The new AP headline is: “Obama pledges to take on entitlement spending (AP)”

    Of course, I’ve always wondered why Social Security was called an “entitlement” program considering I’m paying for it with huge tax deductions.

  79. Why would a Wonkette moderator be living in Sun Valley California?

    Wonkette is a DC based blog.

    (I can see IP addresses here too, and whois will trace them)

  80. I wouldn’t worry about, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don’t you remember when you kids used to play dressup. These little pishers are just loving the attention we are lavishing on them, it is like feeding a tr0ll.

  81. Every time it looks like Caroline Kennedy is done; her promoters bring her right back.
    I pray the Governor surprises us all.
    Sadly, I’m not holding my breath.
    Whoever gave the name & contact info for Rep. John Linder of GA….THANK YOU!!
    Unfortunately, he’s backed down.

  82. posted this at the end of myiq’s post but I’ll stick it here too,

    I will say that with the Pumas everything is always about this so-called “cheating.” There is no rule for this stupid internet contest that states that you can only vote once. It’s not a real election. It’s an internet election for some stupid virtual award. You can vote a million times if you want. The problem with Pumas is that they take everything so goddamn seriously. Everything is a conspiracy against their pathetic existence and dated worldview. It’s sad.

    NoWireHangers says at 2:53 pm, January 6th, 2009

  83. Okay someone needs to start a gratuitious cussing thread for me. I just read that Obama is intending on addressing “entitlement programs” like Social Security and Medicare. If I give the government my money for x amount of years, with the understanding that during MY old age I will have medical care and not have to eat cat food(1 out of 5 senior citizens don’t live in poverty due to SS and Medicare) then YES I should be entitled. It isn’t my fault that Congress has used the money like drunken gamblers to fund wars and whatever else they feel like. My blood is boiling over that A hole calling them an “entitlement program.”

  84. myiq,

    They think we’re stupid. I’m surprised they think we would know what an IP address is. What morons.

  85. Don’t worry, Obama is going to address it. He will give a speech. When has he ever done anything else?

  86. Sophie

    They got a better shot of snowballs in hades then converting me. I loathe the man.

  87. myiq,

    They said I was the stupid wonkette calling women cum receptacles and obsessed with proper grammar. I got cut and pasted from TC with a sentence using the word like. The Black Ann Coulter would never say something like that to a woman. Unless that woman is Obama.

    I looked at the post times…I wasn’t near a PC when the stuff was posted and would not bother to sign up to post on that trash blog.

  88. My gift to The Confluence


  89. cwaltz -yes. ““entitlement programs” like Social Security”

    That’s what has always scared me about BO. Together with all that generation X crap. He’s out to ruin Social Security. And people on Alegre’s blog thought he would give them UHC.
    It’s tragic.

  90. TRK

    I think I am going to go to my grocery store and call it an “entitlement program”. I mean who are they to have an expectation of currency in exchange for goods? I mean geez……..talk about feeling “entitled”

    The MFing MFer

  91. afrocity-they’re busy posting using my nick (but without the avatar). Wierd things are happening today.

  92. Yes, he seems to have bought into the “baby boomers are selfish greedy narcissists who have never done a thing with their lives” bs.

  93. I left the first comment up (it was posted on four different threads) because I’m sure they would try to claim I was deleting them to hide something.

    Pretty lame job of libel.

  94. He should look in a mirror if he want to see selfish greedy narcissist.

  95. myiq-they think you are “stupid wonkette”.

  96. What i like about boomersis, that yes we had fun, yes we rebelled, but when it came to paying for the pensions and social security of the generation which preceded us, we did so. Because we knew we were part of a larger community than ourselves.

  97. And, IIRC, boomers have an excellent record when it comes to volunteering and charitable activities and donations.

  98. From the beginning, he was pitting gen x against the boomers. I said that and people called me paranoid. Well, Woody Allen was right: just because you’re paranoid, still doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

  99. As to MO, I wish she would just write the (age 14 yr. old) ” I hate Hillary Clinton” opinion piece and get it over once and for all. Then the world would be rid of her. Because that’s all she is good for. She pulls fairy tales out her ass, rewrites history in every column, no one every calls her on the lies. As you can see, MO is the perfect Villiage Idiot. Not a cell in her brain.

  100. Obama can’t wait to work on Social Security. One of his advisors wrote a book on privatizing SS. That’s how he’s going to ‘change’ Washington – work with Republicans.

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi need to get backbones. The odds of that happening are next to none.

  101. Jeebus — always justifying your stupidity — we understand you are a misogynistic pig who gets off on violent imagery, but an explanation isn’t an excuse. Furthermore, “don’t get your panties in a twist, it’s a quote from Animal House” isn’t going to play well to a jury. Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life, son.

    So, take a step back, breath & then GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  102. Mop needed at 12:23.

    The sad truth is, Obots are religious fanatics. A few centuries ago, all these sad little dweebs would have joined the Inquisition and gotten off on burning Jews and heretics.

  103. Heh

    Not knowing what a speak and spell evidently is ignorance.

    What’s next if I didn’t play hopscotch as a child I wasn’t cool?

    Jeebus, I suspect I’m older(and politer) than you are.

    Why don’t you go on back to Wonkette and tell some fart jokes. I hear they are all the rage too.

  104. The whole of the internet, the whole of the FREE internet concept was created by the boomers.

  105. Uhhh, as far as the comment from the delusional Wonkette, the site for the poll says, “You can vote every 24 hours” Doesn’t this imply that one is supposed to vote ONCE every 24 hours??. Are these people so moronic that they can’t even comprehend English.?

  106. Somehow, I think either myiq or Afrocity could think up a better handle than “supid wonkette.” LOL! One reason we have survived this long in a hostile environment is the bullies underestimate us.

  107. Felelonspoke “Are these people so moronic that they can’t even comprehend English.?”

    Yes. They are. Perhaps they need English as a second language classes? They are way more stupid than the cheeto trolls.

  108. I remember Animal House very well,and I don’t recall a “Riverdaughter” or “myiq2xu” in the movie.

    I think there might have been an “Angie” though (the underage girl from the supermarket?)

  109. oh, and jeebus
    it aint over till WE say it’s over
    you homo

  110. I’m so glad I was born without the Obot Gene.

  111. sorry folks coudnt help myself there
    it’s angie’s fault, she got me going with the fat drunk and stupid quote


  112. My other alias is “Taut and Perky”

  113. Taggles: I will stand with Team Sarah and the freaking wonkettes are morons.

  114. I hereby declare the Confluence the winner of
    the best NObama Blog on the web.

    It’s a new and much needed category.
    Having been to all of the Nobama blogs I feel qualified to choose the winner, and this is definitely it.

    Love the clock, Afrocity.

  115. PUMA-SF

    Your gravatar makes me nervous.

    I feel like Hillary is peeking in a window at me.

  116. Meh,

    “Animal House” was okay. In the case of the Wonkettes though I figure “Monkey see, monkey do” is what makes it a cult classic for them.

  117. Oh, you might want to also go to the “best blog” and vote for Hot Air.

  118. you are one to talk about other people’s gravatars, myiq.
    perv santa freaks me out more than captain spaulding

  119. Billy Bob has been retired until next year.

  120. katiebird, on January 7th, 2009 at 12:39 pm Said:
    I’m so glad I was born without the Obot Gene.

    LOL. I missed the religious gene, too, although they might be one and the same.

  121. Ok, now I’m starting to think I should put my MOM hat on – it seems that they have gone WAY out of bounds and need a time out. If I remember correctly there are laws about death threats online – I believe we are supposed to report such threats.

    Don’t they have jobs? How do they support themselves? Obviously they don’t have lives with real, live people, they just seem to converse via computer.

    How sad. 😦

  122. not sure i can take the weblog awards seriously at this point.
    one of the great artists here should make a nice “best nobama blog” award for the confluence to display on the homepage and then we can all get back to the revolution.
    The Wankettes will be begging to join us soon enough when they can no longer deny the fact that they’ve been conned by The One.

  123. Joanelle
    those ‘death threats’ are actually quotes from their fav flick-Animal House.
    Any way you can block their movie viewing access with some parental controls?

  124. I want to put Afrocity’s clock on the sidebar after the inauguration!

  125. Online polls have always been freeped.

    It’s the nomination that counts.

  126. Before anyone gets too incensed about anything that the WankerKidz are saying about us, please remember that they belong to the generation famous for its lack of individual achievement–you know, the ones where everyone got a trophy, even when they lost. Every school project they did was done in groups–no one gets credit or balms and everyone passes. They were basically socialized to be the Borg. I’m not saying this to be mean–I sincerely think they are incapable of independent thought.

  127. They’re still death threats. And, Catarina, most of the Obots like those at DK and Wankfest WANT to get rid of social security. They have no memory of the days when the U.S was the kind of nation where everyone pulled together. Their attitude is I’m going to be OK, f*ck everyone else. It’s the ’80s, Reagan syndrome. They don’t understand that when the ruling classes turn us all into serfs, the “creative class” or whatever they think they are will not be excepted.

  128. balms = blame
    I belong to the generation that requires a spell checker!

  129. Sophie,

    I liked “balms.”

  130. BB: you are so right with, It’s the ’80s, Reagan syndrome.

    I can’t tell you how many Obots I meet that were Reaganites as well. It seems they need that kind of “inspirational leader.”

  131. myiq — I believe you are thinking of Clorette DePasto (daughter of the Mayor) in Animal House. There was also a Katy, a Mandy a Babs & a Marion (Mrs. Wormer). No Angie’s.

  132. That troll didn’t know how to spell anus. LOL!

  133. Yes, you’re right, Sophie – they don’t even “date” anymore -they all go out in groups and unfortunately they’ve never experienced that great feeling of actually winning something of value on their own.

    It’s more than sad:(

  134. angie
    dont forget “Otis, my man”

  135. Sophie

    I’m not incensed. I could care less what the “Wankergarten” group has to say about me or anything/anyone else for that matter?

    I didn’t delve to deeply into the site but it appeared pretty devoid of meaningful discussion. I prefer worrying over the opinion of people who can stop snarking long enough to have a serious conversation.

  136. Another troll in the spam filter is upset because I don’t know “speak and spell” is some kid’s toy from the ’80s. Um…in the ’80s, I was busy earning a living….

  137. CWaltz – after looking at the site, I can’t even imagine that they could possibly have any of those lengthy, deep conversations about real issues we’ve had here.

    It seems to be made up of snarky little comments with not much thought

  138. New thread up!

  139. Yesterday one of them came over to call us


    For a bunch of “erudite’ folks they sure seem to have problems with simple spelling.

  140. Sophie, on January 7th, 2009 at 12:55 pm Said:

    Before anyone gets too incensed about anything that the WankerKidz are saying about us, please remember that they belong to the generation famous for its lack of individual achievement–you know, the ones where everyone got a trophy, even when they lost. Every school project they did was done in groups–no one gets credit or blame and everyone passes. They were basically socialized to be the Borg. I’m not saying this to be mean–I sincerely think they are incapable of independent thought.

    That is mean Sophie — it is TRUE — they have been coddled & have had everything handled to them the MINUTE they demanded it. Couple that with their complete lack of interpersonal social skills (the only “relationships” they have are via technology) & it is the reason this world is scr@wed.

  141. D’oh, that should have been “That is NOT mean, Sophie — it is TRUE.”

  142. http://www.cbpp.org/2-24-05socsec.htm

    I stand corrected. 1 in 2 seniors would be living in poverty according to this article.

  143. Joanelle–even as children, they didn’t meet other children and make friends; they had play dates arranged by their parents. And, y’know, most of them were raised by Barney.

    I see them as victims of a horrible sociology experiment and I feel sorry for them. Although I do envy their manual dexterity on keyboards, video games, and the like.

  144. CWaltz,

    If Obama succeeds in destroying Social Security, we will be stepping over dead seniors in the streets. And plenty of kids whose fathers died in their wars will be in the same boat. Social Security helps a lot more than old people. They will destroy this country completely if we let them.

  145. I know what see and say is. “That was the method used to teach reading when I was a child …before the flood. Could speak and spell be later generation or misinformation?

  146. Sophie:

    They’re latchkey kids, raised on Jerry Springer.

  147. What is it with this seek out abuse and seek out people to abuse all for a “cause”, for “redemption”? Why so needy? Why so easily swayed by sentiment? Obots seem to believe they just couldn’t possibly be mistaken. Almost like a happy-clappy, they are dogmatic, will concede nothing. And really, what does anyone expect from a generation that believes winning at any cost is not just acceptable, but necessary?

  148. I know what see and say is. “That was the method used to teach reading when I was a child …before the flood.
    Could speak and spell be later generation or misinformation? My grandchildren are now taught in primary school to keep journals writing phonetically (without regard for spelling),

  149. As a Gen-Xer myself, I wish we wouldn’t buy into the “them against us” meme. Yes, Sophie, that’s what Obama tried to capitalize on, but why accept it? I assume nothing about people who behave like empty-headed children other than that they suffer from arrested development. It doesn’t matter when you grew up, if you never did.

  150. “My grandchildren are now taught in primary school to keep journals writing phonetically (without regard for spelling),”



  151. Dancing Opossum — My son’s kindergarten and first grade teachers (in a private school I spent a shitload of money on) also did the phonetic-journal thing. I nearly had a conniption when I found out.

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