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Wonkette Gets Pwn’ed

Tutti F**kin' Fruity!

“one very petulant clown”

 From Wonkette:

So we checked out our “competitor,” the Confluence blog, and, as many of you have already discovered… it’s a PUMA site! They have a post called, “An Interview with Harriet Christian, NY Senate Seat Contender.” Oh man. Welcome to our radar, Confluence!

I thought it was priceless when Blogstalkers was fooled by the Harriet Christian satire, but now an “A” lister got taken too, hook, line and sinker!

Can someone please explain what’s “liberal” about this?:

Is confluence codespeak for menstruation?

or this?:

the site was originally called an_army_of_stale_vaginas_fused_shut_over_40-50_inactive_and_bitter_years.com but the name was too long.

Strangely enough, Wonkette is currently leading in the Weblog Awards polling for “Best Liberal Blog,” with more votes than everyone else combined.  “Everyone else” includes “A” listers TPM, Crooks & Liars, Hullaballoo and Glenn Greenwald, as well as a lowly non-list blog called The Confluence.

Although The Confluence had an early lead, Wonkette began moving up steadily in the poll.  At approximately 11pm EST they were at 49%, then 50%, 51%, 52% and they are now over 53%!  In fact, as of about 4am EST, they are the only blog seeing any voting action. 

Wonkette supporters must be like tireless little ‘bots, casting their votes while most of the rest of the nation sleeps.  In the time (3am-4:30am EST) that it took The Confluence to gain 5 votes to go from 541 to 546, Wonkette gained 76 votes to go from 2306 to 2377, giving them 53.2% of the votes!  The Confluence at 12.2% is holding a steady lead over the rest of the field for second place, but we are all losing ground to Wonkette. 

I didn’t think there were that many Wonkette fans, but it’s a freep country.


Don’t forget, Captain Spaulding says VOTE!

For Best Liberal Blog, vote for The Confluence here

For Best New Blog, vote for Uppity Woman here

For Best Small Blog, vote for Nice Deb here

For Best Hidden Gem, vote for Deadenders here

If you feel obligated to cast a vote in every category, Captain Spaulding says Ace of Spades is 2% less evil than the other nominees for “Best Conservative Blog” so you can vote for them here

85 Responses

  1. At 5am:

    Wonkette 2398 (+21) 53.2%

    The Confluence 550 (+5) 12.2%

  2. Are the bots able to vote more than once?

  3. Oh no! They wouldn’t cheat, would they?

  4. Have you looked at Wonkette’s traffic stats lately? They have like 30 or 40 times more traffic than this site. In some ways it’s a metaphor for Obama’s 80% approval rating, compared to the folks on this site that hate him…

    But seriously, it’s not any kind of foul play. They have been sending all their visitors to vote. I am sure that if blogs like TPM and Crooks and Liars were also alerting their readers, the discrepancy would not be so quite so big.

  5. Jennalee:

    Us getting beat is no surprise. But Wonkette getting over half the votes cast with TPM, Crooks & Liars and other “A” listers in the poll?

  6. At 5:30am:

    Wonkette 2417 (+19) 53.2%

    The Confluence 557 (+7) 12.2%

  7. Well, if they can cheat…….

  8. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

    Progressives used to believe that.

    Liberals still do.

  9. God, that Capt. Spaulding picture is going to give me nightmares.

    I get great satisfaction seeing us so far ahead of TM – what a Hillary sell-out she was.

  10. Actually, it wouldn’t be easy to cheat on that poll – you need lots of different IP addresses.

  11. Wait’ll PJ gets up in the morning – she hates Captain Spaulding.

  12. Cheating is easier than you think.

  13. In some ways it’s a metaphor for Obama’s 80% approval rating,

    Approval of what? What exactly has he done? Other than picking a shitload of former Clinton appointees and folks associated with the Clinton administration, what exactly has he done?

  14. OH! OH!!! The approval rating must be for that $500 tax credit spread out over the year to the tune of $9 and change! Yeah! That it!

  15. He went to Hawaii and showed off his man-boobs

  16. I didn’t think that many people liked man-boobs.

  17. Yeah, he gets approval for going to the gym every day. Though when Dubya did it, it meant something else entirely.

    Today I saw the twisted journalism in action when the AP (I think that’s who it was) said that BO picked people for the intelligence position who had no experience so THEREFORE he was showing that he was going to break free from Dubya’s position. They actually turned his crappy decision making into a positive thing. As if I could be shocked anymore. Friggin’ losers.

  18. At 6am:

    Wonkette 2445 (+28) 53.2%

    The Confluence 561 (+4) 12.2%

  19. myiq2xu, on January 6th, 2009 at 5:53 am Said:

    I didn’t think that many people liked man-boobs.

    I don’t. I like pecs! ‘nother thing entirely.

  20. Sweet – No Quarter is beating Kos and Uppity Woman is winning her category!

  21. Team Obama has learned well from Dubya’s handlers. Stay on message and don’t let trivial details like the truth get in the way.

  22. There are at least 4 blogs urging people to vote for anyone but us.

    I’m disappointed, I was hoping for 10-15

  23. How is this Wonkette getting “pwned” when Wonkette is beating you so soundly?

  24. There’s a wonkette writer at aol poltical machine. I haven’t checked, but I bet wonkette is getting pimped over there.

  25. Oh, look, a wonker! Or should I say, WANKER!

  26. Well if WANK-IT gets that many votes so be it but I had gone there a lonnggg time ago and all I saw was a bunch of smug, prattling, preening adolescent types who were more interested in themselves than anything else. Sort of like a wannabe MoDo.

  27. Mike:

    The pwned themselves when they fell for the Harriet Christian satire.

  28. myiq2xu, on January 6th, 2009 at 6:07 am Said:

    There are at least 4 blogs urging people to vote for anyone but us.

    I’m disappointed, I was hoping for 10-15

    Well shit, we’re not the unpopular kid after all.

  29. Reminds me of Hillary actually. It took two parties to bring her down just like it’s taking ALL of our competitors to take us down.

  30. From Wonkette:

    nrelement says at 11:30 pm, January 5th, 2009
    The Confluence is the last refuge of a political animal that by now should be extinct, the PUMA. These people think that they are the ultimate guardians of liberalism even though they voted largely for McCain. There are reasons to dislike or mistrust Obama but theirs amount to the fact that Obama has a penis. That’s his crime. I won’t dispute that were blatant sexism in the primary campaign but that’s not the reason Senator Clinton lost. As a Clinton supporter, she ran a lousy campaign. They’ll never admit that however. Clinton can do no wrong and Obama can do nothing right. They pounce on every perceived failure of Obama.

    The Confluence has largely female audience, a few gays and one very petulant clown. Their bloggers, with the exception of Dakinat (an economist in New Orleans) are all rank hypocrites with no political experience. The founder and owner of the blog is a woman who blogs as ‘riverdaughter’. Based in NJ, she’s an ex-Kossack and an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. She thinks that she and her little group will be savior of the Democratic Party. I am not quite sure how. It’s a pretty cultist place that specializes in unrelenting snark and sheer stupidity. During the primaries, during the summer and the fall campaign, anything that was anti-Obama, no matter the source, found its onto the Confluence. The bloggers are fond of quoting Thomas Sowell, Amir Taheri, Karl Rove, Cal Thomas in their pursuit of all things anti-Obama. It’s not really a blog but a forum of vile hate.

  31. At 6:30am:

    Wonkette 2473 (+28) 53.1%

    The Confluence 570 (+9) 12.2%

  32. These people must have more than 1 computer.
    I tried to vote again & it would not let me.

  33. well, you can vote from home AND from work
    OR, if your IP is dynamically generated, you can keep restarting your PC and vote again and again and again

  34. We do not encourage or condone cheating.

    We’re liberals.

  35. I am waiting for The Obats to embrace Reaganomics under its new plagerized name “Obamanomics”…

    Tax cut Tax cut Tax cut!

    We are the Homophobes and Misogynist we have been waiting for!

    Salazar public lands exsist for the inrichment of the private purse.

    SecDef Gates…if he is good enough for “W” then he is good enough for “O”.

    give me a break….

  36. At 7am:

    Wonkette 2502 (+29) 53.0%

    The Confluence 578 (+8) 12.2%

    Strange, ever since I put up this post Wonkette’s percentage of the vote has remained fairly constant, unlike the preceeding several hours.

    Prolly just a coinky-dink.

  37. We are liberals. We only condone cheating when it’s in our favor.

  38. Interview with Ken Layne, new owner of Wonkette:


    Ken Layne, owner of Wonkette, also writes for AOL Political Machine:


  39. OH for the love of god, leave Levi alone, media. That poor guy is trying to take care of his family and you’re hounding him for not having a high school diploma. Soon you’re really gonna be hounding him for not having a job at all.

    The Palins really can’t get a break, can they?

  40. So they have a huge lead over The Confluence but they still feel the need to say insulting and nasty things about the commenters here. Classy people, those Wonkette fans.

  41. A reminder that 24h after you voted, you can go at it again.
    Also, Politico is trying to delicately assign some blame to Teh One

  42. I’ll just copy this from Wonkette as is and make no comment on it.

    In order to keep the voting strictly honest, here is a list of things *not* to do:

    1. Do not visit XXXXXXX.com and download the application.
    2. Under no circumstances run the application.
    3. For heaven’s sake, absolutely do *not* click on the “cleaner” tab for “applications | multimedia” and remove all traces of the Flash cookies which weblogawards.org has placed on your system to keep track of your last access time.
    4. And for the love of Jeebus, do *not* physically unplug your modem, wait seven minutes, and then attempt to vote again with a new and different dynamically-assigned IP address.

    (edited to remove the site name)

  43. I am always astounded at the amount of PUMA hate there is out there and just how hypocritical the haters seem to be. All I can say is you must be doing something RIGHT. Carry on Conflucians, carry on!!

  44. That sounds like cheating ^^^^^^^^

    Should be disqualified if true.

    Got link?

  45. oooh heres another directly copied and pasted cheat from Wonkette

    fishandvodka says at 9:45 pm, January 5th, 2009
    – Reply

    I have even better thing NOT to do to stay honest:

    DO NOT go http://www.xxxxxxx.com/login.html
    DO NOT ENTER Weblog Awards website above
    DO NOT right click on flash and press play, and then choose Wonkette
    DO NOT do it all over again

    (edited to remove the site name)

  46. One more thing: I don’t think they are Wonkette fans – there is no such thing. Once they declared the Confluence PUMA, the B0bots are conregating to stop this from happening.

  47. Anybody wanna give a heads up to weblog awards?

  48. Alice – can we bring this up ti the Blog Awards people? Because I don’t feel like cheating to keep up with the morons.

  49. Capture it. Screen shot.


  50. I got the screen shot. The link to the post is here
    If it’s gone, let me know.

  51. Agreed. Capture it.


    Hit “Print Screen”

    Then, paste it into a word app and save.

  52. Way to go, Edge.

  53. Mike, or some other Wonkette: please explain to me how labelling this blog as “c*nt-fluence” is progressive, or liberal, or even civil.

  54. Ok, I will report it if someone finds me the link of where to do it. Edge will you also send an email?

  55. At 7:30am:

    Wonkette 2563 (+61) 53.0%

    The Confluence 595 (+17) 12.3%

  56. #
    stopmebeforeitypeagain says at 12:44 am, January 6th, 2009
    – Reply

    Hey, this is fun. I’ve now eaten more cookies than a stoned Girl Scout troop, and voted for Wonkette like thirteen gazillion times, give or take a few orders of magnitude.

    Does this heroic and ingenious effort mean I get my comments bumped up automatically, and y’all have to be nice to me and quote me and say “WIN!” and stuff?

    stopmebeforeitypeagain says at 12:53 am, January 6th, 2009
    – Reply

    stopmebeforeitypeagain: Leave of the court to amend: should read “did NOT vote for Wonkette like thirteen gazillion ….”

    How silly of me. Apologies to all.

  57. It’s uploaded here – use as needed

  58. SW: It isn’t. Women don’t matter. We exist to be belittled and ridiculed. Places where women congregate are considered less intellectual and worthy of praise. Forget the fact that the very title “Wonkette” implies the superior intellect of a woman. Irony, she is ded.

  59. I never expected to win, not considering the blogs we are competing against.

    I just wanted us to put on a respectable race.

  60. I think the Confluence already has put on a respectable race, and especially considering you aren’t cheating and they blatently are!!

  61. I have sent a complaint to the only contact I could find on that webawards site. I don’t know if they will do anything about it but it is the truth and their moderators did nothing to stop it.

  62. I thought the Wonkette was a porno blog — I had NO idea that they considered themselves a liberal blog — I didn’t realize that they were interested in real politics??

  63. And all, let’s keep in mind: porn CAN be considered cheating. oh yes. 😉

    Also, I never go to Wonkette, but they seem like a miserable group.

  64. in a way, its quite funny that a more established blog like Wonkette with its own domain feels the need to cheat against a relatively new and merely “wordpress” blog!! 😆

    And that they call themselves liberal is taking the joke too far.

  65. I’m actually delighted that we AND Wonkette are beating those supposed A-listers. Wonkette’s blog isn’t bad, I read it once in a while and she’s pretty amusing. I’d much rather have her ahead of us than, say, TPM or (gack) Taylor Marsh — although how Taylor Marsh could win, I don’t know, given her maximum daily readership of about 3 people.

  66. That comment from the “former Hillary supporter” was a real train wreck. (I love how all the Obamazombies are all “former Hillary supporters.) It was a classic example of the wild-eyed mouth-foaming and second-grade grasp of grammatical English that typify the classic Obamanaut.

  67. @Dancing
    Doncha know, the “former Hillary supporter” is the new “lifetime Democrat” that used to be very popular on C-Span spewing W slogans

  68. “Hillary ran a lousy campaign” is a standard Obot troll talking point.

    Lousy campaign? She got more votes than Obama, and spent less money doing it.

    Not to mention she didn’t have the media fluffing her.

  69. Wonkette is many things, repulsive comes to mind, but Liberal? Puleeze!

    Liberal blogs do not promote ageism and misogyny. Thus Wonkette may be a Democratic Blog and it may be a Progressive Blog but by no definition is it a liberal blog.

    Mostly they seem to exist so that silly adolescents can have a place to post nasty stuff mommy and daddy would not approve. Snotty little wannabe “Shock Jocks”. With of course their adoring little self-hating female acolytes.

  70. k. so:

    memzilla says at 9:20 pm, January 5th, 2009

    fishandvodka says at 9:45 pm, January 5th, 2009

    & maybe:

    stopmebeforeitypeagain says at 12:44 am, January 6th, 2009

    stopmebeforeitypeagain says at 12:53 am, January 6th, 2009

    It’s all captured *from wonkette site*…the *original posts*…..have a good day all.

    Especially you, Alice Rodham …

    Be careful w/ the naughty sites.

  71. TC has more votes than Ben Smith and Huffpo!!!

    The only ones with more are Hot Air 1,337, wonkette 2,660, Ace spades 1,111, LGFootballs 1,014:and small dead animals 919.:, fivethirtyeight-967.

  72. I thought Wonkette was a DC insider media blog.

    What’s liberal about it?

  73. Dancing-wonkette is no longer a female site-it’s run by fratboyz-see wikipedia. (or earlier threads)

  74. Oh no.

    I just checked many of the competing blogs in all the top categories and also random ones going down the list just to get a feel of what average voting looks like.

    Wonkette is beating every blog by a lot….but *not* in a good way.

    It looks crazy obvious they are cheating. Made me sort of cringe for them.

  75. I was happy to vote for you for many reasons, and voting AGAINST Wonkette was the cherry on the top of the cake. Thanks! As is the tradition in Chicago, I”ll vote early and often…well, as often as the poll allows me. 😉

  76. kat in your hat, I’m with ya. It’s so sad. They think they’re so clever and don’t realize that the only reason other folks aren’t as “clever” is this little thing called ethics.

  77. Thank you Dissenting Justice! Next year I’ll be paying more attention and I’ll nominate you.

  78. Thank you so much, Mary Ellen. We don’t believe in cheating here. It used to be that Democrats believed in “one person, one vote.” That was before they became Obamicans.

  79. Wonkette has blatantly gamed the system and should be disqualified …I am going to report them myself .. hopefully lots of other people will as well 🙂

  80. Voting Rules
    Polls close January 12, 2009.
    You may vote once every 24 hours in each poll.
    After voting in an individual poll you will be locked out from voting again in that poll (on the computer you voted from) for 24 hours.
    Each poll has its own separate 24 hour lockout control. Voting in, for example, Best Blog will not lock you out of voting in other categories.
    Vote totals are not final until certified.
    Vote totals are subject to periodic correction for identified cheating.
    Cheaters will be banned from accessing the site for the duration of the voting.
    We reserve the right to close some or all polls earlier than the posted end date.
    In the event of identified cheating, the decisions of the judges as to the manner of correction is final.

    I am going to twitter them about the cheating from Wonkette

  81. I’m sorry to be so bitter, and not being able to get over it-but what is there to expect from fratboyz/ obots but cheatin’, followed by braggin’ ’bout it.

  82. Man. It *is* possible that they just have more traffic than this blog, and hence more votes. Isn’t it? Is that really where we are as a country now? That if anyone wins anything, it must be “cheating”?

    Jeez, get a fripping life, people.

    • We realize that Wonkette gets more traffic than us.

      But it doesn’t get more traffic than everyone else combined.

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