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We Get Letters

Cue the bouncy 50’s ad music.

Good evening, Conflucians. Today was the second day to vote for Best Liberal Blog at the 2008 Weblog Awards. Did you cast your vote today? One vote per person per day. We want to win fair and square.

I’d like to thank Wonkette for boosting our blog stats today. Things got a little slow during the holidays and post election but we’re doing pretty good today for an itty bitty liberal blog. {{Snarf!}}  Wonkette’s writers committed the cardinal sin of blogging.  One *never* acknowledges one’s rivals.  They have just realized that they have made this strategic error and are trying to call it back but it’s TOO LATE!  We never considered Wonkette to be rivals so it’s fine and dandy for us to ride this baby for awhile.

Tonight, I’d like to read a few of our letters from our readers. These letters were carefully selected from our SPAM filter. I had to dispose of the hipwaders afterwards but let’s give our fans credit for their, um, creativity.

Let’s go to the first one. This is part of a spam message from Lauren. I would print the whole thing but Lauren is messianic in her anti-feminist zeal and it gets old after awhile. But I happen to agree with her, in part, on point number 4 in her commentary regarding the video compilation of misogynistic advertisments:

4. Shoddy research– the Puma sneaker ad with the dripped semen is a well known fake/joke. It was not produced by their company and its inclusion in the video shows that the producer is out of touch and may not be getting all the subtext in these ads. That’s unfortunate, because it would have been a great commentary on marketing messages–

“Cute girls who wear Pumas totally give head! Drop of a hat! WEARING THEIR SHOES! They don’t swallow, though…”

No one takes ads like that literally, not consciously or subconsciously. No one. I think we damage our cause as feminists when we deliberately refuse to recognize bawdy humor, because most young people quite literally do not have the excess energy to be ticked off all the time after they get done with work and school. I think, “Ha! I get it!” is a better angle for dialogue, but YMMV.

I like bawdy humor. It’s raunchy and acknowledges the differences between men and women in a fun, harmless way. Sort of like Olaf and Lena jokes. Or something stupid that myiq2xu posted in his Balloon Juice days. We are patiently housebreaking him because he’s really smart and we know he has a good heart. Well, what’s left of it anyway.

But Lauren, some of those ads are not parodies. Some of the Heroin Chic ads are deliberate because pale, skinny women look good when the  clothes they wear are flapping around them like laundry on the line in a breeze. We just object to pale, skinny women who look drugged lying at the feet of some guy who is standing over them in a menacing way OR throwing her in the trunk of his car, not that there’s anything wrong with riding in the trunk aside from the carbon monoxide and general lack of breathable air. Hey, if Lauren likes shooting up only to be bundled into the trunk of her boyfriend’s car in an unconscious state, who am I to tsk-tsk her bawdy fun? Jocularity! Jocularity!
Moving on.

Our next letter is from GoldJeffBlum:


Mr. GoldJeffBlum has us confused with Ana Maria Cox who as I recall wrote odes to the art of ASSF$^&king. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Reader Patrickkelley makes some predictions:

Okay, I know I’m going to get tagged as spam, but I’ll try anyway. Here’s my prediction, inspired by the “I will work for Hillary in ‘12″ comment somebody posted. Hillary will be Obama’s VP in 2012. Biden will bow out. They will probably win. In 2016 it will probably be Hillary versus Palin, and Palin will clean her clock. I almost this.

By the time all this comes through, this blog will still be whining and spamming comments from anybody that laughs at you over it.

Wow, that was amazing! Mr. Kelley’s comment was tagged as spam just as he said it would be. But maybe he didn’t really deserve to be put in the spam filter. Let’s look at the rest of his comment. He predicts that Hillary will try to run for president again but that Palin “will clean her clock”. Interesting. Actually, I think the chances of Hillary ever running again approach a limit of negative infinity. Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. Kelly even knows why he hates Hillary?

A for whining and spamming comments, pish-tosh, we don’t give a flying fig. Most of the time, the spam filter picks up the offensive material automatically. We never even see it. And in the spam filter, no one gets to hear you scream.

We have time for only one more. Let me see if I can find a truly offensive one. It’s pretty hard to do these days. During the primary, we got death threats but this stuff is kind of mild.
Ah, this one by SheWomanWomanHater is really over the top:

I read Wonkette religiously. I am also a woman. Before you go suggesting that I am self-loathing, understand that I am a staunch feminist. My mother is continuing to blaze trails and bust balls in a male-dominated profession and she taught me everything she knows.

She and my father taught me to exercise tact and to take time to laugh at myself. Perhaps I can extend these lessons to The Confluence. Getting bent out of shape when a humor blog has some laughs, crying foul at even the most minor encroachment, and calling Wonkette readers childish names while lifting yourself up as the righteous and mature parties is not the way to win favor.

You’ll probably say that you don’t care if you piss us off or not, but realize this: No movement gains traction without popular support.

If I were a fundy, I’d say SWWH had committed blasphemy but she’s likely to think I meant that seriously when I’m really just making fun of her.

The nerve! She is threatening to keep us from sitting at the popular lunch table. Apparently, the entire civilized world beats a path to the door of Wonkette everyday and she is going to withhold all of the splendors of being on the inside if we don’t learn to respect our elders. The entire, vast blogosphere with billions and billions of blogs revolves around Wonkette and we will be thrown into the primordial echo of the Internet Big Bang, forced to ftp our comments and posts and all because we cannot keep a civil tongue in our mouths. How DARE we?!! I am shocked and appalled by our behavior. To think that we would aspire to take them on and win all of the fabulous prizes? What were we thinking?

Well, I was thinking, “Who the hell reads Wonkette anymore?” I stand corrected. Clearly we have overestimated the intelligence of the left blogosphere.

Live and Learn. Keep those cards and letters coming.

213 Responses

  1. SWWH’s mommy may have taught her “everything she knows” but sadly, it wasn’t enough.

  2. Dear Wonkpeople: I’m on your blog right now, if you really want discourse, you got it, but come get me over there and leave folks alone here.

  3. Please delete 7:24 — disgusting & humorless.

  4. not dakinikat @ 7:24 — Harriet Christian @ 7:24

  5. What a pity SWWH’s mother knows so little.

  6. Kat: Thanks for offering to rumble on our behalf but I think we can handle it. We’re not helpless and weak.

  7. Kat — that is a great offer, but they don’t really want discourse.

  8. I’m not rumbling, RD. I’d like to be able to write a thread without 3 moderators on duty.

  9. Kat: Are we inhibiting discourse? We could just let the shit fly if you like.

  10. lol, As I recall, you created this place so we could come here, get some peace and quiet, and not have to drown in the koolaide dribble …

    i support that goal.

  11. sid: ‘you people’? i think every one here has there own opinion on that. I personally would prefer to have Hillary Clinton in the senate period. I didn’t support McCain. I voted for him as a protest vote.

    Every one else will have to speak for themselves.

  12. There is no discourse to be had with the majority of Wonkette posters. They define their own blog as a place to sit around and tell jokes. I know some people think Andrew Dice Clay and David Letterman are funny, so I’ll just accept that all humor is relative. But there’s no “discourse” to be had with that kind of humor because once someone says you’re a “hag” a “bitch” a “homo” etc., what’s left to discuss? Most of those posters don’t know what the issues are. They only know one thing: Obama. If he says it, it must be good and true. The rest of the world melts away. This brings me back to a post I made a thread or two down about how Obama has all-but ensured that Karl Rove will get his Republican majority he’s always wanted. These Obamabots from Wonkette are the typical new voters Donna Brazile bragged about converting to the Democratic party. They are the future of the Democratic party. Party on!

  13. Kat: I second that. I struggled with my vote right up until I actually had to cast it. I’ve never voted for a Republican before and disagree with just about everything they stand for. But I couldn’t reward the dishonorable way Obama had gotten the nomination. It was a protest vote and nothing more.

  14. RD, I love your posts. It would not be possible to underestimate the intelligence of the denizens of Left Blogistan. A finer group of Obot morons can’t be found.

    Sid, I certainly wish McCain had won. What makes you so sure Hillary wouldn’t have been offered a position in his cabinet?

  15. A lot of people here don’t understand why HRC asked for or accepted the position of SoS. And some people do wish McCain had won. I’m not sure I understand the point of the question.

    dakinikat> This onslaught of Wonkette tr0lls will go away. I think this is their idea of the war they declared on The Confluence. But their ADD will kick in soon enough and there’ll be something else new and shiny that will take up all of their attention.

  16. riverdaughter, on January 6th, 2009 at 7:33 pm Said:

    Kat: Are we inhibiting discourse? We could just let the shit fly if you like.
    A vote against flying shit….this is about the only place left that isn’t infested with wing-nut concern t0lls or ‘obot tr0lls.

  17. actually, I wouldn’t have put Sid into the spam filter, but most of what’s out there has me cleaning my screen with rubbing alchohol.

  18. Kat, Sid made the list because the personal information he provided telegraphed his intent. It’s not just what “he” said, it’s how he said it….

  19. i saw the linkie, katie …

  20. DYB, the future of the Democratic Party doesn’t look too bright. I tried raising this concern back in February. The much vaunted newbies will drive away the core support AND then once Obama is gone, they’ll be gone too.

  21. DYB: school starts soon too

  22. Totally OT, but what is Howard Dean’s reward for helping steal the nomination for Obama?

  23. Hey, as long as we’re wishing… I wish Hillary had won. She was the only person running, aside from Sarah Palin, who had the passion and work ethic to tackle the unbelievable mess the next President will face.

    You know, come to think of it, the three strongest candidates were all women: Hillary and McKinney for President, and Palin for VP.

  24. DT: a one way ticket back to Vermont.

  25. Count me in as a protest vote. As much as I admire Palin, I have yet to send her money. I do wish her well and hope she runs for President one day.

  26. Well at least SWWH and Wonkette have provided us with some laughs. Not because they are a ‘humor’ blog of course, but for their juvenile stupidity. I know, I know, it’s not nice to laugh at people just because they’re stupid, but some stupid people really go cruisin’ for it.

    All in all, though, I liked SWWH’s post because it does fairly well encapsulate the perpetual lack of understanding of the obots for how real people think. Their greatest fear is being left out of the ‘group’. That is the most scary thing in the world for them. It surpasses all sense, honor, decency or humanity; their entire world revolves around it. I do feel a little bit bad for them, because once Obama falls out of favor, they’ll only have their own emptiness left.

    Real people, those with any experience or self-confidence at all, or even a smidgen of independent mindedness, don’t make inclusion with the ‘cool kidz’ their raison d’etre. SWWH misunderstands us entirely; not one of us would care even if we were forever cast out from the Wonkette crowd.

    RD’s remark summed it up perfectly, LOL:

    What were we thinking?

    Well, I was thinking, “Who the hell reads Wonkette anymore?”

  27. dakinikat – really, nothing at all?
    Why do I continue to be surprised when he does something like?

  28. kat, we can only hope! And to think that I used to admire Howard Dean. I’ve lost all respect for that man. And I can’t believe that Tim Kaine is taking his place. He’s yet another man I voted for just because he had a D by his name. Never again!

  29. okay, ot: i’m wondering if Biden was actually told about Panetta, because wouldn’t he have mentioned the necessity of telling DiFi about his appointment?

  30. something like that

  31. They tell Biden exactly what they want him to know– which is nothing!!!!!!!!

  32. We don’t have to justify our votes to anyone anymore. It’s done and done.

  33. Let me get this straight: wonkette is now calling off the “war” on us because we “aren’t worth it” & we need to “grow up” (not to mention that it is “cold outside”) — so, the Great Keyboard War of aught nine ends not with a bang but a whimper. Yet, in that very same post goes on to send the troops out to make sure that Uppity Woman loses the “best new blog” category because we like Uppity Woman.
    Poor little peabrains don’t really understand what a cease fire means, do they?

  34. Yes, it seems as if Biden is in there on a need-to-know basis. But considering how there is no filter between his brain and his mouth – that may not be such a good idea!

  35. I think it may have been Biden who leaked to the NYTimes. That would explain his semi-apology today.

  36. angienc2: Awwwwww, I want to keep throwing rocks. Say it’s not over yet.

  37. angiec> It’s hilarious! I didn’t realize they’ve called off the war. Talk about busting your nut too early. Talk about premature withdrawal! I’m surprised they’re not declaring a decisive victory over us. Hahahahaha.

  38. Biden is going to bring the VP position back where it belongs – not worth a bucket of warm p*ss.

  39. FYI mods: here are still tr0lls in the other threads.

  40. DYB & RD — LOL! I expect to see a Mission Accomplished banner flying over there next. As I said in an earlier thread — what exactly where they planning to do in this “war on TC” — text message us to death?

  41. We think for our selves here.

  42. “Mission Accomplished.” Hahahahahahahahahahaahah!

  43. SOD> I’m not convinced they’d know RIGHT if it propositioned them on a street corner.

  44. Angie,

    It’s just as well. These are most boring, pathetic trolls we’ve ever had, and we went through some serious troll onslaughts during the primaries. These Wankette trolls aren’t even a challenge. They couldn’t snark their way out of a paper bag. Really, when you declare war on another blog, and you can’t even live up to your own threats, well that’s just kind of pitiful.

  45. I just saw at Pumapac that Wonkette readers have been directed to cheat.


    I’m contacting Kevin Aylward, but I’m not sure anything can be done to stop it.

  46. How can they call off the war when I just fired a shot over their bow a couple of hours ago. Talk about easy to surrender.

    Congrats comrads, we won the keyboard war:-)

  47. So, they’re mad at us and gonna take it out on other blogs too huh? How juvenile.

  48. Nicedeb,

    I love your blog! Finding you has been one of the benefits of this awards nonsense. Yes, they are cheating. We’ve sent screenshots to Kevin. He said spam votes will be deleted, but who knows? The more complaints the better.

  49. Who the heck nominated a tacky gossip blog in the “liberal blog” category anyway?

  50. nicedeb — The people over at the webblog awards seem to believe that the “cheating” methods advocated at wonkette “will not work.” wonkette’s position seems to be that they have twice as many votes as everyone else in the category combinded is because they are that popular. Right now, I just want us to have a good showing. moral victory — I know the Obots don’t know what that means, but I do.

  51. nicedeb: Hail fellow! Well met. Don’t worry about the cheating. kevin assures me that it isn’t possible. They really *are* getting more votes than we are. They’re probably getting help from the cheeto. Not much we can do about it except keep trying- and voting from every computer you can get your hands on. That makes it 5 for me.

  52. Angie,

    They have more votes than anyone in any category, even best blog. In fact, TC has almost as many as the Cheeto.

  53. can we let sid meier in long enough to find out if he’s THE sid meier? cause if he is, i’d really like to thank him for my favorite game.

  54. RD,

    It can’t be the Cheeto, because they only have about 1200 votes, only a few more than we do. If they were helping Wankette, they’d vote for themselves at the same time.

  55. hi nicedeb! I’m directing folks your way too!

  56. Who is sid meier? Lots of those loons over there are using famous names.

  57. I voted twice today–legally.

  58. That makes it 5 for me.
    I have three lined up but I can only get 2 vote accepted..still working on the problem.

  59. Okay, tell ya what…I’ll see if Ace will give us an Ace-o-lanche. There’s something very fishy about how the numbers have surged in just the past few hours.

    Thanks, for the link from the other day, by the way. I can tell you have quite a following for someone who hasn’t even been blogging for that long.

  60. RD – my 4 are in for today.

  61. That is 10 for me.

  62. oh, all 10 of mine were legal — my 2 computers & getting 8 co-workers to take the few seconds to vote — I will make sure we get 8 a day legally from now until voting closes.

  63. i’m going to campus tomorrow and maybe if i visit each computer in ALL of the labs ….

    nah, i have a real life, why would i want to spend that much time ? but i have a feeling that could be part of the wonkette cult’s tactics

  64. Thanks, dakinikat!

  65. So I keep getting all these e-mails from the Women’s Media Center, telling me about all the wonderful things they’re doing for women and all the donations they need. I sent them this reply and removed my e-mail from their mailing list:

    “Ms. Aaron,

    I will be unsubscribing from your organization’s mailing list right after I send this e-mail. I initially started paying attention to WMC during the Democratic primaries when you put together a powerful video montage that showed the kind of misogyny Senator Hillary Clinton, and other women, faced from the media. I noted at the time that you carefully avoided Barack Obama campaign’s role in the misogyny. (Obama himself talked in public about Clinton’s “claws coming out” and her feeling “periodically down.” How about t-shirts of “Bros before Hos” with images of Obama and Clinton that were worn by Obama supporters? Clinton being “likable enough?” Nope, not a peep from you.)

    But it is during the general election when you truly disgraced the cause of feminism when you virtually crawled into a hole away from prying eyes as Governor and VP nominee Sarah Palin faced the same kind of barrage of sexism Clinton did a few months earlier. You not only enabled the multiple NYTimes front-page stories which dissected the cost of Palin’s wardrobe and make-up (for example), but you contributed to the degradation of an accomplished woman by publishing articles that questioned her intelligence and very femininity. You did it all in the name of electing Barack Obama. And a woman got thrown under the bus and was run over repeatedly. And you did it all because you do not agree with some of Governor Palin’s politics. Apparently to you not all women are created equal. Your silence and enabling of the misogyny can not be explained any other way. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you had no time for a Presidential ticket that featured two progressive women: Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. Instead you so very blatantly placed yourselves and all of WMC into the service of Obama for President. Well, I wonder how Jane Fonda’s back spasms are doing now that the President Elect has picked so few women for his cabinet, and picked an anti-choice Tom Daschle as his Secretary of Health and Human Services, and found a job for Larry “women are not as good in math and science” Summers in his administration, and now that he’s chosen the rabid misogynist and homophobe Rick Warren to read the invocation at his inauguration. (I hope you saw the passages on Mr. Warren’s web-site about how women must be subservient wives and that even domestic abuse was not good enough reason for a wife to eave her husband. They were quickly scrubbed from his Church’s site when the announcement was made that he would be part of Obama’s inauguration.)

    In any case, the WMC – just like NOW and NARAL – have become irrelevant because you do not treat and respect all women equally. To you being pro-choice means only making choices you approve of. Your cause is important, but your organizations are useless. I hope you are enjoying your unity pony.”

  66. I haven’t been able to vote in the Blog Awards poll today. I know it’s been 24 hours since I voted. Has anyone else had similar problems?

  67. Hot Damn DYB! Ms. Aaron’s eyes are going to pop right out of her head!

    grayslady — I haven’t had a problem — try again in about 10 minutes just to be sure.

  68. The Obots are threatened because Wonkette said the Confluence is on the radar and because we were right about Obama. And they fear nothing more than getting beat by a girl, just like in the primary.

  69. grayslady,

    Try again later on. I voted pretty early yesterday, and it wouldn’t let me in until around 7PM.

  70. AnglRdr — are you the stupid wonkette or are you calling a stupid wonkette — you might want to clarify your position.

  71. DYB,

    That’s a terrific letter. I hope she reads it.

  72. I mean: they realized we were right about Obama.

    Misogyny really is the theme of 2008.

  73. I looked up ‘wonkette’ in the Encyclopedia Britannica and it said:

    “slow adults resulting from interspecies and in-breeding. Most wonkettes have undeveloped brains and rarely exceed the intelligence of rock salt. Several colonies of wonkettes live in makeshift communities in the sewers of NYC.”

  74. SOD — LMAO! esp. “intelligence of rock salt.” LMAO!!!

    I think some communities are also found in the sewers of DC as well!

  75. ‘They have more votes than anyone in any category, even best blog. In fact, TC has almost as many as the Cheeto.’
    Actually it’s kinda funny that they’re working so hard against us instead of for someone.

    I just saw a comment at Alegre’s that JayZ and Ludacris will be performing at the coronation, but there was no link. Has anyone seen this elsewhere? I’m still on a news blackout.

  76. I used to enjoy Wonkette. imo, it was funnier in its original incarnation with the original wonkette. it was funny and sarcastic but not as mean spirited as I think it is today. it reminded me of Spy magazine – anyone remember that?

    I would have classified it as a gossip or humor blog, maybe even a political blog, but not liberal or conservative. interestingly, I know an ultra-conservative blog made up of refugees from Free Republic, who got kicked off for considering GWB a liberal socialist. that’s conservative! and they link to Wonkette all the time. not to everything at Wonkette, but to the stuff that skewers liberals. their skewering is equal opportunity.

    they are popular and probably deserved to be nominated. it was just in the wrong category, in my opinion.

  77. Thanks BB and Angie. That site can be pretty slow to come up, and then it just shows the poll–without giving me the opportunity to cast another vote. I’ll keep trying.

  78. GAgal — well, that is how they voted in the primary and GE — against first Hillary and then Sarah, not really for Obama.

    I wonder if Ludacris will be performing his “Hillary is a bitch; McCain is a cripple” song.

  79. grayslady> If it shows you the poll but not the option to vote – are you sure it’s been 24 hours since you last voted?

  80. Don’t know what Wonkette is and sounds like I’m not missing much.

    It’s great to check back in at the Confluence after the holidays. Love this site! Off to cast my Weblog vote now. BRB.

  81. Another “major” nominated PUMA blog this year in the category of “Best New Blog” is one called “Uppity Woman” (jesus christ) and it cannot be allowed to win. So we arbitrarily endorse another one called “~ synthesis ~” because it has a fun-lookin’ name. Vote “~ synthesis ~”, the best new blog in America.

    This is a perfect example of thematurity intelligence , perception, humor and lack thereof and actions of the wankettes .
    Vote against someone not because of their merit or lack thereof ; but because someone else they do not like, likes them .
    … which explains their lack of support for Hillary

    Vote for someone because they have a fun sounding name which explains their support of bo

    The wankettes are a classic example of groupthink . Textbook ..

  82. I think we need to rename Wankettes – Wankerers.

  83. one thing to be happy about is that TC is doing really really well! the wonkette voting looks fishy, and we’re beating everybody else! it really is something to be proud of, regardless of the final outcome.

  84. JayZ, isn’t he the “dirt off your shoulder” guy? Maybe we should start a fund drive to print lyrics for the singalong! Yeah! that’s the ticket! I want to see Sally Quinn, David Broder and Cokie Roberts singing:

    You’re now tuned into the muh’fuckin greatest
    Turn the music up in the headphones
    Tim, you can go and brush your shoulder off nigga
    I got you, yeah

    [Chorus: Jay-Z]
    If you feelin like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off
    Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off
    Niggaz is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you
    Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

    [Verse One]
    I probably owe it to y’all, proud to be locked by the force
    Tryin to hustle some things, that go with the Porsche
    Feelin no remorse, feelin like my hand was forced
    Middle finger to the law, nigga grip’n my balls
    All the ladies they love me, from the bleachers they screamin
    All the ballers is bouncin they like the way I be leanin
    All the rappers be hatin, off the track that I’m makin
    But all the hustlers they love it just to see one of us make it
    Came from the bottom the bottom, to the top of the pots
    Nigga London, Japan and I’m straight off the block
    Like a running back, get it man, I’m straight off the block
    I can run it back nigga cause I’m straight with the Roc

  85. Just to give you an idea of how their “thinking skills are born:

    According to some talking head tonight on Olbermann (I know, I know) the “brilliance” of Obama’s nomination of Panetta cannot be discounted since Obama has sent a message to both Feinstein and Rockefeller that he is calling them out.

    See, they apparently are accused of “holding hands” with Bush these last 8 years on their positions in the intelligence community. By not telling them in advance of his decision to go with Panetta he is letting them know that he is wise to them and that the will not tolerate their behavior. And besides, Panetta is a great administrator.

    So for those who continue to deny the “brilliance” of this man, one need only listen to KO and Company who are more than willing to find reasons for his daily waffling and backsliding.

    In other words, wise up Diane and Jay. Obama is on to you. And you question why Wonkette is like they are? Reasoning along those corridors has slipped out the back door.

  86. Kiki,

    I subscribed to Spy Magazine for most of its existence. I loved it. But the Wankettes of today are nothing like that. They’re not funny–too heavy handed and satire-challenged. Terminally literal-minded.

  87. I wonder how many couples will be including that song as belonging to them? “We fell in love the night we heard JayZ sing about the niggas and the pimps. In fact, we are having it played at our wedding.”

  88. BTW, has anyone heard how Donna Brazile is feeling about being thrown under the bus in favor of anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-stem cell research Tim Kaine?

  89. it reminds me of the 3 or 4 years that a certain sub species insisted that every dumbass thing Bush did was actually brilliant, so freaking brilliant that it looked stupid to mere mortals. eventually they realized that, no, the sh*t really was stupid.

    I can’t believe we’re gonna go through that again.

  90. Obama is calling out Rockefeller, who endorsed and supported him during the primaries? Is anybody willing to make room for Signor Rockefeller under the bus?

    And let me try to understand this: Obama picks a guy with absolutely no intelligence experience or expertise to run the nation’s spy and intelligence agency…because he’s trying to poke a couple of Senators in the eye? I’m not sure one can find a way out of that labyrinthian thought process with a map and a clear view of the North Star.

  91. Yep, that is Jay-Z — he is also the author of the classic “I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One” In case you’ve never heard the lyrics, here is a sample:

    99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one
    if you havin girl problems
    i feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one hit me

    99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one
    if you havin girl problems
    i feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one
    Hit me

    [Verse Three]
    Now once upon a time not too long ago
    A nigga like myself had to strong arm a hoe
    This is not a hoe in the sense of havin a pussy
    But a pussy havin no God Damn sense, try and push me . . .

  92. BB, that’s what I meant – the original wonkette was much funnier. that person has moved on.

    I loved Spy too 🙂

  93. DYB: This, according to a talking head on KO’s show tonight. I call these the pretzel defense since they twist the logic so completely to fit their narrative.

    This “brilliance” and only having served less than 300 days in the Senate. Astounding!

  94. i went to high school with Kurt Anderson

  95. oh , and evidently they do not know the difference between ;
    Stepin Fetchit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0275297/bioStepin Fetchit remains the most controversial movie actor in American history, other than Ronald Reagan. (There was a minstrel show featuring African-American actor Ben Vereen at the Janaury 20, 1981 Inaugural Gala.) While Stepin Fetchit was undoubtedly one of the most talented physical comedians ever to do his shtick on the Big Screen, achieving the rare status of being a character actor-supporting player who actually achieved superstar status in the 1930s (becoming a millionaire to boot), his characterization as a lazy, slow-witted, jive-talkin’ “coon” offended African Americans at the time he was a major attraction in motion pictures (primarily the 1930s) and still offends African Americans in the 21st Century, some half-century after he had faded from the screen. Yet, some African Americans claim him as the first black superstar, and thus, a trailblazer for others of his “race.” The controversy over Stepin Fetchit remains very alive to this day, with two biographies published about him in 2005.

    and a snake oil salesman ,which is depicted in the graphic
    a snake-oil salesman (American, informal)
    someone who tries to sell you something of no value. The American people are too easily deceived – the perfect target for any passing snake-oil salesman.

    which also explains a great deal ….

    Education applied liberally , is often helpful 😉

  96. kiki, on January 6th, 2009 at 9:13 pm Said:

    it reminds me of the 3 or 4 years that a certain sub species insisted that every dumbass thing Bush did was actually brilliant, so freaking brilliant that it looked stupid to mere mortals. eventually they realized that, no, the sh*t really was stupid.

    I can’t believe we’re gonna go through that again.

    True kiki — but don’t forget that that the vast majority of the sub species insisting that every dumb ass thing Obama does is “brilliant” are the same ones who were behind Bush before they “switched” to the Dem. party.

  97. we wrote on the school newspaper together

  98. Voted on three computers. The fact that the Confluence outvoted Hullabaloo, Think Progress, Sadly, No, The Brad Blog, Crooks & Liars, Glenn Greenwald, TPM shows how the progressive blogosphere lost all credibility this year. And the fact that a non-liberal blog which is not even a blog but a bad gossip rag is winning only shows misogyny just like in the primary. Obots are afraid of a girl.

  99. :::The Confluence has largely female audience, a few gays and one very petulant clown. ::::


    This explains my love of shoes!

  100. Well, I’ve checked a few sites and see no mention of JayZ and Ludacris. Now I’m really curious. I’ll look some more.

  101. Angie, the ones who are currently seeing brilliance are either the ones who were for Bush or else they were in middle school back in those days and don’t even realize we just played this game.

  102. Those Front Page comments posted by RD are mild in comparison to some I read over there. Some were vile enough to be totally banned had there been a right minded site monitor on duty.

  103. DYB, on January 6th, 2009 at 9:13 pm Said:
    And let me try to understand this: Obama picks a guy with absolutely no intelligence experience or expertise to run the nation’s spy and intelligence agency…because he’s trying to poke a couple of Senators in the eye?
    It just a continuation of the pattern..Iraq, FISA, Rick Warren, Tim Kaine, etc….”O” is a sociopath, he gets pleasure poking sticks at his loyal supporters and kissing up to Boehner and McConnell.

  104. RedDragon> Did somebody write that at Wankerers? Lovely!

  105. Dakinikat,

    Who is Kurt Anderson? I’m so out of it. And who is the game inventer guy? What’s your favorite game?

  106. I personally think he is picking his nominees from an old Clinton Yearbook. I mean, he was only in DC for what, 300 days or less? Hardly got to meet or know anybody.

    Sanjay Gupta came off of CNN. Rick Warren from a jacket cover of his book. I will probably fall off the chair if he names Tony Little as Secy of Health and Human Services.

  107. RD is Hillary!

    Obots, are you sure you don’t want Hillary this time? Al Qaeda is already threatening Obama and he’s not even President yet.

  108. Al Qaeda is threatening Obama? But – as MSNBC’s Alex Witt pointed out – wasn’t electing Obama supposed to stop this sort of hatred and terrorism?!!

  109. Stole this from..”The Site That Shall Not Be Named!”

    ..I’m convinced that the people on the PUMA sites that post as guys are really bitter old lesbians with Peter North sized clenises!”

    Those Wankers have gone off the deep end with their hatred for this site!

  110. Has The Wonkette Nation noticed Hillary D. R. Clinton is the only high profile Dem who has gotten ANYTHING in the wake of the Barry Love Boat?? All his “supporters” have is an empty bag . Wouldn’t you want someone as smart as Hill running the whole show? Lord knows I would .

  111. RedDragon62, on January 6th, 2009 at 9:33 pm Said:

    Stole this from..”The Site That Shall Not Be Named!”

    ..I’m convinced that the people on the PUMA sites that post as guys are really bitter old lesbians with Peter North sized clenises!
    That’s me!!!!!!! uuummmmm… Who’s Peter North???????

  112. Does everyone know who Peter North is? Does everyone know that before breaking out as a hetero-porn stud he made some gay porn where he…did what Jake Gylenhaal did in “Brokeback Mountain?” Not that there’s anything wrong with it, mind you. It’s just a bit of trivia since we’re talking about Peter North.

    Now note how Wankerers use “lesbians” as an insult. How did they end up on the “Best Liberal” blog list?

  113. OT — but y’all have GOT to take a look at this blog and, if you care to, go vote for it in best animal blog. It is the funniest effing thing I’ve seen (warning — the site uses the “f” word liberally)


  114. SHV> See my above post. Peter North is a well-known straight porn star (who started out in the industry making gay porn) with a large wanker.

  115. They have even declared jihad on Uppity woman’s site.

    I tried to read some of the comments left on their juvenile thread. I couldn’t do it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!
    All I could think of was that old anti-drug commercial. You know the one…
    The egg in the frying pan?

    This is your brain….This is your brain reading Wonkette!

  116. omg, they have an ad on Wonkette for inauguration cookies – $4.95 each! you can get Obama, Michelle, Biden, lil Blago (?) or Lincoln. strange…..

  117. Oh yes, ole Peter North started doing porn poking his, well, peter into some boy orifices.

  118. RedDragon62, on January 6th, 2009 at 9:42 pm Said:
    They have even declared jihad on Uppity woman’s site……

    Thier punky jihad mode is all they understand , it’s all they got. Sad.

  119. fuckyoupenguin is hilarious!! I’m voting for them!

  120. DYB — “lesbian” is the perfect insult for the fauxgressives at wankfest — they pretend to support gays (but really hate them) & they hate women (and don’t pretend otherwise). Lesbians combine the “best” of both worlds for them.

  121. Fredster> North had some peters poking into his orifices, too. I’ve seen 2 different “films” with my own eyes.

  122. I just had to go and flush the toilets…. Who are those people? Speaking of needed anger management.

    Are they supposed to be the ones to pay for my social security? Gee… I better start drastically saving 🙂

    Thanks to all the Confluence moderators who protected us from that filth.

  123. DYB — I know! I’m going to make my way back to the very first post (thank God fuckyoupenguin started in 2008!) but I had to stop mid December because I can barely breath over here I’m laughing so hard! Effin’ genius!

  124. Inauguration cookies?

    I should start selling some Rezco Pies..

  125. angie — the comments at that site are even more hilarious than the posts/

  126. Congrats to Riverdaughter and the team here for making the final cut for the contest. I’m casting my one vote per day for you.

    Also wanted to add that BostonBoomer’s last post was phenomenal. I woulda said it there, but comments were closed.

  127. Thank you so much, Anna Belle. We had to close comments to prevent the trolls from fooling around on the old threads.

  128. Nice mail from these progressives. It only reinforces my belief that the first female president this country will have will be a republican. To bad the progressives just refuse to get it. They spend far too much time destroying qualified female politicians. With Obamanation, this destruction seems to have become a sport. Very very sad reflection of their progressive values.

  129. Fredster> North had some peters poking into his orifices, too. I’ve seen 2 different “films” with my own eyes.

    He bottomed? 😯 I had seen some of the one he was in, but never where he was a bottom.


  130. Hi Angie — just want to let everyone know we are not “one and the same” in case there is any confusion.

  131. Evening!

  132. Fredster> Yeppers. At least twice. I’m sure I have them downloaded somewhere on my computer.

  133. Afrocity! How did Secret Santa go?

    No Secret Santa for me! 😦

  134. They just can’t resist, even though they know they’ll be blasted into the ozone. They’re kamikaze trolls.

  135. Hi Afrocity!

  136. Hi Afrocity! Angie, no one could ever mistake your face for that green blob next to fake Angie’s comments.

  137. bb — “fake Angie” — I almost said I was the “real Angie” LOL

  138. I’d like to respond to the last comment in the most recent prior thread. She was replying to me…although my comment has apparently been removed. Again. Note I never, ever, post disrespectful, insulting, or obscene material. Just opinions that aren’t PUMA. Of course, the readership here seems to think that anyone who isn’t PUMA is a Republican wifebeater, but whatever.

    In any case, I had asked how the video and the history of oppression of women was related to Obama. This poster said I had missed “a lot” if I thought that Obama had “started” the patriarchy. But I was responding to this fairly clearly-worded line in the article itself:

    “This is what the victory of Barack Obama means for women: We are all fair game.”

    It has become a consistent theme around here that Barack Obama hates women. Before you cry foul, read through your articles and comments. I just want to know why you think that…what has he done to you? Other than, of course, beating Hillary fair and square in the primary according to the rules they agreed upon?

  139. DYB, on January 6th, 2009 at 9:59 pm Said:

    Fredster> Yeppers. At least twice. I’m sure I have them downloaded somewhere on my computer.

    If you find the names let me know. 😀

  140. To, if it’s at all possible, just be fair:

    Don’t let the Weblog Awards/Wonkette/&c. traffic cause y’all to forget about all of us (meaning crazy folks like myself) who disagree with at least 75% of what’s posted every day. We’re out there, and while I’m sure it’s easy just to lump us all in with the regular riff raff you put up with – I at least still enjoy watching the ebb and tide of anger from the confluence. Which is just my way of saying you’re not at all small, even when you’re not that large.

    All the best,

    The guy who voted for Obama for reasons no one on this site wants to hear about.

    ps. And once again I go back to watching movies and writing my graduate thesis. Cheers y’all.

  141. Notsosure: Well, flipping off a woman and fellow sitting Senator was one thing…

    Next up to educate notsosure?

  142. I’ve got a comment at 10:03 in moderation. Can someone release it please?

  143. Can it get any more surreal?

  144. notsosure — I’m right here — no need to refer to me in the 3rd person — or maybe you didn’t learn manners as you obviously didn’t learn deductive reasoning. As I told you before: see if the prof. can get you into Logic 101, there is still time before the semester starts. It is not our job to help you “understand” the well laid out analysis of madamab’s post — Obama benefited from and, by his silence, encouraged the rampant misogyny of sexism we saw this last year from the Bros before Hos to Sarah Palin is a Cunt t-shirt worn by his supporters to the baby Trig rumors to the Hillary nutcrackers sold at NBC stores. A vote for Obama was a vote for all of that.
    Now, stop being a concern tr0ll.

  145. notsosure – this place is a relatively safe haven for diverse opinions. I for one am pretty conservative, though I was planning on supporting HRC. The disdain for BO stems from the subtle and not so subtle miso gynistic tactic (and r@ce tactics) he employed throughout the campaign or at very least gave silent approval of. He is also disliked because he simple is not qualified. He did not beat HRC fair and square in the primary, though that is the meme that was put out by media and the BO campaign. It was a very close campaign and without the crazy media bias and chicanery of the RBC of the DNC, he would not have been the nominee.

  146. Notsosure…to the naughty chair

  147. SOD — people were speculating that Obama’s first pick was House, until he learned Hugh Laurie wasn’t really a doctor, he just plays one on tv.

  148. No Santa for me either. They said they will put a call in for it. Yours is not my only package missing,.

    I know there is no Santa for You because guess what I found in hubby van when I needed the snow scraper — Angie package hubby said he would send f-ing days ago (along with my baby shower gift for friend in New York) but did not send.

    I said nothing and will personally walk over to mail priority myself. Sorry but wait till you get it. You got everything an Angie needs except the muff. Couldn’t find one.

    I love my Puma big sis Angie.

  149. see why I ❤ frenly? he is way classy! 🙂

  150. It was non-stop

  151. aww poor Mr. afrocity! Don’t worry about mailing it express, etc. Regular will do! LOL

    I love my Puma little sis afrocity too!

  152. Help…I’m in moderation!

  153. SOD — I LOVE how you always note “did granny really die?” whenever the granny subject comes up! LMAO!

  154. Stateofdisbelief, on January 6th, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    if they get your comment out ask them to get mine out too please!

  155. To lil j and notsosure:

    Ctrl + S = Bulls eye

    Ha, Ha, Ha!

  156. angie — DID SHE? 🙂

  157. Bonita — LMAO!!

  158. Fredster> e-mail me at pagliaccio at mindspring dot com

  159. Is Joseph Cannon’s site down?

  160. Oh, such easy targets.

    I’m going to try ctrl + s (lower case) just to give me a challenge.

    I guess in any war there are always a few who didn’t get the surrender message:-)

  161. I don’t get the ctrl + s thing. I thought that was a short cut for “save”

  162. Cannonfire is up Katie.

  163. Well damn! That One said the stimulus package won’t be ready until February now. There goes the new TV.

  164. I hope Obama picks Dr. Kildare – he’s dreamy!

  165. Oh, Good. Thanks Red Dragon. I must have just had an Internet Hiccup

  166. At dinner with the OBOTS Poor Fuzzy choked on his Enchilada Soup tonight it was a sad tail….

    See I was eateaing my soup in a dignifiedmanner when a commercial came on a cable news channel with a bearded man commentator calle d Woof or something …..cut to commercial (this really happened so listen there is a moral here)…

    The franklin mint advert came on hawking I kid you not the “Yes We Can” Prezzy Pampers Commemrative Plate in Living “color” with 22 kt gold electroplate trim…

    (I know you would have thought ol’ fuzzy would have lost his appitite) when our head obot asked what It thought a plate like would go for…”$ 19.99 ” I said “its a franklin mint tacky chockee” I went back to sipping my soup…..John said $ 39.99 or $ 49.99 its a lovely rendition of him…(at this point a a rather large piece of chicken entered my mouth)

    John said (sereiously)” I think I will have to order two of them.”

    (that point I snorted and the chicken an soup went right down the wind pipe…) this is not funny any time but poor fuzzy began flayling about being deprived of his source of O2…..

    I remembered the “help me I am choking” sign and in 5 seconds my other friends realized I wasnt kidding!

    Another American saved by the Hymelic(sic) maneuver!

    I was at that point in No mood to discuss Politics and declared a complete ban on the subject.

    Next person who even mentioned Obama would have to pay my check for the next month!

  167. fuckyoupenguin is hilarious!

  168. I was here earlier in time for the idiot spammers. Any droppings?

  169. I voted for Wonkette ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVENT TIMES using my proxy machine.

    Whiny losers.

  170. kb –in a prior thread when the the Great (but brief) Keyboard War of Aught Nine was just launched at us by wonkette Bonita said that she was going “killing” them by hitting “ctrl s” — I guess you had to be there.

  171. omg fuzzy! glad you’re ok!

  172. Bon-Feb ’09?

  173. Derf — I have a hard time believing that considering you can’t even spell “seven”

  174. the moral to my story:

    Until Pampers is no longer in occupation of the white house….during meal time turn off the TV or only watch commercial free TV.

  175. notsosure, on January 6th, 2009 at 10:03 pm Said:

    I just want to know why you think that…what has he done to you? Other than, of course, beating Hillary fair and square in the primary according to the rules they agreed upon?

    LOL! Ohh, I think we should keep these Wankers around for awhile–they sure do provide lots of laughs. “Fair and square according to the ROOZ!”

    I’m “notsosure” you have a clue *sweetie.*

  176. bb — please screen capture Derf & send it to webblogs. (I’m much to old and stupid to know how to do that screen capture thingy) Thanks!

  177. Katiebird:

    Since Wonky declared war on the Confluence earlier today, we decided the only war they’d volunteer for is a key board war. So, ctrl + S is our ammunition. One shot, one troll down. Love this keyboard war stuff.

  178. Derf is a clean up on Aisle 1028

  179. notsosure — (g*d I hate having to respond to concern tr0lls), don’t come here asking us to disprove your false assertions. Do your homework. It’s not our responsibility to spoonfeed you information that anyone with half a brain and mad internet skillz can get on their own.

    Go back and read the threads at the end of May/beginning of June discussing the cheating that went on at the RBC meeting (which happened right on video), look up the numbers on the large number of superdelegates who reversed their support from Clinton to Obama after Obama gave them cash for their own campaigns (against their state’s voting prefs), review the Obama-media sexism watches on umpteen blogs, to start.

    After you’ve done your homework, come back and we’ll assign you the post-introductory course reading.


  180. Angie so true….

    Wonkette, what a name for a blog.

    I went there and took a look at the posts. Somehow education has failed those poor brainless souls.

  181. kiki — I know! I had to literally stop reading fuckyoupenguin for a while because I couldn’t breath. I’m determined to make it back to the beginning (in small doses) I’m up to November 08 now.

  182. Afrocity, are we married to the same dude? Mine just left for his annual ski vacation (which annually takes place on my f*ing birthday, but I digress), and I am finding MOUNTAINS of things that were supposedly done, but are not. I am taking this opportunity to sell half of the crap he was supposed to clean out of the garage, though. Heh heh heh.

  183. Jadzia, we may be married to the same dude. That would explain why I am married to half the man I used to be.

  184. fuzzy! OMG — I’m glad you are ok!! {{fuzzy}}

  185. angie afrocity I am still shook up from my near death experience….

    To be honest I am supprized they didnt let me choke “to teach me a lesson”

    Joh of course had my blood bioling when he said quote “I have no use for women thea are weak and bad drivers…of course I have a few of my Favorites that are women…”

    I wanted to bust him on the back of his head and say repeat what you said and substitute “Bl*ck” with women ant tell me that aint offensive?

    but it was a lovely dinner besides that

  186. sorry for the bad spelling

  187. lol – the comments are really funny at penguin

  188. At least you made it, Fuzzy.

  189. God Fuzzy, I am glad you are okay.

  190. Afrocity, that may also explain why my feeble attempt at pulling a Lysistrata (in an attempt to persuade him to get a steady job) has failed. He did get some props the other day, though, for warning my 9-year-old VERY quickly not to get Mom started when said 9-year-old told me that he “loves Barack Obama because he has a great attitude!”

    I wonder if that’s what convinced Caroline Kennedy?

    Back to my really boring briefing (at least until, I hate to admit, Real Housewives comes on).

  191. Fuzzy I think the wrong person choked on that piece of chicken. Glad you are OK.

  192. Jadzia — I know how embarrassing it is to like those trashy reality shows — not that I like them, or anything. 🙂

  193. 😯

  194. Angie — I blame my little sister. She came up here to take care of my kids while I was in trial in LA last spring, and left behind a pile of shows like “Rock of Love” on my DVR when she went home. It’s been downhill ever since!

  195. New Post up. Another Obama drama.

  196. SOD:

    I think it would be Jeana for HUD (she’s the one who said, “we have five houses, [my husband] can pick one”).

    Vicki “woo hoo” Gunvalson would, I think, be a good choice for the ATF.

  197. Hey I edit trashy reality TV shows, so imagine how I feel!

  198. now Jadzia, don’t be silly

  199. DYB, I am totally jealous! Last year (right before we left LA) I came close-but-no-cigar to getting hired by (insert trashy cable network with many defamatory reality shows here) to do legal pre-airing review. Was totally bummed when that didn’t work out — because who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love?

  200. Jadzia — Rock of Love is the best of the trashy shows out there — the thrill of finding out that there is no bottom to how low will people go just to be on tv — except maybe for Flavor of Love.

    Not that I would know, or anything.

  201. SOD: Silly me! OK, Jeana for Attorney General then.

  202. today was Tr0ll day….I guess

  203. DYB — no kidding! — who wins Rock of Love 3?

  204. Angie: I think I agree. What I found out, thanks to little sis, is that not ALL trashy shows are watchable. Paradise Hotel, for example, which she also left on the DVR, was just as trainwreckalicious as ROL — but not nearly as watchable. I think you need to have SOME kind of minimum IQ requirement for the participants, otherwise it just doesn’t work.

    Dream job #2, held by somebody I actually knew in LA: staff shrink for a reality show (one where the contestants are so whackadoodle I was honestly surprised to discover that this position existed).

  205. Jadzia — you are right — Paradise Hotel is unwatchable! LOL — you are a discriminating trashy reality tv lover like me!

  206. DYB, on January 6th, 2009 at 10:21 pm Said:

    Will do so shortly.

  207. Angie-Bush cannot legally suspend the constitution and remain in office by declaring martial law…


  208. angie> Can’t help you with that. But lately I’ve learned a lot about wedding dresses: I know what sweetheart top is, rouching, Mermaid (same thing as Trumpet style, did you know that?), ball-gown, A-line, there’s all kinds of lace out there, and did you know there are many shades of white? Yep, if anybody needs advice on wedding dresses, I’m your guru.

  209. Here is the deal. I have worked for progressive feminist causes all my adult life. I defended clinics, Defended birthmothers against exploitation. i canvassed for Mondale-Ferraro and withstood verbal assaults standing up for feminism and liberalism. I read this site and I am ashamed of you ladies. This is not what I thought feminism would lead to. I used to look up to your generation of females, I used to defend you as trailblazers, but you are now just whiners. I worked for Ferraro, but If I knew back when I was 18 who Ferraro would turn into I would have been ashamed as I am now.

    Clinton lost because she didn’t run a good campaign and she was up against the best campaign run in modern history. She wasted money thinking she was a shoe-in. She couldn’t get enough progressives to forgive for her war vote and her unwillingness to admit she made a mistake.
    Wanna a tough loss? Try working for the Mondale campaign and living through Reagan-Bush. Grow some callouses and join a cause that is positive. You are doing squat for women on this site. You are just embarrassing us.
    Wonkette may be a bunch of profane drunkard political junkies but believe it or not they have far more humanity and wit than you all have in your whole collective. You suck oxygen out anywhere you are noticed. I could hardly look at you.

    Wonkette at least has fun at what it does and never takes itself seriously. They make me laugh and often. This site is only poison and ugliness. Get over yourselves and figure out how you can actually do something positive in the world. This isn’t it ladies. The world is passing you by because it refuses to revolve around you.

    You are not womanhood, you don’t represent me or feminism or any kind of progress for women if this site or any Puma site is your resume.

    Grow up and be real women.

  210. Obama benefited from and, by his silence, encouraged the rampant misogyny of sexism we saw this last year

    Obama condoned misogyny just like he condoned Favreau, Warren, Chicago-style politics and Gaza.

  211. Obama benefited from and, by his silence, encouraged the rampant misogyny of sexism we saw this last year

    Obama condoned misogyny just like he condoned Favreau, Warren, Chicago-style politics and Gaza.

  212. “Who the hell reads Wonkette anymore?”

    My sentiment exactly. Wow! Someone actually sits down and reads that crap! Amazing.

  213. “Actually, I think the chances of Hillary ever running again approach a limit of negative infinity.”

    i think what you really meant to say was

    lim [ Hill will run again (t) ] = 0
    t —> infinity

    sarah, mathematician-at-large and card-carrying sino-peruvian lesbian.

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