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Obacrats Can’t Be This Stupid

05burris-600Whoever thought maneuvering Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich into a position that allowed U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to officially criminalize machine politics-as-usual for political advantage has got to be the biggest neophyte yahoo rube to come down the pike since…Barack Obama.  Let’s review.  Barack Obama, the only African American in the Senate for two years, mysteriously generates enough money and clout to mount a successful run for the presidency out of a political environment so corrupt that “Lincoln would roll over in his grave,” how?  By being an all-around, all-American, above-board, swell, good guy, of course.  Sure.

Surrounded by his personal band of proselytizing disciples; Rahmbo the Emanuel, Valerie Magdalene, King David of the Astroturf, Antonin of Houses, and Jon, the Groper of Graven Images, to name a few, the Obamessiah scampered above the sewer waters of Illinois corruption as if they were a North Side private gymnasium treadmill.  As a fisher of men, He was often unfortunately touched, but not tainted by, the activities of the unworthy among those He assembled and attempted to make pure, as has been dutifully chronicled by the mainstream media Keepers of the Holy Book of the Obamessiah.  However, Barack remains the Reformer, bathed in the Light.

Clean, bright and articulate by resume, the recent machinations by the Combine Machine of the Obacrats are threatening to reveal enough cracks in the Obamirror of Righteousness to expose His Holy Stupid-as-a-Stumpness in a nationally broadcast Naivete Scene.  Did it never occur to the No Drama Obama crew that manipulating a fellow player not of their clique into a corner carried risks?

When one of their number, Antonin of Houses, stumbled and fell by the wayside, the Obasciples simply stepped gingerly, single-file around him, leaving him where he lay, disavowing him three times as they boarded the Obabus he rolled under when they continued confidently on their preordained journey to the Promised Land.  The Obamessiah did not lay hands upon him, nor did He absolve him of his sin; He simply denied knowledge of him as He brushed His Holy shoulders and allowed Himself to be driven on.  This was a Holy boo-boo.

For Antonin of Houses had special knowledge of Valerie Magdalene and the Obamessiah, and Antonin was pisseth.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century post-election ensconcement of the Obamessiah as President-In-Training Wheels.  Having written and disseminated his own Holy backstory to the Chroniclers, and having consumed their regurgitated praise to his overfill, the Obamesiah, drunk with his own Obamessiah-ness by proxy, allowed Himself to believe He, Jr. Father, Knew Best.  Thus began the chess match, whereby playing unopposed, the Obamessiah cleverly checkmated Himownself.

Seeing a way to eliminate his only real threat to absolute power in His own backyard, Barack of Hyde Park decided to continue to attempt to appear to levitate above the machinations of His betrayed Obasciple of the Houses,  and the locust-and-honey-eating way clearer, the crude Rod the Blagojevich, while shining His Holy Light upon their common evangelical activities, forgetting He too, was bathed in His Own Light.  Thus, He Screweth Himself.

Okay, enough of the Obamessiah allegory; it’s not only making me nauseous, I’m not nearly as good at it as John, South of Melrose over on Liberal Rapture or Gerald Baker; plus I need to be free to call bullshit without all this pseudo-Christian baggage.  So, let’s get back to brass tacks, shall we?

The fact remains that Obama screwed the pooch when he tried to play innocent while pointing the finger at Blagojevich.  Everybody in Illinois knew Blags was under investigation, he even hinted at the worst kept secret in politics the day before he was arrested.  Everybody also knew that even with Rezko’s making like a canary, Fitzgerald didn’t have enough to indict.  He still doesn’t.  But when the president-elect bats his exaggeratedly wide-open eyes and tilts his head in your direction when somebody else calls you a crook, people sit up and take notice.

Obama and company knew that if they dangled the vacant Senate seat plum just right while they dropped unsubtle hints that Fitzgerald was sure to pick up, the investigation against Blags was sure to intensify.  However, methinks they underestimated the existing intensity of the ongoing investigation.  Thinking that the tentacles would subsequently stretch out in all directions, they never considered that they already did, that it wasn’t just one Blagojevich phone that was tapped, and that more of their pre-cleanup involvement was already caught on tape.

Now, the smartest president in the room and his gang have been interviewed in a pay-to-play scam and have proclaimed their innocence, just like Blagojevich, just like Bill Richardson.  Though Blago has been arrested, before his alleged crime could criminally implicate anybody else, he hasn’t been indicted, he was released on a paltry bond, and he remains free to exercise his duties as governor.  And, now that he has done just that, the Obacrats, who for their own nefarious reasons, swept Obama to power, are desperate to get Blags to nullify himself, since they know they have no legal, or moral, authority to do so.  They also know now that Blagojevich knows it, too; by making the appointment, the Obacrats are not only rendered impotent, they’ve handcuffed  and prevented themselves from exercising any power they might once have wielded.  For, even if they impeach Blago, or he now resigns, there’s nothing that would make Roland Burris’ appointment to the Senate retroactively invalid.  From Politico:

The Democrats’ preferred solution to the Burris problem is for the Illinois Legislature to impeach Blagojevich, paving the way for Democratic Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn to take his place and appoint someone other than Burris to Obama’s vacant seat. But even that could create a legal headache, legal observers say, since the Burris appointment would still be pending.

“Even if Blagojevich is impeached, that doesn’t undo all the actions he has taken as governor,” said Andrew Raucci, a former chief justice for the Illinois Court of Claims and now a Chicago-based attorney.

Democrats say that if Burris hasn’t been seated by the time Quinn takes over, he could name someone else to the seat by rescinding Burris’ certification papers.

Burris was having none of it. At a news conference at Chicago’s Midway Airport, the former Illinois attorney general testily said to reporters, “Why don’t you all understand that what has been done here is legal? I am the junior senator from Illinois, and I wish my colleagues in the press would recognize that. All the drama — I guess it keeps you all in a job.”

And, to make bad matters worse, not only is Burris adamant that he is the junior senator from Illinois no matter what ticky-tack maneuvers the Obacrats try to pull, the potential criminalization of day to day political manipulation makes every satellite in the Oba-universe vulnerable.  Just ask Bill Richardson.

The best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft aglae.

54 Responses

  1. AP headline from yesterday:

    “Illinois State Workers to Get Ethics Training — Illinois is set to hold … an ethics course for state workers this Wednesday. More than 200 state employees are expected to take part in the ethics seminar at University of Illinois-Chicago.” The course is structured around teaching people how to do what Blago did without getting caught!

  2. Ok gang — I’m off to bed — but myiq — loved your post that you took down — I will not be here when it goes up again, but wanted to tell you: xoxo.

  3. Hey, we can switch them out, I was just up, that’s all.

  4. Cinie,

    What’s the significance of the lawyer owning the house? Is he Obama’s lawyer too? Couldn’t it be a trust?

  5. Cinie — no, no! I love your post too — I just meant to let myiq know before I went to bed!!

    Take care y’all — I’m off to dreams of bitter guns & religion.

  6. Good night, Angie!

  7. OMG, it’s 3AM!

  8. bb — ok, one more post before I go to bed — and I’m no real estate attorney — but I’m pretty sure that if it was a trust, the property would not be in the administrator of the trust’s name, but in the name of the trust, i.e., The Obama Family Trust, The Barrack Obama Trust, etc. The trust itself, like a corporation, can “own” property. For example, property owned by GM is in GM’s name, not the attorney for GM. Same principle.

  9. Can someone explain how Wonkette keeps extending their lead?

    They were at 49%, then 51%, and now they are at 53%

  10. bb — that is what I said — OMG it is 3AM — I have to be awake in 4 hours!! LOL

    Good night for real this time!!

  11. BB, this is the link highlighted at “Bathed in His Own Light” in the post. I think the gist is, the lawyer represents Obie and Tony. It just seems hinky, all things re: home purchase considered.


  12. myiq — you know how Wonkette is extending their lead.

    Ok, good night for real for real this time!

    bon soir mon amour.

  13. A lawyer would NEVER hold title for a client

    Ethics’ ya know.

  14. Ethics, ha, ha.

  15. Tchuss!

  16. If the lawyer was holding it as a trustee, it would say so on the deed.

    “Joe Blow – Trustee”

  17. Thanks, Angie. I wonder what it does mean then?

  18. So, myiq, what’s the benefit here?

  19. Well if it’s hinky, Blago probably knows about it too. Those guys were all thick as thieves. And obviously Rezko knows. Now we’ll find out if there are any honest investigators left.

  20. If Obama owed Miceli money, he would have issued a deed of trust (like a mortgage) but title would stay in Obama’s name.

    Someone should do a title search – anyone with a secured interest in the property should have filed documents with the Cook County Recorder.

  21. Fear of “honest investigators” can keep you up at night, I hear.

  22. angienc2, on January 6th, 2009 at 3:10 am Said:

    myiq — you know how Wonkette is extending their lead.

    Well if it’s somehow cheating, do ya think the awards site admins will know what’s going on?

    (I know Angie already went to bed)

  23. Well, this is fascinating, but I have to get some sleep. I’ll check this thread in the AM for more info. Good work, Cinie!

  24. LOL

    It seems like Obama has inherited Bush’s belief that he can get away with anything and therefore needs to compulsively press his luck. Based on their experiences, I can’t blame either man for holding that belief, but since it has become clear that Blago will not adhere to the typical pattern of falling on his sword, you’d think that Obama would drop this whole thing before he does anymore damage. It’s like he can’t wrap his head around tje fact that he’s come up against someone else who plays it hardcore and is out for himself and doesn’t give a damn about party loyalty or anyone else’s interests, me me me and damn everyone else, I mean, they’re not just being introduced. It’s all gone to his head in a weird way.

  25. Fredster,

    They have a warning post up about their ability to identify cheaters. I posted it on the last thread. Here it is.

    This is posted at the awards site:

    With polls now open we need to describe one of the changes in the voting mechanism this year.

    Every year review the vote logs and voting patterns from previous years to fortify our defenses against manual and automated poll spamming. This year we’ve made changes to protect against a handful of savvy folks who take it upon themselves to try and ruin the fun for everyone else.

    This year we’ve implemented additional defenses against poll spamming. We can’t go into all the changes, but we do want to alert you to one change that may affect a subset of users.

    If there are multiple computers voting in a home, work, or corporate environment those voters should avoid voting at the same time or one right after another. If you’re not trying to cast votes in these situations simultaneously (or near simultaneously) then there shouldn’t be any problem with them being counted.

    Due to the sensitivity of this issue we can’t really answer every question about our security measures, but know that we have multiple layers of security that are always balanced with providing open voting access to everyone. The result is a secure, enjoyable experience.

    Again, the vast majority of voters will never notice, nor be affected, by these changes, nor will the system ever drop a vote that they cast. We just wanted to make sure everyone participating knows what’s happening.

  26. Cinie, this is an assessor’s record, it isn’t the deed. Usually from a deed, the additional particulars aren’t picked up. If it is being held “in trust” or the attorney is holding it in a LLC that Obama has created, it wouldn’t necessarily show up here. The assessor’s record is only interested in getting the tax bill to the person who is responsible for getting it paid. The deed would tell the entire story.

    And, nicely done on the post. You put lots of work into this — thanks.

  27. Yeah but BB, if Angie is inferring something there I hope it is caught by the awards site and corrected.

  28. IIRC, there are three properties. The original owner held the house and the vacant lot as one parcel, then subdivided it into two. Obama bought the house, and Rezko’s wife (who reported no income or assets) bought the vacant lot.

    She then subdivided the lot, selling Obama a 10-ft strip to make his yard bigger. The remaining portion was later deeded to an attorney in payment of attorney’s fees.

    That would explain how Miceli got the property.

    BTW – The property is basically useless to anyone except Obama because it’s too small to develop.

  29. I’m going to change the photo because even though it’s another question Obama might not want investigated too closely, I traced the original story to WND. The link I used was some lawyer blog, but the WND thing taints the info.

  30. I’ll be monitoring the voting tonight and I’ll be putting up a post later.

  31. For the last 1/2 hour Wonkette is outpolling us 4:1, and we’re in second place.

  32. myiq2xu, on January 6th, 2009 at 3:34 am Said:

    I’ll be monitoring the voting tonight and I’ll be putting up a post later.


  33. If you were married to a slumlord, would you a) go to the media and then get a divorce or b) go around making payoffs to his corrupt cronies? I guess it’s true what they say, slumlords really are different from the rest of us. I’d really like to know how he broached that particular topic.

  34. 3 1/2 hours ago they were at 49% and we were at 15%

    Now it’s 53% vs. 12.4%

  35. I just went over and checked the totals. I logged on 4 hours ago and they had 800 votes, now over 2,300. Somethin’s not right in Wankersville.

  36. Haven’t yet read all the links above, but has everyone seen that the Lord has ordained Burris as he said in the Sun Times article?

    ‘Roland Burris was confident but conceded Sunday that conflicts lie ahead as the choice of embattled Gov. Blagojevich to fill the U.S. Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama.

    “I am now the junior senator from the state of Illinois,” he said from the pulpit of a South Side church on what he said was the eve of his trip to Washington.

    Burris and his backers described his future in religious terms, saying his move to the U.S. Senate is preordained.

    “Friends, we’re going to have to have some powerful prayer. . . . They can’t deny what the Lord has ordained,” said Burris at New Covenant Baptist Church, 740 E. 77th, surrounded by ministers, politicians and activists.


  37. What is that site where you can put in a website and see the number of hits it has received? I’d like to see if Wank It’s numbers have been high previously to have generated such a large vote.

  38. GAgal, I saw that. It seems a lot of Ill. pols have dibs on the Lord.

  39. re GAgal-Now Burris will have the African-American voters in Chicago on his side but also the AA churches. If they don’t seat him in DC this is gonna be uggggglly!

  40. Now, they’re not even going to try to seat Franken


  41. Jesus H. Christ!! And this is the Senate leader?

    My God…

    Well maybe Harry can summon up enough testicular fortitude to where he can maybe get one of those put-together vinyl sheds for the two of them to sit in. That way they won’t be in the Senate but will be there with the Senate.

    Pathetic that he was that afraid of McConnell.

  42. Gee, you’re a good writer.

  43. Hey Lady troll —

    You get a human brain — stop using that lizard brain.

    Obama “won” because he CHEATED

    Obama is still a crook, a con man and a sexist pig.

    Da Gov can appoint who ever the hell he wants to replace your messiah.

    Hey I’ll bet you’re the stupid wonketteist-nut

  44. Yea I say unto thee, this is a really interesting piece Cinie. As I have said before there is a reason that we have never had a president from Chicago before. Chicago politics is so corrupt that they do not even know right from wrong any longer. The entire political class sees political office as something that they personally own rather than a duty to serve the needs of the people and they did not see anything wrong with selling a seat. They do it all of the time.

    They see nothing wrong with giving enormous do nothing government contracts to totally unqualified political contributors. They also see nothing amiss with telling a duly elected official with the power to appoint who is “acceptable” essentially ordering Blago to appoint a stooge for Obama and Reid. They did not think they were doing anything illegal unless bags of cash were passed out. Giving family members and retiring pols high paying jobs to do zippity do dah is the way they pass out the public cash if that person does not want to come up with the pretext of a state contract. It is ingrained and amoral and politically “incestuous”. They blabbed on the phones because they did not think Fitzgerald would think what they were doing was illegal. They were all fighting over “their” money.

  45. Northwest rain:

    Who are you talking to, a ghost?

    Ain’t nothing there but a bad smell.

  46. I figure if seating Burris is what the Dems don’t want, then I want it. I wrote to my senators asking them how they could deny Illinois its constitutional representation. After the most extensive invasion of privacy of any nominees, Obama still loses one to corruption charges before he’s even president. The press notices Michelle has no dress sense and is not Jackie O. Obama did NOT get to stay in Blair House early. Things are looking up.

  47. I love your writing, Cinie!

  48. Very interesting

    I will come back again 🙂

  49. I am so angry at the way Democrats are behaving on this issue. First of all, you are right to point out that Blagojevich remains the governor. It’s really the Democrats’ fault for not simply holding a special election. If they were so concerned about “tain” as they claim, they would have done this. Instead, they want to punish Burris for their mistakes. It’s so nauseating.

    BY THE WAY — did you guys know that the impeachment panel has said they would do a “minute rice” expedited impeachment of Blagojevich BUT it has not heard ONE TAPE RECORDING YET??? Also – the prosecutor only wants the judge to let the panel listen to four phone calls — NONE OF WHICH has to do with the alleged selling of the Senate seat! Check it out here: http://dissentingjustice.blogspot.com/2009/01/even-allegedly-corrupt.html

  50. Thanks so much DJ! Always a good read.

    Over at her blog, Sugar (SugarNSpice) has an interesting post on the Burris fiasco noting that Reid and the other Democrats have nixed three of Blago’s choices, all of them African-American, for no good reason. She has no love for any of them, including Jesse Jackson Jr., but notes that they are not touched by any “taint” (no more than Obama himself is) and are all more qualified than anybody else who’s been suggested, or for that matter, Obama himself. Sugar isn’t one to play the race card just for fun so I found her post thought-provoking and it makes me wonder just what the heck is really going on with Reid and the Gang.

  51. Maybe if Burris were homphobic, thought women should be barefoot and pregnant, and delivered a speech at the RNC, he would have a seat at the table! I cannot deal anymore …honestly, it’s pathetic. http://dissentingjustice.blogspot.com/2009/01/lieberman-and-warren-in-burres-out-no.html

  52. Dissenting Justice,

    The Dems have been behaving this way since the O-bots took over. It’s the Obamican Party now. No Democrats left. We’ll have to start all over again.

  53. has anyone seen the diary over no quarter regarding pelosi’s attempt to strangle the legisilative process. that woman needs to be taken down a tad.

  54. i think one of the reasons ole harry is blocking burris is because obama wants him to do so. why is that is wonder. create political show and get the heat off obama????

    it seems hamas might be under the bus too to hear them complain to the press about where is barry??? hehehe

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