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Burn It Down, Women

I dare you to watch this and not be shocked, humiliated and enraged. Via Partizane and Gabnet.

This is what the victory of Barack Obama means for women: We are all fair game. It’s fine to advocate violence against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, over and over and over. You can win a national election by doing that, no matter how unqualified and corrupt you are. It’s also fine for Obama’s chief speechwriter to feign date rape against Hillary Clinton and not only keep his privileged position in the Administration, but to write the inaugural speech.



It’s fine to reduce PUMAs to nothing more than their sexual organs. It’s fine for womens’ groups to endorse Obama, asserting that they will then be able to “change” him after he wins. Yes, abusive men always change after women give them what they want. Isn’t it true that if Betty Jean Kling’s daughter, Denise, had just given her husband that pain medication he asked for, he wouldn’t have hit her over the head with a hammer? At least, that must have been what the judge was thinking when Denise’s husband, George Hartwig, was released after THREE MONTHS IN JAIL. Of course, Hartwig then came after his wife with a shotgun. But hey, that was her fault for not giving him what he wanted, right?

I am sick and tired of this shit. I am sick and tired of being treated like a third-class citizen by people who aren’t even fit to tie my shoes. The plutocracy uses the built-in misogyny of American society to keep the power and the money in their hands. And NOW and WomenCount and NARAL simper and giggle and scrap for all the crumbs they can scrounge from Barack’s table. MoDo and Gail Collins and their ilk spend their time sniping at other women to earn the big bucks from their condescending corporate masters. For shame, women of America. FOR SHAME.

Is it enough yet, sisters? Will it ever be enough?

These things must change. And we have to start NOW.

Are you ready?

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  1. […] Cross-posted at The Confluence […]

  2. The Wonkette vote reminds me of the Obama vote—a runaway for something that has nothing going for it except being brash or “cyberinfamous” —it’s the bad boy/bad girl thing that fires up the young and restless. Maybe it is better not to be in that company on any level. I’m not energized by stupid, mean and crass.

  3. The irony is that evidently simulating getting a girl drunk and fondling her is fine but breastfeeding is obscene in Facebook logic land. Go figure

  4. cwaltz – Breastfeeding reminds them that women hold the power of life over them.

    They don’t like to remember that.

  5. I was kinda amused that one of them thought they could paint me with the same brush as them.

    I’ve never been known as vapid. I’ve been around long enough to know that appearances change on a whim, core values, not so much.

  6. From Time’s blog – O selects Surgeon General:

    Posted by Jay Newton-Small
    Apparently, Obama wants to name CNN’s talking-head neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, as Surgeon General. Gupta is an accomplished surgeon, Emory University medical professor and award-winning journalist, who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the tsunami in Sri Lanka. He’s also not totally unpolitical, having served as a White House fellow in 1997 and as an advisor to Hillary Clinton.
    But picking a television personality — and here I mean no disrespect, the guy is clearly a multi-tasking genius — leaves the door open for a just a tiny bit of mockery. Judge Judy for the Supreme Court? Rachel Ray for White House chef? Flava Flav to head the the DEA! And, hey, Law & Order was one of Fred Thompson’s top credentials in his presidential run.

  7. Obamanation “progressives” have not yet evolved. At this time they are somewhere below Neanderthal. Maybe in a few thousand years they will become enlightened and evolve into liberals.

  8. FYI: Don’t know if you’ve already heard but Sanjay Gupta of CNN has been approached for Surgeon General.

    By the way, I’m so ready it. Bring it on.

  9. Mac beat me to it.

  10. but Sanjay Gupta of CNN has been approached for Surgeon General.

    OMG! The tee-vee administration! If they were alive would there possibly be jobs for Lucy, Fred and Ethel?

  11. Sanjay Gupta is also totally against the idea of Single Payer health care or “mandates”

  12. Regency,

    I’d like to know which colleges are turning out these ‘erudite” individuals. Their behavior strikes me as very immature. It’s a cross between the toddler who thinks they can scream you into submission and the high school mentality where you do stoopid crap to fit in with the cool kidz.

  13. KB: Then good thing the President is too! See, everybody’s on message already.

  14. kb at 4:38: That’s a shame because I think at one time Gupta worked at Grady Mem. Hospital which is the charity hospital in Atlanta. He has most likely dealt with the under-insured and those w/out insurance.

  15. braless

    just make sure to wash your hands when you’re through.

  16. Gupta hated Michael Moore’s Sicko.

    And against mandates – right in the line with the man who thinks a poor person shouldn’t have to choose a health care plan because he might not be able to afford it. Then if he gets sick he can go to the EMERGENCY ROOM, pay back premiums and choose a plan.

    Obama lost me the day he said that.

  17. Well, Obama used Oprah to get those big crowds coming to his events. It was one of the things I found objectionable about him to begin with. Now, Sanjay Gupta? Oysh.

    Is the guy at least pro-choice, unlike Tom Daschle, new Sec’y of Health and Human Services?

  18. I just voted again, and how absurd is it Wonkette’s lead? Who runs the blog awards, and can they not see the obviously skewed results and wonder about it? In statistics, that is clearly an outlier. Stupid stupid children.

  19. From the last thread…

    myiq2xu, on January 6th, 2009 at 2:27 pm Said:
    How can you be a liberal if your heart is filled with hate for the poor and weak?

    That’s one of the simplest and most profound things I’ve read in a long time. Thanks myiq2xu.

  20. Anything coming out of CNN these days is not to be trusted.

    CNN is the Obama news network, even more than MSNBC.

    They are even smearing Burris now. Did anyone tell Campbell Brown that that is racist?

  21. As if there was ever anyoje here under the illusion that Obama was going to provide universal health care? I’m sure the fauxgressives will clutch their pearls and write many sternly worded letters though once they realize that health care for everyone is “off the table.” After all “who could ever have imagined?” I’d like to congratulate them on becoming everything they hated and stood against all in the name of remaining a “democrat.”

  22. bralessinco, on January 6th, 2009 at 4:38 pm Said:

    madamab – no one doing things to my sexual organs. Thank you very much – I decide that myself. These boyz are bad. We need squeeze the sh*t out of their scrawny arses. No? Not like cwaltz say “go figure” (no disrespect): we do figure. We figure very well. We are not taking sh*t. We are squeezing sh*t . Out of them.


  23. I am sick and tired of this shit. I am sick and tired of being treated like a third-class citizen by people who aren’t even fit to tie my shoes.

    That about sums it up. Now, then, if I could believe in the effectiveness of any solution that doesn’t involve high explosives, I’d be all over it.

    Seriously, I’m about all worn out from how big and pervasive the misogyny is. Anybody got the political equivalent of a B-12 shot,? I’ll have two.

  24. lisa: they are “liberals” in the sense that their friends are liberals, and their parents, and it’s “cool.” They really have no idea what the principles, goals, and struggles embody. Their attitude, language, and actions clearly reflect their ignorance of the fundamentals. Hopefully, it’s like puberty and their mean arrogance will be blunted with time. Then again, look at Donna B.

  25. Didn’t Sanjay Gupta do some Oprah shows? Or am I mistaken? I thought the first time I ever heard his name was on an Oprah appearance.

  26. I think what braless is trying to say is that the boyz are fully aware of what they are doing and full of SH-T.

    E coli is some nasty stuff and I tend to keep my hands away from it. If she wants to squeeze the sh-t out of them then I say go for it.

    Just keep some hand sanitizer in stock.

    I’d definitely make sure to wash well though

  27. Holy Joe Biden says that choosing Panetta without some kind of headsup to Congress was mistake.

  28. Who’s bralessinco?

  29. mano

    Are you familiar with Heidi’s 51%?

    As for the Wonkette’s, in the immortal words of John Paul Jones, “we have not yet begun to fight.”

  30. It’s funny what some people think can be categorized as “a respectful comment” — they just can’t stop themselves from saying disgusting insults.

  31. According to the CNN ticker anyway. Take with the usual grain of paprika.

  32. Laurie, “she’s” gone.

  33. Jangles, I hear ya!

    One of the reasons that I left the Democratic Party is because I can not stand with these hateful people. I have always criticized the Republican Party for allowing itself to be invaded by haters, so there was no way I was going to abandon my principles and align myself with a bunch of women-hating homophobes. And their grade school level taunts will not succeed in silencing me. If anything it only proves my point and strengthens my resolve.

  34. manolominx

    It really really is, the misogyny is huge. It is so deeply entrenched into society, all societies. Have a good look around any place where men congregate in large numbers and really listen or see what is being said. Offline or online, those who DO get it, and want to do something about it – men and women are rarer than rare things and if we do not fight it and eventually prevail they will put us in a rare museum.

    My metaphor machine has broken down and words can’t describe it but look around and open your eyes and then open them again – it is always worse than you think it is. It is always worse than I think it is but there are good people who get it and this site, this pumasphere is proof of it.

  35. Regency, on January 6th, 2009 at 4:56 pm Said:

    Holy Joe Biden says that choosing Panetta without some kind of headsup to Congress was mistake.
    Diane was p*ssed…and I don’t blame her….Joe is an idiot.

  36. Is it weird that I really feel bad for Roland Burris right now? I feel like he’s being picked on and that they’re making a mockery of the entire process. I don’t think they’ll be able to deny him his seating.

  37. If Dr. Sanjay can be Surgeon General, then I agree, Judge Judy can be Attorney General. Can we have Jed Bartlett for President too?

  38. Madamab:

    Your anger is righteous, and I feel it, too.

    The misogyny unleashed by BO will hurt, hinder, and hamstring women for decades.

    Anyone have a solution? How do we vanquish a tsunami of hate that was endorsed by our highest (so-called) leaders and is validated every day by the media?

    And what has WomenCount done? I thought they and The New Agenda were on the right track, but I have been away over the holidays.

  39. Obama picks Sanjay Gupta as surgeon general – happy now, Michael Moore?

  40. manalominx – go here if you’re serious:


  41. *snort* The Congress is now racist. Tell me, Senators, how does it feel.

    And they’re saying that Burris’ paperwork does not have the Ill state seal and the proper signatures. Wait, what?

  42. Ooops, wrong link – manolominx – this is the one:


  43. Sophie: Jed Bartlet is my iPotus.

  44. I hope they can’t deny him his seat regency. It looks like instead of 100, we’ll have 98 come swearing in time.

    I like Flava Flav for DEA.

  45. I posted this video a couple days ago too. Very disgusting how the denigration of women has gone mainstream.

    A BIG thanks to Riverdaughter for plugging my blog in the Hidden Gem Category.

  46. Regency, I agree. Just give the man his seat already. The way he’s being treated is just plain disrespectful, as well as stupid.

  47. The New Agenda sent something out saying it didn’t want working class folk. I’ve never met a parent that wasn’t “working.” Until I get clarification on what they meant by working class I won’t be donating time or money.

  48. Stupidity is something that the party seems to pride itself upon as of late.

  49. Madama, do you have a plan? Something in mind. I am tired of talking about it. Quite frankly, no one seems to be listening and I don’t like to be ignored. Hmm, maybe that is why I am single.

  50. EricaLeigh – We are creating new organizations, like the PUMASphere, The New Agenda, and 51 Percent, which will begin to apply pressure and bring the misogyny to light, over and over and over again, until people begin to get it!

    Ah yes – I was forgetting how Gupta went after Michael Moore by lying through his teeth about the healthcare system in America. Moore reamed him a new one, and deservedly so.

    Gupta is a typical Obama pick – appears to be left-leaning, but is really a tool of the plutocracy.

    So much for hope and change.

  51. TRK – I answered you in my comment as well.


  52. I just got a email from one of the Foundation Boards that said:

    Senator Clinton helped enact legislation that allowed the developer, Robert J. Congel, to use tax-exempt “green” bonds to help finance the construction of the Destiny USA entertainment and shopping complex and also helped secure a provision in a highway bill that set aside $5 million for Destiny USA roadway construction. The bill with the tax-free bonds provision became law in October 2004, weeks before Congel made the donation, while the highway bill with the set-aside became law in August 2005, about nine months after the donation. Congel has also given campaign donations to other lawmakers and politicians, including Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who helped pass the tax-free bonds provision, and Republican presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney.

    Both Congel and Hillary Clinton spokesperson Philippe Reines said there was no connection between Congel’s donation and the senator’s work on the project’s behalf. Reines said Clinton, who worked with lawmakers from several states to move the legislation through Congress, did not solicit the donation from Congel or discuss it with him, and was unaware of its timing and size until last month. Clinton supported the project “purely as part of her unwavering commitment to improving upstate New York’s struggling economy, and nothing more,” said Reines.

    So, what next?

  53. As I stated on Gupta, cue the “who could have ever imagined” chorus.

    It’s perverse how the left managed to become exactly what they hated.

  54. Don’t forget Heidi Li needs donations at 51%. I gave as Heidi’s secret Santa, but we need to send to this site just like we did for Hillary. If we are serious about respect, we are going to have to demand it.

  55. Thanks Madamab! 🙄

  56. That’s right and the blogs are popping up all over the net asking Michael Moore how he likes Obiwan now.

  57. I was Jenna Jamison for the FCC and Jeb Bush for the FEC.

  58. The problem with blaming wonkette stupidity and bad manners on being young is that we have some posters here that are in their late teens and early twenties.
    Regency and Little Isis both have brains and know how to use them.
    No class and Low class has no age factor.
    Wonkette people have not yet really experienced life and the problems and joys that come with it. .
    When they face mounting health care costs and raising a family with cost of living going up and salaries not keeping pace. they will find out that reality bites.
    Most of them still live at home and mom and dad pay the bills
    Wait until the female wonkettes try to get a job, be treated equally in the workplace. Have some lowlife think it is alright to have them do the job and the lowlife get promoted over them. with the excuse the lowlife has a family and you have someone to help support you. You should be home with your kids.
    Will not have a choice about having children whether you can afford them or not.
    Be abused and told well you should not have upset him.
    It is your place to bolster his ego and always support his ideas wrong or right.
    Have some brat that never had a hard day in their life make fun of their beliefs and looks
    Wake up to the fact that the boys do not consider that any female is equal. Please notice that i said boys not intelligent men..
    If they were not so obnoxious I could almost feel sorry for them.



  59. edgeofforever, It’s interesting that you mention Michael Moore because so much of the obot tone reminds me of 2000 and all those anti-Gore folks who were pushing Nader. I recall being called one of “Gore’s whores” and wondering where the hell that attitude was coming from. They were very mean-spirited posters and it was my first taste of the thug behavior that swept the internet during the 2008 campaign.

    Back in 2000 Moore was the guy telling us to disregard Roe v. Wade, but in 2008 he’d changed his tune and ObamaNation was beating us over the head with the Roe stick. Considering Moore’s track record, I’d say the best thing to do is vote against whoever he endorses. Clearly the man is easily misled.

  60. Joanelle – What do you mean, what next?

  61. I figure Gupta is being nominated because House was unavailable. Judge Judy for the Supreme Court!

  62. Anyone see Swannie’s comment at the end of myiq’s mean and vicious thread?
    Go and read it and click on the link.

    She found one of Layne’s orig cds (the wonkette part owner.

    WOW!!!! Swannie-what a find!!!!

    Talk about post post post modern hype!!!!

    JEEZ-traditional truck song!!!!!

    look at those stars -ain’t they pretty
    sure am glad we left moonroad city…..
    He was my friend I’m sad he died…
    wait and see the drinks are free…
    you’re in for a good time


  63. Let’s see, Sanjay Gupta, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Richardson, Larry Summers – are we all one happy, hopey-changey liberal crowd now?


  64. I love House. I think they’ll go for the guys from Boston Legal for the Supreme Court. After all, they did that PUMA episode and know how to swear fealty to the Obassiah.

  65. Oooh, Oooh! Can we get the Scrubs guy (Zach Braff) for Surgeon General?

    He’s cute and funny. Okay, he only plays a doctor on teevee, but does that really make any difference?


  66. Madam – I’m wondering where the information came from and why did it come up now – before Hill is confirmed.

    Helen – well said!

  67. MyIQ and MadamaB – check your email (please)

  68. I made a suggestion on an earlier post that we post the advertisers on that video and vote on which ones not to buy from for six months to a year and make public why we were not buying.
    Heidi Li was going to look into how to get a vote thing going in a post..
    Economic power is our best tool to fight this .



  69. Wonderful post and video, madamab.
    The problem is that women have allowed themselves to be shamed
    and manipulated out of the outrage and anger that is a natural
    response to the sexism, mysogny, violence, and abuse that have become
    acceptable ways to deal with us.
    Forty years ago we began to become aware of this, and began
    fighting to change it. For a brief time sexism seemed to be on its way out.
    Obviously, though, the only change is that it’s stronger and worse.
    It continues partly because women lack testesterone, which fuels the
    will to fight back in a prolonged and strong way; because of our socialized
    ( or is it something more instinctual) need to be liked, and also
    our compassion and inclination to nurture. All these often positive traits
    contribute to our lack of power.
    Because, as sad as that is to admit, this ugliness occurs because
    women lack power.
    And our passivity, fear of being perceived as angry b*tches, keeps
    us powerless.
    I wonder how most of us respond to the phrase “burn it down.”
    Not “very feminine,” to be sure. I like it, though.
    And when some angry b*tch. uh, woman, tries to claim our anger, uh,
    power, as in SNL “B*tch is the new black” it doesn’t take very long for
    that whole meme to be withdrawn and the “nice girl” to come back.
    We are easy – we are so easy.

  70. helenk, I think that’s a great idea. Count me in.

  71. The Burris circus is pathetic — no need to defend Blago but he IS the Governor — he has NOT been impeached — hell, he hasn’t even been indicted — you would think none of those Senators in DC has a law degree. Exactly whom does Harry Reid think has the authority to appoint Obama’s replacement? With everything going on in this country & the world right now those Senators should stop this showboating & get down to business.

  72. clean up at 5.27

  73. helenk, on January 6th, 2009 at 5:28 pm Said:
    I made a suggestion on an earlier post that we post the advertisers on that video and vote on which ones not to buy from for six months to a year and make public why we were not buying.

    Helenk — Count me in. Let’s do it. Money talks.

  74. OK Laurie … teehee you talked me into it

    I will repost it if that is ok …

    You know darlin Puma sisters and brothers … sometimes being an internet radio station owner is a blessing , and sometimes it is a curse . Today for instance , when the server is being migrated to a new ip and we are silent , it is not any fun .
    Ears bleeding from listening to bad music is another disadvantage .
    We play music from some great independent artists , but not everyone out there that fancies themselves a rock star, or even a musican, have what my good friend Carol , mother of Clint Lowery of Sevendust, and everyone else in the music biz call ***SKILLS*** .
    Lots of people, even blog owners , try their hand at making their own CD and selling them on CD BABY , and even when they have had all of their blog world friends give glowing reviews…
    it does not disguise flat notes and music that sounds like it is being played by someone dragging a truck .
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confluence … I give you


    Corvid is the latin word for the bird family which includes crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, treepies, choughs and nutcrackers; more commonly the CROW family . Perhaps this name was chosen to appear erudite, ( don’t you hate that in a rock star? ) but as fate would have it , it seems to apply more to the sound produced by the lead singer and the band .
    This IS the guy from the Wonkette
    yes the same
    Ken Layne and the Corvids

  75. and btw — from the last thread that I didn’t get to post before comments were closed re: The Elegance of the Hedgehog (and erudite novel if ever there was one):

    And why does Monsieur Ben Smith (if he is Ben Smith) presume that we at TC can relate to a “short, ugly, chubby” middle aged women without formal education who seeks to hide her true self? Why, in fact, does he presume that we all here haven’t read the Elegance of the Hedgehog? I myself have not read the English translation but I did read L’Élégance du hérisson — I’m sure Monsieur Ben Smith (if he is Ben Smith) would agree that reading a novel in the language it is is originally written is so the only way to truly appreciate it — so much is lost in translation.
    I do agree that the novel is delightful. Nonetheless, I fail to see Monsieur Ben Smith’s (if he is Ben Smith) point — those youngsters over at Wonkette are no Paloma Josses.

  76. Sorry, misogyny. Important word, you’d think I’d remember how to
    spell it.

  77. LOL Swannie!

  78. Joanelle – of course, it’s one of those false equivalency memes the ObamaNation is so invested in.

    “But-but-but-but CLINTON!”

    Let’s face it, if there was something there, the Republicans would have found it a LOOOOOOONNNNNG time ago. Guess the pay-to-play scandal is getting a little hot for Obama’s toesies. Time to throw a little distraction,”oh this is just politics as usual, see!” into the mix.

  79. And Helenk – I love your idea. You rock!

    Hopefully Heidi Li will get an action going. Meanwhile, the PUMASphere has a lot of action items for us.


  80. I think Hugh Laurie is still a British citizen, otherwise his ratings would have been a real draw for our American Idol presidency.

    As for the video, hell, it’s so depressing, it just feels like the late 60s and 70s all over again. The question is, did we not make any real progress by aligning ourselves with the Dems or do young women today take it for granted? Back in the early 60s, we put up with a lot of sexist ads, just like so many seem to today. How much will they have to lose to see we’ve regressed? Just because you can f*ck without getting pregnant, wear slutty clothes, and get drunk doesn’t mean you’re free. Hell, I could do that way, way back then.

  81. Regency, on January 6th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    I feel bad for him too. He is likeable.

  82. gxm17, I wonder how Moore is loving those Kaine and Warren picks.
    Oh, right, he says f*ck abortion issue again now.
    Things change. And change. And change.
    Abortion issue? Yeah, whatever.

  83. angienc-LOL!!

  84. PofE – Yes, wearing slutty clothes is so liberating for women!

    I never got why women bought into that. Ya don’t have to try so hard, ladies. All you gotta do is show up. They’ll want to f*ck you.

  85. Lauren,

    The comment on evolution was in response to my own where I said that the folks at Wonkette seemed to be bound and determined to thwart the concept of evolution. Calling them Neanderathals seems unkind to neandrathals though.

    There is something plain wrong with society when pictures of gangrape are considered for their “attraction or amusment.” The only responses it ought to illicit is disgust and revulsion. There is nothing humorous about rape or violence against women(as stuffing a woman’s body in the trunk would suggest.

    Oh and I think we are all more than aware that misogyny predates Obama. I don’t think anyone has pretended it started with him. What has suggested is that his leadership or lack of it was what allowed it to thrive this election cycle.

    As for haterade to the choir…….I find that comment pretty darn assuming. How exactly do you know what she has or hasn’t done in regards to women’s issues outside of here?

  86. I have been waiting for an appropriate post to which I could link this article. Thanks Madamab!

    The other day I found a wonderful web piece entitled: Sidesaddles and Suffragettes – the fight to ride and vote. The article takes a look back in history to illustrate how the advancement and regression of women’s rights was tied to their style of travel. In other words, limiting the way a woman gets around, limits her ability to “get around” both sexually and socially.

    “With the rise of feudalism, and its off-shoot, patriarchal politics, the need to secure a male heir was an affair of state and protecting the virginity of a potential royal bride became increasingly vital. One way to protect the royal hymen, and off-set the accidental loss of virginity, was to prohibit aristocratic girls from riding astride. . . For the next two centuries the sidesaddle became increasingly associated with “proper” behaviour, until by 1600 riding astride was no longer something a “lady” would do, as that ancient practice had taken on the aura of indecency.”

    It’s a fascinating article and includes some not-so-well-known history of the American Suffragette movement.


  87. Ehhh, cwaltz – don’t bother. Lauren is a tr0ll. “She” went into the spam filter.

    By the way – I should have known that Angienc would have read “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” in the original French.


  88. Yes cwaltz-I’m glad they zapped that Lauren post-just too full of it.

    Downticket-I’m sorry about Burris too.

  89. Thanks, KJM!

  90. I was just watching the video again trying to write down the names of the advertisers.
    I had stopped buying levis when they stopped making them in the USA.
    I did not know that Lee Jeans had such vile ads.
    Both of these products are things that the average person buys during the year for work or play, They are big business in this country. Why should we contribute to their profit when they have such disrespect for us?



  91. tonight is Tuesday Steaknight with the Obama-bots…

    “mmmmmI think I will start by congraulating them for supporting a guy who selected a “Anti Woman”-Homophobe to do his intro at the great coronation…”

    thaat is just the appiteezer

    Then I will rub a little salt ln to wound during the soup and salad course-

    “Yeah good thing he chose to keep Bush’s SecDef Gates who was the author of the surge and stay the course…our boys wont be home until 2012.”

    Next a little “DIG” for the Entree’:

    “John as a markist how do you feel about the Obama administrations “Reaganomics” based stimulous package centered around a $ 300 billion Taxe cut and not repealing the Bush tak cuts as promised in his campaign?”

    Finally the Dessert “Coup di Gras”

    “As organization’s Obama for America and the DNC played the race card as means to intimidate all opposition. Isnt it Ironic that there first act in the 111th congress is to refuse to seat the only Black Senator who was legally appointed by the sitting Govenor of Illinois?”

    MadamaB MyIq Angie I for the first time feel well armed for dinner tonight.

    Tonight Dinner is going to be so sweet!

  92. angienc2: I have officially taken back every distressed thing I said about Blagojevich, most specifically with respect to my previous dismay that we haven’t had a Serb to be proud of since Karl Malden. So I was wrong — pass the popcorn!

  93. What’s this about the luscious Hugh Laurie? I can’t see the YT vid here.

  94. Madamab-Betty Jean sent me that awful video in an email it upset me so that I hope you will forgive the ol’fuzzybear for not watching it again….I watched it and thought of all my nieces and how degrading iot must be to be presented with those images on a daily basis.

    I am sure that video will drive up our hits as those sick adolescent boys from wanker-wonkerette click on it to get their jollies!

  95. Ah yes, even BO wishes House were real. Of course if you saw that episode of House with the black presidential candidate you know he wouldn’t go work for BO anyway.

  96. I can’t believe those lames at RR scrubbed their site.

  97. “tried to scrub their site”

  98. It astounds me that people don’t recognize that by putting these images out there you are desensitizing people.

    It also strikes me as insane to say no one takes these ads seriously. There was a reason they pulled cigarette ads . There is a reason they are constantly studying the effects of viewing violence and sexual conduct on TV on teens. Advertising is meant to have an impact on you, it send messages both overt and subliminal, to pretend otherwise is just plain dangerous.

  99. Fuzzy – Ah, a lovely dinner of WTYS!!!

    From KJM’s link:

    Sadly, if she was involved in an accident, a girl was more likely to suffer serious injuries in a sidesaddle. When fox hunting men had riding accidents, the small English saddle was designed to throw them free of the massive horse. But when the horse of a female fox hunter fell, the heavy sidesaddle trapped the women underneath the 1200 pound animal because she could not fall clear of the saddle. The result was that these women often had their backs broken and were invalids for the rest of their lives.

    In addition, the sidesaddle was notoriously expensive to create and because it placed the majority of the weight on one side, it routinely injured the horse’s back. Plus, because of the long flapping riding dress hanging along his left flank, a “lady’s horse” had to be exceptionally well-trained, which translated into “expensive.” Finally, because of its bad fit, grooms were known to girth a sidesaddle up so tightly that the horse had trouble breathing.

    The result was that women, and horses, suffered devastating physical abuse.

    Nevertheless, a noted British riding master, Colonel Hitchcock, urged women to continue with the method because, “the sidesaddle is the most decorative, dignified, and graceful method, and pleases the male eye, which prefers the ultra-feminine woman to the type which emulates the male in attire or atmosphere.”

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

  100. gxm> The only person Michael Moore is interested in is himself. His sense of grandeur is second to none. I remember a few years back The Village Voice did a list of the most loathsome NYers. They were doing this based on strictly personality and behavior, both public and private. (Politics did not play a role.) Moore was on that list. So was Ann Coulter. I know a producer who worked with Moore on one of his docs and whenever his name comes up, she makes a retching sound. Which is not to say that all of his films have nothing to contribute. But Moore is a man who loves creating and following the latest fads, and everyone would do well to take him with a big dose of skepticism.

  101. Ah yes, even BO wishes House were real. Of course if you saw that episode of House with the black presidential candid@te you know he wouldn’t go work for BO anyway.

  102. RR -you mean Buttburger-right myiq2xu

    Home of big Butt-Head! 50 persons (served)!

    oh and Kevin K thinks we hate him as much as obama…Puleeze!

  103. Fuzzy – I don’t blame you. My husband watched it and his jaw dropped. Like me, he had not seen the ads (the only one I recognized was the Dolce and Gabbana one). We both had no idea how bad the advertising had gotten.

    The ones with the women being raped or shown as dead were particularly shocking, IMHO.

  104. I hate KKKevin about as much as I hate a pimple on my ass.

    Less even

  105. myiq – Kevin who?

  106. Swan: the only thing worse about that music were the lyrics … some how the word trite and underwhelming comes to mind

  107. Exactly

  108. Here’s something that debunks Lauren and the blathering she did in her post


  109. I miss Bill Clinton:

    “We’re already looking at a trillion-dollar budget deficit or close to a trillion-dollar budget deficit, and that potentially we’ve got trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, even with the economic recovery that we are working on at this point,” Obama said.

  110. I thought Judge Judy was going to be obama’s first supreme court nomination …

  111. Oh come on now, they had Burris standing out in the rain. Democrats, seriously now, this is just bad publicity. Contrary to popular belief, that is not a good thing.

  112. I think Sly Stallone would be a great Secretary of Defense! Sean Connery to lead the CIA. Donald Trump as Commerce Secretary. Angelina Jolie as the Ambassador to the UN. Simon Cowell as White House spokesperson.

  113. Cwaltz – The Obots are so clueless. I am blaming Barack Obama for taking advantage of the patriarchy and the misogyny that already exist in America, and for inflaming an already bad situation.

    But their little peabrains have already classified us as a bunch of hysterical females, so clearly we must be claiming Obama is responsible for the patriarchy. Because that would make so much sense, wouldn’t it? I mean, misogyny has been around for thousands of years.

    Unless Obama really IS the Messiah, in which case he would be thousands of years old!!!111!!!!


  114. laurie, I hope Burris fights for that seat. He is 71 and this will be his greatest accomplishment yet. He never expected to be in the US senate and now that he has been given the seat then he should do all he can to keep it. Maybe he will do more for the people of Illinois than Obama did when it was his.

  115. At what point does this Burris situation reach the Supreme Court? I mean, a sitting governor (not impeached, not indicted) appoints a replacement Senator and the state Attorney General refuses to certify him – because she doesn’t feel like it. And the US Senate refuses to seat him – because the leadership doesn’t feel like it. They are blatantly ignoring the law. This sets a precedent that is going to bite us all in the ass for years to come. You can’t put that genie back in the box.

    Also, I noticed the Congressional Black Caucus wants Burris seated.

  116. Kevin is to buttburger as Markos is to Ko’s

  117. Regency – This whole Burris thing is going to backfire on those idiots bigtime. Burris is MORE than qualified for that position.

    I just can’t get over how the Dems have caved on everything, but are suddenly full of outrage over Burris.

  118. Burris will be seated by the end of the week. Constitutional law is on his side. He’s just going to have to get a judge to force all of them out of the theatrics.

  119. “And NOW and WomenCount and NARAL simper and giggle and scrap for all the crumbs they can scrounge from Barack’s table. MoDo and Gail Collins and their ilk spend their time sniping at other women to earn the big bucks from their condescending corporate masters.”

    Brilliant, madamab, simply brilliant. Nothing gets through to them, nothing shames them. We need a term for female Quisling.

  120. of course buttburger is a much smaller fifedom than kos

  121. Myiq2xu how have the tr0lls been?

  122. Fuzzy – I refuse to go there – don’t want to give them the hits.

  123. sorry madamab I left my thinking cap at work what is WYTS?

  124. “We Told You So!”

  125. Madamab-

    if we sent there (buttburgers) hits over 101 a day they would no longer qualify as a small Peni$ errrrr blog…

  126. madamab, on January 6th, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    What I have noticed is the Dems cave on everything except when it concerns their own. The Dem leadership didn’t cave on betraying one of its loyal members who had campaigned for them for decades. They had her delegates taken and didn’t even blink one bit, they are after Blago and now Burris. Can they only fight their own?

  127. Oh yeah sorry I am burned out tonight if it was my bid chance to skewer them I would stay home tonight

  128. DK: ONce that happens a lot of people are going to look like doofii.

  129. Hee! Doofii – love it, Reg!

    Gotta go – see you all tomorrow!


  130. WTYS maybe? See that’s why I’ve been so confused about that.

  131. Madamab-

    If they fought any republicans they (the DEMs) would be served on toast…

    since the dems didnt get 60 senators doesnt that mean in that august chamber we could be served by the republicans a 4 year lesson in “Our Lady of Prepetual Fillibuster”?

  132. Later, Mad!

  133. Fuzzy: we could be served by the republicans a 4 year lesson in “Our Lady of Prepetual Fillibuster”?

    Heh. I may be watching a whole lot more C-Span these few years. All My Filibusters

  134. I can see the news 2 years from now…

    “…now entering its 737 day the Republican tag team fillibuster continues as government grinds to a halt…Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi promised to preform political Fellatio on all republicans that allowed the business of goverment to continue.”

    Of Course there were no takers.”

  135. Look at this pablum from Maddow–and she’s gay. Another apologist for BO as he honors someone who accuses her of pedophilia for her sexuality:

    RACHEL MADDOW: Well, I think that he made a bold choice in Leon Panetta, and we have seen from Barack Obama a lot of leadership by building consensus, by making people not disagree with him about important and hot-button issues. But on Panetta that was an, “elections have consequences” moment. If you were in the Bush administration and which, with, with warrantless wiretapping and enhanced interrogation, torture. With rendition, with these other controversial policies in the intelligence community, that’s not going to be a career asset. And if you were a Democratic senator in an intelligence oversight role, while all these things were happening, your objections may not be the most important thing for this new president looking to make a clean break.

  136. clean up at 6:35–it’s so illiterate, I can’t even understand what is supposed to be some kind of lame insult…god are these people dumb.

  137. Can someone please stop this idiot from posting? It’s pathetic, and I’m actually embarrassed FOR this dope.

  138. Rachell Maddow sold her Butch Lesbian sold to the MSM and the Obamanation for a pay check and a tube of MAC listick….

    I have no respect for her at all.

  139. would someone intorduce “batteredwoman” to Spammy Myiq2xu…will you do the honors?

  140. Don’t have a husband, don’t want one. I do, however, want your sister.

  141. batteredwoman is a man

  142. clean up at 6:35

  143. I bet he is really a 30 year old boy who lives in his parents basement works at the Pizza Pit and is angry no one will date him…His doctor probably cancelled his Viagra Prescription and th Enzyte and Maxaderm are not working…..

    oh and his right hand rejected his “merchandise” for the 3rd time this week!

  144. Feinstein says Senate should seat Burris.

  145. That would make him a bitter Obamabot….

  146. “fif is mean” is a sock puppet…

    TR0LL on Aisle 643!

  147. The Caps Lock of Indignation.

  148. Fuzzybeargville would snap your neck like a chicken you guttles coward who needs to be fed his balls for lunch…

    of “fuzzybear can suck it” is another sock puppet

    and he is no Kathy Griffin-clean up on Aisle 645!

  149. Sorry buddy but you are about meet spammy for sure

  150. Feinstein: 1, O-Team: 0

    Burris will be seated, without doubt.

  151. Someone get the disinfectant–there is a foul odor in the room…if this masturbating tr0ll actually mattered for a nanosecond, I would feel something, but his sad little life speaks for itself.

  152. Yawn the Tr0ll is so droll-Myiq2xu will clean you up good!

  153. thank you–much better.

  154. Fuzzy: Ignore him. He’s no match for the house you’ll drop on him.

    If all else fails, take a break from here until the mods can get them. Cake Wrecks is indeed the most hilarious blog evuh. I highly recommend it.

  155. I am so glad an Obama bot showed his true Repugnant colours…..

    some on que Cindy Laupers true colours….

  156. Wow — that was an interesting flurry of ugliness.

  157. well I have to dress but he has hijacked my name @ 651pm what gives?

    is that Tommy Chri$topher or P*L*?

  158. ho-ly freakshow!
    the moderators should have a tip jar!

  159. This has got to be one of the stupidest tr0lls who has stopped by. Do the insults even make sense? Are they insults? Brain damage? I think someone spiked his Kool Aid with too much PCB.

  160. True colors shining through
    True colors — that’s why I love you
    …something something something
    uh huh

  161. Downticket, on January 6th, 2009 at 6:20 pm Said:

    laurie, I hope Burris fights for that seat. He is 71 and this will be his greatest accomplishment yet. He never expected to be in the US senate and now that he has been given the seat then he should do all he can to keep it. Maybe he will do more for the people of Illinois than Obama did when it was his.

    Um, DownTicket — it wouldn’t exactly be hard for a brain-dead cat to do more for the people of IL than Obama did.

  162. (ignoring troll)

    Speaking of Betty Jean, last nite I somehow linked to an old Mother Jones article from a few years ago about a group that was working for clemency for women serving long prison terms for killing their abusers. Altho the main woman in the story was not granted clemency, several others were – including a 72 yr old who had served 23 yrs.

    Anyway, I was shocked to see the children of this woman (who were now young adults after 15 yrs) posting comments. They had been sent to live with the abuser’s sister after their mother was imprisoned.

    The daughter said, ‘You people don’t know what you’re talking about. My mother is a liar and a murderer and deserves to serve more time. And I’m not in a bad relationship. So what if there’s a little ass-slapping and hair pulling during sex? If you’ve got a problem with that, then you don’t know what good sex is.’ Then the son comments and says, ‘If you people don’t stop talking about my family, I’ll find out who you are and make it stop’.

    It was obvious these children had not had one minute of counseling and blamed their mother for the abuse. And the cycle continues in their lives. It makes me sick that this one abusive SOB destroyed so many lives.

  163. katie I am sorry but I will not stand by and let some abuser abuse the fine women on this thread…

    If I have to focus the abuse on me so be it I am a big Bear!

  164. wow, even some folks at the big cheetoh want Burris seated!

    I have thought since the onset of this political black comedy that it was very convenient for rethugs.So WTF is the Democratic “leadership” thinking – there is, as yet, NOTHING that legally disqualifies him from making the appointment.
    After 8 years of foot shuffling around the criminals in the WH, now ain’t the time for making grand gestures of moral righteousness and giving the rethugs yet another bullshit issue to obstruct the change that has got to happen SOON.

    And the reply:

    democrats only go for blood when they’re cannibalizing one of their own. 😦

  165. Fuzzy, I’m so sorry — it was shocking and sick. I think I cleared the puke out. Please let me know if I missed anything.


  166. oops, I said tr@ll and spammy got me

  167. katie: it’s going to be continual …

  168. DYB, on January 6th, 2009 at 6:20 pm Said:

    At what point does this Burris situation reach the Supreme Court? I mean, a sitting governor (not impeached, not indicted) appoints a replacement Senator and the state Attorney General refuses to certify him – because she doesn’t feel like it.

    It doesn’t need to go to the USSC — Burris needs a judge to issue a writ of mandamus to order the IL Sec. of State (who, if I’m not mistaken, is looking to be Gov. herself) to do her job. Of course, she can then appeal, blah, blah, but it doesn’t need to go that route.

  169. Who is moderating? Please delete 6:53. These people are utterly disgusting. I don’t know what rock they crawled out from under, but they are definitely not Democrats, Liberals, Progressives or even socialized humans. They think this is fun–but it’s really tragic, how they pollute the process and we end up with Bush & Bush III. No wonder the country is going down the tubes if this is the mentality of the future.

  170. p.s. Lights like Regency & littleisis exempt of course 🙂

  171. Hi angie the Tr0ll is loose and he has run amuck….poor boy he has a small peepee and it shows in his comments I wish I could get his address I would reall love to castrate this fella….

    Give his bollocks for earrings

  172. clean up on “batteredwomen” posts, 6:38 and 6.35.

    I’m getting a bit worried about this Wonkette thing, the trolls have really devolved in quality since the the weblog awards started. Every time I think we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel, some new ones prove me wrong.

  173. oops, I’m in moderation, please let me out!

  174. KB: Get “fifs,” “hrc,” and possible “kme”

  175. comments by hrc kme and fifs are some of this tr0lls sock puppets oh and fuzzybeareats old men too…

  176. Fif: Thank you!

  177. wjc – also needs to go….

    but for his info I was in orlando with the BF so I am afraid I have had my share of the “laid” for a day or two…

  178. Regency all keep up the watch for me I have to eat with the obats….

    back around 930pm

    Katiebird you are my Heroine!

  179. Have fun, Fuzz.

  180. Clean up — you are sad & unhappy — apropos names, though.

    And there is no god OF Zenu, you moron — Zenu is the “god’s” name.

  181. Hi fuzzy! I didn’t see all of the tr0ll attacks on you, and I’m glad I didn’t, but I’m sure you can handle it.

  182. Don’t forget to vote people! I want us to have a respectable showing for our size (I’m not counting the cheating cheaters’ final tally).

  183. Fredster,

    Lucy, Ethel, and Fred? Surely you jest. Two middle-aged women and an elderly man. And Fred was FAT! That’s a crime in the “liberal” community now. And so is being OLD! And so is being a woman who thinks independently. No, they would not make it into the Obama administration.

    And worst of all, they were funny! The new “liberals” don’t like funny.

  184. those little neo baby wonker libs have got their panties in knots.

  185. I wonder what it is about discussing violence against women that brings out so many trolls who pretend to more-liberal-than-thou?

    Cleanup at 7:10 and 7:11

  186. They know their leader is a farce. He is no lib. They were snookered and bamboozled.

    It’s hard coming down from the hopium and back into reality.

  187. er, that was “pretend to be more….”

    and I see you already got ’em so nevermind 😉

  188. Oh, dear, I said the t-word and I knew better…oh, well, I’m sure someone will get me out of moderation soon. 🙂

  189. angienc2, on January 6th, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    It is easy to forget that he set the bar so low. Maybe Obama is afraid that Burris will accomplish more than he did while in the senate

  190. The tr0lls, which appear to be the majority of posters at Wonkette, simply can’t talk about issues. They don’t know what the issues are. All they can do is yell and stomp and call people names and tell “yo mama” jokes. This is elementary school stuff. Wait until their mommies and daddies can’t afford to buy them new sneakers, and Obama refuses to pay their heating bills. Or hopefully their parents default on the mortgage and the whole family gets evicted. It’s unfortunate that our time is being wasted babysitting. But think of it this way: we could be their mommies and daddies. I’d rather be babysitting.

  191. Here we have a post about the use of advertising in the indoctrination of sexism and misogyny and it’s impact on real women… And we are flooded with abusive, vulgar comments of a sexist nature. Could the obots have made the post’s point any better? Way to go wankettes and thanks for the real time verification.

  192. I’m in moderation at 7:25!

  193. gxm — I’m having trouble deciding which one of your avatars is cutest!

  194. So I just tried to vote again (yes, it’s been 24 hours since I voted), and the site is down?

  195. Oh, and topic? All the cr*p that has been happening around here today has only reinforced my belief that if my three babies (all boys) do NOT grow up to be douchebags, I will have done my job. So far, so good.

  196. Angie, I do too! They’re all adorable if I don’t say so myself. I’ve got a great one of all four grandkids that we took over the holidays, but it doesn’t view so well once it’s reduced down to avatar size.

  197. Hey, we have 1,090 votes. So cool. Everyone remember to go back and vote.

  198. Hell, I can’t get in to the awards site to vote!

  199. I just tried to go vote in the other cats but something’s definitely up. Maybe they’re updating their cheat guards.

  200. It took for-freakin’-ever to load but I was finally able to vote.

  201. How hard could it be for the Groper to write a statement for Obama to read from his teleprompter ? “Jon Favreau is no longer on staff. This kind of juvenile inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in this administration. Thank you and have a nice day.” Anyone else would have fired him. But not Obama.

  202. Obot voters are threatened because Wonkette said The Confluence is on the radar and they realize we were right about Obama.

    They fear nothing more than getting beat by a girl.

  203. Just like the primary and they will cheat to win.

  204. notsosure — you’ve missed A LOT if you think anyone here is saying Obama started the patriarchy and/or that Hillary was literally date raped. Go back & see if the prof. can let you into Logic 101 — semester should just be starting so there is still time.

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