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Sunday: Double X

I have a picture of my daughter’s karyotype.  When I first saw it, I had no idea that she would be as lively, brilliant, artistic and musical as she turned out to be.  All I knew is that she was a girl.  I just assumed that things would be easier for her in the 21st century.  How wrong I was.

The new administration would have us believe that women are “special interests”.  This is incorrect.  We make up 51% of the population in this country.  What does it mean when the country considers the majority “special”?  Do we have some kind of mental insufficiency that causes us to be less than equal in a country where we outnumber every other group?  What the hell is that all about anyway?  Why have we allowed an advantage in upper body strength to become an insurmountable disadvantage for women? Buy a taser and learn to roundhouse kick.  Even the odds, ladies.

One of the things I have learned as a blogger is that in this medium, women have the most control they will ever have in their entire lives.  They don’t even have to identify themselves as women, although it would defeat the purpose if they do not.  But if they choose to, they can snap the heads off the macho morons who try to intimidate them into silence.  A woman can choose to engage in a dialogue.  Or not.  And yet time after time, I hear complaints from women who are actually hurt and lose their courage because some little collection of black dots on a monitor told them to “f%&K off” or said they were ugly or old or fat or c^&(*ts.  One of the reasons The Conflucnce exists is because I was banned from speaking at DailyKos but there is a HUGE blogosphere out there and I was not going to let a bunch of Favreau type Obamaphiles stick a sock in my mouth.

The new administration is going to dance with the ones what brung them.  That would not be us.  When Obama and the Democrats sit down to craft legislation on the economy or any other issue, they are going to placate the ones who bought and paid for them and they are going to use the seriousness of the crisis to argue that our interests, the *common* interests, can’t be addressed because they would be a distraction.  The problem is that they will always be a distraction to the minority middle aged white guys who run this country.  We can’t let them get away with that.  Since Barack Obama seems rather fond of Ronald Reagan, he should remember one of Reagan’s most memorable lines when dealing with entities who may not have your best interests at heart: “Trust but verify.” Before Congress passes any legislation, we should insist that we all see the fine print.  We should insist that all bills are posted for public comment before they are passed.  We should see who is using their leverage to move money and mountains.  And we should make sure that our interests are addressed.

Woman are not “special”.  They are the General Welfare.

I would like to call your attention to three links today that should get you thinking about what it means to be a member of the majority in a country and world where we have not learned to respect ourselves and throw our weight around.

  • Betty Jean at Free Us Now has an update on her daughter Louisa’s condition.  For those of you new to the story, Louisa was shot in the face with a shotgun.  The monster who did it is her former brother in law, George, who spent three months in prison last year for taking a hammer to the head of Louisa’s sister, Denise.  Denise is suffering from ovarian cancer and wouldn’t give George her pain medication so he split open her scalp with a hammer.  Louisa is not going to make it.  Her brain function was severely impacted by the blast.  She has lost one of her eyes.  She is non-responsive.  Betty Jean is heartbroken and angry.  Her message is powerful in Women are Disposable Assets.  Send some positive thoughts to Betty Jean and her family during this very trying time in their lives.  No one deserves this.
  • Nicolas Kristoff of the New York Times is one of the best columnists around when it comes to the issue of human trafficking and sexual slavery.  In If This Isn’t Slavery, What Is?, he has a powerful column and  video about what happens to Southeast Asian girls who are kidnapped and sold into prostitution.  And he has a message for Barack Obama.  Bravo, Mr Kristoff.
  • In her post, The Panther, Darragh Murphy highlights the life of Rebecca West, a pioneering woman journalist of the 20th century and feminist.  I love this quote from West:  “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”
    Yes, indeed, that is why we’re here. We refused to be a doormat. Words to live by. Now, get out there and pick yourselves up off the damn porch and stand tall.

198 Responses

  1. Wow, RD, great post. Sorry to hear about Louisa, but the prognosis is nil with a GCS of 4.

  2. You tell ’em, RD.

    I was not going to let a bunch of Favreau type Obamaphiles stick a sock in my mouth.

    Sadly, to them that could be a compliment.

  3. “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”
    That is the best definition that I have ever seen.

  4. Excellent post, RD.

    I’m sorry to hear about Louisa.

    Woman need to stick together. We’ve been individually strong during all of recorded history. We need to be strong for each other, just as men are. I think it’s more than superior upper body strength that men use against us. They are masters of the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy and women seem to be peculiarly susceptible to division. I don’t know why that’s true but it has to change.

  5. Another good West quote”

    “”There is, of course, no reason for the existence of the male sex except that sometimes one needs help with moving the piano.”

  6. Thank you, RD.

    Still here. Still pissed. Still moving forward.

    No retreat.


  7. Where are these advertisements run? France? NYC?

  8. NH — I’ve seen most of those Moschino & D&G ads in Vogue.

  9. Thank goodness. BBoomer and I have not completely lost it, as evidenced by return of this post.

  10. and, btw, I wouldn’t spend a nickel on a D&G key chain as a result.
    I hadn’t seen that Jimmy Cho ad before, but thankfully I was never a big Jimmy Cho fan (heels too flimsy) but I wouldn’t take a pair now if you paid me.

  11. You too, chatblu? I’m so glad I’m not alone.

  12. I can’t access Pumapac. Has anyone heard anything about what’s going on? It has been down for a few hours now.

  13. Boomer, you are not alone. Our avatars look like cousins!

  14. Angie,

    Have you seen that gang rape ad in Vogue? And the wife beating one?

  15. Oh, no is my face showing up green? That’s my photo I put in there.

  16. lovely foto on the left bb

  17. BB: Kind of a turquoise.

  18. It looks normal to me. I’ll have to ask Katiebird for help.

  19. bb — maybe it was something you ate… I’ve turned that color before; but only after eating carnival food. 😉

  20. I can’t access Pumapac. Has anyone heard anything about what’s going on? It has been down for a few hours now.

    Some sort of server problem… Puma PAC has been done since 12:48 PM PST. 3:48 EST

  21. But why does it look like a normal picture to me?

  22. bostonboomer, on January 4th, 2009 at 5:19 pm Said:


    Have you seen that gang rape ad in Vogue? And the wife beating one?

    Sadly, bb, you will have to narrow it down a bit. I don’t know why I still subscribe — my subscription is up this month, I’m not renewing.

  23. Oh thanks so much for the info, DancesWithPumas.

  24. Gotta go out for a while.

  25. Did everybody else really get through that whole video? I only made it halfway before I got pissed enough to click it off. Other people might want to depict me a certain way, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to lay back and take it. I appreciate being informed of it’s existence, but knowing about it and watching it through are two different things.

  26. I’m talking about these ads, angie. Warning, Huffpo link, but it’s a good article.


  27. Great post RD.

  28. I am absolutely apalled by this. Apalled that any ad agency would think this stuff up, appalled that any product would OK the use of such images, apalled that any magazine or television station would run it and mostly that ANY model would pose for it.

    I know models get paid big bucks for this, but come on… the thought of posing for stuff like that should righly turn any woman’s stomach.

    I would love to see Tyra Banks take on this issue, but then ANTM did do a “fashion shoot” with its contestants posing as dead women. Maybe models don’t see anything wrong with this????

  29. SOD,

    I think an even bigger hurdle is the women who think they are powerful and liberated and then disrespect other women, e.g. Gloria Steinem, and Erica Jong.

  30. Boomer — agreed…this is something that holds us back tremendously.

    Other women view their sexual nature as power, feeding into the idea that such is all we have to negotiate with.

  31. Frankly, I’m not at all surprised by any of this. Society flashed a green light to all who wished to belittle women. This is a logical next step.

  32. Another great post, RD. Cinie, I couldn’t watch the video either. I refuse to subject myself to such degradation.

    One of the best things I ever did was learn to defend myself. I can deliver a round house kick to my victim’s (ahem)”tri-state area” wearing three inch heels while looking him straight in the eye. (Self-defense hint: If you want to deliver a blow to a guy’s nether regions, never look down first because he’ll have enough time to back away–the element of surprise is important when your opponent has the advantage of physical strength and size.)

  33. In Spain they banned the use of anorexic models recently. Models have to be a certain minimal size (34 or s’thing like that).

    In Italy prostitution is becoming almost a synonym for human slavery. So many young girls are tricked into leaving their homes in the ex-soviet union with the offer of jobs, and end up raped and drugged by the mafia and on the streets. The diaspora of young women following the break down of the Soviet Union is quite something. Older women work as carers for the elderly (and undercut the local women).

    excellent video RD

  34. RD:
    Do you mind if I link to this story on my blog? I am “trying” to write a piece on why some young men turn out the way they do and this would be a great addition.

    My daughter and I watched about half of that video. She walked out of the room and I shut it off. No wonder there is no respect for women. Ads like these only encourage a culture of sexism.

    The way I see it…as a man…These ads only serve to awaken that “beast” that is deep within us all. They target a man’s “lust” and they do not care how they do it.
    By depicting women as objects, they are subliminally telling us that it is okay to use, abuse and in many cases destroy the beauty that is woman!

    Those that filter this shit to the masses are fully aware of what they are doing and the sad part is that many women “never” speak out when they see this happening.

    I pray that my GrandDaughter will never have to know the pain of sexism but if history is any guide….she will.

    Where are the “Women” to speak out about this? What happened to the Feminist movement that my Mother and Sisters were a big part of?

  35. It is one thing that there are countries who treat women as disposible items due in part to their religious and cultural beliefs. These women are in a somewhat untenable position.

    However, those women who agree for the sake of commerce to allow themselves to be portrayed in this light are disgusting. They are pretty well paid and reserve the right to deny these advertisers the ability to present the product in this way. These are the women who have sold us out.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the presentation of women as nothing more than objects to be used as background to sell a product is demeaning and lacks the feminization we have fought to attain. As long as women allow themselves to be objectified throughout the culture then little will change the image that men crave.

    We must look only to ourselves and not the male to address this issue. These women and these photos should not be mistaken for feminist values. They are equal opportunity exploiters. One cannot demand respect if one is willing to play the role of slut. This is the message that men receive.

    The power to change is in the hands of the female.

  36. SOD brings up a great point as does BB. We have the women who still consider themselves as subservient (though they might never consciously admit that to themselves or anybody else) and then we have the so-called power feminists being sexist. And while I am a second wave feminist, truth be known, I have said some very un-sisterly things about Nancy Pelosi.

    The frat boy mentality doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Anyone here read I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe?

  37. Question: Where do we go to vote for the Confluence? I hope I have not missed the opportunity since I thought there was going to be someplace here on the blog.

  38. Chatblu: NOW you tell me. One of Betty Jean’s posts made me more hopeful even if it seemed improbable. It was like a Hallmark Christmas Miracle.
    It just plain sucks.

  39. How does appearing in a photo wearing nothing but a peek a boo feather sell women’s shoes? What is the thinking behind that ad campaign?

  40. Pat Johnson, et al, the point you make about women cooperating in their own degradation is valid; now consider what it means to live with that and the additional reality of the exact same treatment of, by, for, and about blacks. Negative imagery has been reinforced in the media constantly, for decades, with the active participation of black performers “trying to get by.” It gets to the point that the image becomes the truth, accepted by everybody, including the victims.
    That’s a part of what made Obama’s candidacy so compelling to so many African Americans, that it was all a sham that made acceptance of his inadequacy inevitable, makes him all the more objectionable to me.

  41. Help! I’m in moderation!

  42. This is a great post . Much work needs to be done . We have not come such a long way ….after all…

    and Pat, click on the weblog logo up in the upper right hand corner … should take you to where the voting will be 🙂

  43. Where are the “Women” to speak out about this? What happened to the Feminist movement that my Mother and Sisters were a big part of?
    Agreed. The organized groups of men who speak out about sexism far outnumber the wpmen’s groups.
    It’s time for women to speak out and give the men a rest.

  44. I am so sorry to hear about Louisa. Will they recharge the bastard with murder now?

  45. Thanks, swanspirit. To be honest I did not notice that before. I would die if I had missed the chance to vote tomorrow.

  46. Wow Angie,

    I hope you, and anyone else who reads this post, cancels their subscription to Vogue and writes them a really scathing letter.

    I wouldn’t read any magazine that has this crap in it, and I would let the advertiser and magazine know about it. Maybe they would just laugh, but you never know. These were terrible. I was shocked.

  47. There is a state senator in Arkansas that is resubmitting the ERA for passage .
    If enough people work for it and it gets passed maybe just maybe crimes against women will finally be recognized as hate crimes.
    Young women today have the misfortune of being looked upon as playthings only. They don’t understand that respect has to be demanded and expected and earned.
    Courtesy is a lost art and sadly when we come across it today it is looked at as being unusual.

    things to work on this year:
    passage of the ERA
    teaching the young about respect and how to give it and get it.
    refusing to settle for second class citizenship of women
    stand up for women with intelligence that know how to use it.
    work for men who support women and work against those who do not. make sure a price is paid for disrespecting women
    maybe some here could add to the list.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Betty and her family.
    May she be helped through this trial by God and people who care about her and her family.



  48. Just gave you my vote River!

    Good luck with the voting. You and your writers deserve to win.

  49. As a Christian and a male, I understand the appeal of these advertisements and so forth; they appeal to that which is lowest and most degraded in man. It is fundamentally counter to the idea of honoring people as made in God’s image and causes women to be nothing more then objects made for the pleasure of another. That such despicable disdain for women is all too often laid at the feet of religion or justified using religious terms is even worse.

  50. I personally love to see a woman’s beautiful body. My taste runs more to the voluptuous rather than the starved look.

    But there is a line that cannot be crossed in my view. To depict a woman being raped, tied up, humiliated, spit on, with a donkey etc is disgusting!

    How the hell does something like that sell perfume? Who buys shoe’s after seeing an ad like some of those above?

    No….There is only one reason for that kind of imagery in my mind….to put a woman in “Her” place. As a sexual object!

  51. Perhaps we would be better served to notify these high powered modeling agencies as well that we will no longer be interested in purchasing these magazines which puts the money in their pockets as well. Placing the blame solely on the advertiser, the marketing people, and the magazine that publishes this stuff should also include the model and agency who participate as well.

    It is a daisy chain effect with all parties equally culpable for playing along. And the money they earn off these messages is obscene. We at least control the pocketbook if nothing else.

  52. It has nothing to do with the beauty of the female body. The message seems to be: “spit on me, trample me, beat me, but while you are at it, why not consider this beautiful car that I am draped over”.

  53. Pat
    I am with you. Economic power is one of the strongest weapons we have.
    Refuse to buy products that disrespect women. Make the public aware of why the products are not being bought.
    Target randomly and loudly and make intentions known.
    Cost them big time.



  54. Red Dragon,

    How did you vote? I can’t see any way to do it.

  55. Red Dragon,

    Of course you can link to any post. That’s what blogging is all about, right? Linky goodness.

  56. Great post (and awful video). Unfortunately, I do think that women get sliced and diced and end up not being able to speak out with one voice, and therefore, our power is diluted. As illustrated during the election, the so called “feminists” were more than happy to kick Palin to the curb (not that I think they necessarily needed to support her or agree with her, but they seemed to be driven to both mock and destroy her).

    I wish a women’s group would be created which would purposely side line some of the hot button issues which have been used to separate us in the past …. such as abortion. There are basic rights which all women should be able to agree to whether they are true liberals, conservatives, religious or somewhere in between.

    I probably wouldn’t be considered a full fledged liberal, but I believe in fair and equal treatment for all. I’m especially concerned with how both women and children are treated by our society (even in respect to the little things, like the sexualization of Halloween costumes for little girls).

  57. Can we pick out one or two products in that ad that a lot of us would normally buy and starting today refuse to buy for six months or one year.
    Make the public aware of the why we refuse to buy.



  58. BB — I’ve seen those ads in Vogue and, frankly, worse — to me D&G are usually among the worst offenders (heck, the old CK Obsession ads are not offensive to me at all — they are only nudes, no violence & nudity in and of itself doesn’t offend me — it is the “extras” with the ropes, dogs, etc that do). I should have canceled Vogue a long time but I didn’t out of laziness — my subscription automatically renews & I’ve never taken the time to cancel it. Not this year.

  59. Perhaps one of the contributors here could think about putting up a post about the legalization of prostitution and the growing acceptance of hard-core/violent pornography as it relates to the objectification, degradation, and dehumanization of women.

    I’ve had more than one discussion with so-called “lipstick” feminists who tell me that I’m a prude and that I should COYOTE (“call off your old tired ethics”). To which I call BS–usually by asking how many of them, when asked what their daughter does for a living, would be proud to answer, “She offers her body for sex to the highest bidder.”

    Prostitution and pornography promote violence against women by portraying them as less than human, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

  60. Sex is for sale all over the place. We can’t just blame one form of the media for the sexualization of women. You can’t turn on the tv without being bombarded by the demeaning of women and the roles they play in today’s culture. It was this mindset that set the stage for the out and out bashing of both Hillary and Sarah Palin which was done without consequence.

    Nell, what you refer to is a generational divide. Where we see this portrayal as an affront, they believe it shows strides. The issue is if we can marry these generational differences into one of outrage.

  61. At the top of this page, there is a tab that says WEB Awards.
    Click the tab, It will take you to the Site. There is a tab there that says VOTe. When you hit that it will give you a list of blogs to vote for. Press the one you want and it will record your vote.

  62. Wow RD. Thank you so much for this. I was considering resigning one of my positions because someone feels it’s inappropriate for me to blog my personal feelings as an individual.

  63. What I was getting at Pat was that I along with millions of my brethren, love the female form. Not the disgusting way it is sometimes portrayed.

    There is beauty in the Female form but the way it is used by Corporate greed is disgusting.

    That is all I was trying to convey

  64. A respectful request: if you have links or images of the wretched misogynistic ads, I would like to add them to 51 Percent’s museum of misogynistic memorabilia. Part of the point of that part of the 51 Percent website is to show people, even people like use, what is in magazines that we may even subscribe to but may wish to abandon (e.g. Vogue). You can learn more about 51 Percent at the link in RD’s post. You can email possible additions to the misogyny memorabilia collection to 51percent51 at gmail dot com.

    And RD thank for you not only mentioning 51 Percent in this, one of your hallmark standout posts, but for just “getting it”. How can it be acceptable for women – the majority of the population to be treated like a “special interest group”? It is only possible because we women do not push for our rightful place in all spheres of civic life.

  65. You have to redefine “prostitution” for a start. Is allowing yourself to be photographed with legs splayed, back arched, and in what appears to be the throws of orgasm not in the same league? It is being done for money.

    I often find myself querying just what is the product they are selling from these pictures when browsing through Vanity Fair. Is the intent to show the model in a fit of orgasmic pleasure enough to make me purchase that nifty handbag? Drawing the parallel between the two can lead to a wasted hour in finding the connection.

  66. RedDragon: I understood what you were saying. My comment was merely an offshoot to the discussion. I was not attacking you at all.

  67. helenk, on January 4th, 2009 at 6:39 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I LOVE this idea. Perhaps subscriptions to Vogue are one such product?
    Others anybody? At one point I was going to suggest that we each buy one fewer lipstick than we usually would and send that money to the women’s organization or pro-woman candidate of our choice.

  68. hello everyone back from O’town-It was crowded and the traffic just awful…I come back to this very thought provoking post…I am heartbroken about Louisa and poor betty jean…

    thanks RiverDaughter I am going to look through my Elle Decor if i see 1 sexist add I will canc my subscription….same with money and natural home actually natural home is safe they would never ever put a sexist advert it their magizine….

  69. Sorry BB…I was wrong.

    I supposed my vote was counted but they are not accepting votes for another day……My Bad

    Sorry! 😦

  70. No.. No.. Pat I did not take it that way. No harm done. I did not take it that way.

    I understood what you were saying. I just wanted to clarify my position.

  71. RedDragon: Good, because I would never want to be seen as attacking another poster. XX00

  72. I know what you mean Pat. 🙂

  73. hey I like that Heidi Li but we should let the magizine know we are cancelling the subscription because of the “inappropiate” depiction of women in the adverts.

    lower subscriptions = lower ad rates

  74. Michael: As long as I am not expected to give up my People Magazine! I love my People Magazine! Please, please not my People Magazine!

  75. Pat J — I don’t subscribe to People but the times I’ve seen it the ads have appeared to me to be very “family friendly” — I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  76. angie: Thank God! I can live without peanut butter, chocolate, bubble baths if pushed. But my People Magazine, never! I would have to go underground and lie to you people if it came to that.

  77. Pat J — LMAO!

  78. You all made it on memeorandum again .. seventh story down on the left .. the Richardson one ..


  79. btw — I’m watching “To Sir with Love” on AMC (surprisingly my lover of all Western dad’s favorite movie — he’s a sentimentalist at heart). To think, Obama stepped on this man’s legacy as well — disgusting.

  80. Briana — Thanks for the heads up. Congrats TC & dakinikat! Of course, I had to use the “f” word in the thread — I might have to start watching my language if we get any “bigger” (or at least change my gravatar). 🙂

  81. yuck we are lsted betwn talk left and corrente…

  82. meme? I thought we didnt MEME here?

  83. Yes, Pat, I agree that there is a generational gap among women calling themselves feminists. The so-called “third wave” (and I’m unconvinced that this group espouses feminist principles at all) sees progress and freedom in a woman’s right to use her body as she pleases while we old dried-up, bra-burning, hairy arm-pitted second-wavers (as they view us) see nothing but degradation and big strides backward. Perhaps coincidentally (or not), my own experience indicates that these younger feminists both supported Obama and were unoffended by the Favreau incident.

    Can these generational differences be bridged to the point where we can join forces in order to make real progress? I don’t know, but I’m not optimistic.

  84. angienc2, on January 4th, 2009 at 7:18 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I love that movie.

    Sidney Poitier is one of my heros.

  85. Dang! I take the day to organize all my files–which took HOURS–and I miss some major drama. Can’t believe Judas is already out–lol! What a relief for Hillary–she won’t have to look at him and pretend to be friendly.

    I also saw this heading at Drudge:

    Obama planning major speech on his stimulus package… Developing…

    Lord help us–another SPEECH!

  86. angie,

    I’ve always liked to read Vogue, but I usually don’t look at the ads that closely. From now on I will pay attention when reading magazines. I wouldn’t be surprised Vanity Fair runs those ads.

  87. Thanks Red Dragon. I thought I was losing my mind there for a minute.

  88. I’m watching To Sir too!! Every-single-time I cry!

    I was thinking that Sidney is everything Obama is not–true grace, dignity and originality. What a class act.

  89. Thank you Briana .. I didn’t think I could laugh anymore at Richardson withdrawing , but now that the offical transition Team bo bus has left tire tracks all across his back by publicly stating they feel he was not “forthcoming about the investigation ” ( WORM for he is not the Bill Richardson we thought we knew when he was stabbing Hillary and Bill in the back and we really dont care now that we have what we want from him )
    I just dont want to be under the same bus with him thanks …

    And speaking of tire tracks all across your back

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY is one of the most culpable entitiies and last bastions of machismo and overt abuse of women ; in particular , heavy metal and hip hop. But to single out any genre is fruitless, when most women , in order to make it in the music industry have to be willing to engage in soft porn to sell their “talent” or be marketed as a package .
    As a result , our society and our children almost never get to hear the real music being made by artisans that is not homogenised, sterilised, or sexualised, for mass consumption. The music that is the heart and soul of a culture and touches us so we grow as a people, does not go out over the airways because it might not make a profit .. Trust me when I tell you that I could go on on this topic for years ,, um because i have LOL and plan to continue .

    ps My latest addiction is the



  90. Sydney’s dancing—love him.

  91. Where is NOW on this issue? Or are they just too enmeshed in the New Politics to care about the lost war of women?

  92. bb — Vanity Fair runs those ads too — I canceled my subscription to VF back in March when they ran that bs piece about Bill’s “affair” with that Gina Gershon.

  93. NOW has been AWOL for a LOOOOOG time NOW!

  94. fif — I cry too — when he tears up the offer from the engineering firm — which is coming up any second!

    And you are right — he is the polar opposite of Obama, but Obama used Poiter’s image to present himself as the same.

  95. I was thinking that Sidney is everything Obama is not–true grace, dignity and originality. What a class act.

    I didn’t tear up until I read this. I’m so angry that Obama robbed me of my joy in the knowledge that a person of color has been elected POTUS.

  96. Another slap at women (and Gays) by Obama:

    Obama Taps Kaine to Lead D.N.C.
    Kaine on abortion:
    “I have a faith-based opposition to abortion. As governor, I will work in good faith to reduce abortions by:

    1. Enforcing the current Virginia restrictions on abortion and passing an enforceable ban on partial birth abortion that protects the life and health of the mother;
    2. Fighting teen pregnancy through abstinence-focused education;
    3. Ensuring women’s access to health care (including legal contraception) and economic opportunity; and
    4. Promoting adoption as an alternative for women facing unwanted pregnancies.

  97. and speaking of being robbed of the joy that a person of color was elected POTUS — you know who pisses me off? Toni Morrison backtracking on her “Bill Clinton is the first AA president.” FUCK HER.

    And by the way, Beloved & The Bluest Eye ain’t all that.

  98. This discussion neeeds to stay alive. I am not sure when the nails started pounding so deeply into the coffin of feminism.

    All I know is that it seemed to explode alogside of porn culture taking a fashionable role in our society. Does anyone know when shaving–shaving everything–became so commonplace?

    I took this up with friends and neighbor women, bringing up the uncomfortable point that shaving yourself bare was a bit too much like offering yourself up as a prepubescent girl. You wouldn’t believe the ugly and shrill resposes I got in response to that.

    But really–when did this start? When did porn culture invade so completely? Boogie nights? madonna? when?

  99. How quick they forget Angienc2!

    It seemed the whole damn Dem Party forgot what the Clinton’s did for this country!

  100. My pick is Levi jeans. I refuse to buy them for my children or grandchildren.
    The company was made by American buyers. They no longer manufacture in America and now they belittle women.
    Can you suggest a way if we all pick a product to refuse to buy, how can we make it know to the public.
    Maybe we could take a vote on what products that we could make a difference by not buying.



  101. I would like to comment on the shaving thingee but i am afraid i may sound….Like a man…LOL

  102. Joaniebone,

    I think it goes back much further than that.

  103. I know it does, BB. But what I am saying is that there WAS a feminist movement, and it was BIG. Now the word feminist is greeted with suspicion and jeers- even by women.

    I think there was a big pop-culture push that blurred the line by defining porn culture as empowering to women’s sexusality whebn it was just the opposite.

  104. Yep…it’s the “girls gone wild” smoke and mirrors.

  105. I remember also looking at Italian magazines in the early ninties and marveling that the shots were focused up close on women’s crotches. That was definately not the practice in American fashion mags then.

  106. helenk, on January 4th, 2009 at 7:53 pm Said:

    What if I put up a post here at The Confluence with a poll listing possible products worth boycotting if you are a woman or care about one? (This assumes I can figure out how to insert a poll into a post – not at all sure).

    We could see what the comments reveal and what the poll results are. Then we can spread the leading two or three boycott-worthy items across the blogosphere.

    Thoughts on this anybody?

  107. Joaniebone,

    I see what you mean. I think the backlash has been going on at the same time as we fought for women’s rights. Women fought for rape and child abuse to be prosecuted and for equal pay and better jobs and education. The more we fought for equal rights, the more the pop culture objectified and sexualized women. I remember the complaints back in the ’70s about young girls being made up to look like adult women–remember Brooke Shields as a kid?

  108. Feminism also became a dirty word when Rush used the term Feminazi to describe Hillary Clinton!

  109. I’d like to read that book by Susan Faludi, Backlash. I’ve never read it. She has a more recent book about misogyny post 9/11 also.

  110. I do think Madonna had a role-intentional or not–in this. Alot of yound women couldn’t or can’t see the distinction between owning your sexuality and being objectified. It was a subtle distortion played out by the fashion industry, for starters. Very damaging.

  111. It sounds like a great idea Heidi

  112. RedDragon,

    When I was in high school in the early ’60s, I was excoriated because I advocated for equality for women. I read Betty Friedan and my consciousness was raised, but everyone else thought I was nuts. Feminism has always been a dirty word any time women tried to advocate for it.

  113. That is one reason why my daughter refuses to allow her step daughter to watch Hannah Montana!

  114. I’m sure you’re right, Joaniebone–especially the clothes, wearing underwear as clothing, etc. comes from Madonna. Of course we had micro-mini-skirts in the ’60s.

  115. joaniebone — I place the start of the “third wave” squarely at the feet of Madonna — I was only in high school when Like a Virgin came out but even I could see that she was selling sex & pretending that she was a feminist by saying that she was “taking control of her sexuality” & all the so-called feminists jumped on board (Camillia Paglia, et al) without question. Here I was 13-14 years old & I could see through Madonna’s bs, why couldn’t they? Look at what she did with that book Sex — that is pure pornography (and believe me, I have a high tolerance for nudity — I don’t think Maplethorpe is pornography, for example). She gloried in the fact that she had a child out of wedlock (good example for her young fans) and has basically shown that nothing is sacred if she can make a buck off of it (Like a Prayer video, etc). She is a a vulgar opportunist, not a feminist & the fashion & behavior of the women who have come after her have followed her lead pretending that that they are “feminists” when really they are pale imitations of her.

  116. Quick comment re “waves” of feminism. I am not an academic feminist – that is my scholarly specialties are not feminist studies or women’s studies or feminist legal theory. Maybe because of that I have never bought into the paradigm of waves of feminism. There is a history of fighting, in different ways, for women – the fight for suffrage; the effort to win passage of the ERA; the fight and passage of some passage of some federal law for that offers civil rights protection for women.

    But there is really only one feminism: the feminism that is entwined with liberalism and would not be necessary in a fully liberal polity. A fully liberal polity would not make arbitrary distinctions on the basis of sex or any other inborn characteristic irrelevant to the matter at hand, which in contemporary society include most matters.

    The bottom line: what furthers individual autonomy? What furthers the recognition that women are individuals and their autonomy is no different than anybody else’s (that is, men’s) autonomy?

  117. This is true BB.
    I can still remember the crap my older sisters went through because of their outspokenness and their refusal to be seen as weak!

  118. joanie, the feminist movement was defined by men as the sexual revolution. it is is inextricably linked in society’s mind.

    For religious misogynists it is provides an excuse to look down upon women.

    For misogynists in general, it is a way to just keep women in their place.

  119. We have to somehow grow consciousness again. I have my son reading over my shoulder on this blog, and I am glad. He is going to be a fighter. We’re going to need them.

    Why do movements have to be “Cool”? Why isn’t simple justice sexy enough?

  120. I think I have seriously underestimated Obama as a born-again Christian. Kaine’s appointment is yet another indication that he has a serious fundamentalist streak. This can’t all be pandering–or could it? He really IS “W!”

  121. Good God!

    Jeebus help the man that tries that crap in my household. I know I am only “Tolerated” in my home because I am Dad! LMAO!

  122. and…

    Good for you and your son Joan!

    I taught mine long ago that a woman is more that just a pair of boobs!

  123. And Angie, remember “Papa don’t preach?” It STILL pisses me off. She was so effin irresponsible.

  124. RedDragon — LMAO — like my dad says for Valentine’s Day he gets my mom flowers &, in exchange, my mom tolerates him for the rest of the year!

  125. taggles, so true.

  126. fif – Hey, what’s wrong with being a born-again Christian? I am one after all

  127. He knows!

    I tell everyone that I do not run my home, I just exist in a small corner of it….LOL

  128. I’ve never doubted Obama (and Michelle) are born-again evangelical very religious people – they sat in their church for twenty years. I wouldn’t have sat there. They sat there because they believed what they heard.

  129. Maybe we need to develop a strategy to end the cycle by addressing this demographic.

  130. joaniebone — yes! how could I leave out Papa Don’t Preach — “look little girls, it is cool to have a baby out of wedlock!” But the fact is, if you go through Madonna’s career there is so effing much to get pissed off about because of her irresponsibility. The men like seeing her naked (or near naked) and the women were only too happy/quick to not rock the boat by praising her as ushering in the “new feminism.”

  131. And Heidi Li , can we at some time in the future also inclde organisations that support women ?? I am specifically thinking of one right now S.W.A.N. DAY SUPPORT WOMEN ARTIST NOW Day
    This is a new last year annual event, the second one coming this March 29 chceck it out ..http://www.womenarts.org/swan/

  132. Jmac — Hi!!

  133. frenly — nothing wrong with being born again — only pretending that you are not to get elected.

  134. From fif: “I think I have seriously underestimated Obama as a born-again Christian. ”

    I wish I could say I have. I have been SCREAMING about this to his supporters since my Edwards days. It was there, in his words and actions.


  135. Sorry Angienc2…But I always thought she was a tad bit too “thin” for my taste. besides..I do not find trashy women attractive. If there is nothing between the ears……not sexy at all in my eyes!

  136. It’s not the born-again christian bit–it’s the judgemental parts, and legislating religious beliefs.

    I have been abused by fundamentalists, so I have negative associations. That is why I am especially glad to know the real-deals like you, elderj.

  137. One of the reasons The Confluence exists is because I was banned from speaking at DailyKos but there is a HUGE blogosphere out there and I was not going to let a bunch of Favreau type Obamaphiles stick a sock in my mouth.

    Woohoo RD!

    On a much sadder note, I am so sorry to hear about Louisa. I cannot begin to imagine the grief that family is going through–it’s so much for any mother to endure. It reminds me of the resurgence and organization of the gay movement in the 80’s when people were dying of AIDS, and Reagan & Co. deliberately suppressed information re: prevention because they “didn’t want to cause a panic.” Basically, they didn’t care because it was a bunch of gay guys dying, and “it was God’s punishment anyway.” Well, the gay community realized if they did not empower themselves, they would continue to die in massive numbers. It’s the same for women. We have the numbers, but with groups like NOW, and “icons” like Oprah abandoning ship when they had the chance to blast through the ceiling, it’s difficult to mount a surge. But we can…

    Lastly, speaking of following the money: Rupert Murdoch has promised to put tons of cash behind Caroline Kennedy. Gee, a staunch Republican wants to fund a Kennedy–sure smells funny to me.

  138. But Angienc2:

    Madonna was always seen in my home as taboo. I married young…19 and my oldest daughter loved her. She used to get angry at me when I refused to allow her to watch those videos.

    She has since understood why and I am glad she realized what her mother and I tried to instill in her and her sisters at a young age. I never had to worry about my babies since!

    ( But I still do)

  139. joanie: I’ve always seen it, but I assumed it was just more posturing on his part to pander to a much needed constituency. Now, I am beginning to think he believes in these fundamentalist teachings, and worse, he is going to continue to blur the church/state boundaries that Bush eroded. THIS is a Democrat?!

  140. swanspirit, on January 4th, 2009 at 8:16 pm Said:

    The sort of event you refer to is the sort of event I would like to highlight at 51 Percent as well as on the blogs. Could you send info to 51percent51 at gmail dot com?

  141. That was a big argument during the primaries FiF.
    Many were suspicious of his fundamentalism way back when.

  142. Va Gov Tim Kaine – the guy taking over for Howard Dean – has said we can’t separate politics from religion. He’s Roman Catholic.

    There’s nothing wrong with being Roman Catholic or born again or Muslim. But there’s something wrong with not believing in separation of Church and State.

  143. Who decides what a feminist is?

  144. fif, on January 4th, 2009 at 8:25 pm Said:

    I spent the entire primary season saying to my husband that whether Wright’s church was characterized as black liberation theology or fundamentalist Christian (not necessarily dichotomous), it was part of a highly patriarchal, illiberal brand of Christianity, and I could not understand why people did not realize that the most consistent feature in Obama’s adult life was his membership in that particular church.

    Not all born again Christians buy the patriarchy, correct?

  145. frenly (formerly and usually elderj), on January 4th, 2009 at 8:13 pm Said:

    I just saw your post frenly. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, but I have a SERIOUS problem with the imposition of other people’s beliefs on our laws. Abortion rights, gay rights, women’s rights–these are all being threatened further by the insistence that everyone in this country live according to fundamentalist interpretations of one particular religion. The Constitution is NOT a Christian doctrine. People are free to believe whatever they want, but I pay taxes, and I do not want someone else telling me how to live my private life. And what about the Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, et. al.?

  146. I don’t think it’s who decides what a feminist is, it’s a denial of feminism.

    Who can come up with a definition for feminism when everyone is doing what they can to deny women the freedom to identify as a feminist.

  147. Heidi: not only that, but BO freely admitted that Rev. Wright (and by extension, his ideology–though Obama now claims he didn’t know what this dear friend was immersed in for 20 years) was a personal mentor and spiritual guide. It’s reinforced by his relationships with Caldwell, Zmiec, Meeks, Pfleger, and now Warren. I still can’t believe he talked his way out of the lies he told re: his relationship with Wright and the church–but I am surprised by his very clear pattern of pro-life/anti-gay choices as PEBO. AND WE COULD HAVE HAD HILLARY!!!!

  148. joaniebone – so interesting for you to bring that piece up since my pastor preached about the pharisee and the tax collector today and how easy it is for us to always point the finger of comparison at the other person, “Thank God I’m better than those people” whoever they may be.

    SOD: I think that young girls are not so much being trained to “be subservient and open sexually to the whims of the patriarchy” as they are not being taught they have intrinsic value or worth entirely apart from anything external, be it looks, intellect, athleticism, etc. and that boys are not being taught that manhood means more than growing a bit of hair here and there.

    The sad irony is that the more sexually available young women have become, the less seriously they are taken by men and the more easily reduced to objects of sexual gratification. The trade off of old-style patriarchy was not that women were more esteemed; clearly they were not. But at least men had to pay a price for access to women’s sexuality. ($$ for a prostitute, or an evening out – or in a larger way, marriage and a lifelong theoretical commitment to provide for the woman). Now, the old saying, “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free” is coming into full fruition. Men have access to women’s bodies extraordinarily easy and at little to no cost and the beauty that is woman (in the totality of what that means) is degraded.

  149. I just found this in Roget’s Thesaurus:

    Slang for female:

    babe, jane, fox, broiler, baggage, beaver, bitch goddess, cherry, chicken, doll, filly, sweet young thing, forbidden fruit, jail bait, bantum, quail, wench, nooky, pussy, skirt, snatch, (beach) bunny, calico, piece of stuff, frail, dame, skirt, broad, hammer, sister, tamale, tomato, (piece of) ass, poon(tang), bed-bunny, canvasback, bimbo, bunny, chippy, cupcake, gash, groupie, band rat, or moll: tail, chassis, sexpot, (easy) lay, easy ride: pink toes,etc..etc..etc..


    And I did not list all of them. Disgusting!

  150. OT–but it is starting to snoe hard again! Last time I couldn’t get home for a week! Seattle is so sad with snow. I live at the top of a hill, and it is hopeless.

    Rats. Not a good start to the week. If only I didn’t have to get to work. They close our street for downhill skiing and sledding.

  151. Oh what a post, RD. What a post!

    Sister mine!

    You just can’t stop an actual feminist can you?


    ps: I think there is more to Blago than we thought.
    My prayer is for a stop to war, globally.
    Only women will be able to do that RD!

    all my hugs to us in the tribe that has the biggest heart — you know RD — it’s that heart of a lion you have — it comes right through your pen.

    All the pens around here!

  152. Slang for man is…..

    Hetro, one way street, guy, bloke, bimbo, bozo, buck, colt, hardling, hunk, hardbody, pair of pants, buffalo, cave man, joe, cunt, blood, clink, geezer,

    That is all!

  153. fif:
    Senator Clinton is, in my opinion (which I’ve stated before and will state again, no doubt (smile)), going to have the last laugh over this administration. She’ll be the least scandal tainted and the most effective, primarily because she is at one remove from the Obama scene. In it, but not of it. She owes Obama nothing; he has nothing on her. If anybody can a make a dam’ difference to what is going on with the crazy world it will be she, through her combination of intense hard work and political savvy.

    Would I have preferred her as president? Yes – hours of work and many dollars went to THAT cause. But I will be pleased if Senator Clinton’s pragmatic decision to make the best of her options after the Party locked her out of the nomination process works for the good of the country. And will I be bothered if she comes out of all of this with the esteem and admiration she deserves. You betcha.

  154. Kaine is troublesome because of Rick Warren. NOW and NARAL just might want to be watching their backs.

  155. We are going to have to fight the established women’s groups. They are not doing their job. They are not representing women. They need to be taught a lesson. There needs to be a change in leadership. A change in thinking. They need to be embarassed. They need to be ashamed. They need to start representing. They need to become feminists again, not political power brokers.

  156. frenly — I strenuously disagree. The “patriarchy”, through the media (tv, radio, film, magazines, etc.) tells young women how they SHOULD be and so many of them fall for it.

  157. Elderj (not yet used to your new moniker):

    I point the finger more often at myself- very critically. I always wonder if what I am doing is enough.

    Guilty Catholic through and through.

  158. Jmac — Gov. Kaine et al are morons — Thomas Jefferson was an Atheist (or at “best” an agnostic) as was Thomas Paine, author if “The Rights of Man” (he wrote: “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church” (Age of Reason)), as were most of the Enlightenment authors — and the American Revolution & government was founded as a result of the Enlightenment principles. To say that you cannot separate religion from law is pure unadulterated bullshit — but what is worse, it shows a complete ignorance of the foundation of our society.
    Good lord, what has happened to the education system in this country? Thank God my parents could afford private schools for us.

  159. help! I’m in moderation.

  160. SOD — being naughty again, eh?

    Hey, don’t forget all — the next episode of The View from Under the Bus is Jan. 14th — be there or be square!

  161. Lincoln explicitly denied any affiliation with any organized religion.

  162. RedDragon — the forgot to list “dick” “dickhead” and “asshole”

  163. Voting isn’t until tomorrow 1/5

  164. SOD and ANGIE,

    The best damn naughty girls ever!

  165. Did you hear that thud Angie?

    That was me hitting the floor…LMAO!

  166. Obama’s religiosity has always been a fraud, IMO. He was raised in entirely secular households, but what is the first thing he does when he arrives in Chicago with political ambitions (but no political connections)? He joins the most politically-connected church in town. And he had no choice but to stay. He quit only when his continued membership became a political liability. The Rev, Wright controversy was the only issue that ever seriously threatened his campaign.

    Have he and MO been to church since they quit Trinity UCC? Will they find a new faith community while he’s president? I doubt it. Maybe they’ll just do their Bible study naked in the Lincoln bedroom.

    Oh, and I can’t believe Kaine being tapped to head the DNC. Can it get any worse? (Okay, don’t answer that…)

  167. joaniebone — if you think we don’t include you in the naughty girls club, you are sadly mistaken, sister! LOL

  168. Gotta run…

    Thanks for the company all! See you all tomorrow if the spirits deem it so.

    Goodnight brothers and Sisters!

  169. Angie—wheew! I was worried.

  170. Nite RedDragon2!

  171. night RedDragon!

    joaniebone — worried? you’re a founding member of the naughty girls club here at TC! 😉

  172. I don’t buy the whole “wave” idea of feminism. it’s an ongoing struggle, not a series of events. I believe the term was coined by Rebecca Walker, daughter of Alice Walker. those two have serious issues with each other and the daughter wanted to separate herself from her mother’s issues.

    by inventing the concept of a wave, feminists like us could be dismissed – “oh, your wave is over – run along”. it’s extremely devisive and I think it has brought a lot of harm to feminism. it not only separates us from the younger generation, but from those who came before us. and that’s just not right.

  173. Nell – I agree with you about his religiosity. BO is religious in the most transparently political way. Ironically Bill Clinton has been a lifelong evangelical in terms of church membership, whereas the most recent Republican leaders (Bush, Ray-gun, etc.) have only been “evangelical” in their politics. Interesting huh?

  174. Dubious distinction, but I’LL TAKE IT!

  175. Frenli, that is what I meant by the real-deal.

    I am not familiar with in verses, but myiq called out a great one on Christmas day, Jesus speaking of those that have to pray where others can see.

    Those are the fundamentalists that have defined my negative view. Not at all Christians in action, but Christians with a capital C–crosses everywhere, God in every sentence, yet vindictive and punishment-oriented.

  176. “by inventing the concept of a wave, feminists like us could be dismissed – “oh, your wave is over – run along”. it’s extremely devisive and I think it has brought a lot of harm to feminism. it not only separates us from the younger generation, but from those who came before us. and that’s just not right.”


  177. kiki — I agree with you in principle, but the concept of “waves” in feminism is used a lot in society, which is why I believe we have been using the concepts here as reference points.

  178. Heidi
    i think it is a good idea for you to post and let the people vote on what products not to buy and why.

    Years ago when Madonna was in her Happy Hooker mode you could see the young girls come through Penn Station . She would have a concert at Madison Square Garden. I remember thinking I would not let my girls out of the house looking like that. But I wonder how many changed clothes after leaving the house. Isn’t it odd how when she became a mother all of a sudden it wasn’t cool anymore and she “got religion” and would not let her kids be exploited like she did to other kids for money.



  179. helenk —
    Isn’t it odd how when she became a mother all of a sudden it wasn’t cool anymore and she “got religion” and would not let her kids be exploited like she did to other kids for money.

    good point — and underscores my point about Madonna being an opportunitis who exploited herself/body/women for money. And don’t forget — it still hasn’t stopped her from exploiting other young women/girls to buy herself some camera time (i.e., the kiss with Britney on MTV awards). Of course, Britney wouldn’t exist without Madonna as a forerunner.

  180. Sorry, Sidney Poitier fans: http://www.nypost.com/seven/09142008/gossip/pagesix/ex_mistress__poitier_was_a_cad_128993.htm. The worst part: Diahann Carroll says Poitier locked her out of their new apartment, then “made me write him a check to offset his purchase and decorating costs.”

    The second-wave feminists were prepared (often relieved) to give up men. These young’uns today aren’t there yet.

  181. I disagree with you Nell on Obama and religion. George Bush is religious; he was born again. He might not go to church, but he walked the walk and talked the talk. And he never stabbed his religious followers in the back.

    Obama is religious. It’s not political. You’d have to be brain dead, deaf, and comatose to sit in his church that long for political reasons. And send your children. He inhaled. He swallowed.

  182. Angie, I think the term originated in the early 90s. I see that as a bit late to define and categorize all the feminists who came before you. I’m surely not criticizing you or anyone here, just saying to me it’s a new term and used, imo, to dismiss the people who came before.

  183. It sure feels good to be back, and I have to go now–to park my car at the bottom of the hill. Hope it helps.

    This is an awfully midwestern winter here. Plus school cancelled–again.

    (kids are happy though!)

  184. gmanedit — I’ve never denied that Poitier was a man which, by definition, means somewhere to some woman he has been a selfish s.o.b. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his good points. 🙂

  185. I think Madonna is a marketing genius, and her product was and is herself. I don’t think she contributed much to the culture, but she got awfully wealthy. oy

  186. angie: a man which, by definition, means somewhere to some woman he has been a selfish s.o.b.


  187. on the way out the door…………

    madonna is a narcissist, and poisonous at that. Not surprising she got rich. Those that aren’t burdened by conscience tend to be good at that.

  188. New post up!

  189. yeah, but she paved the way for so many other poisonous narcissists!

  190. sorry kiki — I’m not old enough to remember the woman’s movement of the 70s — the 90s and the talk of the “third wave” happened when I was becoming aware of feminism myself. Personally, I only use the terms as reference points & agree with you in principle that it is dismissive and exclusionary. I didn’t think you were being critical of me or anyone here with what you wrote.

    Madonna is a marketing genius of herself, but so what? IMO she prostituted herself & her self-respect for filthy lucre — I have no admiration for her. I’d rather scrub toilets with my dignity intact.

  191. My idea of feminism is getting respect for who you are and what you do.
    If you stay at home and raise a family that is very important because most women who do stay home do unpaid work in the family and neighborhood to make things better for all.

    If you work out side the home you are expected to do the job and still keep a home and still make the men look good. sometimes even when they are not.

    If you choose not to marry and have children you are expected to not have a life and sacrifice for those who choose to marry.

    All women should have the choice of what they want to do with their lives and not be judged differently because of those choices.
    If I remember correctly it does say in the Constitution all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness , Women deserve the same rights.



  192. bye joaniebone! Be good — and if you can’t be good, be careful!

  193. New post….

  194. RD did Brook make that?

    WOW. This is called “subliminal advertising” — and should be posted at every feminist site. I read a piece by Naomi Wolf that the porn indusrty had attached it’s imagery into the “games” and downloaded into the cell phones of children in childhood.

    What this caused for this gen psychologically — especially if they had seen all the bondage imagery I took a look at when I was researching why on the writers list at ERWA they were writing what they were?

    RD & CO. the fear generated in a child’s mind at those images?

    Unbelievable. The world would appear to be filled with monsters.

    I argued and argued with the worst perpetrator on that list — until I finally wrote two stories — one portraying DV and one Sadism — I just wrote the characters?

    The women went insane with anger at me. I was only mirroring back what the man was writing. It was insane RD. So, as I began to see that none of the stories had hetero love between just one man and one woman? I wrote it!

    Gen Obot grew up with this imagery and “pre-scripted games” on the computer? Now they are reflecting that back in advertising.

    One of the first college papers I ever wrote, early 80’s — was about Subliminals in advertising!

    Always ask yourself what is the message in the advertising?

    This is like the Frankenstein monster the deep you delve in — it is!

    The Marshall McLuhan institute in Canada is where you can learn about it? The blankness of graphic design even in the web — is terrible — there isn’t any,

    You can do a boycott?

    Thank you for bringing this to light. I think this might be a reason we are seeing “the emo children” and RD. We have to correct this. We do. If it was our Brook, tell her she is an artist and thinker like her fellow PUMApal Valentine.

    See what the power of not playing pre-scripted games gets you?

    Someone who can think and reason!


    I love you guys — and also, all those sex toys for sale?

    What happened to human touch?

    MiQ2xu is going to be able to help us out! — cause he’s in our gen!

    he just has to help re-educate, no? He will, cause I can bet your bottom dollar he’s a master at the art of suave!


    hugs confetti and !


  195. Heidi Li, on January 4th, 2009 at 8:27 pm Said:
    swanspirit, on January 4th, 2009 at 8:16 pm Said:

    The sort of event you refer to is the sort of event I would like to highlight at 51 Percent as well as on the blogs. Could you send info to 51percent51 at gmail dot com?

    Will do Heidi Li !! woohooo THANK YOU so much !!

  196. RD — all this violence we are seeing in the world — I have a theory so you guys can meet some of my teachers — this is the group that is going to be able to heal the rift. In the mid 90’s the scholar Aaron Kipnes was writing about drugging children — children put on Prozac and so forth — you are the scientist and we have to get on this from all fields — right now.

    Okay — the rage gen was suicidal — the music and so forth in the cultural surround? They also might have been on what drugs for leisure? somebody think about this and RD can get the science community on it –what is in their bloodstreams and what are they mixing it with we need to know — I am writing my treatment plan as antidote

    Also I would like the background data on consumption of lead paint or plastic toy consumption? For poison in bloodstream — the scientists can think up the antidote really fast if it is prescriptions?

    Better living through chemistry?
    Or PACIFICA and depth psychology — get the stats please?

    Go PUMAS GO!

  197. The Second Wave —
    I love you my sisters

    We were feminism in action and now we are pumapeople in action!

  198. […] actually get a liberal leader…while the DNC gets…something elseCaptain Spaulding Says VOTE!Sunday: Double XI Am Not A FeministWalk It Out With Gaffey […]

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