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Obama Supporters = Liberal?

Thinking back and in the present, my oh my how the tables have turned.

Looking back, if you were NOT an Obama supporter you were a racist, republican plant, even though you fought against just about everything George W. Bush stood for starting with the Election of 2000 right along with your liberal brethren. Or, at least with people you thought held the same values.

If you didn’t agree that Ronald Reagan was a beacon of Liberalism you were a republican who just hated black people.

If you wanted mandated health care to help usher in Universal Health Care, you were a republican who just hated black people.

If you pointed out sexism, you were just a republican who hated black people.

If you disagreed with domestic spying, and supported a candidate who actually disagreed with it, you were just a republican who hated black people.

If you were aghast at the media bias, you were just a republican who hated black people.

If you despise election fraud, you were just a republican who hated black people.

Now, it turns out, if you disagree with or question Obama on Rick Warren, the bailout, Proposition 8, Caroline Kennedy, Eric Holder, Robert Gates, or the measly representation of women in his cabinet, and you supported and voted for Obama, you too are just a republican who hates black people.

To all my long lost friends who trashed Hillary supporters as racists and republicans, I want to know how you feel about being part of our club. Do you still feel good with what you did to friends who simply disagreed? How does it feel to be called a racist? How does it feel to have your friends accuse you of republicanism? How does it feel to be railroaded out of the party? Does the Democratic Party represent liberalism in any sense of the word?

I wish I could say that I feel bad, but I don’t, I have one full year of experience under my belt and feel pretty darn comfortable with my political ideology, liberalism. I might have some empathy in about six months or so after you have sufficiently paid the price for questioning Obama from your “liberal” friends. I am only human and enjoy the karma playing out before me. Sue me!

Okay, not really. Please do join us. We are the real democrats, the real liberals. People who question are not enemies they are friends. People who do not blindly support politicians are not enemies they are friends. Welcome aboard, fellow PUMA’s who didn’t know it!

160 Responses

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent! We know who we are, those of us who stood up to the powers that be and said, “no way”!

    We are the real Democrats. We said a loud NO to the bullsh*t that was heaped our way and are still standing. We suffered our own resounding disappointment back on May 31st and now we can sit back and watch the same filter through from those who dissed us as r@cist for simply not getting onboard.

    You summarized our positions to perfection!

  2. Speaking of knowing who we are …CRIMINAL NEWS NETWORK has placed SARAH PALIN among the worst crooked politicians of the year


    GRETA IS TICKED OFF and this is unforgivable

  3. Taggles- do u know that many people that have awakened to the Obama Hustle? I don’t dare ask any friends what they are thinking now because I can’t risk having to listen to any more ignorance or justifications.
    At the hair salon last week, a Scottish 30 sthing guy getting hair cut was joking how Obama was going to fix the economy. I chimed in with “well, not for u and me”. I went on with some info about his donors and his nonexistent history of helping folks in his district as a community organizer ( or as ‘ jesus’ as the liberal elites like to describe that position). Scot’s initial reaction was “really?! That’s scary.” them he went on to say he was an optist and as going to hope for the best. That’s where i’m afraid my friends are. Either blindly hoping or still full on adoration.
    I’d love to hear any buyers remorse stories.

  4. They put Palin on the list but omitted Wm. Jefferson from LA who had $90,000 stuffed into his freezer! And she did nothing wrong. While MO dresses like she has fallen in love with her couch covers and matching drapes, Palin is accused of wrong doing because her wardrobe was bought and paid for then returned to the RNC.

    Has the world completely turned upside down?

  5. At this point I think we can be pretty sure that the only people who won’t be joining us under the bus are Republicans who hate black people.

    You know – the “Obamacans”

  6. Unfortunately, the “return policy” for Obama is based on those of Circuit City. You do not get your money back.

  7. sarah just go over to “liberal” blogs, you will find plenty of hand wringing and accusations like described above.

  8. They put Palin in with a bunch of guys who were either, arrested, convicted, or caught having affairs.

  9. sarah:

    You won’t find any buyer’s remorse around here, just a lot of “I told you so” stories.

  10. I have to share this with you guys: Patrick Buchanan has a more liberal position on Roland Burris than Senate Democrats! What is going on???


  11. Fantastic post, taggles. Tell it, friend!

  12. DJ: I have shuddered to find myself frequently agreeing with Pat Buchanan of late.

  13. Satisfying post, taggles, and so well expressed.

    I was asked about “Obama so far” at a party among people whom I assume voted for him. I simply said that he was not my responsibility. My meaning was that I didn’t vote for him. Along with that goes the fact that neither he not the Democratic Party cared about what I thought before the election. So that even if I wanted to have input in his administration, I know that I would have zero influence.

    My responsibility is with the resistance. May it grow as some of you are witnessing the doubts creep in among those able to recover from “the glow.”

  14. Oh — and another thing — Obama wants to create space at the table for Warren and Lieberman, but not Burris, who is more liberal than they are. Why?>

  15. myiq- I meant stories from folks here that have friends that are blinking back “Obama lied to me tears”.
    Taggles- I can’t go to any of those sites. It’s like turning on msnbc. I’m repulsed.

  16. Let’s be realistic: there is nothing the GOP likes better than to watch the Dems feast off one another while carving up the spoils. If Buchanan is defending these choices then please check your valuables.

    While this infighting promises to be amusing on some levels, this guarantees the GOP’s ability to divert the attention from their own debacles while gearing up for the next election. I like Pat up to a point but I do not trust his analysis. He is a total and committed servant of the GOP.

  17. sarah:

    Sorry, I can’t see their tears while I’m rubbing their noses in it.

  18. Do any of you think we will live to see the day Olbermann does one of his “special comments’ segments against Obama? I have a feeling Hell will be freezing over first and those of us already down there will be reaching for a sweater.

  19. Buchanan is a neo-fascist asshole but he has integrity.

    He says what he thinks and he doesn’t care if you agree with him or not.

    People named “Pat” are like that.

  20. O/T but may be of special interest to commenters here:
    51 Percent looking for guest essays: see http://www.fifty-one-percent.org/
    or http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2009/01/an-invitation-from-51-percent.html

  21. myiq: *&**&^%&^^%$!!!!!!!! &$#@#$@@@!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Also, just posted on Potpourri (as long as I’m in a little fit of self-promotion: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2009/01/women-of-interest-an-occasional-series-entry-3-helen-suzman.html

    Helen Suzman – a real liberal in a place and time when you could easily have been killed for being one.

  23. myiq2xu
    Like the new icon. Like the same old attitude.

  24. FOX News was at it’s peak when it was anti-administration. People like conflict and controversy, not cheerleading.

    MSNBC rose in the ratings when it became the anti-administration network. Now they will be the cheerleaders.

    FOX is in heaven

  25. That’s Captain Spaulding’s baby picture.

  26. He should have been drowned at birth.

  27. purplefinn, on January 4th, 2009 at 12:11 pm Said:

    Right on. I keep explaining that unless and until Obama magically cures what needs curing, he basically bores me. And I do not think that his planned economic stimulus package is such an impressive opening gambit, as I am pretty sure that whoever was elected on the verge of a worldwide depression/recession (whatever) would have done something similar.

    Really, Obama bores me. Except when his lillberalism scares or disgusts me.

  28. CNN is a shell of an organization. On the dance floor with the One doing the Obama Hustle. Pimps. Thugs. Misogynists. Homophobes. Extortionists. Race baiters. Con artists. All shaking their booties while mr. Cool pops his shirtless pecs to the gangster pulse of Jay-Z and leads the line dance on the disco floor.

  29. I guess I need to switch back to his adult mug shot then?

  30. I am having a grand time being friends with my new elephant friends.

  31. Obama is boring now that you mention it.

  32. I posted this downstairs but the pics of Blago as a kid are adorable.


  33. Teh following is a quote form Meg Wheatley – a phycist and philosopher and one of my favorite authors – it seems to fit the times – no?

    Rudolf Bahro, a prominent German activist and iconoclast, describes the
    first step: “When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created
    by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.” Bahro offers insecurity as a
    positive trait, especially necessary in times of disintegration.

    I believe PUMAs lead the way in these times of disintegration of the old.

  34. “Benjamin Button” morphed into Brad Pitt. In this case “Baby” morphing into Captain does not offer the same benefit.

  35. I personally do not know any that are willing to verbalize disappointment in BO. They were too shrill, too loudly insulting to us, to own up to a mistake in superior judgement. No–too soon, for my contacts. They are in a drug-induced euphoria still.

    I did survive an event with my Obot sibs over Christmas, though. I even had to bite my tongue and admire high heels purchased for the inauguration.

    But personally, I will NEVER tire of collecting “I told you so” info and hearing buyers remorse stories.

    The mass-abandonment of liberal principles among “Democrats” this year is truly unforgivable.

    Like Taggles, I say “so sue me”.

  36. afrocity–you have some? Tell me more!

  37. heidi – illiberalism, right?


  38. Blago has been surely blessed with a healthy crop of hair!

  39. On the PUMA-obsessed stalker blogs they like to use the phrase “border-line racist” in referring to some of our posts and comments.

    Leaving aside the inaccuracy of the phrase, doesn’t “border-line racist” really mean “not racist?”

    If we actually said something racist, wouldn’t they say “racist” instead?

    So when they say “border-line racist” what they mean is “it’s not racist but we’re gonna act like it is anyway.”

  40. “healthy crop of hair!”

    And Pat, so have you! A fine nest for the squirrels 🙂

  41. Pat Johnson Said:
    Do any of you think we will live to see the day Olbermann does one of his “special comments’ segments against Obama? I have a feeling Hell will be freezing over first and those of us already down there will be reaching for a sweater.

    While it’s not particularly likely, I’m enjoying a fantasy where one journalist and senior news analyst after another soberly admits, “That’s not the Barack Obama I knew.”

  42. MYIQ, I’m with Sarah- I don’t know how you bear it. It’s those sites that are borderline, in the psycho sense.

  43. “Blago has been surely blessed with a healthy crop of hair!”

    Why does he hide it under that dead cat?

  44. Blago has nice hair, Anderson cooper is just jealous because his is all gray. Must be those darn Vanderbilt genes Mr. Cooper.

  45. What I said downstairs is that Blago was a “cute one (kid). No wonder he protected his face. If I had been his mother, I wouldn’t have let him box.”

    I liked the last line of the article:

    “My other impression was this guy’s a hustler,” Younker said.

  46. I love this post!! Taggles you have said it all, beautifully and succinctly. I’m going to send this to my mom. She’ll love it.

  47. I am way past the r@cist tag from those who cannot understand my dislike of Obama. I voted for Deval Patrick and I did so based on the fact that at the time I thought he was the man for the job. It had nothing whatsoever to do with r@ce and I refuse to explain or defend these choices any longer.

    It is the candidate and what he/she offers and Obama offered zilch, zip, nada in comparison to Hillary. Besides, I prefer fairness to excel during an election, not a candidate pushed in my face for “historical” purposes. Had he brought something to the table I may have thought differently. As it is, the only thing he brought to the table was his appetite.

  48. I am in moderation for some reason. Must be because of my snippy comments about the “baby”.

  49. Dissenting Justice,

    There isn’t a place at the table for Rev. Wright either, remember? The “reaching out” thing is just for right wingers. Lefties get the boot as soon as they’re inconvenient.

    The thing about Pat Buchanan is that even though he’s despicable in many ways, he still tells the truth as he sees it. He doesn’t twist things to fit his ideology. I find that somewhat admirable, even though I disagree with him on almost everything.

  50. BTW, Dissenting Justice, It’s nice to see you commenting here. I love your stuff.

  51. joaniebone, Is your tongue still speaking to you? “I even had to bite my tongue and admire high heels purchased for the inauguration.”

  52. Well Pat Buchanan tiptoes pretty close to the edge in thinking that Hitler may not have been all bad. That about seals it for me.

  53. Switch back? Oh, Myiq the baby klown is cute

  54. Cute??? Then Quasimodo would be a “stud” in your world??

  55. Well, we’ve seen many permutations of Myiq’s avatars this year – I guess you didn’t like any of them Pat?

  56. BB where are you ???I was wondering if you had emailed me yet because i havent received anything…..

    ( Waves back )

  57. I told my kids that I was “turning over a new leaf” in this New Year. They said that it would take a whole forest to complete that resolution.

    Why did I take such pride in their first words as toddlers?

  58. I agree, Pat, although I don’t agree much with Buchanan – you know where he’s coming from and he sticks to his guns – not like O, who is all over the place depending on how the wind is blowing today.

  59. Absolutely Pat. I’m just saying that Buchanan call them as he sees them. That means when he saw Hillary getting treated unfairly in the primaries, he said so. And he also could see she was the better candidate and said so.

  60. Pat is personable. And I liked how he defended Hillary all the way through the primaries.

  61. Pat asked for it, so my new gravatar will appear shortly

  62. Now now Afrocity! Whats wrong with a head full of “Silver” hair? LOL

  63. Leaving to go do some after Christmas shopping. Am eager to do my part in boosting the economy! I am such a patriot.

  64. I need something to run my hands through.

  65. RedDragon62: Ok, I have a confession to make. My hair isn’t really red. It’s white. It started going white when I was 12. Underneath this mass of light auburn locks, I look like Emmylou Harris. And I don’t mind looking like Emmylou Harris except I’d have to shave it all off and start from scratch to make it look like it is coming in normally and not like some lead singer from a 80’s new wave/punk band.

    I think Nicole Kidman has the same problem except that she’s got oodles of money to pay for a an expert to take her from auburn to light golden blond without burning her hair follicles. Alas, I have not found such a person in my price rabge so L’Oreal it is.

  66. Purplefinn, My tongue gave me a lashing later.

    Before the event, I gave myself the same advice I give to my kids’ just before my ex hauls them off to fundie church camp: “pretend you’re in a play”.

    Hi BB!

  67. Then Quasimodo would be a “stud” in your world??

    I take any stud I can get.

  68. I have wavy hair.

    It’s waving bye-bye

  69. lol myiq! 🙂

  70. Myiq,

    I can still see their tears while I’m slapping them across the face with a fish.

  71. Hi Joniebone!! Long time no see.

  72. myiq2xu, sorry. That took me a long time to get. 🙂

  73. bb, how satisfying!

  74. I put up a new gravatar just for Pat J and she skedaddled.

  75. RD,

    Hair coloring is one of the things I’m willing to pay for. I pay through the nose to cover the gray and I plan to continue until my friends tell me it looks ridiculous.

  76. myiq2xu, Is that it?

  77. I love my hair. I think of how much I love every time I look at the receipt.

  78. myiq2xu,

    It may have been the new gravitar that did it. That is seriously wierd. It looks like a child clown screaming.

  79. Same here Afrocity.

  80. purplefinn,

    That’s myiq’s joke. I need to give him credit for it so he doesn’t send in the clowns.

  81. bb, got it. I give you a point for “send in the clowns” though. One is more than enough.

  82. Soeaking of beauty if anyone can reccomend a good home mini-lift or retinol A product I am all ears. I currently use DDF line from Sephora.

  83. That’s Quasimodo

  84. Rut..Roh

    to withdraw as Commerce secretary”

  85. SHV,

    It will take a lot a scooby snacks to get over that one.

  86. I tried to put a picture in my gravatar, but I don’t see it yet.

  87. Great post, taggles! You did a wonderful job of succinctly summing up the experience we all went through. And, you’re right, we must welcome the more recently disaffected with open arms. (But I’ll still smile quietly to myself.)

  88. Palin on the list has me reaching for my tinfoil hat. I’m telling ya. “They” are going to do everything they can to keep her for giving Jeb a run for their money.

  89. keep her from … geez, and i even had coffee this morning.

  90. richardson no longer to be commerce secretary due to investigation.

  91. Un-freakin-believable. The Big Zero isn’t even sworn it yet and the “laughs” keep coming. Something tells me we’re in for a bumpy and eventful four years. Can we stand the excitement?

  92. New gravatars take a little while to appear.

  93. one ‘TRAITOR DOWN ! .. wooohooo !

    Richardson to withdraw as Commerce secretary

  94. sorry .. see You all ready got it ….. I am still lmao …

    makes my day !

  95. Buh-bye Judas!

  96. UHOH no drama bama is now



  97. investigation about what?

  98. So many of his picks have skeletons in their closets – Hill may be the only one left standing.

  99. wow, i already got one answer to my office pool … first obama administration official to leave due to scandal: Richardson

  100. I wonder if the thirsty pieces of whatever were worth it to richardson.

    the ITYS’s keep coming.

  101. four days into the new year, and not even sworn in yet …

  102. He had done some “business” with a company that got a big contract due to his intervention – or so it is claimed

  103. Hmmm, Gee, Dak, if this keeps up he may never be sworn in 😆

  104. thirsty = THIRTY

    d*mn typos

  105. I was not for Hillary taking the job as Secretary of State. If I were HRC I would stay far, far, away from Obama.

  106. Judas was doing a Blago – “pay to play” in NM

  107. Oh happy day — I come here & read a great post by taggles that perfectly sums my feelings with the added bonus that Judas is out. Oh, yes Obama is truly the only virgin in the whore house. LOL

    As to Buchanan — I’ve already admitted that no matter what coukoo thing he says, I can’t totally hate him because he looks just like my dearly departed grandfather. However, I agree with the posters that have stated agree with him or not the man does have principles that he stays true to damn the consequences. I respect that especially in comparison to what I have seen from the DNC, Obama and the Obots this years.

  108. afrocity:

    If somebody finds a skeleton in Hillary’s closet I’ll be shocked.

  109. Does anyone know why I can’t get my gravatar to change even though the new picture is on my personal page?

  110. afrocity – I share your same concern — everyone with whom Obama is associated gets tainted with the corruption that the msm refuses to admit Obama is part of. Remember Midas with the golden touch? Obama has the shit touch.

  111. I think those bones have already been scattered around, myiq2xu.

  112. Angie ha ha. Are you of Irish descent?

  113. Now that we are seeing even more “interviews” of Barack and Michelle I wonder if his bots see how boring they really are. Poor little Barack who had only a mother but managed to get all his education in elite schools. How many Black children of single mothers get that option? Or how many white children of single mothers get that option? Oh, and I could only take a few minutes of the interviews. I am sick of all Barack all the time….

  114. bb: clear your cache

  115. That’s the “Bush” touch – everything they touch turns to shit.

  116. Obama would love to drag the Clinton’s down. The Dems look pretty pathetic lately. The Titanic’s maiden voyage seems to be in trouble.

  117. Obama should be sworn into office accompanied by carnival music. This is gonna be one helluva three ring circus.

    So does Judas actually count towards our resignation predictions. He isn’t really resigning the position since he never took it.

  118. read in the NY Times today that Daddy Bush wants Jeb as Florida senator and then to run as prez… will it ever stop?

  119. BB:

    I see your new gravatar (smiling blond with short hair?)

    Clear your cookies and temporary internet files on your browser.

  120. Now, Now myiq Laura Bush paid for some of my grad degree. i am not shit.

  121. I am on the air and i am laughing so hard and I am playing a song called Tip St Peter and Pay St Paul by Foddershock

    next up Mountain of Fools by Aquarian Age from Austria
    and then
    the PLAYER by the ChicagoThieves

    I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Richardson except of course … bo himself
    so I guess if you cannot get to the top you start at the bottom 😉

  122. Dakinikat, The Bush family is done. They’re only hope may be George P. Bush.

  123. (The “other” Sheri): As far as Richardson, why be surprised. BO hasn’t even gotten into office and the corruption abounds all around him. This over campaign money – how about investigating all those donations to BO’s campaign? Doubt we’ll ever see that.

    Afrocity: I use Renova, the original retinol A. You can get it here in states from your dermatologist; or, I get mine from Canadian pharmacy through the mail (without prescription).

  124. I meant “their only hope”

  125. I was referring to G-Dub, not Laura.

    I feel sorry for anyone who shook his hand.

  126. dakinikat, that’s been the plan all along. They knew that Jeb wouldn’t win on the heels of his brother’s disastrous presidency. So they put Obama in place and they will now spend the next four years picking him apart. Jeb will win handily in 2012, just as long as Palin doesn’t get in the way.

  127. I’m pretty sure the Bush brand is toast.

  128. myiq2xu: they thought Nixon was gone after the Checkers speech too

  129. Well, I shook George and Laura’s hand in 1996…I lived in Houston for 10 years as a college reporter you know.

    Angie you better secret Santa me some perfume I may smell like shit and not be aware of it. No wonder the Obots run away from me.

  130. gxm17: i didn’t really set any guidelines other than first Obama appointment to resign in a scandal …

  131. afrocity — yes I am — on my father’s side — his maternal grandmother was literally “off the boat” from County Cork Ireland.

  132. After the next four years, no one will remember the Bush years. That’s one problem with people, very short memories and absolutely no grasp of history.

  133. 2. The first Obama appointee to resign after a scandal in 2009 will be:

  134. Oh darn. Did anyone pick Judas?

    I can’t help but laugh. It only FOUR days into 2009 and the first one is already down.

  135. {snif, snif}

  136. afrocity — you don’t smell like shit — the shit touch belongs to Obama — oh sure we THOUGHT that everything W touched turned to shit, but now we will learn what turning to shit REALLY is courtesy of the Obots.

  137. new Soaps ..

    As the Administration Turns

    Hope Fades Fast

    Well, We Thought we Could

  138. congrats dakinikat on your winning pick of Judas — I still have high hopes that my pick (Seedy Rham) will to out guns blazing though. 🙂

  139. Swanie — “Well, We Thought we Could” — LMAO!

  140. ..Pelosi’s Hope

    The Young and Stupid

    One Vote To Cast

    General Anesthesia

  141. It worked! Thanks, Dakinikat!

  142. Oh, for Pete’s sake, now the monster is back. brb.

  143. BB you still look like an amoeba to me

  144. All My Obama Children

  145. Gxm17: nope, e1 thought seedy Rahm would be the first to go except me who thought Biden’s mouth would eventually get him into trouble … guess they’ve hidden him in cheney’s bat cave enough to slow him down

  146. Look again, Afrocity.

  147. afroc: roflmfpao

  148. afrocity — I like “The Young and the Stupid” — very apt!

  149. new post

  150. and I have to add this not to bring up the issue of the war , because I saw what happened to that thread ….but just an issue of international trust …
    ……… Does anyone still think Israel trusts bo ?? They sure as hell waited for him to take office to see what he might do didn’t they ??

  151. Larry Sabato is swimming happily in the Obama tank.

    The Judas story is already over, according to him.


    Screaming here ………..ohhman i have to breaaathe

  153. Honestly, I take ever more seriously my Obama-Nixon comparison – Nixon surrounded himself with dirty cronies like nobody else in modern politics – until now, with Mr. Obama.

    I always tell my law students: a person who is seriously untrustworthy once is going to be seriously untrustworthy again. When I first saw mention of Richardson’s resignation on this thread I thought it was a joke – but of course it isn’t.

  154. I went “Silver” when I was still in my teens RD.

    Yes…I tried the hair dye and all.. But My wife said she loved the “Silver” so I relented. It was funny having hair down my back streaked with silver…LOL.

    Ahhh…But I got used to it.

    To have jet black hair again…sigh

  155. Join us? Join us?!!!

    OH, HELL NO!!!!

    I have spent the better part of 2008 being called a traitor to my race (I’m A/A) , and a traitor to my other “family” (gay, sorry ladies). I ‘want the Obots to suffer for a while since it seems that the only way the american public gets the message is to hit them right between the eyes AND/OR in the wallet.

    So, no. While I respect the author (mucho props, Tags), I’m going to be bitter for a very long time. Let them come back when they’ve suffered for a while and have a chance to reflex on their individual f-ups in 2008. Right now, I’m not feeling particularly forgiving or merciful to the Obot race.

    End Rant. We now return to your blog already in progress.

  156. Preach Brother Torch! Preach!

    Can we get an AMEN?

  157. AMEN!!!

  158. You should know they’re attacking Hillary now on legislation v. donation agenda. Does the name Robert Congel mean anything to anybody? The Senate is going to make this impossible but our girl’s a sticker so I’ve got confidence.

  159. Regency, on January 4th, 2009 at 3:07 pm Said:

    You should know they’re attacking Hillary now on legislation v. donation agenda. Does the name Robert Congel mean anything to anybody? The Senate is going to make this impossible but our girl’s a sticker so I’ve got confidence.


  160. thanks boston boomer. i used to lurk here a lot but will try to come regularly – when i’m not writing.

    did you guys notice richardson dropped out of the secy of commerce post? http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2009/01/04/richardson_withdraws_as_commer.html?hpid=topnews

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