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Saturday: Al Franken wins recount in MN

The Minneapolis Star Tribune says it is over:

Norm Coleman’s term as a U.S. senator ended at noon Washington time on Saturday, and by evening his hopes of winning a second term had been dealt an expected but serious setback as state officials counted previously rejected absentee ballots in St. Paul.

DFLer Al Franken held an unofficial lead of 225 votes over Coleman, according to a newspaper tally of the officials’ count of the absentee ballots. Franken had led unofficially by 49 votes going into the day and gained a net 176 votes from the new ballots.

With the recount complete, focus immediately shifted to the Minnesota Supreme Court, which continued to consider a request from the Coleman campaign to alter the process and add more absentee ballots to be reconsidered. But by early evening there was no word from the state’s highest court as to when it would rule or hear arguments.

Sounds pretty definitive to me but Republicans don’t give up easily so expect them to drrrraaaaagggg this out until the middle of next term. But it sounds like it is possible for Franken to be seated next Tuesday along with the other freshman.

We expect great things from Franken. Frank Lautenberg is no Borscht Belt comic but he did an adequate job with the Chickenhawk concept.

Now, we’re not saying that this wasn’t funny but someone in the Senate graphics department is suffering from a failure to imaginate funny chickens.

On the other hand, Al is going to have to try really hard to top Senator Ted Stevens’ description of the internet.


{{Catching breath, wiping eyes, clearing throat}}

But seriously, Al Franken is a serious liberal who used humor to get his point across during the gloomiest days of Movement Conservatism.

We need him more than ever in the session to come. So, Congratulations, Al.

Now, get to work.

On the 2008 Weblog Awards front: The 2008 Weblog Awards site features a lot of finalists in categories we’d never heard of before.  Over the next week, we’d like to spotlight a few for your consideration.  Our first one, recommended by myiq2xu, is Nice Deb, from the Best Small Blog category.  Tonight, Deb takes a look at Obama and his menagerie of magical creatures in I Don’t Get It and poses this important etiquette question: when is it appropriate to appear in the nude with a magical creature?  Take a look and send some mojo Deb’s way.

231 Responses

  1. Whenever there is a recount in an election and I hear about rejected ballots, etc it always makes me wonder about what is going on in all elections. There must be rejected ballots each and every time but the margins aren’t such that they “matter” — I find that hard to swallow — we need to ensure that does NOT happen in any election, and I just cannot accept that with modern technology we cannot rectify this.
    I hope Franken does hold on to his lead, but 255 is a pretty slim margin — I’m going to believe it when I see it (as in, when Franken is actually sworn in). Until then, I’m going to save the congratulations (I’m superstitious like that).

  2. angienc2: It sounds slim but there are a couple of things in his favor: 1.) Both camps agreed on the number of absentee ballots to be counted and 2.) Al has officially won the recount based on the previously agreed ballots. Coleman wants to slip in some 632 disputed absentee ballots from some counties that he won but this was not part of the agreement and he’d have to win more than half of them to pull ahead.
    I believe that Christine Gregoire in WA won her first gubenatorial election by something like 32 votes. And yes, the state of Washington counted multiple times and she just barely eeked out a win. Compared to that , Al’s lead is HUGE.
    But there *is* something funny about this race. A lot of people who voted for Obama did not vote for Franken. The Minneapolis Star Tribune didn’t help matters much when they gave Norm Coleman the endorsement. The Strib also endorsed Barack Obama. It seemed to me that a number of newspapers made a habit of deliberately screwing liberal candidates while at the same time endorsing Obama. A similar thing happened with Linda Stender who the NYT endorsed in 2006 but failed to endorse in 2008. Instead, it endorsed her Republican challenger, Lennard Lance. So, in 2006, she was an excellent choice and a much needed liberal Democrat. In 2008, not so much.
    Methinks the Obama campaign bought a lot of editorial boards.

  3. Gregoire won by 129 votes. It was a mess but it was nice to see a Dem fight for once instead of just running away.


  4. “The Strib also endorsed Barack Obama. It seemed to me that a number of newspapers made a habit of deliberately screwing liberal candidates while at the same time endorsing Obama”
    No kidding…I sent money to >10 “liberal” Dems..I ended up 0 for 10.

  5. This is great, but if they seat Franken and refuse to seat Burris, they are gonna look like great big racists.

  6. Man moderation again…maybe it was L*beral that did it this time.

  7. Yep bb not only that but the GOP will stir the pot with Franken’s win being challenged.

  8. liberal liberal liberal

    let’s see if spammy is a conservative.

  9. SHV

    Liberal wasn’t the problem. HMMMMMM Spammy sure does like to play with folks.

  10. CWaltz,

    I grew up in Indiana, and us Hoosier girls just loooooove popcorn!

  11. I got everyone out of moderation except the people that myiq gave time outs to on the I/P thread.

  12. We made honey butter popcorn tonight. I love our air popper. That movie munch and peanut butter chocolate popcorn looks super decadent. Can you tell I’m a foodie?

  13. wtf is ted stevens talking about? lol!

  14. I’m all for the ME arranging a coloring contest. Give em’ a bunch of crayolas and have em duke it out that way. Too many people dying and so much potential being lost. It’s a darn shame. Sigh.

  15. CWaltz,

    I swear by my popcorn popper. It’s one of those Whirly pop things where you turn a crack to stir the popcorn. I’ve tried them all and this one is my favorite.

  16. Ted Stevens is one wild and crazy guy. Whatever would we do without his explanation of the internet.

  17. I like to put parmesan cheese on mine. I stir it into the melted butter and put on the corn. I’m afraid to look at the chocolate peanutbutter recipe–sounds dangerously good.

  18. SHV

    Here’s to hoping we can disassemble the word liberal from the word Democrat. I never thought I’d be grateful for the Democratic party disavowing the fact they are liberal until now. Now, I’m glad I don’t have to share the term with them schleps.

  19. I used to love popcorn but now it’s like eating razor blades 😦

  20. That’s too bad Katiebird. It would be hard for me to give up popcorn, and I’ve broken two teeth on it over the years. I’m very careful to watch for the old maids now.

  21. I eat popcorn every single day. Still like it the traditional butter ‘n salt way. Life is a movie, might as well enjoy the snacks.

  22. Ooops, looks like KB got rid of the troll before I typed my reply…

  23. That comment got zapped (looking up and whistling)

  24. BB, I checked first. That was the only comment ever posted by that particular username.

  25. Cinie,

    Thank you. Now I don’t feel like such a freak. I eat popcorn at least a few times a week. When I was a kid, we made it every Friday night and we fought over who got the most bowls and who could fill their bowl up the highest.

  26. How bout nachos then?

    This looks yummylicious.


    I can relate KB. My teeth have become awful after the kiddos. All that morning sickness is just plain Hades on tooth enamel. The honey butter does soften the popcorn a bit.

  27. You’re fast, KB. I’ll delete my comment.

  28. You go KB! Zap em’

  29. BB, popcorn is good for you; some people eat it like cereal with milk and sugar for breakfast. It was the first thing I learned how to cook, back in the old days with a pot on the stove and oil. Now I have an air popper with 1,00,000 miles on it. Not fond of microwave popcorn, though, but like most junkies, I’ll eat it if it’s all I can get.

  30. The boyz at Hillbuzz say that the George Snuffleupagus show with Roland Burris should be fun.

  31. Christine Gregoire, WA state gove, in 2004 won by 44 votes, in the 3rd count. The first two were by machine. She asked for a hand recount, and then had to come up with the money to pay for it. Actually lots of donations poured in to help pay, since we were smarting from Kerry losing to W.

    Gods I didn’t like Kerry but he was a d*mn sight better than Obie.

  32. parmesean cheese and chili powder. Yummm. My dad was a fabulous cook. He didn’t cook a lot of dishes but the ones he did were always very good. Like, hot sausage with peppers, stovies, omelets, steak, fudge and popcorn. Popcorn was the first thing my dad ever taught me to make in a big dutch oven, carefully calibrating the heat of the oil by the three kernels added at the beginning of the heating process. Then shake, shake, shake until all of the corn is popped and the top of the pot is pushing its way off. Lots of butter and salt.

  33. RD, it works even better if you keep the lid off as much as possible and pour just enough of the popped corn off to get the lid on briefly as you go.

  34. My daughter loves to cook. Me? I’m more fond of the eating aspect and up until the last decade had a raging metabolism that allowed me to indulge that hobby. The latest I am on the prowl for is a stuffed mushroom recipe.

  35. CWaltz: I have a stuffed mushroom recipe but it is definitely NOT Kosher, if that is important to you.

  36. Shoot! I missed the troll. Damn, they just never stick around anymore.

  37. BB: I’m not sure they are going to look like racists if they seat Franken and not Burris. Franken won his seat fair and square after a campaign and an election. He’s entitled to it. Burris is another story though if Blago REALLY wanted to put Reid and Obama’s knickers in a twist, he would have seated Alice Palmer. They wouldn’t have been able to wriggle out of that one.

  38. I’d love it riverdaughter. Kosher isn’t an issue. I tried one with just cheese in it and it wasn’t what I was looking for.

  39. CWaltz; We really stuff ’em down here in Nawlins … have you looked for recipes from here? I’ve got a few.

  40. riverdaughter

    The GOP is contesting the Franken seat though. I think they will stir the pot. They wouldn’t be the GOP if they didn’t. Kabuki theater coming up count on it. Our Congress, about the only thing you can count on it for these days is entertainment value. Pity that.

  41. sheesh, we’re really having some amazing thunderstorms down here … i can’t belive my electricity is still on

  42. riverdaughter, on January 3rd, 2009 at 11:05 pm Said:
    Burris is another story
    Burris is another but I don’t see how they can block him. Blago is the Gov., the Dems refused to set up a special election and Reid is allegedly on tape putting pressure on Blago to not name any of the leading AA candidates. In 1969, the SCOTUS told Congress to seat Adam Powell who was accused of corruption. “They” now say Burris will be admitted to the senate floor but can’t have his seat but he can stand in the back of the room. The only AA Senator made to it at the back of the room…It’s had to think of a worse public relations disaster for the Dems. Maybe they will get rid of Reid.

  43. I’d love those too dakini.

  44. Spammy has it in for me tonight.

  45. O/T: I hope there is a certain place in hell for all those arms dealers who sell to anybody who show them the money. Watching the conflict tonight on tv, and thinking of the innocents who have had nothing to do with the creation of this horror show, is making me ill. All nations, including ours, who participate in the selling and buying of these weapons should burn forever in hell.

    These conflicts will never end as long as everybody is armed to the teeth and just itching to try out their “new toys”. It is going to get worse over there and I am not even sure anymore who to root for as it is.

  46. Our weather in Va. is wonderfully boring. The kids were sighing when they heard Minneapolis got a foot of snow. It’s like fall here still.

  47. Maybe I’m in time-out and don’t know it.

  48. CWaltz, I expect that they will continue to try to change the outcome but there aren’t enough ballots left to make a difference. The Republicans are in a pickle if Franken wins. I’m not sure if he provides the crucial 60th vote but in any case, they are going to be hard pressed to maintain a filibuster as it is. So, they’ll probably drag this out as long as they can but I suspect that it is all over. They can keep Franken from being seated on Tuesday and this may affect the rules of the senate but he’s going to get there eventually.

  49. Pat

    No argument here. The fact we arm both sides of a conflict seem like a more logical reason to “hate us” then our “freedoms.”

  50. It’s colder than a witch’s tit here. I hate winter. If I had my druthers, I’d only visit it and not live there.

  51. SHV,

    What message are you missing? I got two of yours out.

  52. riverdaughter, I have a question for you. I agree with almost all of your stances on issues and I have been very liberal politically all of my life (voting for McCain was the first republican I have ever voted for other than our local sup, who was an independently minded joy). Obviously, you are under no obligation to explain yourself, but whenever Franken is brought up, I have a hard time. I used to love him and watched him every night when his air america was televised on Sundance. I read and bought his books and loved him from his early days as a writer on SNL. This election cycle, I watched him closely and scoured his website closely both early and late in the primaries and election. Never once did he rise in support of Hillary, even when many were doing so, before the end of May. Never once did he say anything about any irregularities. i know it wasn’t his job and I know he had his own race to win, but he has always been so out spoken in the past. Do you think if he comes through with his win, will he be our friend and help look in to some of the crap that happened this year?

  53. Franken makes 59, 1 shy of the 60. If this were a GOP majority I’d say things were a done deal. That said, it’s a democratic majority and the GOP did a better job ramming stuff through as a minority then the Democrats as a majority in the last 2 years. It should be interesting to hear what excuses they are gonna use if they fail to get the economy going.

  54. RD,

    There are a few other Senate seats to fill, aren’t there? Did they replace that guy in Colorado yet? What about Biden’s seat?

    It warmed up to 30 here today and the sun came out.

  55. I saw two movies over the last two days: Doubt and Milk. The acting in each is incredible.

    And I hate winter as well. Scraping off the car and waiting for it to heat up while driving on half plowed roads covered in ruts is a thrill! How long until Spring?

  56. bostonboomer, on January 3rd, 2009 at 11:20 pm Said:


    What message are you missing? I got two of yours out

  57. I used to like Franken too, even sent him money when he announced his campaign, but now not so much. Not sure just what he has to offer other than his desire to become another Paul Wellstone who was his friend and whom he deeply admired.

    He also had a hand in writing that awful SNL skit where some pretty rotten things were said about Sarah Palin and her family. That kind of put paid to my support.

  58. Salazar, a Democrat will be replaced by a Dem.


  59. i find myself gloriously independant and if Franken had any part in what SNL did to Palin, he should be ashamed of himself.

    I have a hard time getting worked up for or against Franken. It’ll be one less excuse the Dems will have to shirk responsibility for the next 2 years.

  60. I didn’t know he helped write that, Pat.

  61. What message are you missing? I got two of yours out
    Sorry 11:14

  62. Kaufman, a former chief of staff for Biden, is supposed to take Biden’s seat without problems.

  63. SHV,

    It’s out now. That one went in after I got the others, I guess.

  64. I just hope Caroline “you know” Kennedy doesn’t get picked.

  65. lililam: As a matter of fact, Hillary campaigned for him and it appears that there was a genuine friendship between the two of them. I have a hard time holding downticket Dems, especially novices, as more accountable than their party leaders. But I did take some notes when I was checking out their ActBlue pages. Some of the Dems who did not win were clearly in the Hillary mold, especially when it came to reproductive rights. I believe that Franken was among them.
    I do trust Franken. I trust him because he was willing to put his career on the line to speak out when speaking out was likely to get you branded as an unpatriotic long-haired-hippy-type-pinko-fag. Imagine the last eight years *without* Franken. Could we have stood it? Maybe, but the road would have seemed a whole lot longer.
    There is something to be said for the man who is the morale officer when the lights go out. People like that are going to try, very hard, to do what is right.
    I think it must be giving the Dem leadership fits to know that Franken is onboard. He may be junior and liberal and a fucking loudmouth but he’s their 60th vote, potentially.
    Mixed emotions for sure.

  66. I heard that Biden wanted his seat to go to his son, but his son said no thanks, if he decides he wants to be in the senate, he’ll run for office like everybody else. that’s actually kind of cool.

  67. I didn’t hear Franken speaking out much this cycle. That said, Coleman was no prize. So I’m not crying that he’s gone.

  68. Franken is 59, not 60

  69. yes, RD, I know Hillary campaigned for him, but i believe only after the primaries in the same mold that she campaigned for BO, although it was apparent that she was enjoying herself more with Franken than you know who. She campaigned for many downticket dems. I did not see Franken ever reciprocate, however.

  70. kiki — I think that is cool too (if true) about Biden’s son — however, I think that kid has a lot of skeletons in his closet & was just being prudent in order to avoid scrutiny. Call me a cynic.

  71. It was sometime in late Sept, early Oct, that SNL did a pretty raunchy skit about the Palin’s where Al was cited for contributing to the content. How much or how little, I have no idea. But the fact that he was running his own campaign during that time, and the fact that it was sexist in its presentation against her, caught me up short upon hearing it.

    We have become pretty hyper vigilant these days with the sexism that dominated this primary and to see it perpetrated by another Dem was kind of appalling.

    I remember reading at the time that he was “excused” on the grounds of having been a “comedian”. You can’t have it both ways. And if you are willing to make sexist jokes it means you are pretty much a sexist. Like being a little bit pregnant. After that I just tuned him out. If he wins legitimately fine, if not, no big deal from here.

  72. I agree, RD, and I don’t have any mixed emotions about it. Franken is a lot more centrist than I am, but he always stood up for Bill Clinton and he’s funny, which is a very big argument in his favor as far as I’m concerned. You’re right that he did stick his neck out during the Bush years. I thought his first book about Bush was hilarious. Hillary supported him wholeheartedly and raised money to pay for his recount.

  73. The number of Dems that stood silently by while hundreds of thousands were disenfranchised was enough for me to wash my hands of the whole bunch.

  74. I’m with you Pat re: Franken — if the people with MN want him, fine — I don’t have to get excited about it.

  75. Pat, I remember Al’s AAR days with Kathryn Lampher where it was clear that her purpose was to keep him in line. I think he doesn’t have a policeman between his brain and his mouth.
    Nevertheless, he’s the kind of guy I trust when the chips are down.

  76. That’s like excusing Silverman for her “gangrape joke” because she was a comedian. There is no excuse. Sexism and violence being perpatrated against women just isn’t funny imo. It doesn’t say much about Franken being an independant thinker if he finds that kind of crap humorous.

  77. I just remember being thrilled to death when Keith Olbermann took on the Bush administration, no hold barred. It was about time someone stood up to that crowd. Since then KO has become the biggest chauvinist and led the charge against Hillary from Day One.

    Just my belief to be a little more discerning about who “speaks” for me. I think most of us can attest that KO is absolutely nuts!!

  78. No — I went to go visit with the parents — they are here with me — I’m actually in my room now getting ready to go to bed, so stole a few moments on line! LOL

  79. bb — thanks for the link — I’m going to have to get one of those.

  80. Pat,

    I don’t want Al Franken to speak for me, but I’d like to see him puncture a few overstuffed egos in the Senate. If he really wrote that sexist stuff, I guess you have a point. That isn’t the kind of humor I’ve ever seen from him though.

  81. KO and Obie cut from the same cloth. Egos the size of small states.

  82. I don’t care, he is not my senator. I am not a fan of Fraken from my NYC days. Minnesota has a history of picking the worst people.

  83. Whatever happened to Katherine anyway? She was able to hold her own but toward the end of their duo time he was sort of talking over her. Kind of reminds me of Joe S and Mika.
    And I used to love Rachel Maddow on Air America along with Randi Rhodes.

    Shows how much I knew.

  84. Angie,

    It works great. I love mocha lattes.

  85. I figure he can’t be much worse than Coleman. Although I won’t be sending him money anytime soon. He’ll have to pick his money up from telecomm companies like the rest of the Senators

  86. afrocity — you got that right — Gov. Jesse “the body” Ventura — really, need anyone say more?

  87. CWaltz. Sandra Bernhard made the Palin gangrape joke; Sarah Silverman was the architect of the “Great Schlep.”

  88. You know, I never liked either Randi or Rachel. Randi is too gross for me, and I hate the way she talks over her guests. as for Rachel, she’s got a very big stick up her a**.

  89. Maddow and Rhodes- yuck and double yuck.

  90. Hey, listen, out here in MA we have BOTH Kerry and Kennedy to contend with so I feel we have a leg up on most other states when it comes to barfbags!

  91. My apologies to Silverman then, the schlep thing wasn’t so bad(go convert your Jewish grandparents if I remember right)

    Bernhardt ought to be ashamed of herself. Since when is rape funny? Blech.

  92. Ok — good night for real bb!

    good night all.

  93. Angie are you of Irish descent?

  94. Darn she leaves every time I ask that question.

  95. The stick up Rachel’s @ss has a name: Keith Olbermann. She owes it all to him which only goes to show that kissing his posterior paid off. What wounds is that she became a sell out, something I would never have expected from her.

  96. Minnesota has picked some very good people: Hubert Humphrey, Gene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, Paul Welstone. Not many state have a list of Senators like that. Even Mark Dayton wasn’t bad.

  97. Pat Johnson, on January 3rd, 2009 at 11:51 pm Said:

    Hey, listen, out here in MA we have BOTH Kerry and Kennedy to contend with so I feel we have a leg up on most other states when it comes to barfbags!
    Mass is one of the very few (only) states that have a special election to fill a Senate seat. That will be a show when Teddy retires.

  98. You’ve got that right, Pat. We have two Obot Senators and an Obot Governor. Yucko!

  99. I wonder how long Obama is going to use the line: “one president at a time”? Think he may start losing that one by April at least? Talk about not wanting to “commit”! How in hell did Michelle ever get him to agree to marriage?

  100. I got Webb and Warner. Webbs excuse on FISA was the House would never pass it. How’d that work out for us? My husband reamed his aide up and down for that one……some Marine can’t even stand up for the constitution and fight, blah blah blah. he sent me a letter the other day. I didn’t even open it. Some things are inexcusable.

    Warner is new. He got my vote because Gilmore is a complete screw up. At least Warner has some sort of clue. He’s center but I can live with that for now.

  101. I don’t know enough about the details of the recount, but I did read that there were some very suspicious and selective choices being made by the Dem SOS in MN, and it brought back very bad memories of the manipulative voting procedures of the primaries. I just do NOT trust the Dem Party anymore than I trust the GOP anymore. They proved that they are not above doing whatever is necessary to get what they want, and the press is only too willing to cover it up. If Franken won legitimately, more power to him, but who the hell knows.

  102. bostonboomer, on January 3rd, 2009 at 11:53 pm Said:
    Paul Wellstone……
    Paul Wellstone was in a class of one.

  103. Pat,

    Michelle probably didn’t ask him–she most likely made up his mind for him and told him it was a done deal. Why she wanted him, I’ll never know. I guess she’d rather be rich and famous than be married to a man with principles and/or sex appeal.

  104. My spelling sux tonite. Sorry, Wellstone.

  105. fif

    Amen!!!! Fool me once ………..It seems the GOP no longer has the market cornered on manipulation as evidenced by Obie.

  106. Pat: there was a pretty hard-hitting editorial in the NY Post about Obama’s famous ambivalence. I posted the link earlier today. He pointed out how “selective” his caution is. He spoke out against the attacks in Mumbai. He’s such a phony.

  107. ok, I have to share this – I was thinking I had seen a video of Al Franken apologizing for perceived sexist behavior.

    so I did a yahoo search – or my search, I entered:

    al franken sexist

    yahoo came back and asked me:

    Did you mean al franken sexiest?

    lol!! uh no, I didn’t

  108. BB

    We knew who you meant.

  109. SHV,

    You’re probably too young to remember Hubert Humphrey as a firebrand liberal. We wouldn’t have a Civil Rights bill without him–or a lot of other important bills.

  110. Kiki,


  111. CWaltz, on January 3rd, 2009 at 11:55 pm Said:

    I got Webb and Warner.
    IMO, still a lot better than Allen and Warner.

  112. Oh, but bb: those abs, those (cough, cough) abs! And who can resist the skinny chicken legs???

    What a geek.

  113. OMG kiki

    That is too funny.

  114. hey Pat and BB, I’ll put our two – Sessions and Shelby – up against Kennedy and Kerry as worst senators.

    weird alliteration kinda thing going on there

  115. They can snap pictures of him running on the beach from now to doomsday and he still lacks sex appeal. He just does not have it. He seems like the type of guy who when offered a choice of either regular or decaf sits there for a few minutes trying to make up his mind.

  116. Barely SHV

    Other than his min wage vote. I don’t see where Webb’s votes were any different than Allen’s would have been. He’s been a huge disappointment on Iraq for all his rhetoric and his FISA vote was abominable.

  117. omg, Webb & Warner – too weird

  118. bostonboomer, on January 4th, 2009 at 12:00 am Said:


    You’re probably too young to remember Hubert Humphrey as a firebrand liberal. We wouldn’t have a Civil Rights bill without him–or a lot of other important bills.
    I remember when Harry Truman was President.

  119. For the record, I campaigned for Webb and donated. Huge disappointment.

  120. Have you guys ever seen the pictures of Norm Coleman when he was a left wing hippie radical dope smoker?

  121. kiki: Your two senators somehow remind me of the missing link theory. Dumb, but smart enough to get there.

  122. SHV,

    No way!

  123. The first president I remember was Ike.

  124. That video of Ted Stevens had me rolling on the floor.
    Is it me or does he sound like he has a problem with booger sugar?…LOL

  125. this tells me Patterson has to pick someone whose name starts with S

  126. Pat, yes – my senators are awful

  127. I do give him(Webb) credit for his GI bill though. he managed to squeak it through.

  128. BB- those are hilarious! They look like almost everyone I went to high school with. I wonder what happened to him?

  129. CWaltz, on January 4th, 2009 at 12:03 am Said:
    Barely SHV
    Other than his min wage vote. I don’t see where Webb’s votes were any different than Allen’s would have been
    Webb’s Progressive Punch score is 86.6% which ranks him 29/100…IIRC, Allen’s score was in the low single digits.

  130. Kiki,

    Jeff Sessions is one of my favorite Senators to watch. He has to be the dorkiest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on.

    Shelby seems like a typical good ol’ boy.

    Yup, I guess you’ve got us beat. But at least they aren’t Obots.

  131. Allen was just gross. I know that’s not a valid political analysis but I jusy couldn’t stand him

  132. I am proud to say that one of my senators bears a striking resemblance to Mr Ed. Or Camilla Parker Bowles. Take your pick.

  133. Lilliam,

    I don’t really know anything about him. All I know is he’s from NYC and somehow ended up in Minnesota. Maybe it was the brown acid at Woodstock?

  134. lol BB, no, they are not Obots

  135. Pat,

    I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that. I’m still laughing.

  136. SHV

    I’m not a progressive. His vote on FISA and his actions or non actions on Iraq are what I have watched. He’s been about as useless as the rest.

  137. My favorite senator to watch is Robert Byrd. When they shuffle him out I have to ask just what the voters of West VA are thinking! Some people just never know when it is time to get off the stage. Dick Clark was doing a broadcast again for New Year’s Eve. I feel for his health problems but come on!!

  138. Pat,

    I always thought the Lurch comparison was a good one.

  139. How exactly does one progressively name post offices anyway?

  140. Pat

    I’m thinking more the love child of Herman Munster and Anne Coulter for that senator of yours. 😉

  141. God, remember when they used to wheel out Strom Thurmond? That was truly like Weekend at Bernies.

  142. Byrd

    They were thinking he’d bring home the bacon. Many bridges and roads named after Byrd.

  143. He did bring home lots of bacon.

  144. my god, remember strom thurmond? they had to wake him up for every vote towards the end there.

  145. And Teddy insisting on bringing his dogs to work everyday! Just what I would love nipping at my heels and picking up poo so that old fart can take advantage of his entitlement to do just about anything he chooses because he is a Kennedy. Jeebus!

  146. Oh if that happens I will be praying for the earth to open up and just swallow me whole.

  147. I gotta give Byrd presience on Iraq. he kinda reminds me of Dorrance from the book Insomnia.

  148. On Iraq I will give him points. On his screaming sermon from the well of the Senate against Michael Vick, no.

  149. parentofed: You are welcome to come live with me in MA should it come to that.

  150. Personally ol’ ted Stevens throwing his conniption fit over the bridge to nowhere is one of my fave Senate moments. Wahhhhhhhh, if you don’t give me my bridge I’ll quit. Wahhhhhhhhhh.

  151. gmta BB 🙂

  152. Michael Vick is a sore spot in this neck of the woods. Yuck.

  153. Here’s the link re: Pres-Elect Pontificator:

    Ralph Peters

    AS WORLD leaders and international organizations rush to rescue Hamas, Israel faces complex bat tlefield challenges – while fearing a stab in the back from the incoming Obama administration.


  154. SOD: LOLOL!!!

  155. bostonboomer, on January 4th, 2009 at 12:11 am Said:
    I don’t really know anything about him. All I know is he’s from NYC and somehow ended up in Minnesota. Maybe it was the brown acid at Woodstock?
    Coleman, Schumer and Bernie Sanders all went to the same Brooklyn, NY high school.

  156. I guess I’m the only one who HATES Al Franken. First of all, he is as SEXIST as they come and the ONLY difference between him and Rush Limbaugh is the abortion issue. Second, he TRASHED Hillary Clinton and was an EARLY and LOYAL BO supporter. That being said, I have never been so depressed in my entire life. If all I get to choose from is sexist Liberals or sexist Conservatives I’m outa here….there is no reason for me to participate at all. Al Franken may have loved Bill Clinton, but Hillary was just another whining girl in his book. Whine this Al….

  157. SOD,

    We will surely know that the Senate has gone to Heck in a handbasket if Tweety succeeds.

  158. I also found this while prowling around. Trying to dig up problems for HRC, but it has no teeth:

    A Donor’s Gift Soon Followed Clinton’s Help

    Published: January 3, 2009

    WASHINGTON — An upstate New York developer donated $100,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation in November 2004, around the same time that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton helped secure millions of dollars in federal assistance for the businessman’s mall project.

    Mr. Congel and Philippe Reines, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, both said there was no connection between his donation and her legislative work on his project’s behalf. Mr. Reines said Mrs. Clinton supported the expansion of Carousel mall “purely as part of her unwavering commitment to improving upstate New York’s struggling economy, and nothing more.”

    His contribution is the only known situation so far in which an American donor gave a large sum to Mr. Clinton’s foundation while benefiting from his wife’s official actions. Mr. Reines said that Mrs. Clinton did not solicit the donation from Mr. Congel or discuss it with him or anyone on his behalf, and that she was unaware of its timing and size until last month.


  159. oh SOD, that cannot happen

  160. jenniforhillary, on January 4th, 2009 at 12:20 am Said:

    Is that true? If he was an early Obot, fuggedaboutit!

  161. Jenni,

    Don’t hate him or like him. I’m pretty indifferent. I doubt that Coleman was a bastion of feminism.

  162. OH, and for the record, Franken has made MANY jokes about rape and porn and has a disgusting article in PLAYBOY. He is a pig, just like the rest of them. And in my book, rape is about as funny as …… death. Oh, and I am NOT a comedian.

  163. Thanks for the link to Nice Deb!
    Great site.

  164. Byrd lost me when he completely ignored his constituents who gave HRC a RESOUNDING victory in WV, and he then promptly endorsed BO. It turned out one of his largest contributors is Move On.org. Sell outs are a dime a dozen..

  165. Jennifor — no, you’re not alone. (sigh)

  166. YES…from DAY ONE he was an OBOT….From FUCKING DAY ONE…

    Cwaltz….I hear you loud and clear, but my problem is the hypocrisy. Don’t try to tell me your on MY side when you are going to screw me as much as the next guy….

  167. jenn: do you have any links?

  168. makes me feel better state….a LOT better….because sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind….

  169. fif — yep! that was unbelievable when Byrd did that.

  170. Kiki,

    I don’t think they could wake Strom up. Someone probably wheeled him up there and moved his hand to register his vote.

  171. fif—not on the computer I am on….you can google for his playboy article….and his APOLOGIES for the rape jokes too…

  172. Coleman always struck me as someone with limited thinking abilities. However, I could not care less at this point. As time goes by, they all seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth.

    And for the record: both the current president and the would be president elect are “closely monitoring” events in the mideast. This should make most of us here feel good about laying our heads on the pillow tonight.

    “Closely Monitoring” = let the other guy do something. Not my problem.

  173. Hypocrisy (& arrogance) were my strongest objections to BO–but then the fraud, intimidation tactics, sexism, homophobia, and reverse rac*sm all sweetened the pot…The constant wailing about “old politics” while he was using the worst thug methods was revolting.

  174. “Closely monitoring” = please don’t interrupt me while I’m eating my waffle.

  175. Jenni I don’t see an endorsement, got a link?

    I agree with rape not being funny. I don’t necessarily see Playboy as sexist since the women all volunarily disrobe. I see the human body, male and female as beautiful though(had sub to Playgirl when I was single)

    As I stated, I don’t like or dislike Franken. I didn’t see him speaking out this cycle on disenfranchisement or sexism. We’ll see though.

  176. jennifer- if you read my note way above, I also have had strong misgivings, although historically was a fan.

  177. Is Strom Thurmond still dead? I hope so since he may be the next one Blago hauls out to fill that seat if they bar Burris. Looks like pickings are becoming mighty slim in IL.

  178. Nite all.

  179. Fif

    So many reasons to dislike Obama so little time.

  180. nite fif

  181. Pat, Strom is not from Illinois!

  182. Night Fif!

  183. Jenni:

    i used to get Air America on sat radio. I dropped it when I heard Franken spout off about Hillary. I do not recall his words verbatim, But it was something to do with Hillary being a closet lesbian As if that is some sort of disease.

    After that I refused to listen to his show.

  184. liliam: I am well aware that Strom came from SC but Blago may be running out of names. Just a thought.

  185. For BO, “closely monitoring” means some lackey is supposed to call him if he’s needed for anything. Kind of like when Bush was running around CA while hundreds were drowning in NO.

  186. I hate when men do that(call women lesbians to try to keep them in line). Only weak men are intimaidated by strong women.

  187. It really would be terrific if Burris gets turned down and then Blago picks Alice Palmer. That would be so cool!

  188. I guess the lesson we take away from this year’s primaries is that it is becoming more and more difficult to work up enthusiasm for candidates even if they represent your side of the political spectrum. So many of our old standbys deserted us in favor of Obama and could not hop on that train fast enough. And for those supporters of John Edwards? Imagine their disappointment.

  189. Reddragon — that was the straw for me too.

  190. Red Dragon….I hate Al Franken…more than Rush LImbaugh….I am really sad…and surprised that Sheri likes him 😦

  191. It’s been non-stop

  192. b-boomer — I’m in the spammy slammer. Can you rescue me?

  193. SOD,

    Did you get the widget I sent you?

  194. “BB”
    I’m with you…………..”Alice Palmer” all the way!!
    Has contact info to help “us” NYers “Stop” any selection of Princess Caroline to get Hillary’s seat.
    Gloria Steinam came out in favor of Carolyn Maloney.

  195. So true CW.

    You hear it more now. I was at the mall a while back with my wife and I over heard a young man hitting on a very attractive young lady. When she did not give him the time of day…he lashed out and called her a dyke.

    I guess his manly charms did not persuade this young beauty enough for her to lose her self respect.

  196. bb — no, not yet!

  197. I am in moderation too for some reason.

  198. I could never vote for someone who looks at a strong woman through those damaged lenses.
    Lord knows we here in Illinois had our hands full with that do-nothing sen…Backtrack ObamaDingDong and HIS sexist ways!

  199. I just had to check out HuffPo and it is just amazing over there! Many of the posters are just waiting with bated breath for Obama to take the oath because they just know he is going to clean up the mess in the mideast as soon as he finishes his inaugural speech!

    They must be drinking more than just Kool Aide. The last person who comes to mind in cleaning up any of the messes that will be left behind by Pres. Numbnuts is Obama as far as I am concerned. And what possible reasoning in his past efforts lead them to believe this? I want whatever they are drinking.

  200. Alice Palmer would be a great pick

  201. I’ll try again…

  202. I was just named to the board of directors for a non-profit, and I was at my first meeting sitting at a table with mostly women and a couple of men, all seemingly very intelligent and all the kind of good people who spend hours volunteering, and they were saying the economy will probably get worse before it gets better, because…..it will take a little time for Obama to fix it. honestly, they all nodded. they absolutely believe he will fix it, the only question is how long it will take. I was speechless, and that’s probably a good thing.

  203. kiki — it’s flabbergasting isn’t it?

  204. SOD,

    I e-mailed it to you. I just sent it again. You have to have a widget box to put it in though.

  205. from yahoo

    DENVER – Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter on Saturday named Denver’s public schools superintendent as his choice to fill a Senate vacancy that will be created by the promotion of Sen. Ken Salazar to interior secretary in the Obama administration.

    The move surprised many Republicans and Democrats, who considered schools superintendent Michael Bennet a dark horse candidate for the Senate spot because of his lack of legislative experience. The 44-year-old Democrat has never campaigned for or held public office.

  206. Colorado and Delaware managed to stay under the radar.

  207. Good night, everybody. I have to get some sleep.

  208. The “will of the people” is becoming more passe each day. Let’s just keep “appointing” those elites, friends and relatives, who we absolutely, positively, most assuredly know are up to the job even if their own mother would question voting for them.

    Elections are so messy and expensive anyway.

  209. Thanks Boomer!

  210. night BB

  211. and g’nite all, I have to get up earlyish…..thanks to each of you for being you

  212. Please correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t Franken a Canadian? Nothing against our northern cousins! Just seems a little suspect to me.

  213. on the blog PUMA LIBERTY a post saying that
    Arkansas state legislater Lindsley Smith will reintroduce the ERA again this 2009 session.

    Also bad news about Louisa. She is in critical condition.



  214. If possible if folks can say a prayer for my mom. I got off the phone with my sis. SAhe went to mom’s house and mom was slurring her words and incoherant. Her and two of my brothers finally got her in the car to get her to the hospital. They have ruled out stroke according to my sis and were admitting her.

  215. CWaltz
    I will say prayers for your mom’s recovery. and for your family.


  216. Thanks Helen.

  217. CWaltz, Oh definitely your family will be in prayers.

  218. Please correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t Franken a Canadian?

    Worse – he’s originally from New York

  219. cwaltz-will light a candle for her

  220. myiq2zu
    I may need your help. I would like danikat to see this. When I type the link sometimes it will not take.

    If you can myiq2xu someday go to Phila on New Years and see the mummers parade. You are a mummer at heart and would have a ball on broad st.




    I do not know what i do wrong. I type is exactly as shown.

  222. lets try again

  223. YES it finally worked.
    I hate operator trouble and will blame ADAM[ a damn aggravating machine} for the problem.



  224. Great parade-thx for posting helenk

  225. Laurie
    You are welcome. I miss being in Phila on New Years day to see the parade.
    But I did get to see the string bands today. a station in Chicago played 2 hours of the parade . Just the string bands.
    If you want there are fancy divisions and comic divisions that should be on you tube also.

    Good nite I just got in from work and am getting tired



  226. I am happy for Franken. Unfortunately, GOP is preparing a showdown on Tuesday to go along with the Dems showdown on their own Burris. I don’t see how can they defend Franken (from what I hear, DNC is not even all that crazy about doing so)
    Meanwhile, old master, new master – AP is giving W one more boot lick, reminding us how connected the two figureheads really are and how nothing really changed

  227. ~”I hope Franken does hold on to his lead, but 255 is a pretty slim margin — I’m going to believe it when I see it”~

    Probably a good idea. It took Kathrine Harris adding 65 votes to George W. Bush’s total after she had certified the totals to give Bush his lead after she refused to add 300+ legitimate votes to Gore’s total.

    I think Senator Clinton’s campaign taught us all a lesson; it’s not the number of vote you get but who the party wants to win. Strong evidence of that is seen in their taking other candidates votes, and disenfranchising two states she won (until Soertoro/Obama needed them) before the man called Obama could get enough to pretend he had won.

    I hoped Frankin would defeat Coleman just because the Bush wing of the Republican party backed him when they had decided that Senator Wellstone had to go. But Frankin will only be effective if he doesn’t get involved with the Obama worship crowd because I can not vote or support any candidate who believes that Obama guy is a political savior and I don’t care how many years they allow him to pollute our government.. In spite of all our efforts, both parties gave Bush eight and we are living the results of that!

  228. One of Al’s books describes his interactions with Mommy Bush. I was horrified and lmao at the same time. What a witch she is!

    I bet she’ll look like she’s sucking a lemon every time she hears “Senator Franken”. 🙂

  229. Byrd lost me when he confirmed Alito.

    Al Franken was born in New York, but grew up near Minneapolis. He is not Canadian.

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