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No We Won’t Year in Review & Thank You & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Puma’s, we certainly had a very interesting and unsettling year politically. In my little part of the PUMA movement, I created the blog talk radio show called No We Won’t. The first show aired was a half hour long and might be good primer for anyone who might wonder why any one of us became a PUMA. The first show aired on June 21st, 2008. It was just little old me and some of my friends from a website called Capital Hill All of us who ended up posting at Capital Hill were previous members of another “progressive” board. The “progressive” board was over taken in mid January by aggressive Obama supporters who forced thousands of Hillary supporters off the site. They did it through intimidation, complaining, outright rudeness and finally threats. As much as this board tried to force me off, I was a member for years, I continued to post until May. That is when Obama supporters started to harass me through private messaging and stalking me around the web. I lasted as long as I could to be a voice for the many who just couldn’t take it. Capital Hill is where the saying No We Won’t (in response to Yes We Can) was born.

My second show featured Will Bower of PUMA/JSND. This is what started a bi-weekly airing of No We Won’t. Numerous guests for the show were scheduled and thousands of people listened. Here is a quick walk down memory lane of some of the guests that appeared on No We Won’t:

Cynthia Ruccia – Women for Fair Politics

Darragh Murphy – PUMA PAC

Pauli Abeles – Real Democrats

Marilu Sochur – Real Democrats

Harriet Christian – PUMA

Riverdaughter – The Confluence

Alegre – Alegre’s Corner

Liz/ Sista Christian Loubouitin – Hire Heels

Texas Darlin

Lanny Davis

Ricki Lieberman

Deb Bartosevich – stripped WI Hillary Delegate

Ed O’Reilly – MA Senate Candidate

300 – Group who gathered signatures Hillary’s for the roll call in Denver

Brad Mays – Filmmaker, Audacity of Democracy

Diane Mantavoulos – Hire Heels

Lynnette Long

Sacha Millstone – threatened CO Hillary delegate

Heidi Li Feldman – Heidi Li’s Potpourri

Gloria Allred – Darragh Murphy interview

Marie Cocco – Washington Post columnist

Gigi Gaston, Bettina Viviano – Film – We Will Not Be Silenced

I traveled to Washington DC to partake in the first PUMA conference. It was a blast. It was great to put faces with names.

I traveled to Denver for the Convention and aired live there for the listeners who couldn’t make it to Denver.

No We Won’t airs on Sundays at 8pm eastern, The Lions Share airs on Wednesdays at 8pm eastern, and we have added to our line up. Conflucians Say airs every Thursday at 10pm eastern, Free US Now with Betty Jean Kling airs every Tuesday at 9pm eastern and The View From Under the Bus (a Conflucian Production) airs intermittently on Wednesdays at 9:30pm eastern.

The station is in holiday mode right now, but will return next week. Thank you to all of the listeners who called into the show or just plain old listened, nearly 70,000 of you at last count. It’s been quite an experience!

Thank You!!

Sheri Tag


81 Responses

  1. Happy New Year, taggles!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you BB! You too!!!!!

  3. I’m really looking foward to another radio show from The View From Under the Bus next week.

  4. Yes, me too. The Confluence has been a big part of the station as well as PUMA Pac!

  5. I guess everyone else is either off having dinner or watching marathons on the boob tube.

  6. Sheri, I just really want to thank you. Your voice has been the one thing that has always helped center me. Just knowing you are out there gives me great pride and even more determination to keep going and to always stand up for my values and principles. Your “under the bus” segment and the accompanying sound effects were always a great source of great humor for me. You are my rock and I want you to know how much I value and appreciate you.

    I consider you a friend and if you ever need anything you know how to get a hold of me.

    Happy New Year, Sheri.

  7. I agree with Puma-SF. I have loved listening to you this year, Sheri, and have been both comforted and inspired by your interviews and your rants.

  8. Puma-SF,

    You know you are my friend too. Oh and yes I do know how to reach you!!!!!! (evil grin)

    Without people like you and PUMAs it would have been a more difficult experience.

    Thank you for everything!

  9. Thank you taggles-I so enjoyed downloading your shows in the morning and doing the housework!!!

    Didn’t know you were from Capital Hill-I just discovered that site last week (but I think your link is wrong).

    Happy New Year, to you, to Matt, to Patsy’n Sugar, to Betty Jean, and to all the PUMA radio hosts!!!

  10. Sorry this is off-topic but who the hell is LGF and what’s it all about with the knocking of The Confluence?

    I was getting mightily p*ssed off at some of its comments over there.

  11. I love your evil grin and I agree with BB. I love your rants! Bastids! It’s 70 degrees and beautiful in Palm Springs today.

  12. Little Green Footballs is what I believe you are talking about.

    It is a rw republican website/blog that propagandizes for the republican party.

  13. rants? I NEVER rant! (Ha!)

    It’s about 9 degrees her in MA! 😦

  14. thanks taggles. whoever or whatever it is was delivering some real nasty-gram comments on the weblog award site.

  15. HA! Remember the controversy about whether your sound effect of bus being jacked up? Did it really sound like a jack or did it sound like bed springs? I’m still laughing about what you said.

  16. Well which one do you think? bedsprings or jack!

    Jack it up!

    I almost wrote and posted “Hack it up!

    Hey Laurie, Thanks. A few people have told me they listen to it while going to sleep! Ha ha ha ha ha

    And they got a good nights rest.

    They meant it nice, but I was like, what you mean? I putting you to sleep? ha ha ha ha ha

  17. Taggles — thank you for your strong voice and kick-a** radio shows this year. Your opinions spoke what PUMAs were thinking and your guests kept us all informed about whatever was happening — you provided information and stories that the MSM wasn’t covering. Happy New Year! LB

  18. You said “either way you’re getting screwed.” I’m off for marguaritas by the pool. Happy New Year, taggles.

  19. Thank you for everything LB. Happy New Year to you!

  20. taggles, I think we need to escape the East Coast and join PumaSF in Palm Springs for margaritas!

  21. Taggles,

    Thank you for your show! How great it was to listen to friends, to hear your voice and brilliant articulation, to hear the voices of many that I have so admired. I loved listening and puttering around the house. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with isolation, you gave me the voices of like-minded friends when I needed it most. Thank you so much!

  22. Thank you joanie, I feel the same way to. We all needed support.

    oh and LB, I’m there in my mind already!

  23. LBNYC and Taggles
    If PumaSF runs out of room, I live in Hemet CA about 25 minutes down the road from Palm Springs and you are more than welcome.



  24. Congratulations on the radio shows, Sheri. You are beacon in the newest of new media, another way of breaking the hegemony of the Obama-DNC.

  25. I don’t know if I could say I always feel centered when I listen to you Sherri. I like to think you don’t want me to. Sometimes we take the gift of anger and righteousness where we can. I don’t thing I’ve ever heard a false note or deceptiveness in your immediate feelings and articulation of truths. Would that I could combine the two so well. Only don’t let us feed off you without reciprocity. Take care of yourself this year, so we can have you around for a long time.

  26. yep good job sheri

  27. Sheri – Thanks for having so much to say, and so much energy and generosity with which to say it! I have loved being on “No We Won’t” with you, and listening to your show. You are a huge part of the PUMA movement and have kept me inspired and excited when I needed it most.

    I’m so grateful for you, Murphy, RD and all the Conflucians and other PUMAs and fellow travelers on this journey, whatever they call themselves! It’s been a pleasure and a privilege.


  28. I love my taggles-I dont know how many of us are still sane today from hearing your reassuring voice on PUR. For me it was the chance I finally got to here the voices that put pen to paper at the Confluence and Hire Heels as well as Pumapac….

    I know there are angels amoung us because of Sheri Tag my favorite “Ticked off Democrat”.

  29. oh and getting to here a real radio play was a true treat thanks madamab for putting it on with her “confluence players”

    It was the birth of the famous toilet flush sound effect!

  30. Fuzzy – LOL! It was fun. Hopefully we will do more sometime.


  31. Are you kidding, madamab? You are going to have so many opportunities to write plays during the Obama administration.

  32. I finally “got rid” of my company! Thank God since I am running out of booze over here and it is too damned cold to run out to the package store to replenish.

    Anyway, thanks once again to taggles for providing another outlet for the PUMA movement. The wit, along with the topics and guests, have added so much to the cause.

    It is now about 8 degrees here in Western MA. I am expecting polar bears to be looking for refuge tonight. But be forewarned: the bar is pretty empty! Some may have to settle for hot chocolate.

  33. madamab: I know who you writing somewhat resembles. Art Buchwald. I used to look forward to reading him those mornings he was published in my local paper. A great wit with a steely eye. You are in his realm!

  34. Pat,

    I never even went outside to shovel my walk. I just couldn’t face it. I hope it warms up a little bit tomorrow, because I’m expecting a package from UPS. I’ll have to get my butt out there and do the sidewalk at least.

  35. I’d like to read a play about HIllary’s first confrontation with the young, cliche-ridden head speechwriter. Will he get a dressing down? Or will he get the consumately polite brush-off? Hmmmm…..

  36. bb: I walked my company out and took the barrel to the curb for pick up tomorrow. I could not get back in fast enough! Even with a few martini’s (the pomegranites are terriffic!) I thought I would freeze out there.

  37. Pat,

    Just a couple of days ago it was April. New England weather is so confusing.

  38. Pat – You have left me speechless. What an amazing compliment!

    (blushing furiously)

  39. BB – She will smile sweetly while making him feel four years old and two feet tall. He is an annoying little pisher and doesn’t deserve the full HRC dressing-down. Nonetheless, he will get the message, and get it good.


  40. Art Buchwald was one of my all time favorites. Although a bona fide liberal he took shots at anybody he deemed worthy of the serve, Repub or Dem. I miss his voice but your writing, especially those playlets, are reminiscent of his columns.

  41. hugs and kisses to all my Puma friends!!!

    I wouldn’t be partially sane right now if it weren’t for you folks!

  42. Pat, when I was a kid my parents took my brother and me to the circus in Wash DC where we grew up. during the circus dad looked around and said oh my god! is that Art Buchwald? it was! my brother and I weren’t shy – we ran over and introduced ourselves, we read his column religiously! he signed our circus programs! we were so thrilled, and I remember our parents thought it was funny that we were more excited about AB than the circus.

  43. I’m all confused as to which thread the cool kids are on…

  44. lol Heidl Li, I usually feel that way.

  45. I’m so confused about the comment I left on a thread that’s not here anymore!

  46. Katiebird – I decided the timing wasn’t right. I will wait a bit and I think when I go from draft back to publication, your comment will appear.

  47. Oh, good! Thanks Heidi. I liked the post and didn’t want it to be gone forever!

  48. ATTENTION please… drumroll … My New Year’s Day gift to the Conflucians…we have launched the website for 51 Percent, two weeks ahead of schedule! It is a babe, and will have more content and functionality added throughout the month, but hey a new site for a new organization for a new year!

    See http://www.fifty-one-percent.org

    If you have a blog and care to post the logo with a link to the site or would like a special badge please let me know at HLFblogger at gmail dot com

  49. It’s gorgeous, Heidi Li. Congratulations on getting it on line! This is so exciting.

  50. It’s terrific!!!

  51. Heidi Li, it’s very nice!

  52. Congratulations, Heidi Li! It’s great. I’ll put your badge/logo up soon.

  53. Thank you. This would have been impossible without hours of work from two pros who donated their time, and some serious donating from folks across the web, as well as the moral support. I really hope this will be what I envision – an organization for us. I’m happy to see it grow slowly and be a little rough because I don’t want a slickster operation. (We already have that here at The Confluence, and 51 Percent can’t compete (smile)).

  54. omg, this article is so weird:


    from the story:
    Showing no sign of ending his public lobbying for Caroline Kennedy, a key aide to Mayor Bloomberg declared Wednesday it would be “political malpractice” to pick anyone else.

    “The idea that we would pass up appointing someone to the Senate who is both a friend and a critical supporter of Barack Obama is political malpractice,” Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for government affairs, told the Daily News.

    and…..”Caroline Kennedy has become one of my dearest friends and is just a, a wonderful American, a wonderful person,” Obama said.

    Former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato (R-N.Y.) said having a close relationship with the President is good.

  55. Heidi Li GREAT SITE for the beginning of the NEW WOMENS MOVEMENT !!!

    And Sheri … and co what would i have done without all of you ?? shriveled up into a ball of depression……THANK GODDESS FOR ALL OF YOU AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE !!!

    Truth be told some of this past year is even now difficult to revisit …. if it had not been for RD And all the PUMAS … everyone here……..

    I honestly dont know what I would have done !!!

    I have more real hope for this blue ball knowing you all are on it !!

  56. Kiki,

    That is a really wierd article!

  57. isn’t it? it seems like things you might think but shouldn’t say out loud…

  58. Swanspirit,

    I’ll always appreciate your graphics help. I always laugh whenever I think of that night that you and I and SOD stayed up so late posting Favreau pics with everyone we could think of photoshopped in.

    Of course I appreciate your music, poetry, and insightful comments too, but that night was so much fun and helped me keep from going completely nuts!

  59. Kiki,

    And so inappropriate since Bloomberg and his staff are not even Democrats!

  60. kiki, on January 1st, 2009 at 10:53 pm
    That article is not only strange, but just shows how out of touch the so-called political elites are.

  61. they’re either out of touch or they just don’t give a shit, since it’s been proven that voters really don’t matter

  62. Perhaps D’Amato should have avoided the unfortunate phrase of
    ” It PAYS to have a friend in the White House” at this Blago-juncture in Senate Seat give away politics

  63. swanspirit, on January 1st, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    We are all going to keep on helping all of us get through to other side. We are going to comment to one another, keep each other up too late, learn computer skills we didn’t have but need, make each other laugh…we are not only going to keep each other as sane as possible, we are going to enjoy ourselves while we do it to the extent that’s possible.

    Sure we’ll get angry at events, and we won’t always agree with each other, but the camaraderie is what will see us through.

  64. Mayor Bloomberg: “Voters? Voters? What are they?…Oh, you mean ‘the little people'”
    Caroline Kennedy: (nods)
    Mr. Obama: (grins and looks for Blago so he can pose with him – er, then again maybe not at just this moment.)

    [I know, not up to Madamab’s standards…but my feeble attempt]

  65. camaraderie…….I was at a party this evening and was talking to a woman who has survived several bouts of cancer and is dealing with it again, and she was talking about the camaraderie with other patients in waiting rooms, waiting for chemotherapy. and she said….it doesn’t make it worth it or desirable to have cancer, but it is an amazing silver lining – the people you meet that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and the relationships you form with these people, some fleeting and some lasting.

    a conversation I plan to go over in my mind, but Heidi’s use of the word made me think it might be something to share as well

  66. Heidi Li you are so kind …………….. GROUP HUG !!!

  67. Heidi Li you are so kind …………….. GROUP HUG !!!

  68. Swanspirit,


    I didn’t even know that D’Amato was still in the land of the living.

  69. well, I’d like to be in on this hug {{{ }}}……and now I have to go to bed because I’m the only person I know that has to work tomorrow……groan……feel sorry for me! or maybe I already feel sorry enough for myself 🙂

    thanks y’all for all you did last year and in advance for this year – we’ll make it work!

  70. Kiki,

    I have to work tomorrow, but it’s true I don’t have to go out. I’ll gladly feel sorry for you!

  71. Heidi, your site looks incredible. Congratulations.

  72. I guess because I’m In CA, I don’t get the nuances of New Yorkers? Did Sheeky infer that NY is down the tubes unless Patterson appoints CK? This would be a person who will have little influence in Congress, but will be able to bypass all that fou fou because she can just ask for what she wants from the Prez? Schumer must be thrilled by now. What a way to reinforce the wrong message, ie., CK won’t have to work and NYr’s don’t really need to vote.

  73. lol, thanks BB! night {{{ya’ll}}}

  74. helenk: It’s great to know you are so close. We are headed back to SF on Saturday but will be back down soon. You can write to me at puma.sf1@gmail.com. Let’s arrange to meet the next time I’m down. We have plenty of room for more if you East coasters need to get away.

    Heidi Li: Your site is amazing. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  75. Here’s a great post about Governor Paterson and his Blagojevich problem.


  76. Heidi Li

    The site is nice and the concept is fantastic.

    I really like the mission statement. I agree totally that we need to examine the reasons for misogyny in all areas. Too many people have private hostilities towards women. We need to work to expose and understand what those hostilties are and explain, in a truthfull way, why they are fallacies.

  77. Great new post up by Heidi.

  78. Let’s face it – there are a lot of young guys out there who fell in love with the concept of O for president who just cannot understand the 35, 42, 54 or 62 female mind and who don’t want to… and there are a lot of those female minds here at the Confluence. Fortunately, there are also some bright, articulate men who do here with us.

  79. vbonnaire-that article is scary

  80. vbonnaire – whoa – sounds like
    “operation chaos”: a state of extreme confusion and disorder or the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos.

    That is scary, Laurie. Good grief – this is the “genius” they’ve given us.

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