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New Year’s Eve 2008: The year in pictures

Here is the photo that says it all:  The August 25 protest that PUMA did in front of the MSNBC kiosk in Denver.  We literally drowned out the wimpy assed Obamaphiles who were milling around and jeered Chris Matthews when he showed up on the set.  Harriet Christian is holding up the big sign.  She has the yellow plaid shirt on.  And somewhere in this crowd is smarmy Rebecca Traister from Salon who called me minutes before this event.  I told her to meet us there.  I never saw or spoke to her.  We were loud, fearless and came in all stripes, ages, professions, walks of life and lifestyles.  Traister just filled out the typical old, uneducated, working class sino-peruvian lesbian meme worksheet, filed it and called it a day.  I’d call her a bitch but that would be kind.  Simofish has this youtube video of the protest:


The August 25 protest that the media never heard about

The media were all over PUMA HQ but had their story already written

The media were all over PUMA HQ but had their story already written

A TX Hillary Delegate I ran into on the street in Denver

A TX Hillary Delegate I ran into on the street in Denver

Jesse, the Hillary Cover Girl, in Denver

RD, trying to cope with bad haircut all summer

RD, trying to cope with bad haircut all summer (jesse in pic above)

Caption this photo

LadyBoomerNYC: Caption this photo

Sam Gamgee, Sean Astin, cheering us up the mountain in PA in April

Sam Gamgee, Sean Astin, cheering us up the mountain in PA in April

Some of these pics were taken with my phone so they aren’t professional grade.  Do you have any notable pics you want to add to a Confluence slideshow?  Send them to me at theconfluence08 at yahoo dot com and I’ll put one together.


36 Responses

  1. To go along with your theme — here’s a video I did of our Denver Protesting — RD – you’re in here — it’s not the best footage — but it works

  2. simo!!
    bawling eyes out after that vid-is it too early to drink something?

  3. Here’s a video of Audacity of Demcracy

  4. it’s always 5:00 PM somewhere — tonight I am ringing out the old year with a bottle of 1999 Vintage Dom Perignon —- this was a wedding gift — I am toasting PUMA tonight.

  5. I’m saving the liquor for the 20th.

  6. RD–Please add Gary’s pictures of the pumamobile journey to Denver and beyond. Also pictures of events in Unity, NH, and Washington DC at the end of May nightmare. Also video of Harriet rant in DC–magnificent!

  7. Pictures of Gary and Mawm with Katiebird in Kansas City.

  8. simofish
    I will never be ready to make nice to these enemies of democracy.
    Thank you for your work all of the Pumas who went to Denver and keep commenting a posting on The Confluence.



  9. should read commenting and posting on The Confluence

  10. Man what a YEAR. The PUMAS are the fabbest! the CONFLUENCE is the fabbest!

    (this was the best thing to ever come out of an election year in my lifetime!)

    Go Confluence, forever!
    Happy New Year to one and all, friends forever!

    Man what a year RD.
    much love and all of that to all of you in the hopes we see a decent 2009 — &!

    RD gets that fab ring!
    & that her couch will be good
    & finding RD’s voice in the web — she is the strong feminist part of our gen — look at her!

    Politics is where she could go, bigtime!
    I would have been lost without your voices this year with how I felt as a feminist about Hillary and Sarah both. I love you guys — that was one of the expressions we used in this gen. How odd. Did we like have to be guys in order to get the RESPECT we needed?

    maybe so — I know this, this gen knows itself!
    when it sees itself!


  11. RD gets that fab ring!
    & that her couch will be good
    Is there a “paypal” button that will get RD her couch???

  12. SHV — *************
    Is there a “paypal” button that will get RD her couch???


    Great idea — my daily dose of getting out of the bed in the AM is reading RD’s posts — I think that’s worth a few coins towards a couch !!!!

  13. I am hoping that next year the Dems, MSM, and Obama himself remember that women make up the majority of this country. If they keep insulting us and ignoring our rights, they will lose. 2008 was not just economically devasting, but emotionally also. It was hard to see women’s rights and the rights of LGBTs pushed back at least 30 years.

  14. The pictures are great. I recognize so many people from the campaign trail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Denver, but I am glad that you all did. My 8 year old daughter was in a clip here in New York holding a sign that said “Problematic White Woman” with an arrow pointing down at her. We were protesting the MSNBC misogyny channel here in New York City last February.
    The photo ended up on youtube as part of a tribute to Senator Clinton. I’m very proud that my baby is part of that tribute. I think the name of it was called “Senator Clinton, Don’t give up”. It was also played on Hillaryspeaksforme.


  16. Great photos!!
    Happy New Year to all.
    “RD” I have a “letter campaign” to Congressman Rangel a few of us worked on. It’s in protest of Caroline Kennedy being selected to the Senate. I’ll e-mail it to you.

  17. I’m waiting for Teresa in Pa to post. Anyone heard from her?

  18. CWaltz,

    Teresa was here last night. She posted this link to her blog.


  19. simofish –

    Very good footage. But please – pretty please – don’t cop the title of my film, The Audacity of Democracy.

  20. FL Voter,

    I hear you. I’m so f*cking angry that I don’t know what to do with myself. Situations like this usually motivate me. I am focusing my energy on fighting for women’s rights. I am a legal services lawyer who has been representing poor women for more than 15 years. I still do, but this whole friggin mess has me rethinking my career path. I want to work on policy issues that effect large numbers of women. I’m sick of applying bandaids to hemorages.

  21. LOL, RD! Oh, paybacks are hell! Caption for my photo? I’ll never tell, but it was a fun night. I’ll raise you one RD photo of you splatted on the floor with your computer. Stay tuned. . . . Love, LB

  22. brad – ok, I will have to remove the video in order to change the posting.

  23. brad – changed

  24. simofish –

    Not necessary. All I’m asking is that you don’t do it again. I’ve spent 6 months on my film, which has been edited from just under 100 hours of footage. The film is about to be released in about two weeks and I would like to avoid confusion.

    That’s all.

  25. Simofish — wonderful video and such memories of what we accomplished in and leading up to Denver. Warms my heart to remember all of us who joined together, sparked by our righteous cause. Thank you for making it and to RD for posting it.

  26. Lady Boomer — Most likely 2009 will be bring me to NYC / NJ for work. When that happens we must meet for drinks — my treat !!!

  27. LadyBoomer Caption:
    I got your hopey-changey right here.

  28. RD photo caption:

    “eat your heart out, Shirley Manson!”

  29. I just wanted to say Happy NewYear to everybody here at The Confluence. Tonight is the only time of the year I can make a piece of “change”. I am a musician. So just remember, when you are out there ringing in the New Year, there is really someome who is “sober” and watching you! HA!HA!HA! Got to go now and put on the ritz!

  30. Actually, I want to change my LadyBoomer caption to:
    Who do I call about the roll call vote?

  31. Happy New Year everyone!

    NEW POST UP!!!

  32. Nice pics of the Pumas!

    Now that picture on the home page of scamalot / BO- too hard to take every day,
    even if its not flattering.

    Pheww! What a year it’s been……Happy New Year,y’all.

  33. BB

    Do you know if she ever got the paypal account up to help her finances? I see she has a donate link but I am hesitant to put it in that account w/o knowing if it is still active

  34. Sophie, on December 31st, 2008 at 4:42 pm Said: Edit Comment

    LadyBoomer Caption:
    I got your hopey-changey right here.

    I like that one, babe!

    Simofish — you’re on!

  35. Wow. You all are so damn good lookin’! Your avatars don’t do you justice. 🙂

  36. LOVED the video! Wish I could have been there!

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