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My New Year’s Prediction: They Will Never Defeat Her – Or Us

Famous, Fierce and Fabulous

Famous, Fierce and Fabulous

Remember how the frustrated Obama bloggers and the corporate media were screaming “Why Won’t That Stupid Bitch Quit” after Super Tuesday, claiming that Hillary was merely staying in the race for some strange, evil, stalker-ish reason? She was like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” to some, a racist who was trying to stand in the way of their Beloved Precious’ Big Moment to others. Never did they give a moment’s ink to the fact that Hillary and Obama were tied in pledged delegates, even with the unearned delegates that Obama stole from Hillary in Michigan and the artificial discounting of her delegates from Florida. Nor did they pause to reflect that Obama could just as well be seen as standing in Hillary’s way. She had been earning her stripes in Democratic politics for decades, whereas he had burst on the scene out of nowhere in 2004.

But, as we know, the Obamatons were victorious. And Hillary, in accordance with their fervent desires, has slunk away into obscurity, as befits a person with scary ladyparts whose last name is Clinton.

Or…maybe not.

Our Girl has been named “New Yorker of the Year” by the New York Daily News – “The Most Powerful Woman in the World.” She and Bill Clinton will be at the ball-dropping ceremony this evening, in front of tens of millions of people. At one point, she was neither going to be considered for a Cabinet post, nor to head the health care efforts in the Senate. But now, she is going to be the Secretary of State – and there is no better time for the spectacularly unsuccessful Bush doctrine to be firmly repudiated once and for all, by a person of clarity, conviction and strength.

And as for Hillary’s “high negatives,” which they constantly trumpeted as the reason that Obama should win the primaries, did they not realize that Hillary has been the most admired woman in America for the past seven years? (Interestingly, Sarah Palin came in second, causing Oprah to lose her #2 spot for the first time since 2002. You go, Sarah!) Did they not know that Hillary’s ratings increased exponentially in 2006, 2007 and 2008? And that exit polls showed that 16% of McCain’s voters would have voted for Hillary had she been the candidate, which translates into about 9.5 million votes (which, by the way, is an ACTUAL landslide)?

Sorry, Obamans. Hillary’s not going away, and neither are we. In the New Year, we will be moving on to a new phase of activism. So buckle your seatbelts, boys and girls. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, and you’re very lucky that Hillary will be there to smooth it out for your clueless, narcissistic empty suit.

In time, even you will admit that.

40 Responses

  1. Has anyone read this article about “caretaker” Senators?


    To include the possibilities of the Big Dawg or Mario Cuomo?

    Ah….the mind whirls at the possibilities… 🙂

  2. Absolutely! Thanks, Madamab – you’ve hit all the right “notes” again!

    Do you think those boobs (dean, pelosi, reid and brazile) ever think – hmmm, it could have been easier and cost a lot less if we’d backed Hill and we’d still have gotten a “minority” in the Oval office.
    Nah, it would take brains and logic to admit you made a mistake 🙄

  3. Obambi is not going to like her getting all the attention.

  4. madamab: I absolutely LOVE the way you write! Excellent post!

  5. And with all of the magical thinking about the Messiah..Bush and the thugs continue to screw the American people.

    “Bush’s Final F.U. ”


  6. GREAT POST!!!
    I love this photo of her “madamb”.
    I can’t believe we get to ring in the New Year with Hill & Bill!!!

  7. Okay, Conflucians–I’m off to go celebrate the coming New Year. I certainly hope 2009 beats 2008, though I have to admit, I’m not seeing great signs. I do want to thank each and every poster and commenter here for getting me through 2008 in one piece.

    And for you lucky dawgs in New Yawk, wave to Bill and Hill for me!

  8. The ones who voted for the One are having second thoughts and the precious hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

    I find great happiness in that.

  9. Madamab, wonderful post.

    Here’s a 2009 prediction, you and the rest of the talented Confluence scribes will continue to entertain us in world class fashion.

  10. Boy, taggles – I wonder if there is anyway to block the swearing in, if that many folks are having second thoughts…

    …dream on

  11. Happy New Year madamaB and to everyone else here.

    I wish everyone inner peace, good health, prosperity, friendship and fellowship, delicious meals and lovely drinks, good conversations and photo opportunities, blissful moments of joy to be alive, singing or listening to music, many good books, and lots of restorative sleep!


  12. Madamab – let us know where and when if you are welcoming “Metro” NYers on the 10th – the date is a bit iffy for me at this point but if the time and place fits I’d love to join you if it’s open to non-New Yorkers.

  13. OT..Ruh..Roh:

    ‘The U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago today asked a federal judge for an extra three months to formally indict Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his former chief of staff.
    In seeking the extension, which Blagojevich’s defense attorneys are not opposing, prosecutors said they have intercepted “thousands of phone calls” by tapping Blagojevich’s home phone between late October and early December.
    “The government has been conducting a diligent and thorough investigation in this case, but the investigation includes multiple defendants and potential defendants,” the filing stated.”


    “Multiple defendants and POTENTIAL defendants”…I don’t think Barry, Rahm, Valerie, et al are sleeping all that well.

  14. Back atcha, Micki – to all Conflutians – May 2009 exceed your wildest expectations!!!

  15. Joanelle, it’s the most brutal scum sucking so called liberal misogynists that can’t seem to bear it.

    They are eating eachother alive.

    I love it!

  16. In many ways, Hillary was the big winner this year. She had so much stacked against her and yet she just kept on fighting. What a great example of a strong woman!

    Terrific post madamab 🙂

  17. Meanwhile, though, it’s we women who are tearing each other apart — as Taggles instructed Betty Jean on last night’s BlogTalkRadio.

    Let’s try to get through 2009 without all the drama-queen fireworks!

  18. One of my fav albums katy

  19. Don’t give up, don’t back down. Keep the faith.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  20. What a wonderful ending to a new beginning. Happy New Year Conflucians. I don’t think I would’ve survived this year without all of you!

  21. TIME Mag: PUMA 8th Biggest Buzzword of 2008!!!



    h/t Puma PAC

  22. Happy New Year to you all! May you have peace, prosperity and love aplenty.

  23. Hell no we will not go away quietly. This is our country too. Because right now she is under attack by people who do not believe in the Constitution we are needed more than ever.

    at No Quarter someone suggested a name for the Blago comedy series, ” as the hot rod turns” about reid and backtrack objection to his appointment to the senate seat.

    Happy New Year and thank you for your being there this year and hopes for what we can do next year.



  24. Great post madamab — a wonderful thing to remember as we start our New Year.

    I’m getting ready to go out for the New Year festivities — so Happy New Year to all my fellow PUMAs! Lets make 2009 the best year ever!!


    ps — don’t forget to listen the our second episode of The View from Under the Bus on January 14!!

  25. Throughout the primary, Hillary kept saying she wasn’t hurting the Dem party, she was helping it by the intense interest in the race and the registration of new voters.

    Now that we’ve seen the general election stats, we see she was right. The Repubs stayed home; the higher registration of Dem voters is what helped Obama this Nov. The AP had the damn nerve to say those very words in a jubilant post-election analysis, and never saw the irony of their incessant drumbeat to oust her during the primary.

  26. Have a great night angienc!!! You knock ’em dead in your LBD and stiletto heels!

    Can’t wait for the next show…

  27. Happy New Year to all! Hey, 2009 can’t be any worse than 2008, right? Oh, nevermind. Didn’t some numerologist say it was going to be better?

  28. SHV – Heh. Heh. Heh. Obama may be the first president to be indicted within his first six months in office.

    Next year’s buzzword:


  29. Wonderful article! Hillary will continue to shine brightly and probably save the nation during Emperor Ego’s Era of Arrogance. Thank God for Hillary.
    Happy New Year everyone. All the best in 2009!

  30. Madamab,

    Great Post!!!! Hillary is not going away. And the whole thing about her “negatives” is such bullshit! The MSM has been trying to brain wash the public to hate her for decades, and as the primaries proved, they have been unseccessful, More people like her now that she has had the opportunity to go directly to the people and present herself to them. No matter how badly they trashed her during the primaries, she always remained dignified. By campaigning, she gave the people the opportunity to hear her and make their own judgments about her without the media hate fest filter.

    During the primaries, I remember feeling so frustrated and worried about how sucessful the MSM was going to be in convincing people to hate her. I think they did convince many not to vote for her. I remember after she won Texas and Ohio, Chris Mathews saying that Obama would win the PA primary because he had 6 weeks and four networks working for him. And, even with all those networks, and out-spending her by 3 to 4 times, they were unseccessful at turning PA against her. I hope her continued public presence contunues to boost her popularity.

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!


  31. Yes!

    Thanks for that, madamab.

  32. If you don’t mind my repost,
    this Hillary supporter/puma needs help.

    guys, I am seeking help anywhere I can. My job is great fun but the economy has knocked out many of my insurance clients this fall and I have charge backs (people could not afford to keep when they lost jobs or their investments went south) that ate up all my cash and caused my checking account to go in to a roll of bounced checks. It was totally unexpected as I am new at this and was not warned it could happen. If I do not give my landlady at least 450 in the next few days I am out on the street.
    In the meantime I am looking for other work and could move to florida, but I have a whole apartment of stuff to get rid of before I do that and so I need to get rent and Oil heat money to her.

    I am at the end of my rope and have been for weeks, just trying to juggle everything and willing myself not to stay mired in the depression and anxiety that is eating away at me. I just can not juggle anymore and I am about ready to get in my car and disapear… to where I do not know.

    here is the link to my blog, if anyone has it in their heart to hit the donate button I would be very greatful.


  33. Much to the chagrin of the MSM and the Demoratic leadership, the Clintons are not going away. They remain two of the most admired and respected individuals in the world.

    It remains to be seen what Bambi’s legacy will be after he leaves the Oval Office.

  34. if anyone else is stuck inside because of a weather related canceled NYE party (thanks to bone chilling cold, snowy roads, and people coming from 3 states) go here and play – it’s kind of cathartic.


    Happy New Year all – roar in 2009.

  35. Maya Angelou said it best. No matter what they try to do to her, Hillary continues to:


    She stays focused on her/our goals, and works harder than anyone. She is the opposite of “others,” in that she walks the talk. She puts her principles into action and takes the heat for doing so. I am very proud of her, and will enjoy watching her stride the international stage as our representative–especially after the abysmal representation we’ve had for 8 years.

  36. Bless you MadamaB. Somebody finally said it. She will not be driven away because she is the best person for our time.

  37. Hear, hear MadamaB!

    Hillary is the cream of the crop, and the cream always rises to the top.

    She will not be defeated, and neither will we.

    Happy New Year, Happy New Everything to all of you Conflucians!

    Truly you have helped me keep my sanity during the most corrupt election I have ever imagined. Thank you, and God Bless.


  38. Great going madamab!

    Happy New Year to you and all PUMAs.

    Let’s don’t give up

  39. Thanks for a great post! Hillary and the Pumas are not going away–ever–but The Empty Suit may….soon! Philip Berg has been granted a conference to discuss his injunction on Obama’s eligibility for president. January 9 and January 16 are key dates and we’ll have to pray that the Supreme Court observes the constitution and declares Barry Soetoro what HIllary kept saying all along: Unqualified to be President!

    Happy New Year to the true Liberals, progressives and human rights advocates–all wonderful Hillary supporters. What a coincidence, eh?! Thanks….

  40. Famous, Fierce and Fabulous…and voted Most Admired Woman for 13 years since 1993! What a woman–Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton!!!!!!!!!

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