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Grateful Dead

We may be going to Hell in a Bucket, but at least we’re enjoying the ride.

Some of it, anyway.

82 Responses

  1. Time to open the (cheap) champagne for a New Year’s toast to all! May 2009 prove to be better than we fear – and may we all work to make it so.

  2. happy new year to all



  3. They showed Hill & Bill hugging…sniff…

    Goodbye 2008–R.I.P.

    They’re dancing…so cute.

  4. We survived, guys. We and the Clintons survived. There may yet be hope for the country.

  5. Reg: did they interview HRC & Bill? I only caught a glimpse before the ball and then dancing…not enough!

  6. No interview that I saw but they were absolutely precious together.

  7. NBC just had a Pepsi commercial, and they definitely altered the Pepsi logo to resemble O’s logo, and used in in words like “hope” etc.

    Blech…he still here in 2009.

  8. Fif: I’m still tuning his ass out in 2009. Hell, it’s still 2008 in TX, I give myself the next 49 minutes to get over his presence.

  9. Reg…it won’t work. I do everything I can to obliterate him from my awareness, but he is so omnipresent, they slip him in everywhere.

    Viva la Resistance!

  10. Fif: Then I’ll have to learn to think of something less unpleasant whenever he comes up. As it is, I see BO, I think BC. Makes me nostalgic but it works for me.

  11. Too funny, fif – knew there was a reason I didn’t drink Pepsi!

    Appropriate, though, considering that Obama was just another product marketed so people felt they have to have it, but that isn’t good for them at all.

  12. sister: President-Brand-Elect. Axelrove indeed.

  13. Happy New Year, Riverdaughter, and all who write, visit , post here on this wonderful refuge.

    Seeing Bill and Hillary starting the ball rolling at Times Square, and dancing together – priceless. Like Sinatra sang “A-Number One”! Looked like they were happy together up there, and believe they have the love thing happening.

    Agreed – the Clintons remind us of how we are all survivors of the past year. May their appearance be a good omen of more good and great things from their service, and perhaps miracles to come.

    I got back this evening from volunteering (help with dinner) at the cold weather shelter for men, set up at our church parish house. With windchills down to 10 degrees F, believe it’s a good thing they can stay beyond the night – all day tomorrow through Friday night. Makes me appreciate all we have, and “there but for the grace of God” could go others out of work, luck, etc. Demand is up for such places.

  14. I do not watch any MSM commentators anymore, and it’s shocking to have it on even for this purpose. What a bunch of dithering airheads. It’s such garbage filler with no substance.

    Saccharine commentator: “What would your message of hope be?”

    Answer: I hope I don’t have to listen to you people anymore, and we actually have real journalists flown in from another planet to revitalize the free press.

  15. It seems my irreverent snark and disdain for the MSM has jumped the fence to 2009…oh well.

    Even the Luke Russert thing is stupid. His father died, so he suddenly has a plumb network job with virtually no previous experience?

    Nepotism Rules!

  16. I didn’t even like his father. I won’t speak ill of the death but the apple doesn’t fall far from the ass tree. Spare the living.

  17. 30 minutes to go here in Chicago!

  18. Thank you for doing that Liberty. I always immediately think of people trying to survive on the street when it gets cold like this. Shelters are so dangerous, that many homeless people actually prefer the street. When it gets this cold, people always freeze to death. In NYC, there was an effort to prevent churches from giving them shelter for some ridiculous reason.

  19. Happy New Year from the other side Afrocity! It’s fine over here, but Obama is still the president-elect. I watched several Twilight Zone episodes today, and I was hoping I was in some kind of time warp and we could go back and have a do over.

  20. In Houston, Bill White has pretty much failed to do anything about the homeless population other than to shove them away from the affluent areas of town.

  21. My primary objection to Obama from the get-go has been that he is a fraud.

    A fraudulent Christian, a fraudulent liberal, a fraudulent Democrat. My Obot SO continually asks me for evidence of Obama’s fraud. Despite my having provided it in abundance, he continues to claim that Obama is no more fraudulent than any other politician.

    I’ve argued myself blue in the face. SO has asked me to provide my five most compelling arguments that Pampers is a fraud. I have my own thoughts, but may I ask you all to contribute to the argument? Many thanks.

    Happy New Year to all of you, my dear Conflucian friends.

  22. Happy early New Year, afrocity – though I hope my team beats yours soundly on the ice at Wrigley tomorrow! Don’t know if you’re a hocky fan, but it should be quite a game.

  23. Despite my having provided it in abundance, he continues to claim that Obama is no more fraudulent than any other politician.

    That in itself is evidence of his fraud, because he has always claimed that he is DIFFERENT (ie: superior) to all other politicians. He is transformational, transparent, not of the “old politics.” You can continue to talk yourself until you’re blue in the face, but in my experience, Obots are completely fact-averse. They refuse to listen to and/or absorb any evidence that conflicts with their fantasy. There are so so many examples of his lied and hypocrisy–where to begin?

  24. Happy New Years from the great state of Illinois, home of the city with the highest sales tax in the nation, the first place to attach a debit card machine to a parking meter, and of course the state where our governors make our license plates!!!

  25. Happy New Year!

  26. Nell: there was a site dedicated to O’s lies that went way beyond 99. I don’t know if it still exists. Off the top of my head:

    1. His primo lie about “voting against the war.” I still have people who swear that is true. As Bill stated clearly, it’s a fairy tale. He gave a pandering speech in a liberal district and never did another thing to oppose the war, even claiming that he didn’t know how he would have voted if he’d been in the Senate, privy to intelligence.
    2. His money comes from “small donors.” This has been disproven by many sources: Congressional Quarterly, Newsweek, & others. He attacks Wall St. greed, and the majority of his funds comes from financial institutions, including those that have failed and received bail out money: Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs–and of course, Fannie & Freddie, the sink hole in the economy.
    3. His many lies about his associations: “I didn’t really know him,” he says first, and then changes the lie as more information becomes available. Wright, Rezko, Ayers. These are decades long relationships–especially with Wright & Rezko.
    4. His uncle freed concentration camp prisoners…wasn’t he actually in the Navy or something?
    5. His parents met at the Selma march. It actually happened a few years after he was born.
    6. His robo calls and smearing flyers into swing states that were pure character assassination of HRC and her policies, as he whined about her “negative old politics” in public. He did the same thing to McCain, and the press covered for him.
    7. FISA, public financing, Iraq withdrawal timeline, NAFTA, Warren–major swings to the right after he stole the nomination, but he used these issues to distinguish himself from the “evil triangulating HRC” during the primaries because he had no experience.
    8. Caucus fraud, deliberate manipulation of FL & MI, and the orchestrated faux Dem Convention.
    9. Endorsement of homophobia & misogyny.

    I’m getting tired just thinking about it. There are so many examples.

  27. Oh yea. He was always talking about his poor single mother, and living on food stamps, when he actually was raised by his Banking VP grandmother and went to the most exclusive high school in Hawaii, and then on to 2 Ivy League schools. Boo hoo.

  28. afrocity I’m kinda warming up to your governor. just when I’m about to despair, he makes everything funny again.

  29. “The nightmare of 2008 is behind us and the HORROR of 2009 is ahead but tonight let’s party like it’s 1999.”

  30. I am going to try to sleep with this head cold.

    Happy and healthy new year to all you wonderful Conflucians. I’d be batsh*t crazy without this site. I don’t know what to wish for in 2009…I’m still in mourning, waiting for something to shift so I can believe in something again. So much disillusionment from so many quarters.

    But not here 🙂


  31. 10,9,8,7

  32. 2, 1


  33. Feel better, Fif.

    Good night everyone.

  34. happy new year afrocity and everyone in central time!

  35. Happy, happy to all!! Let’s enjoy it until the coronation because after that:

  36. Happy New Year, Everybody! It’s still almost two hours from 2009 here, but for those of you already into the new year, I hope it’s good to you so far, and only gets better.

  37. Woo Hoo! Happy New Year!!

    I’m back for the night & just checking in — thanks for the Grateful Dead myiq — I love this song — best line:

    There may come a day I will dance on your grave
    Unable to dance I will crawl

    My sentiments for the Obots exactly!

    Good night all & may 2009 be the best year yet!


  38. If I never see the words “yes we can” again, it’ll be too soon. I actually have avoided buying magazine with that smarmy catch phrase now.

  39. the sad thing is ‘hope’ and ‘change’ have become obnoxious words. and they’re not bad words in and of themselves, and not even bad concepts, they’ve just been misused.

  40. kiki, you are right about those words. It’s a shame; two perfectly good words ruined. I cringe whenever I hear them.

    I only look forward to after the inauguration when they stop running the commercials for the commemorative plates and coins.

  41. {{{Fredster}}} B’ham’s a dumber place with you gone. I wish you could have stayed.

    (but I understand that you couldn’t. you have got to be the best son in history)

    I hope 2009 is fabulous for you!

  42. It wouldn’t be New Years without a little of the good ol’ Grateful Dead. Thanks myiq!

  43. Oh kiki! We’re still here. The momster had a fall and then 2nd one. the 2nd only scraped her elbow but the first really bruised her up on the side. She’s got a dr’s appt next week so I’m anticipating heading out the week after that.

    Since we have no hospital in St. Bernard and only a handful of dr’s. I figured it was better to stay and let her see the doc here first. When we get back home I’m going to have to line her up with a new doc down there. I’m hoping her cardiologist can get her in with someone.

  44. {{{correction}}} I’m hoping her cardiologist down there can line her up with an internist there.

  45. umm, I wondered about putting my phone # out there but figured you would know the area code….

  46. I’ve got iti now so if myiq wants to remove that it’s cool.

  47. good nite and happy new year! went to friends house to many obots…

    I want to have a PUMA new years party next year so some one in the dept of technology better get working on that transport device!

  48. Happy New Year Conflucians!!!

    Over here they eat lentils and a large boiled pork sausage- for luck and money +spumante….

    Imagine PUMA being a buzzword-heh heh.

    Thought we were the unmentionable cast-offs of society ….

  49. I’m with fuzzy on this one – next year we should welcome 2010 with a PUMA party. Would SOOOO love to hang out with you guys.

    I came across a few more Obama doubters on my travels today. Aussies are fairly quick at seeing through cheaters. One guy was convinced that Blago is going to sing.

    Happy 2009 all!

  50. The Clintons danced the New year in on New York, New York…I got hope now. Happy New Year to all Conflucians!

  51. Thanks, edge, that was very heartening.

  52. I got video now too – and Hillary – New Yorker of the year!

  53. Edge,

    Thank you. HIllary looks radiant in those photos.

  54. Happy New Year! It is a whole 5 degrees here in Western MA, almost cold enough for body parts to start dropping off!!!

    Have no intentions of sticking my nose out the door regardless of all the great sales going on at the mall.

    Just 20 less days of malignant Bush and 20 more days until hopeless Obama. Oh well. We tried.

  55. Happy New Year!!
    To start it off…we want to share this last piece of inspiration…before we start the Resistance….

    I think it will fill your hearts with courage…we will need it!!!!

    7. The Man Who Paints Street Numbers…(Final Installment in Our “Season of the Heart” Series)

    Hope we all have a healthy 2009.

    Fredster, I hope your mom is OK.
    To Bettyjean…prayers for Denise and Louisa…

  56. Hey Pat,

    It is freezing isn’t it! Brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Yes 20 more days until no change enters our lives officially for the next four years.

    Atleast there will be no shock. It will remain status quo.

  57. Hey, Sheri, Happy “Freezing Your Ass Off in MA” New Year! Can you stand it?

    I am in flannel pj’s, socks, fluffy slippers, a flannel robe, clutching a cup of coffee. In other words, I am ready for “the nursing home”!!

    And thanks once again for all you do. It helps knowing that your voice is out there making a difference!

  58. 2009 is off to a great start already. Putin has shut off natural gas supplies to the Ukraine right in the middle of winter! What a guy!

    And this is what Obama “I have no experience in this area but trust me!” is about to face. Like sending a mosquito off to do the job of an elephant.

    Don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I sure am impressed. Those few years in the IL legislature tells me that he has honed those negotiating skills to a fine point. Sheeshhhh!!

  59. PJ!!!! Haven’t seen you in days. Happy New Year to you and my other Conflucian friends from frigid 17-degree Manhattan!

    Did anyone else experience a feeling of palpable relief as the old year went bye-bye last night?

  60. !! I got the sidebar back where it belongs. It turned out that 3 posts from yesterday (maybe even more since it took a while for me to figure out a way to isolate the problem posts) I hope I got all the posts back in their proper places. If you notice that somethings missing from the front page PLEASE let me know. I can find it again.

  61. Happy New Year Conflucians!

    May the New Year be better than we think it will be. In my case that isn’t a high hill to climb. 😉

  62. madamab: Sort of. But I also have a feeling we are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Obama? Bush? There’s a difference?

    From where I sit, no so much. Let’s hope that Hillary can bring some much needed relief to this simmering juggernaut that may be headed our way. My one and only glimmer of hope come January 20th.

    And by the way, 17 degrees sounds almost balmy compared to 5 degrees here in MA!

  63. freezing my a** of right here with ya, PJ.
    put another log on the fire, only 3 more months of winter!

    May the New Year be filled with scandal and scourge!
    A pox on the house of Obama!

  64. Speaking of “leadership”, where is our current president these days anyway? Is there still enough brush down there in Crawford that he needs to keep “clearing” every chance he gets? By now you would think that ranch had was as pristine as a hockey rink floor.

  65. Katiebird,

    You fixed it! You’re a tech genius!

  66. Happy 2009 Confluencians from snowbound NW Connecticut. 2008 – good riddance.
    Edge, thanks so much for the pix of Hill and Bill – we were watching ABC and missed the dance.
    Now I gotta go dig out my car out.

  67. Catarina and Pat,

    I woke up to 5 degrees, and I haven’t shoveled yet. I guess I’m snowed in for the day, because I’m not going out there till it warms up a little bit!

  68. Pat,

    How is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I put it in my Amazon cart, but haven’t ordered it yet.

  69. bb: I shoveled and cleared the car out last evening while the snow was still fluffy. Looking out the window now it appears to be “crusty” since the temp dropped last night. I am be inviting “cabin fever” but I refuse to stick my nose out the door until the temp at least reaches the teens.

    I hate it when it gets this cold. But it is a good day to make some chili!

  70. Pat,

    Fortunately, I don’t have to go anywhere until Tuesday. LOL! I might need milk and bread before then though. I should have gone out and shoveled yesterday afternoon, but I was too damn lazy.

  71. bb:P I started it yesterday but had company drop by to show off pictures of their trip to the Galapogos Islands and they stayed for awhile. It began on a good note so I am anxious to get back to it, probably sometime today.

    I have so many books piled up since this primary started and this weather affords me time to catch up.

  72. bb
    not too encourage your hibernation but didja know you can call Peapod and have groceries delivered?

  73. bb

    my message to you got eaten my the spam filter.

    just wanted you to know that you can call Peapod and have groceries delivered to your door…hehe..

  74. PJ – 17 degrees is without wind chill! It’s zero if you add that in!

    My only light of hope in 2009 is HRC. If she can really bring the State Department back to its rightful place in foreign policy, then at least our foreign relations will vastly improve, and it does seem like she’s planning on doing just that.

    Here is my prediction on the economy: Obama and the useless Senate Democrats will allow the idiot Repubs to stall or ruin all the spending projects that Obama is promising right now.

    I think we’re in for a long sucky four years. Let’s just keep our heads down until we come out of it, which we will.

  75. Catarina,

    LOL! At the moment, I have plenty of coffee, milk, and chocolate for my lovely mocha lattes (with your help). I’m sure I’ll manage to get the car out by tomorrow, but I’ll keep your idea in mind. I don’t think I’m that desperate yet.

  76. madamab: As usual, I agree with your spot on analysis. The only bright spot will be our Hillary. And I will never, ever forgive the empty suit for what he did during the primaries. No matter how successful, to me he will always be an “illegitmate winner” by all accounts.

    I will never, ever forget May 31st. The day our party went down in infamy and joined the GOP as just another group of thieves. If nothing else, it taught us that what we once took pride in labeling ourselves, was just as corrupt and tainted as anything put forward by the opposition.

  77. NEW POST UP!

  78. Happy New Year everyone!!

    Thanks for the photos of Bill and Hill dancing EOF, wonderful… There is such satisfaction for me in knowing how well loved they are despite all attempts to squash and destroy them. Talk about survivors…

    Off to warm up this cold house with some loooong cooking bbq pulled pork, 14 degrees and windy here in Ohio.

  79. Someone upthread said the magic words I needed to hear. Chicago politicians are the comedy gift that will keep on giving, though Idoubt that America is ready to accept that type of blatant and outrageous behavior that is SOP for Chicago.

    I grew up in Kansas where everything *seemed* so orderly and moved to New Orleans where everything was a mixture of bizarre, delightful, wonderful, awful and corrupt to the point of hilarity.

    The world is too close to collapse to laugh, but laughter coupled with activism might get me through this.

  80. fif – I saw pepsi six packs in Wallgreens the other day and thought the logo looked awfully much like O’s – this all reminds me of one of those science fiction movies where the aliens take over our planet – but they lose in the end

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