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The Confluence nominated as Best Liberal Blog

Check it out. Thank you, Riverdaughter, for creating a community that has earned this recognition.

93 Responses

  1. Holy cow! Taylor Marsh must be really PO’d to be in the same category as The Confluence.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations Confluence!

  3. I’m so excited!

  4. Even though I am a Repub, congratulations Confluence.

  5. hey, that’s pretty cool!

  6. When the voting begins …. act like you are from Chicago, baby!

  7. Afrocity,
    Republican no longer means “not liberal” just like “liberal” no longer means “Democrat”

  8. Fantastic!! And I bet Ms Marsh is p.o.’d at! Now, we gotta get da vote out!

  9. Heidi, bless you. I am not liberal but I am happy that the Confluence accepts me for who I am. I was a DEM until this election. Besides my dislike of BO, I also began to see that his supporters and most DEMS have nothing in common with my values. It was something I needed to come to terms with. I am okay with it now.

  10. Thank you Riverdaughter, for your strength and courage.

  11. Heidi Li,

    Did you nominate us? I can’t believe we’re in the same category with TPM too.

  12. Congratulations! I rarely comment, but I always read.

  13. I can’t believe Taylor Marsh is on the list- her readership is negligible. I just checked out a blog that was listed under the “Hidden Gem” category- the deadenders. The title was intriguing and lo and behold, it appears to be a very Puma-friendly operation.

  14. This is great — congratulations to everyone who headlines — justly deserved.

  15. oh, btw, congratulations!

  16. I did some nominating back when it first opened, from seeing a posting about it…somewhere (rolling eyes). That’s the problem when your bookmarks for blogs scroll waaay down.

    I was equally just as happy at who is not on the lists and I’m not going to name names.

    Sadly, on the list for “best blog” I didn’t see any I care for, or else they were ones I had not visited.

  17. Bravo!

  18. I’m in moderation for a comment at 1:20 a.m.

    I can’t see any bad words in there.


  19. But it lets “shit” through! ❓

  20. Oh well…off to pay some bills.

    Be back in a bit.

  21. We got nominated and Firedoglake didn’t. Wow.

  22. I didn’t nominate any blogs. Only knew about it because Uppity Woman was nominated, and she is a finalist!

  23. Heidi Li,

    I noticed that. And No Quarter was nominated for best political coverage too.

  24. Oh! It was either at NQ or Cannonfire that I saw a mention of the awards. I went there and nominated the ones I knew of and visited and liked and was comfortable commenting on.

    I see that some of those who have looked down their noses at us were not listed.

    Just sayin’

  25. Fredster,
    I looked but I couldn’t find the comment you left that got blocked. I’m getting tired so I may have missed it. Sorry.

    Good night all.

    Heidi Li

  26. Here is some of the article that I think kiki mentioned on Bush:

    WASHINGTON – Hurricane Katrina not only pulverized the Gulf Coast in 2005, it knocked the bully pulpit out from under President George W. Bush, according to two former advisers who spoke candidly about the political impact of the government’s poor handling of the natural disaster.

    “Katrina to me was the tipping point,” said Matthew Dowd, Bush’s pollster and chief strategist for the 2004 presidential campaign. “The president broke his bond with the public. Once that bond was broken, he no longer had the capacity to talk to the American public. State of the Union addresses? It didn’t matter. Legislative initiatives? It didn’t matter. P.R.? It didn’t matter. Travel? It didn’t matter.”

    Dan Bartlett, former White House communications director and later counselor to the president, said: “Politically, it was the final nail in the coffin.”

    Their comments are a part of an oral history of the Bush White House that Vanity Fair magazine compiled for its February issue, which hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday, and nationally on Jan. 6. Vanity Fair published comments by current and former government officials, foreign ministers, campaign strategists and numerous others on topics that included Iraq, the anthrax attacks, the economy and immigration.</blockquote.

    Katrina was the tipping point for him??? Gawd! What about us who lived there!! Grrrrrrrr


  27. Oh hell, didn’t close a blockquote again and again, I’m in moderation at 2:01. I wish I knew what I was typing that’s upsetting Sammy.

  28. ‘Night, Heidi Li!

    Fredster, that was really nice of you to nominate us.

  29. Heidi it’s out of mod now. But you’re going to bed and I have another in trouble.


  30. BB: After the abuse at T.M. and other sites and then to come here, and other friendly sites it was a relief.

    Had I not thought the posters/writers here were thoughtful and worthy of it I would not have done the nomination.

  31. I got you out Fredster. I don’t know what triggered the filter.

  32. BB: on my screen it’s still showing the comment at 2:01 as waiting for moderation. It’s not that big a deal. I was just pasting in some of the article on Bush by some of his former staff.

  33. That’s rare air, but I’d be interested in finding out how the nominees are chosen.

  34. I released one comment of yours, now I see nothing else.

  35. That was it myiq, thanks! Can’t figure out what bad word(s) I used.

  36. Here’s what they say:

    ‘d like to thank my team of volunteers who helped look through the thousands and thousands of nominations to come up with the best slate of finalists we’ve ever had.

    Someone read some things here they liked or thought were worthy or thought-provoking. Maybe they had some secret PUMAs amongst the volunteers!

  37. It was the link

  38. It is great that this website is nominated.
    I learn something every day from all the people here.
    the people here are so welcoming .



  39. Oh Gawd, you’re kidding! I’ve had them take okay sometimes and other times not even accept the post.

  40. RD: No Way!

    RD: Way.

    How the f%^* did that happen???

  41. Glad you woke up! 🙂

  42. Congratulations everyone-grinning like a Cheshire cat

  43. Congratulations, Conflucians! Way to go, Riverdaughter! See, you deserve any couch you want.

  44. Well, I agree that The Confluence is the best liberal blog but in the same friggin’ category as Taylor Marsh? Ick.

    I also think RD should be nominated as best individual blogger.

    Cool that NQ got a nom, too.

  45. Cool that uppity got a nom, too

  46. LOL Cinie–it’s like virtually receiving one of those $6,000 Knoll couches. 🙂 You deserve a nom, too.

  47. Congratulations. I know that riverdaughter is my first must read of the day.

  48. Absolutely Fantastic, woohoooo, so very well deserved !! Congratulations !!

  49. Congratulations! This is wonderful news!

  50. Bet Markos is pissed to and where is the cheeto only looked trhough it quickly-

    I also missed any nomination for:


    Yes to Hipocracy

    my my my….we so deserve this!

  51. RD you have come a long way baby!

  52. OOps Buttburger got a best small blog nod….

  53. wow! Congratulations RD and Conflucians!!!

  54. Congratulations RD and posters! Nice to see recognition where it is deserved!

    Like myiq2xu at 2:43 am Said:

    “That’s rare air, but I’d be interested in finding out how the nominees are chosen.”

    I’d like to know who can set themselves up to give blog awards.

  55. Wow!!! Triple congratulations to Riverdaughter and all the fabulous Front Pagers who have made this site a daily “must read”! In less than one year the Confluence has attracted almost 5 million hits to its credit and will be growing once more after this honor.

    I have always said that this site has the most talented and prolific contributors along with the commentators who add so much to the discourse.

    A “tip of the hat” to Riverdaughter who created this haven for the disaffected and has built it into an award winning entry.
    Take a much earned bow, lady, you deserve it!

  56. Congratulations! I love this blog and I think this is a well deserved honor.

  57. Yay!! This is wonderful and well deserved. Congrats to RD and everyone here.

  58. I have to say I like Talk Left because Big Tent Democrat, even though he did support Obama, is very willing to criticize him and so do a lot of people who post there. BTD often has good insights and thinks outside the box.

  59. Wow, great news.

    Congratulations, RD.

  60. Congrats, RD, this site deserves this honor. Without the Confluence, I think I would have gone crazy during the primaries.


  61. Kim: Me too!!

  62. Congratulations RD and Conflucians! You’re the best. The Confluence is an eclectic, smart and fun blog. It’s a wonderful place and it’s great to see you receive the recognition you so rightly deserve.

  63. Me three!

  64. Congratulations Riverdaughter! You deserve it. What you have done in the past year (with a little bit of help) is amazing. Now we have to remember to go vote next week.

  65. Fabulous news!

    Way to go!!

  66. I think I did go crazy in the past year, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. Thank goodness for this blog and all the people who participate for helping me stay somewhat grounded.

  67. I like talk left too and for the same reasons. I never understood why people on the dkos let themselves get so excited over his posting style.

    Congratulations RD and everyone. I hope this stirs up more traffic even with those who will call us bitter knitters and vagina voters. = )

  68. BBoomer I think I went crazy too. For the first time in my life I did not vote for the democrat for president and I finally understood and agreed with some of the criticism of the left. There really is an ugly elitist quality to parts of the democratic party.

  69. We all went a little nuts this year! Who wouldn’t? Having a neophyte trump a vet in the political arena was enough to drive any sane thinking person over the edge.

    Had it not been for this blog most of us would have been committed to a padded cell long ago.

    It was the writers here who kept us nominally sane. For those of us teetering on the edge to begin with, many thanks!

  70. oops… I must have said something naughty. One of my comments is in moderation. Could it be the joke about being vag*na voters?

  71. Y’all say “crazy” like it’s a bad thing.

  72. well Pat, I think all of us have had the experience of watching unqualified young men come in and get hired as management right just because they are wearing a suit (have boy parts). When it happens on a national level it is just too much.

  73. Congradulations Riverdaughter!!!! It’s a great blog and you deserve the honor!

  74. Congrats to all! You all make my day much more bearable. RD you are a priceless gem!

  75. There is “crazy” and then there is the seriously, criminally insane!

  76. Congrats!!

  77. I am at my sister’s house, about to go to work. She is having a health crisis. We need NATIONAL HEALTHCARE… WITH MANDATES!!! This is is ridiculous, a grown woman, single mother working full time should not have to have her whole future hanging on the decisions of an HMO.
    My stress level and hers are going through the roof. It is effecting our relationship and I can only hope that Obama’s people talk him in to mandates.
    I think this is one way out of our present problems with the economy. More people would start businesses if they knew they could do it without losing health care.
    Thank goodness for liberal blogs.

    ps… on another note, on Christmas Eve I cried out for moral support. This was the single worst Christmas of my life, I sat and considered the unthinkable.
    It has been a devastating few weeks and I am trying to stave off homelessness. It is a long story. I work on 100 percent commission and was doing fine for several months, but then got charge backs because 4 people who lost their jobs could not keep the life and/or medical insurance they needed and bought in august and sept. At this point no matter what I sell, the charge backs from several large policies (someone else sold while I was a brand new agent and learning the ropes by going out with them) are eating up everything I make. I am looking for another job, but have found nothing as of today…though I have hope.
    Anyway, madamab and several other people suggested that they would like to help and I was so glad to even have the offers which made me feel less alone and hopeless.
    Here is the link, I know it works. Now I have to get to my work and try to make some appointments.


    On another note, I am considering moving back to Florida after 12 years… anyone know what the employment situation looks like down there? It has to be better than here in NE pennsylvania.

  78. Whoooopee! {{RD}} Congrats! You’ve made this a great place to come each day. 🙂 Thank you

  79. Congratulations Riverdaughter. Well deserved recognition. I was very pleasantly surprised by the nominees for Best Political Blog. Seems those that were deciding on the nominee’s this year are not willing to sacrifice their integrity. Savage Politics is one of the best political blogs I’ve every read.

    Glad to see Talk Left is not a nominee, sorry to see Taylor Marsh is. I think TM is nominated for her blog prior to her descent into madness in June.

  80. Congrats, Way to go

  81. Excellent! I am emerging from lurking to add my congratulations and thanks to Riverdaughter and the many wonderful writers who have kept me sane! I found this site as well as NQ after becoming thoroughly disgusted with DU and their treatment of Hillary supporters.

  82. BernieO:

    Jeralyn is still pretty good as long as no one says P-A-L-I-N

  83. TeresainPA

    Here’s a link to the BLS figures for unemployment by state and city:


    I wish you well. My plan if I lose my job and can’t get another one where I live is to go to a realtively large city with low unemployment and try to get work…probably first through temporary employment agencies. That’s my Plan B….not Plan A.

  84. I mean unemployment by state and METRO (not city) area…

  85. Hang in there, TeresaInPa! Never give up and never give in. Life is tough sometimes, believe me I know. But when you go through that dark tunnel and come out the other side, you grow as a person. I know that is small comfort at this point, sorry. But one thing I have learned in my life is that people who don’t go through series crisis don’t grow as people. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and smarter.

    All the best to you and your sister.

  86. teresainPA: I’m so sorry to hear about your financial difficulties. Do you have your own blog where you can post content and where you can put your paypal button? $10 here ahd there starts to add up to real money. You just have to pull yourself together in the morning and write about what you’re going through. Call it something like Bailout Blues. Send us a link.

  87. Congratulations, RD! A big thank you {{hug}} goes to you and all of the other bloggers. I raise a glass to all of you! (I know it’s early, but it’s the holidays, so what the hell!)

  88. WOOOT!!! This is GREAT news!

  89. Congratulations Confluence! A well deserved nomination.

    Now win dammit! That would put some cheeto folks noses so far out of joint they’d be sniffed their own ears.

  90. Congratulations!! Well deserved, for sure!

    I’ve marked my calendar for January 5th to get my vote cast for you.

    Chuckling at TMarsh being nominated. Her 4 remaining commenters will have trouble getting her a win.

  91. You deserve all the accolades RD. I was hooked right off at your humorous and very well written articles. I have laughed till my sides hurt and yet feel the mental stimulation of my brain germules working overtime. Thanks so much to you all!

  92. This is my favorite political blog. Congratulations, Riverdaughter. Put some ads on this site and start making money from your success. You deserve it!

  93. Congratulations!

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