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Saturday: No power on Oahu

The power is out on Oahu after a thunderstorm yesterday:

HONOLULU (AP) — The island of Oahu lost power during heavy rain and lightning, blacking out the population of some 800,000 people and thousands of tourists including vacationing President-elect Barack Obama.

Residents were advised by the power company and civil authorities to stay home after the Friday evening outage and to conserve water. Several radio stations broadcast emergency information.

Maybe my memory is really bad but when I lived there as a kid, one of the things I noticed was that  there *weren’t* any thunderstorms on Oahu.  It could be that I lived there during the two years that they had freak weather patterns but it was something I definitely noticed.  No lightning.

It is the rainy season in the Hawaiian islands but most of us would adjust fairly well.  My older daughter lives on Maui and she told me that Christmas day was unusually hot.  It’s probably just a freak weather occurence.

Then again, Obama is staying at a villa on the east side of Oahu (very swank) and apparently, Linda Lingle, the governor, had to take an emergency generator out to him.  Obama, in turn, said he would just go back to sleep.  Yeah, right, have the secret service freak out during the emergency on your behalf while you catch some Z’s.  Typical.

In other news: Lady Caroline says that 9/11 spurred her to public service. That’s great!  I’m just not sure there’s much left to do on The Pile eight years after.  But it’s swell that 9/11 has finally gotten her attention.  I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if she had decided to walk Ground Zero while it was still smokin’ like Citizen Hillary did.

Hillary senatating post-9/11

Hillary senatating post-9/11

Or if she had rounded up her friends and taken some hot dish down to the firefighters who sacrificed their lungs for their buried colleagues.  That would have been nice.  Or if she had lifted one of her perfectly manicured fingers to go public about what she was going to do about the plight of Afghan girls that would have demonstrated global concern in a Peace Corpsy kinda way.  Does she even remember the Peace Corps?

“Ask not what Caroline can do for her country.  Ask what her country can do for Caroline.”

Caroline is so obviously not cut out for this job:

She agreed to sit down for interviews Friday with The Associated Press and NY1 television.

“I was trying to respect the process. It is not a campaign,” she said. “It was misinterpreted. If I were to be selected, I understand public servants have to be accessible.”

Kennedy said she wished her brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., could see the drama that has developed over her quest for the Senate.

“He would be laughing his head off at seeing what’s going on right now,” she said.

Yes, he would be laughing his head off.  He wasn’t the brightest of the Kennedy clan but he had more charisma and better political instincts.  Never explain why you are so obviously avoiding the voters. They’ll never buy it anyway.

But what does Caroline think he’d be laughing about? That she is actually facing some resistance to her nervy queue jumping? Maybe the irony of it all that now, after 51 years of avoiding the spotlight, now that she wants to start at the top like her family always told her she could, she is finding herself the butt of ridicule and hostility? That she can’t trade on her name after all? She might have to put some kind of effort into *campaigning*?

Fancy that.

74 Responses

  1. You mean “The One” can’t turn them back on with a snap of his fingers????


    Well, talking about lights going out…one year ago, Benazir Bhutto’s light went out as she was assassinated on this day…

    Her niece, Fatima, has some interesting things to say about her…so reminscent of here….you would think she’s talking about America…her comments about “change and hope” which she mentioned in a March 2008 interview are right from today….

    After “Aunt Benazir’s” Assassination, Fatima Bhutto Still Fighting to Reveal the Truth


  2. Maybe it was Benazir Bhuttos ghost trying to send him a message ….
    interesting events anyway
    is he on drugs?? was he not even concerned for his wife and children ??

  3. Oh, noes! You gave me a scare! A good thing I rad

    that Obama is in one of the ”most secure places, so he’ll be OK.”

    The whole thing reminds me of that “very funny story” W told of 9.11 – where he and Pickles went to bed early and the secret Service took them to the basement on a false alarm.

  4. Hmmm. Maybe Pele’s sending a message.

    Blackouts during and after thunderstorms are SOP in South Texas summers. Maybe poor widdle Bawack just needs to get himself a good flashlight and a fistful of household candles like us commoners.

  5. HRC even looks adorable with a mask on…miss her.

    I think she meant that John Jr. would have been laughing at the irony that his reticent, private, disengaged sister was the one in the midst of the hype and speculation instead of him, because he was the showboat expected to inherit the mantle. The more she speaks, the more she buries herself, because she is woefully unprepared for the scrutiny and intensity of the job. A few hours a week on your own schedule doing volunteer work hardly qualifies as training for a Senate seat. Oh wait, I forgot, it’s a “mission,” a “vocation.” If she was/is so inspired, she could express that in any number of ways. Thinking she deserves to be handed a Senate seat is the epitome of hubris. I am watching my Gov. closely: this is his chance to prove his mettle. Do the right thing Gov.–choose a rep the VOTERS (remember them?!) have already evaluated and selected.

  6. I just don’t understand Caroline’s interest in the senate seat. She hasn’t been a public figure since 1963, and since 9/11 happened seven years ago, she’s late to that particular party too.

    Did Obama not give her an ambassadorship? Is this Unc Teddy’s idea, to keep the family in play after he goes?

    And what happened to Mr. Schlossberg?

  7. In other news, Rick Warren on his website last Sunday called his critics “Christophobes.” So it’s not his message that upsets people, it’s simply that we’re afraid of Christians.

  8. As a life long NY’er and someone who received a personal loss on 9/11, I will vouch for the fact that Ms. Schlossberg was nowhere near Ground Zero, nowhere close to being called a hero. I find her comment to be just as wrong as former Mayor Giuliani’s post 9/11 speaking tour profiteering. The pic you show, RD, is EXACTLY the manner in which HRC handled the disaster…hands on, walking through the rubble.
    Screw you, Kennedy’s, Screw you, Barry.
    Anyone ever notice that Barry is like Linus? He always has a cloud of DIRT following him wherever he goes.

  9. Is this Unc Teddy’s idea, to keep the family in play after he goes?
    That is what I think….The last thing that she wants is to be a Senator…I don’t think she is very bright but she is smart enough to know that if she is appointed , her life goes into the shi**er. The number one job of a Senator is the very unglamorous work of delivering constituent services. Schumer is a master and I suspect that Hillary is a close second; Caroline would be a disaster. She has a difficult time making pro-forma appearances at her charity meetings and showing up to vote.

  10. I remember Obama’s campaign blaming Hillary Clinton for Mrs. Bhutto’s death! Did anyone in the media call them on it? Is the Pope a Nazi?

    I thought Rudy Giuliani was the only one who played the 9/11 card? Princess Caroline took 8 years to process the events and suddenly felt the urge to do something? She’s vile, absolutely vile. I think I liked her more when she wasn’t talking.

  11. Hello RD, Hope everybody had a good Xmas.

    Can’t get over the fact that if The Princess and The One have anything in common, it is how they feel so untouched by things that us, other common mortals, are touched by. You know: power outages, actual work etc.

    That bunch takes elitism to Aristocracy levels!!!!

  12. PUMA ALERT: Heidi Li posted her piece about Obama’s Warren pick at NoQuarter, and there are several very disrespectful Obots over there ridiculing her. Please go and support our dear friend!

  13. I haven’t paid much attention to the Princess over the years but would have expected her to have a better command of the language. She sounds most illiterate when she does take the time to speak.

    I have to admit, I am surprised. 😯

  14. Ugh……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This Caroline talk is SOoooooooooooo encouraging & yet frustrating; all at once.
    **Encouraging, because it seems she’s going down
    **Frustrating because she has no business being part of the conversation in the 1st place.
    She really did learn some tricks from BO:
    1st- give an interview at a time when NO-ONE is listening
    2nd-Say or do anything to get what you want.
    3rd-“Play the Guilt Card”; bringing up her brother that way was a “Low Blow”!

  15. SHV: I think Caroline imagines the job to be something like what she has been doing–meeting with her powerful, famous friends and asking them for money and influence. How can she possibly generate and fight for legislation like Hillary the unparalleled wonk?

    Answer: she won’t have to. She said she “wants to work in the Senate beside her Uncle Ted.” Ted will make sure Caroline gets whatever she wants, and Obama will happily sign on. He would not be president-elect today if they had not endorsed him so publicly. He knows that.

  16. In other news, Rick Warren on his website last Sunday called his critics “Christophobes.” So it’s not his message that upsets people, it’s simply that we’re afraid of Christians.

    Jmac: I prefer bigotophobe.

  17. You know once in in my freshman year in High School ( I went to catholic school but am recovered soon after ) I got a bad grade .. so I went to one of the Sisters of Mercy … and told her I was going to join the convent because of that poor grade .. and she did not even answer me , she just burst out laughing and could not stop. . even I after I left the room

    Maybe that is what Caroline meant ……….about her brother laughing …

  18. DYB: I think I liked her more when she wasn’t talking.

    True isn’t it? The more she opens her mouth, the worse it gets. She comes off as really clueless.

  19. swan: great story. 🙂

  20. Did Obama not give her an ambassadorship? Is this Unc Teddy’s idea, to keep the family in play after he goes?

    This is about her kids being all jazzed about O, her impending empty nest, and Uncle Ted’s desire to have her in the Senate, trying to ensure the legacy (and his vanity) before he dies. It’s a joke. Gov. Paterson do NOT disappoint NY voters. We are watching.

  21. Thanks fif , I hoped at the time it was because of my sex appeal, but somehow I dont think that was it ; because until I was 17 I looked like i was 11 , heee hee

  22. swan: Imagine her delight in the hilarity of your earnest little face making such an uninformed vow…

  23. Posted this on last thread but it’s more on topic here -about Joe Kennedy as Ambassador to London during World War II:

    As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase)…. Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”[18]
    By August 1940, Kennedy worried that a third term for Roosevelt meant war; as Leamer reports, “Joe believed that Roosevelt, Churchill, the Jews and their allies would manipulate America into approaching Armageddon.”[19] Nevertheless, Kennedy supported Roosevelt’s third term in return for Roosevelt’s support of Joseph Kennedy Jr. for Governor of Massachusetts in 1942. [20]

  24. Joe Kennedy was a thug. Remember the union/mafia delivered votes for JFK in the presidential election? Joe got what he wanted with backroom deals. He would love O.

  25. Answer: she won’t have to. She said she “wants to work in the Senate beside her Uncle Ted
    I will be surprised is Ted is alive a year from now.

  26. And I agree about liking Caroline less the more she opens her mouth … makes me wonder how she could be that clueless ..maybe she discussed the importance of 911 with mo , and they both decided to avoid the topic because it was just too disagreeable .. to them…

  27. Posted this on last thread but it’s more on topic here -about Joe Kennedy as Ambassador to London during World War II:
    He was a total embarrassment as Amb. and became a joke because of his cowardly behavior during the “Blitz”. There is speculation that Joe, Jr. volunteered for the “suicide” mission that killed him, in order to make up for his fathers rep as a coward.

  28. Good news, everyone!
    The King’s power has been restored 😉

  29. SHV: it’s not that we’re insensitive but I think there is something about having a Kennedy in the Senate that Ted feels he must pass the torch. And let’s face it, the only seat available right this second is Hillary’s. Do they even have relatives in Illinois? Then, there’s the issue of which Kennedy isn’t plagued by some scandal or ambien psychosis or alcoholism or a coke snorting wife (oops! That would have been John-John’s wife). Really, he’s running out of options. Caroline has name recognition and no work history. She’s a blank slate.
    Of course, if she had been Barack Obama, no one would be asking these questions but even a former president’s daughter lacks a penis.

  30. I have absolutely no problem with the idea of CK becoming a Senator.

    All she needs to do first is convince the voters of NY to elect her.

    In 2010.

    If they’re for it, I’m for it.

  31. You know RD & Co. — it would feel a lot better if the country wasn’t in the shape it’s in politically. It’s like a bad joke — when the global warming deal is the biggest thing.

    Why is it that a heroic type would be out seeing if the island was okay — maybe staying up all night working on that?
    Same prob with her. All you get is a ZERO — but, if you decide to align with people like Warren and the O’s and the Oprah’s et al — you get a really big potential audience for all your kitsch you might want to sell — or your books or?

    They give a new meaning to the word “faux” — no substance…

    There will be more Katrinas, floods et al to come — we know this — and the only way to stop it is to change the grid right now — but the whole world would have to be on that. This crew? To busy tending to the ego of it all.


    Don’t think that other world leaders aren’t noticing what this is all about — they have his number. That’s the scary part.

    I have no trust or faith that any of these people can lead this country. None at all. Her dad could have. Years ago.

    Hillary could have, too. Well, I’m still waiting on the Blago deal…


    You know, we grew up with types like them didn’t we?

    We did.


  32. ps: Send Crinoline to work in the inner city with the homeless or the poor? The new Black Panthers could take her on the tours — and perhaps Pelosi could go along as well.

    Aren’t Dems like the Carters and their Habitat for Humanity?

    I mean, we have been — so why shouldn’t they?

    It would be perfect. She should spent the next two years deep in the inner cities with the poor. Slaving to bring social change.

  33. riverdaughter, on December 27th, 2008 at 11:51 am Said:

    SHV: it’s not that we’re insensitive but I think there is something about having a Kennedy in the Senate that Ted feels he must pass the torch.
    I totally agree…I didn’t mean that because Ted is a dead man walking that Caroline should get a “sympathy” Senate seat. What I meant to say was, if she is counting un Uncle Ted to tell her what to do as a Senator, she is going to be disappointed. With the country going into the “shi**er”, I find this whole situation despicable.

  34. RD: You think Caroline is being questioned in a way Obama wasn’t because she’s a woman? I don’t think so. I think it’s for two reasons. 1) You can’t accuse a person of being a r@cist for asking a white person questions. 2) She opposed Hillary during the primaries. The NY delegation was largely in Hillary’s corner, certainly the people Caroline is trying to cut in front of. If Caroline had endorsed and campaigned for Hillary I don’t think you would have seen as much local opposition to her as there is. Nevermind that it’s the seat of a Senator Caroline opposed.

    I thought Caroline’s mention that she spoke to Hillary (in that politico story) was interesting. Because it’s obvious that Hillary can’t stand her. The article mentions that at first Hillary refused to take Caroline’s call, and when she did take it – according to Caroline herself – Hillary said how much she loved the job. If Hillary had thrown Caroline any bone, Caroline would have mentioned it. This was obviously a case of Caroline kissing ass and Hillary scratching her face with her middle finger.

  35. And RD I totally agree that caroline would not be questioned the way she is being questioned if she were a man no matter how appropriate i8t is to ask these questions
    …we would just have the ” HE IS the MAN for the JOB and therefore capable even if untried ” paradigm in place again, the way it was for bo , and any questions especially those from women, would be “silly”

  36. Tabloid headline at checkout this morning:

    Oprah blames Obama’s wife for huge weight gain.

  37. Moderation! For the use of the word t@bloid??? Weight gain?

  38. If John F. Kennedy Jr. were still alive, he would be the one they are trying to make Senator, not Caroline. Duh! The p*nis trumps her being the eldest.

    Fif, I don’t think Joe Kennedy would have liked Obama at all. In the first place, he was probably a racist, but I think he would have seen Obama as a complete wimp.

    I also think each of the Kennedy children deserves to be judged in their own right and not saddled with whatever Joe Kennedy’s sins were–certainly not as bad as Prescott Bush, I can tell you that much. Caroline Kennedy simply isn’t qualified. It’s not about her grandfather.

    I’m nothing like my grandfather, and Caroline probably doesn’t resemble hers either.

  39. The Obama Movement continues to gross me out:


    She made a “pilgrimmage” to Sylvia’s in Harlem? She doesn’t live far from there. I’m sure it was the first time she ate there and the first time she ate chicken, string beans, collard greens, salad and cornbread in one meal.

  40. Some one should throw a bucket of water on Rick Warren and see if he melts.

  41. The trip to Harlem was clearly part of a campaign to reach out to the state’s various constituencies, including African-Americans.

    Stealing the Clinton’s ideas as usual.

  42. Jmac: I can’t believe he thinks folks are afraid of Christians, why just ask all those nice folks the missionaries treat so nicely … for example, every native culture where they show up

    Christianity has been the tool of enslavers since Constantine’s time … what’s there to be afraid of?

    Lie back and realize that you’ll be rewarded in heaven for your squalid existence and servitude now!

  43. From Donna Darko’s link–

    CK: “These are issues that I care so much about, and I understand that, really, I have been trying to work on them as a private citizen,” she said in a two-minute news conference. “But really, to solve our problems, I think government is the place where people need to come together.”


    She is pathetic. This is just embarrassing. First we got a no-experience President who can’t speak extemporaneously, and now there will be no standards whatsoever. As long as you are from a famous family or you’re black, you don’t need it, I guess.

  44. Having worked in the Senate, here’s a little hint to CK, senators don’t cotton to celebrity other than their own. Every piece of legislation she might champion other than water is wet will be met with resistance. It’s a lonely place in the 100th seat since it’s the only one in the whole Senate where you don’t have someone to cover your back.

    Sounding hollow and fatuously altruistic is pitiable. Legacies are delicate things — not meant for the rough and tumble of political handling unless the legacy was forged and tempered by politics. I wonder if she has a friend honest enough to tell her the truth. If she doesn’t, that is a sad, sad existence.

  45. Caroline Kennedy has been swimming in privilege so long she doesn’t even recognize how she oozes it. She needs to go eat a few thousand pancakes at the VFWs and at least learn how to fake authenticity.

  46. Just a general comment. Thank goodness, I checked back to this site and also found the HeidiLi site. I am just coming out of election depression and my old browsing ground, hillaryclintonforum.net has turned into a “one size fits all” site. I am still angry. I am old and have never been an active feminist and still don’t like the word. But after seeing what happened to Hillary by the powers that be in public office, I think we never had an advance for women at all. Thank you to those who are unforgiving and continuing to carry a torch to try to change society for women. the 51% I still can’t believe how we are treated but especially Hillary. I don’t understand her actions but I now simply use her name as a symbol of where we are in this country. Nowhere. But I hope that you active folks will change that in your lifetime. [bo is not my president. please get a woman activist next, preferably Democratic. And certainly not Caroline who now wants the bread of the woman she stabbed in the back. That takes nerve!! And to call her!!]

  47. wow, the NYTimes editorial page just joined the Pigou Club and are arguing for a gas tax.

  48. Prolix: I didn’t know you worked in the senate. Well, my chances if ever working there are shot unless Frank keels over. But the congressional seat looks juicy. Lance Lennard will have only one term ahead of me. The drug industry is going to face some really hard times soon and I may need a second career.

  49. merciless: the kids are grown, she needs a new charity hobby inbetween lunching with the other ivy league graduate ladies with time on their hands …

  50. vbonnaire, on December 27th, 2008 at 11:56 am Said:

    What you said! Great.

  51. Been thinking some more about the freakishness of this Hawaii storm. Not only – as you said – it never happens there, but we’re still in the Halcyon days. meaning – no storms at sea – no storms period.
    The myths are based on thousands of years of observation.
    I am sure the myths in the making will factor this in with the right spin.

  52. Cricket: I find that when people want to take away your power the first thing they do is give your group a bad name so no one wants to join because it would be uncool. I’ve been a feminist all my life it seems. And I am a tall, curvy redhead who doesn’t look the type. I am a stealth feminist. I make the soccer moms nervous.
    Listen, there’s nothing you can do about getting old. Even the Obamaphiles will be old someday. There’s nothing you can do about your gender either, for the most part and new studies show everyday that women are as smart or smarter than men.
    Eleanor Roosevelt said, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.
    Do you consent?
    Me neither.

  53. riverdaughter, on December 27th, 2008 at 12:58 pm Said:

    Re getting old: it is better than the alternative.

  54. Looks like it may not be a done deal for Kennedy….


  55. Edge: Halcyon days may refer to the Atlantic. The pacific is a whole nuther animal. Like I said, this is the rainy season and storms are not uncommon right now. But from. What I can recall, they consist of torrential rain and wind, not thunder and lightening.
    Supposedly, there are something called Kona winds that are hot and blow up from the south. I can remember only one day like that and it was really windy but cold, well, if you consider the 70s cold. Still,#1 child says Christmas was hot. She lives in Lahaina about 2 blocks from the beach and apparently no AC. Whine, whine, whine. Her old apt was on the mountain. It had better views. It caught better breezes. “I’m hot, all of the time, living 2 blocks from the beach.”
    She really expects me to feel sorry for her. Fugeddaboudit.

  56. Heidi, Yup, this is what you get. Deal with it.

  57. RD, working in the Senate was in a previous life and one that I don’t regret talking about in the past tense. It was fun when I was young and dumb. Everyone had a secret t-shirt that read, “Johnny Drama,” or “Susie Drama.” Being on a staff was a constant race for the next news cycle — I don’t miss the people at all — most everyone was a human step ladder in waiting.

    In all the really successful politicians, I think reveling in campaigning has to be in the DNA. If you like people, have a boundless energy and abhor sleep, there’s nothing better. One thing of which I’m proudest, I sat outside a Senator’s door, traveled with him and sat in on lots of meetings, never once, not one time, did I ever see a hint of corruption. Good acts have not died on Capitol Hill.

  58. Cricket, on December 27th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Most of them moved to http://www.hillarysvillage.net

  59. riverdaughter, on December 27th, 2008 at 11:51 am Said:
    SHV: it’s not that we’re insensitive but I think there is something about having a Kennedy in the Senate that Ted feels he must pass the torch. And let’s face it, the only seat available right this second is Hillary’s. Do they even have relatives in Illinois? Then, there’s the issue of which Kennedy isn’t plagued by some scandal or ambien psychosis or alcoholism or a coke snorting wife (oops! That would have been John-John’s wife). Really, he’s running out of options. Caroline has name recognition and no work history. She’s a blank slate.


    RD, there is a Kennedy in IL. His name is Christopher Kennedy, and he is active in Chicago politics. He manages a Kennedy family building in Chicago, and is rumored to a senatorial pick, if Quinn is able to pick the replacement for BO. Look up his bio in Wiki. Interestingly, Christopher Kennedy’s wife, used to work at the same law firm as MO. He must be part of the combine.

  60. Re Caroline as a woman:
    Being an Obama supporter trumps gender.

    Remember, Robert K, Jr. was one of the logical choices. It was once his
    father’s seat, plus he has been an activist for a long time. He’s a man –
    and has done some good work.

    But he supported Hillary. Bad Boy.

    So uncle and the One made him step aside for his unqualified cousin.

  61. “Halcyon days may refer to the Atlantic. The pacific is a whole nuther animal. Like I said, this is the rainy season and storms are not uncommon right now. But from. What I can recall, they consist of torrential rain and wind, not thunder and lightening.”

    It’s possible there was uncharacteristic thunder/lightning in Hawaii. The pacific northwest had a very odd, never before thunder storm during one of the snowfalls recently. They talked about the phenomenon, but I didn’t listen carefully since I also missed the thunder.

    Re: Caroline – it is too obvious that she is only after this seat because it is being handed out, and she would not pursue if she actually had to rely on the NY voters to welcome her in that chair via a majority. This is something her big uncle has asked her to do because he, personally, can’t envision a congress in this country that doesn’t have a Kennedy in a position of power.

    If Hillary really did resist talking to CK, I say it’s about time she snubbed someone from the Obot worshipping celebrity name team who worked so hard to push her aside for this overly incompetent p-elect. I think we have more inexperienced people in charge than we can handle now. CK needs to take charge of her OWN life and leave ours alone.

    I thought there was a Kennedy once in office in Illinois, but can’t remember which one.

  62. DYB, on December 27th, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    If Obot Princess Caroline is reduced to asking Hillary for help, then hopefully this embarrassment episode is going down in flames. I can’t believe in that interview , Princess raised both 9/11 and her dead brother. Pathetic. This is a no vote for Bloomsburg as much as CK…and it shows Barry isn’t willing to lift a finger for either. At best, CK has taken very bad advice all along the way.

  63. As someone who grew up in Hawaii, this is indeed the rainy season and thunderstorms, while not as comman as rainstorms, did happen. The power going out during winter storms was very common and we all dealt with it. The ONLY reason you are hearing about it now is because Teh Precious is there and has been slightly inconvenienced.

    I lived through several outages that last at least 24 hours, and recall one that lasted 4 days. At least the temperature is nice. Everyone has a hibachi and an ice chest. You deal with it.

  64. PracticalMagic> I don’t think there’s any doubt about how Hillary Clinton feels about Caroline Kennedy. LA Times reported that this past August Hillary’s campaign returned Caroline’s $2300 contribution (which Caroline made after Hillary suspended her campaign.) Can you imagine the intensity of Hillary’s feelings if she returns a contribution while her campaign remains in debt? I wonder why Hillary’s feelings are so intense about Caroline…

    And I love the fact that Hillary’s campaign is on top of the contributions enough to know exactly who’s donating – something we can not say about Obama’s campaign. I got a $50 refund for over-contributing! I wonder how much Obama has refunded…

  65. DYB – me too. I overcontributed and heard from them IMMEDIATELY, asking if I wanted it to go to her PAC or Senate campaign or refunded.

  66. DYB – I read about that CK refund and wondered if CK didn’t ask for it herself…which might explain why HRC isn’t looking on her too kindly right now. I find it hard to believe that HRC would have sent it back for no reason. So either CK did something then that made HRC want to wash her hands of her, or CK specifically asked for a refund.

  67. bluelyon> The LA Times article made it sound as if Hillary’s campaign refunded the money for no apparent reason. I think what they wrote is that the campaign provided no explanation. I can’t imagine why Caroline would ask for her money back – what did Hillary do in August to displease her? Also, I’m not sure how campaign contributions work… Can you ask for a refund?

  68. Downticket, thanks for the info on hillarysvillage but I am a diehard Hillary person and the photo of Palin at the top of that page doesn’t do much for me. I believe in supporting women for higher public office but not with my brain turned off. Palin was an unfortunate choice for the Repubs. If it had been any one of the moderate Repub women, I would have voted for McCain. But I voted for HRC even though it didn’t count. However, I will check back to the village site and see how it goes. Thanks again. And for the others, I wasn’t complaining about getting old–just recognizing that I don’t have the oomph to get out and fight like I could have when younger. Not to say I wouldn’t love to be 30 again!

  69. DYB, on December 27th, 2008 at 3:35 pm Said:

    DYB – no campaign grants refunds upon request. They make case by case decisions about when, whether, if they want to accept a donation.

  70. Heidi Li> Thanks! That makes sense. Otherwise Obama would be in serious trouble about now! Hehe. This also means that the decision to return Caroline Kennedy her contribution was Hillary’s. Now I wanna know why Hillary feels about Caroline the way that she does. She must know something we don’t!

  71. 1. a journey, esp. a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion.

    3. any long journey, esp. one undertaken as a quest or for a votive purpose, as to pay homage.

    It’s apparently a long, ten-minute journey from CK’s upper east side apartment to Sylvia’s.

  72. Well, this is pure speculation and I came by it while reading on Hot Air, which is a conservative site. I think it was about a week ago they speculated on that site, that Ted’s plan is to get CK into the Senate and then to hand CK the UHC legislation to pass, to make her name on.

    It sounded horribly plausible to me.

  73. Trading on her name? Since when is Schlossberg a name that opened doors for people? I imagine lots of the youth vote is scratching their heads wondering what the fuss is about. Who is this Kennedy they keep talking about? I don’t remember a Kennedy on American Idol or Survivor. Maybe it was Dancing with the Stars.

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