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You Keep Using That Word, Palin-Ized. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Are You Kidding Me, Caroline?
Sarah Palin

As I walked to the subway the other day, I saw a headline that made my blood boil. Good thing, because it was minus a zillion degrees.

Some Dems question Caroline Kennedy’s experience: ‘They’ve basically Sarah Palin-ized her’


It was entirely legitimate to question GOVERNOR Sarah Palin’s government experience. It is entirely legitimate to question SOCIALITE Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s government experience (which, despite the embarrassing paucity of her resume, has already been greatly exaggerated).

What is NOT legitimate is to do the following:

  • Hack into her personal email;
  • Advocate violence against her (advocate for an involuntary hysterectomy, hang her in effigy, create a cartoon referring to her as a “MILP – Mother I’d Like To Punch”, shoot a video where she is viciously tackled by Terry Tate);
  • Spread rumors that her son, Trig, is not her own;
  • Create a sex doll that looks like her;
  • Create t-shirts with the words “Sarah Palin is a c***” and wear them proudly as if they prove how kewl and feminist you are;
  • Claim she doesn’t know Africa is a continent, and that she answers the door in a towel like Salome doing the Dance of the Seven Veils, and create a massive fauxrage about how much the RNC spent on her wardrobe without paying the slightest attention to how much the male candidates spend on theirs; and
  • Edit her interviews so that she appears to be a warmongering idiot; ask her hostile and brainless questions like “What magazines do you read?”

Wake me when any of that happens to Princess Caroline. I have a feeling I’ll be napping for a long, long time.

Given the torrent of deranged misogyny that Governor Palin encountered during her candidacy, Sarah certainly would have reasons to be press-shy, although I’m not convinced she really was – not as shy as “I’ve already answered eight questions, can’t I just eat my waffles” Obama, in any case. But for the life of me, I can’t understand what excuse Ms. Schlossberg has for not talking to the press, and for actually demanding they submit questions in writing. (Echoes of Bush, there.)

So far, the media have been polite, some fawning, in fact (Ruth Marcus, I’m talking about you, sister). Could it be that La Schlossberg absolutely nothing to offer New York but money, connections and a famous name? Golly gee, say it ain’t so, Caroline!

It was only recently that the Princess came out with a platform of sorts. Her campaign to win over the hearts and minds of New York’s movers and shakers is being managed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s team. Yes, that’s Democrat/Republican/Independent Michael Bloomberg, who gives New York Democrats a case of post-partisan depression. Is Schlossberg even a Democrat? Who knows – she has skipped many of the 39 contested elections since 1988, only voting in about half of the primaries.

Palin-ized indeed. What Schlossberg is getting is what every politician SHOULD get: scrutiny over issues and qualifications. The last politician we elected who wouldn’t accept that scrutiny is already enraging and disappointing millions who realize he’s “not the Obama they knew.”

I hope that New York will not fall for the same okie-doke that the Democratic Party pulled on America with their Reagan Republican DINO President-Elect. It’s not up to us plebeians; it’s up to the Governor, which could be good or bad. Mr. Paterson may find Caroline’s recent reluctance to disclose any financial information whatsoever a bit of a turnoff. (If the woman were TRULY being Palin-ized, she would be subject to reams of evidence-free speculation on how she was clearly hiding the fact that she bought all of her children and had fourteen abortions.) And from the reactions of many of our local politicians and pundits, Ms. Schlossberg is going to have a bit of a rough time making us believe that she is the change we’ve been hoping for.

64 Responses

  1. Carolyn NOT Caroline.
    Please sign the “revised” petition “High-Lighted” on:
    Merry Christmas
    To All of you & yours

  2. madamab – great post, but a minor quibble. Caroline Kennedy has NEVER gone by Schlossberg. The press kept calling her that, but she has always gone by Kennedy. Really.

  3. Thanks, TPT/ny!


  4. BlueLyon – I’m calling her that to make a point. I don’t think she has earned her name.

    Plus, I can be a tad snotty sometimes, in case you didn’t notice.


  5. No. Really?

    ; )

  6. This thread was just in time. I closed comments on the last one so I wouldn’t have to wake up Spammy.

    (he got into the eggnog and is taking a “nap”)

  7. I need to be unconscious for like a year so that when I return this shit? will be done with.

  8. Moderating comments is “hard work”! Hic!


  9. Regency – Get ready for a really long nap. Rip Van Regency!!!

  10. From what I’ve been reading, Noo Yawk ain’t impressed with America’s Princess.

  11. 0bama was using the same line about the crap that Hillary Clinton was enduring (we saw the relentless bashing she got from the 0-media). 0bama had the gull to compare the trashing Hillary was getting to the very mild treatment that Mrs. 0 was getting — as if the treatment was equivalent. Obviously Mr. 0 doesn’t get it — and the idiots who are comparing the mere QUESTIONING of Princess k’s QUALIFICATIONS is remotely similar to the insane treatment of Palin by the press and the “liberals” and the faux feminists.

    A** holes — jerks — and nit wits.

  12. If you don’t want Caroline to take Hillary’s seat, just keep mentioning that her family is from BoSox country.

  13. myiq – No, we’re not.

    The financial non-disclosure thing really showed where she was coming from. She doesn’t think she owes anything to the people at all.

    I was thinking hey, let her run in 2010 and maybe I’ll vote for her. But now, I just think she’s a jerk.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  14. Myiq – Hee!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  15. “a case of post-partisan depression”

    Liberals make the best phrases! That one’s already pre-plagiarized.

  16. madamab:

    I don’t vote in NY so I don’t have a dog in the fight.

    If a pop star or American Idol winner ran for office and the voters elected them, I’d say oh well!

    But this is a selection, not an election.

  17. Mad: Think I can pull off the beard?

    I mean it. I’m over this thing. That holiday message from Hill did me in. I’m just completely nonplussed by the ludicrous everything of this country.

    And the shoe throwing. Enough! It was funny the ONE time. Now it’s just irritating.

  18. I’m wondering how much she is paying these PR people who thought it was a good idea to say she was an empty nester looking for something to do and that her positions on issues was a “what the Lightbringer said.”

  19. Oh yeah, Lexia! It’s Barney Frank’s quote. I figured everyone had already heard it, since it’s been flying its way around the blogosphere ever since he said it.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  20. Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary, John & Sarah.

  21. Prolix – They don’t need her money. They work for Mayor Bloomberg. That guy is like, a billionaire and sh*t.

    Reg – I know what you mean. Sigh.

  22. I am a NY ex-pat, living in CT (the third smallest state in the union). I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could move back home…Please Gov. Paterson…don’t take my dream away!

  23. MYIQ”
    You may not live in NYS; but this still effects you.
    Caroline will be a “Rubber-Stamp” to BO. Also, she will mark the end of any Clinton influence. With her in that seat there will be :No Plan B” in Hillary’s back pocket.
    Just like FL & MI effected all, on a smaller scale..it’s the same.

    Since Obama thinks he can pick NY’s replacement; I say let’s put out a petition for Alice Palmer. She’s the ONLY one that is still a democrat, that no one can have a problem with.

    “GREAT-POST” – MadamB

  24. I really feel like we are losing all of our sane voices in the government…if CK gets appointed, I am sure she will be exactly like Barack Obama – spend the entire time fundraising and running for office.

    We Noo Yawkaz are used to having a hard-working Senator, not a preening princess. Come on, Governor, do the right thing!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  25. Yesterday, wasn’t there a reporter who is Paterson’s mouthpiece who pretty much counted CK out? And supposedly Paterson taking Rep. Israel with him to Iraq made it look like he might have the inside track?

  26. madamab: is your sig line available as a bumper sticker yet?

  27. Prolix – There are so many rumors flying around I have no idea what’s real.

    Although Charles Rangel reportedly is in Paterson’s confidence, and thinks the replacement will be a “he.”

    Just cannot freaking win anything this year.

    Sophie – Why yes, it is. The talented mensch who goes by New Hampster created it.


  28. I’m beat, folks. Have a lovely evening!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  29. The ONLY “He” I would be “Thrilled” with is “BILL”!!
    As, far as Caroline goes; we can’t take any chances.

  30. The party is over. Literally:

  31. Paterson should be bold with this opportunity. He’s like the accidental governor. He could get a lot more accomplished and probably get elected if he governed like there wasn’t going to be a next term.

  32. Northwest rain, on December 23rd, 2008 at 10:26 pm Said: 0bama was using the same line about the crap that Hillary Clinton was enduring (we saw the relentless bashing she got from the 0-media). 0bama had the gull to compare the trashing Hillary was getting to the very mild treatment that Mrs. 0 was getting — as if the treatment was equivalent.


    Obama himself said this, or even someone high in his camp? Do you have a link? I’d like to comment and post that for comment.

  33. My guess is Caroline won’t like fund-raising either. That was what she was supposed to do for the NY public schools, and apparently she didn’t lift a finger, but took credit for another woman’s hard work.

  34. tpt/ny

    If Noo Yawkas started expressing opinions about California’s internal politics my tendency would be to say STFU.

    If you live here and vote here you can express an opinion about what we should do here.

    I don’t want to be too much of a hypocrite so I defer to NY residents about CK.

  35. I have no idea what’s real”

    Kinda like a bad acid flashback, huh?

  36. Thank you for this post madamab.
    The double-standards applied to Sarah Palin and various elite Dems were and are just ridiculous. Look, shout at me if you want – but I didn’t want to vote for either of Dem or the Republican at the top of the ticket and I didn’t vote for either of them, and I am glad of it. But I objected to John McCain and Barack Obama, for different reasons, but equally strongly. Their running-mates did not play a big part in my decision making. BUT, I had to listen to people refuse to conscientiously abstain because they objected to McCain picking Pailn. Well that was just obvious rationalization, whether said by a friend of mine or anybody else.

    By the way, I agree that the Democrat Party in a form recognizable to those of us who understood it to differ fundamentally and importantly from the Republican party is indeed no more.

    I will work for the occasional candidate, selectively. I will put no direct effort into influencing the DNC because I am just smart enough to learn from the experience of the The Denver Group: beat your head against a brick wall enough times and you learn it wastes energy and pains you.

    So, I decided to concentrate on the aspect of the DNC’s behavior that transcends party politics – empowering women and eliminating misogyny via active education. Hence, my absolute dedication 51 Percent. I am sorry if it is boring if I keep mentioning the organization. I’m trying not to be too repetitive. But my point in mentioning it here is to explain, as this year winds down why I am putting my energy into 51 Percent and how it relates to my view of the current status of the two major parties. They both need to be radically transformed or replaced by something else in order to be organizations worth my time.

  37. fsteele, on December 23rd, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I attended an event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. in June where I myself had to listen to then still-Senator Obama claim, to audience of Clinton supporters (Senator Clinton hosted the event to “introduce” Obama to us) that he understood all about sexisim in the media quite well because he knew “a woman who is getting beat up by the press pretty good. Her name is Michelle”. That line went over like a lead balloon with the majority of people there.

  38. Politico has a link on an online petition to make CK senator and after 3 weeks, it has, wait for it, wait for it, 240 signatures.

  39. Prolix, on December 23rd, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:
    Ah, Prolix, thank you for that – it made me smile.

    Regency: I agree with you – the whole political scene is at the moment one sorry mess. Even the people in it I like the best are not making me too happy at the moment.

    I think it will be better as we head into February, when the coroninauguration is over and we can see who is doing what – whether Senator Clinton turns out to be a SoS of whom we can feel proud (I bet yes, but when it comes to pols I always, always say let’s see it, before I believe it), for example.

  40. The last politician we elected who wouldn’t accept that scrutiny is already enraging and disappointing millions who realize he’s “not the Obama they knew.”

    I’m not so sure about that. After the pre-Christmas Eve Blago dump today, no one cares–they are all atwitter about BO’s body shot in HI. Seriously…the economy is tanking, terrorists are organizing as we speak, energy is draining, and what are people concerned about? Obama’s abs. I’m already on a no-MSM diet, but even getting this stuff peripherally is wretch-inducing. Read on if you have a strong stomach:

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Forget Barack Obama’s staff making contact with a governor charged with corruption. What’s got everyone talking is the president-elect’s fine first form.

    “FIT FOR OFFICE: Buff Bam is Hawaii hunk,” the New York Post gushed on its cover Tuesday above a photo of the future president strolling without a shirt in Hawaii. The Drudge Report called him “President Beefcake” while TMZ said the president-elect is “still humble enough to do laundry—ON HIS ABS!”


  41. The Financial Times has chosen Obama “Person of the Year”. They quote from his book The Audacity of Hope –

    “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

    The Times writes, “That nebulous image may be about to come to an end.”

    It’s hard to believe that I like him less than when he was running against Hillary.

  42. Oh, heck, Madamab – late to the party as usual. Still it’s a quote worth stealing even if everyone knows it was. After all, don’t we a have VeepE accomplished at just that little thing?

    (Yeah, I know that was mostly anti-Democrat MSM hype at the time, but the thought of Biden elevated to the Mythic Team still makes me gag)

  43. Damn straight.

    Thank you for this post.

  44. OT..but another problem for “clean coal” supporter Obama when he takes office.
    “Flood of sludge breaks TVA dike”

    This story had gotten little exposure in MSM, but its enviromental impact is probably worse that any oil spill. Ash and fly ash from coal burning plants is very toxic with concentrated heavy metals (Mercury, Arsenic, etc) and with radioactive elements such as Uranium and Thorium. (Coal plants release 100 time more radioactivity into the environment than do the Nuclear Power Plants.) Clean coal is another energy scam and worse than the Ethanol scam.



  45. Ah hell I missed the Airing of the Grievances…

    Could not be helped. Was busy with the Momster.

    Then after getting her to sleep with a pain med I waited until after 12-1 to go to Walmart. Usually it’s deserted at that time except for the stockers lining the shelves. Not toniiiigghhhht!

    The damned place was jammed! The pastry area looked like the end of Bread Day at a bakery in former USSR. 😯
    I managed to find a cherry-lattice pie although I had wanted sweet potato or pecan.

    Ah well…don’t have to go get the ham and sides until 2:00 this afternoon. Then I am not going out again until food runs out! 😆

  46. I do not support the selection of CK to the Senate for the same reasons I did not support the selection of BO to the Presidency. Both not only lack experience, but have not shown a desire or intellectual curiosity throughout their lifetimes that would indicate that they have a passion for governing. They seem to have a passion for power, but not for the nuts and bolts of governing. However, I’m going to go a little off the the reservation here, and say that it defies logic, after everything we’ve learned this past year, to say that CK is not being demonized because of her gender.

    Don’t taze me, bro. I’m not saying that CK has been Palinized or Clintonized. Not even close. But the voters in this country have shown that they will ignore the obvious and blindly rally behind a man with no leadership experience who has been propped up
    before them, but CK gives them pause. Why?

    Having grown up in NYS, I have many relatives who still live there who supported HRC, but then threw their support behind Obama after the convention. These same people are enraged about CK’s lack of experience and sense of entitlement. Again, I wonder what the difference is? I know they come from different backgrounds, but really, their resume’s are quite similar. I think that people who supported Obama but are not supporting CK are doing so because CK is a woman. If it were John Kennedy, Jr. rather than CK, I think more people would support his appointment.

    Again, please don’t jump all over me, but at least consider the possibility that there is some degree of sexism in some of the people’s reactions. There has to be. Personally, I’m glad that people are questioning CK’s lack of experience. I just wish the same rules would apply to a man in the same situation. I think if CK were a man, things would go easier.

  47. janicen:

    When you grow up and live in a sexist culture, you can unconciously retain sexist biases.

    It doesn’t hurt to occasionally pull out your beliefs and opinions and check them for infection/contamination.

    I thought long and hard about Obama to make sure I really was judging him by the content of his character.

  48. Wait, did Caroline govern a large state? Been a mayor? Cooked food for her family with her own hands? How does she compare with Palin again?
    Meanwhile, Obama, the guy who gave a speech, is holding onto W’s war team

  49. heidiliofpotpourri, on December 23rd, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    fsteele, on December 23rd, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said: Edit Comment

    I attended an event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. in June where I myself had to listen to then still-Senator Obama claim, to audience of Clinton supporters (Senator Clinton hosted the event to “introduce” Obama to us) that he understood all about sexisim in the media quite well because he knew “a woman who is getting beat up by the press pretty good. Her name is Michelle”. That line went over like a lead balloon with the majority of people there.

    This is the remark I remembered — it could have been from Heidi’s review of that meeting.

    Obama did not “get it” for one second that what he was doing during the whole campaign was being a sexist pig.

  50. janicen
    I believe it’s more class than sex prejudice here. CK’s resume is far thinner even than Obama’s – and that’s no mean feat. Palin was a ‘commoner” as even some RW pundits were proclaiming. CK, like Obama – is born into the ruling class.
    I dunno how John jr would have compared. I am hardly a fan of the family – any family – but he seemed to show an actual interest for the public life – I mean his own, not his uncle’s.(I might be wrong as I didn’t follow them very closely – I just know he failed the bar exam the year I took it myself)

  51. Janicen
    I do see a sexist double standard. Several of Caroline’s male cousins hold office and many of them have been involved in scandals. Her cousin Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was not taken seriously when she ran for governor of Maryland. Unfortunately only male Kennedys have held public office.

  52. Northwest Rain
    Interesting line – seeing that I saw it repeatim verbatim by Kim gandy of NOW.
    I disagree that he wasn’t aware he was a sexist pig. He just refused to own it – by pointing the finger elsewhere.
    It was a very deliberate pattern in his entire political life, he HAS to know what he’s doing and why it works.

  53. edgeoforever — I agree — what I wrote didn’t come out right.

    He knew exactly what he was doing — because I’m now thinking that he has sadistic tendencies– he is really just mean and seems to love to hurt others.

    Which tells me a whole lot about his relationship with Mrs.0 — sadism doesn’t just mean the physical pain — but some individuals delight in giving psychological pain.

    Ironically couple who have a psychological S&M relationship have one of the strongest pair bonds.

    Just think about the delight (and attention) 0 is deriving from that Warren prayer bs.

    0 knows damned well what he’s doing.

  54. ~”I need to be unconscious for like a year so that when I return this shit? will be done with.”~

    Experience says we can sleep for 8 years and when we wake it won’t be over but have just begun. If you have been noticing all the Christmas “cheer” you will note it comes from those Haves now preparing for a coronation that will make the August Denver blowout look like a kids birthday party while the rest of the country is being treated to the solemn news that hunger and poverty and the sickness , homelessness and crime in the U. S.that accompanies these statistics are at Great Depression levels.

    Rather than Lincoln, the “new” changes brought by the mystery-candidate-who-took- Senator-Clinton’s -votes should compare himself to Hoover, the most hated president in history. If not him, then we can create a new category just for the three (that we know) selected “presidents” and Gerald Ford wins that “best” category hands down.

  55. Absolutely the Warren BS is calculated. Both a diversion (from Blago and who knows what else) and payback.

  56. I can’t imagine Caroline telling people that she’s a public servant. And that is exactly what a Senator is – and President, too. Public Servant.

  57. CK is trying to woo the PTB. That is backwards. Usually, by the time a pol is ready to make a run for an office, at least one at this level, they are already a known quantity to the power brokers. That she is having to convince them, should absolutely give Paterson pause when he has to make his decision. She may have a name, but she has no depth of knowledge and political savvy. This will not serve her or her NY constituents well in the US Senate.

  58. I heard a news reporter on Free Speech TV yesterday say “he pulled a ‘Palin’, by not answering the question.” I forget who she was talking about but I guess that a new phrase too.

  59. Anyone that votes for Caroline knowing that she didn’t even participate in many contested elections from 1988 until now – will get what they deserve- a person so disinterested that she couldn’t even bother to participate at the most rudimentary level. If she didn’t vote as a citizen who in their right mind would believe she would or could participate in making the decisions as a Senator?

    For those of you saying she’s a victim of sexism- Just because she is a woman does not mean that there aren’t valid reasons to question whether or not she should be given a position- The last thing we need is another useless Nancy Pelosi like drone.

  60. I wrote about this 2 days ago. They seem to be real scared of Sarah. Go Sarah! I am so voting for her in 2012.

  61. CWaltz – I know what janicen means, but I cannot get exercised about any perceived sexism towards Princess Caroline. All people are doing is asking if she’s qualified, which in any rational universe, would be answered with a resounding “NO!”

    To equate questioning her qualifications with being sexist is missing the boat, I think. We should not aspire to special treatment; we should aspire to equal treatment.


    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  62. Ugh, I agree with the people who say Obama is a sadist. I think he gets a big kick out of throwing people under the bus. He reminds me of no one more than he does Dubya. I think they have an identical character.

  63. CK may be a victim of sexism, but she is also a self entitled elitist. We have enough of those in the senate and anyone who compares her to Senator Clinton is just plain stupid.

  64. merry christmas..all..
    lets pray for our country..

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