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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Let’s Stay Focused

Heidi Li linked to this video in a discussion thread last night, asking who was the most pitiful bigot. 

I responded that I couldn’t watch the whole clip, because I have a low tolerance for those staged arguments, but I told her it seems to me that Left Blogistan is angrier at Rick Warren than they are at Obama for inviting him. 

Rev. Rick-Roll is who he is, a religious fundamentalist, a homobigot and a sexist.  We have lots of those in this country, and he’s actually a relatively benign example of the species.  There are many of his ilk that are far worse, but hatred is hatred, even when it wears a smiling face.

I don’t waste too much time worrying about bigots just because they’re bigots.  Because of the “free country” thingie that’s part of our political philosophy, we have to tolerate the presence of haters and other undesirables.  We let Nazis, Klansmen and anti-semitic groups exist, along with cults, lawyers and mimes.  Like cockroaches, we’ll never be rid of them completely.

Obama is the one everyone should be angry at, because he’s the one giving Warren the high profile platform.  By doing so, he is tacitly endorsing the bigotry that Warren preaches from his Saddleback pulpit, as if it were nothing more than a difference of opinion on tax policy.  Despite all the talk about being inclusive, I doubt that Obama has invited any representatives from NAMBLA or the Ku Klux Klan.

The way you deal with bigots is to ignore them.  Oh, you may want to keep a watchful eye on them in private, but you don’t reward them with what they crave most, which is public attention.  This kerfluffle is giving Warren lots of attention, and it’s raising his prestige among the fundie crowd, and most likely his income too.

Anyone who thinks it’s going to help advance LGBT rights or end sexism is smoking too much hopium in denial.  The way to end homobigotry and sexism is to repudiate them, remove them from the protection of law, and make them socially unacceptable like we did with racism.

Racism, homobigotry and sexism are all separate and distinct from each other.

Separate but equal.

86 Responses

  1. Very good, myiq. Although I hear questioning the One causes temporary discomfort as the Kool-Aid is forcibly ejected from one’s body.

    But never mind, Obamabots, this too shall pass.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  2. There is an entire root system for the war on women and gay hatred. From the gleeful enjoyment of bashing Hillary & Sarah by the media and lying progressives to the elevation of a homophobic and misogynist to the presidential inaugural stage to the lesbian in San francisco that just got raped and beaten by 4 men while they taunted her for being gay. It’s all connected.

  3. and did any of you see f*ckwad Alter’s newsweek bile?
    “how well will Hillary perform in a harness”. God I’m so angry I’m shaking.

  4. Obama is the one everyone should be angry at, because he’s the one giving Warren the high profile platform. By doing so, he is tacitly endorsing the bigotry that Warren preaches from his Saddleback pulpit, as if it were nothing more than a difference of opinion on tax policy.

    Exactly. I was disgusted to see even the usual level-headed Lou Dobbs make the argument that Obama is “just trying to be inclusive like he said he would–he is walking the talk.” I screamed at the clip:

    THIS GUY EQUATED GAY MARRIAGE TO INCEST, PEDOPHILIA & BESTIALITY!!! This is not just a “conservative” minister who opposes gay marriage. And don’t even get me started on the “woman must be obedient to her husband” bullshit. If he wants to be so inclusive, why it is always evangelical Christians that are the example? Where are the white supremacists and transsexuals? C’mon Faux Lincoln–let’s see you unite the warring factions.

    That bit about using Lincoln’s Bible is too much. First the train ride, now the Bible. Does this guy have ANY sense of who HE is? Obviously not. If he grows a beard and starts wearing a top hat, I’m leaving the country.

  5. Racism used to a considered a legitimate ideology/belief system.

    There were academic discussions and treatises on the differences between the races, and how the “white” race was intellectually and morally superior. Those racist beliefs were reinforced by religious leaders and church teachings, and were codified in our laws.

    Racism isn’t gone, but it is now considered illegitimate and socially unacceptable.

    That’s what we need to do to homobigotry and sexism.

  6. Since Obama enjoys a supposed 65% rating even before he has taken the oath, this is the time to make use of that “bully pulpit” and exhort those who practice these unwholesome deeds.

    Oh wait, my mistake. We are talking Obama here who has never stepped out of his “safety zone” to address anything that did not touch him personally.

    The ride may be bumpy going forward but at least we can take heart in the fact that there are many of us who despise what he refuses to address. Unity? Bullsh*t!

  7. fif – Never mind that. Where are the Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and atheists? Isn’t that more representative of “all sides of the faith discussion?”

    And is it a mainstream opinion that women who have abortions are equivalent to Hitler perpetrating the Holocaust? Because I don’t think most Americans would agree with that, even if they are against abortion.

    Does it need to be said that there is no f*cking way Hillary would have had this idiot give the invocation at her inauguration?

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  8. “how well will Hillary perform in a harness”.

    I would like to see Alter say that to her face. These puny cowards behind their keyboards are pathetic next to her power and grace.

    & a harness? More subjugation. The woman must be obedient to the man.

  9. It just struck me that I learn so much from myiq with so many of his posts! Not sure what this means.

  10. The MSM has bought the Obama talking points on Warren hook, line and sinker.
    It is now being reported everywhere (even USA Today) that it was a brilliant political move to bring evangelicals into the fold of the Democratic party, and Obama will need evangelicals in 2012.

    It’s disgusting that the media is going to play this guy’s (oh, pardon me, President-elect Obama’s) strings any way he asks them to. There’s no doubt in my mind he can cram a preemptive war based on fixed intelligence right down our throats and the media will play along.

    Obama (oops, again, PRESIDENT -ELECT OBAMA) is doing exactly what he said he would do, change the Democratic party. I’m beyond disgusted.

  11. he is ‘including’ the haters that want to continue the divisiveness. The divisiveness is created by the people that want to exclude others from full equality. Obama is legitimizing the divisiveness. Seriously, the simple test is why not have a racist up there as well?

  12. Does it need to be said that there is no f*cking way Hillary would have had this idiot give the invocation at her inauguration?

    The extent to which people will go to justify his every lie and ham-handed action never ceases to amaze me.

  13. madamab:

    It’s like one of those bogus “debates” on FOX News between a conservative and a fringe lunatic conservative.

  14. “how well will Obama perform in chains?”
    It’s exactly the same.

  15. he’s not going to fight for any of us. And the media will protect him every step of the way. See what you’ve created, Obama freaks.

  16. Jmac:

    The ONLY way the fundies are joining the Democratic party is if us “sinners” get kicked out to make room for them.

    Which seems to be Obama’s plan.

  17. Jmac –

    Obama will need evangelicals in 2012.

    Of course he will. He was elected by them in 2008.

    Like Bush, he needs a solid community of unshakeable true believers that will support him no matter what he does (Joe Biden said as much). The evangelicals thought Bush was Jesus, and now they think Obama is.

    Is it too late to move to France?

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  18. “how well will Hillary perform in a harness”.

    He would never say that about Condi Rice.

  19. myiq –

    It’s like one of those bogus “debates” on FOX News between a conservative and a fringe lunatic conservative.

    Hee! And here I thought all conservatives were fringe lunatics.

    I keed, I keed! Just my old liberal elitism rearing its ugly head.


  20. I think Obama chose Warren because Obama is an evangelical Christian. It’s that simple – he’s still in the fold. He never left his church of 20 years.

    His has chosen the name we can’t discuss (C. P*well) as an honorary co-chair for the inauguration. The man who officially sold the war to the American people is an honorary co-chair.

    Change we can believe in.

  21. The ONLY way the fundies are joining the Democratic party is if us “sinners” get kicked out to make room for them.

    I already left the Party, but if they are inviting the Fundies in, just another reason to move further away. What has happened here? He’s just awful…

  22. plural – Of course not.

    Because r*cism exists, whereas sexism is just made up by a bunch of hysterical, bitter old women. I mean, never mind that women are still sold into slavery all over the world. Black slavery was worse. And of course, none of the black slaves were women either.

    I am so tired of these wussy whiners controlling the discussion in America. No, Eric Alter, your teeny weenie will not fall off if a woman is President. Get over yourself.

    FYI, Hillary Clinton does not give a rat’s *ss what any of these titty baby misogynist pigs say about her. As she said to Tweety, “I really do not understand your obsession with me.” IOW: Whatever, freak.

    Step aside, boyz. The wimmins are comin’, their heels are on, and their gloves are off!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  23. I’ll see y’all later, I have some Festivus shoplifting to do.

  24. Oh poop – I said “contr0lling,” so I’m in moderation. Myiq, can you get me out?

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  25. “The ONLY way the fundies are joining the Democratic party is if us “sinners” get kicked out to make room for them. Which seems to be Obama’s plan.”

    That’s exactly his plan! – to change the Democratic party. The party I left May 31st. The party I voted down-ticket for. Well, keep it up, O, and my down-ticket vote isn’t going to be there in 2010.

  26. We need to be very cognizant about any of those who hold hands with the Evangelical community. They have inserted their insane beliefs into the mainstream through Bush and his disciples and their aim, and what they preach, is akin to Armageddon in the Middle East.

    The “Rapture” is based on the obliteration of Israel and the Second Coming which promises to wipe out the so called non believers. (Some of us.)

    They are no friend to Israel no matter how much they claim otherwise. An open conflagration in the mideast is something they predict and pine for. Offering them any semblance of power within a political framework is frightening. Obama is on the wrong path is he thinks they will not demand and exert whatever “chits” they expect from rubbing elbows with this group.

  27. Jmac – OMG! I predicted that yesterday!!!!

    Meet the New Democratic Party, filled with Republicans, war criminals and haters of women and the LGBT community.

    My Party has well and truly thrown me under the bus. Our Girl needs to go Independent in a couple of years.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  28. IOW: Whatever, freak.

    lol! I have to go run some errands. Check in later. We say it all the time, but I’ll say it again, I’m so grateful for this intelligent, witty, sane refuge.

  29. “Hopium”

    That is perfect. Just absolutely, 100%, perfect. A word that expresses the BS on all its levels.

    I am so stealing that.

  30. Madamab – you forgot the business community, the Wall-Street crowd. He’s firmly in the hands of business. Anyone listening to his health-care plan in the debate with Hillary knows he’s all about business. He is rewarding the ones who stuck with him and the ones who got on board at the end (C.P@well). Wall-street will be there for him in 2012. And that health care plan said to me loudly and clearly that the man does not know or care about the poor.

  31. Jmac – Indeed! Although we also can infer that from his “let them eat cake” inaction while he was a part-time State Senator in Illinois. His constituents starved and froze and he did nothing.

    Yup, he’s just like Jesus, who put the needs of business over the needs of the people.

    (giant eyeroll)

    PJ – did you read fif’s link about HRC as SOS? Looks like she’s already distancing herself from Obama. I don’t think the fundies will have too much control over foreign policy going forward.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  32. The thing that blows my mind are the Obots who refuse to accept BO’s own words. HE IS ONLY DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO! Get real, Obots, the only hope out there was yours, and you got played for thinking that just because he is black, he is a liberal.

  33. I am not surprised in the least that Hillary has rolled up her sleeves in getting a head start on her duties as SoS. My issues would be if she shows she will once again eclipse Pres. Elect Know Nothing which will offer him an excuse to ask for her resignation. No one should be allowed to look as if they know more than The One after all.

    Hillary should be the president elect. Having said that, the least we can expect is that he gives her enough headway to achieve what I think she is capable of doing. But, Obama does not like “sharing”. I have a funny feeling that they will knock heads eventually which may just be the opening he desires to put her out to pasture.

    I hope I am totally wrong and offbase but I do not trust this man one inch. He has his own agenda and I don’t think it includes us or her.

  34. TRK – Some of them did not get played at all. Some of them thought Obama’s agenda was a-okay, because they were never liberals in the first place. Markos, Chris Bowers, Arianna, Aravosis, Josh Micah Marshall and of course, Andrew Sullivan – they all created a bullsh*t narrative about Obama and Hillary that was so obviously false, I wonder if they weren’t all paid off.

    Those are the ones that really make me sick. We’ve all fallen for smooth talkers before, but the hypocrites who knew what he was and pretended otherwise – there is a special place in H*ll for them.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  35. In case anyone missed it:

    President-elect Obama’s team has announced that on Jan. 20, Obama “will take the oath of office using the same Bible upon which President Lincoln was sworn in at his first inauguration.” He “will be the first President sworn in using the Lincoln Bible since its initial use in 1861.”

  36. Pat,

    I just hope Obama makes sure the confirmation process for Hillary is a smooth one. I’d hate to see a display of CDS in the Senate.

  37. PJ – I think Obama is relieved to have someone who knows what she’s doing take over the foreign policy side. However, you are 100% right, he cannot be trusted.

    But if I know Hillary, she’ll never be put out to pasture. She’ll either quit or resign in the next two years, and then she’ll figure something else out. My dream would be for her to run for President, but as an Independent instead of a Dem. I would love to see her take on Obama again, without the Dem Party infrastructure to ensure her defeat.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  38. Jmac,

    Oh brother! No matter how hard he tries to push this meme, Obama just isn’t Lincoln. It might be nice if he actually accomplished something before all this propagandizing to build his “legacy.”

  39. BB – If Obama doesn’t end slavery and keep the Southern States from seceding, he’s not Lincoln.

    Besides, I thought he was JFK. Or was it MLK? I get so confused…

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  40. BB,

    I can’t imagine that the Republicans on the Foreign Relations committee won’t engage in CDS — they won’t be able to help themselves.

    But they will be the ones who look bad, not Hillary.

  41. I really, really want to take a sabbatical and just not tune in the news or visit the blogs for the next few months. The train ride into DC, the Lincoln bible to be sworn in, the Kennedy myth and connection, this whole thing has gotten entirely out of hand and I find myself railing against the snowball that is Obama.

    This celeb crap is so over the top that it is beyond comprehension. I know we welcome any break from Bush but this drumbeating is hard to absorb.

    Isolation from this may be my only saving grace going forward.

  42. Exactly myiq, we defeat them by marginalizing them, not by inviting them to dinner.

    I just wrote a post along these same lines.


  43. PJ, it’s all symbolism with Obama and the Democrats. They believe if they throw in enough nostalgia, people will feel “inspired” and fail to see that the person putting their hand on the Lincoln bible is a slime ball.

  44. Back on the topic of myiq’s post, I honestly never knew anything about Rick Warren until Obama did this. I had heard of that book, “The Purpose-Driven Life,” but had no idea what it was about or who wrote it. The first time I even knew anything about Warren I heard him moderate that religious forum. I listened to part of it on the radio, but I didn’t know what the guy looked like till last week. I know, I’m clueless.

    But I agree that bigots like him are better ignored and I plan to go back to ignoring him along with the bigot who will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

  45. Plural,

    It’s not the Republicans I’m worried about. It’s the Democrats with CDS I want Obama to tamp down.

  46. The fact that he is so presumptuous to even consider himself worthy of using that bible makes me physically ill.

  47. madamab, I read that Gates’ picks are all of the same Bush crowd. This is being packaged as a way to maintain “continuity” in a time of war. What it reveals is that Obama and crew have absolutely no plan for Iraq, and never did.

  48. From Alegre:

    Barney Frank: Obama “Overestimates His Charm”

  49. The media is trying desperately to compare Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin- They can blow me. The difference between Sarah and Caroline is the difference between a pothole and the Grand Canyon. One WORKED her way up to her position. She got a scholarship for college, homesteaded, and jumpe in feet first when she saw things wrong that she felt she could fix. The other has lived a sheltered life- by her own choice and has up until this moment been so inactive that there were periods of time she didn’t even VOTE.

  50. Is everyone ready to hang out with Obot relatives over the holidays?? Oh, goody!

    I’m trying to decide if I should pack my purple “truth folder” and bring reading material for those who will no doubt tell me that everything and anything negative about Obama has been ‘debunked!’

  51. I can imagine the Dems on the committee indulging their worst selves in some dumb trashing of Bill.

    Demonizing charity is so constructive.

  52. BB and myiq, one thing I would differ on is that I think that ignoring them is not enough. They need to be ridiculed and ostracized.

  53. The Pope is trying to upstage Rick Warren:

    Pope: Saving world from homosexuality like saving rainforests
    The Pope said that “saving” humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforests.


  54. Kim,

    I think he is determined to diminish every important symbol in American history with these comparisons. He’s Lincoln, He’s Martin Luther King, JFK, RFK, and Michelle is Jackie Kennedy. It’s sickening alright. I wish he’d take FDR as his role model. That’s the “change we need.” But instead, he wants to be Reagan in Lincoln’s clothing.

  55. mawminc – And didn’t we know that from the debates in the primaries, and the way he kept stealing Hillary’s, then McCain’s ideas on Iraq?

    BTW – Hillary asked Gates for an Iraq withdrawal plan in July of 2007. In response, a heretofore unseen Lackey called her a traitor. No love lost there, and as far as I know, she never received any indication that there was, in fact, a withdrawal strategy.

    But now, Robert Gates and the BushIdiots who got us into this mess have a secret plan to end the war?


    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  56. The Pope is another one who can blow me. If God gives free will then who the Hades is he to tell people who they can and can’t love. I don’t see the same freakin’ crap being said about saving the souls of the divorced.

  57. Mawm,

    You’re right, but my point is it would have been appropriate for Obama to ignore Warren, and instead he has given this bigot a high-profile platform and forced people like me to learn who Warren is. Obama is going to turn Warren into the next Jerry Falwell. He’ll be all over TV lecturing us about his ignorant beliefs. I don’t think this is any accident. Obama wants this crap to stay out there.

    But you are right. We need to ridicule him unmercifully from now on. Did you hear that Warren’s website has been scrubbed of embarrassing anti-evolution stuff already? Obama certainly has a lot of busy little internet bees cleaning up his messes.

  58. backtrack is still pulling the greatest shell game in history.
    look here is the chicago story with the felons starring all his friends.
    Wait a minute here is a religious bigot with a new pulpit.
    Under the third shell is all the unaccounted for donations.
    step right up ladies and gentlemen bet your money on which story the msm will broadcast.



  59. Time for lunch – later, Conflucians!

    This Pope sucks rocks. “Who Would Jesus Hate” seems to be his mantra.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  60. MadamaB,

    I heard Obama is keeping General Hayden too. Even more evidence that Obama plans to continue the “unitary executive.”

  61. So how about a pool for how long it will take for the love affair with Backtrack to end? Let’s face it, he hasn’t even taken office and he has offended the GLBT community. Once it is crystal clear (something we already know) that he has no intentions of pulling the troops, there is another of his bases shot to hell. I don’t think the affair will make it a year.

  62. Kim, it may not make it a year, but you’ll never know by watching the media.

  63. Warren on, party off:


    What a shame all that “Obama Punch” will go to waste..

  64. No, Mawm, I think they will have to report it, they have already started or this interview would not be aired.

    Maybe all this is in HRC’s favor. The financial crisis is a snowball and it is gaining speed. I don’t think anyone could have fixed this mess, not even Hillary or bigdawg.

    My scenario plays out like this: HRC takes SOS, she shows her mettle, intelligence, courage and strength. BO will be blamed for not stopping the financial crisis, (because he is after all Jesus, MLK, Lincoln and JFK). Hillary steps down in two years and runs for Governor of New York. Then because BO is such an abyssmal failure, she runs for POTUS in ’12.

    I can dream right? Lose your dreams and you lose your mind.

  65. separate but equal
    fantastic commentary, miq2xu!
    Amazing how they all tap dance around Obama! “he just wanted to be inclusive!” Po’ baby! He wouldn’t “pander to special interests such as women” but wants to make nice to anti-choice, anti gay freaks.

  66. TRK

    When and if people realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods it might actually be possible to take the dem party back.

    Expect people to be angry and feel victimized as opposed to responsible and ashamed.

    But, hey. If they’re angry enough to never let something like this happen again, I’ll take that.

  67. TRK that’s a good scenario.
    can you email that comment to HRC right now please?

  68. madamab
    You forgot he was also Reagan for most of the election.
    But lately, he is playing Lincoln.

  69. catarina: She is smarter than I am, so I hope she has this in mind.

  70. Angry and vicitimized works for me.

  71. The anti-Warren:

    Dec. 23, 2008

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the largest national association of atheists and agnostics, has taken its national billboard campaign to Arkansas for the first time, posting its colorful and cautionary “Beware of Dogma” billboard at the Main Street Bridge, 100 feet south of the Riverfront near the Rivermarket District.

    The artwork employs a stained-glass window motif, and includes the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s name and website, ffrf.org.


  72. Mawm,

    Your post is beautiful and inspiring. I wish you would cross-post it here and anywhere else you can.

  73. OK, I’m just minding my own business, innocently watching The Weather Channel when a Obama commemorative coin commercial comes on. The remote is nowhere to be found so I’m forced to watch. It’s a four piece set. The first has Obama with George Washington. The second, he’s with JFK. The third is an “Illinois” coin with O and the Lincoln Memorial. The fourth is a Hawaii coin with O and a map of the islands. And it can all be yours for just $19.95 plus s&h. What cheap junk.

    Surely there are a few O supporters out there who are embarrassed by this over the top hero worship, but probably won’t admit it out loud. If they were marketing all this cheap crap for Hillary as PE I would be cringing. Of course we know if it was Hillary, there would be no big fuss.

  74. Obama is everywhere! Get used to it. His newest appearance will be on your next box of cereal or postage stamp. Like living in China where Mao’s weasel face was plastered over every surface. Or Iraq where you could not escape the evil eyes of Saddam.

    He is here to stay. Obama: The One.

  75. This is a true symbiotic relationship just like flowers being unable to bloom without honey bees. I’d remind these leeches that flowers only bloom for a short season and bees sting. Enjoy.

  76. New post up!

  77. JMac – re: Lincoln Bible

    I could use the toilet at Buckingham Palace but that wouldn’t make me the queen of England and my sh*t would still stink.

  78. The blatant and ugly hypocrisy is that if Bush had done this the same people now making excuses for Obama would be condemning Bush. It’s truly a disgusting spectacle.

  79. I think that that Corns displays bigotry in his feeble tepid comments. I may agree that bashing Warren is not the best option – although I don’t think that ignoring bigots disempowers them – I think they have to be attacked straight on. So in this case, Warren must be fought against, and Obama fought against for giving him a platform.

  80. Heidi:

    I guess I should have said “ostracizing” rather than “ignoring”

    IOW – Don’t bring them to the table, send them to the woodshed.

  81. If OBama wanted to be inclusive he would have a lesbian Baptist preacher of the liberal variety. Believe it or not there are such people.
    Instead he chose to be exclusive and keep to what I assume is his own narrow belief system. Whatever he says, I believe he agrees with Warren on many matters that we wouldn’t even want to think about.
    Obama has ALWAYS been a blowhard on the topic of religion.

  82. Obama is everywhere! Get used to it. His newest appearance will be on your next box of cereal or postage stamp. Like living in China where Mao’s weasel face was plastered over every surface. Or Iraq where you could not escape the evil eyes of Saddam.

    He is here to stay. Obama: The One.

    Yes and we went through something similar with dubya, but this seems to be much worse.

  83. Angry/Happy/Hopeful Black Guy:

    Why don’t you tell Matthew Shepard that racism is worse than homobigotry?

  84. If Barny (banking queen) Frank is commenting upon the charm – or lack of it – of Obama, I fear for O

  85. This is one of your best posts myiq2xu and makes you a better thinker and writer than Digby or Anglachel. Good job. I wish someone in the mainstream media would say something like this. But Keith Obamamann and MSNBC only gets mad with Hillary Clinton and her surrogates. They wouldn’t dare call out Obama on anything he does.

  86. Obama is the one everyone should be angry at, because he’s the one giving Warren the high profile platform. Anyone who thinks it’s going to help advance LGBT rights or end sexism is smoking too much hopium in denial.

    Thanks, myiq2xu and The Confluence, for covering the important stories every day.

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