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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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I got a lot of problems with you people!

And now, you're gonna hear about it!

And now, you're gonna hear about it!

It is time for the Festivus “Airing of Grievances”

I’m angry at John Edwards for turning out to be a two-timing lowlife phony, John McCain for campaigning timidly like a Democrat, and my Congressman, Dennis Cardoza,for switching his endorsement from Hillary to Uh-bama.

Who pissed you off this year, and why?

144 Responses

  1. May the day American Girl doll was founded be dammed for all eternity. The motherfucker left a crater in my wallet.

    When did doll begin to have their own friends and their own special line of clothing?

  2. MABlue,

    Are you serious? Haven’t you ever heard of Barbie?

  3. I am pissed off majorly by people with big honkin’ SUV’s who block my line of sight with their massively opaque vehicles. It makes me want to get my f^&(ing photon torpedos out and blast them and their hothouse raised children to smithereens. Damn soccer moms!

    MABlue: go easy on the AG stuff. It can be an addiction, especially when you see the reaction of the person you are gifting. She/he is going to love you forever and ever. BTW, I have two dolls, two beds, a table a horse, bicycle and a scad of clothes. One of the dolls is my older daughter’s and it is 14 years old and in perfect condition. If they are well taken care of, they will last a long time.

  4. For the best deal you should buy “Divorced Barbie”

    She comes with half of Ken’s stuff.

  5. BB:

    Barbie left its own damage over the last 10 years but American Girl Doll(s) almost killed me.

    I made the mistake to take my little princess to the store in the Natick Mall.

  6. I’m angry at so many people I hardly know where to start.

    I’m angry at Howard Dean and Donna Brazille for forcing Obama down our throats through cheating and vote stealing and conflicts of interest.

    I’m angry at fake feminists for abandoning the cause of women’s equality.

    Of course I’m angry at Barack Obama for being a narcissistic, misogynistic, homophobic, churl who couldn’t care less about most Americans.

    There are also some people I used to be angry with but I now see as pathetics: Markos Moulistas, Josh Marshall, John Avrosis, etc. What a bunch of sad sack losers!

  7. My granddaughter Samantha has all of the AG Samantha stuff. It is addicting. I am honked off at the US health care sustem. According to a Time that I was reading at the dentist’s office, we spend morte per capita than any other nation, and we have little or nothing to show for this.

  8. morte+more. How Freudian was that??

  9. MABlue: You loved it. Admit it. If you go to AG Place in Manhattan, you can have tea with your doll. They bring a special seat for her and a tiny cup. Also, there is a salon downstairs to correct any hair mistakes and a doll hospital for boo-boos and missing arms.

    Ok, ok, I admit it. I have a monkey on my back. So sue me.

  10. BB: I wouldn’t be sad for Moulitsas, Marshall, et al. They made out like bandits last year. Remember when Obama plastered TPM with ads? And I am positive that markos made some kind of financial arrangement with Obama’s campaign. Don’t know what it was but I have no doubt there was one.

  11. I’ve never even heard of that doll. I only have nephews. All I know about is Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars, Spiderman, Batman, Transformers, and Pokemon. This year, I had to buy Transformers.

  12. MABlue: I have a niece who’s into them. I think the whole thing is an incredible money making opportunity for someone, but you should have seen how delighted my niece was when I took her to the Kit Kittredge movie.

  13. RD,

    I realize that. I’m not sad FOR them. I just think they are pathetic. If they made money from the evil they did, that makes them all the more pathetic in my eyes.

  14. Tommy the Tank is my grandson.

    He’s 18 months old, built like a fireplug and isn’t happy unless he’s crashing into stuff.

  15. Oh, boy – lets see who’s first – I guess Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, NJ – for not wanting to pay for our son’s deep brain stimulation surgery – it took a year of fighting with them and we finally got them to cover the cost.
    2. Pelosi for not being the woman she probably could be – what a fool.
    3. Dean and Brazile for duping those fools into supporting O.
    4. John Edwards – eeeyyuch
    5. All of those women I had looked up to for their past “feminist” work who rolled over and supported O.
    6. The American MSM.
    7. Myself for believing all these years that our votes actually counted for something 😳

  16. I am disgusted by the Superdelegates. I will not forget nor will I forgive. I received a Happy Holidays e-mail from Hillary and I cried all over again. Superdelegates be damned.

  17. BB: AG dolls really are special. They are a rite of passage for girls these days. Very *unlike* traditional dolls. They come with their own set of stories and all of them are very independent minded girls working within their time period. They are also very expensive but they aren’t recommended for kids younger than 8 who will not care for them well. Both my daughters had one. The older had Samantha and the younger had a Today’s Girl doll. They are very well made, as are all of their paraphenalia.

  18. McCaskill, Caroline Kennedy, Oprah, Sebelius, Napolitano, Pelosi and every ass-kissing women who deserted HRC. (Donna Brazile isn’t human so she can’t count in this list!)

    There are special places reserved in hell for women who don’t support other (more qualified) women.

  19. I’m pissed at Jon and Stephen on Comedy Central for treating Obama with kid gloves.

    Ridiculing politicians IS THEIR JOB!

  20. Nancy F-in Pelosi for starters, every single Democrat that voted for FISA next, the blogger boyz(yeah guys I hold you in the same contempt as Nancy F-in Pelosi- you big bunch of misogynistic enablers)including Favreau, NOW and the simpering females who proved to me their version of feminism is not mine, the MSM for trivializing our election and making this into a cross between a high school popularity contest and American Idol, the economists that insisted we bailout the banking industry no questions asked to the tune of 700 billion but all of a sudden decided the working class folks who were promised things could only get a “conditional bailout.” I’m sure if you let me stew on this awhile I can come up with more.

  21. They sound great, RD. Too bad I was born too late to have one.

  22. Joanelle:

    I’m pissed at myself about Edwards.

    I haven’t misjudged a politician so badly since Raygun, and I was young and dumb and full of shit back then. (I’m not young anymore)

  23. However, I do have a grand-niece on the way…..

  24. Sophie:

    Kit Kittredge and Samantha 1904


    We have something similar in the American Girl doll Store in Natick MA.

    I have to get with the program. Paying for the stuff is not punishment enough

  25. 2008 specific greivance – whoever it is that lives in my building that starts a load of laundry and takes all day to finish it. Once or twice I can let slide, but I see your blue basket down there at least thrice a month. Stop being inefficient.

    All the time grievance – The Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire for not being around anymore.

  26. I love AG. They are a bit pricey but the books are well written and the dolls are well crafted. I also love that they haven’t caved on social issues despite pressure from the evangelicals and continue to fund a program that inspires young girls and wishes to empower them.

  27. Same here, myiq2xu. I thought Edwards was the real thing. I voted for him in the primary in 2004. Thank goodness this time I voted for the best candidate–HIllary. But if Edwards had stayed in I might have voted for him. I was already starting to turn toward Hillary before he dropped out. His behavior toward her in NH made me angry, and she really impressed me in both the Iowa and NH debates.

  28. Yeah, Myiq – I really thought he was a straight arrow guy – good husband, dad, etc. Wow was I wrong 😯

  29. The so-called new democratic party that sold the country down the river.
    The educational system that has dumbed down Americans to the point that this could happen.
    The msm for being such obivious wh0res with no journalist integrity what so ever.
    the so-called christian conservatives that did not support John McCain and by being absent let backtrack get the whitehouse.
    All the little men that think it is ok to trash women like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and any other woman.
    The women who did the same not realizing that to those men they are the same and can be trashed with immunity
    To me this bunch are poster children for abortion clinics.

    Things I am Glad about this year
    The health of my children
    The Confluence



  30. I’m really pissed at whoever made this virus I have on my computer that pops up occasionally to tell me my computer is infected and tries to sell me the cure.

    That’s extortion!

  31. Like many here, I am most pissed at those who should have known better: the journalists, comedians, feminists. The top prize goes to my (recent) ex who I have taken to calling The Ostrich (although not yet to her face). That she insists this is a joyous thing indeed and says something good about our country (though she cannot quite articulate what), despite all the evidence to the contrary (that she refuses to hear) earns her that title.

  32. BB: You’re never too late. When is your dissertation done? What is your hair/eye color?

  33. Ahhhhhhh he’s human myiq just like the rest of us. Do I wish he’d kept it zipped? Absolutely. Do I hurt for Elizabeth? No doubt. Do I think he is a total scumbag? Nah. I still give him alot of credit for bringing attention to health care this cycle and putting domestic economic issues on the map. There you have it. He doesn’t even make my list for people to be pissed off. He wasted an opportunity and he behaved horribly towards the woman he purports to love and trust but I do believe he is and will pay the price of that on his conscience for the rest of his life.

  34. Right now I’m pissed at all the media people making excuses and letting the pathetically sketchy “internal investigation” walk when, as skimpy as it it, has so many juicy details in it. Like the fact that Fitz didn’t want it released until he talked to all the players. Of course, nobody quite phrases it that way, and that’s why it ticks me off.

  35. I got an email today from an colleague, AA woman who voted for O – at the time I told her she was too smart to do that.

    Her email today said that she is “concerned about the lack of women in O’s cabinet”

    My response – Anji, that’s not quite the least of what we have to worry about

  36. Joanelle,

    We really shouldn’t judge. He may very well be a good husband and father but succumbed to pressure of having an ill wife who he was afraid to lean on for fear of adding more pressure to her plate and the novelty of having a woman fawn over him. I do not agree with what he did(anymore than I agreed with what Bill did) but I do understand that we are all human and fallible. It’s more disappointing to me than something that makes me angry.

  37. I’m mad like bostonboomer @ 8:11, too. I will never get over this past year. And I thought I was mad after 2000, I’m from Fl.. But I want to slap every girl !8 to 30 who voted for BO! See if they need us old dried up pussy’s now. ( I want a woman president but not just this one).

  38. I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…la,la,la,la…..I am still buying the Barbies my parents didn’t get me when I was a kid. My daughter was never a doll fan but we have an almost complete Japanese collection of Pokemon characters.
    Anyway, I’m sorely pissed with my fellow citizens who fall for the same crap election after election. Buy a clue, people!

  39. But I’m angry at Edwards not just for being a rat to Elizabeth but because he derailed his career and created a void that only he can fill.

    We all bring something to the table that’s unique (the message in It’s a Wonderful Life) – he may be back but who knows how long that will take and will he be the same person.

    D@mn him – what’s with these guys anyway? Loyalty is worth something, honesty has significant value,

  40. It’s not just that he screwed another woman-he screwed Hillary and the country. Things might have turned out quite differently if he hadn’t run all the while knowing he would have to drop out at some point.

  41. Oh, yea, and my fellow citziens who LET the MSM pick the president. Is anbody sick of that?

  42. I’m pissed at the US Senate. I took the kids to tour the Congress yesterday. We went out of our way to get tickets from our Representative so we could see the Senate and House floors. Both houses were out, the House still let you go and see the floor. The Senate, however, has a rule that when they are not in session, people can not enter the hall. Why??? Thousands of tourists are barred from seeing the Senate floor, because they have a rule. Big f###king deal, change the rule and let the citizens see the place. I’m sure Caroline will be able to go in anytime that she wants to!

  43. My daughter got the mini AG doll after she completed each series(she got the cookbook, craft book and paperdolls after reading 3 books). We got Kit, Samantha, Addy, Felicity, Kirsten, and Molly. I am kinda sad they are retiring Samantha. We still need to read Josephina, Julie and the Kaya.

  44. Nancy Pelosi is on my shit list.

  45. CWatlz:

    I’m disappointed that he couldn’t keep his horse in the barn.

    I’m pissed cuz he’s a fake and a phony. I actually thought he might be a “liberal”

  46. RD,

    My hair and eye color? Why do you want to know that? My hair is sort of dark blonde and my eyes are blue. I’m working on my disseration. I have to finish the draft by the Jan. 1. I’m interpreting that as Monday the 4th. I have to have everything done including the orals by around the middle of April.

    I’m actually getting a lot of work done even though I’ve been posting here.

  47. I’m sure Nancy P is getting a big lump in her stocking this year! 😯

  48. I disagree Joan of Snark, I believe Hillary was a better candidate as a result of competing with Edwards. He pushed her to look at making health care part of the plan this cycle, he pushed her to come up with an economic plan for the economy(one which by the way was superior to Obama’s “stimulus”). After he dropped out I got to see who truly was interested in having an “inclusive” campaign. Edwards set the bar and Hillary rose to meet it. That’s how I saw it. Anyway that’s just my opinion.

  49. I was really mad at Nancy Pelosi about “impeachment is off the table.” And then her support of Obama completely finished her with me forever.

  50. I’m pissed that Jimmy Carter goes around the world talking about democracy, and then failed to protect or defend our democracy from Obama.

  51. I am extremely pissed at the so-called “Progressive” Movement. I always thought the Right Wing and the people who hated all we Liberals stand for were the enemy.

    I got sucked into every cause and spent money in every thing. Little did I know that the real enemy in all this was Hillary Clinton. These “Progressives” didn’t hesitate a nanosec to join human debris like Andrew Sullivan and others who have always hated us and our agenda, for the sole purpose of running the Clintons out of the planet.

    I’m kind of angry at myself for being a sucker for so long.

  52. Honora,

    I’m pissed that Jimmy Carter didn’t defend our democracy in 2000 or 2004 either!

  53. MyIQ

    He might be. Even liberals make errors in judgement(and he has got a list of them: bankruptcy bill, war vote, infidelity). I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on Edwards or his machinations. All I know is that on the outrage scale he doesn’t even register. He will have to live with the fact he threw away his shot at a legacy and know that he hurt someone who has loved him and stood by his side for over 2 decades. That’s a far worse punishment then my ire.

  54. Hmmm I’m in moderation for some reason or another.

  55. As a history major I read lots of stuff about deals made in “smoke-filled back rooms” but I thought that kind of stuff was over.

    I guess I lost my cherry on that one.

  56. MABlue: “I’m kind of angry at myself for being a sucker for so long.”

    Yeah, me too. But I’m glad we woke up. I will never listen to any of those political “experts” ever again. This year taught me to trust my own judgement.

  57. And no, it wasn’t good for me too

  58. Yeah I guess I could add myself to the list MA Blue too. There were alot of people who I thought were far more capable of critical thinking. The reality was that alot of these people who I bonded with were more interested in cheerleading and winning then in actually changing the political landscape. If they were really interesred they certainly wouldn’t have sold their soul for the first person to promise them hope and change with little on the record to back that notion up.

  59. myiq: the smoke-filled part is over but the backroom deal part is still alive and well. You have to go outside to smoke now after you make the deal.

    (Sometimes, when they go outside to smoke, the press is there, so they have to chew the gum.)

  60. I don’t blame ya MyIQ. Absolutely no foreplay before the act was consummated.

  61. MA Blue
    By the time I bought American Girl a bed and matching nightgowns with my daughter she reached saturation. I mean she did enjoy the last presents but none was needed afterwards. I made her 9 th birthday AG themed (parents usually ask me what present to get) so, the complete wardrobe came then. Ever since, it’s mostly books – and the public library saves me a fortune!
    As for my grievances? To make it easier I’ll address them to all election thieves and the beneficiaries who had no remorse benefiting from theft. And another salvo to all the misogynists – of both sexes who inflamed ugly hatred for political gain, and all the beneficiaries who had no remorse profiting from hatred. Shame on you all!

  62. Damn Cartoon Network to hell. I cannot stand the sounds that emerge from the tee vee when it’s tuned to CN. Thank God my son lives at his dad’s.

  63. Yeah we can add the rules and bylaws committee of the DNC and their politcal kabuki as another thing that pissed me off. If I wanted to live in a banana repulic I’d have moved to one.

  64. Oh, on Edwards – having paid attention to him in 2004, it was phony all along in my book. My theory: Elizabeth caught him early on and her price for silence was making him to run on her platform/terms.

  65. This year certainly was a real eye-opener with politics and how things really work in this country of ours. Even though it’s not tin-foil hat Tuesday, I am convinced now more than ever that left v. right is a game to keep the sheeple busy and the real story is top v. bottom (as in class war). More than sexist, the media was classist. And they reserved their sexism for the women they decided were not in the upper class. How come no one’s asking about Caroline’s intellect, readiness, dynasty-ness, or experience?

  66. FYI – New post going up in an hour.

    Just wanted to give you all ample time to vent!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  67. What you all said.

    So why should I bother voting again? Then again, I remind myself that 53% is no way in h*ll much of a majority.

  68. It depends on what is on CN. I like Robot Chicken, Oral Moral, Family Guy and a few other random shows. It isn’t a total waste unlike MSNBC News.

    Another disappointment is McHale from Talk Soup, I liked his show all the way until I heard he trashed Sarah a s a “train wreck.”

  69. Maybe edge- It appears to me that Elizabeth is the better half of the couple. That said, she must see something in the guy so it can’t be all bad.

  70. I am mad that Donna Brazile gets to pretend that she did nothing wrong during the Democrtic Primary and CNN dared to show her and tell us how she felt when Obama “won” the presidential election.

    I am mad that Obama has gotten away with everything he did during the primary

    I am mad that Hillary gave her delegates to Obama at the convention like they were pancakes. She might have won them but had no right to just give them away like that.

    I am mad that the Democratic party has managed to destroy itself in its attempts of beating the Republican party.

    I am mad that the first AA president is a corrupt, fraud, liar and stole the nomination.(HE NEVER WON)

  71. I used to get so frustrated at the Democratic party for being weak and ineffectual.

    It wasn’t until this year I realized it was all an act.

    They have been playing us for fools – they never WANTED to win.

  72. righteous rant Downticket.

  73. Maybe everyone knows this already, but Obama and his aides were interviewed by Fitzgerald last week.


  74. Everything downticket said…

  75. Karl Rove is on Fox right now absolving Obama of all blame for any corruption in Chicago. I just know Rove was behind this whole takeover of the Democratic party. Isn’t this tinfoil hat Tuesday?

  76. Okay myiq: It’s not tin-foil hat Tuesday, but it is a Tuesday, so, I’ll bite. Maybe the Democratic Party isn’t ever supposed to win. Maybe it’s really just a money making venture (we donate, others collect). Carter, Clinton: flukes! Maybe Obama is a fluke as well…they seem more concerned with the money he can summon through his Blackberry than anything he might stand for…

  77. And Sophie – I agree 1000%. Although I think there are real policy differences between Democrats and Republicans, none of them were clearly outlined once HRC was forced out of the r*ce by her own Party. Everything sort of mushed into a post-partisan mish-mash.

    I am super-pissed at the Party Leadership for forcing us into choosing between two Republicans. I hated voting for McCain, although I do think he ran a clean and honorable campaign, unlike the thug from Chicago. Only Sarah Palin made my vote possible.

  78. EOF:

    I hope we reach the POS here soon. This is getting ridiculous.

    However, I will never forget the spectacle my daughter performed the day I finally relented and took her to the store. I had barely parked the car that she shot out, ran across the parking almost screaming “out of my way” to anyone.

    That was priceless.

  79. CWaltz, on December 23rd, 2008 at 8:49 pm Said:

    So you are saying that Hillary would never have worked on Health care if it weren’t for Edwards 🙄 Hillary was talking about Health care before it was cool. Where was Edwards? How did he push her to come up with an economic plan? Sorry, I don’t agree that Edwards set any bar. What I saw was that after he was out, all those “anybody but Hillary types” were forced to look at her policies which they weren’t inclined in the beginning. Lets not forget that she started out with high negatives as the media liked to remind us (she has very high negatives so they said). Hillary had the ideas and plans but because she was Hillary, there were many that didn’t take her seriously. She is entitled, it is a dynasty, she was only first lady, she has no experience etc.

  80. Ah shoot, I forgot my new tag line, which went so well with my comment:

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  81. yeah, I am with Downticket too

  82. No tin foil – it’s distracting, just like tinsel.

    But we have the Festivus pole

  83. madamab: Indeed there are real policy differences between Dems and Repubs, just that things the people want from the govt on either side never quite seem to materialize during any administration. Oh sure, a bone here and there, but never quite enough of what the base wanted. Just enough to keep the tension. The things that do get implemented are the things that keep the upper echelons churning.

  84. Yeah, I’m disappointed in Hillary.

    Not angry, just really disappointed.

    I wish she would have fought to the end, even if it ended her career.

    History would have smiled on her if she had.

  85. I just spent over $50.00 on two American Girl outfits for the doll Emily who looks like my granddaughter. Fifty freaken dollars on 2 ounces of material! That is more money for Emily’s wardrobe than I spend on my own!

    But Emily is well cared for with her own closet, bed, clothes, etc., so I am not complaining. I also spent a fortune on Barbie stuff as well. Hope they remember Grandma when I am in the nursing home sipping juice and making a meal out of Jello!

  86. What I am saying is that health care was not addressed this cycle prior to Edwards bringing it up. Edwards was also the first ot come up with an economic plan of the three. You are more than entitled to believe that Edwards didn’t set any bars. The facts are what they are though. He was the first to put out a health plan and He was the first to address the economic crisis, Can I say with a certainty that if he had not brought these up she would have? Nope. Then again, I am not nor will I put politicians on a pedestal. I prefer to keep myself grounded in reality.

  87. There are differences between the policies the two parties advocate.

    But there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference in the policies they practice.

    The Democrats claim to stand for LGBT and women’s rights, but they won’t stand up for them.

  88. Downticket
    Well said. The two men were considered by the media “the Anti-Hillary”
    I remember Randi getting mad at Edwards for “splitting the anti-Hillary vote”. It was very clear from the start what was the end game there.

  89. I am really angry at BO himself, who ran the most divisive campaign I have ever seen in my life: black against white, old against young, rich against poor, educated against not, and so on. He marginalized the past and anyone who lived in it. There was not one tiny fracture in our society that he left unexploited. Absolutely unforgivable because it was all done under the guise of unity, growth, healing, and religiosity. People actually think this man is a spiritual man, a healer even. And I think he is…not.

  90. MyIQ – me too

    I would have been more than happy to stand by her to the “bitter” end. I really hoped that she would fight the unfairness all the way up and demanded a role call. I do understand though that she may have felt that she would have a better chance at her agenda if she played nice with the Democratic leaders. I just wish that she would have been more loyal to us and to the country than the freakin’ party that had no problem stabbing her in the front, back and anywhere else they could stab her.

  91. Since we are all hanging from the Festivus Pole, I would add that my utter and complete disappointment was just as strong against everything that has already been said here but also the dismantling of voter’s rights and voices.

    And my cancellatio of The Nation was due in large part to Katha Pollitt and her support of Obama which reached new heights earlier this year. The objectivity of the press, or lack thereof, made this primary season unbearable. The list of my rants would be much to long to enumerate but suffice to say it mirrors most of what all others have already voiced. A very bad year all around.

  92. Uhhh, Hillary has been addressing health care since 1992.

    Just sayin’,

    John Edwards was really, really late to the party and he screwed Hillary royally in Iowa and Michigan.

    I flirted briefly with both him and Chris Dodd, but after the debates, I went to Hillary and never looked back. Clearly she was the one who had thought everything through, in excruciating detail. Edwards was not in her league, and Obama was the worst of them all.

    And myiq – Exactly.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  93. Then again, I am not nor will I put politicians on a pedestal.

    No pedestals just don’t want to give Edwards too much credit that he doesn’t actually deserve. I find it really hard to believe that Hillary wouldn’t have a health care plan. Come on! the woman was talking health care before she even ran.

  94. Heh

    Yeah the media are real “experts”(eyes rolling). I’m not big into media framing and you all will have to have a better argument to convince me. If your argument is media framing then perhaps instead of pinning that on Edwards you ought to blame that on the media.

  95. Imagine if starting back at the beginning of 2007, Nancy and Harry had introduced at least one politically popular bill every week Congress was in session.

    UHC, ending the war, global warming – things they claim to believe in and the voters want.

    They should have made the GOP find ways to kill those bills, or made G-Dub veto them.

    Fainting goats put up more resistance than they did.

  96. I am also mad at myself for being a liberal elitist and looking down on people who voted Republican, thinking I knew better than they did what their best interests were.

    And, for thinking that the Dems were morally pure and the Republicans were evil.

    I was clueless.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  97. me too, myiq. I would have loved for Hillary to take it to a fight on the convention floor! And I would have fought with her all the way. I believe she would have won it. But if not, then take her self the 3rd party route. She definitely would have taken a 3-way. Definitely.

  98. Downticket,

    She has done an admirable job working on health care and I respect her greatly for it. Heck, she even worked with Gingrich(yuck) on that issue. That said, she also had a failure under her belt and is more than aware how complicated it is was and will be to revamp the system. Would she have come up with a plan? I don’t know and I never will because Edwards released his plan first.

  99. I’m not really mad at Obama. You might as well get mad at a bear for sh*tting in the woods.

    I’m mad at the people who enabled him.

  100. myiq – That’s what led to part of my awakening; the refusal of Nancy to put impeachment on the table, the refusal of Harry to stand up to the constant Republican faux-filibustering. I would have made godd*mn sure they had to do a REAL filibuster every time. These are the same Republicans who barely showed up to work from 2001-2005 – they would have given up eventually and the Senate could have gotten a lot more accomplished.

  101. A word of caution for anyone wanting to take a “peek” over at HuffPo. Be prepared to wear sunglasses and stay a good 5 feet away from the computer when you do. Their headlines of The One are blaring out at you and most of the “happy talk” by the contributors will burn your eye sockets.

    And for those with weak stomachs and a touch of diabetes, forego the poster comments as they are bound to make you ill. With that blog thoroughly into the Kool Aid trip there leaves no room for dissent.

    They do love their Obama over there!

  102. I really angry at the wasted opportunity.

    This year we could have had a sea-change election, just like 1932.

    Instead we got Bush III

  103. That “wasted opportunity” was well planned long before this primary season and nothing and no one was allowed to interrupt that train ride. The waste was in our thinking otherwise.

  104. CWaltz – If you are honestly claiming that you don’t think Hillary Clinton would have had a health care plan if not for Edwards, I can’t go there with you. The issue is, has been, and always will be very important to her. Even when Hillarycare didn’t work, she managed to get S-Chip through so that millions more children would be covered.

    And Edwards’ extensive work on health care before the 2008 election was, um?

    We can agree to disagree, though.


    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  105. Time to hunker down -again. Sigh

    I am feeling better by venting though (thanks MyIQ)and I am grateful I found the Confluence where we can agree to disagree and discuss things like adults instead of calling each other poopyheads when we disagree.

  106. PJ – No, we didn’t waste anything by thinking otherwise. We learned a valuable lesson and found each other.

    I loves my fellow Conflucians!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  107. Jumping ahead to say that I’m pissed at the guy who just came over to my blog for the very first time today to pooh-pooh this post on alternative fuel from coffee grounds.

    Some people are just natural born Eyores.

    Okay…scrolling back up to read everyone else’s grievances.

  108. I think Hillary is more liberal than she pertrays herself.

    Domestically that is, she is hawkish on foreign policy, but then again so was FDR.

    I believe as President she would have pushed us farther left.

    I wanted a flaming liberal, but there weren’t any to pick from.

  109. madamab – a look on Hillary’s senate website would show she was still working on children’s health coverage, 9/11 victim’s health etc and this was just between january – june 2007. I refuse to give Edwards credit for Hillary having an health care plan

  110. I can only imagine what it would have been like had we not been able to find one another on this blog. I am sure to have found myself fitted for a straight jacket by now. (Designer label of course.) Having a place to vent, along with a cup of coffee, was an absolute necessity for “staying the course” in the words of our beloved W.

  111. Next week, after Festivus, Hanukkah and those other holidays, we’ll do a post on the best stuff of the year.

    This place (and its occupants) will be high on that list.

  112. Myiq – I totally agree. The chief differences between her and Obama were always in domestic issues, where she was much more liberal than he.

    Foreign-policy-wise, they were both too hawkish for me, but pretty much anyone who has a chance in hell of winning a Presidential election will always be to the right of me in that area.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  113. As long as Capt Spaulding is not listed as part of the “best stuff”. There’s a limit.

  114. I am guessing everyone has seen this

    “But my one question is, I think he overestimates his ability to take people, particularly our colleagues on the right, and, sort of, charm them into being nice,” Frank said. “I know he talks about being post-partisan. But I’ve worked, frankly, with Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, the current Republican leadership. The current Republican leadership in the House repudiated George Bush. I don’t know why Mr. Obama thinks he’s going to have them better than George Bush.

    “And so, to be honest, when he talks about being post-partisan, having seen these people and knowing what they would do in that situation, I suffer from post-partisan depression,” Frank said jokingly.


  115. This belongs on the “worst cliches” thread, but I hate that “we’ll hold his feet to the fire” bullshit!

  116. PJ – I would have been right there with you!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  117. I know Barney Frank is not perfect, but I love his big mouth!

    I actually used his “post-partisan depression” line in the post that’s going up in a few minutes. It was absolutely brilliant!

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  118. Myiq:

    I totally agree with your assessment of HRC (Maybe Myiq=urs).

    Hillary is never afraid to take a (Left) stand on a given issue and go to bat for it and she doesn’t really push this “bipartisan” tripe. She is convinced our ideas are the right one and they are superior.

    Obama has never seen an issue he couldn’t duck.

  119. What does Barney have against The Big O? I was under the impression that this was one big lovefest?

  120. Pat,

    I’m staying away from Huffpo. My eyes are still burning from seeing Obama’s man boobs yesterday.

  121. Awwwwww! Myiq2xu, that’s so sweet. You do have a heart even if Captain Whatisname doesn’t.

  122. Whoops, that was supposed to be “heart” not heard…

  123. bb: That picture made me sick. There is nothing about him that is appealing. As for his “sex appeal”? Nada. Like Nixon and W, he is lacking in that department. Bill was “sex on a stick” but these last two? Sheeshhhhh!!!

  124. Captain Spaulding has a heart. Several of them actually.

  125. Pat,

    We had a long discussion about that yesterday, and we all agreed Obama is asexual.

  126. myiq2xu, on December 23rd, 2008 at 9:19 pm Said:
    If Hillary had done that it would have been a bad move. It was not just a choice of career. Would you rather that she fought, lost her position within the party and her power and unable to push the issues that are important to her? No, the wise know the fights to pick. In this case it was better for her to live to fight another day.

    (And I do not know how anyone can compare Hillary to that creep Edwards. Two timers are a dime a dozen and they do not bother me, but what kind of a man gets his friend to take the fall for him. Only the absolute sleazeballs)

  127. Puma-SF:

    She’s been on my list since the 80’s

  128. Oh yes, Captain Spaulding. I can’t remember proper names anymore. I’m past 60 and I can barely remember most nouns. I would have looked it up on Google, but I couldn’t remember the name of the movie or that guy from the rock group that directed it. Even though I have all his albums.


  129. There is good news about Huffpoop. It has finally being called on copyright infringement in its efforts to “camp” on local websites and their proprietary content. Finally, Ariannnnnnnnnah’s stealing to build her newly discovered faux progressive empire has been called and not a minute too soon.

  130. UM:

    There is a movement waiting for a leader.

    Hillary could have been it.

  131. myiq2xu, on December 23rd, 2008 at 10:02 pm Said:
    What is that movement?

  132. Barney Frank is a tad “miffed” at Obama for dissing the LGBT community with the Warren thing.

    I’m not sure he was ever a big fan of our Pectoralicious President-Elect in any case.

    Don’t blame me: I voted for Hillary

  133. UM:

    A second New Deal

  134. NEW POST UP!!!

  135. I don’t see how that would have been a “movement”.

  136. I blame literally the entire Party. The super Delegates. Ugh. There are not coherent words left.

    That Happy Holidays email from Hillary only made me sad. I really don’t wanna always feel like we were cheated. But we were–and not even for the “greater good.”

  137. Then you have eyes, but cannot see.

  138. Oh myiq: there is not nearly enough room or time to detail all the people and things that pissed me off this year…briefly:

    Donna Brazile & the RBC farce
    Nancy Pelosi
    Howard Dean
    Ignorant, arrogant, sexist, disrespectful Obamabots by the millions
    The media (especially MSNBC/Matthews & Olbermann, CNN, the NY Times/Dowd, Rich, Herbert, Andrew Sullivan, Dick Morris, Newsweek/Time, NPR–oh hell, all of them!)
    the Kennedys
    Claire McCaskill
    Bill Richardson
    John Kerry
    Jimmy Carter
    Uninformed, but loudly opinionated American voters
    Cowardly “women’s” groups
    Rev’s Wright, Meeks, Pfleger, & Warren

    and last, but most definitely first: David Axelrod, Plouffe, JJ Jr. & their man-child of Supreme Arrogance & Lies.

  139. p.s. I watched “Festivus” tonight, and it’s as hilarious as ever.


  140. I’m mad at the guy who called me today, the day before Christmas Eve, of all days, asking for donations to some breast cancer org, saying they provide help for uninsured women. I told him I am one of those uninsured women and why wasn’t he calling to drum up support for single payer so we wouldn’t have to depend on effing charity.

  141. Besides, I already allotted all my spare money to the food bank.

  142. This is an interesting site and I especially enjoy the plumber’s ad.


  143. I’ll tell you what pisses me off – finding out that so-called friends and allies are talking shit about you behind your back.

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